Best of Hey Georgie

This is a list of some of the most popular, interesting, fascinating, well-written, inspiring, and thought-provoking blog posts I’ve written. Many of them relate to relationships and are deep; others are amusing. I created this list so I could direct new readers to some of my best work.

There are popular posts that I didn’t include here because they were a little too casual in tone, and not particularly memorable. There are also posts in this list that, even though didn’t get a lot of readership, are close to my heart or have great significance to my life. I also removed posts that used to be on this list because the quality and calibre of my writing has improved over time, so naturally some of the posts didn’t meet the new bar. I hope you enjoy this curated selection. 💙

Last updated 11 January 2024.

Top 10

In rough order. A variety related to my personal life, ethnicity, and career.

  1. Being a Chinese-Indonesian Australian: My story of internalised racism
  2. Passion is immeasurable
  3. Dear XOXO
  4. Finding cloud ninety-three (part II)
  5. I mentor people, because I want to give them the opportunities I didn’t have.
  6. I recall the exact moment I fell in love.
  7. My experience studying a Masters degree full-time, while working full-time
  8. What I’ve learned about web communities from public speaking
  9. After a ten year break, I’m reading again
  10. The light at the end of the tunnel
A woman with fair skin and long dark hair braided loosely in a side braid, standing in the middle of a quiet street. She is wearing a light blue blazer and blue jeans with white sneakers. She is looking over her shoulder and above her there is a canopy of jacaranda trees
Me in Sydney, 2020.

The rest

In alphabetical order.

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