Here Again

Today I went to class. I totally did not want to be in class. It’s funny though, what goes through my mind. I don’t want to go, but I go anyway. Today the teacher forced us into discussion pairs with people we don’t normally talk to. I was dreading the thought of talking to this guy I don’t talk to much, but we did pretty well and I suddenly felt like my brain was really hitting it off. :P

James has deemed nearly all lectures useless, because you just sit there and listen to someone talking, when most of the time you get written material or the lecturer uploads the slides and notes online. A lot of the time they take attendance, which I suppose is the only reason why you might want to go. A lot of the time teachers have yelled at us not to come late or yelled at us because we haven’t turned up to the lectures (or at least some of us haven’t). I don’t get it. We’re paying for our education, so what’s it to them? O_O

I have to do another research assignment. I’m getting bored. I decided to focus my research on the imagined audience in relation to Twitter. The imagined audience was a really interesting concept I learned while doing my research into theories. When we participate in a conversation, we usually have an ‘imagined audience’ – an audience we perceive and construct to help present ourselves appropriately. Since I looked into blogging and social networking in general with my past research papers, I’ve decided to focus on Twitter.

I was cleaning my old computer the other day. I didn’t intend to, but my mum had some files on there that she needed, and I ended up looking through the old assignments and stories I wrote on there. I came across some old blog posts. I thought they were gone when my blog was deleted by MSN Spaces (as that’s one of the places I used to blog at) but now it looks like I have a copy of at least some of the posts.

They were quite long. I didn’t blog very often, maybe about once a fortnight, so the posts were about two thousand words long. I even formatted them and had subheadings. I seemed to ramble on quite a lot. My blog was public, but later I made it private so only friends could read it – as I started discussing more personal things. I didn’t really care what I wrote but I was proud of what I wrote.

Now when I blog I feel like I’m talking to people. You people out there reading this. My imagined audience has changed to a group of people. It’s like I’m not really writing for myself anymore, but writing for other people. I don’t really see that as a bad thing, because I love writing. My audience may well have changed but I still write because I want to. James noticed my blog posts deteriorating, becoming less frequent and unpredictable. He suggested I take a break. But I really can’t imagine that happening. I want to keep writing.

Maybe I’m going through a change, but those are always for the best. I get tired of responding to comments all the time, so it’s final: I’m doing that in my own time. And shut up, I still love you. ;)

I’ve also decided that while I’m sick to death of university, I’m not just going to quit. No way. /bounce Some people have been telling me that if I hate it I might as well stop. But I’m not going to. I just hate my subjects – it’s getting repetitive and boring. But no one said education was supposed to be fun at all. I’ve always liked learning. So it’s a bit of a turn for me.

Speaking of turns, I was thinking of what I’ll do after I graduate early next year. I want to do a Masters degree. But I don’t want to do a communications one as they would expect me to do when I finish my course in December. I want to do a Masters in IT. I kind of want to drop into a new little world.

Not for anyone else, of course. For myself. I think I’ll learn some new things. That’s what I want to do. /eee

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I didn’t know it was actually a long post. I had fun reading it, and I felt somewhat inspired. I never thought of it that way before. And some of us, maybe even myself, wrote to OURSELVES instead of to the people who were supposed to read our posts at some point, and we think past what they think of us by how we make our sentences and picture out how we do things from our ramblings. And you’re right. If it’s blogging the fun way, we won’t get tired from it. We enjoy it. ;D

Good luck on university! I don’t know how school is anymore since I’ve been out for half a year already. @__@ Don’t stop. It’s going to reward you someday ;>

HI GEORGINA! ;D I don’t know if you still remember me. I doubt it tho, since it’s been a while. Take care ;)

It does seem kind of silly for the teachers or lecturers to get worked up at people for not showing up to class when you are the one paying for it. They probably just want everyone to do well in their class. My teachers always tell me that professors in college don’t care what you do because you’re the one paying for the class. So, I dunno. xD

When I just began blogging, I wrote for myself, but I don’t do that so much anymore. When I write posts where I rant and complain, those I do for myself because I just need to get things off my chest, but I’m doing them a lot less because sometimes those kinds of posts can be irritating to read, and I’ve found myself actually talking those things out with my friends. And once it’s out, I don’t feel like I need to repeat it and type it out in words, I just kinda move on.

LOL. I still love you too Georgina. Take your time. ;D

Keep sticking with it! It may be boring and tedious now, but think of all the effort you’ve already put into it and how it will be so worth it later. I still wish I knew what I wanted to go into, but I’ve got time. Haha, I think sometime in my life, I’d like to take cooking classes, like just for fun and not to actually get a job, just for fun. I’ve been watching tons of Food Network (not sure if you get the same stations on TV that we get here) lately, and I just wanna learn to cook like that. I think it’d be so fun! :P

Hey! I’ts Kisslin… I MISSSS YOUUU!!! I doubt you remember me since I vanished long time ago, but now I’m back-ish! :P

Anyways, university is seriously hard stuff, but I guess we really need to get through that. Seeing as to how I just abandoned my site last year, that just proves how stressful it can be for some -coughmecough-. When I just started going to college, I felt like I didn’t want to go to school to, but I always end up going. @_@ I always have this plan inside my head of me ditching school for at least a day and doing fun things. But they’re just stuck in my head, never brave enough to actually do it… in fear of loosing a roof above my head, a bed to sleep on or food to eat. Simply put, my parents are going to go nuts! Sigh.

But I do agree that some lectures are really boring. I mean it makes me wonder why professors bother having classes when they have put all the class notes into powerpoint slides! It makes me sleepy reading AND hearing the same thing! Plus, 3 hours of that is just deadly! /bash

Blogging makes me feel…relieve and happy? Is that even right? Knowing that someone out there is reading what I wrote, might be feeling the same way, and just really wants to rant. Like me! :D I guess it’s like telling a story, but it’s your own original story, you know? GAHHH I’m getting deeper and deeper! LOL.

Interesting. I guess I always imagine I’m talking to my small group of online friends. :)

It was always the boring professors that took attendance. I guess they do that because they think so highly of themselves that they deserve an audience. I slept through every single class for this one professor. Worst teacher ever. Of course he took attendance. At our honors ceremony, he told my mom what a good student I was…

Same here Georgie.. the only reason why I go to class is because of that crappy attendance sheet our teacher passes around. o___O if it weren’t for that attendance I might not attend to any of my class. hahahaha. But seriously speaking, I’m the only student who doesn’t have any late or absences marked on a teacher’s attendance sheet. o___O

I agree.. I love reading your posts and as I read them I can imagine how everything is going like a picture of you moving in my mind. ;) James is really sweet and supportive.. I wish my boyfriend was like that too. He does support me with my blogging thing but he doesn’t encourage me to do more with it. o___O

We’re on the same ground thinking of what to do after graduation next year. I’ll be graduating like you too and I’m so thrilled about it! :) I wonder how the “real” world feels like.. I just hope I don’t end up being a jobless bum! hahahaha.. :D


Haha, it’s so funny how everyone’s like “Uni’s great! More freedom”, but most of the time we feel obligated to attend lectures anyway (even if they’re useless XD). Eeeeeep, I hate talking to people I don’t really know ==. Especially if they’re really anti-social D:. We had to do that quite a lot when I was doing Legal Ethics. I never quite got the hang of it :P.

Wow, UTS takes attendance? No one takes attendance at our lectures. It’d take too long XD. Lucky us, I guess. We don’t get yelled at for not attending lectures :P. Thank god! Most of my law friends skip all the lectures. There’s literally sometimes only about TWENTY people out of a possible 200 and something at Constitutional law lectures sometimes D:. Oh but then again, we have ilecture, so hahaha sometimes it really IS pointless to attend lectures :P.

Good luck with your assignment! :D Although I think you’re quite good at these types of social networking assignments, so I am sure you won’t need the extra luck. You’ll own it anyways :). Hehe!

OMG, I still remember your MSN SPACES! And your epic blogs on them. Haha, man I’ve been reading your blogs for THAT LONG D:. Crazyyy!

Uni really takes its toll towards the end of semester. I’m so OVER IT! Arghhhh! Maybe we’ll both be more motivated next semester if we have better subjects :).

I don’t know about lectures. I tend to be one that if it is explained to me as in person to person I can do a lot better than reading a book.
I actually like ti when I’m put with someone, it’s easier than having to actually make spontaneous conversation.
I hope when I start college I can graduate early too. I’d rather get my doctorate in 8 years or less. :)
I know none of my degrees leading up to my doctorate will be the same. I’m switching from mechanical engineering to maybe plasma physics to aerospace.
I think I still blog for myself I don’t know how I would start blogging for an audience.
It always surprises me when I come to the end of a phase. Like writing tutorials or making updates, I start slowing down and it isn’t a bad thing. I just had an energy burst. :)
I’ll take your comments whenever I can get them. No rush. :)+
I don’t know that I will like learning in college but I do want my jobs in the work force to be enjoyable.
I’m glad you think my layout is pretty. :)

I like that whole concept of incorporating your papers with social networking. I figure it’s a great thing for you because you are the ultimate webmaster LOL. I would never think of that, then again, I don’t as often and the only real thing that I check frequently is my facebook haha.

I think when we all blog, we expect to have an audience subconciously even though some of us say that we just write for ourselves. I admit that I WAS one of those people but when I really think about it … here I am blogging about my life and it’s at a very public place with chances of other people reading it … so I don’t see how private it can be and I guess a part of me wants to have certain things public. Of course each individual chooses their own censorship in what they write but that’s my theory. :P

I found old blogs and old diaries of mine too. For me it’s so strange to read them because half of what I wrote about I don’t even remember or I don’t care for anymore. I actually decided to throw most of them away because they are parts of my lives that I have decided to “close the chapter” on. I was still laughing my ass off though with some entries just because I couldn’t believe I wrote it or I was just thinking, “wow … I was stupid” hahahah.

Sigh … I still have a ways to go in graduating college since I decided to make a life-change in my career but it’s experience!

i have to agree with you on what’s the point of paying for our education when professors only upload slides shows of the lessons or read the book. it’s getting non-sense honestly and most of the time when i’m unlucky having a professor who is lazy, i feel like i’m wasting my parents’ money. i used to curse my research subject because 1. of my professor who always came late to class 2. he couldn’t decide on what he wants us to do with our research (because he’s guiding us on every bit… well that’s what i thought). hopefully this coming senior year i’ll be able to enjoy it more. : /bounce

i like learning new things… i guess it’s really up to our mentor to motivate us. :P

Hey Georgie, I hear ya on the why should they care we paid for the education. But in all honesty, they do have the right to yell if no one is showing up for that particular class, because it really is wasting the teacher’s time and what not ya know? But I hear your point of view as well; though. So I’m not at all; going against what you’re saying ya know?

Hmmm, your posts don’t seem to be deteoriating to me. They just sound like you have a lot on your mind and you don’t really know how to put them into words. Only you can decide on whether or not to take a break from blogging. Maybe do it once every other day or something like that. Or like what I did. Just browse leave comments and what not. That’s how I finally got my layout inspiration back :). So I’m happy with that.

Hmmm, I honestly wanna go back to school so bad, but only in the falll; and hopefully after my transmission is fixed, because of the fact that they offer Chinese and Japanese, and I’m not really sure which one I wanna take as of yet though. But I will be busy doing the volunteer work at the library (which is tutoring english really). And on top of that Weight Watchers once a week. So no biggie. Oh speaking of weight, I had lost 4 more lbs. ! I now weigh 209! WOO HOO I am 94 lbs away from my goal according to my dad :). So yeah, I’m very happy to hear that. When I was talking to him on the phone today, waiting for my ride, I was shocked when he said 94 lbs. away. He did the math right off the bat, and he’s one of those people who can do the math in their heads (I’m one of those ones who can’t :( ).

Any who, I gotta get going. I’m getting tired. So hopefully I’ll talk to you later. OH btw, I did add you as a friend on my skype account jamiegirl01.

I did an IT degree and after it did my masters in Digital Media. I hated Uni. I hated the subjects at times because all i wanted to do was design and I had to also do programming in Java Script which I hated with a passion …
Go with what your heart desires. You can do whatever masters degree you so choose <3 You are in control of your own destiny ♥

Ehhh, I always dread it when professors try to make you work with people you don’t usually work with. I don’t have a problem with meeting new people, but that’s not why I go to class.

I also don’t understand why they get so upset when students don’t attend lecture. At this point, we’re all adults and can make our own decision. Plus, how does it hurt the instructor if a student doesn’t want to come? It’s the students’ loss–their money, their grades (potentially). Missing class doesn’t affect anyone but that student. In all of my classes this semester, the professor took attendance and factored that into the grade. It was annoying because there honestly was no need for me to be at class at all…

Your assignment about the ‘imagined audience’ sounds like it would be interesting. It’s true that we all feel like we’re talking to somebody when we Tweet (and blog!), and it’s interesting to think about WHO we think we’re talking to…

Thinking about post-graduation plans can be scary and exciting at the same time. Definitely do what YOU want to do, even if it’s not what the traditional or expected path is. It’s your education and your life–you deserve to do it how you want. Yeah, I’m going to go to graduate school and go for a Doctorate in chemistry, which is one expected route for people who get a Bachelor’s in chemistry, but it’s also what I want to do for myself.

Gosh, I always hated having to talk to people I normally didn’t. But for me that was pretty much anyone in any class I had. I just liked keeping to myself.

I always end up reading your posts, even if I don’t have time to comment. We all do write blogs for different reasons. We write to inform, vent, ramble, etc. I know my blogs are very…random most of the time and I haven’t really been blogging as much as I used to. I too needed a break. And a break is a couple days. Ha ha.

I wish some people paid more attention to the “imagined audience.” Like you, I write what I want, but I’m mostly writing for my visitors. I try not to include too much that I know they wouldn’t understand…or wouldn’t care about. I’ve learned what people respond well to and what they don’t. Some people just ramble on about things that no one could possibly care about it any way, ESPECIALLY on twitter. Seriously, my timeline is mostly filled with garbage. Does anyone honestly care about the tweet, “I’m bored” or “I’m hungry”? We’re all bored and hungry.

And now I’m rambling myself.

A change to IT sounds good to me. You sound like you’re looking for a change, so go for it. Besides, they’re not too vastly unrelated. It’s not like you’re jumping from art to science. Even if University is dull, it will all amount to something some day. Sadly, we all have to go through the grueling process of obtaining an education before getting to that place. /hmph

I personally attend lectures because sometimes the written material is not very well written, and hearing someone explain a difficult concept in addition to reading about it helps me learn. Of course, if you’re not an auditory learner, then going to class just sucks. It’s too bad that they take attendance though. I thought that universities generally didn’t take attendance in classes.

Good luck on your masters! I hope that it goes well for you and that you’ll be able to make a career out of it. IT certainly is a useful skill to have, even if it’s not your job.