Dad’s Birthday

Hi. And I’m feeling much better today. :)

Today was my dad’s birthday. My mum had to go to work but after that, my dad came back home and together with me and my brother Brandon, we went out to a Korean buffet. It was really quite good. There wasn’t a huge selection of food (or maybe I’m just too used to huge buffets) but the food was excellent. I can’t complain; I always tend to look for the low points when I go to a restaurant, because that’s how I decide that one restaurant is better than the other – it has less flaws.

I can’t think of many problems with this buffet. Perhaps it would have been nice if the ice cream wasn’t in a tub in a little freezer. It was a bit hard to reach into the freezer and scoop out ice cream into a cup. There wasn’t any space on the counter to do it, and it was one of those freezers that open on top with sliding doors – sort of like the ones in convenience stores or supermarkets.

I think they should have filled up some of the food more quickly. Once a platter of sushi was gone (my brother took the last two pieces, and they just happened to be the only two pieces there when we arrived – my brother! – of all people), they didn’t fill it up straight away so I found myself eating a whole plate full of food before they took out more sushi. They seemed to have a variety of dishes but unless you were staying for a while you couldn’t experience that. I had eaten as much as I could before they came out with wontons. I ate a few of those, though. :D

The seafood was the best. I thought it was going to be super hot and spicy but that’s because I ate a bit of squid that was curled around a fresh chilli. Whoops. :B But the seafood was great, I had some more helpings… I know not many people like seafood but I love it.

It was some good family time (minus Mum) and my brother actually took the opportunity to ask me how high school was and how the HSC was for me back in 2008. We went to an electronics store to print some digital photographs; I printed a few from James, Mike’s, Lilian’s and my forest trip. I want to tack them to the space above my wall but I’m out of the blu-tack stuff that you use to stick things on walls. Ah well… the paint on my walls is so old, some of it has peeled after posters have been there too long. D: My parents won’t let me paint my room as it’s too much trouble.

I want a noticeboard, but I’m not sure where I’d put it. I don’t really want to move anything around my room too much, and I shouldn’t drill holes in the walls or nail things to the walls. Our house is quite old and I don’t think we want to be tearing it apart. So instead of a noticeboard I guess I’ll just have an old-school mini collage of photographs above my bed. I have a lot of photo frames, but I got rid of three and I still have seven, which are taking up a lot of space. I was going to get a digital photo frame and not really keep any of the ones I have now, but now I think I will like printing out photos and making some sort of collage on my wall. ♥️

I can’t wait until the 10th of June… already. I have so much to do after going back to university this week, and that’s the last day of this semester. Sucks. XD I have so many emails to respond to, dfpgjfdgdlk. /poo

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wow.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad Georgie!! :) I think Korean cuisine is always the best. I love their food a lot! yum! ♥ good thing you don’t have the photos here or else I’ll be drooling over them. ahihihihihi.. /hehe at least you had a good family time with your dad.. though your mom was not there. :(

Good thing your room is covered with paint.. easier for you to repaint it anytime. I got mine with wallpapers all over it. And it’s really hard to repaint my wall since the wallpaper is starting to peel off too. :( My parents wouldn’t let me take it off and repaint my room too.. It’ll be another additional expenses to them. so yeah.. never mind with my wall. I guess I’ll be covering it with photos or magazine pages instead.. :)

I have a mini notice board behind my door which hangs in front of my bed too.. but I find it useless because I rarely post anything there. hahaha.. I got my dog’s photos there and it doesn’t help me in any way.. it only makes me sad everytime I see her photo hanging there. :( My dog died 2 months ago.. she had been with me for 11 years.. it’s really hard to for me to see her photos and even think of her..cause it only breaks my heart. :(

I love buffets!! Even more so all you can Japanese places. I just pig out like crazy lol.

I was thinking about one if those digital frames too but u am like you and like to develop them instead because I have this addiction to photographs and collecting them and have tons of photos and frames on the wall

Hey Georgie! Happy birthday to your dad! I’ve never been to a Korean buffet before, but I’ve been to a Korean restaurant before and I really didn’t like it. I guess it was because of the people I was with or something like that didn’t make it enjoyable. Plus they were rude and ignoring me the whole time and talking in Mandarin the whole time I was there so I was left just eating my food. :/ . Some people can be rude.

I’m glad your brother asked you about your h.s. experience and your projects. That was nice of him to do so. I was actually surprised when I read that. I honestly didn’t think he cared that much about your life. But I guess I was wrong? Obviously. Yup I’m back at The whole Andrew thing just got me to the point where I don’t want to own a domain I didn’t really want, and had already paid for a domain for two years. He’s also been spying on me for the longest time since we were together. I guess to see what I would say about him or something (he confessed that he was spying on me). What a douche huh?

Yeah, I want to do the same thing, when I get my bedroom painted. I’m kinda thinking about a digital photo frame as well; but those are so expensive. My younger sister has one, but I don’t know how much they go for now a days. I just know that my stepmom (now ex) got it for her one Christmas. But yeah, that’d be a nice change of pace. I did have a date with someone tomorrow (Friday), but I told him it’s to soon, so I had to cancel it. It hasn’t even been a week of getting to know each other or anything like that, or hasn’t been a week for me to heal after my break up. The guy does sound very nice and we do have quite a bit in common, but it’s just to soon. I was wondering are you still hosting sub-domains? Let me know ok?

Well; girly, I know what it’s like to not have enough tape or what have you to want to put stuff up on your walls. I did talk to my psychiatrist’s Nurse yesterday afternoon, and she told me the symptoms of Paranoia and guess what? I do not have it!! :D . I’m so happy with that. My schizo is also in remission which means I am finally able to eat and not worry having to eat and hear constant talking all the time like I did 9 years ago. But yeah, the only way I have depression which I figured I’ve had since birth, isn’t the case at all. I’ve had it due to stress all my life. It only got worse after I lost my 3rd job in 2004. That’s when I lost it. Which is awesome. Now I know the stress symptoms thanks to the computer and looking it up at the library. :D. No wonder why my stomach’s hurting again. It’s stress! :) Woo! Not saying my stomach hurting is a good thing, but just knowing what is causing it to hurt is a good thing ya know?

Anyway, I gotta get going, hopefully my internet will be back on sometime today if not this weekend. I hope. So we can chat and what not. I can’t wait to voice chat with you on skype again. Same with Takuto (he’s supposed to be coming over here this month :) if all goes well). He knows of my current situation just not that I have broken up with Andrew yet. Which he will soon know. Anyway, take care girly and hopefully we’ll talk again!

Haha this probably sounds weird but happy birthday to your dad. This sounds mean of me but I hate going out to eat on my dad’s birthday because our tastes are so different. He’s very traditional Asian. I like cumulative Asian buffets, they usually have a bit of everything. I can’t really stick to a Korean restaurant and like it, I don’t really like Korean food. Or Japanese, because all they have is seafood. Don’t like seafood. LOL this must sound very pessimistic … uhh I already said I like all-Asian buffets! I like variety because then something good comes out of it.

That’s nice you’re kinda redecorating your room. I just moved into my new house, I used to have posters my favorite singer on EVERY WALL. I need to dig them out and put them back up! My walls are painted blue, just my rooms out of the whole house. Hahaha my parents don’t mind if I’m too much trouble.

June 10th will come soon! ^/___^ It is finally May 5th, the day I couldn’t wait for. Yay!

I can’t wait for the 1st of June or the 14th of May or the 28th of May or this or that. Hahahaha. This year is a huge year for me because it is my senior year and TONS of stuff is happening this year. We are going to Disney World around the 1st of June. I have a birthday party with a DJ on the 14th of May even though my birthday is the 8th of June. The 28th of May is my graduation date. :) I sooooo cannot wait. :D

It is getting pretty bittersweet though. I cried the day before last because I was looking at my old yearbooks. :/

I’m glad you had a good time at the seafood buffet. It’s always good to hang out with family at restaurants and just get out of the house once in a while. Not that you don’t, I was just saying that I need to. Hahahaha.

I hope you can figure something out with your room. :)
The poppy dance stuff is the best. I’m not into classical music and most people aren’t so that is probably why you didn’t like the music. :)

I wont have another one due to the fact that I am a SENIOR! YAY!

Glad you’re feeling better :) The buffet sounds delicious! It always seems to be that the dessert is never as good as the rest. Maybe someone should open a dessert buffet, lol.

Omg, I looove wontons, they call it crab rangoon sometimes (which are my fav!) I get those each time I go eat chinese (I’ve never eaten at a Korean restaurant).

I’m actually going to print out some photos myself, tomorrow. I want to print out my photography. I always post it online, but I’ve never had any hard copies of it. :

ahha, I try to keep my e-mails to you short and to the point because I know you have so many. =3
BTW, any idea when you’ll re-open the hosting site?

It was the first time I had Korean. :) It was pretty good, obviously I didn’t know what to expect but they had lots of good food!

I post most of my photos online too but I think it’s good to have hard copies at least of your favourite pieces, stick them up somewhere or keep them somewhere. Everything is so digital but there’s still beauty in a physical photo. :3

And no, sorry, no idea when I’m opening it again. I’ve just been really busy and I have no time for it at the moment, processing applications is something I’m just dreading. Classes also just started again so it’ll be another month at least; just got too much to deal with.

Ok I was just wondering because I refer friends to you for hosting. (H) (Y)
What plugin do you use for comment replying? just wondering because I don’t think the e-mail system works on mine. 😢

I use this one – make sure you turn the email notifications on in the plugin settings (notify when “Anyone replies”). :)

I LOVE buffets, but I always end up eating too much. So much food for a little price. Hehe. XD

Hi there! :) Happy birthday to your dad. It’s nice celebrating it with the whole family and now I’m starting to envy you because you guys are together. ;) When eating at restos, I don’t really criticize that much. Oh wait.. my dad also loves Korean cuisine. He brought me once and “kind of” enjoyed it. I’m not really into Korean foods though… :(

I have a small cork board in my room but i don’t use it much. i am actually planning to make a collage of different pictures from high school to college but errr…. got no time! :p

Happy birthday to your dad! :D I just love Korean food, makes me feel healthy because of all the veggies XD

I also want to paint my room, my walls are a weird shade of yellow and orange. The paint is also peeling off already and there’s leftover mounting tape stuck all over the place.

I have a noticeboard in my room which I stuck to the wall with mounting tape. It keeps on falling off but I don’t want to nail it to the wail. And I agree, I prefer printing out photos to having a digital photo frame. I just find collecting photographs fun! ;)

happy belated birthday to your dad! (: i love going out eating, there’s so much to taste! too bad your brother took the last sushi, but at least they came with some more in the end, it must be busy to make a whole buffet, i wouldn’t be on the kitchen then, but hey probably know what they do since it’s their job (:

i want to fix up my room as well, a want new colour on the walls and then i want to throw out some old stuff which is just taking up space in my very small sized room, but i guess i’ll save it for the room in a my own house one day. that will be fun :D

oh yes i remember ABBA, we had a album by them, and it was on replay all the time when we were on long trips in the car. wow so tired of that music now, haha lol! but i can’t remember listening to beatles, besides when i had to at school. i guess the beatles was forced on me at primary school, our teacher was obvious a big fan, and wanted us to be as well…

Happy bday to your dad :D

Reaching into a freezer to put ice cream you want into a cup? That’s really…. Here, restaurants cannot get away with things like that; it is considered unsanitary – probably because too many Americans don’t care to clean themselves after coughing and/or going to the bathroom. >.>

I used to love wontons, but I don’t anymore. My taste buds have grown to love bland foods. But I’ve always been a Supertaster, so hopefully that explains why? Blahh.

You don’t get high school diplomas? Hm.

Is a noticeboard like a bulletin board, but with pictures and notes, etc.?

I did finish the speech. I have to watch it, though, and I’m seriously dreading that. I hate seeing myself on camera. This speech was just so …painful! I hate watching myself stand before the class – on camera – suffering whilst I’m at the front of the classroom. Cherie thinks it’s better for us because we’ll learn how to be better, but NO! It’s just so gfjhfshdjk horrible! I don’t want to see myself suffer! I’ll burn them all to a disc (since I haven’t bought a memory card reader yet), put them onto my laptop and put them away in a folder. I might look back at them in the future; I just don’t know yet. >.>

I’d be pretty upset with that grade, then, too. I hate things like A “plus” and B “plus”. Okay, it’s a plus. So what? For some teachers (in high school), they’d grade like this:
100 = A+
95 = A
90 = A-
89 = B+
85 = B
80 = B-
And so on. -.-

Do you not ever get a two month break?

I opted to take summer classes. Er… my mom persuaded me. This time, she’s letting me take online classes. Most likely because of the moving/living situation and how I might be moving in with her again over the summer. >.>

P.S. I now know the big deal about/with Doctor Who.
I watched one episode on BBCA, and I was hooked.

Happy belated birthday to your dad! :)
I’m glad you guys got to spend some good family time together.
I don’t know that I like a lot of sea food, but I do like Mackerel and Tuna. But definitely nothing spicy. :D
I think the collage idea is great. I love artistic things like that.
My mom probably wouldn’t like the blu-tack but she would go for using nails instead. :D
Digital frames does sound like a real space-saving tool.
I hope your University work lets up soon! :D
Usually classics are the best. But I have a feeling I’m going to want to throw the original Tron out the window once I see it. :D
I’m going to look into ‘The Ring’ soon. I really scour for good fantasy.

Glad that you’re feeling better. and oh, I’m glad you enjoyed the korean buffet,. this reminds me now of the seafood buffet I had when i went to korea last year.. I didnt know it was a seafood buffet though,. I was so excited back then coz it was like– whoa buffet but when I learned that its a seafood buffet i was like– yeah they’re yummy but if you eat too much seafood then you’re gonna have a highblood pressure.. :)) this post of yours makes me hungry.. especially when you mentioned the hot and spicy seafood.. yummy!! and sometimes thats the problem about buffets–they’re slow when it comes to filling up more food..

They wont allow you to paint your room? but why? maybe you should just get a wall paper.. I do remember before like when I was in HS, I bought this sesame street wallpaper and until now its still there.. haha its just kinda funny coz I should have bought hello kitty instead of elmo and the rest of the gang.. I should have transformed that into a princess room and not something like a nursery room.. lol

as for the noticeboard just go buy a corkboard and hang it.. way back in college, I also have this collage pictures of me and some guys.. hahaha bad girl I know but idk.. and it makes people think like I’m collecting guys coz of those pics.. lol cant wait too til the 10th of june.. we should email each other too.. haha ♥

Happy belated birthday to your dad! :D I hope he had a great day!

I’d be one of those people that don’t really like seafood. xD I like some fish, and I like some shrimp, but that’s about the extent of the seafood I’ll eat. I’m glad you liked it though! I love buffets for all their variety and the quantity of it all. It’s like food heaven. :P Though it is aggravating when your favorite dish is empty and it takes forever for them to bring some more out.

I never had any luck with the tacky you use to stick posters and pictures on the wall. It either doesn’t stay, or it stains my pictures or posters blue. :( Maybe I’m just getting a bad kind, but I just use tacks for posters now and tape for pictures. I have to replace the tape every now and then, but I don’t want to ruin my pictures with the tacky.

I have a collage of photos over my bed of just friends and family and fun times. I did it in like a checkerboard style, I’m not really sure how else to describe it, and I don’t have a picture, but it looks pretty cool that way they aren’t stuck up all mumbo jumbo.

It was a minor felony, but I think he deserved the punishment honestly. I mean, he was taking pictures of school mates without clothes on and without their permission. If he would’ve gotten one of me, I’d have been pretty upset. Plus, who knows what he was planning on doing with them, or was already doing. :/ It’s just sad because he had so much going for him.

I was pretty upset about the assignment, but thankfully she let me turn it back in and didn’t take any points off. I was like shaking when she handed it back because I was afraid she’d take 50% off my grade because that’s something she’d do. Good luck on your animation project! :)

Good! I’m glad you’re feeling better. :) Usually when I eat Korean, I eat Korean barbecue. Like the grill, then you grill the meat on the grill. :D I noticed the best place to eat sushi is to go to like a Japanese restaurant, like a one “devoted” to Japanese food with only Japanese food, if you get what I mean.

Ahh, I love wontons! Lol yup, and my email to respond too. Haha :P Well I actually talked to my host and she said because I stupidly (okay, well of course she’s way too nice to say “stupidly”, I just added the word /hehe) and I downloaded WordPress in the public_html, so that was the problem. Or something like that for that matter. Well she’s looking into it! ^^

I see, well have fun choosing a winner.
And lol this face made me laugh –> /kiss

Aww D: Well when we got the needles people were saying how they could feel the chemicals going like getting injected into their bodies, but I couldn’t tell because I was like freaking out the whole entire time holding onto my friend while I was getting the needle LOL. :P

Oh my gosh… if you have seen me in my school, damn. I must admit I do “spaz” a lot. In my school, it depends on my mood but sometimes I do admit I’m short-tempered and snap at people a lot, well it’s also partially my fault too. I try not to do it infront of people, but hey, it happens. :P

True, she looks kinda trashy. Like the way she wears her clothes, and what she wears too. She just tries way too hard it’s kind of annoying.

Yeah, I couldn’t explain D: That tends to happen a lot. Well, some Canadians say “eh” a lot, like… “like this layout I made? It’s nice, eh?” And people say Canadian’s say “about” like “aboot” but to be honest I’ve never heard anyone say “about” like that in my life lol. :P

I want to be come a dentist also, but not because I have a passion for teeth and caring for other people’s teeth. The reason is the money, I know I’m greedy :P Did you know dentists have the highest suicide rate? Yeah, that was random. But even though I wouldn’t love doing my job I’d atleast like it for the cash. /bounce But to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever get to being a dentist, I would hate to study that many years and plus it’s hard when you study, like biology or all the science stuff you’ll have to learn. And plus I want to become an orthodontist, even more money (like the people who do braces) but the thing is even more years to study and more difficult! To this point, I have no idea.

I always thought of like web designing or graphic design, or like web developing or something like that, but I always thought of that as a backup plan before the years I go to med school or something LOL. I know I’m like not even in highschool yet and I’m planning this stuff out… :/ It’s probably so unlikely though. :P Well I’d love the move to New York City one day!

Ahh, I’ve asked you this before but I’ve forgot D: I think… okay I’m not really sure. It’s like a case of deja vu you’re not really sure if it happened or not. I think it did but for some reason I can’t remember… no loss in asking again! What job would you get once you get your degree, or whatever it’s called? /eee

First of all, happy happy birthday to your dad! m/

Secondly, wow this just made me miss buffets. I promised myself to stop from eating at such places since I often end up eating 10 plates of so much oily crap and 5 full plates of deserts. /bash

Ahhhhh! I envy you for having a room of your own. How I wish I could have one two and decorate it with all of my crap. O_O

Glad you’re feeling better. :D I’m a few days late but happy belated birthday to your dad!

Any buffet is a good buffet. :P I always end up eating far too much at buffets, but hey, I like to get my money’s worth!

Seafood and sushi are the best parts of going to a cuisine for me, as they’re my favourite foods. It’s annoying when they don’t refill the food straight away, as if you want to go for seconds you have to wait which is so annoying when everyone around you is eating. :|

I have photographs tacked above my bed but I sometimes think they look out of place. I also want a notice board but this house isn’t ours so I don’t want to drill holes in the wall, although I use a lot of drawing pins…

Sounds like a wonderful meal! It’s difficult to have quality family time when you’re busy with school and everyone else is busy with work, etc.

Korean buffet? I’ve never even seen one of those. (There are tons of Chines buffets in the US, but I can safely say that I’ve never seen a Korean one.) But Korean food is unique in itself, and I hope that you all loved your meal!

A noticeboard could work… you could always move something to the ceiling so that you’d see it when you wake up, but that’d take effort. =P