A walk in the park

HI. :D Argh. Mike just got me stuck playing Minecraft again. Honestly… seriously… I thought I was cured from video game addiction. It just goes to show that you can’t be, really. Ultimately you always go back to the things you love, and for me, at least from a very young age, that was video games. I feel like I just went out of a different world, now that I shut that window with the game in it. :X It was fun playing with James and Mike in the game… and now this makes me think of what will happen when Duke Nukem Forever comes out this year. I’m going to be going insane. Here’s to failed projects… okay, maybe not – I won’t allow myself to get that addicted. /um We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve again not really been bothered with my blog since I last posted. I’ve been cleaning out fanlistings and soon I will be cleaning out hostees on my hosting site. I’m going to get rid of about three domains this year, and very soon too. I’m not going to be cutting down on online time as much – I’ll be online, but I think I’ll be having less projects. I’ll definitely still have a blog around of course. :)

Let’s point out some highlights from the past few days.

The other day, my nightlight died. I’m scared of the dark, so of course when I was just about to pop into bed, I was upset to see that my nightlight wasn’t working. It just needs a bulb change, but it’s so much bother. I’ve slept for two nights without it. Now it’s already late so I’m not going to scrounge through the cupboards for a new bulb. I’ll just live with it. Face your fears, as they say.

The thing is, if I close my eyes, I’m not scared. If I open them, in the dark, I’m scared. But I feel safe when I shut my eyes and just see the blackness that is the space between my eyelids and my eyeballs. Sometimes, there is a small difference between what scares us and what doesn’t. I know someone who is scared to death of looking out the window on airplanes, but will gladly lean over balconies on sky-high buildings without a care in the world. Or worry of falling.

I’ve been talking to Rachel a lot lately (well, as we usually do). She’s gotten into my all-time favourite band, Armor For Sleep. And as she guessed, yes, I am ecstatic. Often I am irritated when people suddenly claim to be the ‘biggest fan’ of a band they just heard of, but if someone listens to the music I listen to after my recommendation, I feel quite happy about it. I can imagine other people feel the same. James introduced me to quite a few bands, Poets of the Fall, Anberlin and Right Away Great Captain; Dylan introduced me to Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold; likewise I introduced James to the Smashing Pumpkins, Sebastian to Edmund… oh the list does go on.

Rachel and and I motivate each other to do work by promising little prizes. Like wallpapers or fanlisting buttons or icons or anything. Getting something is a sure fire way to motivate me, that’s for sure. I think it sounds a bit horrid, materialistic maybe, when you see it in the sense of working because you want to earn money. But a little reward always motivates us. If we want the reward, we will get it. We will work hard to get it.

If you want good marks, you have to work hard to get them, but sometimes we’re too lazy. Good marks should be physical things or material rewards. Like money, or a block of chocolate. We all want to be rewarded for what we do. I dunno, I think I’ll actually attempt to give myself a pat on the back next time.

I fixed my printer today, after it totally fucked up yesterday and refused to print anything. I did it all on my own. /bounce I deserve a pat on the back… yay. :)

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Video games are fun =P I like to play them too, from time to time, and of course there is my addiction that I’ve had since I was 12… Pokemon. Oy. I might be 23 now, but I was still so excited for the new Pokemon game to come out this year XD

I definitely like to be rewarded for any hard work I put into something. Usually I’ll reward myself with something little, like a new nail polish or a cup of too expensive coffee from a little place in town I love so much. But when it comes to grades a good grade in itself is usually a reward to me =)

I’m really interested in you and Rachel motivating each other with presents/prizes. I’m curious- what sort of “work” are you referring to, though? School work, or just all sorts of different things? Interesting! I might have to recruit a couple of friends to do this sort of thing with me. :)

:O Minecraft! I have seen some of the works the people has done in that game before :P! It somehow reminds me of the dang game, Minesweeper. It blame the prefixes :P. Except they’re totally different games. Video game addiction isn’t really a problem. Not at all! As long as you’re happy, it shouldn’t be bad! XD

Good luck with cleaning out your fanlistings and so :). :O I heard about you wanting to remove a couple of domains! Either way– You are an amazing multi tasker when it comes to sites (: With less projects.. You’ll have more time to work on the current projects you have! (:!

I use a night light :)! I use it not just because I’m afraid of the dark- but because… I want to be able to see where I’m going when I want to turn off the alarm. LOL! A lot can happen within 5 feet. :X! And I don’t want to look for the alarm, I just want to just go straight to it. (: But the only hassle there is… is… Turning it off. :P Being scared of the dark only happens when you’re told all of these scary stories and such or something. idk ‘~’. maybe our fears comes in different forms!

I heard of Atreyu before! Speaking of that.. I have ’em in my iTunes! I love Avenged Sevenfold (:! They are awesome in a sense that I like their songs. :O! For some reason, I connected Avenged Sevenfold with System of a Down. Are you familiar with SoaD? :O!

I think every goal should have its little reward. Even the littlest things (:! If we work hard, we should have a good life. It’s just plain and simple! (: Congratulations on fixing your printer (:!

Take care ;D

Haha, I’ve never played Minecraft before, one day I’ll check it out. :D When I get “addicted” or get caught up in something I finish my homework, but usually late in the night or near the due date. Well I guess that’s good, you’ll be able to focus more on your other sites! I haven’t blogged for like a week, or even more than that, sometimes I feel like there’s nothing to blog about. D:

Aww, well atleast you’re now able to sleep without a nightlight. :D I’m afraid of the dark also, not when I’m sleeping, but like I have to walk outside in the nighttime alone, or like walk in my basement when it’s dark alone, things like that. Well, in the hall close to my room we use to have a light in the hallway that we turn on while we sleep, and I never could sleep without it on. Sometimes I’d be even more afraid and want another light to be turned on too, but now it’s never turned on anymore because I don’t need it, I can’t sleep with it on anymore because it’s too bright. :P I guess we do “conquer” our fears even though if we notice or not.

I guess your right about the small difference thing. Well, I don’t go to the movie theatres that often, and since there’s levels, like there’s higher seats and stuff etc, there’s the stairs that scare me for some reason. I feel like I’m going to fall down them so I have to hold the railing. Or when I’m at the very top, when I stand, I feel the same too. But in other times I’m not really scared, like of height and stuff. I guess cause I’m not use to it, and it’s dark in the theatre so I can’t really see much.

That’s good you and Rachel motivate each other! :) Haha, I agree with you. That’s my dog’s life right there. We can’t get her to do tricks without treats, well if we call her of course she’ll come to us, but sometimes we have to bribe her with a treat to do some things. :P

I agree, well I don’t really get anything from my parents when I get good marks. Because they buy me things like around the year, that’s also why I don’t really get any presents for my birthday or Christmas. Sometimes, I think I get motivated to get good grades to beat another classmate of mine, I know it sounds kind of funny but that gets me motivated sometimes, not so I can go up to them and be like haha, I got a higher mark than you, but I guess for the satisfaction in my head. :)

Haha yeah, I saw your tweet about your printer. :P *pats back*

Haha! I’ve never heard of Minecraft. What’s it about? I know what you mean about getting back into video games. I’ve always loved Pac-Man, and would always play it as a kid growing up. I don’t know why, but something drew my attention to it today, and well; I downloaded the game, and was like OMG this is so much fun!!! I couldn’t stop playing it. But hey at least it got me off the internet for a while (even though I was still on the computer).

Hmm, I love introducing my music to my friends and visa versa. Remember when you introduced me to Armor For Sleep? I at first didn’t like it, but now I do remember that? Haha, how quickly we change our minds!

Anyway, no worries about being late on the comment thing! Take your time. I know you have school stuff to do as well; as a life! I just hope we can actually have time to chat on skype again! That was really something! I’m glad that you and Rachel are giving each other little rewards for doing something good. It’s kinda the same process at Weight Watchers. I went to my first meeting yesterday, and they were giving out lifetime memberships to one guy who dropped his stomach off, and his weight! He doesn’t have to pay now! (Or so I think?). Everyone else gets like a bravo star for losing so much a week, and when you really lose what you want, you get like a charm thingy. Which is cool. I looked it all up in the book. My daily point average is 31. I can go up to 49 a week, but that’s it. Did you know a regular hot dog (with out the bun, ketchup and mustard) is only 5 points? I had 15 total points today. I have 16 to go before I get to my 31 point limit. So yeah. It’s pretty cool.

I’m very happy. I did apologize to Andrew, and I said that we were both to blame. However, I didn’t appreciate being blamed for everything, but I forgive you. He accepted my apology and was like live long and prosper. I’m guessing he’s thinking I’m gonna go back to him. Well; I got news for him. I’m not. I’m actually talking to another guy right now who’s 32 years old and is very handsome! Heehee. He’s cool though. He’s phone shy I guess, but anyway. I don’t want to jinx it. So yeah, they say the best way to conquer your fear is to face it. I faced my fear of being in a plane in my Sophomore year of high school. I was scared literally petrified to death of being in it. I was grabbing the arm rests and what not whenever the plane moved, and, was just scared. That was the trip to San Francisco. The plane ride back wasn’t that bad. In fact I didn’t care. I was fine except I had that time of month that day :(. But yeah, the only fears I will NEVER EVER get rid of is my fear of being in the Ocean and the reason why, I got sucked in an undertow when I was a little girl. I almost died, but thankfully the power of prayer helped me and God swept me to the shoreline. I was actually touching the ocean floor! That’s how bad it was! On that same day, another girl got stung by a sting ray. I was thinking this is a bad day like apocalypse day or something like that. And I didn’t even know what that meant at that time! So I’ll go in the ocean, but only up to my ankles. That’s it. Maybe up to my knees. But other than that I aint going swimming in the ocean! My other fear is Clowns. Yes I know it’s quite childish, really; but I’ve never liked them. I had this one clown that was very cute, it was a doll of course, and when you cranked it’s back, it’s head would turn. I had it over at my Grandma’s apartment when she was a live and when I was younger. Back than I didn’t care, now I do. I hate them! lol. I keep telling myself if a clown gets in my face, he’s going down! lmao. I’d actually tell him to piss off or something like that. But I wouldn’t tackle him in front of little kids. But I would curse him. lol. I don’t know I’m strange. lol.

sounds like you had fun playing video games!! :D i haven’t played minecraft before, but i guess i’m a little weak when it comes to mario kart, i can’t say it’s not fun, because i really enjoy playing! you’ll never be too old to play videogames!

i’m scared of the dark too! when i’m walking home from a friends and it’s dark, it’s more running than walking. it’s especially scary if some of the lights are broken ;S it annoys me that i’m actually is scared, because i know how it looks in daylight and it’s far from scary, it’s just the dark which is making it look scary.
i don’t have that problem now when it’s summer though, it never gets dark here, so the night is almost as light as the day :D i think that’s nice, but i’m glad i have curtains in my room when i’m going to sleep.

congratulations fixing your printer!!

I’m afraid i’m not familiar of minecraft. I’m not really a video game lover but when it comes to Need For Speed… well that’s an exemption. /hehe

Oh dear… I’m guilty about having a material to motivate me. That’s how my dad pushes me ever since I was in elementary and it did work, you know. I got good grades and even belonged to top students in my batch. yay! XD I guess it’s pretty motivating knowing that there’s something waiting for you (like a price) after all the sacrifices and hard work. :D

i love darkness. lol. but i usually run off to my room whenever i close the lights in the living room. i feel like someone is watching me. lol.

I love computer games, i have just finished the ultimate computer game of all time. it is called Prison Break /bounce. it was soooooooooooooooooooo cool, the graphics were astro nomical omg. what is Minecraft about?
i love trying to introduce my music to my friends but most of the time they put up their nose to my music because my music favourites are Westlife, Backstreet Boys etc. I know they are old but ive always liked them and never once said no to them.
i am scared of the dark too but im fine with closing my eyes, i generally fall asleep with a light on or if not i fall asleep with my tv on.
congrats in finishing your printer (pat on the back), was it complicated?

Don’t get to addicted to video games… Go easy on that there, Duke Nukem Forever. Your nightlight died :C Maybe after a few days of procrastination, you won’t even need it anymore..?

I really don’t know any of the bands you nammed, except for Smashing Pumpkins. Eheheh. But I listen to really happy pop girly music (or that’s how i think of it, compared to all the rock music out there).

Rewards can motivate you…. a lot. I guess the reward of happyness is the reson people try to be good (trololol, i have no idea what I’m saying)

At my school everyone was like, saturday’s judgement day /bash “The sky will break open and all pure and good souls shall rise to the eternal and all who have sinned shall parish in a pit full of burning fire” (I saw a picture on tumblr). Lol, nothings happened. Oh and this dude in my class was like “It’s not hell if all your friends are going, too” True that, true that.

Excuse me while I go reward myself for commenting (I am so lame :D ) with some blue gelatin. Good day miss 💀

congrats on fixing the printer :)

I have trouble sleeping these days if there’s any light. If the light’s on in the hallway, it’ll keep me up :D

I’m not an avid video gamer, by any means, but I do enjoy playing them from time to time (although I’ve been trying hard not to get sucked into them again because I’m trying to be an adult, lol). The Sims franchise is always going to be my favorite. And Pokemon! Hahaha–have you seen the Awkward Zombie comic about it? It’s hilarious because it’s SO TRUE. XD http://www.awkwardzombie.com/index.php?page=0&comic=032910


I admit that I occasionally give myself some sort of I’ll-buy-this-when-I-pass-this reward, but for the most part, I believe in working hard and doing the best you can. Although maybe that has more to do with the fact that my parents never really rewarded me for anything because I worked hard regardless. Oh well–different strokes for different folks. XD

Hmm, the question is… will you actually be replacing the lightbulb? As you said, there’s a very small difference between what we’re afraid of and what we aren’t. If you aren’t afraid with your eyes closed – when you’ve “shut off” one of your senses, then you shouldn’t be afraid when you have that extra sense!

Slash, I never really got into video games, but I want to so I can play with my boyfriend :P

Oh gosh, Georgina. I caught every single one of your blogs for awhile there. Now I’ve missed at least ten. I need to go back to BEDA-ing. O.o

Video games are the worst time killers. I’ve never played Minecraft or Duke Nukem, but I have my fair share of games that I know will prevent me from doing anything productive ever again. The Sims and Harvest Moon? The worst. The problem with those games is that you always have something to do in the next day in the game, so you keep playing. Soon nine hours went by and you didn’t even realize it. Damn games. *shakes fist*

Huzzah for overcoming fears! I never really thought of a fear of the dark that way…Why is it that we’re not scared of the total blackness that comes with closed eyes but a very dark room could be terrifying? Odd. I’m somewhat the same way when it comes to blood. I could see my own blood or blood in a non-horror movie without being bothered. But when it comes to someone else’s blood or blood in a horror movie, I start feeling nauseous and (most likely) vomit. I have no idea what’s so different. Hmm.

I like getting others into the things I like as well…well, it depends on the person, actually. One of my friends becomes way too obsessed with things and has ruined countless bands and movies for me. It’s a pity. Other than that, I love getting others to share in the things that I like. It’s good to have someone to talk to those things about, you know? I’ve never rewarded anyone for it, though. Their reward is the enjoyment they’ll get from whatever I convinced them to do, ha.

Gah! I haven’t played video games in quite a while. But I haven’t really had much time to, though. However, since getting a new phone I have been playing Angry Birds. Though I haven’t gotten past level 1-20. Of course, it only gets harder from there. XD

I love whenever anyone gets into the music I listen to. Though, since I listen to Kpop I don’t have a lot of irl friends to talk about it with. Most of them just look at me as if I’m crazy if I even try to bring it up.

As for motivation to do work, I learned in Psychology that it’s kind of a bad thing to only work hard just to get a physical reward. Not that it’s completely bad. It just makes you expect to get sometime of reward whenever you’ve worked hard to get it. Instead, it’s better to work hard just to have gained that knowledge and that intrinsic reward instead of an extrinsic reward. But, I think a person should do whatever helps them achieve whatever it is they want.


Been a long time since we last talked. School has been keeping me busy and its getting hard to manage all the three domains. High school. >.< But my summer break started yesterday so I have some free time on my hands for the next month, which I intend to use as optimally as I can.

I have never been much of a video-games person. Maybe because since we were just two girls, nobody ever gave us a video-game as a gift. We were much more interested in dolls as girls and now, in books. I have heard that video games are addicting to everybody, but I haven't experienced it firsthand.

Thats nice about your night bulb. At least it made you face your fear. My fear is swimming. The swimming coach I had when I was young was an idiot and nearly let me drown a couple of times. I have been terrified of it ever since. I am in no hurry to face it. Coward. Haha.

I live in a huge house and the biggest advantage is that I have plenty of space. I have a lot of cupboards which are lying empty and I always store my stuff in there. Nobody ever checks them out and when I am feeling particularly nostalgic, I can always pick one up and cry.

Minecraft this, Minecraft that. Everyone’s so excited over that game. That and Angry Birds. I took a look on Youtube and fff, it’s a horror game too? What? xDD Am I misunderstanding it?

Motivation is always the key! May it be because of a creative boom or bribery! As long as it gets you going, it’s good :D What is it you work on? Now I’m curious!

When I was little, I got others into Evanescence and Sarah Michelle Gellar (because Buffy!). I was just 8, but I was disappointed in the Evanescence-“convert” because she just liked the songs, lol. I wanted her to worship them. As for SMG, the person became their “biggest fan” and I turned jealous, lol. Never again will I mention my interests to other people.

We mostly work on our assignments! And of course, when we need to give our websites a clean or make a new layout, we often get lazy, so we feel the need to motivate each other and make each other icons or wallpapers and stuff. XD

Ahaha Minecraft can be horror, I guess if you have monster mode on. It’s pretty funny because it’s such an addictive game even though the graphics are so, so bad. :P

A lot of my friends like to play Minecraft. I can actually never get into video games again once I’ve finished with them.
Cleaning up sounds so easy. Fanlistings are pretty hard to maintain, though, don’t you think? I always have to check my link, the listings’s approval and condition… O_O
It’s always so nice to find someone with corresponding interests! Not many people share the same interests that I have, so it’s always refreshing and a bit exciting since it’s so rare.
That sounds like fun! Having a collection of gifts from a friend is so rejuvenating :) (I think that’s how it’s spelt…)

I usually don’t even know what’s happening in the world until later. 9/11 and other worldly events didn’t exist to me when they were actually happening.
Yea… Facebook kinda sucks :P

Video games are out to get you! There is no escape! Bwahaha! Ever since I started playing Pokemon and the Mario Bros. I have been forever addicted to them.

If you think in the long term, I guess that good marks can turn into material reward because good marks get you jobs, which get you a material reward. But that’s difficult to think of while you’re a student because the rewards just don’t seem very tangible yet! It’s absolutely awesome that you and Rachel have been able to motivate each other so well.