(Almost) Three Years of Love

I was debating on the current title and The Game of Love for this post, but I guess the former won. (I don’t believe that time should ultimately define a relationship, but I like the number three.)

I don’t think that love is a game. There are infinite ways… I guess you could see it as a game, but it’s a game that people all win in the end, because you’re loved, and you find love – it doesn’t have to be romantic. You could have family, or friends. My last post was about my ex-boyfriend whom I thought I wasted time on, and despite that, I know I’ve learned from that failed love. I have learned my lesson and I believe everyone goes by learning different lessons.

Tiffany wrote a post some time ago titled 5 Things I’ve Learned From Dating A Non-Romantic. Her post sort of inspired me to write this. I’ve decided not to write about my failed loves but to write about my current one, James. ♥️ There are many things I’ve learned from him.

Never, ever judge people. First impressions are always wrong. And we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because of that. When I first met James, we were probably 13 (or around that age) and he’d tried to fool me with a fake map as we had gotten lost at sport. I thought he was a bit of an idiot. To be a hundred and fifty percent honest, I thought he was weird and a bit ugly. That’s about as far as I let myself judge.

Needless to say, and obviously – I was completely and utterly wrong. If I kept that distorted first impression in my mind, we wouldn’t have become friends. I wouldn’t have found his sense of humour appealing. I might not have given him a chance. As my best friend, Lilian tells me that I seem to give everyone a chance. And James has told me that I always see the good in people, especially people he doesn’t like.

Having James (and Lilian!) say that about me really touched me. A lot of people dislike compliments, but having had a hard childhood, these things mean the world to me. Some people feel uncomfortable about compliments, but I appreciate them – I feel more uncomfortable that I can’t find a way of expressing gratitude.

This leads me to the next… Do not ever change. Maybe once in the past, I would have thought that no one would like the geeky and quiet ballerina that I was. I thought that people would go on thinking I was timid and boring. But James has accepted me for who I am. Even though I’m bitchy, moody and sometimes horribly cunning. Even though I’m short, hyperactive and ridiculously creative and mushily romantic. :’)

It has made me realise that there are people who love me for me. You should never change for other people. Never. There are going to be people who accept you for you.

You cannot change people. People have flaws for a reason. We will never know the good characteristics about people if they don’t have flaws. We will never know the good without the bad. Everyone is their own person, you cannot expect things out of them. Girls – you cannot expect to find a man who has everything you want: blue eyes, brown hair, buys you things, good at sport – what have you. In the beginning, maybe I didn’t like that James made snide jokes or that he slept early every night. But now it’s something I’ve come to accept. And to like. You can’t change a person. Change is inevitable and you cannot force it. People will change over time, naturally, and you must let it run its natural course.

Honesty is the best policy. You have to be honest. It’s as simple as that. You can’t go on hiding things from someone, anyone, not just your significant other. Some shit happened last year that I kept from James for several months.

It killed me inside. I felt terrible about it. I was worried that I’d lose my head if he found out. But I told him the truth, as I knew I had to eventually. And he was more okay with it than I could have ever imagined.

If someone loves you they will truly understand. I think it mattered to him the most that I was honest – even though I could have told him sooner.

Love = friendship. You cannot have love without friendship. You just can’t. Your lover should also be your friend, someone who you confide in. You do love your friends. But how can you love someone without having the foundations of something precious – things needed in any relationship, but built up in friendship? Trust, loyalty, just to mention a few.

There are only too many things I’ve learned from him, though those are perhaps the main few. We don’t always have to learn from current relationships. We might have learned through friends. We might have learned through past loves. Or failed loves. Please, share what you have learned from and about love.

James, I love you. ♥️

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Aww, this is so sweet. I’m sure James would appreciate your having something written something extremely honest about your love for him. :)

You’re right about everything you stated. Judging other people is unnecessary, as prejudice leads nowhere else but to misunderstandings and rifts between people who would otherwise be good friends. Perhaps you may have had your own judgment of James yet that was brought about by the fact that you were young and naive and all the more so was he; neither of you were mature enough to look beyond your initial opinion of one another. Things have changed, however and through time’s passing both of you have realized how much you actually have in common, that you eventually grew to care for each other. :D It’s a good thing that he accepts you for who you are, and would never try to change you, as that, I believe is the essence of genuine love. :D

I’m so happy for the two of you; I’m quite certain those three years you have spent together thus far were some of the most wonderful you’ve had in your lives. :) May you have a wonderful future as a couple and I do hope you would always be blessed with the best of luck. :3

I agree with you on all five points you’ve made. Love can’t exist with a foundation – and that foundation is friendship. Honesty (and communication, as without it one couldn’t be honest) is important in any relationship and friendship. One cannot (and shouldn’t) change people, at least not for selfish reasons. As well as not to judge people so easily without getting to know them properly. And one should never change, not for other people, but only for oneself.

I’m glad for you guys. Three years may not seem like a lot, but it’s still a good number. I hope many more come your way. Congrats to you two! ^_^

And PS, your blog isn’t stupid or disjointed. It’s good! =p

Hahaha hopefully you still remember me :D And if you don’t then.. then pretend I didn’t say anything /ehe
Anyways, I could relate so much to this post. I also have a boyfriend and we were together for eight months and a half now, and I feel like I’ve experience just SO much in that short period of time with him. He also taught me so much things, for example, I’ve learned to be much more modest and accept things the way they are instead of judging. And true about the not changing part, I learned that I don’t to have this or that or be like or that to impress him or anyone else in that matter, people actually like you for who you are and not for who you try to be.
And about honesty, maybe I’m only 99.99% honest with him /hehe haha, but I only lie in the little things, like the reason why to not answering the phone, but I don’t lie at all because it will just cause problems and he knows me too well and eventually he’ll find out I’m lying since I don’t know how to do that, and I’m proud. Haha. Although, I have a friend who lies SO much to her boyfriend. She has done terrible, disgusting things in the past, and instead of being honest and telling him, he found out in other ways and this has caused so much problems in their relationship that he is finding it extremely hard to simply trust her. Once you put an idea in your head, it’s hard to think otherwise.
Anyways, I’m really happy for you two (:

Everyone wins with love. At first we may think we’ve lost especially when we were the who was left behind. But as time passes by we get to realize we didn’t lose. We learned our lesson. We became stronger. We got through it like we thought we never would. We found love, learned love and lost love. We experienced a lot of things and learned a lot from it. We didn’t lose anything, infact we gained something, more than what we bargained for. After all, what we got is a lesson in life and in love. Something we only learn through experience.

That was what i thought at first too with my boyfriend, that he was ugly. Lol. And his name is Jason, so we all love the letter J huh? :D

Changing for other people is a no-no. But changing is a normal thing. We may or may not realize it. I guess you should say, do not change for the worse. :)

We cannot change people. So true. But we can inspire them, to do something, to learn something, For their own good that is. But the most i do with my friends and my boyfriend is to just give them a piece of advice and tell them whatever is on my mind with whatever hey are planning of doing that i totally disagrees of. Then the rest is up to them to decide. I’ll just support whatever their decision no matter how much i hates it.

I think I am moving out of topic. Haha. Back to the topic of change. We can never change others. And if we truly love them, we should accept them for who they are, even if they do change, for the better or for the worse. The line, “You’re not who I thought you are anymore.” That’s total BS.

I so agree with cupid. “There’s no love when there’s no trust.” I guess that’s self-explanatory :D

You guys are so sweet. <3

That’s exactly what I do! I’ve gotten used to the way James’s mind works and I know sometimes I will disagree with him, but I will always be honest and tell him that I don’t, but I will support him no matter what he chooses. That’s what people should do in a relationship. :) We shouldn’t try to change other people.

Some people do change but even so, we should be willing to accept them if they mean a lot to us. It’s sad when people are hurt by the changes time puts on us. But change happens, and a relationship should grow with time. :)

That’s pretty cool! ;) I love the letter J, maybe because James’s name starts with a J… :P

I love this post. It contains all the lessons that I’ve learned while watching other people’s relationship and all the lessons I’ve learned while in my current relationship. I think the best part of my relationship is that my boyfriend is my best buddy as well.

You’re able to give everybody a chance? I’m impressed. I will admit that I often will not beyond the first impression. You are indeed an awesome person.

Wow, that is all so true! :) I’m so glad you two are happy together, and I hope that when I’m older I can find a man as awesome as him. :D

Aww your blog really made me smile. /eee You are right though, love isn’t a game like most people make it seem. It’s much more than that. Some people even come up with rules and other bull crap about love. Those might work in moves and such, but they don’t in real life.

Lovebirds. /hehe You and James are completely cute, even though I’ve never actually seen you guys together, the way you talk about him is really touching at times. /heart

I do have my reasons for liking HSM though. The first reason is of course Zanessa, the second reason is that I really like the whole “forbidden love thing.” Stuff like that really interest me. Some may find the movie childish, but i think it was awesome.

Yeah i figured that out too, the issue was just in the index.php. I’ve been learning to change my passwords for things like emails and websites because if i have one password for everything then that would really suck…i don’t though lol.

I’m glad you’re good this fine morning lol. I bet it’s already tomorrow over there huh? I don’t think the world will be coming to an end soon because it’s already tomorrow over there so…

Aw, this was so sweet, Georgina. /eee
I’m single, and have never had a boyfriend. I used to put that down to my appearance (well, that’s probably a major factor), but I guess it’s also down to the fact that I hardly speak to anyone. 😰

My friends, all made the first move. Were the first to say hello and introduce themselves. I guess I’d say hello eventually, but I’m so shy. I’m constantly paranoid, thinking that everyone is judging me, so that’s probably another off-putting thing. :(

However, I do believe I’ll find that special someone eventually. Like you said, you can’t change people, and I’m hoping that there’s someone out there, who will love me no matter what my flaws. ♥

I’m so happy for you and James, and I wish you all the best. :)

I’ve essentially learned the exact same things you have. I can not stand when people, especially close friends and/or significant others, lie to me. It’s ridiculous, and I know I’ve made some bad judgment calls and told lies to them before, but I always feel terrible even after I tell the truth. I know there’s a difference between little white lies and big ones, but I just hate when I’m lied to. It makes me feel like I’m not worth the truth. David has a terrible habit of lying, yet I ALWAYS seem to find out one way or another and I get so angry at him.

I also TOTALLY agree with the don’t change part. There was a time before, when David was always nagging at me about eating mcdonalds, how I was going to get fat, etc. I never cared about it, because I didn’t eat it EVERY DAY, but his comments always pissed me off to the point where, I tried to change it for him. Mainly to get him to stop making those comments, but there would be days when i barely ate because I would feel that by him saying those things, he thought I was getting fat. It was so stupid looking back on it, and now while I go to the gym and try to eat a bit healthier, it has nothing to do with him & it’s not in an unhealthy way.

And yeah, I know it’s not really THEIR fault that the camera broke. I have no idea how the lint got in there, or why it RANDOMLY stopped working in the middle of taking pictures, but in the picture they sent me the shutter parts look SO flimsy so it’s no wonder such a small thing derailed it :/ But it pisses me off that they’re just assuming I dropped it, or tried to clean it myself. And it pisses me off more that they changed their story about it. I’m waiting until Monday afternoon to see if I hear back from the guy I emailed, and if not I’m calling Nikon to talk to them. I didn’t fucking drop it, or try to clean it myself so I’m tired of their shit. I just want my effing camera fixed UNDER WARRANTY like it’s supposed to be.

& thanks <3 I hope it all gets sorted out soon, because I'm tired of not having my camera.

Hey Georgina,

I know we’ve had our differences in the past, and for that I surely have learned from them, and you probably have too. I just would like to apologize for being the ‘bitch’ that I was to you about the whole commenting thing. I know you lead a busy life and can have other friends and what not. I was just super depressed and everything was boiling inside of me i.e. my mom not loving me and finding out that she secretly kept in touch with my older sister and bitched at me on the phone because of an email I wrote to my older sister so I finally had the nerve and told her off. After that I came to realize, god what a stuck up bitch I was to Georgina, my best online friend/blogging buddy! How could I have been such a bitch to her? I have learned from my mistakes and I will never do it again. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive and forget? I really do admire your thoughts on relationships/friendship values and everything of the sort. You have it right down to the core! I truly admire that in you. I don’t think I could possibly write a post like this at all. Maybe if I tried, but my mind is on other things right now. But anyway, I would really like it for us to be friends again, if you’re willing to do so? Oh just a little more information about me since the last time we spoke : I was pre-diabetic (I think you knew that) but now I have found out I am type 2 diabetic and on a certain strict diet plan/exercising plan. I have lost at least 26-30 lbs since december of last year. I used to weigh 256 lbs. now I’m at 230 lbs. :D. Great right? Yup. I also got back in touch with an old male friend of mine online and we’ve been secretly hitting on one another, and well; I do need your advice, so if you could give it to me, that would really be fantastic. Could you add me back to your friends list on your domain and on msn messenger? I know that’s asking a lot, but you’re one of my friends, and I must admit I felt shitty afterwards after what I had done and said the things I said to you. Anyway, congratulations on your 3 year relationship with James ♥.

Happy almost 3 years anniversary to you and James (:! Time helps the relationship. The longer the relationship, the better it becomes. Because there are reasons why you are with him (: Learning about the past can help your future :D! Like, if you broke up before because of something like you said; honesty: where you had a secret and they found out or something, you learn from that. Trust your other more, and be open. And he`ll accept you for who you are :D!

No one is perfect. There`s no point in changing the other person much because you already love them in the first place. For who they are :) The five things are awesome :O! What James said about you- how you see the good in people reminded me of one of the philosopher`s point of view in people/government :O! How people are generally good and so :P

Love without friendship can`t happen. It`s like.. A rank kind of thing. First, strangers then acquaintances, then friends, then close friends, then like family, then that one person is your love :O

Ooooh :O! A 1991 borner :)! I was said to be a Gemini too D’: .. If thats the case for after 2009’ers, I should still be a Gemini :) I remembered when there was this madness on Facebook :O!! “THEY CHANGED THE HOROSCOPES!” etc :P

Reviews are reviews for a reason :P criticism. I don`t like doing reviews because of the risk of getting nasty comments or something D’: . But you, are brave for standing up to that :) I`m a bad critique :( I like almost everything XD!

I wish photography is allowed for the AP Portfolio :(. Photography is also art :O!! It usually takes me an hour to do a light outline on a 12×18 drawing :O! 6 drawings per month seems reasonable. I`ll need to plan out my drawings then! :O

I also like the fact that you write a lot as comments :D! YOU ARE AWESOMEEEE !!!

I am usually disorganized after I get too organized :P! It`s like clothes :P When I get home, I just throw my school clothes in the basket because I`m too lazy and after it gets washed, I`m not lazy again :O!!

It is always nice to see your writing style change from time to time with improvements :D!! I noticed that I wrote about creepy weird things in 8th grade and 9th grade. :O Well.. I was just lame :P

I heard bunnies breed like crazy :O! It makes me think that they are… Asexual :P! It`s like cloning and multiplying D’: but they`re just too cute!

I love saxophones and brass instruments :D! I chose the Tenor sax :P The soprano sax.. I already play the clarinet to begin with XD! Alto is a bit overused by friends and baritone is too low D’:. Music is fun only if you have fun :P! It depends on the school, friends, teacher :O! I tried out music composition once. It was… Fun, yet hard. :O I have a friend who wants to be a symphony conductor :P!

Lucky you not having to learn all of the 50 states :P Well, I had to learn them because of my mom D’:. Its always great to know more :D! Cause the more you know, the more intellectual you are ^__^! It`s like.. “Hey, did you know that ——-?” :O And make awesome conversations out of it! :D!

3 years? Wow. I’ve never heard of someone’s relationship last this long. Congratulations! :)

To other people, love is a game. They don’t take it seriously. :|

I’m glad you saw the good things in James — I’m glad you gave him a chance. :)

About the 2nd thing. We’re quite the same. I was geeky and a quiet ballerina (but I quit ballet. XD ) Especially when I was 2nd grade. That’s when I had my first boyfriend. XD That’s when I realized that appearances don’t matter. It’s what’s on the inside. :)

Sometimes, it’s better to tell the truth rather to just lie even if the truth hurts. :)


Yeah, I was pretty wierd and ugly. /um
Especially ugly. D: ho ho you weren’t wrong. :)
Sometimes I can’t believe we became friends; we really are quite different :P
:P looks like a very friendly face. hehee

I do dislike people who judge other people based on fleeting encounters. I don’t see why first impressions matter; I try to not let them get to me too much. /eee

Ogmogomg, mushily romanting wuggs is /love. :) People shouldn’t have to change to meet other people’s expectations. Why not just find someone else instead of re-desiging them? Humof. Wow, snide jokes! /bounce /um I know most people don’t like hearing them. /sweat
I just sort of say them because they break up sticky atmospheres D: that’s all! /frog

It’s okay, I left my guillotine at my neighbour’s. /hrb

I like how I can tell you anything. /eee
I think it’s really nice that you listen to things I have to say. /um it’s uncommon in people i meet 😝 and it makes me Flappage.

I love you too /faw

*weird! D:

You’re still weird, but I like it. I’m sure that I make up your own idea of weird, too. :) First impressions are always funny to look back on because people are mostly wrong. Otherwise, they remain nothing but a distant memory. /faw

Some of the earliest things I remember are just random conversations on MSN. I don’t know, I would have felt damn near nasty if I didn’t give you a chance at all. We were friends then, after all. Even if you thought I was peculiar for drinking soy sauce. 😳

Flappage! *hugs* ♥ ♥ I love the things you have to say. Always. :)

GEORGINA!!! Finally, we are returning to our comment talks! YAY! XD I’m so weird.

I don’t understand why people judge books by their covers. It’s stupid and very racist/sexist/etc, most of all it is very mean.

It’s getting to two years of love for Dante and I. I’m so happy with him. <3
Fyi, your relationship with james and my aunt's relationship with her husband have always inspired me. I wanted a relationship that would start in my Junior/Senior year of high school and one that would last for at least a year or two. Look at me now, dating Dante since my Junior year of high school. <3 :) I could cry out of happiness. /wah ♥ ♥

Those are fantastic tips. Honesty is EVERYTHING in relationships so is realizing you can't change the one you are with. If you try to lie or change the one you are with you'll just end up in TONS of failing relationships. I don't understand why girls do it. They need to get smart and just be honest. Even if the other partner doesn't like what you have to say, it's better to be honest than to lie any day any time.

Some things I'm learning from Dante is how to build my own confidence, how to grow up (cuz I still act like a child and want to be treated with one; I feel stuck-up but that is just how I am and I'm learning), and most of all how to get over my past and stop thinking about it so much. I've always thought about my past more than any normal person. I have a hard time letting it go. I know you know that, how many times have I asked for your advice on Tyler? XD I don't know why I can't let it go but I am learning how, slowly but surely. I also don't have that much confidence. I walk around sometimes being EXTREMELY self-conscious and I hate it but I do. I keep thinking, "am I walking funny?" "is there something on my butt? (when people are laughing behind me)" and just all that insecure crap. I know that eventually I'll grow up and have my own confidence but I just have to learn how to build it and that is all I can do for now.
Yeup. I don't feel bad for not updating, I just feel bad that I've been so busy. Having a job is harder than I thought.

Yes totally. The book is just as good as the movie in this case. :)

I guess, I don't know. I'm still depressed about it. I hate even going in there anymore because I just hate that I got "laid off". I feel like a failure.. 😢 /wah

Yeah the hype is just overkill. The books were NOT that good by any means. Not that I have read them but even if you like a book you can't like it THAT much. Seriously, it is just not humanly possible.

You’re so right in all of this. I smiled reading this. I know I have not read you as long as other people have but there is one thing about you I absolutely adore, your candidness and your ability to put things into words that I wish I could. I so admire you because of that. I am also so very happy you have found someone who loves you for you, because the you I know from online is pretty awesome and I thank you for letting me see just a little bit of your life in words … /love ♥

Ngawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! What a sweet blog ♥. It’s very cute :).

Happy three years for when it’s your actual anniversary, cos I’m not sure I’ll have internet access to wish you happy anniversary on your actual anniversary, which sucks :(. But it’s AWESOME that you’ve been seeing each other for three years :D. I’m SO happy for you BOTH :).

James is really good for you, huh? Haha, I think you guys make a good couple :P.

Yeah, first impressions are almost always wrong. ALMOST ALWAYS! Oh my god, it would really have sucked if you hadn’t given James a second chance D:. Haha but you DO give people second chances, which is good. I tend to get too prejudiced, which is bad :P.

Ohhh if anyone tried to change me, I’d resent them SO MUCH. In the end, if someone is trying to change you, then they really don’t like you for who YOU are, and it’s totally not worth it. If you want to change, you have to come to that decision yourself. Stuff anyone who tries to force it onto you. Hahaha, that’s right: Adopt a “Yes, I have issues. DEAL WITH IT!” attitude XD.

At the same time, it’s true! You can’t change people. You can be the REASON for their changing, but you can’t force it. Aww man, life would be so boring if you COULD change someone to be your perfect guy. How crap would that be? You’d eventually turn them into someone really boring cos you’d be able to predict EVERYTHING they do and say. Ew. I don’t want a genetically engineered ROBOT boyfriend D:.

Honesty = trust. Can’t have a relationship without trust, right? Hahahaha :P. At least James didn’t totally overreact when you told him what you did D:. But James isn’t really that type.

I can’t imagine being in love with someone if we weren’t friends first D:. It would be weird. Haha but then again, I don’t know cos I’ve never been in a relationship :P.

What I’ve learnt about love; It’s difficult. My parents love my brother, even though he’s an ass. That must be REALLY hard. I love my parents so much, sometimes I get a headache because I’m SO worried about things that might happen. So I guess love is hard in that way too :(. But when you can tell someone loves you, then it’s like the BEST feeling ever :). So it’s worth it, right? :D

Aww don’t worry, you wished us happy anniversary every other time which is more than enough. :)

First impressions are funny to look back on! I really am glad I gave him a chance though, sometimes we can never guess how things turned out. Obviously I was not thinking of marriage when I decided that. We can never look too far into the future.

If I have issues then people can definitely deal with it if they want to even come near me! It’s something they will have to accept. If they can’t too bad, they definitely are not changing me and I am not changing for them. It’s selfish, and unacceptable. And rude.

Don’t worry! At least you’re not jumping and giving everyone a chance the way I do. There is a good thing about it and that is that you are willing to have even a solid friendship before progressing to a relationship, which means you’ll have better foundations than my previous relationships, LOL. :P

I guess parents will always love their children unconditionally. :( Your brother needs to step up and apologise… though I sadly doubt that will happen. I hope your parents don’t dwell on it too much to stress them out! ♥

This is just amazing, James is so lucky to have you Georgina (: Everything you said was absolutely true. It’s very wrong to judge people. I had this first impression of James as being this bad kid who did things without a care & didn’t have any other interest in girls than to get in their pants. I was absolutely wrong.
Not changing is especially important me. Before I met James & probably for the first six or seven months, I was always trying to change into this person everyone loved. I’ve always tried to be everyone else but myself. But after with being with my boyfriend for the time I have been, he’s gotten threw me & shown me that he does love me for me & wants me to be my own person.
There is no changing people. Even though you can make an impact on someone’s life & cause them to change on their own, that’s a totally different thing. James has turned himself around & I never noticed until the other day when he told me if he hadn’t met me he probably wouldn’t be in school right now & his parents would have kicked him out of his house by now. It made me happier than anything to know that I could do all that by just being the person that I am.
There’s nothing more important than honesty in a relationship. I’ve been in the same boat as you. I had kept something from James for three or four months & I didn’t want him to know, I cared too much about him to hurt him like that. But I figured one day that it’s probably hurting him more by lying to him. I told him & he understood & forgave me because he didn’t want to lose me anymore than I wanted to lose him.
I will admit James is my best friend & I told him the other day before I went to bed that I am so lucky to have a boyfriend who is my best friend as well. I know so many of my friends that are in relationships & the person they’re with is very far from being a close & personal friend of theirs. It’s very sad because you know those are the relationships that aren’t going to last.
Sorry this was so personal. d: Just made me realize a lot about my relationship & that I thank you for (: I’m so happy for you & James <3 (This is very confusing with the fact both our other's names are James, haha)

all very true, especially the honesty bit. I think the 2nd and 3rd points are hardest for people. I never thought I would find someone that liked me because I act like a little kid a lot of the time, but so does Bryan :P

Congratulations on being with James for almost three years. :D That’s quite a long time!

I haven’t had a ‘serious’ or ‘bad’ relationship to learn from, but it goes without saying you have to make mistakes to see what ‘real love’ is. It’s a shame when people have a bad relationship and say they’re going to give up on love, you can learn from what went wrong in that relationship to make the next one last.

This is such a sweet post. ♥ I loved all the little anecdotes haha! I agree with the pointer about first impressions, when I first met two of my best friends when I first started secondary school, we didn’t get on at all and to be frank, I didn’t really like them. But then we started to talk and now we laugh about how we didn’t like each other when we were younger!

I’ve never been in love, so I’ve never learnt from it. However I agree that you should never change or try to change someone, relationships are about acceptance and to be in a good relationship you need to accept each other. :)

If I’m trying to do something and I have Tumblr open, as soon as I see the number go up, I try to not refresh, but I can’t help myself aha!

My notifications are part of my Blackberry internet bundle, so mine is prepaid and unlimited, but they often take SO long to come through, especially Twitter. :|

WTH! The title scared me! I thought you guys broke up. *sobs in the corner* Damn you and my crazy mind! Haha. The more I read on, the more I realize I’m kind of an idiot and the more I find myself smiling as I read your post. ♥

I often have miscalculate peopne due to first impressions. I remember myself two years ago saying that I would never like someone who is quite stiff, quiet, boring, and well… not exactly handsome. Then here I am 2 years after, being together with the same guy. LOL. I guess fate is quite funny. It’s making me eat my own words. Hehe. My boyfriend still won’t believe me when I say he’s good looking. Haha.

I actually don’t know why he likes me. We think quite the same in the sense that the question “Who would like a girl like me?” goes for both of us. I think there’s always good in everyone and only those who really care could see it, and even more.

My boyfriend can’t accept himself 2 years ago and I kept on telling him things about acceptance and stuff. We’re only friends that time but we keep communicating with each other. XD Now, he’s learned to embrace his flaws and himself.

I agree with a lot of your thoughts. :) I also think that before you can love others, you must first learn to love yourself. Sounds really cheesy, right? Hahaha. But you are right about honesty. Having a good communication and being open to each other works like a charm too. :D

I’m so glad you guys are still together! *hugs* This post made me “Awww”. *teary eyed*

i love this blog, and you and james are a perfect couple. i wish i could meet someone like james,
my ex and i just didnt follow those 5 points but im glad its over because two months later he was engaged.

This is so sweet. ♥

With my ex-boyfriends I have been ‘blinded’ by love. When I was with them I thought the world of them and then when they were gone I thought the complete opposite. They were ugly, bad personality, too clingy etc.

I haven’t exactly learned from anything as my way of seeing things is kind of backwards. o.o

But good luck to you and your boyfriend. You are lucky to have each other. Love is such a wonderful thing. :D

I’m the same with dan I accept him now though and yay for nearly 3 years!

Ha ha, yeah, I don’t look at all the way I sing. I have a relatively good voice when I sing, but when I talk my voice is really masculine and it’s weird. :/

You really should check out Basshunter! :) My favorite songs are “DotA”, “Boten Anna”, and “GPS”. xD They are all so dorky!

Yeah, I agree. :)

Yeah, I think I’ll pick it up later. :)

Aww congrats on you & James. You’re lucky to have him :) I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d like my next boyfriend to be like, and I think that the #1 word is accepting. I’ve been pretty sick of all this high school dating that I see every day, with dating being extremely important and boyfriends/girlfriends being way too clingy.
I don’t think that love is a game. It really depends on the game, but I think that love is a bit more serious than fun because it’s one of the most dramatic forms of emotion.
I really agree with your “love = friendship.” From all of my failed loves, none of them really had anything to do with friendship. I dated two guys in 6th grade, when I liked 1 guy I didn’t really know, and they were the best exes I ever had, because we were friends. The other ones were way too sappy and would focus more on the fact that we were dating rather than that we were together, and could be friends with each other. Like I said earlier, it’s like boyfriends/girlfriends aren’t really friends, just love-drugged. I don’t think that’s healthy :(
Besides that, I don’t think that I’ve learned much from my exes. I just think that love comes naturally, and that should be embraced more than it is…
I haven’t really liked anybody in the past few years, but the last serious crush I had left me pretty heartbroken. He wouldn’t date me because I wasn’t pretty enough for him, but he liked me too. He just didn’t want to be seen with me. So I guess another term I think should be with love is “comfortable.” This post rather goes with your layout, too :)

Oy, I tried the music and even got sleeping pills that didn’t work. I’m sleeping now, but I still don’t know what happened last week. My mom wants me to go have a sleep study done if it happens again O_O

That is so sweet that you and James have been going out for almost three years! (: You guys seem to have a great relationship; now I can only hope that whatever relationship I might end up in is this great.

James has truly taught you some great lessons. Everything is true; I especially like the ‘don’t change’ one. These days it seems like girls are willing to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe just to impress a guy. It’s pretty pointless. I also heard that believing that a guy will change for you is the worst way to ruin a relationship.

I’ve never really had a romantic relationship, but I guess I have learned what you have learned. Also I learned that it’s okay for friends to have other friends besides you and that they overlook your mistakes. That’s always important. ♥

Jewelry is amazing! ;D Yeah, over-accessorizing can be painful to those around you. Yeah, sometimes my hand feels a little heavy with my ring, but I just excuse it by saying I’m working out. xD Besides, if a guy ever tried to kidnap me or whatever I could break his nose with my big ring.

Thank you! Yeah, I have gone through quite a few rings. Cheap ones don’t last very long… Especially mood rings. You have a real gold ring? That is so cool! Oh yeah, one of my rings has to be taken off whenever I want to wash my hands or anything. I take off my rings and my watch when I shower or swim or whatever. Gold earrings are pretty! Yeah, some people can abuse gold, but I don’t think earrings and a ring are too much. Color is always good too! ;)

Ah, that’s great! We totally have matching guitar pick necklaces. A fishbone charm? That actually sounds really cool.

Variety is great when it comes to jewelry! I never really liked more than one necklace, but I have always worn more than one ring and bracelet.

Wow, your jewelry is old. It’s cool that you have had it for so long! It must be pretty special to you. I had to stop wearing the pretty wolf necklace because the chain and back began to rust. D:

Orange is a pretty great pumpkin color. Kudos!

You are very welcome! Thanks, but I don’t even really write. It’s more rambling than anything.

Exactly! I think it would be hard to get over something in the past without thinking about it for at least a little bit. It’s when your life is overcome by the memories and regrets of the past that it is out of hand. Taking lessons from the past is important and we should appreciate what we learn from our mistakes.

We do learn something new everyday! Yes, after a month your list would be pretty long. You should actually try to do that sometime! It would be really interesting.

Gah, I know. /: It’s not going to happen at this dance. Seriously.

It’s great that you know yourself so well! That is important. True, parenthood is something that will have to wait (and probably whether or not you will be a good wife). But knowing who you are at this moment is important. ^^

Ooh, you watch the Green brothers? That is awesome! :D Are you a nerdfighter? Yeah, they post some weird and awkward videos every once in a while.

Brushes can definitely be overused. I think I have (and still do) overuse textures, but oh well.

Yeah, we wave to the neighbors sometimes as well. You are pretty lucky! Moving wasn’t too big of a deal for me, but I know it has affected some people a lot. Most of the people on my street are older, but I think there are some girls at the end of the street I never talk to. Whoops.

Ah, I see. I’ve only been in my city for six years and I’ve seen everything that interests me already. xD I’m not bored of it, though. Going to a different country would be amazing!

Yes, I can see how staying in your hometown your whole life could be pretty boring. At least you haven’t had to learn a completely new city! o:

Ah, that stinks. D:

That’s so true Georgina and really heartfelt.
I sometimes have trouble with compliments that are given to me. Mainly, I want to give one in return but can’t think of a meaningful one right on the spot, I could just say “I like your hair.” but I’d rather say something that was really true about them, and a bit more thoughtful deep than something I thought of in 5 seconds /hehe

Awww this is so sweet! I might seem like a little kid or person who doesn’t care because I always hate talking about relationships, but I like hearing/reading about ones that work. Not talking to my ‘friends’ every day about their crushes and when they should try asking them out. But really, high school relationships ARE just for show! Because every single person is getting into them for no apparent reason. You think someone’s cute, you ask them out, you k-i-s-s-i-n-g and no more.

I’m assuming you and James just happened like you wrote in your comment. He came and swept you off your feet, LOL kidding kidding.

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH NEVER EVER JUDGING PEOPLE! Even if for me it was the opposite. My ex boyfriend was … um hot. I’ll admit that even today 3.5 years later. But he’s such a fucking douchebag. Same thing with Arron, he had a pretty girlfriend a while ago (I saw some pics) but guess what she dumped him for being busy … yeah what kind of shit is that? Excuse my language. =( ANYWAYS. It seems you and James have a wonderful relationship. I can probably go on a rant about that, but I’ll keep it short. You accept each other, have friendship, what else is needed really?

I know it’s so weird! Texas etc are supposed to be having cool – warm winters! I used to go to Florida for winter break regularly and it was always t-shirt and shorts weather. But this year it headed towards the big 0 several times already.

Don’t you have A/C in school though? Just that snow makes it difficult to commute. We still have schools on days colder than show days. I know places do have heat days, but we’ve never had one because the one or two times it hits that high is usually in July or August, and we don’t have school those two months.

Actually there’s this person at work who’s totally selfless … he’s working there to make the money for his family. He doesn’t ever take days off for himself or anything. Not that our work is intense or that we make a lot of money but he’s trying and all of his efforts go to others. It’s really touching and sad at the same time.

Hahahaha, I think my internet heard you too. Today I planned on building a few fanlistings and returning my comments + blogging early but now it’s way past midnight. I couldn’t get a single connection all afternoon! And anything that did work lasted like 10 minutes at most. GRHH!

Yeah I wanna check out new places! I’d love to go traveling sometime. I dream of traveling with my bffs but since one of them is a guy there are gonna be some mom issues there. “Traveling with boys is bad blah blah blah a guy can’t control himself if you’re in the same room.”

Hahaa that’s not bad. I think Typhoon (new artist I’m obsessed with) is same age as Ben Jorg. Hmmm some men seem to be hot even when they’re older. At least Asian men stay hot till 35. Caucasians … um not so much bahaha.

Lol in other words your mom thinks you’re a shopaholic! but she’s not wrong, it’s easy to get attacked online when using a credit card. That’s why I prefer to have my own debit card, it wouldn’t be a huge deal if attacked, plus I’d try to use paypal as much as possible.

Your summer tales … this is one of the first times in my memory I’ve wanted the summer heat. This annoying snow is seriously getting on my nerves. I wanna stab something. =/

im still quite upset that hes engaged after nearly a year with me, didnt i mean anything to him? and was he going behind my back or does he even know this girl?

the job applications say two weeks and if i dont hear from them then my cv wasnt accepted. they must get 1000s of cvs a day i suppose if they cant reply sooner.

flash is easy for me cause of the actionscrpt (code) so im sure it will be a piece of cake for you.

what are you and james going to do on your 3 years?

You’re so right about what you wrote down. ♥ I think it’s a good thing that you and James are together. :) You’re perfect for eachother :)

Wow, almost three years? That’s incredible! And you two are so cute together ♥
I don’t think love is a game, because to have a winner you also need a loser, and there shouldn’t be losers when it comes to love. I remember that blog that Tiffany posted!

I am guilty of being judgemental we always have our first impressions of people that we can’t avoid. I guess we just have to remind ourselves that first impressions are wrong and like you say; don’t just a book by it’s cover. It’s wierd how you meet people and the things you think about them before you actually develop a friendship. Like, when you said you thought he was a bit of an idiot, and now look at your feelings for him!
I mean, one of my closest friends used to be someone I couldn’t even stand. And the person I cannot stand to be around now used to be one of my closest friends. It’s strange how things change so fast. I guess you say don’t change, or don’t change other people, but sometimes when you’re growing up change in unavoidable and sometimes you do just end up going seperate ways in friendships. But I guess we learn from that who our true friends are, and for you it’s obvious that James and Lillian are definately true friends! You’re lucky to have such amazing people in your life!

Bahaha, I actually physically cannot study. I just don’t understand HOW. I mean, I try reading through notes and nothing goes in, I try the online excersises and just get frustrated at the ridiculous errors on it. I just can’t do it -.- Yeah, I usually do aim for a certain mark, but I usually aim too high and then get disappointed when I don’t get it. My ict exam was so difficult, I decided once I came out that if I expect to get a U, then I can’t be disappointed, I can only get better than I expect.

Aaah I know, I’m so excited! I was supposed to go at the beginning of December, but we couldn’t go so now it’s rebooked I’m ridiculously excited. I have a countdown on my iPod. :’) Oh, I’d love to go to Asia though, until I go to NY, the furthest I’ve travelled is to Tenerife (about 4 hours on the plane) and other than that, it’s Spain (2 hours). Yeah, I’ve never actually been out of Europe. :( Really? Baha I guess when I’m commenting on blogs and things I try to be more serious, but I’m usually getting told I need to grow up :’). Yeah, he’s a douche, to be honest! He’s eighteen tomorrow, and he spends 90% of his time playing COD on his xBox o_O
He still doesn’t do his own washing or ironing.

YOU NEVER PLAYED SPYRO? SAY WHAAAA?? You’re missing out, girl! I ordered the first Spyro game off of eBay (our old copy broke) and it arrived yesterday – I was playing it all day. My mum thinks I’m addicted. I probably am.. YES! CRASH! /love /love /love

Oh, I didn’t think of pacman or those classic games actually! I remember when you wrote a blog on that supaplex game once, I downloaded it but it never properly worked for me :( It looks amazing though XD

Oh wow, who are you going to see in concert? :D
and good luck with your batchelor degree!

WOOHOO I can still comment on this blog. :D YAY!

Aw thanks for plugging me dear. It meant a lot & I’m really glad that my blog somehow inspired you. :) I absolutely agree with the things you’ve mentioned.

Your relationship has proven incredibly strong especially because you’re able to be so honest with each other about everything. James’s reaction to what happened last year was amazing & I can’t say that I’d get that same reaction if I told Johnny. I think James is a wonderful boyfriend to you & I hope the two of you will stay together foreverrrrr. :)

&…THAT’S RIGHT women…trying to change their man. Every single time you go read a blog about how some chick is upset with her boyfriend because he won’t change for her, it makes me want to just leave a one liner: You’re an idiot, you can’t make a person change for you, they have to change for themselves.

But people will figure this out eventually..things don’t always go their way & then bOOM the realization: “oh yeah i can’t change people..especially because i won’t change for someone.” But you’re right, you shouldn’t have to change to fit someone’s needs, the both of you should always compromise & find a middle ground. That’s what makes a relationship beautiful..not because people just automatically fit together like puzzle pieces, but because they’re able to work together & compromise. :) Two extremes = bad.

Happy 3 year anniversary to you & James. :) I find it a bit odd that there are so many short comments on this blog. :/ But anyway, I’LL MAKE UP FOR IT!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Wait, I’m not sure when your real 3 year anniversary is, but happy EARLY 3 year anniversary if it is still early. haha. :D Or belated if it already passed. :( Darn it!

Oh & something else I thought of…what’s the point of changing someone to be more of the person you like anyway? If you need to change someone because you can’t accept them the way they are until they change, what’s the point of being with them?! They’re obviously not right for you, right? Although I’ll admit that I wish I could change Johnathan’s eating habits, mostly because I’m concerned about his health & it really bothers me when people don’t like vegetables for some reason. VEGETABLES ARE YUMMY. Come on.. -_- oh well, whatever, best wishes to you & James. I better get an invitation to your wedding. :P

Our three years is on the 5th February! :D It’s still a fair way to go, but he won’t be in the country when that happens… and he’s returning on the day after Valentine’s day. Super suck!

Boo hoo! I’ve seen girls’ blogs about that kind of thing too. It makes me a little upset that girls don’t realise that, and even when they keep trying to impress their guy and they’re not impressed. They shouldn’t be changing themselves to get their attention either.

There are a few short comments here but I suppose no one has really felt the same way? Don’t know, but I’m glad most of them agreed with what I had to say. Err, also because some of the longer comments are still pending approval. There’s about ten more. ;D

I love vegetables, I don’t know why some people hate them. Sebastian leaves his all the time, it makes me sad. He hates them a lot and I just think, “What… why… I can’t believe…”

You’re totally invited! If you can make it here, LULZ. ♥

Awe, that is the most sweetest thing I have ever read.


This really cheered me up. Made my shitty day pretty good. :)

Love is definitely not a game. I don’t get HOW so many people believe it is… A relationship is something so sacred that just having one for the fun and the ‘experience’ sounds so blasphemous to my ears.

“my ex-boyfriend whom I thought I wasted time on, and despite that, I know I’ve learned from that failed love” … I love this phrase of yours. I can relate to it, 100%. You know if you read that special email… :)

Honesty, friendships… the basics of a relationship. Its fuel. :) And that’s true, we can’t change people; we all have our flaws, nobody’s perfect. Trying to change someone would be arrogant, as if we were perfect. That will lead to some discussions, little fights within the couple, that’s true… but in the end, when True Love IS king, it all ends with peace, and a deeper understanding of each other. I knew he would not leave you alone. *hugs tightly*

I passed this post’s link to Simmy, and he loved what you wrote, but was too shy to post a comment, so here’s his comment: “tell her what she wrote is beautiful, and that she put in words what I really feel for you.” Needless saying I giggled like a little girl. ^-^

Love you, Georgie. ~<3

~ Luana S.