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I had such a shit day today. And, obviously, I hate talking about shit days but here goes. Everyone has pissed me off so much. I suppose I’m exaggerating when I say ‘everyone’, but it just seems that very little people have been nice to me at all.

There is a beginning, so let’s start from the beginning. Yesterday I got an assignment back. I really wanted to tear it to shreds the moment I got it.

Prior to yesterday we got feedback for our assignments sent by email. I thought I can’t have done badly at all. I honestly didn’t. I tried my hardest on that assignment, and I know, back in first year (2009) I would have deserved the not-so-good grades I got because I didn’t really read through everything properly or proofread my work, but I swear I tried with this one. And I thought I’d be alright.

My tutor spelled my name wrong in the email, and it infuriated me. I told her in the nicest way possible that she had spelled my name wrong and she just apologised for the typo and said she knew how to spell my name. If she did, she wouldn’t have spelled it wrong twice. And somehow I think that this stupid Pass Plus grade is ridiculous. I can’t have… I can’t have. Sebastian got similar comments to me and got a higher grade. I barely did anything wrong, and she pretty much fucking failed me. I delivered all the components of the assessment and even justified my reasoning for the database design we had to do.

It is not… fair. I believe she is biased, and I do not think there is anything I can do about it, I can’t fix it or discuss it – do I even want to discuss it? no. And now I’m crying over all this other stupid shit.

I’ve had enough… the thing is, enough of what. I have had enough of the people in James’s group for some subject… some subject I couldn’t really care about right now. They don’t seem to care about his suggestions and just want him to be present when they don’t really ask him to do much, be involved, blah, blah, blah. And perhaps I’m just that person tagging along for company, yeah, what’s wrong with that? They don’t seem to like me or anything I say; seem to hate when I am even present. Maybe I don’t really care what they think of me but they could at least be polite to me. I told James, “they act like I’m not even here and I don’t exist.”

“You’re real to me.” ♥️

I don’t know what to do anymore. Fuck it all. People have just put my mood down. And then I end up getting angry at the tiniest things, and I swear I don’t mean to. It just happens. It happens on impulse, and my senses make me overreact and get angry simply because other things are bothering me and I’m already in a bad mood. If I’m in a bad mood, something that normally bothers me would make that bad mood worse… it only makes sense from there.

I’m just a person… people are fragile beings. I did get angry at tiny things today. I did overreact. I can acknowledge what I’ve done that wasn’t the best reaction. I wish everything would be all okay. Whoever tells me to stop crying can fuck off. Because that is my way of dealing with the pain and just letting it go.

You know, even just for a day. I know what it’s like to be lonely… and it sucks.

I’ll just hug my knees.

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Hey Georgina,

I’m so sorry to hear about your bad day! That isn’t fair of that tutor at all to have done that to you. I think she is biased from what you’ve explained and I’m sticking to my guns and going on your side and I think she must like the male population better than the female. Which is totally biased if you ask me. But I hope you’ll have better days.

As far as Andrew and I goes – – Well; things weren’t really doing so hot in our relationship. We’ve had 3 fights in 1 week, he’s called me a racist for not liking rap music in one of those fights, hated the fact that I deleted Becca off of (his ex’s name was Becca), and just spied on me whereever I went and so on. The flame died before our second month anniversary and I was trying to find a way out of the relationship and had previously emailed another guy and told him I was breaking up with Andrew, but since it didn’t work out (my plan on breaking up with Andrew), I deleted my account on and I felt bad that I emailed him and did that with out any explanation. Now that he gave me that pot brownie, I finally said enough’s enough. He isn’t doing anything with his life, and isn’t doing anything productive when I’m over there and it was like I was being a babysitter towards him. He would take two valiums or two tylenols whenever we went out and drink two glasses of beer, and come home smoke weed, and try to get me high. That was not fun. I honestly felt like “WTF am I doing here? I’m just being used”. So I finally ended it last Friday. I emailed Kevin again and explained to him what had happened, and we talked on the phone yesterday. Which was a nice pace for a change. We’re not going to rush it like it was with Andrew. Kevin and I want to make the best of the situation and when the time is right that’s when we’ll meet, not right away or we’ll feel pressured. Ya know? But yeah, things weren’t always peachy keen in our relationship if you would even call it that?

So yeah, sorry I haven’t been here for a while. My internet connection stopped and I’m mooching off someone else’s connection right now. lol. I hate to do it but eh, that’s why we have WI-FI. :).

Yeah, I’ll be tutoring starting in June and will continue to do so to get me out of this house, and will be starting Crafton in the fall. I so can’t wait. It will give me the exercise I need, and plus I enrolled in weight watchers which will determine if on whether or not I want the bypass surgery after I’ve completed the program. :). I have that option. :). I’m so happy with all these new life changing events. :). I just love it! :). I’m glad James supports you in everything and tells you he loves you. That’s what a boyfriend should do! I was the same way in my senior year of high school. Whenever we had to do group projects in Government class, and we needed a team of four there were these three girls that would ONLY than choose me to be apart of their group otherwise when it was a 3 person group I would be left out of their group. But whenever it was a 4 person group thing, they would give me absolutely NOTHING to do whatsoever and that really pissed me off. I kept telling me give me something to do! And they said “You are doing something, you’re telling us to keep on track and keep being focused on the assignment.”. I felt like I wasn’t wanted around them, and when I was with the other groups I was in, we didn’t so good, but at least we tried to pass the assignment and not goof off and talk like those 3 girls did. So I know your frustration there. You have every bit of right to cry. Crying helps.

-hugs- I know how that goes :/ I go through it at work and school all the time, it’s such a stupid mess. I’m whine to Ryan about it and he just gets all, “WHAAAAAA? D:”

XD hope you feel better, Georgina [

I just got over my shit days. Thank goodness. I know how that feels. I hope things will be better soon. At least someone’s constantly by your side to help lighten the mood. ;)

Awwh hunnie you need a big fat hug. *hugs*
It’s okay to cry when you’re feeling low it helps. Keeping it in makes it worse I found. I never cried when I was a child, even when I was bullied, I was taught to be strong and not cry. So I tend to laugh …to the extent that I cry… weird… but laughing does also ease the pain for me. Drawing smilies seems to help too. (But that’s just me) Life sucks. Period. It’s up to us to make it better though. If you think you deserve a better grade demand it. Go ask a second reader to mark your work. I would, especially when someone else in the class did less but received a better mark (unless less is more which I doubt).

Hope you’ll feel better soon!

If I ever watch Fast & Furious 5 I’ll let you know if it’s really that bad. (I think I’ve only ever seen Tokyo Drift XD) I can watch TV for hours… I think this is how I’m piling on the pounds…not good. /sweat

Sorry to hear things are not working for you with your studies. Some tutors and teachers do have their favourites and their non favourites, unfortunately. And it is awful to fail when you know you’ve done your best. I get really upset when I do as well. If I don’t try I don’t expect a high grade but when I really do try I get crushed by a bad grade. =/

Everyone deserves a cry now and again Georgie. It’s only human, like you said yourself.
I’d be peeved if a teacher spelled my name wrong – heck, I get annoyed when they pronounce it wrong. So don’t worry about it. *hugs*

And I know what it’s like when you work hard for something and they give you a crap grade. /argh It sucks. Guess some teachers are too harsh and more biased than others.

As for those people – they really shouldn’t treat you like that. You’d think they’d be mature enough by now to accept you but whatever. 😒 Who needs them? You’ve got James. :)

Anyway, sorry that I’ve just appeared out of nowhere again. You know what I’m like. :P

D: What is a Pass Plus?
@_@ I’m sorry you are having such a hard time. I am, too. :(
Blah. Hopefully your term will be ending soon – like mine is – and hopefully things will be better afterward, because there will be a break, and you won’t have school for a while? :)

Hang in there. ♥ ;)

that’s terrible though! you put so much effort into something for someone else to go and say it was crap? that’s the worst because it makes you feel so helpless. If you’re trying your best, what the hell else can you possibly do? I think there are very few things that would put me in a worse mood than something like that. School sucks.

Aw. :( -hugs-

Agh, I know how that feels, getting a biasly graded assignment back. It sucks, because you’ve worked hard on it to the best of your ability and aren’t getting the proper credit for it. :/ I recently turned in an essay that’s worth a huge chunk of my grade in AP English, and when I typed it up, I did it in 11pt font instead of 12 pt font, and my teacher gave me a flat out 0 for it. Sigh. :/

I always found hanging out with Andrew’s friends a little awkward. Maybe it’s just because they don’t know you as well? I wish I had some more advice. Crying always helps me when I’m really stressed out, so I completely understand. Things will start to look up again I’m sure, just hang in there til it does. <3

Aw, I know it turns out horrible. I hope you’re not “pissed” at me. /faw hehe. I hate when you do something and give it your all and bam, someone just goes and tumbles all over it. That’s what I hate about tutors, or teachers and all. I’ve told you plenty of stories about my homeroom teacher. :(

I hope you’re feeling better! And how can you spell Georgina wrong…? Unless you’re spelling it like Georgia or something. :P Ahh, people these days. And isn’t this supposed to be your TUTOR?! XD

*hugs* /eee there will be times that we experience the “shit days” and you can’t totally avoid it. there are also people who are stupid enough not to notice you are ALREADY having a bad day. despite of that, at least you still have James who can make you feel better. ;) it’s alright to cry. our guidance counselor at school told me in our session once that crying is actually a good way to make yourself feel better. smile now georgie! /mwah

:{ How can you get a lower grade than Sebastian if he has similar comments? That`s ridiculous. What I would suggest you doing is just continuously question the tutor- why the lower grade? Care to give a detailed explanation? And for the tutor to spell your name wrong is especially unprofessional. Seriously, tutors are supposed to be deemed “more intelligent”. Georgina is a unique name, but it isn`t something like one of those long named volcanoes! I hope you do feel better right now though (:!

I remembered my friend got a 70/100 on his well written paper. And someone who barely tried got a higher grade than him- and the paper wasn’t that much better. My friend continuously told the teacher, “Why a 70?” “Do I really have to deal with a 70?” “I put more effort and thorough thoughts into this!” And the teacher gave him a 10~15 points bonus or something. It happened last year. ‘~’

Why would the people in James’ group act like you don’t exist? Its just straight out rude. If they are doing that, or seemingly doing that, why be there? ‘~’. Except for the fact that James is there P:. If its worth everything, do what you must :)!

Trying to be nice 100% of the time does have its downfall. People will try to take advantage of you. People sometimes, dislike nice people for some reason. But there will be always people who appreciate you and your presence :)! You`re not the only one who overreacts over the littlest things. Bleh. I overreact over the smallest things in my mind .___.

I hate group work most of the time– if we don`t choose who we are with. Some people might be overworking and some might be underworking. The overworking ones might want 100% of the credit of the group work. And the underworking.. Are blegh. D:!

I remembered in the recent group work for physics, I was stuck with 2 other people at first. 1 was determined like myself. And the other.. NEVER TALKS. I just had irritations with the girl that never talks :/.

I`m okay with my site down when its necessary. Only if I`m not going to use my site :P. I just had irritations :X. It`s really. Horrible D:! It reminded me about the “Crazy German Boy” with his freak out reaction :O!

Take care and hope you`re better by now (:

Ugh! I’m having the same sentiment as you’re having now. I’m really pissed off since our teacher is sick and so we got ourselves a substitute, which is one of my previous teachers and I hate the fact that her own taste in design clouds her judgement when giving feedbacks.

True, I’ve never had a blood test before but I heard they hurt less since they’re just taking blood from you, not like injecting chemicals and stuff into you.

Yeah, someone followed me on Twitter so I was wondering like why…? My tweets aren’t that interesting, mostly just “interacting” with other people and saying nonsense like “Vampire Diaries on!” lol. Unless they’re just following me for future reference if they wanted to contact me in the future, lol, don’t know. D:

LOL. “I’d throw a tantrum,” I throw too many tantrums and fits already that they’re kind of old with it and used to it and so I don’t get my way as often. /hmph

Haha, I was just kidding! XD I’m not mad /hehe

Oh, well Hedley’s on the charts. I guess maybe the North America charts is different to the Australian charts. Haha, have you ever heard of Cody Simpson?! He’s Australian :P

Yeah, have you ever heard of Ke$ha? Okay yeah it’s pretty stupid she has a dollar sign for the “s”. She “sing talks”, but a different way (like she does it fully!!) that like Lady Gaga and Brittany Spears does it sometimes ish, and it’s just like a different way. Ahh couldn’t explain again D:

Lucky! I have to have them on for like 1-3 more years. Got them beginning of August. You know what I also hate about going to the dentist, and like the doctor’s? That smell! Like they’re 2 different smells but like it always smells like that at the dentist’s or doctor’s! If you get what I mean. ;)

Oh, in Canada we have tons of places that sell bagels. Tim Hortons, yeah a lot of places. You could also just go to the grocery store and buy bagels. Also, what like “Australian” slang do you use? Well I mean that’s in Australia? When you see like the way I type, is it different to like how Australians do it? I meann, ahh, it’s hard to explain. Like the “slang” I do? If that makes sense. 😝

Ohh, yeah that’s pretty cool :D If I was old enough, I’d get a job like in clothing or something lol. But I’m too young so I’ll wait a few more years! Maybe I could get a part time job doing like design when I’m in my teen years, but someone would probably hire a like professional person with a degree or something. What other jobs have you had as a teen? But it’s probably going to be harder, when you get a job it usually says they’re looking for experienced people only who’ve like had a job somewhere else. :P

Sorry btw for double-commenting. When are you going to post the April Caption Contest winners? Mine sucked but I gave it a try anyway. :P

Btw, when I used this emoticon, ” 😝 ” it was supposed to be me throwing a tantrum because I couldn’t explain it. :D

Awww, I’m sorry! I hate those days. You just well fall in a slump, and eventually the smallest things irritate you to tears! We all get them.

That sucks that the woman spelled your name wrong. I usually get Cara going to Kara, or even Carah. That I can sort of understand, but when people do stupid things like Caara, you know it’s a typo. O_O

Things come and go. *HUGGS* I hope you are feeling better!

What does pass plus even mean? The phrase without the context sounds good to me. It sounds like you received way over a passing grade…but, obviously, it’s deceiving. And seriously, how does someone misspell Georgina? Unless it was your last name. People spell my abbreviated first name incorrectly all the time and it doesn’t really bother me, but that’s because you can spell Gabi many different ways. But Georgina? Hmm…

I know exactly how you’re feeling about the grade. I absolutely hate having my assignments harshly criticized, even when I know I didn’t put as much effort as I could have into it. When I try my hardest, it’s even worse. It happened to me at the beginning of the semester. A two-week substitute teacher thought she had the right to grade our quarter papers for whatever reason, and she gave me a D. I was ready to accept myself as a failure, but when I got the paper back, I realized the majority of her comments were regarding things my regular teacher specifically told us to do. It sucked to have a D, but at least I knew it wasn’t necessarily because I was inadequate. If you truly believe some of her comments were the result of bias or were unfounded, perhaps it will help the wound heal a little faster.

*shakes head* When you consider that a Pass is the lowest possible grade up from a Fail, no. Grades up from a Pass go through Credit, Distinction and High Distinction. I’ve had a lot of the latter two, and when there generally (by Australian standards, I guess) shouldn’t be “plusses” or “minuses” added to a grade (a “Pass Plus” might as well be a Credit /ho ) I guess it all in all just made me very upset and angry.

And yes, it was my last name indeed. My last name is spelled correctly in my email and on the register, so I don’t know what got into my tutor’s brain but you’re right, I guess knowing that she was rather biased makes me feel better about how well I actually did.

Awww *big hugs*! Don’t let the grades bring you down! Honestly, all you need is a degree attached to your name. Employers don’t care about grades. And I agree with you that tutors always mark biasedly! I had a sexist tutor that gave all the girls low grades and the boys higher grades. Hope you have better days coming soon.

Awwww. I know how shit grades feel. I’ve gotten them, even when I did my best. I hate stupid teachers with favorites. They’re unfair and horrible.

Just cry it all out sis. I know that crying really helps. I do it when I’m pissed. Some people think I’m overreacting but, like you said, it helps with dealing with the pain. There will be shitty people and shitty days. /wah I sincerely hope you feel better soon.

I’m really sorry to hear about that. It’s awful when you know how much effort you’ve put into something and someone just doesn’t appreciate it at all. To have that be an assignment though must be awful.
It’s worse when people tell you you’re over-reacting though. They don’t know how you feel, and then you get angrier at them and more upset…it ends up in a circle. I hope you’re feeling better now, and that you can do something to get your grade changed and get the grade you rightly deserve.

Feel better, Georgie! May your next days be better than that last one!

It’s really really easy to overreact when you’re stressed out. You’d think that tutors would learn that bias is bad and would learn to watch out for it. But nope! ‘Tis a shame. But in my opinion, you can to the right conclusion. Fuck this all! You know that you’re awesome!

You’ve got one of the most awesome boyfriends that I read about. For that alone, you’re an incredibly lucky girl and I’m sure that you two can get through almost anything the way you’re going now.

Hello Love,

I’ve been someone e-absent for the past few days so I thought that I would backtrack post-wise, and I’m fairly glad I did.

My dear, you need to grasp the almost inconceivable concept of ignoring those who do not like you. To quote: “In my experience there are two groups of people who dislike a person: the stupid; and the envious. The stupid you can win over in a week’s time, the envious, never.” If someone doesn’t like you, don’t waste your time and energy attempting to turn them around, or even wondering why they don’t like you. It all amounts to waisted effort and frustration.

Furthermore, don’t ever feel a need to not tell someone they are messing with your happy-thoughts. Once I started telling people to “Stop fucking with my Chi.” or in some cases informing others that: “You don’t get to speak to me anymore. Ever.” my life became so much easier to deal with. I may come off as callous or mean to that person (and quite possibly their friends, who I don’t care about anyway) but the people who really know me and don’t tick me off on a daily basis see me as a sweet nurturing person who would give the shirt off my back to help them without their asking.

I don’t know if my saying this is helpful or not. But It kind of worries me that you are letting idiots who know nothing about you (Tudor included) drag you down so drastically.

As far as your grade goes, perhaps you should schedule a meeting with your professor and discuss the project. There may be other issues surrounding their end of the grading, you won’t know until you ask him/her, and as a paying university student that is your right. If the teacher refuses to meet with you, go to their department head, and if still unsatisfied, the dean. Don’t stop until you get some answers.

I hope when you read this things are for the most part sorted out. I’ll send e-hugs and happy-karma-waves in your direction until they do.
♥ – Katherine