The Tuesday After

I just revived myself with a glorious three-day weekend, courtesy of Labour Day in Australia. It was cut an hour short by the wonderful state of mind and trickery known as daylight savings, but other than that, I had a well-deserved break, and jumped out of the break in quite good spirits.

Thursday night was not too eventful, I dyed my hair black to be Wednesday Addams for a dress-up party I ended up not going to (more on that later), then realised I could probably dress up as Sadako, but for what it’s worth, the black isn’t too bad. It was a bit of a spontaneous, mega-thrilling activity, dying my hair, and I got black stains all over the bathtub and got half of it all over my hands, but all is well and good now.

I painted my nails red during my lunch break on Friday. I hoped the guys in the office wouldn’t mind, but I remember Chad once told me not to stink up the office. That would have been a couple of years ago when I started working there, though. My nail polish dried pretty fast, though, and I was happy to paint them red, as my nails actually hadn’t been painted in a while.

I didn’t think I would get accreditation for it, but I had to photograph Deep Sea Arcade and Hey Geronimo on Friday night. I really didn’t think the accreditation would go through, so I had planned to attend Tristan’s friend’s dress-up party. When I found out I had to photograph, I decided to be superwoman and just attend after photographing the concert. Cool, because that didn’t go to plan. Neither did going to The Dip for a watermelon and bacon burger that Tristan wanted to try. They had sold out. (Go buy some watermelons, damn it!) After eating some hot dogs instead (naturally, I had a vege dog), teamed with some crunchy corn chips and dip, we parted ways and I said to Tristan that I’d buzz him later.

I was at the concert venue just in time for Hey Geronimo, and bumped into Jess in the pit. Woooo, I had no idea she was going to be there, so we, two photographers, danced a little wildly to Lazer Gun Show (first song on the bill, naturally) before finishing photographing during the first three songs. Of course, seeing my favourite band for the eleventh time put a huge grin on my face. I bumped into Andrew, who no longer plays keyboard for Hey Geronimo — it was nice to see him again, albeit not on stage, but currently replaced by Chris.

I also got to meet half the clan — bassist Greg has since been replaced by (Bill) Bingers, who I finally got to officially meet, and he was an absolute pleasure to talk to. :) I talked to him at the merch desk after their set, and of course I said hi to the rest of the boys too. Bingers told me how he had been a huge fan of the band before joining, and still felt like he had some pretty big shoes to fill. Ross had gone on holiday so had a temporary replacement (Charles), and I met Chris as well, and we got to chat for a good while.

At large venues, you’re usually only given the first three songs of a band’s set to photograph. This time we were given five songs, but despite that, a lot of my shots turned out rubbish because there was so much smoke and the lighting was so blue and red. After I shot Deep Sea Arcade I was thinking of leaving, but I didn’t want to walk so far and I’d dumbly worn my black pumps, so my feet were aching like you wouldn’t believe. I was a little miffed, but I messaged Tristan and I said I’d just meet him afterwards, and stay and watch the rest of Deep Sea Arcade instead. My mood would have plummeted if I hadn’t been able to talk to the boys from Hey Geronimo, and if I didn’t bump into Oli from Lime Cordiale as well, and I suppose if Jess hadn’t been there either. I guess good company is good company, you can’t deny that.

The show ended pretty early, at about 11:30. It seemed early to me, but I think that because I am used to being out quite late, and it was a busy Friday night, it didn’t seem so. I hung out at the merch desk for a while before a security guard told me I had to leave if I wasn’t in the band, and I sadly farewelled Hey Geronimo. Tony said he’d see me soon — they will, they will!

Outside, I stood for twenty minutes before my feet started to hurt, and I got a little cold. Tristan wouldn’t be back for a while longer, so I walked to Starbucks and bought a green tea latte. A strange man diagonally opposite me, stereotypical-crazy-scientist-like, had a massive empty cup of coffee and half a dozen empty sugar packets in front of him, as he read a newspaper. I chuckled lightly at the strangeness of what I saw, and continued to drink my latte. A staff member announced that they would be closing soon, and at midnight on the dot, I walked outside even though none of the other customers had left. As I stood outside with my coffee on the steps, I spotted two girls sitting on the steps, eating fries out of a bag. I didn’t want to sit down so I just stood, my feet reminding me how much they hurt. I ignored it, and a young man with his friends pointed at me as they walked past.

“You’re lovely,” he called out. “Beautiful,” he said, as he continued walking by.
Just before he turned his head and kept on walking I made sure I smiled lightly and said thanks, relieved that he wasn’t a creep of some sort, like that random guy who interrupted me while I was listening to Daft Punk and running to drop off an assignment just to say I was pretty and to ask me out on a date. Rude. But yeah, that picked me up a little.

I sat at the bus stop, thankful too that I had a place to sit for a while, before Tristan found me and we made our way home.

The rest of the weekend was purely hectic, but that for my next post…

I slept eleven hours yesterday, it was glorious. Also it’s an ungodly time and past 2:00am now, so it sounds like it’s sleep time for me.

In other random news, I will (almost sadly) be farewelling my photoblog at Indecisively, me. It is a harsh, rash decision but I have not been posting there often, and I have been posting a lot of my photos here on my blog, and the consolidation is something I am looking forward to. That domain means a great deal to me, and yes, I am certainly a very indecisive person — that hasn’t changed — but it is one of those days I feel like it is time for a change, again. Keeping a photoblog for four years was wonderful but I want to bring that all back to this little place I call home. It will make me so sad, it really will — and perhaps my photoblog will redirect here, or perhaps I will whiz that up into a gallery or portfolio of sorts.

It’s just that since I started photographing for music magazines and blogs, and writing more on my blog here, my photoblog has been neglected. I don’t post there often anymore. This decision is probably for the better, and knowing me, I probably won’t actually let go of the domain. ♥️

In that light, I am hoping to post a little more frequently on my blog, with more photos and with hopefully more variety. And less long posts. :P

Comments on this post

Shame you couldn’t get a picture from the party night! I was looking forward to seeing your Wednesday Addams impression. Oh well, maybe next time!

I didn’t know Andrew was no longer playing keys. I must say, I’m taken quite aback learning this: even though I presume he’s still managing the band, he along with Greg were in Montpelier previously before spinning off to Hey Geronimo. And now they’re both no longer playing for the band. It feels like an entire part of the group is no longer there. That’s not to discount the talent and skill of the new guys, of course! What I’m saying is that what was once part of their essence is now but a part of their musical legacy (who says a young indie band can’t have one?). It’s special, in a way… you know what I mean!

As for your photoblog, you have been sitting on it for quite a while; I believe it was not a rash decision. Far from it. Which, of course, given the domain and how you’re not letting go of it, just adds to the irony of the whole thing /eee THERE, I SAID IT.

Good night Georgie! ♥

Georgie! I was just thinking about you (and Skeletons MB) a few days ago and have been meaning to find you again! Weird how that happens and then you comment :) I really miss those fourms, and many of the people that were on them.

I’m glad to see you’re still going to so many shows and photographing them! You have always had great photography and it’s so cool that you got to meet the band after as well! That never happens at any concert that I go to, and many you aren’t even allowed to take cameras in. It’s a shame about your photoblog, but you can always incorporate images into this blog so it’s not too bad!

I’d love to see a picture of your black hair :D I’ve been considering going a darker blonde/light brown, but I wanted some pink first before I even thought about doing it for real. The pink is one that washes out (it’s already fading, and it’s been less than a week) so I’ll touch it up a few times and then maybe find something more permanent.

I have been well, especially in the past year. New job, new city, new boy, all that are way better than ones in the past. We definitely need to keep in touch way more often!

Well personally I’d do anything for DST so an hour lost is just an hour lost. :P I sometimes wish we had DST full time since it’s already eight months long anyway.

I envy you for the need to dye your hair black, when my life is essentially a struggle of getting my hair to color because it’s too black. I recently got it to be quite light! For me.

When you said you were out until almost midnight and a guy called you beautiful I was expecting a creep story. :P The only time I’ve heard a girl being called beautiful was in Florida, and it was followed by whistling, which I put in creep category rather than compliment category.

I am also thinking of saying bye to my photo blog because keeping so many blogs is high maintenance. I was never as great of a photo blogger as you anyway – my photo blog is always neglected except for in winter when I have endless time. I hope you turn into a portfolio, even though you already have one. Gallery. Is that the magic word?!

Consolidation is for the best – you know you’ve got my vote ;)

And Halloween costumes… eek. I am not a big Halloween person so I am THAT person that puts zero effort into my costume, haha. I’m not looking forward to Daylight Savings either, my mornings are dark enough already without setting the clocks back :(

Compared to how long I spend deciding to merge all my blogs into one, you were not rash at all. Plus, sometimes rash decisions do turn out to be the right ones. I look forward to seeing more photos, but I’m glad that your photos are appearing on the Internet, even if they’re not on your own site!