Living life at the limit

I’m sitting here at home with stomach pains and a really bad case of laziness, when I should be in class. It’s 10:04 am as I’m writing this sentence and I would be sitting in my tutorial class listening to my tutor ramble on and on.

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t learn much from lectures. I sit there distracted, or I sit there and realise that everything the tutor is saying is covered in the weekly readings, which I do read most of the time.

I could be sitting with my group for our final project right now, but we’re all so proactive online with group work because everything is just there. We’ve only had one meeting outside of class and not everyone turned up, but we’ve been working co-dependently and emailing each other so we’re actually ahead of the other groups right now. So why don’t I just stay at home and people can contact me when needed? Whoop.

Speaking of the word co-dependently, our tutor simply had to correct us when we wrote ‘working independently’ instead of ‘co-dependently’ on our group project proposal, after she proceeded to tell us we would fail if it was marked for assessment. Okay, so I appreciate the honesty, but I’m sick of her not giving us the correct information and going into necessary details for every assignment. She should do that instead of half-boasting about the books she wrote and continually mentioning that she knows the creator of Google.

I’m sick of that.

You can know the creator of Google, well, I know the creator of Heartdrops. That’s me.

Anyway, tangents…

I’m going to work later, so I’m going to work on my media presentation that is due tomorrow. It won’t take too long. Last year I made my presentation in ten minutes. What a panic. I think I’ll be far better off this time, since I have a few hours before work, and the night to work on this.

As long as I don’t open Minecraft. Honestly, I was playing Minecraft with James and Mike yesterday for over six hours. That can’t be good. And I think James knows that when you see Minecraft in your dreams, you know you’re starting to get addicted to that damn game.

I’ve also noticed the frequency of my blog posts are getting more erratic. I usually blog once every two days, and looking at my archives I notice that the dates are crazy, sometimes with 4 days between posts. Yeowch. I’m also posting a lot about university… wow, funny thing that takes over my life.

My May goals are failing as well. I just need to get back on track with everything. I don’t think I’ll finish my goals at all, but that’s okay. I still tried and that’s what matters, and I know I’ll take steps to try and get those goals done eventually, and in the long run. For instance, reaching 40,000 words in my novel is clearly not a priority over these horrid assignments. Neither is returning comments; I promise I will get back to you all soon, and thank you to those new readers who have been leaving comments. ♥️

I’ve also decided that I won’t be having a birthday dinner; I’m going to Ryan’s birthday party on Saturday, which is the day before my birthday anyway. He’s turning 21, and I’m only 20, so I’ll just step away from the podium now. Well, May’s a good month. I hope it ends on a good note after all this stress.

I can’t wait until the 10th June. I get a break, and even though it’s only for a week, all these idiotic subjects I’m doing will be over. 😁

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