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Fuck. Guys… fuck. Okay, today I spent probably around two hours crying, bawling my eyes out. Shit. Seriously. I got another terrible grade/mark for an assignment, and it’s from that bitch tutor. That same one who already gave me a very low mark. I’m sick and tired of this. I cried so much because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I felt hurt, upset and just scarred. Ryan tried to comfort me and tell me it wasn’t too late to have it remarked by someone else or to make a complaint but I couldn’t take it anymore. No amount of appealing, no amount of time, no change of my grade/mark is going to change the fact that this teacher is a biased, unfair person who will continue to play favourites with students who do not even try, and it will not change the fact that she has upset me this much.

I dislike that. I am so infuriated that I just don’t even have the time of day for this shit. Next week is my final lesson with that tutor and I swear I will not have her teaching me again or so cow help me. So cow help all of us. I’ve just about had it. I’m sick of this entire semester and I am dying for the 10th June to pass me by so I can just scream bloody murder goodbye to all the horrible subjects that I have had the unfortunate chance to study since February.

It just hurts. I really, really try hard. This isn’t like two years ago when I first started university and slacked off. I actually put so much effort into what I do, and just knowing that my tutor is being unfair – well, to put it bluntly, fuck her. I gave her (and the subject itself) some negative feedback on the student feedback surveys. I was as honest as I could be, without being derogatory. I pointed out the flaws in this subject and how I did not like the teaching methods. I outlined the attention given to students who clearly do not pay attention or do their work. I made specific note of the fact that we are taught how to use new programs one week before an assignment is due. I dislike this subject and that is that. Next Monday I will remove all traces of it from my belongings and it will never see the light of day again.

I didn’t even want to go to work this afternoon. I started getting a headache after I started crying, and I was trying to hide my face, listening to The Classic Crime really loudly through my earphones. It was kind of nice. I wanted to call my mum and tell her what happened, but she was at work. On the way to work I napped on the train, and I thought I’d be alright once I got there, but it started raining and I had to walk in the rain. I tried to run, but I didn’t want to slip, so I just felt the rainwater drip on my hair and trickle down my neck and all that shit.

I cheered up for a bit. I thought, I can make it through work. I can make it, just a few hours. At about 5:00pm it was excruciating. I was going to cry again and I began to sniffle. After blowing my nose and stretching for a moment, I survived. Barely. I was still tired and irritated.

So. I’m twenty years old, it was my birthday yesterday. Lilian turned twenty today. :D You can visit her blog or leave her a tweet. We haven’t had the best of birthdays. Mine wasn’t great. Not many presents or celebrations, but that’s okay. No need to hype it up… there are better days to come anyway. :) I think we’re both just sick to death of university.

I don’t think I’ll go to class tomorrow. I feel ill. It’s just presentations. I hate shitty days. 😢 I look forward to next week. I can go around reading blogs again at a consistent pace, I can watch movies, I can play Minecraft until I have to return to university for photography class for the winter…

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Biased teachers really are thw worst :/ I think I can understand your frustation, and you’re totally right in feeling so. I hope the survey will somehow open the eyes of the management on the way that teacher works, and hope in the future you won’t meet another one of that kind :(

There is a special place reserved for biased teachers who choose favorites. There really is.

I don’t understand how they can even do that? I mean, you’re a teacher… aren’t there certain rules and guidelines you’re supposed to follow, and not to mention, MORALS? I’m pretty sure being a biased jerkface isn’t in your job description.

Although I don’t think she was quite as bad as your teacher seems to be, my English teacher from this year was extremely biased/chose favorites. Whenever we’d write papers, she’d only give constructive feedback to the two, maybe three, students who had “really impressive” papers, and she’d give them good grades while with the rest of us, she would just be like “Yeah there are some things you guys need to work on.” without really helping and we’d all continue to get bad grades /angry

I honestly hope your teacher gets what they deserve. I know it’s bad to wish bad things on people, but there’s nothing more infuriating than a teacher who makes you feel stupid. Sigh. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that <3 At least you're almost done with the class and won't ever have to put up with them again, aha. I would feel quite accomplished for having survived :P

I hope you get to feeling better!

I agree that the way your tutor has been treating you is completely unfair. She’s so damn biased and so insensitive. You clearly don’t deserve the treatment or grades she gives you.

At least you’ll be done dealing with her soon. Thank goodness for that.

It sounds like you just really need a break, honestly.

BTW, belated happy birthday!

Sorry to hear about your low marks. I had a professor once who’s unfair as yours. And because of this professor, I had to repeat the same subject 3 times for 3 consecutive quarters. I understand the feeling where you work really hard but these shithead teachers just don’t appreciate your hard work because they’re biased.

This coming schoolyear, I’m gonna take this same subject again and I really hate to have this unfair person be my professor again. Agh! If he’ll be my teacher again, I might throw a knife at him in class. LOL

Anyway, you’ll get over it. You really can’t avoid people like that. Just do the right thing and always think positive. :)

Oh, and belated happy birthday Georgina! /mwah

Hey, cheer up! You know you did your best, that is the most important factor, right? ;)

I kind of hate teachers/lecturers like that too. It’s like you put a lot of effort to have a good grade and there he/she goes ruining your score. Just be patient alright? I know you could do better next time! ✌️

And happy belated birthday! ♥
Hope you had a blast!

I hate teachers like that and my last year’s teachers were like that. They never gave me an A despite the fact that everyone in my class knew that I deserved that. I had like straight Bs and it was really frustrating because I worked so hard on each project. It was discouraging and it really made me want to quit design. Luckily this year, our teacher appreciates my work and thus I’m garnering straight As. I think he wasn’t threatened by me because he’s a fabulous designer with prominent clients in his profile unlike my two previous teachers who were clearly jealous that I was better than them.

Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better now and belated Happy Birthday!

I had a biased teacher once. She was absolutely ridiculous. She would talk to this girl who sat near her desk randomly in the middle of a lesson. So when my friends and I would talk, she’d yell at us and tell us to listen to the lesson :/
Then I told her off one day… Now she’s just a substitute teacher but when she comes to my school, we’re like BFF’s. It’s weird.
I’m happy for you that you won’t have to put up with it much longer! It’s dumb that teachers can’t be mature about things. Even if they don’t personally like someone, professionally, everything has to be equal. If I end up being a teacher, I will treat everyone the same.
Feel better Georgie!!!

I’m so sorry *hugs*
At least you’re in the final stretch now! Only a few more days left to go.

Teachers like that are the worst! You have all the right to feel so frustrated and angry. *hug* I hope you’ll feel better soon! *hugggg*

Happy late birthday! *hug*

I hate biased teachers. My class had to write an essay about Modernism as our final, and it took the teacher less than a day to finish grading all of them. Everyone knew that she didn’t even read them. I got a low grade, and someone else got a damn 95%, and he BS-ed it. She was only giving out high grades to her favorite students.
You’re almost done with your tutor, so that’s good. Just don’t think about it too much, and before you know it she’ll disappear.

Happy belated birthday. :D

I haaaaatee biassed teachers with a passion! There was one English teacher I once had that just did not even give a sheet about anyone’s existence in the class other than the leader of the rugby team and this other guy who was really funny. He never gave me good marks in coursework, yet he’d give people, who I knew I could do just as well as, better grades. He also ended up loosing my folder with work in it. Often, he’d assign for the class to do certain presentations or something – and forget to assign me (or somebody else) a subject to do the presentation on. oaeioat I hate him. Luckily, he left the school and moved to the countryside. Our knew teacher is more helpful and not biassed. There are some people who she clearly dislikes, but she grades us fairly and equally and actually cares if we do well. When they moderated the coursework, surprisingly a lot of the old teachers marks were brought down and a lot were also brought up.

Basically, biassed teachers suck. Your situation seems worse though. :( I’d also feel very frustrated if I was you. Just keep reminding yourself that you’ll be out of her class soon!

I hope you feel better :(! <3

Well, i’ve had days like that, they just blow over like a storm. Just burst everything out, and then just blow over.

Congrats on your birthday! XD XD XD You might want to change your age on the sidebar and on some forums, also. Just a suggestion.

Well, good luck on the next week at university. Be sure to bottle up your anger on the teacher until the last day, then blow it all out at him at the last ten minutes of the class! :)


I’m sorry University is so horrible for you, mainly that stupid tutor. I hate people like that but there is nothing you can do. If you didn’t hate some classes then you’d never know which one’s were your favorites and which ones were okay.

I start college in the winter. I’m so excited because my mom told me that there are only certain days that I need to turn my stuff in. I’m going to it online due to the fact that they don’t have dorms on campus (it is a community college) and I live in Alabama instead of Florida where the college is.
So, there are not certain times I have to be online, no time when I have to wake up early, no time when I have to be stressed out about work. It will be like working on my websites except I will have due dates instead of “I feel bad about not doing this before” dates. Hahahaha.
That is one of the only reasons why I am excited for college. :)

I hope next week is better for you. Don’t worry I can’t wait for the 8th of June to come because that is my BIRTHDAY! I turn 18 on that day and I will be in DISNEY!
& Yeah, I’m not interested in the new rights that I am getting. hahahaha.

Mhm. As soon as I get bored, I’ll have to think things over. Hahahaha. I do that weekly anyway cuz Dante pisses me off at least one day a week. But that is normal. :P

Yes, yes they will. I think Dante just presses to hard. Maybe if I tell him to lighten up it will be better. :P

Thanks. :)

It’s from Spongebob Squarepants. :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I missed it. ♥

I have a teacher like that, she gives us all bad marks unless she likes us, and I’m not sure she likes anyone. She actually called one of my friends yesterday and kicked her out of an accounting class for absolutely no reason.

I don’t know if TAFE and UNI have any similarities, but when we have our assignments and tests marked we have to sign it if we are happy with the marks. If we are not happy then we do not sign it.

Don’t let that bitch get away with it!

I had a teacher somewhat like yours, but your tutor seemed much worse from the description on this entry.

It sucks and is unfair that you got a low mark, especially when you worked so hard.

At least you only have one lesson left! Once you get through that, you’ll be free, right? ✌️

And I couldn’t help noticing, but did you replace ‘god’ with ‘cow’? It was somewhere in the second paragraph. “… or so cow help me. So cow help all of us.” It made me do a double take and laugh. XD

Happy birthday! (even though my wish is late)

That sucks about what happened. I hate teachers like that. My Area Studies teacher from my junior year of high school was kind of like that. She never played favorites, but she was certainly a shit teacher. I honestly really hated her class and almost didn’t take it again this last year (it’s subject changes every year) but I did and I’m glad I did. ^_^

Oh! Happy birthday!! XD

Jeez, I’m sorry to hear this Georgie! I feel your pain! And I actually share it as well. I really do hate biased tutors/teachers. They think they know everything just because they have that little certificate/degree on their walls stating that they can tutor and what not. Well; it still doesn’t give them the right to be biased and have their little favorite students. I understand where you’re coming from perfectly. I don’t blame you for not wanting to go to school. I didn’t even go to my Weight Watchers class last Thursday due to an ex friend harassing me and calling me names and not to mention my dad a bad name as well as threatening etc.etc. She’s a nutcase. Always has been. But yet, these people are really biased. She thinks that just because she has a family to take care of, married and what not it makes it okay for her to talk shit (pardon for the french) about me and my family? Just because of an email asking how she was doing? But jeez, so what every one else in the world does exactly what she does or more. Big deal. Ya know?

But yeah, I had a biased teacher once for two years in Choir. I only did Choir for two years in High School just so that I can get my certificate in it as well as my letter. Well; this teacher hated me and I hated him with a passion. He always had his little favorites do the solo parts and who got them all the time? The people that joined both band and choir of course. Now how unfair is that? I decided in my sophomore year when I first joined that I was going to try for a solo part even though I knew I wasn’t going to get it but still was pissed off. I mean others complained about me, and this and that. I was like “SO EFFING WHAT?! AT LEAST I GOT OFF MY ASS AND TRIED IT”. They shut their mouths than lol. But yeah, every semester we had to fill out this little report on how the teacher did and what not (it was a new thing cause they never had it before). So I honestly wrote what I thought of him and his little A-List of favorites getting the solos all the time even if they sucked and couldn’t sing. I was really blunt about it. I think he knew who wrote that though. Even though you can’t reveal your name on those things. But I think he got onto me, cause I was like that every semester. Lol. But hey, he hated me and I hated him. But sheesh, it’s like biased teachers are the worst. And after I had left Choir and started something else in my senior year, I saw that he was giving solo’s to different people other than his A-List of Favorite people. I was like WTF?! Arsehole! But whatever. He had his band and that’s all he cared about. In my Junior year, we went NOWHERE. Except to perform at Disneyland. I guess he was still ticked off at the year before for someone doing a stupid pose in our class picture for the Choir. But oh well. Take it out on him not the choir. The band got to go everywhere that year! It was really unfair.

Anyway, I know what you mean by frustration. Like I said I was supposed to go to my Weight Watchers class on Thursday, but ending up not going because I was so depressed and didn’t want to actually sit in front of the entire class and have a seizure or fake that I’m happy. Ya know? But I’m going this Thursday. I’m glad this semester is almost up for you though. So you won’t have to put up with that biased idiot!!

Happy belated birthday again! :).

Happy belated birthday.

That so sucks about your teacher, that isn’t right. Teachers shouldn’t play favourites, especially with students that don’t try, or pay attention. I hope you get your assessment marked by someone else so you can get a proper fair mark.

I hope you’re ok and the next couple of days go fast so you can be over and done with it. :)

that sucks. Well, we need a little cry once in a while. School does that to us.
Hope you feel better though. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care anymore..

PS Happy belated birthday ;)

I’m so sorry to hear about your assignment :( I’m not doing too well at uni myself, and it’s such a burden! My exams start Monday and the preparation I am doing is just not effective! It’s stressful, so I totally understand how you feel :(

But happy birthday! Even though you said it wasn’t that great I really hope you had a good day :)

I’m sorry that Uni isn’t going well for you :( *hugs* But, tomorrow is another day, right? :) And happy belated birthday :3 I would have said it earlier but my weekend wasn’t so great. :( xoxo

Hi Georgina ^^ It’s been a while so I thought I would drop by again :)

Firstly happy birthday!! And even if it wasn’t great, you’re right, there will be better days (:

I’m so sorry about your teacher. Some are just really stupid, and don’t know what they’re doing, or care about what they’re doing, their students, or that their students learn and are treated fairly. And it’s just soooo stupid. I’m sure you must work really hard, and I hate when teachers don’t see that you’ve put so much effort into something – that or they don’t care >.>

I really hope you feel better, and after all this get a nice, relaxing break :)
Good luck, and please take care :D

Hang in there, Georgie, you’ve done the most you can do, and we all empathize with you because nobody likes teachers who play favorites. The 10th of June is not far away. When that day comes, you should go celebrate and party and stuff your face with all the delicious food that you can find. *huggles*