Eyeball Tickler

Our wireless modem keeps having problems. I don’t know, maybe it’s just experiencing a lot of lag, but I am now restricted to my desk by a cable that connects me to the internet! I suppose it’s no big deal though, since my laptop was connected to the modem before we even got wireless internet.

I got to talk to James online today. He’s three hours behind Sydney time here as he’s in Hong Kong. I don’t know why people are always surprised that I’m in ‘the future’… I’m not. I think it’s a really silly comment to make. I’m not in the future. The earth is ginormous and it just so happens that different faces of the earth face the sun and moon at different times. It simply cannot be the same time from here to there (wherever you are) when it takes hours and hours for me to get to you. :D In essence, I hope you understand what I’m saying.

There is some quote that goes, ‘Don’t worry about the future, it’s already tomorrow in Australia’. As witty as that may be, I don’t find it very funny at all. What’s it to me then, if I do live in Australia? Man! Overall, I do find ‘future’ jokes annoying when they are said to me, for instance, ‘How’s the weather like tomorrow, Georgina?’ someone from the other side of the world might ask. Invalid question!

Anyway, enough of that rant. I’m glad I got in touch with James; I doubt I’ll hear from Lilian soon as she may not have internet, or she might just be super busy like last time! Many years ago we’d gone to see our relatives overseas, and we went during the same time period, so there was no one feeling lonely or anything. I don’t feel too lonely now, but I hope she’s doing well. :D

Earlier this evening, my vision kept going blurry because of an eyelash poking into my eye. Somehow, one eyelash had curled and was poking me in the eyeball. For some reason, the eyelashes at the corner of my eye tend to do this. It’s quite annoying. Every time I finish washing my face or even when I wake up in the morning, I have to check the corners of my eyes to make sure no eyelashes have gone into my eye. This time, I couldn’t simply move the eyelash out of the way. I couldn’t curl it the other way either, so I had no choice but to pull it out.

As painful as that sounds, it really wasn’t. I know the eye is sensitive… but your nose or armpits would be sensitive too, and some people wax their armpits, or accidentally pull a nose hair from their nose.

For some reason I feel so great when I remove an eyelash from my eye, like a loose one. In my mind, I think, yesssss! and though some of you may think I’m a freak, I promise it’s just the sense of accomplishment I get from stopping something tickling my eyeball further and making my eyes feel uncomfortable.

Apart from having my eyeball tickled, I bit the inside of my cheek in my sleep – which is so shit. Now I have an ulcer and it hurts so much. I’ve been using special mouthwash for mouth and throat problems to ease the pain. What did not help was when I ate chili chips (crisps) and accidentally touched that part of my mouth with it.

Yay, pain. 😰

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I think that all the cliques in high school are stupid. Most of them don’t make sense & the friendships they have in the “popular group” aren’t any different than the friendships the “outcasts” have. How much easier & better the world would be if everyone didn’t have to restrict what friends they have with the cliques in high school. It’s just so weird to have people not speak up for themselves even if it’s over something small. Seriously, complain & make yourself & probably many others more comfortable. I for one will because I’m not going to be miserable because of whatever “proper etiquette” has come into play where you can’t complain.

I remember in middle school everyone was in relationships because they wanted someone to hold their hand & other stupid little things. I knew two of my friends dated for like a year & a half in middle school & they “loved” each other. Now us all being seniors, they don’t even talk anymore because there wasn’t any base to whatever relationship they thought they have. They were young & didn’t know anything about love. It’s just something that comes with age.

I hate when that happens, getting an eyelash in my eye that is. It’s definitely worse when you can’t just move it out of the way because it’s curled into your eye. It’s really not that bad to pull an eyelash especially if it’s lose because it doesn’t hurt as much as it usually would.

New Zealand is further infront of us by 2 hours I think it is. Could be wrong but I know they are ahead of us, just not how many hours.

I’m laying in bed replying via iPhone. I’m beginning to like this …

I’m glad you spoke to James, and I hope that made you feel better :)

Yeah, they’re two hours ahead. But it’s not by very much, and certainly not enough to say they’re in ‘tomorrow’ or anything ridiculous. :P

Speaking as someone from the U.S., I’ve also always found the whole time thing strange, and how people in places like Australia are supposedly “in the future,” so I thought it was funny you brought this up ;) It’s weird that Australia and the other countries in that region are supposed to be about fourteen hours “ahead”, when as you mentioned… when I see the sun, it’s night for you, and when it’s night for me, it’s daytime for you. It has nothing to do with being in the future, just where the sun is in the sky.

Ouch, I’m so sorry about your cheek! I hate it when I do that; it hurts so badly, and the big sore it leaves is even worse. :( I hope it gets better soon!

hey, I had to go to the eye doctor once because an eyelash was stuck under my eyelid. Removing a lose eyelash IS a great accomplishment. NJ is three hours ahead of CA, but I don’t think much of it. I like that we get to see good shows before they do though :D

Well, I wouldn’t know much about plucking eyelashes and whatnot, but that still sounds a little painful! I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to that sort of thing. I love caring for my stuff! It’s like an ocd! Well, I still think heavyremedy is a really healthy netbook. :p Well, it figures, since I got her for christmas. XD I’m not going to bother with the challenge. Too much hassle. Thanks for the awesome comment Georgina, and I can’t wait for your next layout! :)

I have heard of that saying about don’t worry about the world ending today because it is already tomorrow in Australia. But asking about the weather is quite ridiculous. The weather in Australia isn’t going to be the same in the States. I mean cmon, isn’t that what the Weather Channel is for? /huh

Just this morning I was having problem with my vision as I had some crust in my eye that wouldn’t come out. Weird though that your eyelashes like to do that though. I would be scared to pull it out though. 😰

I prefer to write in an easy to read font like Times New Roman with my essays consistently. I generally don’t use any other font. I also it find it easier to read in the end and it is less straining on the eye versus crazy line height, text size and colors.

I suppose people don’t realize Comic sans is for comics – it is in the name of the font even!

I have never really been in a relationship before, but it totally crush me if I broke up with a guy. Just because when I like someone or love someone for that matter, I do deeply. I don’t hand out “I love you” like free suckers. I only give it out to people that I truly love and mean at lot to me. There are people out there that give their selves and words like free suckers and not mean it. It is sickening to me. O_O

Or like a girl going out with one guy for a week and claiming she loves him than moves onto another one the next week and claim that she loves him. It is crazy.

I hate it when the router causes lags! I wonder why that happens :O! I wonder why technology gets blegghy when its used?! i had a router before connected to a wireless port before for around… 9 years. :O Crazy things! Then recently, we had to get it replaced by a newer router model. :P I guess its worth it since… It doesn`t require 2 boxes for internet access :D

I love how Earth always have different times around places :P. And its in an organized matter. Since Hong Kong and Southeast Asia and those areas are ahead of us Pacificans, I wonder how package delivery works :O! It`s like going back in time ^__^.

Australia is full of wonders :P And quotes always begin there :O Don`t worry about it ^__^ Because it makes Australia awesome :D

it is awesome that you got in touch with James :D! it`s a sign of relief that there is some connection for you both to communicate through :D I hope Lillian is able to get internet access sometime soon D:

I hate it when things gets into my eyes in the morning! I hope the eyelash problem doesn`t become an issue D’:. . I know that in the morning, the “sand” around my eyes gets caught into my eyes and then I get blinded by it :O! It`s horrible D: Thankfully, i caught the problem before I go to school :P

i know for sure, my armpit isn`t as sensitive as before. i usually pluck it rather than shave/wax it. (It grows faster, from what I heard and thicker.) And as for nose hair.. As long as it isnt sticking out or visible, I am fine. Plus, I heard it helps you by not allowing bacteria in :O

I heard eyelashes can grant you wishes :P

Oh man! You’re GMT +11 or GMT +12, right? To be fair, you’re only 4-5 hours from a full day ahead of me in time.

The Internet is a wonderful tool. I use it to video chat all the time with my boyfriend. ’tis wonderfuls. I hope that you won’t feel too lonely. We’ll all keep you company on the interwebs!

I hate it when eyelashes poke my eyeballs. It’s irritation. When I was little, I had an eye/eyelash problem. The doctor suggested a few things, and I cried while my parents pulled my eyelashes. In the end, I was using eye ointment every day for a few years. And then the problem went away when I got older and skinnier and my face got less round, so that there were less eyelashes poking my eyes. So I’m basically not allowed to be obese, otherwise my eyes would torture me.

I hate things pocking me in the eye, especially eye lashes. I get it often with my allergies and ‘m forever pulling my eye lashes out. It’s such a bad habit. I really need to stop. Ha ha.

Also, I find the future jokes rather entertaining. Because I don’t know any different and we usually get things after everyone else in the world.

I hope your cheek stops being sore really soon.

I really do suggest a Mac… I definitely won’t be going back to a PC at all. No one could ever make me do that. Ha. Plus my boyfriend (and his dad) are Mac minded so they help me out whenever I need it. :)

I don’t mind getting up early just as long as I get enough sleep that night. :)

Since I’ve moved here all my friends have said is “OMG You’re in the future!” It is getting quite annoying, to tell you the truth. I’m with you on that one.

I’m glad you were able to talk to James. :)

Ugh, modem’s are soo annoying. We got wirelss a few months ago. :D

LOL! Sorry, I find that future joke kinda funny but I suppose if I were you then it would get pretty annoying sometimes. DX My cousin moved to NZ for a year last year and when I was talking to him it was so weird cos he was in the next day already o.o

But technically it’s the same time all the time.. Sort of.

I always get blurs in my eyes for… Idk what reason but it’s annoying. @_@ But I hate it when an eyelash actually FALLS into your eye and it stings like hell and you can’t get it out. Ugh.

I have got the site part up but I think I’ll just put a ‘under construction’ thing on it until I get it finished. I’m under preassure now for my mock exams in four weeks so ugh, I don’t have time for this anymore. :(

It’s so annoying. I hardly get any time to myself!

Yeah I guess you do learn. :)

Ouch, ulcers :S
I get a lot of them from my braces but I love the pain on Bonjella when I put some on ‘cus that means its working

For some reason the eyelashes at the end of my eyes are really long and its quite wierd /hmph
I’ve got really sensitive eyes and I was quite annoyed when I went to the hairdresser a while ago and a hair went in my eye which, when I pulled it out the next day, was 10cm long! Not to mention the fact that while I sat in the hairdresser’s hair with watering red eyes, I think the hairdresser’s friends where laughing at me. Stupid people. /pow

I’ve honestly never even heard of half of those future jokes. Call me naive. We skype my brother, who is working in Greece, a lot and there’s an eight hour time difference, so it’s always kind of weird that we’re in the morning and he’s at night. xP

If my wireless internet were to stop working, I wouldn’t be able to use my computer. My computer is in my room, and the modem is downstairs, so I’d be in a bit of a predicament. I’m glad though you were still able to fix the problem, at least temporarily.

It’s good you got to talk to James! Too bad you might not be able to talk to Lilian. I have like best friend withdrawals if I can’t talk to mine. xD

Thank you for the good luck wishes, but I think I’ve failed. 😰 I really wish I could just get my results now.
Yes, I was very glad that no one happened to have their camera on, otherwise it may have become viral. /hehe *hugs back* Your comfort is much appreciated. :) Although, I did get really bad friction burn, and my skin is red raw. I was aching all over yesterday. So I feel your pain. Yay pain! 😒

I’m pretty sure it’s been 5 years since I got my Mr. Laptop, but now that you mention it I’m not so sure. /type I think I’ve had him for a minimum of 4 years now. To be honest, I don’t really take any care at all. I’ve had anti-virus software installed etc. and that’s about it. That considered, I’m very lucky. Oh, and I don’t sit him on my bed anymore, since that blocked the fan last time. 😰

Haha, your external hard drive is a gift from god. :P Your mum’s name is very unique, and I rather like it. I keep wanting to pronounce it as ‘Lenny’ though. That’s not right is it? 😳

I agree with you about the whole Australia in the future thing. It’s just a time difference people, geez. 😒
Isn’t it ironic how eyelashes are supposed to protect your eyes, and instead they are actually the cause of irritation half the time? /hehe I hate it when that happens. One time, I actually lost an eyelash in my eye, and I have no idea where it went. /ehh

I think the whole “future” thing is funny once, but after that it is one of those things that get really annoying.

AGH I know how you feel! I’ve bit the inside of my mouth in two different places, so I currently have two cuts and it hurts soooo bad when I eat pretty much anything. Sometimes it hurts to just talk, but then other times it seems like it’s healing. SO ANNOYING.

It sucks that they are both gone at the same time :( How long are they each gone for? I’m sure the time will go by quickly though :)

I always laugh at those future jokes, but it’s true that they don’t make any sense. I remember hearing one about how the world is going to end in 2012, and then we’ll know because Australia will get there first. No, if the world was going to end.. it would just all end at once. Fail xD

I do know what you mean about lies :P I mean, I don’t always tell my parents the honest truth about where I am/what I’m doing if I’ll get in trouble for it & I just think they’re better off not knowing most of the time as they’d just get mad, but I mean for friendships, and relationships. Though I guess a lie is still a lie no matter who you tell. And it’s always better to be trustworthy to other people, because then when you ARE telling the truth they will believe it, and not just assume you’re lying. Someone accused me of something the other day, and I told the complete truth and they went off on me, saying I was lying when I wasn’t :/ It was annoying, and pissed me off. I was telling the freaking truth!

I talked directly to Nikon today. I called the support centre and the guy went and checked out the camera as he himself hadn’t seen it, and then he called back & said that to him it looks the same as if it had been dropped & I told him I hadn’t dropped it, and went through all the same notions and questions that I went through with Blacks. He said that there’s no guarantee of what he can do, but that he’s going to talk to his boss and see what can be done. The lady at Black’s said Nikon can choose to fix it under warranty even if it doesn’t look like it should be, but I honestly didn’t do anything to it :/ So it SHOULD still be under warranty, and if they don’t fix it under it I’m simply going to tell them that I just won’t buy any Nikon products in the future if they’re going to crap out on the warranty when I didn’t even do anything to void the terms. So hopefully it’ll all get sorted out, but I’ll still have about another 6-8 weeks of waiting for the camera to come back to me anyways. Sigh.

Hey! Thanks for commenting! I appreciate your support, I really do! You’re a terrific friend and I’m glad we can see past our differences and what not!

Thank you so much for adding me back to your links. Sorry I haven’t responded to your email. I’ve had this terrible headache since all day, and I’ve slept half of the day, so it just kinda went away a little bit ago cause I was drinking water. Weird right?

I’m glad you got a chance to talk to James. I know how close you guys are! ^_^. I’m happy for you. Yeah, I was having trouble logging on today too, the phone company; turned off our service, because of a late fee. But according to my dad, we’re getting fios now in about a week from Friday, and well; the internet should be 5x’s faster than it is.

Heehee, I’m talking to Takuto and I didn’t contact him this time. He contacted me first! He said he hasn’t been sleeping well. But all is good now, we’re back to flirting like always. Haha. ^^; life is sweet. I’ll email you once I get done ok?

I’m happy you’re getting to see Ben G. (I said G, cause I know I’m gonna butcher his name haha). But yeah, I’m getting to see Meat loaf again for the THIRD time in March :D. WOOT!!! I can’t wait. Heehee.But yeah, life is grand aint it?

I’m pretty sure Lillian’s just busy visiting time with family and her friends and what not. So no worries ^^. Well; take care, and I hope you get the modem thing fixed soon!

GEORGINAAAA ♥ i missed you ! (:

Aww, sorry to hear about your internet. I hope the internet problem isn’t too much of a bother to you.

I totally agree with you how people in Australia aren’t in the “future.” The concept just doesn’t make sense. But I do like that quote. I’ve heard it before. I just find it clever. It’s kind of funny that you brought this topic up, because like 2 weeks ago, my sister and I proposed an idea to my parents about going on vacation, and we decided on Australia. I made this presentation on Powerpoint and as a way to persuade them, I found that quote, and I included it. But yeah, it probably gets so annoying.

Aw, I hope James is doing well! My friend recently came back from Hong Kong. And I also hope that Lilian is well too!

Ah, that happened to me yesterday & partly today. I knew the feeling of when you have an eyelash in your eye, but I couldn’t find it. It’s so annoying and irritating. I get them in the corners of my eyes too. Sometimes getting the eyelash out is quite tedious!

I hope your ulcer goes away. I’ve never called it an ulcer, (and I just Googled it to make sure I’m talking about the right thing) we call it a canker sore. On Wikipedia, they said that canker sore is an American English term XD. But it’s weird because, an ulcer makes more sense in my opinion.

hahaha, i know exactly what you mean about the annoying eye lashes in the eye! mine are in the corners too, and i almost always have to pull them out. sometimes it stings for a little bit, but it’s not too bad! :D

my cousin is in hong kong too :D random, but oh well! I totally understand what you mean about the time difference though… yeah, it may be “tomorrow” in Australia, but everything is still happening at the same time! i hate when people make those comments and actually are serious. it’s crazy.

Yeah, I am having majour problems with my wireless router, I asked my mum is she could phone aol and ask for our router they promised us over a month ago. She had ago at me lol.

Yeah those future jokes are pathetic, my uncle once said something about the future because of my sister being Australia, very silly.

My male friend has to use clear eye mascara because of his eye lashes give him loads of problems like blood shot eyes. Also I read vaseline before bed everynight helps.

Not to be a killjoy or anything, but periods usually do happen around that time when you’re least expecting it haha. Trust me I know…I’ve had my period on Christmas’, Birthdays, Disneyland trips and the like. I remember, feeling really nauseous one day at Disneyland with my cousin and three friends, and I honestly felt like I was going to pass out or something. So I ended up on the crapper lol. Than got my period. I was like gee thanks mother nature! Humph! But I hope it doesn’t happen to you!

The headaches are gone. I took two tylenol pain relief pm’s last night and they’re completely gone. Now that its windy out here, its just one thing after the other. Now I have a cough, and I do believe it’s sinuses that are kicking in. But I don’t know. I do know it’s keeping me up. Thank god no stuffy nose yet! *prays*.

I bet you are pumped! I was pumped to see Leann Rimes for the first time when she first started out. My grandma at the time of her working, bought me Leann’s first cd Blue, and I listened to a little bit of each track and my Grandma goes “Listen to all of it dingbat” and I go ok! lol….so I restarted it and I was like WOW!!! She was 14 at the time she started, so I think she is like 1 year older than I am. I think. But we went to her concert and that was so cool. Than all this other stuff started to happen to her like her father cheating on her mom with one of her bandmates (who’s a female), and Leann’s parents getting a divorce right before her birthday and what not. It was announced on the radio. I was like damn asshole! And honestly; I hate it when the news gets involved in an artists life and what not and make the most out of every situation there is or worse. But at least the lady apologized to Leann and hoped her the best in life on live radio! I was like O_Ox10!! lol. But still very sad. Than her new single “Unchained Melody” came on which I heard was one of her best ones and my dad and I were just blown away by it. I mean literally blown away by it. I was like WOW…he had tears coming down his cheeks. But yeah.

After listening to Leann for so long, an online friend who called me little grasshopper back in the day (we haven’t spoken at all anymore since) said I know you’re looking for new music and I have an artist that I think you might like. So she sent over a song which was “I’d do anything for love (But I won’t do that)” by Meat loaf. I was instantly hooked, and I tried to look for it in my dad’s cd collection so I can steal it, but found another cd by Meat loaf and I go I wonder if that’s him? So I listened to the whole cd and was blown away I told my dad about it and he was happy. From than on every birthday and christmas, I would get 2-3 cd’s of Meat loaf’s that I didn’t have and I still do. My 27th birthday I got a promo LP Vinyl Record of “Blind Before I Stop” by Meat loaf (one of his older ones), and than was announced we got the house in Beaumont. haha cool birthday present or what? :D. lol. But yeah, the only two things I got on my birthday. This birthday (my 28th) I’m not really wanting anything, except my car to be fixed so I can have a second income and what not. Ya know? It’d really be nice. But anyway, I’ll let you go and take lotsa pictures if you can and if you have great seats at that ok?

Eek! Sometimes, when our wireless is pissing me off, I just use the wire and connect to the internet. I actually have one sitting near me already plugged into the router if my wireless shits out. It can be annoying when you want to get up and move somewhere else though. I totally understand that feeling. /angry

Haha people and their time zones. Whenever I see your Twitter updates – you are always going to bed and I have just started the bulk of my day. When I go to bed you are up and about. I just think it is funny haha.

Ahh I am one of those people who insists there is something in my eye when they’re isn’t or nobody can see anything so I understand the tickled eyeball haha.

Very, very true. Accessibility is what makes or breaks you in the end. Line height is a very big thing with making the text look appropriate. While some people make it too small, other people make it too big. OYY. There should be a giant list of text guidelines that can be circulated around and accessible to everyone haha. People should be aware of this issue. XD

Ahah, thank goodness for the techy men in our lives!

Ugh it must be annoying being restricted to your desk! I hope your wireless modem gets fixed! I remember when I got my first laptop and I accidentally broke the dongle for the internet, so only one person in the house could go on the internet at a time!

I always see that “Don’t worry about the world ending today, it’s already tomorrow in Australia” quote getting reblogged around Tumblr. I find it silly because, it’s not always tomorrow in Australia just because I’m in England! I mean, the time difference between us is anything between 9 and 12 hours isn’t? At 9am here, it’ll still be the same day for you…So yeah, sometimes it can be very invalid haha!

I’m glad you got to speak to James online! I hope you get to speak to Lillian soon, too though!

Isn’t it ironic how eyelashes are meant to stop things getting in your eye, but 9 times out of 10 when you have something in your eye, it’s an eyelash!

Sometimes I get an eyelash that grows about a millimetre away from the rest of them on the lash line, it’s not noticeable but when I do my make up I sometimes see it. I always pluck it out if I see it but it grows back not long after. It’s not that painful, it’s only painful if I nick the skin. I don’t know why I bother though, because you can’t even tell, I guess just because I know it’s there it annoys me haha!

Ooh, how long is it until you see Ben Jorgensen? Is it on the 22nd? You must be so excited. :D

When an item I want get’s discontinued, I get really angry and tend to hate the brand LOL. But I ordered a dress from the same shop for prom, and it was pink on the website but when it got here it was brown and really rough material, so my mum’s sent it back and we’re getting a better one now.

I’m glad you feel accomplished when you pul one out. I always feel like “Darn, eyelashes!” I hate getting the eyelashes that make my vision blurred but don’t bother me. I was sitting in math one day and the board kept getting blurry. I thought something was on my contact. I got into my car after the class to find a whole eyelash stuck to it! It didn’t hurt or anything just annoying!

I can’t believe we both just talked about our eyelash problems. XD

Thank you for the congratulations :D! :O I meant that its the same for here too :X! I only have a permit to drive right now. So I can only drive to learn how to drive :O Its complicated o__O. But its also the same with having to practice with a fully licensed person :P. I`m not sure if I`ll be good enough for a physical test. D:. Drivers here are like SAVAGESSS. :O

OMG. My face looks fat on the picture D’: And my eyes looks… Ugly. Because it gives some ugly shadow on it. I`m like, “I wanna photoshop this.” XD!

I wonder to myself how people get licenses even though they suck at driving :O. But the test is straight forward :P. It`s either you know it or you don`t. Just like any other tests :P. D:

I love how you named your PC “The Machine” :P It`s like,. Some sort of terminator or something :O And your camera, Glass! That is cute ^__^! I name things and forget about it D’: A few times. :O You are unique :P

I know that when I was little, I cried when the paper is stuck in the printer :'(. But its cool now :P. I just.. Pull the paper out by force :P How silly we were when we were younger XD! I hate it when the firefox freezes! I just think my younger self is silly. :O .

True that! Computers are like humans :P Cars are also like humans :O! It is crazy! Like. The CPU/Engine is the heart (or something) and… Yeah :O The head is… The monitor/front of the car :P. And the butt is the place where you plug wires through into the PC/the rear of the car :P! Its CRAZY!

I love Google :P But I always trust what they claim. :O With the info. :O Even though my teachers are paranoid about “fake” information, I`m like, “It`s on the top of the search. Someone is bound to report something if its fake…”

I think its just a petty crush XD!

:O I haven`t heard of Ophiuchus before :O Its new :P I haven`t looked at the new thingr horoscopes yet :O I needa look at em ! :P

I try not to leave comments that are too long unless I see the other people posting long comments :P. Sometimes, I forget and get pissed off when people comment with 1 liners D’: . But I need to stop freaking out about it :P. I`ve.. Ranted and ranted and ventilated through my “articles” :O. I AM CRAZY!

I am equally timid because onliners are people too in person ^__^!

Oooh that is weird :O! I think that is the same thing with my friend`s router. Except that his mom can`t use her netbook wirelessly more than 10 feet outside the room :O You gotta call them up and see whats up! (The internet company :P)

Its like the same for me too :O But I can`t get out of the house without taking a shower. I feel “dirty” even though I just slept. :O Its weird. D’: And the first thing I ALWAYS have to do is to brush my teeth with I wake up. Idk I guess its because I talked to people who don`t brush their teeth and it smelllss gross.

Its easier for me to pluck and omg. its the best thing ever when you get rid of black dark lines :P

Wireless problems are terribly annoying. I am always on the downstairs when I use my laptop and the modem is upstairs so sometimes it has problems staying connected, but it’s been pretty good about it since then.

It’s great that you got to talk to James! ♥ Yeah, I never really think about Australians and other countries as being in the future. I mean, I traveled to another time zone for Christmas/New Years and I did text Marigold and tell her that I was in the future (by an hour ;D), but otherwise it all really depends.

I hope you get to talk to Lillian after all. Aw, everyone left you! D: That is sad. But they will both be home soon enough and you guys can have lots of fun and everything.

Eyelashes are so annoying! xD Sorry you were having problems with your eyelashes poking your eyeball. I don’t think I have ever encountered that problem… Sounds annoying, though! Occasionally my eyelash will fall out and get stick to my eyeball and then I will feel it under the lower eyelid and I have to get it out. That does hurt. 😢 But I actually unintentionally pull out eyelashes all the time. I rub my eyes a lot because I don’t have perfect vision and then when my contacts are in they irritate my eyes so I lose a lot of eyelashes!

Ack, ulcers are seriously evil. /: Little buggers. I hope your mouth feels better soon! Spicy food and ulcers never mix.

Yes, you definitely get a lot more comments than I do. xD I would never be able to reply to all of the comments that you get! I do appreciate that you reply to all of my comments, though. Especially since our little comment conversations are so long… Haha.

Thank you!

I use the control and alt keys on the left as well. I was cleaning out my keyboard and popped the left control key off intentionally to get a dog hair out from under it but it wouldn’t go back on. D: It was like this for a while but then the little blue rubber piece that actually presses the pad came off and after that I had to start using the right control key. I only had to do that for a few days, though, so I am already back to the left control key. The backspace key? That would be pure torture.

Yes, that is exactly what happens with mine! Darn Apple (wow, I’ve said that in two comments today ;D). Well, I can’t tell you if Windows 7 is better than Windows Vista but I do like Windows 7. It has nice drop shadows. (:

Gah, that stinks! I don’t know what operating system ours are made of. We started with XP but then over the summer they changed all of our computers to Windows 7. Mine works fine! Life without a website would definitely be boring… I wouldn’t even know what to do with my spare time! All of my hobbies have something to do with the internet/technology. xD

Thank you! It’s on Saturday for me. Well, it turns out that I am most likely going to be dropped off so he won’t come to my house and then my mom can’t take pictures! WOOHOO! Your mom sounds really nice. ^^ Ah, I tried to find some but I got really far back and stopped. I’ll look for them some other time!

Yes, I have seen pictures of you before. You are gorgeous! (:

I don’t see a need to have Facebook when I have a website. I mean, I don’t tell everyone I ever meet about my website or anything but I wouldn’t tell everyone about my Facebook either. People just get too superficial with Facebook and accept friend requests from people they have never spoken a word to. If I do ever get a Facebook I am going to be very strict about my friends. People will probably think I am a complete loser because I will only have fifty friends but too bad.

Rings are most definitely the best weapon for an unsuspecting teenage girl! Yeah, I was thinking in the eye or in the nose. Either way it would be pretty gross. /bounce I think the mood rings that have cool shapes are really cool. Yes, it is definitely a pretty pearl. It’s pretty big, too! Plus it has this really cool gothic looking mount that makes it look really fancy.

awwww. :)
right now i have mouth ulcer too. i feel your pain. but this one is caused by the wire of my braces.
don’t worry, it’ll pass too.. in a few days. :D
take care

Personally I don’t get the whole future thing with people living in Asia. They’re not in the future, just the way the earth is.

Oh lucky james is in Hong Kong. I’m going this May with some friends so totally can’t wait for it. I wish it’s May already.

Ouch about that eyelash and ulcer! I hate ulcers, makes me not able to eat properly.

My wireless internet was a pain for ages when we first got it. It kept disconnecting me and isn’t as fast as wired connection. Personally I prefer wired connection but the internet modern is downstairs and there’s not point dragging a wire upstairs when we already have a wireless box.

I don’t care so much about validation on my personal site, I only validate it when I need to show it to employers. People that actually view my blogs are other bloggers who generally uses Firefox or Chrome so they won’t really have any problems and why would they bother to validate my site anyways. A valid sites has better page ranking on google apparently due to higher quality score. Again not important for my personal blog as my visitors don’t come from google anyways.

ahahaha.. that’s funny. I have tried having an eyelash poking my eyeball too.. and it’s really annoying and very irritating. hahaha.. :D Anyways, I get your point regarding people asking you or making future jokes like that. hahaha.. But well at least you had to get in touch with your James..there’s a brighter side to that. ;)