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I really appreciate all the comments you guys left me on my last post. Life has still been exceptionally hectic which is why this post is three days after the previous (not like the usual two days). I still love writing and I still love blogging, but every time I want to have some downtime and relax after a big day, I just want to sleep on the train, or go for a run (yes, that’s new), or work on cleaning out my websites.

I’ve started with my fanlistings. I’ve closed about 11 in the past few weeks. And I’m already thinking of some domains to get rid of and some things to organise. I’ll also just be commenting on blog posts for the time being. I love chatting with you guys but I can’t keep up and when I can’t keep up, the best way I can keep up is to read your posts to see how you’re doing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a rather stressful weekend trying to finish a group assignment. I had a wonderful group, but I had some disruptions at home that made me stay up to finish it. I’ve been trying to sleep early as well. I’ve got a major assignment due in a few days and I’m trying to stay positive and finish it. I have one due the day after, and after that I swear I’ll have Sunday to just chill and relax, though not long later I’ll have to pick myself up again for more assignments.

I haven’t felt too happy lately but as I said I’ve been trying to stay positive.

I want to share a funny story that happened today. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have bothered blogging if it weren’t for this.

Ryan and I have been friends for nearly three years now. Back in 2009 we exchanged numbers – as you do – but since we saw each other in nearly every class every day and chatted online a lot, we didn’t call or text each other much.

When I got my (now-lost) iPhone early last year, he was bothered by me putting my phone on ‘airplane mode’ all the time. The reason I did that was because I didn’t want to accidentally open applications and have it use up my credit because it would be using internet data. I used to yell at people not to open the internet so I wouldn’t get charged. Being on prepaid sucks. I would use airplane mode from time to time to make sure that those problems didn’t happen. That wasn’t such a great idea since people would try to call me and calls wouldn’t get through.

Ryan seemed to tell me off a lot about having my phone on airplane mode because he tried to call me many times and couldn’t reach me. Since iOS4 came out, I was able to stop using airplane mode and could turn cell data off. I think Ryan made the comment once or twice but I just assumed the reception was bad wherever I was. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and I have also turned cell data off on it, so there’s no need to use ‘flight mode’.

Today Ryan and Dahlia wished me a good week and said that if I needed to talk to anyone I know where to find them. Ryan asked for my new phone number, but I reminded him that I didn’t get a new number even when I lost my iPhone; I was able to keep the same one. I’ve had the same number for seven-odd years.

Ryan said, “Well did you get my text message this morning?”
I was confused; I didn’t receive a text message from him. He showed me his iPhone and a bunch of text messages he’d tried to send me in the past, none of which I remembered getting. We found this odd. I said, “We’re sorting this out right now. Now call my phone while we’re both here.”

He called my phone but held his phone to my ear and I heard the automatic recorded message about the phone being off or not available. It was most peculiar, so I tried calling him instead, and it worked.

After he looked in his call records, Dahlia peering over, we realised that my number wasn’t saved in his phonebook and he saved the wrong number under my name; one digit was incorrect.

Dahlia was laughing her head off. “Blaming Georgina for airplane mode when it was user error!”

I used to receive a lot of calls from this person asking for “Woody”. When I first got my phone number in 2002, I kept getting calls asking for that person. All the time I would say that they had the wrong number. After a few months they stopped and I was glad. Unfortunately, several years later I got a call from a woman asking for Woody.

Lately I’ve been receiving stupid text messages from some car service saying that my car is ready to be picked up. 1) I have no car and 2) I don’t have a non-existent car in service. Someone kept calling back about it, asking me to pick up my car. I had to keep telling them they had the wrong person until I finally retorted, “Look, you’ve got the wrong number. I’ve been getting a lot of calls like this and no, I don’t own a blue car…”

Wow, I wonder if people get the hint…

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