Bitter uprising

My stomach hurts when I sneeze. I think I did too many plank exercises… then again, it does feel good and I suppose I can expect some more prominent abdominal muscles now. You can tell you’ve had a good workout when you’re sore. Hah! Time to run up some stairs.

So I read that if you’re heavier, you burn more calories than someone skinnier if you’re doing the same thing. Well, I’m thin, so I guess I don’t burn many calories and perhaps that’s why I don’t gain much weight if I don’t exercise… and if I do, there isn’t really a difference. I think it’s just good to exercise to keep in shape. You have to move some time. I don’t exercise a lot but it’s certainly not good to be sitting at the computer all the time.

I had my presentation on Tuesday. It went pretty shit, to be honest. I thought I’d be an idiot (again) and try to talk spontaneously. I had no speech prepared, I had my Powerpoint slides and some notes on paper (which I didn’t even use) and I just got up there and talked. I figured that if I was interested in my topic I would be fine and I wouldn’t have a care in the world – I’d just fly through.

Everyone else made me feel shit, because they were obviously more prepared. Ryan said mine was good. I don’t think so. My presentation was on Twitter and the imagined audience, as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. I guess I had good ground, something really unique, but to be honest, the presentation itself sucked, and I said “um” about twenty times. Which, as you can tell, is bad.

My tutor for that subject is also rather by-the-book, and old-fashioned. 😞 Last year I had tutors who were keen on asking questions and making the presentations more interactive, and getting to know more about students’ projects. I felt so cramped during this presentation, intimidated, like I was going to be judged. Of course I’m going to be judged and marked on it, but ugh. Very uncomfortable. I’m just glad that it’s all over.

Four assignments to go.

Since I didn’t get to see James that day as he had other things to do, I had the pleasure of going home early. I sat on the train on a seat that was meant for two people. Quite naturally, I hogged it up… pretended to sleep when people walked past… because I didn’t want anyone to sit next to me. I admit it. I don’t like sitting so close to strangers on public transport.

I felt bad because before I pretended to sleep, I saw an elderly man walking up the stairs. 😶

I opened my eyes a little later on, after Graham Coxon’s Bittersweet Bundle of Misery stopped playing in my ears from my phone. Another ten minutes of the train ride, and I just spent it staring out the window.

I saw the elderly man shuffle past, going back down the stairs. He must not have found a comfortable seat.

When the train nearly arrived at my stop, I was about to exit my seat when I saw the man again. I stopped, and let him through, but he refused to go past first. I only thought it was polite.

He was smiling with crooked teeth and insisted I go through first. I didn’t quite hear what he said over Graham Coxon but I said a quiet “thank you” and walked out. I often see old people as weak, a bit mean, and to be given respect without earning it.

I think this man earned it. He made me smile. 🙂

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