The League of Evil Fonts

Every now and then you will come across an evil font. It is hard to really describe what constitutes these fonts as being evil, but sometimes, as soon as you lay eyes on them, you realise that just a little bit of excess usage has resulted in these fonts being considered ugly, horrible, crap, disastrous, eye-burning, retina-scarring, and overall – evil. Let’s start with one example.

Lucida Handwriting

What’s that I hear? Your eyes aren’t burned out yet?


Ouch, that hurts a bit. Now maybe you’re wondering why I chose to set out the previews in this way. Not only might you possibly have the glory in knowing what fantasmic fonts these are, but you get to experience (almost!) the full-frontal horror of every font with not just a title, but a paragraph of text as well! Perhaps you should thank me that I didn’t make that paragraph any longer. ;)

Let’s move on to the God of too much. I mean, you think these fonts are simple, script-like, and just… overused? Are you thinking that maybe there are fonts with too much decoration, brouhaha and havoc all around? Yes, there certainly is:

Jokerman font

How many dots and sticky-outy lines could you possibly fit into one font design? It’s ridiculous. Kids will like this font to some extent, but really – for what purpose would you need such a disgusting, badly designed, messy font? I’d like to think that even when it comes to advertising something for kids, they aren’t going to care for fonts. Yes, Jokerman tells me, ‘fun!’ (as well as ‘ohmyIseeorangecowsouchmyeyes’), but if you have a target audience of children, they might be at the age when they’re only starting to learn to read. Jokerman doesn’t help when it has extra dotties and titties and what have you. Even when adults may be reading the signs, it’s going to make it awfully hard to read. No one wants to read an entire paragraph in Jokerman. No one. I’ll prove it to you:

Jokerman paragraph

Let’s keep this in mind though. Jokerman is the only ridiculously decorated font I have included in this blog so far. But it is not a nice font. There are many decorated fonts which look good given a certain purpose and when not overused. But when it comes to the big culprits I’ve mentioned so far, Lucida Handwriting and Mistral are a bit simple. They come pretty close to resembling handwriting.

So why is it that quite possibly the simplest font – non serif, meaning no little curls and curves like Times New Roman or Georgia; a casual font; a font that is easy to read; a font originally intended for comic books – is the most hated?

Comic Sans MS
Oh god, my eyes.

The simple answer is this: It is overused. You should never abuse a font in such a way that it is overused. People abused this font. They used it on their essays when they went to school. On school students’ detention forms. On newspaper advertisements for a search for employees. How can anyone take you seriously with this font?

In primary school, in around the year 2001, I received a lot of newsletters and important notes for my parents. Notes that they were required to sign to give permission for excursions and carnivals. But oh man, of all fonts, they chose Comic Sans MS. As I said, how can you be taken seriously? You’re informing me of a head lice breakout and you are writing in uppercase. In Comic Sans. The title is large. Bold. Italicised. And oh, to top it off, it’s underlined too. With the pathetic asterisks. Please tell me you don’t take any of these seriously.

Head lice alert!

There is an appropriate font for every occasion. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to write everything in Arial, Helvetica and Times New Roman to always be on the safe side. Don’t be afraid to try new fonts. Just make sure you choose carefully. Don’t choose Jokerman for an obituary. Don’t choose a chilling gothic font for a children’s birthday party invitation.

Download fonts, use them. Do not abuse them. There are some very lovely fonts out there, and used for a simply title or heading, look lovely.

Fonts example

But not like this.

A line of text in different fonts.

For crying out loud. Use a lovely font. Use it for titles, a whole sentence if you must. I can’t tell you how horrible one line of a decorative font looks. But that, up there, looks like shit. Because I just used 493302 different fonts in the one image. Imagine if you used even just three different fonts throughout your website layout. Imagine using three of those, with not even a thought about default fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. Pick three of those fonts, tell me you can make an amazing layout with three of those fonts.

You can’t. It will look utterly horrible. It will hurt people’s eyes. If that’s what you’re going for – well! – by all means, go ahead and do it. I’ve given you the recipe to a horrible design. I know you have your favourite “pretty” fonts, but don’t overuse them.

You also need standard typefaces. It’s why novels were never printed in Lucida Handwriting. Ouch. One very popular font, Helvetica, recently celebrated its 50th birthday and the font is still being recognised today because it is versatile, clear, without intrinsic meaning in its form, and is pretty much neutral.

Because obviously no one is going to take you seriously with a head lice alert in Comic Sans. 🙄

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LOL, I used to use Mistral for headings. Now I just use the same font I write the body of the essay in. Which is usually Times New Roman, cos the font is always specified on the assessment notification. But wooooow, looking at your paragraphs, it DOES look bad when you use those specific fonts overly much D:.

No one could possibly take you seriously if you’re printing a seriously-toned notice in such wild and decorative fonts D:. It’s crazy. And DIFFICULT to read. I mean, okay when you’re a kid, it’s like ‘HEY! FONTS THAT LOOK FANCY/LIKE HANDWRITING! COOL *uses*. That’s forgivable. But surely when you get to a certain age, you realise it’s ridiculous?

Comic Sans IS overused! LOL. I’m totally guilty of overuse of Comic Sans :P.

But LOL, I can’t believe your school typed NOTICES in Comic Sans! Hahahaha. Comic Sans is supposed to be cartoony. Using it on important notices kind of contradicts the seriousness of the note. Thereby defeating it’s purpose. I’d mistake the note for a birthday invitation or something XD.

I agree! Sometimes fonts can be PERFECT for pretty titles and stuff, but when you use them for sentences and paragraphs and whatnot, it looks RETARDED D:. Seriously, it’s well illustrated in your picture :P. I’d not bother to read anything in those fonts. It’s just too strenuous on the eyes.

OH GOD! If they typed books in those types of fonts, I’d cry. It’d totally ruin my love of reading :(.

You are right, that’s the best we can to do think positive and surround yourself with friends who keep us happy :)

Thanks Georgina! Yesterday I had my first final exam and I think it went well. And within two weeks, I will have more exams. /eee

Your friend was an early riser. I understand. I never got up earlier than the 7:30 a.m. Maybe you should do that, start to sleep early to wake up a little earlier. It really is so, I think so too.

You’re welcome! You don’t lose hope to continue working on your novel. Much encouragement.

Thank you! Have a good week too! :)

Thanks for writing this blog, I found it very interesting and instructive. I generally tend to use Times New Roman to write the works of the university. It’s so true that Comic Sans is overused. I used to use that source, but I got tired of using it, because it was somewhat heavy on the eyes.
Wow I can not believe your school typed notices in Comic Sans. I never liked the Jokerman font is too ridiculous.
Certainly there are some nice fonts there, and is used for a title or heading and simply look lovely. But we must do not abuse them :)

Oh, you can get your ears pierced if you want to :P . Mine are infected because I didn’t take care of them, I would touch them, play with them and never sprayed on the ear care bottle I was given. It’s my own fault. When you get a piercing done you just have to remember that it’s a fresh opened and healing wound, vulnerable to dirt and all sorts of germs, so you need to treat it carefully. I just took the risk, didn’t think I would get an infection. But it will heal with simple antibiotics.

I really like the Lucida hand writing. 😏 But I don’t think I would ever use it for my website.

I remember you once telling me to not use comic sands because you hate it, so I removed it. It really was ugly. XD

I think … a year ago, I would’ve felt the same but honestly even those “evil” fonts are not so bad to look at anymore. I used to cringe at Comic sans ms but it’s really not so bad. Give them a chance. Make friends with them! But what’s more important than typeface? Spacing!

Haha, I just love this post xD

Comic Sans MS is the worst. I loved it as a kid but now I only dislike it. xD Fonts shouldn’t be used to much, mixing them for designs or headings for your site is okay, if you can read it… if the entire paragraph is unable to read then it will be useless. Though I could never think of using one “playful” font for an entire paragraph, a heading is enough.

I have to agree with you here. Some fonts are just abused in such horrible ways. I still have teachers that print out things for us using Comic Sans and I sit there looking at it and I’m just “REALLY?” I can’t take those teachers seriously after that.

I just don’t think that these new webdesigning babies understand that you have to use neutral fonts and not crazy fonts all the time. It saddens me when I see websites like that. It saddens me that it happens, and I have honestly seen horrible done websites like that. Both when I started and now. Which makes me ponder the sanity of those people.

I have to agree, some fonts must of been made by someone blind. Not only are some ugly, but also hard to read and are a head killer. /bash

Certain fonts look okay as titles, but when used in a paragraphs, it is just like stick with the basic easy to read font please. I remember my writing class was formatting our essays and one girl had bright text like hot pink in a Lucida Handwriting like font. I felt bad for the person who had to read it. It like someone using size 8 font with no letter spacing and all caps. Annoying and hard to read.

I use to love Comic Sans MS. I used it a lot. But to use for a notice? I am thinking bright red, arial black for the title and then regular for the information. Comic Sans MS is not really taken that seriously as opposed to arial.

Fonts say a lot about the message. Whether it is suppose to be taken seriously or not and what the importance of the message is. Different fonts should be used for different occasions.

I completely agree with you on this one. I hope my determination takes me the way I need to go. You can apply that to your own life. With your family and all. You use your anger and push yourself harder in school or whatever.

I can’t believe how someone people can let go so quickly. Even as a Christian, I find hard to let go. I know I should, but it is hard. My scenario is the same way with a guy breaking up with a girl and to find out the next day he is already with someone else. It hurts.

I keep things way to bottled up inside as it is, so it a good thing I can open up and not be judged. Thank you. <3

I think you should add this to your articles (if you have a section…). But some of those ugly fonts you mentioned like mistral… I like to use them for headers:) And I think how a font is pretty/ugly really depends on what you are using for like you mentioned in this post and some of those ugly fonts can be pretty if you use it in the right way, and definetly not overused like arial, comic sans ;D

Decorative fonts are okay for titles and such but yes, I agree they are horrid in full sentences etc. Wow Jokerman HURTS DX Owch. I hate hate hate comic-sans the most though.

I think one line of nice clean script writing is okay for a title or whatever but not for a whole paragraph…

LOL. My confidence is gone for art again. We had two shitty sub teachers for the past few months and they didnt tell us HALF of what our JC art is going to be. We got our normal teacher back today and we have over six months of work to do but we only have till 15th April with many breaks in between. URGHHH.

I hate sub teachers. :-( I’m so stressed rn!

The only fantasy I like is HP. He’s awesome. :} But I’m thinking of reading the True Blood cos I heard it’s like Skins (WHICH I LOVE) except vampires.

URGH. I got my books today except the next one in that series! But I got the next one in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series so I’m ok. :-)

Oof, evil fonts. Whomever designed the notices at my elementary and middle schools was a shameless font-abuser — I’ve actually seen “head-lice alert” notices in decorative fonts, as well as “In remembrance of Students-Who-Died-This-Year” banners in Comic Sans. …Really? A banner designed to honour students from our school district who died really needs to be done in a font designed for comics? Really?!

And oh, how I love Helvetica. I’m also an unabashed lover of Georgia, which I widely use across my sites. I probably overuse it, but dangit, I love it so. XD

I used to be heavily obsessed with Georgia, before I moved on to Arial. I think my likes seem to go from Arial to Georgia and back to Arial again. Several times I’ve used Verdana or Tahoma for fanlisting layouts, just for something different, and because it tends to suit layouts for fanlisting subjects with a bit of an edge (a rock band, or something like that). :P

lol, I agree. I hate Comic Sans so much. Even when I make my own comics, I use Anime Ace. I haven’t used Comic Sans since I was… 8-9? My school also used CS in notices! Mistral was one of the fonts I used to like when little, it was hard to read, but it was fascinating! Never liked Jokerman, it was the ugliest font in the world, even as an 8th year old, I detested it from the bottom of my heart. Imagine a MSN Messenger chat, ten years ago, fuchsia Jokerman all over the page. THE HORRORS.

Handwriting is lovely, but I can’t imagine a sentence or paragraph (except for physical mail xD) look good with Burst My Bubble, a font I’ve @fontfaced at my site. I use it to make some words stand out, but I’m certain that if I use it on all my content, I would be THAT 12 year old Myspace-noob xD oh god, the shame.

My most favourite font must be Century Gothic. It’s simplistic and stylish. But for some reason it’s not in my default pack! /wah

Oh no! Let me know if you want me to email you Century Gothic, it won’t be much of a problem. :)

I definitely knew about Jokerman when I was younger, but I had the same reaction as you. I didn’t know why anyone would want to use a font like that. It always amused me looking at other people’s fonts on MSN, because some of them had horrific ones like Curlz MT (which I forgot about until now), Gigi, and others. O_O

Jokerman is the worst font I’ve ever seen, even now when I’ve cruised Dafont, Font Squirrel etcetc and seen most of what is to offer.

I would like Century Gothic, please. :D Thank you!

You’re welcome! I just sent it from my Gmail account. :D

I’m super psyched (: I know it’s not fun to spend time apart with significant others; but it does make things easier sometimes & make situations that weren’t too great before even better (:
I think it’s great how your friends respect you that much. My friends usually won’t care too much unless it’s something we’ve had planned for a while; they’ll be upset a little but they usually understand (:
I realized earlier how many people I thought I was close to, have just drifted from me. I guess it’s neither persons fault; those things do just happen.

I do agree with you. There are certain fonts that when people use, especially in whole paragraphs, you don’t even want to read it. I remember in elementary school how they told us we had to use Comic Sans MS & we weren’t allowed to use any other font. I’m actually pretty fond of Helvetica, Calibri, fonts of that sort. They look a lot better than some fonts, especially on websites.

Oh man! I wrote my elementary school papers in Comic Sans! And I have a professor that uses it in his lecture slides. So it’s like, they look goofy, except that I have to take them seriously.

I feel like most of the fonts out there are meant to be decorative and nothing else. They’re useful in graphics I feel and I’ve seen people use cursive fonts for blog titles. As long as I don’t have to read paragraphs of that font. Then it’s oow!

Wow! This post made me laugh and feel guilty. I would never use “Joker man” on a whole post, but I did think it was cool enough to use as a title on my Science Fair Project. Thinking back to that has me cracking up. The bolding, italicizing, and underlining at once is abusing the poor font. Arghhhhh, I absolutely hate when people do that. Use one! It will get the point across just as effective and it looks formal. Those were the laughs. Now for the guilt’s. I am guilty of using Comic Sans on an essay. Sorry! Writing essays in Times New Roman really bore me. Therefore, when I would get a teacher that would not require Times New Roman, I would pick a random, readable font to use.

Exactly. I mean, the dog is a good dog. He listens well and his behaviour is good for the most part. I think its because of how society has potrayed the bread its self, and it isnt so. Its all in how they are brought up and trained. It was annoying when those kids were there because we knew they were scared of him, for good reasons since he almost attacked them for no reason. But they egged it on and made him bark and they would SCREAM so high pitched. He doesnt like males, and we think the dog is racist because whenever theres an african person around his temper is so out of control and he’d attack them if he got near them :S
Thanks :D I’m glad you liked it :) . I sometimes hate being closed as a person. I think I come off as a snob to people or someone people can’t approach, but its cause im shy and I try my best to just keep to myself :/

I have to agree with you on this, and who ever doesn’t is crazy. I hate crazy fonts because like you mentioned, they cannot be taken seriously, and they often are over used. I dont understand why fonts like Times New Roman are hated so much. Well, honestly I don’t like it much, but I prefer to read that than some ugly non readable font.
I guess people need to learn when a font is acceptable to use, and not to over do it. Sure different fonts catch your attention and make you think “wow, that looks nice” and make you want to read whatever it is, but if your whole article/poster is writen in it, then no, people are not going to read it. If they do, they wil just end up hating themselves for wasting time to read it when it could have taken seconds to do so if it was in a normal font.

My eyes! They burn! D’:
Oh yes, the days when Jokerman used to be cool. >< Hmm, maybe our eye-sight is much less refined during childhood. Haha.

Mistral is probably one of the ugliest fonts I have ever seen and have never used. It's just so … Ugh. A friend of mine still uses it now, and I'm all like ohmygodwhatareyoudoing?! D: It's just so hideous and practically unreadable. I see large orange cows. O.O Haha, oh you do make me laugh with that phrase. It's so random. :D

As for Comic Sans, I hate it. I alway have. It just doesn't look right to me. I don't like how bold and curvy it looks. :/ I remember watching a YouTube video and this walked past a clothes shop with a sign written in Comic Sans. "Well, they're not advertising themselves to well. They don't have a good fashion sense with font." LOL. XD

Geez, I’m sorry, I’m ALWAYS making typos on your blog. ><

*this guy walked past …
And *advertising themselves too well

Lol, that’s so true. My friends all love Comic Sans MS, but I cannot stand it. My least favorite font EVER is Papyrus. It’s the stupidest font. I see it everywhere: posters, badly coded websites, bad graphics, bottles, on stores’ doors (that was a completely unintentional rhyme), and innumerable other places. Grr. 🤮

I’d hate it if I recieved an official letter like..from my bank saying ‘Your account has been closed and all funds have been dissolved! Yay /frog’ in Comic Sans, it’d be pretty Fuu. D:

I guess all fonts can be used within boundaries of good taste; it seems like the harder-to-read, the more decorative and hence it should be used more sparingly to avoid eye implosions.

But Jokerman gives ‘Head Lice Alert’ that “itchy” feel, don’t you think? /ho

Georgie, you didn’t mention Papyrus! I think the title for most evil font ever is a three-way tie between Papyrus, Comic Sans and Curlz MT. Urgh. I can’t even think about them and not shudder.

This is a blog I’m very much willing to get behind. Down with the evil fonts! Thankyou for writing this post.

hahahaha… this article made me laugh Georgina. :) but you have a good point there… it does burn my eyes too. hahahaha.. :D

I know exactly what you mean! I had an English teacher in eighth grade who used Comic Sans for everything. It was painful. I haven’t seen Mistral abused a lot on the web but I have definitely seen Lucida Handwriting. Then again, I know I use the same font a lot on banners and such… Bah. D:

Jokerman is definitely a horrid font. I don’t think I ever went through a phase with that font but I wouldn’t be surprised if I did. Whoever made that font definitely tried to pack on as much extra font-ness as they could. /:

I would never use Jokerman or anything on my site. If I want a handwriting or decorative font I download one and use @font-face or Fontburner. I do dislike when people use the decorative downloaded fonts as their body text, though. That is definitely overkill and I usually don’t even try to decode the page.

Maybe your blog will alert some people of their wrongdoing and make the internet a more easy to read place. (:

It’s good that you like where you live! I moved from where I was born when I was eight so I have gotten to adjust to a new city. There is nothing wrong with travelling away from your home town either! It won’t get its feelings hurt.

You should try to come to the US sometime; there is definitely a lot of big attractions in the country. We have a zoo as well, but it’s not the greatest. It is a very good zoo but I am sure there are some in other cities that are better. ^^

Ah, I would love to go to Italy. New Zealand sounds great too! There was a National Geographic article on it this past summer that I read; the pictures were beautiful.

Theme parks can be fun but they aren’t always. I didn’t really enjoy the rides as much until this summer when I went to Universal Studios in Orlando for the second time, Seaworld, and Busch Gardens. If you do come to the United States one day you should try one of those. ^^

I like simple and clean-looking fonts. Those fancy fonts are best used for headers and DEFINITELY not for content bodies, y’know? It gives us pure headache trying to decipher what it’s saying because the fonts can be so wiggly and all -.- We don’t need that.

But at the same time, if you use fonts like Arial for your contents but have spacing so close to each other, it gives us headaches as well. Well spaced fonts with clear and simple fonts for the body is what I like :) Easier to read, less headaches :)

This was an interesting blog. Sometimes I use a lot of strange fonts for my artworks, well I used. I haven’t done anything in ages(last summer hahaha), but just for my site title. Anyway I prefer clear, nice, easy to read fonts. I don’t like handwriting fonts! I hate them, they look, fake!!!

I remember last year we had to do some paper work for a class, and everyone showed their work and around 10 people used Comic Sans MS! I was like “There are still 10 idiots that use Comic Sans MS for their essays” I can’t believe that in 9th grade people still use this. I usually use Arial, Georgia and Calibri for my essays, websites and YM, MSN. They are easy to read and people can understand what I am trying to say.

My left hand writing it’s the worst I’ve ever seen. I wish I could do the letters perfectly, but I just can’t. It passed a month since I started practicing, but I saw only speed improvements, that’s all. I hope that I can switch my writing hand til` next year. It’s one of my 2011 goals.

I think you should try to get along with your mother, and focus on your studying. I don’t agree with jobs during school, even if when I will be 18 I will find one:D. I will be 600 km away from my parents and I don’t want to be a pain in the ass for them.

I love using fancy yet stylish fonts for the header title and other small titles but I always pick a nice easy to read font for the main body of text.

Fonts are not the only thing that’s annoying. Colours, size and spacing! I love reading your blog because you space out your text really nicely so it’s so easy to read. It’s also a very good size. I really dislike blogs that have really small text and really close together. Totally strains my eyes when I try to read it. Colours of text….do I even need to say anymore lol.

I love kittens and puppies. I don’t think cats as are cute when they’re older. Dogs can still be cute when they’re old especially small dogs. Dogs are generally more playful then cats so makes them appear more cute. Taking care of pets is far too much work and extremely time consuming. I think I’ll probably just get some fishes! My parents love fishes because its easy to care for and they look pretty. They don’t really need to do much to them apart from feed them and clean the tank every now and then. The tank does smell a bit fishy (especially if the tank filter isn’t that good) but it isn’t as bad as cat poop!

I really don’t have time to reply to your last comment but if you read my new blog you’ll understand. I really feel so crap right now. :-(

Way to vent about fonts. :P

When I was younger, I was madly in love with Comic Sans. XD
I don’t think I used it for work to hand in, but for just about everything else I wrote. xP

About the head lice alert…I don’t think people usually think about the font. xP
They’re thinking, “Oh my googley-bush! I gotta protect my child’s poor head!” >.<


So, how have you been? I haven't dropped by in SO LONG.

My blog has recently been hacked. -__- 💥
So, I decided to create a new one on Tumblr.
I had a feeling this would be happening recently, so I happened to save everything before it happened. Weird, but awesome, right? XD
No, the layout isn't nice and pretty, but that's not what I care about. The blog is about it's posts, comments, and other content, not how it necessarily looks. UNLESS, your blog is about art or a business and such… :P

But anyway, it's all good. :)
I wasn't even mad or anything. Haha. I was just like, "Alright. I win because nothing was really lost! My super powers are awesome!" ^_^

Anything new with you? :)

I agree! If I go to a site that has a lot of writing, I would like to be able to stare at the screen, read it, and not get a headache. People need to learn to keep the fun, lovely looking fonts for title usage and not for a blog entry.

Thanks for your reply. ♥
Looked up Porky’s on My instant reaction: D: You weren’t kidding. /ehh

Haha, after reading that I just had to comment. xD Because I agree with every single aspect of that post! Comic Sans has to be my all time least favorite font- closely followed by those others. They’re not only ugly, overused, fonts- but they really have no relevant use at all. I always thought of comic sans as the elementary school font- glad I’m not alone there. :) I also can’t stand Papyrus. xP
I personally enjoy fonts such as Georgia, Helvetica, Verdana, Arial, etc. They are just classic fonts that are simple, easy to read, and eye pleasing. :)

And if I’m going to use a fancy scripted font on say, a layout header or such, I almost refuse to use one of the ones that come pre-installed on your computer. Haha, I think it destroys from the beauty and uniqueness of a layout. xD I just go find one on one of those nifty font sites that is unique and download it. :) Nothing wrong with the simple, easy to read, and decent looking fonts though that come on your computer. ^^

Comic Sans drives me up a wall. I’m not too big into having a bunch of fonts and I rarely download any, I love using Times New Roman (I guess that it’s just what I’ve been using the last 10 years of my life for school that I’ve just grown to love it lol). Comic Sans drives me nuts. At first it was nice and cutesy and then yes, EVERYONE OVERUSED IT. Agreed. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I completly agree with all of those georgina D: . Comic san MS is probally the WORST font ever! I’m so glad someone else understands my pain :P . I hate it, it is a terriable over-used font. I once saw a website with this as their full on font, eww, i loved their designs, and their layout was pretty too, but the font comic sans MS ruined everything. I agree with Jockerman too, yuck, i don’t even see how kids could like that /hehe . There are many over-used and just plain ugly fonts out there. People when making fonts try to be “different” by adding a whole bunch of crappy lines and circles all over, but it just makes the font look like crap /snort . I loved this blog georgina ♥ ! Had to answer right away :) !
/type Quinn

Oooo fonts! I have 10,000 of them. (H)

The font, Mistral is just pure evil. D: I think fonts that are evil like that, should only be used as headers. HUGE and just for headers only. NOT A FRIGGIN BLOG POST! :P! What you said in this post is absolutely true! Comic Sans MS. oh god. I remembered last year, my history teacher only wanted us to use that font. I was like, “WHY NOT GEORGIA?!” And he started a lecture about how students usually use fonts like Jokerman for essays and its impossibly hard to read. :/. So I agreed and just went on. :P!

Like you said, use fancy font only for titles. :P! I can`t even think about using pointy as a blog post font. :/. I tried using that as my blog titles and it came out so blegh D’:! So I just stick to the normal legible fonts ^__^!

You must`ve be a journalist~! You are an excellent and interesting writer :P!

After this semester, no more forced exercise for me ! ^__^ But exercise is good once a week. :D! What sucks is that I`m so gonna get lazy and gain weight after this XD!

History is interesting! But it is very forgetting if the teacher doesn`t have a technique of teaching it! If they just say it, then.. Its hard for some like me to remember em D’:!

I did a whole semester in class on Typography and what was universally used and the like. Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Verdana, Georgia and Sans Serif. They used the terminology that San Serif has feet like the letter T had a line under it like feet. I get what you are saying. My font titles on my site I do not think anyone has: It’s Nothingyoucoulddo … I love it. I have all kinds of funky fonts but I rarely use them which creates big mases of GB space being used for relatively nothing.

I love the font MS Dialog Light. But if I go universal I LOVE Arial with 1px letter spacing and 11 px font size with a 20 – 24px line height. It just depends what look I want with it.

Some of those evil fonts had me squinting my eyes and I have my glasses on. Yeeouch! 💥

i agree with you. masyado nang overrated at overused ang comic sans kahit for ‘formal’ documents. when i see something typed in comic sans, i can’t help but not take it seriously, kasi naman, at times, it looks like a joke.

jokerman, on the other hand, is too decorative. D:

great post, btw :)

What’s overused is the word Font when what you really mean is Typeface. Other than that, the spirit of your article is right on the mark.

Thanks – this post is also nearly five years old and I wrote it when I wasn’t yet knowledgeable in the field, so it’s very much out of date. ;)

So late to the party…that’s what I get for not looking at the date. But who could resist reading an article titled “The League of Evil Fonts”?