Adventures through time and space

It’s actually a rare occurrence that I write in such detail about my day. I usually find one solid topic to blog about, and manage to write a good five hundred words on it. Another funny thing is when I just write something, and feel in my heart that I wrote without thinking (more like a stream of consciousness)… yet people seem to like what I ramble on about.

Today I was thinking about the past, which I hate doing. I was going to university to get some help with changing my subjects (let’s face it, Georgina’s probably gonna do much better and enjoy Photography better than Illustration – not to mention, yesterday, as I tried drawing with a tablet, I realised that my drawing sucked), and as I sat on the train I just thought about what happened in the past. It’s something I hate looking back on as a lot of it was filled with self-harm and depression. It’s like a dark hole.

I thought about one of my ex-boyfriends, and after a bit of thought, I realised that I was completely a fool to have hung on. I know it’s hard to let go. Now I realise that he was such a douche.

Why I come to this realisation about six years later I have no idea, but it’s always worth blogging about, isn’t it?

Well, he’s a douche. We got along after the break-up, as friends. But I realised just how much I sacrificed for him. It wasn’t my life or my heart or my eyes. It was my time. Time wasted. Time. Something I consider so, so important now. Something I treasure a lot now.

A lot of people said that 2010 went by so fast. It did for me too. I feel that as I get older the years trickle by a lot faster. Even now, I see a good life ahead of me, and I have many goals, but thinking about how far it is – it’s not far at all. The future is so close. And to be honest, I actually wish it was here. I used to dread the future. As a child I used to dread growing up. It scared me so much. I didn’t want to get older. I just wanted to stay a kid. I believe that the reason a lot of us are kids at heart is because we get physically older, we even get mentally older, but we still hold onto the fragments of our childhood and yearn for times long gone.

As I thought about my ex, sitting on the train – I thought about the time I spent going to see him at music rehearsals, spending lunchtimes with him, spending time chatting to him. When really, I believe that I gave more than I took, and he gave so little. These days, I feel a bit stingy with my time. I feel like I want to spend my time doing things I find important. I’m a bit selfish too. I want time to do things for myself too.

On the train, I stopped thinking. I got out my notebook and pen and wrote a poem to use my time wisely. I love writing poems. I wrote poems to empty my thoughts. To look ahead.

I saw James today, and we dismantled my laptop and put him back together after giving him a good vacuum (and getting a bit confused with the screws). We chatted as we munched on chicken, salmon, buns and wraps. We lay with the windows open and caught the cool breeze. ♥️

Sometimes I wish I had a TARDIS so I could move through time and space. But as handy as that may be, I’d never know how precious time is. The same way we wouldn’t know happiness without sadness; joy without anger; love without hate.

Today involved time spent with someone who was worth my time and effort. ♥️

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Before I talk about your post itself, I just want to say this is one of the best posts you have written, in my opinion. I know I already said that on msn, but I felt like I should say it here as well. ^_^

2010 went by really, really fast. It was almost scary, it only feels like a month ago that we had our first CCIP lecture. It feels surreal. I’m sure 2011 and 2012 are going to go by even faster. xD;

I can’t wait for the future, I really can’t wait what it holds for me, and what kind of a person I’ll be by the time I’m 25 and 30 haha. But now that you mention childhood, I can’t remember my outlook as a child. I probably mostly lived on the present and didn’t think much of the future. I guess, in a way, I’m still like that now.

I really wish I had a TARDIS. I remember when I was really high on the DW fever, how I seriously wanted one, and the different ways I would use. Probably the most common would be to finish assignments at my own pace, without all that stupid stress and actually do proper work. Another way I’d use it would be to visit my family and friends in South America and other parts of the world. I miss them so much … but I don’t think I’d be doing much time travel (but I’m sure the temptation would be too great and I’d go back in time sooner or later).

HI ♥
I really love this post because recently I have been thinking the same about Jason, my ex. Not about the time spent with him being wasted but the time I spent pining after him after we broke up. How it took me a whole year to fully detach myself from him. Thinking back I realised that he really wasn’t worth wait because he is now on girlfriend 2 …and I’m on boyfriend zero.
It’s making me start to value the people and how I spend my time. Before I used to waste time watching TV and texting people but now I’m like 100% focused on my studies and things that are worth it because the future is approaching really quickly and I want to make the most of it.

PS. So sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment, in November I started to revise for my January exams and everything fell out of place. But I’m back with a new domain :) Hope everything is good with you.

Every so often I have those blogs where I just ramble on about my day in general. I often think back to the past as well.

I don’t know, I guess we all make mistakes. We are alwayss alwayssss learning, and it’s so interesting to remember things from the past and think about how much you have changed and how much things in general have changed.

I think the years tend to go faster and every year there seems to be more and more to worry about. So you’re not just living your life, you’re thinking, ‘argh! Exam in two weeks!’ or something. Where as when you were younger you didn’t even care when it was Friday Dx When I was a kid, I never wanted to get older, people always say you should cherish your childhood and that’s what I wanted to do. I think the perfect age would be like – permanently 20-22 :)

Sounds like you and James had a fun time ^_^

I spend a lot of time at college thinking about the past. I have a lot of free time on my hands XD

My friend and I were in lesson talking about the past and how we would have done things differently if we had our time again. I said I would have taken every opportunity I had. I regret not doing things when I was young, such as not going to dance classes or learning to play and instrument. I also started and gave up a lot of activities such as drama and golf lesson.

I don’t really like to think too much about my past boyfriends because it just reminds me of the bad times. I had a boyfriend in year 8 and he was awful and I will never know why I dated him. It kind of ruined my school life that year, my grades slipped :(

I only have one ex and we only dated for three weeks, but every so often I look back and think, wtf? I’m glad I never had a real relationship before Bryan, I don’t get over things.

I never ever wanted to grow up when I was a kid. Grownups looked like they were so miserable. Oddly enough, I was more miserable when I was a kid than I am now.

glad your with a good guy now :)

Life is full of lessons, and you learned yours. The correct answer that I’ve come up with for myself is that you’re not born knowing anything, and to be glad that you know the lesson now. Imagine what you’d be like if you hadn’t made any mistakes! You’d be a douchebag too.

Man, I also wish that I had a TARDIS to fast forward through my exams. :P

Such a beautiful topic & a beautifully written blog, Georgina. :) I feel the exact same way. It’s why people look at me funny when I ask them why they enjoy wasting their time with someone who isn’t worth it..because they haven’t figured this shiz out yet & it’s really frustrating.

Here you, with the information at hand: the more you spend your efforts with someone who supposedly makes you happy for a little, but you don’t see something there with him..the more time you waste. Why people don’t understand that is beyond me, really. We’re young! You’re turning 20 this year & I’m turning 21 (woooo bring on the alcohol…actually, I just want to be able to order a Cosmopolitan at a restaurant ahah) & we know who’s worth our time & who isn’t.

It’s just simply that & I think that a lot of people our age just want to have fun & waste their time, while we know that you can’t turn back time & you have to appreciate what time you have left. It also makes you realize that people could leave your side at any time just by bad luck. People could suddenly die from a horrible accident & all you have left is to reflect on the time you had with them & what the last thing you said to them was. You can only hope that they knew how much they meant to you. It’s why my friend Cau always tries to tell me how much he appreciates me as a friend & loves me every night before he goes to bed because he doesn’t know for a fact that we’ll still be alive tomorrow.

That tardis connection was really good. You’re right, even if we had a time just wouldn’t allow us to comprehend the beauty of time itself. I’m really glad that I have a friend like you in which I can discuss this sort of thing because often I feel alone when I’m the only who doesn’t enjoy wasting my time with worthless people..yet others always say, “well why nott? why can’t I give him a chance? We’re having fun. He makes me happy..but I don’t see a future with him. I’m fine with the way things are. I don’t need to be his girlfriend. Whatever.” OKAY sure thing. Nice to see that you wasted your time on nothing. I suppose that you gain experience during the time you wasted. But just like you, I’m picking up new things to do all the time to fill up my day.

Knitting! haha I picked up knitting & that jewelry project of mine (& Kevin’s). Still need to come up with a name, wanna help us?!

As a child, I always wanted to be older hahaha, but now that I’m older, I .. still want my future to get here. I just want to be successful & having a beautiful home with my husband & 2 kids already, but then I’d like time to stop haha.

But don’t wish your future will come faster, because time does go by very quickly, appreciate the time you have now to make your future even brighter. :)

P.S. the tablet is so difficult to draw something marvelous I am so horrible at drawing, seriously, so I totally know where you’re coming from. Hope you enjoy taking photography classes (& if you can get them). :)

Aw, that is so nice of you to say. /eee Hopefully, with a bit of care, my skin will get better. :) I already do all I can, wash twice a day, cleanse etc. I don’t usually exfoliate because my skin is also sensitive, and the last time I exfoliated, I broke out badly. 😒 I think I should’ve kept using it, but I don’t dare after that episode.

Maybe the relationship that you and your mum have will work itself out over time. ♥ I know I can’t say much on the topic, because I barely know what goes on. 😳 I’m sorry if I sound like I’m intruding. Just wish you the best for the future. <3

I love my P.C. but I would kill for a MacBook. They're just so pretty and light and … pretty. 🤤 XD
Photography sounds like it would be fun. I'm planning to take an a-level photography course in college; which I think I've mentioned before. :P

The thought of getting older still scares me a little bit. I don't really like to think about the future, but only because I'm a chicken about becoming independent and leaving school. /bash
As for the TARDIS, how about we throw David Tennant in there too? ;)

/nad yes, he was a douche indeed. D;

Yeah, a lot of people seem to have a lack of appreciation of their own time. It’s sort of odd when people go ‘WOW TWO WEEKS UNTIL’ and wish they had a unidirectional time machine to jump straight there to that event, even if the two intermediate weeks would be lost forever. Time you’d never get back in your fervor for something fleeting; wouldn’t savouring that time to do something important, something special be more useful if the event you look forward to so damn much is inevitable?

I used to be scared of growing up as well; to let go of the comfort I had established through a routine I had nailed down pretty well. I eventually realised it was going to happen eventually (and to everyone) so I just let it slide, and took it as it came. Now it seems more interesting than intimidating as we grow up and realise our own potential as people, and so the future doesn’t seem so dark and mysterious /eee


I get excited about upcoming events too, but to jump to that moment would be pointless. It would sort of ruin the anticipation of waiting for something exciting to happen. If we didn’t know anticipation, how could we even be excited about anything?

I used to be scared so much of the future, but the whole process of growing up and, as you said, realising our potential as people – is something I think is important to actually value what the future holds. I’d never have thought I’d be so confident and excited about the future. I think that growing up is also a vital learning process. No wonder they call it the Big Wide World. /eee

I like your blogs. XD

I think about the past too much, one of my main problems and I hold grudges a lot too, from start of school till finish was horrible and seeing the people from it on facebook, or out and about puts me down. :(

I do agree, 2010 went super FAST, I remember just starting my second year of university and now look I have graduated already lol. I read my diary the other week, and I was reading stuff I wrote exactly a year ago but only feels like the other day because so fresh in the mind.

I would so love a Tardis, I want the next two years to go fast, so I can move to Australia to reunite with my sister. I hope all goes well to migrate, not one easy country to get into, fair play to them to keeping their country nice.

Thanks! :D Oh I’m terrible at holding grudges. I’ll try, but I’ll fail and end up talking to the person I was annoyed at before. Doing it online is easy, but when you see the person day after day it’s not. But there were definitely some things I shouldn’t have dwelled on.

It seemed like only a few months ago that I started university and had horrible late-night classes! The past two years have really been fast. :)

I don’t really like looking back either – I was a stupid little girl – but this post really got me thinking about my ex boyfriend too. And I totally agree, the most wasted was time. Same goes for the crushes I have had. They’re all douches <- though I don't really like that word. We were kids it's not like I actually spent time with my heart – though I probably thought I did. That's why I'm not really looking for a relationship right now. Mostly everyone in high school are in relationships but they're breaking up left right and center. They can't stay together like you and James (3 years I believe?), they just get in relationships because everyone else is doing so. What a waste of time. I don't plan on having a relationship until I'm 22, bahaha.

I don't think it's selfish to want time for yourself though. It's just selfless if you don't. You are yourself and have the right to have time to do what you want. Otherwise why are we here?

LOL he sounds like my mom! I always make plans then she makes me go do something else and I complain she's ruined my 'schedule' so she says it's not meant to be stuck to anyway. However I have been VERY productive for the past few days. Well since online stuff is the only thing I need to do (well not need) these days.

=( It's just that sometimes the little amount of time isn't worth a memory. Just like this past 'holiday season', all that happened was our internet went down before New Years (still not back yet) and it was much colder than usual so we couldn't even do anything. And I only blame my mom, she should've made him come back in the summer when there's so much more fun stuff.

Aww that reminds me of my Chinese friend, she hates going to China but her parents love it. I guess no matter what type of environment you grow up in, even if you move somewhere better it's always hometown that's best. Except that my friend was born and grew up in China, she still hates it though. She's an exception to that 'rule'.

Oh wow, that's just rude! One of my friends forgets my birthday all the time but I forgive her because she doesn't remember anyones, not even her parents. Lol.

That's good then! Negative emotion has bad physical effects too! I try to stay happy these days, I guess I am? As long as everyone I love is well that's good. And I'm going to the same school as Mia, what more can I ask for? :P

LOL how can you be married for 100 years? HAHAHA! Lol fitting. These days people get married so late though. Looking back on what I said, if I start having relationships at 22 I might be 30 before I get married. 50 years later … 80 years old and at Golden wedding? I found out though because it's my grandparents' Golden wedding my mom most likely is going to Korea for it …. would she take me would she take me would she take meeeee? Sorry haha.

Cept Justin Bieber isn't cute or little. I think he's 17? And sounds like he's 10. What happened to puberty, seriously? That is not attractive or cute in any way lol. I dunno, I tend to like boys 20+. Every Korean artist I like is 20-23 or so haha. Ones my age are just … immature. 20 seems to be a good balance age. ^^

But at least you're able to use paypal etc! If I ever want to order CDs online I'd have to get mom-approval first because it's my money and her credit card! Which is why I haven't ordered much lately, don't wanna really talk to her. -_- She doesn't even let me spend my own money sometimes.

Lol I shall go check the article out! Maybe I'll learn some tips!

Yes it did snow in the south! They got serious shutdowns because they couldn't handle 3 inches of snow! I suppose it's because most people there never seen snow before. And all the rain in Australia, I heard about Brisbane! I saw it online too, there were rooftops peaking in the water! O_O

OMG I hate those audiotapes! They sound so unnatural! Like some English dubbing of anime. Urgh much prefer someone speaking to me slowly but people just assume you can speak -insert language- so they start ranting to you. Got so much of that at where I work.

Hahaha will do then. I shall snoop your entire website! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I should put up some blogger layouts I made before, they were SO CRAP! But if you got another layout coded you should put it up soon! It's always nice to have a change.

15 degrees is barely 60F … that's not hot at all, that's actually quite cold! How can the modem be overheated then?

LOL most likely it happened already! That's not something people tend to overlook LOLOL!

I'm putting this at the end haha in case something gets cut off it'll be the last character. I almost did the more than dot less than face sign again! Argh. Can I do this though:

I think time gets a lot faster and every year seems to go past quicker. I thought that might be because when we were kids a year would seem like forever, but now that we have stress, responsibilities, wisdom, the year goes by so much faster. Might also be the fact that we’re not so excited about birthdays and Christmas any more, or maybe because school would make it seem slower. But I’ve had friends who are older than me by at least ten years tell me that the years seem to be faster every year for them to. Maybe it’s some kind of universe magic.

I don’t like to think about the past either. Even when the memories are good, you know that that moment is long gone, but it’s still nice to know you have those good memories. I also hate regrets, like your ex boyfriend situation. But I bet something good came out of it, even if it were something little.

I need to clean my laptop to. I think it needs a new battery because it keep heating up. It gets so hot.

Your topics are interesting, whether or not talking about your day, or anything. ^__^ 2010 did come by fast. And like you said, time goes by faster as we go past them. :O!!

This isn`t called being stingy with time. This is called being organized and planning things out :)! I hate it when time is wasted. Especially on ex’s. And so. But we learn from experiences. Like you, you learned that some people are not worth it. And you also learn, that James is worth your life. :)

Practices makes permanent :) I joined Drawing and I thought I`d be horrible. But as I go on and on, I got better. :) This is the same with music :D. Maybe it doesn`t hurt giving that class a go :O! But it all has to be according for your major plans! Unless its for a hobby :)!

Blog posts are always worth it at the end. I`d like to reread my past thoughts. Or something. :O!

I don`t know if I want a TARDIS. I don`t care about the past. I just. Want to go on with the present to make the future ^__^. I`m odd o__O

I don`t draw people either :X! What I am horrible at is at the hair details. I am bad with shading. I`m a bit… Out of shape :O! But I guess its because its been a while. :O

I have mixed feelings about making friends in PE. Because you either get dragged by their laziness or get motivated by their awesomeness. Last semester, I got motivated; thankfully ^__^. In 9th grade… I was.. Half and half. I rather just walk and talk to my friend and get a B rather than running and getting an A :O!!

I saw your photoblog :P! I remembered the cute rabbit ^__^! Bunny. :O! Thank you ^__^! Photo blogs are good- for memories :)! And resources ;)!

Its always possible to learn a wind instrument ^__^ ! I`m on my… 4th one..? :O Tromboness! It is hard :/. But not impossible :). What I love, is that I have high range on it :O! Music is just a side hobby for fun. :) I don`t like music for competitions :/.

I agree with you! The font, Georgia is made for reading books in particular. I kind of compare that to reading blogs. Because its reading ^__^. I used to use Century Gothic like MADNESS. I would still use it. But I have weird doubts. Using readable fonts is best. :) Because you want your readers to read it! :D

Simplicity is awesomeness. I always download… fonts. :O I have over 400 saved on my computer so far or something :/. But when I make layouts, its usually.. not as pretty on it.

Blogging IS creative! :D! Its a passion! ^__^! You can express yourself on it in any form you want :D!

I hate doing situps in general :/. During PE, I have to do situps and it hurts when its done on the floor :/.. Hard wood floor. :/.

I forgot some historic events that I have learned throughout the years :O! I just know… The base facts. What is worse.. Is that I might not know all 50 states of the US D’:!

I still feel that way though! It’s weird, because I still feel like I can’t believe I’m already 25, where did the time go? I wish I was a kid again! But at other times, I’m like, I wish time would go faster so I could get “here” in my life, you know? Like, right now, I just want to have this baby and finally be able to see him in my arms!!! But then on the other hand, in the back of my mind I’m going, “i’m having a baby already? wtf?!” it’s crazy!!! But, I’m definitely glad you have someone to “waste” your time with that’s worth it. It’s an amazing feeling :D

Life is ment to be like this, making mistakes, learning from them and go on with life. :) Even though we have “bad” times we even have “good” times. ^_^ We get smarter each day when we make a mistake and because of that we’re also able to get happy again. :)

Time is totally priceless. Don’t think that you wasted your time with your ex because you didn’t. You learnt something from it, you learnt that he isn’t worth it and there’s far better guys out there. Your had a good time while you were with it, that’s all that matters.

I have many things I wish I could change about my past, but I learnt to live with it because it will never change.

I like to live my life everyday with happiness and enjoying my time with people who are worth it.

I didn’t think I would need a car but when you start working full time, it’s easier to have a car. The train journey to my work place is totally horrible. Takes about 45-55mins with 20mins wait at a station. Driving only takes 20-30mins. That extra 20mins is a lot because I can spend more time at the gym or doing things in the evening. Don’t really have much time after work :(


For some reason, your blog sounds strangely familiar D:. I think that might be because I remember you bitching about that said ex-boyfriend :P. But he was an ASS. Honestly he was way too immature to be IN a relationship in the first place. Even NOW, I bet he’s got a LOT of growing up to do before he’ll be able to have a meaningful relationship more than one month long. Hmph!

Aaaaahhhhh, wasted time :(. It’s sad when you think about it, because life is so fleeting D:. I HATE having to do things I don’t want to. HATE. It’s a waste of my time. And it’s so frustrating when you don’t want to do it, but you do it anyway because if you don’t you’ll either get nagged at or the person will guilt trip you. GIVE ME BACK MY TIME!

But hey, at least you learnt something from the experience, right? AND at least it ended and you’re not here STILL wasting time :P.

So true! Time seems to go so much faster now that we’re older. Or maybe it’s because we have so many things to do with our time, it just SEEMS like it’s going by faster, but really we just have less time to waste and that’s what makes it seem like time if FLYYYYING D:.

I’m glad you had fun spending time with James :P. Cleaning your laptop XD.

You know who I’m talking about! Wahoo! I thought he was mature… but well, that’s what happens when you give someone a chance and get to know them better. I think he’s asexual now. But I’m actually being really evil and secretly hoping that he regrets screwing up his first ever relationship. Funny world! 😏 I’m glad I finally got over it, even though it took me a good long while. It takes us time; I know everyone would have told me back then just to get over it, but relationships are difficult holes. :P

I thought I had so much time before, but now it’s really, really fleeting. I think it makes some of those precious moments more precious, though.

Who thought cleaning a laptop would be fun? /bounce

Awww man, this post mentions so many things that are relevant to me that I don’t know how to start replying…

I feel like i’ve wasted so much time thinking about someone over the years, but the only condolence i have, i guess, is that he’s been a large source of creative inspiration. Time IS precious. And actually, thats why i’m going to move onto doing what i was about to do before i read this post, so as to save you from MY ramblings! :p

I know just how you feel. I look into the past ALL THE TIME, and I really wish I didn’t so much. It makes me sad sometimes, thinking of some of the things I’ve put up with from David, or friends, or just anyone. But I guess there’s nothing we can do to change the past but move on and hope we learn from it. It always feels nice to hang out with people when you know the time isn’t wasted though <3 Such as with James.

Haha yeah, whenever I find a new song that I really like I listen to it SO MUCH so it messes up playcounts a bit. Because I might like other songs A LOT more, but then at the time I was just dealing with something an that song reminded me, so I'd listen to it. ALL THE TIME. xD

Yeah, you don't have to know EVERYTHING about a person. Barely any of my friends know my middle name, haha. Simply because I don't really like it, so I don't share it too often. That's not for lack of trying though, they always try to find it out xD And have known it at times, but just usually forget.

Some of us will probably end up not talking, but as of now when we still come back home on certain weekends and holidays, we hang out as we have the option to. But in the future, who knows.

Pahaha, I have been trying to listen to some instrumental music because of the lack of words. I still feel the emotions though haha.

Ahh thinking about the past is sad. I feel like sometimes I’ll just be thinking about something that happened and go “Why did I ever do/say that?”. *sigh*

Things happen way too quickly. I was always desperate to grow up as a kid so the adults would treat e like everyone else, and now I’ve grown too quickly I think. 2010 went by so quickly. I can completely and vividly remember last January. As you get older, the years really do pass by faster.

It sounds like the two of you had a lovely day. I wish Eric and I did things like that more. On our days off he plays the Xbox I just bought him for his birthday (which was a couple of weeks ago) and I jump online to work on my site and what not. I’m happy for the two of you, though. Days like that make life worthwhile, I always feel.


I have always been stingy with my time. I often do three things at once, and I hardly ever sit around doing nothing. I think being selfish with your time is good. I have not had many ex-boyfriends, just one, and though things ended badly between us, he is one of the nicest person I have ever met. That doesn’t mean, however, I don’t look back at the past and regret the time I wasted on some people or things.
Looking back at the past is never fun. However, this is all a part of growing up, of making peace with things.
Spending a day with a loved one is the most we can get from life. I am happy for you. I did the same today, so I am happy for myself too.

Thank you so much! Everybody is so happy for me, and that humbles me. *Hugs* Its okay, somebody inspired me too. :)
I have not read much of James Patterson, but I do remember this sci-fi series of his which had vampires in it. I have read The Lakehouse, I think. But I was {am} quite sick of vampires, so I didn’t like it much.

I have made and gotten to know some really nice people online, and after a bad day, its nice to know that you have a place where you can crib. Sometimes a third person’s view, especially someone who is too far away to judge you, can help clear up things pretty well.

Oh my, four weeks is a long time d: I think I’d drive myself crazy before four weeks passed. Then again I’m used to seeing James every week at least twice, so this grounding is driving me insane. It’s almost over, two more weeks, haha (:
It seems like nowadays no one has respect for anyone, it’s pretty sad & very annoying to those who are respectful. For example, one of my friends is extremely rude to her mother. She cusses at her & tells her what to do all the time. I’m not going to just sit there I always tell her she should be nice to her mom especially considering all her mom does for her. Things just aren’t the same anymore with parent & child relationships.

I’m pretty anxious for the future. To start college full time, move out, get married, kids, everything. It does seem pretty far but once I think about what you said, it’s honestly not that far. Things do fly by & that’s cause we’re enjoying ourselves now & everything just creeps up on us & we have no choice but to go along with it.

I tend to just … write whatever I feel like writing. I’ve written drafts, though, in case Writer’s Block attacks me. I’ll be ready for it. :P

I’m sorry about your ex. :( One of my exes was horrible, too. He was … worse than the one that keeps in touch with me even now, after it’s been almost three years. Yes, it was time wasted. Did yours at least care? Mine didn’t. Or maybe he did, and that’s why he came clean and spilled everything, leaving me with a melancholy feeling.

But like you’ve said before, people are in your life for a reason. Who knows – maybe your ex is who somehow led you to James? Or maybe he made you more careful about people, before getting into a relationship with him. Something like that. /huh /hmph

You and James make a great couple. ^_^ /heart /hehe

The roads were icy; that was bad. The driveway is a [mostly] dirt driveway with some rocks, but very holey. /ehh Water fills the holes, and I guess it was so cold that – even if they were driven over an hour ago – they immediately refroze each time the ice was broken. The snow is gone, now. No more patches. Only scattered polda dots of snow rest on the ground in this area of Texas now.

I was trying to pass my time by doing the puzzles rather than eating. …Or thinking about a guy I like. D: I don’t like to obsess over guys; I don’t like getting attached. It only hurts more afterward. But this one apparently likes me, too, and thinks I’m special. And makes me feel special. So maybe I am special?

It’s fine. ;) I don’t like telling people, either. I think I only really talk about it when I need to talk about it to someone so I don’t become depressed again. I don’t want to be depressed at all this year.

Thank you. :) I listen, too.

I hate thinking about the past too. I do not want to regret something or play back bad memories. However I do like playing back good memories in my head, but I do not want to live in that time place. You are right. Time is important. I think timing is everything. Timing is valuable. I always feel that way when I waste time. Like your ex boyfriend, I had a (not a boyfriend yet) but his name was Reese. We got a long really well and stuff (he was a year younger than me). We would always talk and we both liked each other. However he got his phone taken away, and he didn’t tell me. We were suppose to go out, but he did not cancel either. I decided I couldn’t take it and just cancelled on him. We were planning this day for like 3 weeks. I was so excited. I blew off some of my finals-bad mistake- so I could talk to him. (Like I did not study). It was so bad. I think I really thought we could work it out. So for 2 months, I failed 2 finals, and got C’s on 2 others and only got A’s on 2 of them. Unlike the year before when I got all A’s and B’s. I wasted time talking to him and being depressed. I kept asking “I just want him to answer” he wouldn’t answer me, it was driving me nuts. I realized that was the biggest mistake that year. It affected my schoolwork and my personal life too. But that story reminded me of your ex-boyfriend. I am happy you are so happy with James’ right now! That is such a good sign that you are enjoying your time much better now.

When I was a kid I wanted to be older, but not too old. I always wanted to be 16 (my age now). I wanted to be in high school, get independence (like being able to walk around the mall by myself) and driving.

I think it’s also because I am young and I am in high school. I feel like my peers all expect to have bf/gf, though nobody will admit it. They want a SO just to have a SO… which is complete BS. It shouldn’t be different, but people cause a lot of problems. Like in high school rumors go around and like everyone is jealous and insecure. ahh I want to get out. i feel like college/university will be better to meet people and just have fun.
*hug* I never gave a virtual hug through a comment before lol

I decided I am going to return most (or all) of my comments right now lol. So that is what I am doing. i have facebook open, because I might go to the movies later. Who know. I really wish I could drive and go myself. But that is like tumblr for me. People post like every minutes so you want to read all of them. However I just never got into the “twitter” way of things. I should be doing HW, though I have a 3 day weekend:)

and your forum, i feel bad for not going on it. But I forget I have an account sometimes and I just don’t use it. Like I don’t really know what to do on it besides talk to people. I guess I do not want to get addicted. It’s like Tiffany’s baby lol

Mhm yea I got my self aware of the world this past summer when I went to a leadership convention. I met people from Zimbabwe to Venezuela to Singapore to Qatar to UK. lol So it was pretty amazing. I love everyones culture and finding how we are all a like. Like I would have never know you if I didn’t have this domain or if you had yours. I think it’s cool that technology progressed. A lot of American’s think Australia is a cool place. haha It’s everyones destination, though plane tickets are SO expensive right now=/

Only one of my friends relates to me cause she had a myspace graphic site (like me, in 2007) But she stopped hers because she believes having this “is not having a life…” i have a life, i just balance it better I guess lol And I enjoy this. She did not enjoy talking to people online, but we were just talking about this in art. She said she kind of misses it but not enough. I rant to her about my online problems (coding, new trends.. etc) haha

I think Vicky has family issues to take care of first (which is always more important). I use to have great comments with my friends Ben (who you probably know, he’s from the Uk) and my other friend Ben. I miss those days, when people would leave story length comments. That actually mean something and have dept. Well at least I found you! I am surprised we rarely talked before. But then again i was like 13 and immature so I guess I could understand why lol I asked Tiffany why she talked to me back than lol. I wouldn’t talk to myself if I was like an 18 year old (or older) talking to a 16 year old.

I have Bonnie on MSN and on facebook and tumblr. Though I haven’t talked to her. She always read my blog and left comments too. She was so nice:)

Yea I bet America is the state with the most problems, foreignly and domestically. Oh well, it’s my home. what can I do lol

You are lucky that you are such a natural writer, Georgina! I wish I could do that.

I think thinking about the past is important. I don’t encourage people to hold on to what happened in the past and spend their whole life wishing they could change something, but remembering what has made you who you are is very important.

I’m sorry you had an experience with such a bad guy! D: At least you learned the lesson early and have found someone you truly want to be with. Time is definitely an important asset and too many people take it for granted. It’s great you have learned to really appreciate the time you have left.

2010 did go by very quickly and I’m not even that old. If time goes by quicker I might not even recognize different years in a decade. o: I don’t think spending time making yourself happy is selfish. I think if we concentrate every second of our lives to ourselves then it would be a bit too much, but if we concentrated on other people too much then we would just sink down to their level (not in the ‘mean/low’ way) as they got up to ours.

Aw, you and James sound like you have such a sweet relationship. I’m so happy that you’ve gotten out of the bad times in your life and have found someone you enjoy spending time with. (:

I know! When I first started writing that I just listed a few facts I learned in school, but as I was writing I realized that I have actually learned more than I thought I have. You’d be surprised!

Gah, I know. I don’t understand what’s so ‘cute’ about staring at someone. I can’t even make eye contact with people I’m not romantically connected with (which is pretty much everyone in the world) for a while. /:

Ah, very true. A lot of people spend too much time trying to memorize all of those trivial things they don’t need to know and miss learning some really incredible knowledge.

Yes, I definitely don’t know myself completely. I am starting to realize more about myself as I move through high school, though, and once I am in college and beyond I am sure I will have a firm grasp on who I am. I agree; people do change, and sometimes it is a very good thing. Well, I don’t think that thinking about how you have changed is a waste of time if you don’t spend your whole life on it. Figuring out who you are is pretty important in my book and if you don’t know who you are you won’t be able to know what makes you the happiest.

Ooh, that is so cool! Haha, have you ever seen giraffes fight each other? It actually looks really painful, but they stand next to each other and whack their chests with their necks. o:

You really do seem like a strong person! I don’t know what all you went through but I can tell you didn’t have an easy life and I am glad that you have gotten out of that and came out as a stronger person. (: Enjoying life and staying positive is a great thing to learn!

Bah, I know. Comic Sans is horrid. It is easier to read; I think it’s one of the good fonts you should use if you are marketing to dyslexic people, but otherwise it’s annoying. Jokerman has no purpose in life other than to hurt our eyes and confuse our brains.

@font-face is quite a great tool. True… I admit to overusing decorative fonts. You live and learn though, right? /eee

Oh, I see! I lived in the same house for eight years and then moved and have lived in two houses since. It’s cool that you have the same house, though! I sometimes wish I had lived in my house my whole life. Yeah, my neighborhood is boring. I don’t even know my neighbors. Your city sounds great!

Haha, I don’t know if the zoos in America are better than the Australian ones or not! I am sure we both have good and bad zoos. Maybe the Californian man had visited every zoo in the US and was ready to go international. ;D

Bah, New Zealanders don’t know what they are talking about. ;) It does sound amazing!

Ah, I see. I’ve been to two different Seaworlds, though, and they were actually pretty different. The one in Florida has a really cool layout. I don’t think Busch Gardens actually has much gardening in it; it’s just a theme park, really. I do remember it having flowers, though!

Sometimes, when you think you’ve found the right guy, but he’s actually the wrong guy.. That’s just heartbreaking. But in order to have found the right guy, you have to go through the wrong guys, right? LOL :D

But it really hurts thinking about the time you’ve wasted for him. :(

Yeah. 2010 went by so fast. It’s 2011 and it’s already time for new goals and a new life. :) And yeah, I used to think of never growing up. Actually, I still do right now. But there’s nothing we can do about it. And now, like you, I want the future here today. :)

Whenever I sit and think about a topic to blog about one never comes to mind but when I log into WordPress and just type the words seem to flow. It always seems as if I have so much to say but so little space and sometimes I wonder why.

I often think about the past. Like what if I were to do some things differently, met different people, or not have met some in my life today, how would things be different. Sometimes I even sit and wonder why I did some things that I did and realize how stupid I was to have some things happen. Some mistakes I learned from and some I haven’t but all in all everything in the past as made me the girl that I am today and I’m happy with her just the way she is.

Time, is something that I’ve been thinking about lately and I think it’s mainly because of this little rumor that the world is ending in 2012 although I really don’t believe it, it still puts fear in my heart. I admit, 2010 did go by fast for me and like you said the future is close but we’re a bit opposite. When I was smaller, I looked forward to growing up and being an adult but now everything moving so quickly. Before I know it, I’ll be an adult and be out and on my own. It’s something that I’m excited for but that makes me all the more scared. I’m scared of being on my own because I haven’t fully lived my childhood years in my opinion. There’s so much that I depend on my mom and others to do for me that I haven’t learned to do myself and I’m really afraid that the time will run out before they get the chance to teach me.

Lol, I can’t even remember the last book I’ve read. I went to the library last weekend and checked out three book though. I’m almost finished with the first and I feel sort of accomplished. It feels good to know that I’ve actually spent my time elsewhere than on the computer, or talking on the phone or texting.

NAwwwwwwwwwwwwww such a weepy post. Love this post, ♥ 🤬

Thanks for the comment!

Such a warming blog. :) No one does NOT think about the past. There are so much that you wish changed, and I swear, there are so much in my life I want to change, if I had a TARDIS, I would be too selfish to care about the butterfly effect and just go ahead and do it. :(

Oh well, my life now isn’t that bad, considering all the things that have happened. In the big picture, it doesn’t matter what happened then but now :)

James definitely seem like a great addition to your life, forget that ex!