In circles

Edit: Thank you for all your supportive comments. I’ve approved all the ones on this post and I’ll be taking my time responding while I finish my assignments due this week. ♥️

I’m back to square one again: stress. Mentioned one too many times in all of my posts, I think this evil devil deserves a whack on the head. I have tried to go back to my stress balls, and James even gave me a pink round one. It’s nice, because I haven’t had round ones for a very, very long time. I’ve had star shaped ones, and one shaped like a man (what the hell, seriously), and one like a football.

Anyway, it has probably… finally hit me that I have three assignments due next week. I’ve nearly done one, but I’ll be finishing it off tomorrow, I guess. I still hate assignments. I hate them so much right now and they are piling up. I think it’s just the fact that there are so many at once. If I put my mind to it, I’ll be alright. I’m sure I’ll be alright. My mum used my computer for two hours today, and I’m irritated because I couldn’t do anything during that time. My animation homework needed the computer, so did my other assignments. Crazy. And I’m not dependent on technology, that’s just the way things bloody are.

All the same, I feel that I am falling into that pit of stress yet again. I swear, it always happens around this time of year. Yesterday I promised myself I wouldn’t, but far bloody out. It’s going to hit me whether I like it or not. And it’s going to take me forever to respond to comments anymore, and honestly, I say this all the time but I am beginning not to bother. I just have way too much on my plate right now and I already don’t respond to them as I should. I just read them, go on my merry way.

The reason I’m saying this is because a lot of people ask me questions when they comment, and I feel I must answer. At the same time, I think that some of their questions could be answered simply by going to Google and looking it up. It still annoys me when someone asks me something that they could look up. Notice how I linked “wonton” to its Wikipedia page in my last post? Just in case someone doesn’t know what a wonton is. Because I get really tired of people asking me things that they can find out if they take just another second to look. Or asking how old I am, when it’s in the sidebar in most of my pages. Or asking where I’m from when they could take one quick look at my ‘about me’ page to realise I’m from Australia.

That’s probably why blogging has its own sort of undefined rules. If you stumble across a random blog post and there are bits you don’t understand, you just walked into someone’s life. Someone you know next to nothing about. I know we make friends through the internet but when you just read someone’s blog posts, take the opportunity to read a bit about them if you want to chat to them. It’s not that hard. That’s why ‘about me’ pages were made. So you can know a little bit more about the head behind a diary entry. If you want to take the time to get to know someone, go on, read what they put out there. If you want to know who ‘James’ is, go on, read the other posts in which they mention ‘James’.

Because, you know, I’m not going to say “James, my boyfriend”; every single time.

And what I’m trying to say is that right now, I don’t have the time to answer everything so quickly. I don’t have the time to read through comments so quickly. Time, time, time. Oh I said I was good at time management alright, but that doesn’t mean I have the time for website stuff. As for time in that regard, I’m taking my time.

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i feel what u feeling im also stressed but instead of assignments its work, got so much demands i dont know what to do first and i get told by different people what to do on the same task i dont know who to say yes to.
i know how u feel about some people, i was the answering woman at college lol even though the facilitator said it yesterday lol.
sorry i havent been such a friend these couple of weeks its just been stressful and hard for me to do most stuff that i normally do everyday

I am so sorry to hear that stress is getting the better of you, and I was just curious on whether or not stress balls works for you. Personally, I feel that they just keep me from hitting the nearest annoying person. :)

As for answering questions that can be found somewhere else on the Internet, I would love to wave a magic wand that makes people not be so lazy. :P However, I haven’t found it yet. I suppose that you could add to the comment guidelines that any person who asks a question that an answer is already provided for will not be approved.

But seriously, did someone actually ask who James is?! I am shocked since you say taken by James in your sidebar. WTF do they think that means?!

As for the whole time management thing, I think that something comes along right when we get everything straight to throw a wrench in the works. Life doesn’t seem to want us to get too relaxed.

Finally, best of luck with completing your assignments!

I’ve never been a fan of stress balls. If anything they piss me off more and I end up swearing and throwing them somewhere. If I cause any real damage then that’s a stress relief for me. :P I am quite an angry person though.

Things piling up is almost the most stressful thing, for me anyway. I spend more time breaking down and panicking than actually getting to work. Once I do I find I can calm down. So, hopefully you’re like me and you’ll feel better once you get on with it. :/

I honestly wouldn’t go out of your way to reply to comments. I think once things settle down a bit you’ll pick things up naturally. I won’t be offended if I don’t get a reply. :P I’m really slow with these things myself.

I agree about all the unspoken rules of the blogging world. Some things are just common courtesy and common sense, but everyone picks up on them soon enough. It’s really quite interesting how much you learn subconsciously when you talk to people online.

I do wish I could leave their service but I still can’t purchase things like this online. My parents have always been wary about using their bank details online and my own doesn’t allow that until I’m 18 I think. :/ Otherwise I’d buy my own domain.

Thanks. :) I wouldn’t call them famous but they are both becoming better known so it’s great knowing I met them early. They were both so lovely too.

Stress! I feel about the same way! When the new semester started I felt calm and happy. I even re-evaluated as to how I could possibly be calm and happy while taking 5 classes and everything else that has been going on. Then, last week, BOOM! It hit me, I have assignments due, tests and finals to take, finding a job, going here and there. It’s sooo overwhelming. I know as soon as this semester is finally finished everything will be back to normal.
I actually never realized you were from Austraila. To me, where your from isn’t all important. I read your about me page and I remember certain things that popped out to me. Still, I read it and I can see how annoying it must be having those questions asked. It’s funny because you said “bloody” a lot in this post. I’ve seen it in your posts here and there but this time it popped out and I was like England? I read this post with an English accent. Now I feel a bit embarassed that you have an Austrailian accent. Lol.

Good Luck with the Destressing and everything that’s stressing you out! XD

Go take your time with website stuff. It’s what I should be doing, except that the more work I have, the more time I want to spend on the Internet. So you’re better than me!

Assignments do tend to pile up, and also take a while to do, depending on the type of assignment. Just try not to get too stressed out, okay?

If I were you, I’d just stop answering any questions that you feel a Google search would suffice. Those Internet tools exist for a reason. And I dunno how many people actually check back for replies anyways. I definitely don’t always.

Hey, Thank’s for the comment on my previous blog. :-) :o you think 3 assignments is bad for in 1 week. Try a whole years worth… in 7/8 weeks.

Yeah, well I’m at university level. It’s not exactly easy.

Hi, again. It’s been forever(:

Ahh I know how you feel. So much’s overwhelming. Take you time! Ha, I know I will :3
Ah, I hate when people ask questions that are kind of obvious. It gets kind of redundant when you have to give the same explanation over and over, when it’s stated in so many places. Google is our friend :D

I’ve never used a stress ball before. I’ve had one, but I never used it to relieve stress. I tend to just misplace it when I need it xD Haha the man shaped stress ball sounds cool. Taking your stress out on a person..kind of :P

Good luck with your stress & assignments!

*hugs* I’m not going to say that it’s going to be easy but I know you’ll get through it because we always do. You know that ‘piece of cake’ idiom? Your assignments are like a piece of cake except it’s a rather large piece that you can’t eat in one sitting. Well, what I’m trying to say is that I know you can do it even if it’s going to be difficult and that if you start tackling that piece of cake, you will be finally finished with it. Best of luck to you!

It sort of pisses me off that I don’t have my own laptop and I don’t always have access to a computer when I need one. Once I had to let my mum play Bejeweled for one hour and I was really motivated to do my assignment. And by the time I got to the computer, I lost that motivation.

Usually if it’s an essay or something I write a plan on a piece of paper that includes what sort of things I want to talk about. My teachers always say that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail so I might as well take their advice. I’ve been really into planning things lately. It’s actually quite helpful – it’s helping my develop my time management skills.

I always read an about me page and a few previous posts if it’s my first time commenting. It really irks me when an about me page doesn’t have a location or age. Wow, I really sound like a pedophile right now.

Anyway, take your time if you reply to this comment. Go at your own pace :)

And thanks for recommending Explosions In The Sky :)
Some of their songs sort of remind me of American Football songs except less depressing :P

Good luck with these assignments :)

I graduated from Uni last year, and whilst I loved it – because I have always loved school, I hated the assignments. With a sometimes furious passion. It always seemed that my lecturers had all gotten together to find out when they were giving deadlines on assignments so that they were all due at the same time. O_O Stupid really. Sometimes the best thing to do is put some music on and have a little dance or sing and pretend like you don’t have any assignments at all for a few minutes. Good luck with them.

Sweetie, the ones that care and give a shit will be here when you’re ready to blog or comment again. Take your time, Uni is VERY important, it’s your future. Live it and come back here when you have the motivation to and when YOU feel ready … I’ll be waiting ♥ ♥


Omg, stress! I’m in the same situation. Hahaha, as you probably can tell. For some reason EVERYTHING seems to pile up around this time of the year. And 300 level subjects aren’t exactly simple (OH NO, 400 LEVEL FOR ME NEXT YEAR! ARGH!). But don’t worry, WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS PERIOD! ✌️

Haha, those UTS men stress balls are hilarious :P. I still remember the picture of your torn-apart UTS men stress ball XD.

Your paragraph about people who ask you questions they could easily google the answer to reminds me of the people who ask me what textbook chapters you can find stuff in ==. Stupid, LAZY people. Seriously, it’s really lame to try to get someone ELSE do mundane tasks for you because you can’t be bothered punching a few keys and typing something simple into google, or looking at a bloody contents page /angry.

Hahahaha, if you said James, my boyfriend every time you mentioned him, people who regularly read your blog would be all D: …WE KNOW!

Anyway good luck with your three assignments *HUGS* ♥

your blog should be the last thing stressing you out. Well, I guess it is the last thing stressing you out, but ya know what I mean. It’s supposed to be your place to vent. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be here when the assignments are over.

I always felt like that in school. I don’t know how people go and get advanced degrees. Bare minimum for me thanks.

Oh, Georgina, I know what you mean! I have a thesis essay due tomorrow, several chapters of a book that need to be read, chinese school homework to do, piano music to be memorized, exams to study for…. Ahhh so many things. I feel stressful right now too. /sweat
Sometimes, I get really annoyed at people who ask such questions too. I myself can’t refrain from asking them once in awhile though. :P However, I try not to…
Anyway, I’ll make this comment nice and short so i don’t take up anymore of your time. Hehe. Good luck with everything! ♥

Don’t fold under pressure like me /:
Everything gets better with time.

I feel the exact same way you feel though, it’s about something a little different though. You seem irritated and frankly I am too, about EVERYTHING. It’s just this little life of mine and everything I’m going through has me stressing and just in a bad position.

Its the main reason I starting back blogging again. I figured the blogging world would take my mind off things and give me a little something more to look forward to. Social networking sites are nothing but trouble, seems like I have no real friends, and I just feel so unloved.

Sorry to come here ranting but just trust me someone out here knows how you feel. Just have faith because things will get better, it just takes time :)

I agree with Sage on this. The ones who truly care about you will understand and not be up all in your face about why isn’t my comment returned etc.etc. You’re a university student plus I believe you’re still working? Anyway, take your time. I know what the feeling is like being overwhelmed with school, guys, and jobs and overall; life.

I just had to threatened a guy over the phone if he did not quit calling me I will call the police and file a harassment suit against him. He finally got the hint and left me a lone. I mean jeez, these morons honestly feel like I’m in a relationship with them already. It’s uncanny. I bluntly told one 39 year old who still lives at home with his parents “I never wanted to be in a relationship with you”. And then he persisted to ask if I wanted to still go out with him. I told him no not now. I was in the library and he lives a few doors down, but jeez, to stalk me and than stalk me in the library? Gawd! Men! UGH!

Stress is a bugger. It can sneak up on you when you least expect it. I’ve had stress most of my life, and it only happened to sneak up on me in high school when everything seemed to be falling down on me i.e. grades, detentions, homework trying to keep up with friends and what not. Ya know? That’s what lead to my emotional nervous break down in 2004. I know for a fact I’m not paranoid or have any of those symptoms so thank god I asked the nurse what are the symptoms for paranoia. And luckily I don’t have any of them and my friends including my dad said “I didn’t think you had paranoia”. So I’m relieved to know I don’t have that. I mean I never thought any of the government was after me or felt really weary of an open place and kept looking over my shoulder which I did not. But yeah, stress is a killer. I’m glad you got stress reliever balls. The best ones are the ones you can squeeze. Those are the ones that can release tension. Especially when you have a lot of things piling up on you like you said homework, and life in general. That’s a killer right there. Eesh.

But I hope things will die down soon. And things will get back to normal. Yeah, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get on skype, we lost our internet connection so I’ve been going on at the Library and sometimes mooching off of others on WI-FI. :/ . I hate doing that but eh oh well. But we’ll get it back some day. It’s just teaching me to limit my time on the internet and laptop. So I’m happy with that. I don’t know if I told you this or not but I’ll be volunteering at the Library in June and will be doing it year round. :). I’m very excited. They’ll also work with my schooling schedule and what not. I’m very happy about this.

I appreciate your kind words about my weight loss. I am very happy to know I have supporters like you who truly care! I may just get the bypass so that I can indeed get to my initial weight goal. :). But yeah.

Jeez, people amaze me at their stupidity sometimes. If they’ve come here before they really should read up on who James is and what not. Take the time out to get to know you instead of asking you stupid questions. That’s what irritates me the most. Jeez, people. Well; hopefully sometime this month we’ll have the internet back. Good lucky girlie and I hope the stress relieves soon!

Hey! Awe! I’m sorry to see that you’re so stressed! Well you always get through it. I have to agree that this time, right before summer kicks in that it can get really stressed. I’m sort of blah and zoned out because there’s so much stress. One of my coping mechanisms, though it don’t work too well all the time, because it usually means I DON’T study. O_o
I have my college AP exams all this week. And I am seriously behind on studying… *sigh*
After this (if I can survive) I’ll be in the clear (more or less). I wish you the best of luck with all your projects and assignments! *hugs*

Sorry for the late reply ‘~’. My site has been horribly down. :/.

Stress is horrible :/. May the stress be released from you (:! Stress balls can have some weird forms. And odd ones too .___. Like that man… :O. I just know that I get confused with stress balls and hacky sacks. :O

I hope you`ll find a way to finish your assignments soon (:! The sooner the better (:. I hate it when we are stuck with nothing else to do when the technology accessibility is down :/. Good luck! :)!

I hate it when I can`t access technology when I “need” to. :/. It sucks D’:!

Aggh! I hate it when people ask questions that google can answer. Most of the time, I google things up before I ask in the comments. IT DOES NOT HURT TO READ THE TEXT OR GOOGLE IT! D’:! I just ignore them these days. No pressure held.

Wontons are delicious, by the way :P. My friend’s mom named their kitten after wontons :O!

Blogging does have some unwritten rules along it. :X. I hate it when the answer is there, but people are too lazy to look for it. -___-! Sometimes.. I don`t know.. At the most, my best excuse is. “I don`t want to seem as if I`m snooping through the pages.” But thats why its posted on there for.

I think saying, “James, my boyfriend” in every post would be.. A bit.. of a hassle. -___-. If people don`t know who James is- they`ll figure it out. Eventually. :P

Take care (:

I hear you about the blogging thing. Like you have to explain something you’re saying because someone just walking in to your blog might not know what you’re talking about. However, if they go back just one entry sometimes they will get it. It can get quite daunting sometimes, I know what you mean.

I think that blogs should be a destressor, if anything. They shouldn’t be causing stress – they should be an outlet for it! Don’t always feel like you need to conform to others. It is their problem and you don’t always have to answer everyone’s thousand million questions, hun.

I hope your stress eases up soon.

Sigh. I feel your pain. I become the exact same way every year…not just around the end, but the whole time. It’s just worst towards the end. I always swear that I won’t let myself become stressed. But I do. It’s hard not to.

Don’t beat yourself up for letting yourself become stressed again. I think anyone who actually cares about school becomes the same exact way. If it’s affecting your comments and blogging, so be it. I always feel guilty when I start getting lazy with comments and such, but honestly, most people probably don’t care (not in a mean way, of course). Except for the people that somehow find a way to comment me every blog, I never really notice that people haven’t returned my comments in a speedy manner. I might think about it briefly, but I think most people realize that we all have lives. The same thing goes with questions. Maybe I’m just a bad commenter, but I always forget when I ask questions. When I get an answer I have to look back to remember what the question even was. If people are getting pissy about that, punch them in the face cyber-style. I don’t know how that would work, but I’m sure there’s a way.

Cheer up, Charlie. Everything will get better eventually. Drink some tea or something…I don’t know if that works because I think tea tastes like leaves, but I’ve been told it works wonders. :)

I know how stress can feel really sucky. I hate assignments and when they pile up, I feel like exploding. I think I should get a stress ball too, my mom highly recommends it since she knows how grumpy I get. Good luck with all the assignments, I hope you get to finish them all soon :)

As for the questions thing, I get how annoying they can get. I really think that people should at least try to look for the answers by their selves. I’ve always believed that asking questions is a last resort, something one can do only when they’ve already done their research and still couldn’t find anything.

Take your time with comments and website stuff. Good luck with your assignments and I hope you can find a way to de-stress soon!