Health discusses everything health, though mostly related to my personal life. I have had a countless amount of health issues related to my digestive system and mental illness.

One issue is my twelve-year battle with high cholesterol despite being extremely thin. I was constantly told that genetics did not contribute to my condition. I tried so many diets to reduce my cholesterol levels, but to no avail. Visiting a new doctor in 2013 led me to discover that my condition was indeed genetic, and I was put on medication.

My second issue is related to depression, which I suffered since 2004. I went through bouts of being suicidal, and self-harmed a lot of the time. I visited a counsellor in 2008, and began taking medication in 2011. I stopped in 2013, feeling a lot better.

Occasionally, I still get anxious, and there are times I have been extremely stressed and on edge. The last time I recall feeling suicidal was in late 2013, whereupon I called a friend to talk to. It was the first time in about a year that I had had thoughts of suicide.