Fairy dust

I wrote the following poem yesterday. To make it interesting, and because I think people would love to know how (some) poetry is read, here is an audio recording of it.

If the player doesn’t load you can download Fairy Dust.mp3

written 2nd October 2013

for Honeydew

A hey goes a long way,
A heart goes much further,
And had I seen you before then I might have smiled before you,
  Though I could hardly hear you
  You placed your words in my veins,
  Your gaze in my reach,
  And your hand in mine.
There were fragments of sound
And in circles around,
For every last night and eventual grasp, every breath
And unwasted moment
On the days that dusk met dawn.
I’ll be forever in your debt,
But times will pass when I’ll
When you squeezed my hand.

In all the dreams I’d seen and heard
I wanted you to be my everlasting more,
So much more than just the best.
Green tea and lemonade,
Sweet biscuits and wine,
And the harsher liquids that slid past the surface of your lips
That I touched, graced,
While I felt your breath upon my neck,
And for days I would remember your scent and the harmony that I felt between
  Our two aching hearts,
  Yet to drift apart,
  Our noses touched that one time I hoped
  Our lips would too,
  We danced to music,
  Not before you said you adored me and that we could watch the stars.

When we filled in the boxes with numbers,
When I wanted to do so much more than hold your hand,
I dreamed of waking up to you and when I woke, it came true,
My memory of your cold ears and the crooked smile
  that I’d return simply,
Before the days came that you smiled wider,
Your eyes glowed hazel when the sun refused to go down,
On afternoons when I just wanted to feel your touch at my sides;
Your face beautiful in the dark, when moonlight
Graced our fingertips and our bodies touched,
Our cheeks did more than brush past each other,
I recall.
I recall when you didn’t promise forever,
I recall when you didn’t promise ‘together’,
  but you didn’t let go.

I recall times you never let go.
I recall times you wanted to drive away
And I know there were times I never wanted to leave.
When you said you wished time would stop, in every light of the notion
I recomposed myself,
I felt it all over again;

I hesitated, I compared
And I apologised,
  unable to let go.
Forever holding you close to my heart,
I wanted you entirely.

I wanted to fall down the hill for you
And I wanted you morning, and the morning after,
I wanted violets, tulips
And every walk in the park,
I wanted to start,
I had always asked and I never knew that there would be tears of
  every colour of the rainbow,
  every shade and every code,
I felt more than you had made me.

And I wanted to thank you completely,
But I didn’t know how so I kept on holding,
I let you hold me and that was what I wanted,
I sang to you and there was haunting to the soul in flowerbeds.

You held me to your heart and I wanted more,
But I didn’t let go,
We never let go,
I wanted you entirely,
I could only
  hold you
  and never let go.

I wanted to never forget,
I pretended that I lost it,
Bars beyond the sun escaped but at the same time encaged me,
  for what you said I was your only,
And I clasped my hands into my lap and
I felt you behind me.
They always said we weren’t there yet
  but I was caught
  in the moment.

Comments on this post

I love your accent, Georgie! It’s like this Australian with a bit of English accent mixed.. well, I don’t know if I’m describing it right.. o.O

Love your poem! =)

Hey Georgie,

Wow I’m impressed! You should read poetry more often. The way you sound had me mesmerized, and couldn’t wait till you had ended to see if you added something else. But you did an awesome job. I think you should start reading out your poetry from now on, as you are a creative soul.

I wrote another poem yesterday. My boyfriend Tristan and I some what collaborated on it. Some lines he did help me with as I had gotten stuck. It is up on my journal right now. My poem is fairly different than that of what I’ve been writing. I used some lyrics from “Not a dry eye in the house” by Meat Loaf to help me with the poem. I had used one verse, but worded it to my liking. I was told that was okay. But I’m wanting to write out stories now! Isn’t that something?

Well – I’m sorry for all the MIA’s! Been thinking about doing a collective featuring nothing but my art. No anime collectives like half of the internet has. But only of my art. And I did it! My photo-blog remains up at http://awkwerdly.me, and my blog now located at blog.collided-hour.net which I’m happy with. I never thought I’d try it again, but I am very happy with it.

Your voice reminds me of Tara from the Australian drama Dance Academy. It’s almost like hers, only hers is thicker. It made slightly sad considering the show’s last episode ever aired earlier this week.

Anyways, I think that a vocal version of this poem along with the words really made it more beautiful since everyone reads poetry in different ways. ♥

That was so beautiful! I think hearing you read it specifically made it even more powerful. More people should post readings of their poems online!

For a moment there I thought I was hearing a Sylvia Plath poem. It’s quite simple and I love how the words and feelings came alive as you read it. ♥

I once had an English teacher who said that poetry is meant to be read out loud, and I have always found that even Shakespeare makes sense when read out loud. The same goes for your poem, and I was completely mesmerized and focused while listening to your recording. I hope that we’ll get to see more of this from you sometime!

It’s always weird when I hear someone’s voice for the first time, someone whom I’ve only known from online. Because you have all these preconceived notions of what that person sounds like. And you definitely sounded completely different from what I expected (I can’t really describe to you what I DID expect?! haha… Perhaps a higher-pitched, sweeter voice, on account of your pintsizeness ;)). You have a really nice voice, very easy to listen to. I could probably listen to you read an entire book. Lots of emotion at the right moments. A good voice for radio for sure! Definitely a Sydneysider accent… hehe. I can also tell when somebody is from Melbourne, they can be quite nasal. South Aussie accents (my own) are more ‘refined’ and they say South Aussies sound a bit ‘English’. Accents are cool!

Haha aw, thank you Jess! I have been told I have a slightly English accent at times, it’s pretty random. Someone at my workplace recently moved to Sydney from Adelaide, I must say he does have an interesting accent.

I have a pretty low-pitched talking voice for a girl, but my singing voice is definitely “sweeter”. Also, I realise I posted this a while ago but recently, at work, I had to do a voiceover for a video (I was reluctant to do so), and a lot of people said I had a very good voice for that!