Eyeball Tickler

Our wireless modem keeps having problems. I don’t know, maybe it’s just experiencing a lot of lag, but I am now restricted to my desk by a cable that connects me to the internet! I suppose it’s no big deal though, since my laptop was connected to the modem before we even got wireless internet.

I got to talk to James online today. He’s three hours behind Sydney time here as he’s in Hong Kong. I don’t know why people are always surprised that I’m in ‘the future’… I’m not. I think it’s a really silly comment to make. I’m not in the future. The earth is ginormous and it just so happens that different faces of the earth face the sun and moon at different times. It simply cannot be the same time from here to there (wherever you are) when it takes hours and hours for me to get to you. 😄 In essence, I hope you understand what I’m saying.

There is some quote that goes, ‘Don’t worry about the future, it’s already tomorrow in Australia’. As witty as that may be, I don’t find it very funny at all. What’s it to me then, if I do live in Australia? Man! Overall, I do find ‘future’ jokes annoying when they are said to me, for instance, ‘How’s the weather like tomorrow, Georgina?’ someone from the other side of the world might ask. Invalid question!

Anyway, enough of that rant. I’m glad I got in touch with James; I doubt I’ll hear from Lilian soon as she may not have internet, or she might just be super busy like last time! Many years ago we’d gone to see our relatives overseas, and we went during the same time period, so there was no one feeling lonely or anything. I don’t feel too lonely now, but I hope she’s doing well. 😄

Earlier this evening, my vision kept going blurry because of an eyelash poking into my eye. Somehow, one eyelash had curled and was poking me in the eyeball. For some reason, the eyelashes at the corner of my eye tend to do this. It’s quite annoying. Every time I finish washing my face or even when I wake up in the morning, I have to check the corners of my eyes to make sure no eyelashes have gone into my eye. This time, I couldn’t simply move the eyelash out of the way. I couldn’t curl it the other way either, so I had no choice but to pull it out.

As painful as that sounds, it really wasn’t. I know the eye is sensitive… but your nose or armpits would be sensitive too, and some people wax their armpits, or accidentally pull a nose hair from their nose.

For some reason I feel so great when I remove an eyelash from my eye, like a loose one. In my mind, I think, yesssss! and though some of you may think I’m a freak, I promise it’s just the sense of accomplishment I get from stopping something tickling my eyeball further and making my eyes feel uncomfortable.

Apart from having my eyeball tickled, I bit the inside of my cheek in my sleep – which is so shit. Now I have an ulcer and it hurts so much. I’ve been using special mouthwash for mouth and throat problems to ease the pain. What did not help was when I ate chili chips (crisps) and accidentally touched that part of my mouth with it.

Yay, pain. 😰

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