Here Again

Today I went to class. I totally did not want to be in class. It’s funny though, what goes through my mind. I don’t want to go, but I go anyway. Today the teacher forced us into discussion pairs with people we don’t normally talk to. I was dreading the thought of talking to this guy I don’t talk to much, but we did pretty well and I suddenly felt like my brain was really hitting it off. 😛

James has deemed nearly all lectures useless, because you just sit there and listen to someone talking, when most of the time you get written material or the lecturer uploads the slides and notes online. A lot of the time they take attendance, which I suppose is the only reason why you might want to go. A lot of the time teachers have yelled at us not to come late or yelled at us because we haven’t turned up to the lectures (or at least some of us haven’t). I don’t get it. We’re paying for our education, so what’s it to them? O_O

I have to do another research assignment. I’m getting bored. I decided to focus my research on the imagined audience in relation to Twitter. The imagined audience was a really interesting concept I learned while doing my research into theories. When we participate in a conversation, we usually have an ‘imagined audience’ – an audience we perceive and construct to help present ourselves appropriately. Since I looked into blogging and social networking in general with my past research papers, I’ve decided to focus on Twitter.

I was cleaning my old computer the other day. I didn’t intend to, but my mum had some files on there that she needed, and I ended up looking through the old assignments and stories I wrote on there. I came across some old blog posts. I thought they were gone when my blog was deleted by MSN Spaces (as that’s one of the places I used to blog at) but now it looks like I have a copy of at least some of the posts.

They were quite long. I didn’t blog very often, maybe about once a fortnight, so the posts were about two thousand words long. I even formatted them and had subheadings. I seemed to ramble on quite a lot. My blog was public, but later I made it private so only friends could read it – as I started discussing more personal things. I didn’t really care what I wrote but I was proud of what I wrote.

Now when I blog I feel like I’m talking to people. You people out there reading this. My imagined audience has changed to a group of people. It’s like I’m not really writing for myself anymore, but writing for other people. I don’t really see that as a bad thing, because I love writing. My audience may well have changed but I still write because I want to. James noticed my blog posts deteriorating, becoming less frequent and unpredictable. He suggested I take a break. But I really can’t imagine that happening. I want to keep writing.

Maybe I’m going through a change, but those are always for the best. I get tired of responding to comments all the time, so it’s final: I’m doing that in my own time. And shut up, I still love you. 😉

I’ve also decided that while I’m sick to death of university, I’m not just going to quit. No way. 😁 Some people have been telling me that if I hate it I might as well stop. But I’m not going to. I just hate my subjects – it’s getting repetitive and boring. But no one said education was supposed to be fun at all. I’ve always liked learning. So it’s a bit of a turn for me.

Speaking of turns, I was thinking of what I’ll do after I graduate early next year. I want to do a Masters degree. But I don’t want to do a communications one as they would expect me to do when I finish my course in December. I want to do a Masters in IT. I kind of want to drop into a new little world.

Not for anyone else, of course. For myself. I think I’ll learn some new things. That’s what I want to do. ☺️

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