Bagels on the rocks

Last night (well, it’s past midnight so it was kind of two days ago) I spent hours trying to finish my animation assignment. I sort of left it for two days before it was due, which wasn’t exactly the smartest thing to do. I did finish it though, and got it bound nicely by the man at the printing centre. He had just opened when I was walking by. I did my presentation in class and it was good to have it over and done with. It wasn’t that hard. I was just so glad to get it out of the way.

Today I had a bagel for the first time. :D James decided to tag along since he’d never had one either. People around the world talk about it but they’re not common in Australia at all, and there are not many bagel bakeries. /hmph Thanks to Rachel we decided to go to a place called Glicks cakes and bagels. She suggested looking for a Jewish bakery and I read a few forum posts about Glicks, which seemed to be well liked by some members of the community.

The sucky part was that we’d have to catch a train and a bus. We caught a train but decided to walk to save money, and to see what else was around the area. It was such a homely place with lots of little shops. It was so far to walk from the station. Thank goodness it wasn’t in the middle of summer, otherwise we would be sweating our poor little heads off.

It was a bit awkward ordering since we never had bagels before. I have to say I was pretty excited because it smelled nice in the bakery. I completely forgot that the bagels themselves could have different kinds… I chose the rye bagel with egg, since Rachel said egg was one of the best. James got an onion bagel filled with mushroom and cheese, and had it toasted as well.

With our wrapped bagels we decided to go down to the beach. It was a really far walk. We could see the ocean from the bakery but there were so many trees and buildings in the way. It turned out we had to walk down a really steep hill. We didn’t go as far as the sand but we reached some rocks by the ocean. It was pretty awesome. We sat there for about an hour or so, eating our bagels. We had half each so we could taste the different flavours and they were really good. They were delicious and very filling as well.

I’m a sucker for nature. We just sat there on the rocks watching the waves wash over and tumble and roll back and forth. It was really nice. :) We decided to go back to buy some more bagels to take home, but they had closed. We forgot that they close early on Friday afternoons.

It was so tiring walking back up the hill and steep road to go to Glicks. We saw the girls who had been working there get on a bus just before us. :P We definitely didn’t want to walk all the way back to the station so we caught a bus instead.

All in all it was a nice and peaceful day. Tomorrow I’ve got an assignment due… which I am hating so much right now. After it’s out of the way I’ll probably crash for the rest of the weekend. It’s just been so hectic the past week it’s insane. I’ve decided that I’m going to get rid of a couple of my domains as well, and consolidate most of my stuff. I love the internet, but I’m also appreciative of nature and I can’t spend all my spare time on the internet… /eee

Please tell me your favourite bagel flavours so I can try them next time. :D

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Oh man, I didn’t realize until I read this that you had missed my point about the egg bagel. D: No wonder I was confused when you told me you had gotten rye with egg! By egg bagel I meant that the bagel itself was flavored with egg. Egg on bagels is good too though. xD

I did end up getting a bagel like right after you went to sleep. They didn’t have any of the vanilla cinnamon kind that I wanted, so I got an asiago cheese bagel instead. It has what I think is basil in it too. Soooo yummy. I’m eating it now! :3

Yay, consolidation! We’ll be like, consolidation buddies. But I will win because I’ll only have two domains. :P

Okay, I need to get back to work now. TALK SOON. ♥

Hey girly! Wow, those bagels sound mighty tempting! Ha! But yeah, I’ll have a look at those pictures later. Well; I’m glad you got your animation assignment out of the way. That’s what 1 down and how many more to go?

Hmmm my favorite bagel? Probably the blueberry bagel if any. If I had any others I can’t remember their names but the blueberry one with CreamCheese on it (or the strawberry cream cheese) is absolutely DIVINE!!! Yup, you read it correctly DIVINE!! lol.

Well; hmmm, do you have any idea on what to do for a layout? I’m stuck. I guess that means I’m over with it? I hope not, cause I really wanna continue blogging and web-designing as for as long as I can. But seriously I’m stuck on what to do for a layout!!! Ugh so frustrating. But anywho, I started to make a typography layout last night, but unfortunately it reminded me of one of yours, so I trashed it. Yeah it had different fonts (mine did), and I was going to put a little robot character on there but it didn’t fit the lyrics of Suspicious Minds. So I had to trash the whole concept. I think I’m pushing myself way to hard and thus leading me to a layouts blockage. Which I hate. UGH! Well; take care!

What?! You’ve never had a bagel before?! I don’t understand! Jk, I do :) I ♥ bagels :) Glad you got to try one. I love onion bagels ^-^

I’m a little jealous you guys got to watch the ocean. Ah, this summer will be the first time I get to go to the ocean… well a bay connected to an ocean. Chesapeake Bay :)

I hope your family is doing okay. I know Australia was rocked a month ago with flooding or such.

Never had a bagel before? Are bagels uncommon in Australia? Because they exist at every grocery store in existence in the US. I suggest toasting them lightly and eating them with some kind of cream cheese or butter. :D

I personally hate the fact that work just never seems to stop. At least you’re able to find to to take a nice day off! Good luck to you!

Oh they’re definitely not common. I am so eager to try some more because the ones I had were absolutely delicious. :D James’s toasted one was fantastic!

Huhu, bagels /bounce

Toasted mushrooms are very good /ehe
I only got the onion one because a Boondock Saints character had one /um
but it was quite nice indeed, despite the fact it could have done with a bit more onion /ho

That shop sure smelt nice. Like that German bakery near the subway, just with less grease /faw

and the beach was fantastic :B we should go there more often. but not too often tahee

Wait… you’ve never had a bagel before?!! How is this possible???? Were you raised by moon people or something?

That one picture of the bagel when it is vertical looks very weird. Whatever is in the middle of it looks strange… i think its mushrooms? But on the top part it looks like a snail or a bat or something is crawling out of it…. lol it was messing with my eyes.

I’m a sucker for nature too. Based on the pictures, and the description, the place you were at sounds so beautiful! I love any place that has a body of water in sight. It’s so relaxing, and it puts me in a better mood immediately!

You need to try an asiago bagel. Those are the ones with cheese in them. Amazing!!

Bagels are very rare in Australia. It took us over an hour to travel to a bakery with bagels. The second bagel had mushroom and cheese. Not only did I write that in this post, but it was a caption for the photograph.

I saw where it said mushrooms. I read the post… really I did. Otherwise, I would have never guessed that. lol. I was just commenting how in the picture it looks like some sort of animal optical illusion or something.

Bagels are the best! That’s all I eat when I go to America because absolutely, there are barely any places around Australia who make and sell them. My favourite bagels has fruit in them and then I put butter cheese and ham on them …. They are to die for. One of the reasons I love America ♥


OMG, you went and tried bagels, thereby leaving me as the only person in the universe who hasn’t tried them. HAHAHA XD. Only kidding, I’m sure there’s someone else. I looked at your photoblog :). Omg, they look so yummy! Although the egg looks like cream cheese. HAHA! I’m suddenly craving mushrooms D:.

But wow, you two travelled SO FAR for bagels. I’m glad they were good, otherwise that would totally have sucked. I don’t think I’ve actually been to Bondi since…ever D:. Omg, and I call myself Australia. Isn’t this a tourist attraction? Haha!

I must go look for a bagel place!

Man, you’d think the beach would be quite close to the station, but nope. Hahaha bad station placement! At least you guys got some exercise :) :). HEALTHY!

I’m glad you got animation done :). Leaving it to last minute probably WASN’T a good idea, but hey, sometimes it just can’t be helped. If I had a dollar for everytime I was forced to put off doing an assignment to stay on top of my uni work for the week, I’d be rich. Literally rich. ARGH!

Good luck with today’s assignment :). ♥

we have a bagel sale every week in our section of the office to raise money for our picnic :) I always eat mine with hummus.

we don’t usually eat them like sandwiches here though. usually just with cream cheese or butter

My favorite though, is an everything bagel , toasted, with cream cheese and smoked salmon and a nice tall glass of milk. We used to eat bagels every weekend, but then my dad was diagnosed with diabetes and since bagels are very high on the glycemic index, that had to stop. But oh golly did I love my bagels.

Ahh I always hated having to present assignments to my class. :/ I am a sucker for nature, too. I really wish I had a nice camera because I would love to take pictures of nature and scenery and wildlife, etc.

I love wheat bagels, and bagels with sesame seeds. :)

I have never eaten a bagel with something on, I just ate plain bagels once because they were 4 for £1 and I was low on money. I feel quite hungry now!

I LOVE getting trains and buses, but I have a travel pass. I guess if I didn’t I’d hate it.
You’re so lucky being able to get to a beach like that. I sort of live on the coast, but there’s no rocks and crashing waves or anything poetic, just lots and lots of quicksand and gravel =[

Hope your assignment goes well, and you can spend the rest of the weekend doing something fun and relaxing!

That’s strange, I’ve never heard of bagels being uncommon in Australia. I guess I’ve never heard of them being common either! :P I’m glad you enjoyed your bagel. Your day sounded super peaceful. I’m jealous!

Thank you for the comment! I know how busy you’ve been (I’ve been reading your blogs still. XD), so I appreciate it. ♥ I’ll probably just comment your blogs for now too, work is really busy and I’m just so tired. :(

Glad you managed to finish your assignment, but sucks you had to stay up late because you left it to the last minute. :(

You’ve never had a bagel before?! I’ve had them a few times but I’m not very keen on them. I find it awkward ordering something I’ve never tried before too haha, I don’t know, I guess it’s because you don’t really know what to say or because you don’t know what flavours or fillings you can pick from.

They look very tempting in the pictures I must say! I love nature too, but there isn’t really much to see where I live. :( I’m so glad you guys had a nice time though. :D

Sorry things have been so hectic, I hope things start to settle down soon! *hugs*

ahh you never had a bagel? I love bagels lol. I eat them a lot lol I did not know they were no common in Australia. I had to double read some lines in your blog because I was in shock. lol I have at least 4 bagel places in about a 10 minute radius. Plus Dunkin’ Donuts sells bagels and there are like 4 of them (plus bagel stores). Also supermarkets sell bagels. I love bread. I am a carb person lol, I am surprised I am not bigger because I eat a lot of carbs. I usually like my bagels plain, but egg and bacon in them are pretty good. I never had them with mushroom, like James. I can’t believe it was over an hour away! :0 I never heard of someone going a long way for a bagel. You should come to the US and eat a bagel everyday! lol This is why I love blogging, I get to learn interesting new facts that I’ll never learn in school lol I love Egg flavor and I like plain, poppy seed. haah I’ll eat pretty much any bagel. You should make a bagel shop!

Mhm yea I usually write on the fly, except for the past few blogs. I think another main reason why I do not want to do it is that I do not want to “relive that memory” like at the time I am pissed and upset but then it goes away. When it’s on my blog and people comment on it, I remember that is my problem. I guess I am an odd child lol. But it’s good to blog and just write. I guess I feel the need to “please” people now. I like to write or talk haha. I am much better ranting when I am ranting to one person

Oh man, I’m really bad with procrastinating big school assignments. I recently had a french project that I didn’t do until the night before. I guess it doesn’t help that I usually get pretty good grades. Congrats on getting your project done though! K
I like to do presentations first too to get them out of the way.

Everyone probably has already said this, by that’s crazy you’ve never had a bagel before! At least Hohhot to try them though. We have his place in town called Panera Bread or some people just call it Bread Co. I’ve only ever had bagels there though, but I love their cinnamon ones. They also have ones with sesame seeds and some other kinds of seeds. I don’t know if they would have them there. But the cinnamon ones are the best!

That sounds like it was beautiful. I wish I lived kind of close to the ocean, like even within a few hours, but I live about 12 hours. :/ we usually go to the beach for vacation. I love just sitin outside sometimes and just enjoying nature. Sometimes my friends will come over and well sit outside on my trampoline at night and look atthe stars. It’s so pretty.

That’s really nice you didn’t have to pay for those exams. It’s such a short time to write good essays that have well developed thoughts and diction and everything. But you can only do the best you can. we had to do multiple choice questions first which liked. I think after the essays I would’ve been too brain dead. I like to start with the easier things and then go to he harder stuff. That sounds awful though! Having to write with your hand all swollen up. At least it was just a mock one though and not the real one.

Wow. Never had a bagel??? I eat a toasted bagel with butter nearly every morning for breakfast!
A popular Canadian coffee shop called Tim Horton’s (named after a hockey player – go figure, Canadians eh?) has cheddar cheese, blueberry, poppy seed, sesame seeds, “everything” (I don’t know what’s on it but definitely poppy and sesame seeds), multi-grain and just plain ones. I can’t remember them exactly but I think the new flavours are Very Berry, Maple and Brown Sugar and Chocolate Cinnamon.
My favourite kind of bagel is one with sesame seeds on it. OMG it’s the best!!!
Actually, sometimes I have a plain bagel with some chicken on it for lunch at school.
Can’t believe I just blabbed on and on about bagels…

I’m totally with you on the nature thing. I’m absolutely in love with mountains and skies. ♥ The most popular mountain range in Canada is the Rocky Mountains and oh my goodness! MY breath is taken every time I look at them (which when I’m near is all the time because they’re gorgeous!!!!). I live on the opposite side of the country though but my dad lives about 2 hours away from them AND (run-on sentence… oh well) my brother is getting married in a little mountain town in September. It’s called Fernie, British Columbia. You should “Google images” it because it really is beautiful. 🤤
And skies… you do not want me to start on skies. Okay, I’ll talk about skies. I love looking at the sky. I prefer sun rises as opposed to sunsets. However, when the sun sets sometimes the sky turns pink and my mom always says, “Pink skies at night, sailor’s delight!” which is so lame, but that’s WHY she says it. If I’m really ‘lucky’ she’ll finish off with, “Black skies in morning, sailor take warning.” It’s completely random . . .
Also, another thing I love is prairie land. We have 3 provinces in Canada considered prairies and my dad lives in one of them: Alberta. It’s funny because Alberta has the snowy Rocky Mountains AND flat, dry prairie lands.
Anyway, I’m just rambling on so I’ll say bye… Bye! /bounce

Haha that’s perfectly fine, I am still amazed at how many kinds of bagels exist. 🤤

Gosh I definitely want to explore more of Canada now. :D Australia definitely does get boring. I love nearly everything about nature but I love the idea of going somewhere new, taking photos, enjoying the views. ♥

I have not seen the sun rise very often; I’m always in a place where the view is blocked. I went to a volcano in Indonesia once but it was unfortunately really foggy at sunrise, so no pretty views for us. You’re lucky you’ve seen awesome sights. /bounce

I’ve never had a bagel before. It’s also not common here in South Africa. I’ve seen a few places that do sell them but the prices are crazy. You make them sound worth the try though so I think I’ll go and buy one when I spot some again. :) The whole expereince sounded so fun :)

I’ve also been having these hectic evenings where I work until like 3am and wake up miday – so not my usual persona. Hope the work load is not getting too much :)