Hello 2012

As usual, I’m not used to typing out the date on the first day of the year. But that’s all good… again, I have been really consistent and this is the third year in a row that I’m writing a blog on New Year’s Day, and have titled it “Hello [year]”. πŸ˜„

I have seen a lot of people recap on 2011 or have new year’s resolutions. There’s quite a popular recap questionnaire going around and for the year of 2010 I posted it on my other random/planning blog glassfields.net. For 2011, I also posted the questionnaire there; so feel free to take a peek and do the questions yourself. Great way to look back on the year, in my opinion.

I don’t really have any new year’s resolutions but I know people will always ask and will always get curious about what other people say. However, I don’t see the new year as the only time to turn over a new leaf, or make a new goal, or shoot for the stars. Last year I did “Monthly Goals” and failed a fair few months and didn’t get all ten goals of the month done. This year, I’m happy to have my 101 in 1001 list that I can keep referencing. I’m going to sort of focus on that, and getting things done from that list. Or getting things started. Because even though it’s summer here, I may need to start knitting a scarf now in order for it to be ready in autumn when it gets colder.

So I really am looking forward to this year, I think it’s going to be great. I’m starting a new course at university, I’m going to be working a lot more, my cousin’s getting married mid-year, I’m turning 21, I’m graduating from my Bachelor course that I finished last year. It’s all looking really bright. I guess I do have some minor resolutions, including reading the ten books I bought last year, sleeping earlier, and cutting down on websites.

As many of you know, I did a lot of consolidation last month and I cut down on a lot of fanlistings and website content. I’ve already moved my writings, so now you can read my poems and my Letter to a Domain series. Soon, I’m going to write a whole list of everything I did in regards to cleaning my websites, just so you can see. 😁

Since I wanted to sort of recap on my year, other than in that questionnaire, I’ll quickly sum it up in this post.


  • Went to my first show, for Ben Jorgensen. Met him, chatted with him, and had a wonderful night hearing his music.
  • I read a lot of books, including A Clockwork Orange, which was fantastic.
  • I went pretty far in the novel I’m writing and reached a quarter of the way through.


  • I lost my iPhone and went on a huge search for it. Turns out I dropped it in the store where my mum works, and security footage showed the thief. It was passed to the police but nothing came out of it.
  • James returned from his trip to Hong Kong and we had a breakfast date.
  • I finally caught up on watching Doctor Who. Seb, Ryan and James convinced me to watch it. I was all done with the fifth season just before the sixth came out.


  • Became really good friends with Michael.
  • James helped me reboot my laptop, Fin, completely. He was upgraded to Windows 7 and I shifted things around to my external hard drive and reinstalled all my programs.
  • My iTunes borked and as a result I had to re-add all my music. All play counts and playlists were lost.
  • I ran from university to the train station to catch my train in six minutes. What a beast. πŸ˜›
  • I voted for the first time in an election.


  • Got a new laptop battery.
  • Bailed on my ex-boyfriend (who is one of my good friends). He asked me to go to a barbecue but instead I went to the forest and had a picnic with James, Lilian and Michael.
  • Went to Galaxy World (arcade games) with James, Michael, Andy and a bunch of other engineering students and played bumper cars. There was a kid there who played every game, on his own, and he looked like he had no life.
  • Applied for a scholarship for the first time.
  • Spent time with Michael at the Chinese Garden of Friendship, taking photos. Went home and found that I had forgotten my keys and the boys had to keep me company until my parents and brother got home late at night.
  • Went to James’s house and we made muffins, but they came out very bad. We made tacos, though. πŸ˜‹
  • Got my new phone, and named him Roranicus.


  • Got back into one of my favourite bands, Blur.
  • My tutor gave me a nasty mark for my assignment, and this is where I began to severely dislike her and find her very biased.
  • It was my dad’s birthday and we went to a Korean buffet.
  • Ryan realised that for three years, he had the wrong number under my name in his phonebook. Dahlia and I laughed at him so much.
  • James and I went to the beach and had bagels for the first time. Definitely not an Australian thing.
  • Got addicted to Minecraft.
  • Bought my favourite red scarf.
  • Hated my tutor even more.


  • Spent hours bitching about a stupid program called Greenstone that I had to deal with for class.
  • Yelled “fuck you” in public to an insolent man on the bus.
  • Tried a massage chair for the first time with James.
  • Was finally done with that horrid subject from that horrid tutor.
  • Started my winter photography class and James and I went to the beach again for bagels at the shop near the beach.


  • Krissy and I met and had breakfast in a cafe.
  • Found out that the lesion in my chest is fine, and it’s not cancerous. Thank goodness.
  • Won tickets to one of my favourite bands’ shows, Avenged Sevenfold, as well as a merchandise pack. The hoodie was so huge. πŸ˜† I had a blast at the show though.


  • Got diagnosed with a full colon.
  • Went on a gluten-free diet for several weeks, and ate so much fibre during this time. I experienced a lot of pain.
  • Took an oral enema to flush out my system. It really did me a lot of good.
  • Was selected for a photoshoot but it turned out to be a semi-scam. 😞
  • Went to the old milk bar two towns out of university. It was a quaint experience.
  • Crashed Lilian’s lecture. I got to catch up with her and meet her university friends. πŸ˜„


  • Cleaned out a lot of the junk in my room and sold some of it.
  • Got my new digital camera, a Canon 1000D.
  • Started a new job as a web designer. Got stuck in a stairwell because I forgot that only the door at the bottom opens from the inside.
  • My relatives came over from Indonesia to visit – my aunts, uncles, and one of my cousins.


  • My cousin in Australia got married and we attended her wedding.
  • Struggled with one of my photography classes as I was the only one doing it as an elective subject.
  • Became good friends with Johnny and Fern.
  • Bumped into my ex-boyfriend Kiah, again, but this time in the subway near university. He was busking by juggling and playing a harmonica.
  • My dad started painting our corkboard floor with floor polish. The family spent a lot of time jumping over furniture and bits of floor to make sure we didn’t step on it.


  • Went to my primary school Spring Fair. It was a hot day and my dad and brother and I just ate some of the food there and browsed the stalls. I bumped into my fifth grade teacher and we caught up a little!
  • Celebrated the end of my best photography class of the year with Johnny and Fern.
  • Won tickets to see Jebediah in concert.
  • Had a huge argument with my mum, didn’t see Jebediah. I was so cut.
  • Decided to take part in a depression study and was medically diagnosed with depression. I got put on antidepressants, Efexor-XR (venlafaxine) and it started like hell.
  • I went for a job interview and got a new job, and I ended up loving it. So much.
  • I watched a heck of a lot of Futurama. πŸ˜„


  • James and I saw Explosions in the Sky in concert and were completely blown away.
  • James returned to blogging.
  • James and I saw Bob Evans and Adalita at a music restaurant. Our first dinner date, ever. It was a beautiful concert. I met Kevin Mitchell (Bob Evans).
  • Lilian and I caught up for the first time in a long time!
  • Began cleaning out my websites. Big time.
  • Bought Christmas presents for my family. None of them expected it since we don’t give each other presents much.
  • Saw Jebediah in concert. It was amazing. I met Chris Daymond and Vanessa Thornton.

Happy new year guys! I hope 2012 brings you much joy and happiness. β™₯️ Let me know what your resolutions and plans are. πŸ˜„

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