A walk in the park

HI. πŸ˜„ Argh. Mike just got me stuck playing Minecraft again. Honestly… seriously… I thought I was cured from video game addiction. It just goes to show that you can’t be, really. Ultimately you always go back to the things you love, and for me, at least from a very young age, that was video games. I feel like I just went out of a different world, now that I shut that window with the game in it. 😢 It was fun playing with James and Mike in the game… and now this makes me think of what will happen when Duke Nukem Forever comes out this year. I’m going to be going insane. Here’s to failed projects… okay, maybe not – I won’t allow myself to get that addicted. /um We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve again not really been bothered with my blog since I last posted. I’ve been cleaning out fanlistings and soon I will be cleaning out hostees on my hosting site. I’m going to get rid of about three domains this year, and very soon too. I’m not going to be cutting down on online time as much – I’ll be online, but I think I’ll be having less projects. I’ll definitely still have a blog around of course. πŸ™‚

Let’s point out some highlights from the past few days.

The other day, my nightlight died. I’m scared of the dark, so of course when I was just about to pop into bed, I was upset to see that my nightlight wasn’t working. It just needs a bulb change, but it’s so much bother. I’ve slept for two nights without it. Now it’s already late so I’m not going to scrounge through the cupboards for a new bulb. I’ll just live with it. Face your fears, as they say.

The thing is, if I close my eyes, I’m not scared. If I open them, in the dark, I’m scared. But I feel safe when I shut my eyes and just see the blackness that is the space between my eyelids and my eyeballs. Sometimes, there is a small difference between what scares us and what doesn’t. I know someone who is scared to death of looking out the window on airplanes, but will gladly lean over balconies on sky-high buildings without a care in the world. Or worry of falling.

I’ve been talking to Rachel a lot lately (well, as we usually do). She’s gotten into my all-time favourite band, Armor For Sleep. And as she guessed, yes, I am ecstatic. Often I am irritated when people suddenly claim to be the ‘biggest fan’ of a band they just heard of, but if someone listens to the music I listen to after my recommendation, I feel quite happy about it. I can imagine other people feel the same. James introduced me to quite a few bands, Poets of the Fall, Anberlin and Right Away Great Captain; Dylan introduced me to Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold; likewise I introduced James to the Smashing Pumpkins, Sebastian to Edmund… oh the list does go on.

Rachel and and I motivate each other to do work by promising little prizes. Like wallpapers or fanlisting buttons or icons or anything. Getting something is a sure fire way to motivate me, that’s for sure. I think it sounds a bit horrid, materialistic maybe, when you see it in the sense of working because you want to earn money. But a little reward always motivates us. If we want the reward, we will get it. We will work hard to get it.

If you want good marks, you have to work hard to get them, but sometimes we’re too lazy. Good marks should be physical things or material rewards. Like money, or a block of chocolate. We all want to be rewarded for what we do. I dunno, I think I’ll actually attempt to give myself a pat on the back next time.

I fixed my printer today, after it totally fucked up yesterday and refused to print anything. I did it all on my own. 😁 I deserve a pat on the back… yay. πŸ™‚

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