Dad’s Birthday

Hi. And I’m feeling much better today. πŸ™‚

Today was my dad’s birthday. My mum had to go to work but after that, my dad came back home and together with me and my brother Brandon, we went out to a Korean buffet. It was really quite good. There wasn’t a huge selection of food (or maybe I’m just too used to huge buffets) but the food was excellent. I can’t complain; I always tend to look for the low points when I go to a restaurant, because that’s how I decide that one restaurant is better than the other – it has less flaws.

I can’t think of many problems with this buffet. Perhaps it would have been nice if the ice cream wasn’t in a tub in a little freezer. It was a bit hard to reach into the freezer and scoop out ice cream into a cup. There wasn’t any space on the counter to do it, and it was one of those freezers that open on top with sliding doors – sort of like the ones in convenience stores or supermarkets.

I think they should have filled up some of the food more quickly. Once a platter of sushi was gone (my brother took the last two pieces, and they just happened to be the only two pieces there when we arrived – my brother! – of all people), they didn’t fill it up straight away so I found myself eating a whole plate full of food before they took out more sushi. They seemed to have a variety of dishes but unless you were staying for a while you couldn’t experience that. I had eaten as much as I could before they came out with wontons. I ate a few of those, though. πŸ˜„

The seafood was the best. I thought it was going to be super hot and spicy but that’s because I ate a bit of squid that was curled around a fresh chilli. Whoops. πŸ€“ But the seafood was great, I had some more helpings… I know not many people like seafood but I love it.

It was some good family time (minus Mum) and my brother actually took the opportunity to ask me how high school was and how the HSC was for me back in 2008. We went to an electronics store to print some digital photographs; I printed a few from James, Mike’s, Lilian’s and my forest trip. I want to tack them to the space above my wall but I’m out of the blu-tack stuff that you use to stick things on walls. Ah well… the paint on my walls is so old, some of it has peeled after posters have been there too long. 😦 My parents won’t let me paint my room as it’s too much trouble.

I want a noticeboard, but I’m not sure where I’d put it. I don’t really want to move anything around my room too much, and I shouldn’t drill holes in the walls or nail things to the walls. Our house is quite old and I don’t think we want to be tearing it apart. So instead of a noticeboard I guess I’ll just have an old-school mini collage of photographs above my bed. I have a lot of photo frames, but I got rid of three and I still have seven, which are taking up a lot of space. I was going to get a digital photo frame and not really keep any of the ones I have now, but now I think I will like printing out photos and making some sort of collage on my wall. β™₯️

I can’t wait until the 10th of June… already. I have so much to do after going back to university this week, and that’s the last day of this semester. Sucks. πŸ˜† I have so many emails to respond to, dfpgjfdgdlk. πŸ’©

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