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It’s really cold. It’s nearly winter where I live and I’ve been looking for the warmest of pants and just layering up. It reminds me of when we went to the snow as a class in year eleven… 2007. Years and years ago. Every time I talk to someone who lives somewhere where it snows in winter, I have to remind them that while it does snow in Australia, it’s only in the places you would normally expect snow to be – the mountaintops. Hours and hours away from my hometown.

I used to think it would be beautiful to see the snow on my windowsill or just a thin layer of white in my backyard. Now that I know the deal with shovelling snow and dealing with the cold as well as the sludge when the sun comes out – perhaps not. I think I kind of like the misty mornings and the sun’s rays pushing through the fog.

One day many years ago when I was still in high school the most amazing thing I experienced was walking through fog in the wee hours of the morning on my way to school. Idiotically, I had not brought a jumper or a jacket with me. I could barely see with the fog in front of me but I could see my warm breath escape my mouth.

I do like winter. Sure, I’m cold as hell now, and there are times when I can’t feel my feet, but that’s why I like it. I can jump around with that weird sensation in my feet. My hands get cold, but that’s why I keep them busy by typing or with wonderful gloves. My ears feel cold, and it’s then that I vow not to cut my hair short for the winter. Ever. And I can look forward to wearing the cute little beanie James gave me.

Hugs are good for the cold. ♥️

On the other side of things, here I am on Sunday. Since the sixth series of Doctor Who began, I’ve been hooked. And I’ve woken up in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday to watch it online, because it doesn’t air in Australia until the next week. Of course, my Sunday mornings are usually lazy like everyone else’s. The only downside to that is that my whole day usually becomes unproductive and lazy… so today, as a result, was.

I’ve got a huuuuuge backlog of comments, and honestly, I appreciate them all. I’ve read most of them but I hope to catch up with you all soon. I’ve noticed a lot of people have been inactive lately and haven’t been around to blog… I suppose it’s just a worldly thing. After all we need a break sometimes.

While I had a nice Sunday to have a good break from all the university work, I’m probably going to be back into it again. I’ve got to do (yet another) stupid research assignment and I hope that I can find some people online who will be willing to help me out, as it’s related to Twitter and I know that some of you use that website.

I used to like Mondays. Now I hate them. I have a stupid class which I’m now deeming useless. I mean what the fuck, last week our tutor was telling us how to drag and drop. Far out. I’m paying for this crap. Which undeniably sucks, but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I am wasting my money because half the people in my class are dumb and don’t have the assumed knowledge of computer literacy that was required for our course.

I’ll just sit up the back on my laptop and… I don’t know. Finish the exercises in ten minutes like I usually do?

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Aw, you’d love the snow we get in the UK, when we actually do get some. The grounds and roads are white, the walls are white, cars and windows blanketed, it’s great! Near my house, we have a park with big slopes that are great for sledges. We always take my friends’ dog there, and we got some pictures of him ‘rolling a snowball’ as if he was making a snowman.

:O I forgot to watch doctor who! I’ll have to go watch it now online! It’s sad that you guys don’t get to see the snow. :(

Sad to say that we don’t have snow here and I haven’t experienced snow in my entire life. But I have a few friends abroad and they say the same thing about snow – it’s such a hassle for them to be shoveling and shoveling just to have a decent pathway especially if it snows too hard! But the good thing about it is that they wear really nice winter clothes – something I want to experience in the near future!

I hate Mondays, too. You’re not the only one who feels that way. It used to be exciting but now with the toxic work schedule and such, Mondays are becoming a drag :(

I think we all go through cycles when it comes to blogging regularly. Personally I’ve been blogging a lot lately but a lot of blogs I follow have been hardly updating at all.

Here, we’ve had a very long Winter and I”m glad that Spring is finally here. I love the smell of Spring, and I love being outside without getting frost bite! Hehe.

I used to love the snow, but these past few winters have been terrible. I am so sick of snow, I’d be happy if I never saw snow again in my life. Well, I guess it would be fun to take my future kid sledding or something, but beyond that. No, no more snow.

And chat with me! You can chat with me!

Oh man, you only got one thing done on your list after I went to bed. D: Did going out to dinner take that long?

Shit comment is shit, but I just wanted to say that stuff. :3 Time for me to go eat! ♥

You’re lucky you don’t get the snow like we do here in Canada! Its super annoying when the snow starts to melt after the sanders go by and make it slushy. Your feet get wet because it some how gets up high behind ur heels and slips in, and not to mention its slippery and you do embarassing falls from time to time lol.
I would love to experience an Australian winter (and summer). So its basically cold, rainy/foggy?

I’ve been really busy with school lately so I haven’t had the time to blog as much as I’d like. It’s sad, actually. Right now I’m in placement, so I’m working every day from 6am-2pm. The day actually goes by really fast, but sometimes not fast enough. Plus, I’m ready for bed once the day is over (more so on monday nights).

Your class sounds really annoying and frustrating. I mean, drag and dop? That’s pretty straight forward and yet they have trouble with it? wow… lol. On the good side, you’ll pass with a super high mark lol.

I really don’t like winter. When I get too cold, it instantly puts me in a bad mood and then I get snappy with whoever I’m with. A couple of Christmases ago, I went to see the central London lights being switched on and it was freezing cold then. I was also hungry, which didn’t help, but I had a huge argument with the friends that I was with. It wasn’t about anything in particular, but because we were all cold and hungry, it kind of blew out of proportion. :(

I’ve given up on university at the minute, with its useless classes and whatnot. I can honestly say that I haven’t learnt one thing in any lecture or seminar this year. (From September to now.) One of classes, I have up on a couple of months ago, because we would sit there, all say whether or not we had read a certain play, and then read a bit of it again. It was the most pointless thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire educational past, especially seeing as we were already supposed to have read each play before we went to the class. O_O
Kind of frustrating really, particularly when you sit there knowing how much you’re paying for it.

Hello :)
I live in Australia too and it’s so cold!! I wear socks under my stockings and 2 jumpers…it is too cold :( I don’t actually know people that like the cold, we’re all waiting for spring, at least, to come sweeping in and warm us up. Hehe. I still want snow though, I just think it’s so beautiful, but I don’t really have clothes for that type of weather.

Ew research assignments…somehow teachers and stuff find that we don’t have enough of them. I have heaps just piling up like a mountain. @_@

Woah, if I were you, I’d drop out. I wouldn’t pay for someone to teach me stuff I already know. Money better spent somewhere else.

Yes, shoveling show does suck! It’s quite tiring, especially if you have a long driveway. Then again, you get used to it, and it’s great exercise. I much prefer to living in Southern California, where it doesn’t snow, to living in New England, where it snows a lot each winter.

I hope that I don’t sound condescending for saying this, but shouldn’t a 3rd year communications student be computer-literate? I can understand someone not owning their own computer, but the school should have caught them up in the first two years with school resources, right? In the United States, it’s almost a necessity to own your own computer at university, and some schools even get you your own laptop!

Winter! I wish I could experience winter. I know that winter is sometimes overly hyped, but I really wish I could see snow at least once. You’re right though, shovelling snow and the other little things would just bother me. Guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too, huh. :(

I like Mondays. I’m usually well-rested by then because of the weekends, so I feel much more refreshed. My worst days are usually Thursdays.

I had to attend a basic computer training course last year for school for the entire school term. What really got me was how computer illiterate some of my classmates were. I guess this sounds snobby, but all of us in that course had been raised around computers, for the most part. And yet there were still people asking how to bold stuff in Word, how to open a file, etc. And I happen to know all of them have computers.
I think it was because nowadays, all computer time is spent on the internet. That isn’t exactly a bad thing though. I can’t remember the last time I actually used a program other than my browser, iTunes, VLC and Microsoft Office for school stuff. There’s a bit more, but those are the main ones.

How have you been? I haven’t been around lately.

snow~ /o/ I adore winter,even if I can’t feel my feet at all. too bad there are only two seasons in where I’m currently living at.
I thought school can be canceled right if there’s heavy snow or something? I heard my friend saying so.
another positive thing one can do during winter – snow angel~ ^^

There’s no snow where I live :( Sometimes I wish that it would snow here, I live in a really, really hot country. I want to have snowball fights and build snowmen! :D

I. HATE. MONDAYS. I hate waking up from the weekend. I feel like sleeping all day long. School is always really stressful :(

Your class sounds wearisome. I hope it gets better soon, I hate it when people try to teach me stuff that are pretty basic, makes me want to scream out in frustration.

I hate the winter and I hate the cold. I am so glad it is coming into summer now here. I hate shovelling snow, crashing my car on the ice and everything else that I associate with winter.

How cold is it? I always talk to my friend from Australia and it never seems to reach me about the cold. I understand it can be very cold at night (single digits) but during the day it’s rather warm isn’t it? Like nearing 20. Though I’d think if you don’t have heating that would still be quite cold indoors.

I HATE the snow. I’m used to seeing some every winter but last winter we got about 4x as much. Seriously, what the hell! I still hate snow even in small amounts. Whenever it snows the heating doesn’t really help anymore because it would get colder outside than usual. Then I’d have to actually wear layers indoors. Brings me back to my point about your winters. Indoor cold is not cool.

Sunday is usually my day for university work, haha! Because I spend my Saturdays out, most of the time, to shop for house things with my parents. Though now Sundays are shopping days too … actually every day is a fun day.

Omg, so many university classes are worthless and you’re still paying for it. I had to take an English class in my 1st year that was the exact same thing as a high school English class. But no, most people are dumb so everyone is forced to take it. Actually most of school is like that, but I never paid for school so it WAS all good.

Hey Georgie!!! I am finally back and got our internet back as well! Yippie!!! Anyway, we’re having strange weather here in Cali. A few days it’s rather hot and I get sunburned if I stay out in the sun to long, and the next day it’d be cold as heck! We do have snow here in Beaumont, but it doesn’t last very long. So you’re lucky enough to even get pictures of it right away if that. My dad happen to catch it falling one night and I was so excited cause I always wanted to have a white Christmas. But it came a month after Christmas. I couldn’t take any pictures as it was at night :( blast it all!

But anywho, Doctor who is now showing up over here. Or at least I think it has been, I just found the station that it plays on. :). But I want to see the first episode of it though! I only want to watch it cause of you ;) . But it does sound interesting! I hope it’s good like Lost is/was. :). The only other shows that I really admire is Happy Days and Ghost Adventures and of course Steve Wilkos and that’s about it.

So anyhow, I start Weight Watchers today (Monday). I’m really looking forward to it. I only thought it was a once a week type of class for 6 months. WOO! And I don’t have to pay for it either! I’m so happy about that! I don’t even have to pay for their food if I don’t want to. I just have to lose 1-2 lbs. each meeting. :) . Very exciting. Today I guess is an introduction towards it. Or something I’m not really sure. But I go 3 days a week. And than in the summer, and through out the year I’ll be volunteering at the Library like I told you before. So I’m gonna be pretty busy. Oh and I finally got a new layout up! So yay! Yeah I finally sat down yesterday once we got our internet back up and was able to create a layout. It’s a little simple but I love it nonetheless. I also did it from scratch and what not :) I’m so proud of myself (well; the stylesheet anyway). But yeah, I’m very happy with the way it turned out and I won’t be changing it for a while either. And I thank you for your offer, but I think I might actually renew the domain next year. I’m not sure yet. But I might. It’s still an option though. So we’ll see. Heehee.

Ugh! I can’t believe some people don’t have the decency to read up on you and to find out who your boyfriend really is. That’s just plain stupidity and lazyness there. I mean jeez. If I’m not mistaken, I do believe that I did ask who James was or caught on very fast as to who he was when I first started coming here long ago. But yeah.

Well; girlie I got lots to do on my domain so I’ll hopefully talk to you soon? Oh btw, I no longer have pookiebearsbaby on skype i went back to my old account Jamiegirl01. Which I did add you on there. :). Take care!

Maybe you’ll get some snow one of these winters! Last winter a lot of the American south, which is snowless, actually got snow. Nearly everything got shut down though because they didn’t know how to handle the 2 inches. I shoveled most of the snow we got last winter because my mom claims she’s ‘too old’. It’s so not fun.

I love winter. There’s much better winter fashion than summer. You can wear scarves, boots, and layers. In summer well … the heat messes with my dress code quite a lot. I end up wearing a t-shirt and shorts. American clothes /angry

A lot of people are on hiatus! It’s exams time in the USA and most places I think. But yessss we do need breaks! Just done with mine. XD I’m just commenting on blogs rather than returning the comments I got in FanUpdate.

Why do they teach basics in a university class? Seriously it’s ridiculous! Are people even supposed to start from scratch in university? D:

I’m glad you enjoy the winter ^^ Personally, I’m glad spring is here! We had a some crazy winters the past few years with snow up to our waist and whatnot… Definitely don’t love snow as much as I used to, when it was a special thing XD

I wish I could wear more layers. It’s summer here, and, basically, all I can ever wear is a t-shirt and shorts. Summer in the Philippines, sigh.

I love that the weather is so simple around here, but I really want to experience snow. Maybe just go on vacation somewhere while it’s snowing.

There are always those sudden lulls when it’s like nobody’s posting anymore. I hate being a part of the lull and not having inspiration, but I also hate not being part of it when I feel like bloghopping and there are no new posts.

Awww.. I can imagine everything from the way you describe them here Georgie! ♥ I know how hard it is to deal with snow (as far as I see on movies but haven’t experienced an actual snow though) BUT I really really wanna see and experience Winter! /love I envy you guys who have seen the snow, not all can see it and experience God’s gift like that. so yeah! :)

James is soooo sweet. I hope to see a photo of you with that beanie. ahihihihi.. I’m sure it’ll look great on you Georgie! Anyway, I missed your blog a LOT! And I’m so so sorry if I haven’t paid your blog a visit these past few days. :( I’ll make it up to you on your following posts. /eee