Living life at the limit

I’m sitting here at home with stomach pains and a really bad case of laziness, when I should be in class. It’s 10:04 am as I’m writing this sentence and I would be sitting in my tutorial class listening to my tutor ramble on and on.

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t learn much from lectures. I sit there distracted, or I sit there and realise that everything the tutor is saying is covered in the weekly readings, which I do read most of the time.

I could be sitting with my group for our final project right now, but we’re all so proactive online with group work because everything is just there. We’ve only had one meeting outside of class and not everyone turned up, but we’ve been working co-dependently and emailing each other so we’re actually ahead of the other groups right now. So why don’t I just stay at home and people can contact me when needed? Whoop.

Speaking of the word co-dependently, our tutor simply had to correct us when we wrote ‘working independently’ instead of ‘co-dependently’ on our group project proposal, after she proceeded to tell us we would fail if it was marked for assessment. Okay, so I appreciate the honesty, but I’m sick of her not giving us the correct information and going into necessary details for every assignment. She should do that instead of half-boasting about the books she wrote and continually mentioning that she knows the creator of Google.

I’m sick of that.

You can know the creator of Google, well, I know the creator of Heartdrops. That’s me.

Anyway, tangents…

I’m going to work later, so I’m going to work on my media presentation that is due tomorrow. It won’t take too long. Last year I made my presentation in ten minutes. What a panic. I think I’ll be far better off this time, since I have a few hours before work, and the night to work on this.

As long as I don’t open Minecraft. Honestly, I was playing Minecraft with James and Mike yesterday for over six hours. That can’t be good. And I think James knows that when you see Minecraft in your dreams, you know you’re starting to get addicted to that damn game.

I’ve also noticed the frequency of my blog posts are getting more erratic. I usually blog once every two days, and looking at my archives I notice that the dates are crazy, sometimes with 4 days between posts. Yeowch. I’m also posting a lot about university… wow, funny thing that takes over my life.

My May goals are failing as well. I just need to get back on track with everything. I don’t think I’ll finish my goals at all, but that’s okay. I still tried and that’s what matters, and I know I’ll take steps to try and get those goals done eventually, and in the long run. For instance, reaching 40,000 words in my novel is clearly not a priority over these horrid assignments. Neither is returning comments; I promise I will get back to you all soon, and thank you to those new readers who have been leaving comments. ♥️

I’ve also decided that I won’t be having a birthday dinner; I’m going to Ryan’s birthday party on Saturday, which is the day before my birthday anyway. He’s turning 21, and I’m only 20, so I’ll just step away from the podium now. Well, May’s a good month. I hope it ends on a good note after all this stress.

I can’t wait until the 10th June. I get a break, and even though it’s only for a week, all these idiotic subjects I’m doing will be over. /bounce

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Wow! For me it’s 9:24pm, it’s kind of cool how I can be communicating with people like halfway across the world from me. I’ve never had a lecture before, but when my teacher’s giving a lesson I’m usually bored and distracted also, just like doodling in my notebook.

Your tutor is really something… all these stores of her, she seems like an idiot to be honest who doesn’t know what she’s doing half the time. :P And does it matter if she knows the creator of Google? It’s not like the creator of Google is giving you like a million dollars or something, they’re really not that special to be honest, knowing the creator of Google doesn’t benefit you much.

I guess that’s good, somewhat. I can never find anything to blog about, nope. Well, maybe blogging too much might be distracting you from doing work and other things…? Playing Minecraft? :P Haha, well your blogs entertain me!:)

Haha, it’s okay! ♥ I never make goals because I never end up finishing them, and I feel even worse after that. Well, have a good birthday! ;)

And ughh, I have a four-day weekend, and I go back on Tuesday for school. I’m kind of excited because we have dance and stuff, but I still have Monday off! So that’s okay. And I’m going to a classmate’s to practice, we’re going to be doing cheerleading stunts, hopefully they don’t drop me and I don’t fall on my face. /wah

Well, I’m off of school for the summer June… hurry up! XD

seems like laziness is striking.. lol and you’re having stomach ache literally? awww shocks sorry

And it’s really like that, lectures are usually derived from reading materials.. they just make life easy by explaining it instead of reading.. but nevertheless, it’s torturing your ears and your mind coz you have to fight sleepiness.. haha 💥

well, if it’s really a group you should really work as a group, not unless there are certain topics assigned to each one of you then maybe you should act independently and just send stuff needed.. eek.. and about your presentation, well, sometimes it turns out great when u rush things than preparing for it..

I havent tried playing minecraft.. and it must be good since you’ve spent 6 hours playing it.. lol

Goodluck to your May goals and happy birthday to Ryan

I hope you feel better, stomach aches suck.

Anyway, I can totally relate about the lectures thing. I usually get distracted o sleepy. I prefer reading by myself than listen to someone droning on and on.

Your tutor sounds awful! She seems really arrogant. If I had a tutor like that, I’d probably go crazy. I don’t know her, but I actually dislike her already

My goals are failing as well. I wanted to do so many things this month and I’ve done absolutely nothing. I feel pretty awful that I haven’t worked on them. I can’t focus on them because of my review sessions.

Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy your break! I’m also getting a 5-day break this week and I’m pretty excited!

Hello! I was still at home at 10.04am too! Haha, but that’s cos my classes didn’t start until 2pm. Although I wish I’d skipped the lecture. Omg, it was the most boring thing EVER 😢 .

It’s cool to be proactive online :). I hate group meetings because everyone except me inevitably turns up late :(. Last wednesday I got to uni for a group meeting 15 minutes early, and everyone was at least 20 minutes late. But oh well, I managed to borrow some books for a constitutional law assignment, so it’s all good :). But luck you have a pretty good group.

Stupid tutor for not giving you enough information and then criticising you. Hmph! If you don’t set out specific guidelines, then your students are probably NOT going to get things right because no one here reads minds.

Good luck with your presentation tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll own it :D.

Hahahaha! 6 hours of Minecraft? Omg, you practically qualify as a gamer :P. That’s hilarious. Well at least you have people who share your interests :) :).

Good luck with your May goals as well :). Especially the 40,000 words in your novel thing D:. It’s getting pretty long :P. And have lots of fun at Ryan’s birthday dinner :). Wish him happy birthday from me ♥.

I feel the same way about most lectures, or at least I did for all of the courses I took this past semester. The only ones I never feel like I can skip, no problem, are chemistry lectures–the textbooks suck, and the Powerpoint presentations online are mostly useless without the corresponding words from the instructor. Plus, I enjoy those classes, so those are the last lectures that I would choose to skip.

Your tutor sounds pretty annoying and full of herself; like you said, who really cares if she knows the creator of Google? Has her acquaintanceship with him in any way advanced her career or enhanced her instruction for you, her students? Probably not.

I’ve never played Minecraft, but I can completely understand how games can be addicting. I’ve definitely played video games for hours on end, even when I shouldn’t. Hopefully you won’t get *too* distracted by it, haha. What sort of game is Minecraft, anyway?

Hope you feel better!

Sorry about your stomach pains. :(

I really dislike it when teachers don’t give an exact explanation of what they expect on an assignment. Many of mine are disappointed when the work is turned in and it isn’t “exactly the way [they] asked for it”. >..>

Hm. I used to dream of The Sims. :( I guess I was addicted, heh. I also used to dream of FarmVille, but I don’t all that much anymore.

Hopefully all of the stress will go away soon. I haven’t done any of the goals yet, either. I hope all goes well for you!!

Your tutorials have been of great use to me these past couple of months. And your Enthusiast tutorials will be of great help to me in the next month or so… :) Haha. A lot of people seem to use your resources – and tutorials – or even refer to your articles on their blog posts, or just when they’re chatting. It’s kind of funny, too. Because I don’t always expect it. ._. Like, I’m talking about some of the preppies. :O

It’s alright; I just can’t do much physical activity, which really sucks. Because I’m really bored. D:

Yeah, it was Matthew – he’s a boy… Ha.

I decided to take the picture; I think it’s a cute idea. However, I’m going to mass-edit it. ;) Like I would for any other default of mine… :3 Ahahh. He never said not to edit it. :P I could always make it black and white. It’s my property. /hehe /heart 🤫 😝

A tummypain does not equal laziness. That means you’re not well or coming down with something …. I am addicted to the game ‘garden of time …’ It’s a game on facebook and it’s productive and I have to think and find things so I like it.
I have no goals at the moment other then getting through winter.
And happy birthday for the weekend xx ♥

lol XDD I like your analogy on the creator of google :D
Yea, there are certain classes that seems pointless to go when you know you’ll still do just as good without attending.
I think its weird that for group projects people make it like you HAVE TO meet each other physically because generally when we do we’re all on our computers anyways researching and etc so it’s simply easier to just meet online most of the time so it doesn’t interfere with each of our schedule (ahemlazy)

Happy early bday!!!

Hey Georgie!!!
I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well; at the moment and with tummy pains! Those are never any fun! Hmmm, College definitely seems to be a lot harder than it looks. I know I’m going to be starting in the fall; as maybe a part-time student as I will be volunteering at the Library plus Weight Watchers. Which btw, I do have my second class this week! I’m so happy. I’m also waiting for my vouchers to come in the mail so that I may continue the classes.

I love how you did your analogy with you knowing the owner of your domain and her knowing the owner of google. Big WHOOP. So she knows the owner of Big effing deal! Ya know? It’s like the same thing with Andrew and his cousin Darren from Glee. He keeps on talking and talking and talking about him, and I know what it is there in his case he’s jealous of his cousins for making it somewhere in life and he’s just a bum and not doing anything. Glad I got rid of his arse! But yeah to say you know someone like that is really stupid in my book. So what? I met Lila McCann. I had a chance to meet Meat Loaf as well; but they wanted 400+ bucks here in the U.S.! You guys are lucky he does live recordings in Melbourne! You should seriously check him out sometime! :). He is AWESOME in concert!

But I am proud of you guys for actually being on top of everyone else in the group project. Those are always hard to do. Especially when half of the group doesn’t show up! UGH! That frustrates me to no extent! And as far as commenting goes, take your time! We all know you’re busy! No worries :).

But anyway, I hope when I start doing my computer courses in web-design it’s not going to be like this! This is insane! I’m also thinking about taking a sign language course. It looks really easy, yet hard at the same time. :). I told my dad this last night, and he just looked at me like Ok, and was fine with it. Now if I would’ve said any other language he would’ve actually gave me a lecture on it. I was like really surprised about it when I had stated I wanted to learn sign language. :O. How cool is that? I know some sign language already. But not a lot. So hopefully if I do take a class I can ACE it. :).

My goal when I go back to school, is to actually ace every class I take. :). So hopefully that’ll keep me busy and study more! Ya know? Well; girlie I gotta get going. So I’ll talk to you later hopefully!

Awww, that’s what happens to me. When I feel pain with added laziness, whop I’ staying home from school! Lol but I agree, everything a teacher/tutor/professor teaches is covered in the readings. That’s why I never paid an ounce of attention in class and still managed to get B’s. Not good enough for my parents but whatever. Also I think teachers always do that, as in not give you the details and then pick on you for it. It’s like their way of docking off points. If I were a teacher I’d be a great one. I’d want people to do well, hmmph.

I’ll be sure to not play Minecraft then … I don’t need another game to addict me! Like Super Mario. Ah games … they’re always so amazing you just have to try them and then they take over your life.

Haha I think my blogs will become more frequent now since I’ll have internet everyday (slow internet or miracle internet) but I’m actually surprised you manage to keep up with your blog. So many people are on hiatus because it’s exams time. I don’t know how you stay so organized! Those people should look to you as a role model, BAHAHA! You know your priorities so maybe that’s why.

Happy early birthday to you! May 30th is it? Or something around then agh sorry if I get it wrong! If you don’t have a birthday party I hope you at least have a family dinner then! Don’t have a birthday like mine (stabbed by icicle then scraped my knee)!

I do love WordPress right now! It’s so much handier and nicer and cleaner and smarter than FanUpdate! I’m so glad you’re happy that I mutilated your theme lol! I always felt bad because it’s sort of like stealing someone’s work … most people thought it was my theme =( I guess they didn’t bother to read the footer credit.

No more worries TFL corrected their mistake. I’ve been so awful towards them in the past few months, opening, closing, overdues, etc. I hope they don’t hold it against me or something, I’ll get everything done now on time! Speaking of TFL I hope that you saw I finally revamped the Pinball fanlisting and also fixed a few things here and there on Fly to the Sky.

As long as you keep on blogging, even if it’s not as frequent, I’m happy! Your posts are always so lovely to read. I’ll be writing a lotta <3s now too! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Lol!

My May goals have been fail-sauce as well. Good thing there’s June. ;) Hope you’re feeling better than when you wrote this!

Hiya Georgie!

Aw, I’m sorry to hear that you were feeling ill but I think you did the right thing by staying at home. I’m sure listening to your tutor ramble would have not helped! hehe

I know how you feel. Sometimes in lectures I would think whats the point as I know the reading material will be put up on the university website anyway. But I battled on! haha

I think its good that you are ahead with your work, hopefully that will take a little pressure off you as I know you’ve had quite a stressful time recently. It’s horrible to be stressed, that’s why I’m glad I’m on my summer break. Gives me time to de-stress a little!

Ugh, presentations! >.<
I don't mind doing them but its just all the planning that I can't stand. I just want to get them over with. haha xD

I think your assignments are defo the top priority so I can understand that you might not post as often. But I still think you post enough! ^__^

Not long till your birthday now! I hope you have a good one. hehe

Take care!

^___^ <3

group projects always stressed you out. I know in the real world, everything is group work, but in the real world, if one person doesn’t do their job, they get fired. In school, it was usually me doing all the work and everyone else was too busy or too lazy or too stupid. I’m really down on school a lot aren’t I. School sucked.

Georgina, I feel exactly the same way with my teacher, and my teachers acts in almost the same way as your tutor. To say the least, it gets very frustrating. /hmph

Anyway I hope your stomach pains go away, and I hope you feel better soon. :)

I kind of have similar situations. It’s always a chore to pay attention in some lectures. It’s even worse when you’re barely passing because you barely understand what’s being taught.

Wow, what a bad word she is. Gah, I can’t stand people with their heads up their asses.

Haha, 1 to 2 days ^-^ That used to be me lol. Now I’m lucky if I can blog once every 2. BUt I’m gonna start to get in the habit of blogging at least once a week. With work and a social life, I find that acceptable :)

Hard work always pays of :D Stay motivated. ladidadida. This time of the year everyone’s busy with em education business (me too actually, I should be studying my lines for a presentation right now). I’m so glad I have the opportunity to get educated /faw

When’s your birthday? I think it is worth celebrating. Even if you only buy balloons or eat cake.
I’m just gonna go ahead and say it… (before it’s too late…)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ~rainbow~

Me, too. I can’t wait for summer brake. Do you have any BIG plans for over the summer? Whenever there’s something I feel I should do or want to do I’m all like “I’ll do it in the summer”. It’s horrible, but now I’m really busy with school (and internet :O).

I don’t remember learning much from school lectures either. I’d rather read the stuff than just sit in a chair and listen to someone talk. Instead of taking notes I always ended up making several pages worth of doodles :P
You can usually tell pretty easily who has a real interest in teaching and who are just in it for the… eh, fame? Money? Bragging about themselves and their friends? Lol.
Hope your school work will go well anyway :)

Everyone seem to be hooked on Minecraft these days. My boyfriend as his friends has spent DAYS playing it. I haven’t even tried it yet.

Oh, and happy birthday in advance!! :D Have fun at Ryan’s party! Even if it’s not your own party you’ll still get to do some celebrating :D

University really has the ability to take over your life… Sometimes I feel guilty blogging about it as much as I do, but then again i do enjoy reading about it when other people blog about it, haha!

Ugh I hate it when professors waste my time by rambling on and on about material that’s covered in the book. Why not break away from the textbook and tell us something useful, or just interesting? I’m sure the classrooms would be a lot fuller XD

Have fun at Ryan’s party! And celebrate a little extra for yourself =D

you’re not the only person suffering of laziness, lol! lately i haven’t had the motivation or will to start working with the homework. i will probably end up doing everything at the last minute, which mean i’ll start …today, hehe.

it’s better failing while trying, instead of not trying at all, because then you’ve already failed. my only goal for may was to complete my math exam, and so i did!! next month will be surviving another exam, as well as start making plans for the summer vacation!! :D

have fun in your friend’s party, it will be a nice break from everything called school!! and then the 10th of june is coming really soon!

aw thank you!! (: yes viruses really suck, i don’t understand how some people want to make others life miserable ;SS and thank you for the tip!!