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I really appreciate all the comments you guys left me on my last post. Life has still been exceptionally hectic which is why this post is three days after the previous (not like the usual two days). I still love writing and I still love blogging, but every time I want to have some downtime and relax after a big day, I just want to sleep on the train, or go for a run (yes, that’s new), or work on cleaning out my websites.

I’ve started with my fanlistings. I’ve closed about 11 in the past few weeks. And I’m already thinking of some domains to get rid of and some things to organise. I’ll also just be commenting on blog posts for the time being. I love chatting with you guys but I can’t keep up and when I can’t keep up, the best way I can keep up is to read your posts to see how you’re doing. :) I had a rather stressful weekend trying to finish a group assignment. I had a wonderful group, but I had some disruptions at home that made me stay up to finish it. I’ve been trying to sleep early as well. I’ve got a major assignment due in a few days and I’m trying to stay positive and finish it. I have one due the day after, and after that I swear I’ll have Sunday to just chill and relax, though not long later I’ll have to pick myself up again for more assignments.

I haven’t felt too happy lately but as I said I’ve been trying to stay positive.

I want to share a funny story that happened today. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have bothered blogging if it weren’t for this.

Ryan and I have been friends for nearly three years now. Back in 2009 we exchanged numbers – as you do – but since we saw each other in nearly every class every day and chatted online a lot, we didn’t call or text each other much.

When I got my (now-lost) iPhone early last year, he was bothered by me putting my phone on ‘airplane mode’ all the time. The reason I did that was because I didn’t want to accidentally open applications and have it use up my credit because it would be using internet data. I used to yell at people not to open the internet so I wouldn’t get charged. Being on prepaid sucks. I would use airplane mode from time to time to make sure that those problems didn’t happen. That wasn’t such a great idea since people would try to call me and calls wouldn’t get through.

Ryan seemed to tell me off a lot about having my phone on airplane mode because he tried to call me many times and couldn’t reach me. Since iOS4 came out, I was able to stop using airplane mode and could turn cell data off. I think Ryan made the comment once or twice but I just assumed the reception was bad wherever I was. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and I have also turned cell data off on it, so there’s no need to use ‘flight mode’.

Today Ryan and Dahlia wished me a good week and said that if I needed to talk to anyone I know where to find them. Ryan asked for my new phone number, but I reminded him that I didn’t get a new number even when I lost my iPhone; I was able to keep the same one. I’ve had the same number for seven-odd years.

Ryan said, “Well did you get my text message this morning?”
I was confused; I didn’t receive a text message from him. He showed me his iPhone and a bunch of text messages he’d tried to send me in the past, none of which I remembered getting. We found this odd. I said, “We’re sorting this out right now. Now call my phone while we’re both here.”

He called my phone but held his phone to my ear and I heard the automatic recorded message about the phone being off or not available. It was most peculiar, so I tried calling him instead, and it worked.

After he looked in his call records, Dahlia peering over, we realised that my number wasn’t saved in his phonebook and he saved the wrong number under my name; one digit was incorrect.

Dahlia was laughing her head off. “Blaming Georgina for airplane mode when it was user error!”

I used to receive a lot of calls from this person asking for “Woody”. When I first got my phone number in 2002, I kept getting calls asking for that person. All the time I would say that they had the wrong number. After a few months they stopped and I was glad. Unfortunately, several years later I got a call from a woman asking for Woody.

Lately I’ve been receiving stupid text messages from some car service saying that my car is ready to be picked up. 1) I have no car and 2) I don’t have a non-existent car in service. Someone kept calling back about it, asking me to pick up my car. I had to keep telling them they had the wrong person until I finally retorted, “Look, you’ve got the wrong number. I’ve been getting a lot of calls like this and no, I don’t own a blue car…”

Wow, I wonder if people get the hint…

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Lol!! Georgina, I actually laughed aloud at work. AT WORK. You suck.

Back when I was in elementary school (that’s grades K through 5 over here), my home phone used to get a lot of calls asking for people in a hospital. That was pretty weird. I’ve also gotten some pretty bad wrong numbers on my cell phone. I once had someone leave me a long message about the airport, which hotel to meet at and when, etc. I really hope that person got a hold of the right guy, because their plans would have been pretty fucked otherwise…

A few years ago when I was in New York with my mom and brother, I got a bunch of text messages from someone telling me they were in Yellowstone (National Park), they were alive and okay, not to worry, etc. Dear god.

And then a couple weeks ago, I got a call from a radio station telling me to call back about setting a time to pick up my prom dress from Project Prom Princess!! I did that last year… So I think that one was a system glitch. Still funny though. I meant to call back and tell them they had it wrong, but I forgot, and I never got another call, so I guess that’s taken care of. xD



When I had my old, old cell, I used to get calls from George’s aunt. I don’t know who George was, but his aunt was crazy. Talked about jumping out of airplanes and stuff. Pretty amusing.

Awww, that’s so funny what happened with your number! I’m always afraid of that happening so I always make sure to double check with the person or the paper to make sure the number is absolutely perfect. If there are any mistakes, it’s the persons fault not mine. I’ve also had a lot of odd phone calls. One time I got a call with the person asking for someone of my name, but I didn’t even know who the person was! Awkward.

About the whole stress thing, it’s honestly understandable. Every free minute you get should be you time and you should totally use that time however you please. I hope your stress goes down soon. /um

LOL! He deserves to be bonked on the head!

Usually when I get people calling me for a wrong number, I just ignore it. It gets awkward when they leave messages that are meant for their girlfriend or boyfriend, which tempts me to mess with them. But I try to be a good person and quietly tell them that they’ve got the wrong number.

I hate it when I get wrong number calls, I even got one from Italy and two from Turkey at one point. It’s absurd…

You sound like a busy woman! :) It sounds like you’re handling it well though, whether you think so or not. Sometimes we have to put our hobbies aside for priorites and there’s nothing wrong with that. ;)

Omg, I want the Samsung Galaxy! In fact, that might be the phone I’m getting…since my phone got cracked -I blogged about this in my previous blog :'( – If I don’t want people calling me, I use an app call “Mr. Number”, and you can set your status, and if you set it to “busy” or “do not disturb”, it automatically sends calls to voicemail. I like it. :D
I wish I’d kept the 1st number I had, but due to certain things, I’ve had to change my number twice. heh.
Lmao…so you’re BF had your number WRONG? that’s funny… hah!

Ugh. When I first had my previous number, a lady would call and also leave messages asking for “Amanda Jackson”, that needed to pay her medical bills. And each time I said “YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER!”, I even had my number taken off of that list, but they still called. -_- I didn’t have that problem anymore though after I got my # changed. haha.
I hope those people got the hint to! You probably should download a call block app, they really come in handy. ;)

Oh I hate using voicemail though, I’d prefer they call me back until I can respond, because it costs a fair bit for me to set up voicemail and keep checking for messages. Or they could text me instead if it’s really that urgent. :P

Ryan’s not my boyfriend, he’s just a friend.

There was one time this holiday company kept ringing me looking for Susanna. Kept leaving voice mails asking Susanna to pay for her holiday bills. They kept contact for about a month and each time I tell them they’ve got the wrong number. Eventually I think they noted this down on their system and I guess found other ways to contact this Susanna girl.

That’s so silly of Ryan to have the wrong number the whole time. Funny how you guys never noticed it for so long. I guess that can happen if you two hardly use your phones to contact each other.

That’s so ironic – I’ve been cleaning out my domains, and you’ve been cleaning out your websites!

It’s okay that you can’t keep up. I’ll stay an avid ready of your blog, though! :P

If it’s easier, I don’t mind you replying to my comments directly on your blog. /rose I know that that’s usually the easiest to me (especially here recently, with my (now I know what it is because I went to the ER yesterday) cyst).

That’s quite hilarious! My family members got/get mad when I don’t answer their phone calls, but I’ve either 1) been busy, or 2) they have the wrong number by one digit. :( Haha.

I hate it so much when people call me time after time and tell me I have ____ and that I need to do ____ about it. They just don’t seem to want to listen. :( Especially when it’s some debt place calling you, and they ask for a code when you pick up/answer, and you’re like, “You have the wrong number, so I don’t know the code!”, and they tell you to “calm down” and that “getting out of debt is easy, Mrs. Williamson.” Blah. You could always block the number. o.O

Ahh, sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. Procrastination has really taken a hit on me! :( Good luck with your assignments, I really hope you do well.

Aw, haha, that’s kind of funny though! I remember when I tried to call my friend and I got the wrong number, then I’m like oh sorry, wrong number, then the guy calls me back and is like, what?! :/

Yeah, bagels aren’t that extraordinary in my opinion.

Most schools in Canada usually have kindargarten to grade 8, then grade 9 to grade 12. But my elementary school was kindargarten to grade 5, then grade 6 to grade 8 (for middle school), then grade 9 to 12.

Yup! Damn, I can’t believe we’re like in the middle-ish of May… wowww! I can’t wait until the summer.

Haha, thanks! :D I’ve been procrastinating on it, I want to make it but at the same time I need some more motivation, nowadays I’ve been lazy and just feel like browsing the internet. :P I love your themes, sometimes I make mine too complex in design and so it might be hard to customize. And I notice that I have a tendency to use images, I love to use them except they’ll make the page load slower! I optimize them, but still. You’re a really good coder and designer!

Plus, I’m trying to use the wp_comments_form function thing. It’s more complicated in my opinion then the old comment form coding, even though that one’s longer. I’ll figure it out though… eventually. /eee

No problem, school always comes first. Cool! And can’t wait. :D

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? My paths work now. Oh my gosh, like I was so happy. Okay, so like I thought it was because I downloaded WordPress in the public_html, I think you told me that… or someone told me that. But then after, so I switched over and put all of it in a folder yeah, and that stuff, still didn’t work. Got frustrated then just switched it over to public_html, and somewhere between that it worked LOL. Now I need to find smilies! Now when I remember, we starting talking to eachother because I asked to use the smilies on your blog, haha. I think I’m going to try and make my own (the ones I made were a fail), or find different ones. :)

Anyway, good luck with your assignments and all, I’m sure you’ll get a reallllly good mark on it once you’re finished.

Hey Georgie,

How are you doing? I’m doing well! Omg, I almost busted up laughing out loud in the library, thankfully I was able to keep it under control and just smile and put my hand to my face. lol. That’s funny. All the while it was Ryan’s fault that he blamed you for not answering his texts when he was a digit off! lol. That’s hilarious!

I’m so sorry to hear you’re still stressed! Maybe this year in Uni’s really stressing you out for some reason? You’re a full-time student right? Hmmm, I wish I have some therapies for you to do but the only one I know of, is to sit back and listen to yoga music and just breathe in and out until you feel comfortably relaxed. It’s like meditating in fact I believe that’s what it is lol!!! Anywho, I kept getting this one guy asking for a Dan or something like that I can’t remember what the name was, but it was so annoying. lol. Oh well; I don’t get it anymore.

I did get a chain letter text this morning right before I went into a weird arse seizure mode. I don’t know what it was, but I was shivering like it was cold, but it’s actually a pretty nice day out. Which is odd. I also had my heating blanket on when I was on my bed (that’s usually when I have those and that wasn’t even helping the cold. It was that cold!!!) I was like wtf is going on here? I finally passed out from it, but awoke to something I believe I had to go to the bathroom lol. Oh well. Hopefully when I go to my doctor’s appointment on the 18th I’ll know my EEG test results. Hopefully than I’ll be able to know if I need to see a neurologist or not. And get on the right medications. :). I’m tired of not being able to drive even though my cars transmission has been blown out since the end of October of last year :/. Well; girlie, I’m gonna keep on blogging when my domain expires. I’m just gonna find a better hosting company :) like you :) if you’re still around at that time? :P. Take care!

I get this odd woggy lady who thinks I am her neice. I am like no, get lost and leave me alone dammit! I have my phone on silent … I hate the phone going off when I least expect it.

Haha, user error indeed! XD I rarely get calls from people who’s got my number mixed up with someone elses but once I got a text message inviting me to a party. I wonder what the people would have said had I showed up.
“Hi thanks for inviting me!”
“Uhm… who the hell are you?”
“Hey don’t be like that YOU invited ME ok?!”.

Oh man, i know the pain of having a number that was previously owned… when I first got my new number I kept getting calls from people looking for a business that went out of business. I had debt collectors on the phone up to three times a day and it drove me nuts!
I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t felt too happy lately, but I’m glad you’re trying to stay positive ^^

I donated a few of mine that expire in the second half of this year to a few hosting sites. I couldn’t seem to rid of them in the NameCheap marketplace! Ahahh. Good luck to you! :)

I make visitor content when I’m bored, but I don’t want to make it just for me, because maybe someone else wants it to. So these things I’m adding are kind of both – they’re things I want to have a list of (especially if something ever happens to the files on my computer) and things others might use; they’re just made public rather than kept private. :P

Haha. I’m bored. I have an ovarian cyst, so I haven’t been able to do much. If you want, I could check them for you. /type It doesn’t matter. I have a lot of time now that exams are over and this stupid thing. :P D:

Thank you. :) My mom and I had a picture-taking half hour – or hour – that day. It was quite fun. :) We played with her DSLR. ♥ <

Hmm. So your breaks are opposite of ours, too. Interesting/odd/weird. Hmm. :O

Yeah, private numbers are annoying/frustrating. :(

Well, I haven’t been at home lately – I’ve been at my mom’s. I don’t think she has BBC America or not, and even if she did, I doubt she’d like it if I watched it (since she only has a cable TV in her room and the living room and she isn’t too hot about shows like that).

You are strong for overcoming these obstacles (:! Never give up D:! Especially blogging :P! But its nice to have a break sometimes (:!

Closing fanlistings?! :O! That is crazy! D:! Now it makes me realize that I`ll need to limit myself with fanlistings :P. And.. I need to fix my fanlisting somehow :/.

That’s a silly story :P. OMG. I CANNOT STRESS ABOUT TELLING PEOPLE THAT I DO NOT HAVE DATA PLAN. When people borrow my BlackBerry, they go on FaceBook. Thankfully, I turned the data usage option off (:. Go advancing technology options! Except.. When I do want to go to the internet on my phone, I have to turn my mobile network off :/. And turn on wifi and data plan. (Since no mobile network = no data fee)

But WOW! LOL! For your friend, Ryan to have you saved as a different number is crazy :O! I guess its just a silly thing then :P. Now he has his mystery resolved- you are not ignoring him. LOL! That happened to me a few weeks ago -___-! I text my friend and she never gets them! My teacher asked me for her number. I forwarded it. And realized.. That there was 11 digits or 12!! Crazy!

As for the situation.. IT HAPPENS TO ME TOO. A credit card or bank company named Chase Debit constantly calls me looking for a Christina/Cristina/Kristina. D:. And an unknown number calls a lot -___-! Maybe they do that stuff because.. Of what Ryan did– a typo XD!

But wow :O! You keeping that same number for 7 years is amazing! We– I am forced to change number every 2 years. D:!

I agree with you. If someone is going to judge, get someone that’s experienced. I can easily play a piece of music with 16 mistakes and an inexperienced can say, I made zero mistakes or he/she can’t tell.

You are just tolerant to the heat then :P! If you grown out of your A&F shirt, I can.. Send you one some day :O! (:! Since we have conversated a lot. :P Except I don`t know if conversated is a word or not– I`m just tired to notice :X.

Don`t worry about restarting conversations :P. Either way, I would just go back to my comment on the other post and refresh my memory XD!

Take care (:!

yay! that must be really annoying. i have experienced almost the same situation in my other number. someone kept on calling and sending messages. at first i was not replying to his messages but when he kept on calling, i told him he must have mistaken my number. after few weeks, he was still calling. that’s the time i told him to seriously fuck off coz he’s annoying me already… even at class. :)) that’s weird that you guys exchanged numbers but never really got the chance to call often. XD

haha i had to laugh a little to your friend there when he realized he had the wrong number!! :D i remember a guy once kept sending me messages, asking me if i could play football for them tomorrow? and then next day he asked about a car and a holiday, i think, haha i just answerd he’d got the wrong nummer, haha! i feel sorry for him though, i know i would’ve been embarrased if i’d kept sending messages to a “friend” without getting an answer from my friend, but from a complete stranger saying i’d got the wrong number.

you shouldn’t apology, i’ve been busy myself, and i haven’t been exceptional about replying comments either.

yes i hope so too, today they told me i’ll have my math exam friday in next week, so now i’ll have to study a lot!! i wouldn’t say math was my strongest subject, but definitely not my weakest either!! (: but i hope to do great, REALLY great since the grade of it counts a lot to next year. good luck with your assignments and university, i guess you’re working twice as hard as me since you’re on a higher level!!