The Day The Music Died

My laptop’s been playing up for the past few days, which is why I haven’t replied to a lot of emails. I’m really sorry for anyone who is waiting a response, I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Basically, Fin, my laptop, decided to have the equivalent of a heart attack. :P I was listening to music and typing my previous post (Almost) Three Years of Love, decided to open a new tab in Firefox to check out another website, and my laptop froze. Fantastic. /hmph I thought I’d wait a while, and after waiting a minute, the music I was playing in iTunes decided to stop, too. My cursor didn’t move and after hitting Ctrl+Alt+Delete and having nothing happen, I forced the laptop to shut down by holding the power button.

After that, Fin wasn’t the same. He started up and he would run a lot of disk checks, and there was this ridiculous notice telling me that the laptop didn’t shut down – blah, blah, blah. Windows didn’t load. I had to go through the process of forcing a shut down about three times before another disk check ran on its own and Windows finally loaded.

I’m on Windows Vista, and for anyone who says that it sucks balls… please don’t. I am well aware of that. But in the near two years I’ve had this laptop, I haven’t had any problems with the operating system. Any. I swear – any. The only problem I’ve truly had with my laptop is that he pants in the summer when the weather is really hot, hence he overheats. But yes, I know Vista is lame, I don’t need to be reminded. I’m most likely going to upgrade to Windows 7 anyway, since James offered me last year but I wasn’t prepared to delete and re-install everything. D:

This problem continued for a couple of days. I also had a lot of trouble shutting down. I waited an hour, and Fin said ‘logging off’. After a whole hour, too. 💥 I’m so lame; I even kept talking to him and telling him to please cooperate.

It wasn’t a virus either, and cleaning my laptop didn’t work. A lot of things didn’t help until James helped me out. We set my laptop’s settings to ensure it was the best for performance, which made the UI look like Windows 98. Haha, good times. XD I wasn’t bothered by it; in fact, James said, “Hey, don’t you like retro things?” :D

Well, it was alright, except it looked a little ugly and weird, and I wasn’t used to it. Yeah, David Tennant was still on my desktop and not as pixelated as the text. /drool In the end, I disabled and re-enabled my docks (ObjectDock and RocketDock), did a system restore, and with more of James’s help, I installed a new driver for what appeared to be my monitor. Yikes.

Basically, that solved the problem, and Fin is fine and healthy. :)

A couple of days ago I had some bullshit with the wireless internet. My brother was keen on helping me out and we spent a lot of time reinstalling the wireless router many times. After completely and totally resetting our internet as if we were starting totally fresh – everything was A OK!

Pah, that’s all for technological troubles, I’m sure we’ve all had our own, right?

I’m now a little down because Lilian left for Malaysia earlier this evening, and James is going to Hong Kong tomorrow. I shall miss them so much. :( I’m looking forward to seeing Ben Jorgensen in concert on Saturday, but after that I really don’t know. I hope I won’t get lonely and that they’ll be back before I know it. Hoho. /bounce ♥️ And I guess, thank goodness for technology, because there is still some way we can keep in touch. ;)

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That was quite a scare Fin gave you, eh? I’m glad he’s working fine now, and I hope the Windows 7 upgrade helps him to perform better. As well as for your router behaving better now haha (too bad we can’t say the same for MSN).

Ben’s concert on Saturday should be fun! Hopefully everything goes well and we don’t encounter any trouble. Can’t wait.

Woah, it sucks when your laptop acts silly. D; I’m glad that your laptop is doing fine now! :) My macbook went last friday back for repair and I can’t wait to have my laptop back. ; A ;

Have fun at the concert saturday! ^_^ I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun! :D

Thank you! :D Man, all these problems I’m having has made me want a Mac because they seem to have much less problems. Maybe in the future though, since my laptop isn’t all that old. :P

Go for mac ;D they are awesome. ;D the operating software wich powers the macs works extremely well but the casing of the laptops does tend to break in older versions ; A ;

Thanks for the supporting comment ♥ I wasn’t looking for sympathy, just wanted to get things off my chest.

I have a windows vista too. Apparently the life expectancy of the battery is about one year. Mine is always over heating, but the fan works well, so it must be the battery.

I don’t know much about computers, all I know is to scan with Norton every day.

How is it that both of them are going on holidays around the same time? I’m sure you will find a way to keep your self occupied. :)

Thank you for your words Georgina! I also hope that my exams are well prepared. I still have two exams to do, and then all the stress is over 👏

You’re right. Sleeping early and rise early must be practiced, but it is possible to do it. True, it is easier said than done, but you must try at least. These advances have done well, I hope it continues so.

I’m glad you’ve reached your goal for your novel. It is normal for things to do. But I’m sure you will get organize to keep writing your novel :)

Haha, you know that whenever I like your blogs, I tell you. I find it interesting. I understand. I think they are good sources that you’ve chosen both for your site and for your works from University. You’re right, Georgia is a nice alternative to Times New Roman.

Me neither, I know why Jokerman was made.

Sorry to hear what happened to Fin. But I’m glad he’s working fine now, and I hope the Windows Vista upgrade helps him to perform better.
I’ve never used Windows Vista, currently use Windows XP Professional, and so far I have not had any problems with the operating system, except some virus from time to time.

So if you are right we all have had some technological problems sometimes, I’m glad you were able to solve yours.

Hope you a good time in the Ben Jorgensen’s concert :) hugs*

sounds like a windows update or anti-virus update gone wrong. something similar happened to me a new weeks ago, but surprisingly, the problem fixed itself.

If you upgrade to windows 7, do a fresh install and not an upgrade. I did the upgrade and got to keep all my settings and files, but I get some strange behavior every now and then because of it and have to reboot. A minor annoyance, but still annoying.

*sigh* Technology is so unreliable… my old laptop died so I had to wait like 5 months before getting a new one. D: I hope you will get to see James and Lillian again soon. :D

Sorry my comments are always so short. :/

It always sucks when technology gives us a scare. Especially when its technology that’s super important to us like our computers. I know I thought my previous laptop was in for it when it started doing random disk checks! Frightened the heck outta me. Of course Mr. Bubbles ran XP still and now my lovely Devin runs 7 which is wonderful, but it’s always frightening.

Hooray for working technology, right?!

I really dislike computer/laptop problems. They’re always a pain when they’re broken or something is wrong with them. It’s takes hours & hours to fix the problem(s). Either way, that’s good that Fin is healthy again.

Broken PC is one thing I really dislike as well as no internet. I guess I’m far too dependant on the computer & internet that I feel really uneasy when either one of them is broken. To the honest I don’t use it that much, it just the having it there working and I can use it whenever.

My computer has only broken once since I bought it but I extended the warranty on it for 3 years so if it ever breaks, I can just take it back to the store and they will check it out for me. Although the warranty doesn’t cover software faults, only hardwares.

I trained it to work for the last year but I can’t train it anymore. They recently changed the train times and they are so horrible. Luckily a work mate gives me a lift to work so I don’t have to worry about the trains anymore. I would prefer to drive myself because it’s more flexible than getting a lift with someone especially if I need to stay at work a bit later or he needs to.

I also did not have any real trouble with Windows Vista. I don’t know why everybody said that it sucked, other than that fact that there wasn’t a speed increase from Windows XP. As long as you can get it to work and do what you need it to do without piquing your own impatience, there is nothing wrong with an operating system. Glad that your laptop is alive and happy again!

I love how you named your laptop Fin! I too have Windows Vista. I haven’t had a lot of issues with it, but for a long period of time my laptop had issues with the screen randomly going black in the middle of doing something. I would have to force it to shut down. The screen would also randomly turn like a blue or purple. It was SO weird. O_o It finally stopped doing that though *knock on wood*. :L Other than that, nothing really major has been an issue with the laptop. It gets the job done. :)

It’s good that you got all your laptop issues solved! I would have been so frustrated if that was my laptop. I’d be so tempted to throw it at a wall. XD

Have fun at the concert! And don’t worry, they will be back before you know it. :D

LOL, thank you! Haha, you would write like more than double the blogs of me! You’re so good with blogging. ;D

Yeah, I went back, but last week we had the entire week off because of snow. O_O Remember when I said we don’t get much snow…well trust me, I didn’t lie…this is just FREAKY SNOW. :o We ended up getting 5 inches on last Sunday evening, and we ended up not having school the entire week. The south USA (where I live) doesn’t have any snow plows, so we are stuck with solid ice streets. I really go back to school tomorrow, so I hope the stress isn’t too bad!

My classes are okay this semester. I have a few friends in every class except for one of them. I guess it’s not a huge deal mostly because we have assigned seats anyways, so we can’t talk. xP

Thank you! Happy New Year to you too (….did I already say that in a past comment?) LOL, it’s January 17th and I’m just saying happy new year. x)

Sorry, I’m returning your comment from awhile ago, so I don’t remember everything.

Really? Normally every year I have a few friends over, but I don’t like party. We kinda just sit around and eat. xD I have never partied on New Year’s. My mom doesn’t let me because it’s unsafe..and it is. There are so many drunk drivers around. That’s why my mom stays in the neighborhood for the party.

Yeah, she never gets really drunk, but for some reason she likes to get trashed on New Year’s. She only drinks like once a week. My mom has a friend who drinks every night and gets drunk. We kind of think her friend has a problem…her entire family drinks, so that’s why she’s into drinking.

I want to do a tutorial soon. I’ll probably do an easy one, like how to make a good layout. :)

Wow, 2am and 8am?! When I stay up till 2am, I sleep in until like 11am if I don’t have an alarm. I had to use an alarm to get myself up at like 10am today. Hahah.

Oh yeah, that is way better than 20. xD It would suck to have that many and have to keep them all up to date like A LOT. :L

LOL. I do that too. xD If they aren’t good enough, I just don’t tell them, but I secretly don’t put them in the competition. I think that’s quite fair because: 1. they don’t know it, and 2. people who deserve to win, can actually win. I feel bad about doing it, but I mean it’s my contest and I can do what I want, you know?

Awww. :( LOL, I’ve never run through fog!

Haha, yeah I remember when you turned 19. :P I was about to say when you’re 20 it’s one more year until you can drink…but I don’t think 21 is the drinking age in Australia like in the USA. Isn’t it 18?

OMG. Fin is a cute name for your laptop :D! I don`t know what to name my laptop :/. The only things I have named so far are my instruments :P. It`s for puns, like “I blow on ____” etc. XD.

I hate it how iTunes can take up so much memory- same as firefox D’: But its worth it :D! This is weird. All of a sudden, everything goes wrong? :O Freezing, lagging. Blah! My brother`s computer suddenly stopped working and didn`t want to turn on. It`s the end of technology D’: !! Windows Vista isn`t that bad. I just call it, the beta version of Windows 7 :P. I rather be in Windows 7 rather than XP. Even though XP is overused :/. I hate it now! D:

Thankfully, the situation is solved as of now? :P This is weird. Because whenever my laptop is slow, I just.. Run some scan programs, even though I don`t believe it helps much even though my dad says it does. Programs like Windows Doctor, Error Repair Professional, etc. Windows Doctor has an option of optimizing speed thingr :O! It helps :D

I hate it when the wireless goes blaagh! I have trouble setting up the wireless on my Blackberry the other week :/. It sucks D’: Then I had to resort to Google for help. :P I always have wireless problems on my desktop. It made us having to buy a wire and putting it underground for my desktop to use to play World of Warcraft ^__^

I wish Lillian and James a safe flight and you won`t get lonely :D! Technology is awesome and always easy to get your hands on it :P.. Hmmn whats the word… Accessible? :O

This guy is awesome. I learned a few things yesterday about how to be. More awesome. :P. Like a typical person that goes to USC, always drink and have fun. :P I am not surprised that a group of people even played songs for him :O! I was like, “OMG USC MARCHING BAND!!! YEAH!” And on that video, I totally know how to play that song on the clarinet ^___^!~

Love in first sight doesn`t exist :P. I believe in… Crush in first sight. Or Attraction in first sight XD! You are right! You have to get used to the person first before loving them. It`s like me and my kittens. Before they were even born, I was like, “euugh. I want to get rid of this mom cat…” When they were born, I became, “I don`t want to get involved.” Then I began liking them on the 2nd week and then loving them now :P.

A lot of people are saying its for 2009/2010 borners :O So I guess that makes us still Geminis :D! I`m a Gemini too ^__^. I don`t know who my twin is. :O But I`m close to my cousin and he`s 4 days older. XD

It`s the same for you :P I saw your comment everywhere. I`m like. “OMG ESSAY COMMENTS! YEAH!” I`m always intimidated by every blogger D’:. “Should I comment first…? I don`t know D’:” Well. I can easily say that I`m shy. In a way. Which is sad for me D’:

Its the same for me D: My mom doesn`t tell my brother anything for any reason. She always tells me things. Like, why my bed isn`t folded, etc. I guess its because I`m a girl and that girls should be better than guys. :P

Bunnies are like bacteria! But in a cute form :P I guess bunnies develop faster than everyone else :O

In any country, its a must to learn about the country itself :D! Whether it is good or bad :O. I just know, that the US is evil with native americans. D: I learned about the World Wars in World History :O! WWI, WWII, hmmn. And. Mini big wars :O

I’m so glad your laptop is okay now! Ahaha. It is quite scary when computers don’t work properly O_O Gah. You never know if they’ll just up and die on you, completely losing all of your stuff. That is super weird that it was having problems, especially since a virus wasn’t to blame /huh Hopefully it doesn’t happen again! Heh *knock on wood*

Aw, I’m sorry they’re both leaving you :'( That is quite sad! But, as you said, you’ll still be able to keep in touch with them!! XD

Like you read on my blog post, the same thing happened to me the other day! Although it wasn’t to the extent of all that yours went through, it only froze once and I finally got it to shut down by holding the power button. I am glad that your boyfriend is a tech-genius and was able to fix the problem for you! My desktop computer did the same things that yours did a few months back, but luckily we have a computer guy that we pay to fix our computer when it breaks, and also to update things for us, so he was able to install a new driver and also a new… argh I forget what it is. But it was something that had to do with how graphics show up on the screen.
Thank goodness for tech-wizards.
I love how “we” are good at things on the internet, like web-design, but when it comes to THAT kind of tech-y stuff, at least in my case, we’re [I] am lost.

How long is James going to Hong-Kong for? I hope that you have fun at the Ben Jorgensen concert! :)

Have a great day.

Haha, yeah. We’ve all had our technology problems. Don’t worry, I don’t think you’re a weirdo. I address my laptop like a human, although I’ve had him for 5 years, and I didn’t give him a name when I first got him. I just settled for ‘Mr. Laptop.’ x3

My sister, has named her brand new laptop ‘Gilbert.’ I think that’s pretty awesome. :)

I’m on windows xp, and I’ve never had any problems with the software. However, there have been times where Mr. Laptop doesn’t start up etc. 2 times to be precise. I don’t know the cause of the first time – maybe a virus. The second time, it was the fan, refusing to work and causing overheating. My fault. =_=

Anyway, thanks for your comment. *hugs* I’m glad you like my name. :3 I love yours too – not to be a suck up :P – but I wouldn’t have guessed that it meant ‘farmer’ or ‘controller of the earth.’ :D My mum’s name ‘Jayne,’ means ‘gift from God,’ talk about special meanings! XD

And as for sleep, yeah, I don’t get enough. >< Haha.

I hope you know I had to google David Tennant! I had no clue who he was.

I really am sorry about your interenet, I seen your posts on Twitter, I almost said sorry there, but I didn’t want to say I didn’t know how to fix it. So I kept my mouth shut.

Remember you have friends on here that you can talk to if you get lonely.

Yarr, we’ll 7 him up when I get back. *huggs*!

I got to go early; server error with my online check-in thing. or something. I hate these things! 3:

I’ll call you when I’m about to depart. /love
(Y) sorry for the Shorg comment; sort of making sure last minute things are all in order before I go awayyy

Wow what a handful that was!! Poor fin!! I knew you guys were close! But I’m glad he’s fixed now :D. YAY!!!! (Y) . Anyway, thanks for the comments. I appreciate them. You’re right we both know more about Japan than she does, even the Japanese people whom I’m friends with has answered my question about this subject, and said that they are a little afraid of speaking in english with Americans, but prefer to speak in Japanese because they’re afraid of what we might think etc.etc. But they’re not at all close minded in any way. In fact they welcome foreigners from all lands to go to their country and live and what not. So yeah, it just goes to show you how simply close minded she is and what not. But yeah, I’m glad you’re finally getting to see Ben in concert. How exciting!! I’m sorry that Lillian and James are leaving you behind again :(. I hope you get to spend more time offline than online and reading and what not. Baby steps all the way :D.

Technology can be such a headache. I have had my share. I’m glad you got everything working with Fin. It seems like a lot went into that. Hopefully no more troubles.
I’ve never heard of ObjectDock or RocketDock. Windows7 automatically gives me some hp advisor dock that is really annoying but I’ll have to look into those others. I like the way it looks. Although I like my spiffy taskbar too.

THIS IS MAJORLY BULLLOCKS WOMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. I WANT TO PUNCH A BAG FOR YOU. Darn it, Fin! Who do you think you are trying to be so uncooperative?! :( Sorry dear, hopefully Windows 7 will make things better. James will still have to install a bunch of new drivers though, let’s just hope Fin doesn’t crash.

Hopefully it’s not a hardware problem too & just a software problem. Seems like it, unless Fin secretly overheated or something. Ahh well James & Lilian are gonna have tons of fun on their vacations. It’s too bad you couldn’t go with them. :( But you won’t be all alone! You’ll have tons of stuff to do anyway. :) Like you said, the one great thing about technology is that we’re all very easily accessible so you can still keep in touch with them so long as they have internet access. :) Or if their phone works outside of Australia!

I’m sure he’ll be okay, I don’t think he needs new drivers; that’s what James said. I don’t think it’s a hardware problem though… I get a feeling it might be, but who knows. I’ve fried Fin before when he overheated in my bag and he was completely fine after that. I don’t think there’s a moment when he’s been worse than that.

Too bad their phones don’t work haha. International roaming is so expensive. When I went to Indonesia I got an Indonesian phone number. They were only two bucks! :P

Whew! I’m glad you got all of that figured out! I was afraid your laptop was just going to completely die and you’d have to buy a new one! I have a pretty old computer (like seven years old) and I’m afraid one of these days it’s just gonna stop working.

I hope you can find something to busy yourself while James and Lillian are away. I know it must be hard. Enjoy your concert!

and thank you for your comment and opinion; it’s reassuring knowing I wasn’t completely in the wrong! I kind of felt bad about it afterwards because I felt like I was that annoying girlfriend that wouldn’t let their boyfriend hang out with other girls, but Andrew understood. So, yeah. xP

I’ve never had any issues with Windows Vista, but the most intensive thing I do on it is run Photoshop so… ;) Take my opinion with a grain of salt (plus it came with my laptop).

Last time I had a major ‘scare’ with my computer, I rebooted it in safe mode, updated everything that had to be updated and then (on a whim, I guess?) I went and opened the panel cover the fan to clean it and it was caked with dust. Once that was cleaned, it ran like a charm! And now I keep a can of air all the time with me. So useful :D

Funny that, because last week James helped me take apart my laptop and we totally vacuumed the hell out of it. I’ve watched DVDs on my laptop, and I use Photoshop… I don’t play any games, and now the weird problem is that I have to restart my laptop several times before Windows bothers to load. :S It’s completely fine when it does though. Mustn’t like being shut down. O_O

Vista came with my laptop too. XD

Oh gosh – last week I was having major problems but they seemed to work out on their own. Which makes me happy. I was fearing I was needed to redo the whole darn thing. So happy for that external drive now! lol. I am glad to hear your problems were fixed.

Windows 3.1 – my love! haha. My older brother still has a computer running 3.1 and I still love playing on it. :)

I hope you enjoy the concert Saturday. :) I love technology due to the fact that you can keep in touch with people when they’re on vacation – I want to know what they’re doing since I don’t get a vacation! hehe.

I really don’t know why laptops are so unreliable. They tend to go haywire for no reason at times, which I must say, is what I experienced before. Right now, the problem I have with my HP Mini 1000 (1035NR to be specific :) ) is the battery. HP laptops tend to have HORRIBLE batteries and power jacks (and I would know this because I’ve always used HP). And get this, when I got the netbook, it didn’t have Windows 7 yet, so I was stuck with Windows XP. A month or so after I got the netbook, they came out with a newer version with Windows 7! /angry I hate when I buy things and a month later, they come out with a newer version (but that’s beside the point).

Oh, and I have ObjectDock, too! /eee

When my computer starts acting up I completely freak out and it almost makes me cry. You should be thankful you have someone like James to always help you out (: He seems like the perfect mate. Around here though, I seen to be the one up on all the technology. Everyone always comes to me when their having technological difficulties so when I’m the one who needs help I’m always out of luck.

When I got my new desktop it was running Windows Vista. I never really saw what the problem was. Now, that old computer is all burnt out. Now I have my new laptop running on Windows 7. I love it but personally I’ve always been a fan of Windows XP.

Yes, I’ve definitely learned. That’s the only regret that I have but at times it’s not much of a regret at all.

Lol, believe me. If I had me a boyfriend that constantly reminded me that he was there I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a second boyfriend either. I mean, he wouldn’t be needed then.

Woah, I’d kill to be the first girl in a guy’s life. It always seems like I just had to come in somewhere down the line.

u make it sound that ur computer is a human, thats so cute. i must give mine a name but not good with names so ill keep my laptops name the same. thats good that u got Fin to work again, i dont know what id do if my laptop crashed. i think i do i would run away because my dad would be so upset and angry with me and then he’ll give me the silent treatment for like a year i think because this laptop cost him alot and i remember him saying if this one dies no more :(.. thats sad about lilian and james going and that james wont be with u on ur 3 years. will u be able to contact him on ur 3 years?

My last laptop done the same thing, in the end I got fed up and brought my Mac. I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. I am never going back to a PC. Lol.

I will check out your other blog after I finish typing this.

I’ve never been to keen on fishing as I’m so impatient. But I actually enjoyed myself, especially because I caught some fish. I suggest to go, even though getting up early can be a pain sometimes it’ll be worth it. :)

Ahh I was reading your tweets as your laptop was shitting out that day. I was like ;FBJFBFG. Because I know the feeling. I got a new laptop when I graduated high school but that was almost two years ago now. My old one did things similar to yours.

Ahh don’t worry about Windows Vista. If it was working for you then there isn’t any reason to change it, right? And also, if you had an older laptop that had Windows Vista on it, maybe it would run better with that operating system. The laptop I have now actually came with Vista, but, at my college they were offering Windows 7 for a cheap price to all students as a one time offer so Eric and I both took it. I like Windows 7 and I think it is great but I had no reason to upgrade haha. Unless the problem is actually with your operating system, I think Fin is okay. :D

Ahh! System restores always help haha. I’m glad you guys fixed the problem! That was so sweet of James! You two seem like you make perfect sense for each other by the way and I am very happy for you. :)

I am constantly asking Eric to fix my internet connection for me or to fix something on my laptop. Whenever I reset the router or something I somehow mess it up. And I’m actually pretty good with all of the cables we have and what not. There just comes a certain point where I’m like “ERIC!!!!!”. He installs drivers on my laptop that I didn’t even know needed to be updated sometimes. He says his area of expertise is web design but I truly believe it is more in technology and engineering haha.

I’m glad your Fin is working fine again, though. Yay!

You’re absolutely right. I just don’t understand how there can be so many different cultures in the world and yet people just cannot accept it. How you be the minority and still think you are better? ARGH.

Australia seems like the place to be haha. I would definitely love to live there a few months. Everybody seems so chill and relaxed. No hatred what so ever that I’ve heard of. Maybe the U.S needs to model itself after Australia. Or Switzerland. :)

Bahaha, you know it’s completely frozen if ctrl+alt+delete doesn’t work! Aaah, you’re so lucky you had James and your brother to help you out! My family are complete technology n00bs (well, my brother isn’t, but he’s usually deliberately unhelpful) and usually come to me with problems, so if I have one I’m completely screwed -.-
At least Fin is up and running now /eee Oh wow, they are both going away? Are you on your Summer break or something, or is it just a coincidence?

YES. IT’S DAMBO THE BOX :D I did originally get the idea of using him from Flickr, because he’s so adorable. They are usually with Amazon boxes though, because it’s an actual toy thing in Japan. I wanted to order one, but the only place I could find one was on eBay for £60, and I was not going to pay that much for a box. So I made my own ones :’)

I’m not gonna lie – my friends from high school WERE losers. :’) but, to be honest, so was I and we have so much fun that I really don’t give a damn what other people thought of us, because we probably had a better time than they all did just trying to act mature infront of the boys and bitching about everyone. -.- I know, I hate it when close friendships break, but I guess that’s life.

Oh, she sounds like a really good teacher. I think the best teachers are the ones who actually make the effort to get to know the students, because they actually understand how they learn and they are also usually the ones that you can get along with and like, not the ones whose lessons you dread turning up to!

YES. I plan to take hundreds of photos! I’ve already prewarned my mum to take a picnic up the Empire State building, because I’ll probably spend a whole day up there with my camera. LMAO, okay, I may have exaggerated, but I’m still tempted to take my tripod with me out there :’)

Oh, Daniel isn’t that bad – he puts things in the dishwasher and actually empties it sometimes too! And if he’s in a good mood, he might on the odd occasion even cook dinner at my dads! Wow, your brother’s only fifteen? For some reason whenever you talk about him I always get the impression he’s a lot older.. (well, not a lot older, but like, my age or 17/18 or something.)

Aaah, I’m so gutted. I was completely addicted to Spyro, but I completed the game tomorrow (I was so addicted I actually got every gem and dragon and completed it 100% D: ) Yeah – You posted a link to the program in your blog. It does work, it just crashes a lot so I got frustrated and rage-quitted it. YOU’RE SEEING BEN JORG? OMGGG. THAT’S AMAZING. I BET YOU’RE SO EXCITED. I know how much you love him! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU THAT YOU’RE SEEING HIM! :D
I hope you have an amazing time! :)

Well I’m glad you remember me. XD Haha. Actually, that friend even denies all that stuff being said and I hate admitting that I stopped trusting her too. :/ I would hear things about her for example, and naturally I won’t believe everything I hear, but so many people confirmed that stuff even my own boyfriend and in the end she admitted to some of these things. Ah well, people are like that I guess, we can’t change them. =/
Haha, poor fin! Must’ve been really frustrating for you waiting so patiently for it to finally work. I had a few operating system problems with my laptop but thank GOD my PC genius of a brother fixed it. /bounce Hahahh
I actually use Windows XP, never used Vista nor Windows 7, and I kind of hope to stay that way. The idea that I’ll be risking my dear 3 (or was it four?) year old Veronica (yep, I named her too) to be upgrading her system just scares me. :/ Just look at us being so overprotective about our computers as if they were pets! Hahahah /hehe
Nawww! :( I hope your friend as well as James come back soon enough and you won’t have to miss them so much, I know how it feels. :( Just like you said, technology will help you communicate. ;D

Hey Georgie! What happened to Floriental? I just went to check it out and it’s gone! D:
(oh, I love the title of your blog :) )

It’s working fine here. It’s not gone. It’s probably just temporarily down.

Yay! Fin survived his cardiac arrest ‘Hard Drive attack’, as I like to call it. :) I called my netbook Heavyremedy, that being my hotmail. She’s really healthy and has windows 7. She’s very speedy too! :) She has objectdock, but it’s turned off right now. I’ve just put her on charge now. She has a bad habit of opening MSN, but I think she’s supposed too. I bet you’re relieved that Fin survived, for lot’s of reasons! xD You wouldn’t have been able to contact them! That blog was really interesting, tbh! I really don’t know why, but I love it when people name electronics and treat them properly. :p Weird, huh? Speak soon! :) /type

Wow, I’m sorry for all the trouble you have had. :( I think I would have exploded, or broke into tears, because I don’t have that much patience with computers, nor do I know anything like that about them. Although, I do have to take a Computer Science course sometime in the next year or so, but I think it’s just going to be Microsoft Office.

I believe you when you say it’s not/it wasn’t a virus. Been there, done that. :/

After my mom goes to this community college, she has to go to Nursing School. Can you believe that she doesn’t have to take Math??!! …But she’s having to take all of these science courses, and I think that makes it even, ahahh.

I think I’m going to look at the stores at that Tanger Outlet that is on the way home. Truth be told, I’m not nervous about my first day tomorrow; I’m nervous about driving on the highway by myself in my grandmother’s pick-up truck (I’ve only driven it on the highway ONCE) and finding my class. I’ve no clue what letters are for which building. :(

I’m just scared of being late. On my first day.

Yay for your mum! :D

My … whatever kind of friend he is … has personality disorders. I think he has Multi-Personality Disorder, because I know he’s not Bipolar; he just changes into so many different … kinds of people. It’s weird.

I think she (Mimi) wants a concrete driveway. Wait – impossible. It would hurt the horse’s feet. Rocks would be better. Anything other than potholes. 👏 XD /bounce

I wore myself out on the puzzles. I feel sick when I look at them now. :(

Hope the rest of your week goes well. :3 ;)

Gah, sorry you had so many problems with your laptop and internet! It seems technology is out to get you. ;D I’ve had problems where the music on my iTunes will randomly stop or it will keep playing this one note over and over and either way I have to force a shut down. I skipped from Windows XP to Windows 7 so I never had Vista. Windows 7 works quite well, though! I’ve never really had any problems with it. Then again, I have a laptop for school and there are a few technicians that work on campus all day in case we have any trouble. I guess if it weren’t for them my computer would be a wreck!

Sorry Lillian and James are leaving you. D: That’s never fun. But true, technology is useful when it comes to communication. You wouldn’t have a website if it weren’t for technology! o:

Thank you! Glad you like it. Oh, I see. Well, I guess I am considered tall already, so I feel like a giant when I am three inches taller. D: Plus I don’t want to stand out a lot or anything because it’s at a different school and I won’t know anyone. I don’t really like attention anyway. Haha, let’s hope I don’t stain it. xD I’m pretty careful with food or drinks, but… Anything can happen, I guess! And true. I suppose I would just prefer for him to be taller. I don’t know why.

Haha, you are lucky! He’s either one and a half or two and a half inches taller than me. I bet you guys were adorable at prom! 8D Blue is a good color.

Oh dear, my mother is going to be as obnoxious about it as she possibly can. /wah When I was trying on dresses in the store she honestly made me stand in the middle of the small shop for ten seconds while she took a picture with her phone and sent it to my sister. o.o Plus she has that really annoying shutter sound where it says ‘say cheese!’ in a chipmunk voice. It was mortifying.

Ah, that sounds like a fun job! At least your mom is cool and fashionable. ;D Yay for being girly and intimidating! Yes, I don’t mind dresses. They can be really pretty, too! I don’t own any heels and have had little experience wearing them before, so this will be an adventure, I guess.

Yes, I plan on doing all of those things in any relationship I have. However, the problem is in finding a guy who is good enough to do that too!

I bet you are very pretty. (: But yes, I understand that. I guess I’m a bit self conscious so I don’t really want to be judged. I know that I am going to have hundreds of people looking at me and making instant judgments at the dance because no one will know who I am or anything. That’s a… comforting thought. Really? I’ve never run into that problem. I don’t have a Facebook, but I guess I’m not all the way at the age where people automatically assume you have one.

True! Haha. I don’t have keys though, so all of my protection is in my ring. I should just bring a pretty German Shepherd with me everywhere and train him to attack any sketchy people. That would end up well, for sure.

Yes, mood rings rot very easily. I have gone through three or four. xD A slurpee? That might make anything turn black! Real jewelry is definitely preferred if it’s permanent. I only have to take off one ring to wash my hands, though. I take off all of my jewelry when I shower just because I don’t sleep in it and I usually take a shower before dinner. I put it back on if we go out to eat or whatnot, but otherwise it just stays in my jewelry box overnight. ^^

Oh, I know! I liked that wolf necklace, too. And then when I went to Seaworld for the first time quite a few years ago they had this tank with a bunch of clams in it and then there were divers that would go down and get a clam that you chose and you got to keep the pearl(s) inside it. I got a pearl and got it mounted but I still have yet to find a chain that won’t rust, pull out my hair, or be too big for the mount to fit.

Your friend sounds nice! Your rambling blogs are great. Mine never really have a purpose. It’s kind of sad. xD

Ah, that’s awesome! I haven’t been watching them for long either. I guess I started sometime early last year? I don’t really know. I’m not completely obsessed with them, but they are pretty comedic and do some good charity projects. ^^

oh dear…computer problems sucks monkey butt! Whenever I hear ppl having computer problems..i always have the urge to tell them to “why, just get a mac!” XD lololol!! I always get internet problems and its always so annoying because most of the time I cant do anything /wah At least everything for you is fixed 👏

I’m glad you got your computer working… vista does suck, I have it too! Hubby and I are trying to save up for a Mac (cuz that’s MY computer of choice, the labtop is his lol) I also love how you have your computer named and talk to him…. it’s so cute!! :D Hope he doesn’t scare you too much anymore!

Your friend is coming here? Which part of Malaysia is she going to?

I think all of us may have had that kinds of problems before. I’m an abusive user back in the days when I was younger. I was using my old desktop and when I tried to turn it on, it refused to start and I can smell something burning from the motherboard. :/

I’m glad things got sorted out with Fin! :)

I would be soooooo sad if my laptop started to malfunction. I would be so upset! I LOVE MY LAPTOP! Her name is Bloomy Blue. LOL. My family’s desktop computer is the one that is acting like a bitch. It’s dead actually. We start it up and does its boot thing then out of nowhere it will restart and reboot itself and it won’t stop. It’s a continuous cycle. We can’t even get it safemode because it keeps rebooting even before it can get to the start mode. It sucks. My parents’ can’t really afford to get a new computer right now either so they are stuck without a computer for a while. I try to lend out my laptop once in a while but it’s hard because I need my laptop for school everyday so I can’t keep it at home for people to use.

I don’t really mind Vista. Maybe because I’m already accustomed to it. I know my way around a computer pretty well now. But give me a Mac and I’m clueless even though I still think Macs are kinda cool.

Sorry I haven’t been around much to comment! I have been so busy with school and stuff. I want to blog about so many things and I just don’t end up having the time so I try to just blog about the more significant events in life LOL.

I have vista too on the computer. it is annoying that it sometimes doesn’t load right. it is annoying. On the netbook, there is windows 7, and that works allright. but is annoying when the screen freezes, because you can’t do anything.

but Good that Fin is working again :)