My younger and more vulnerable years

Yes, the title comes from The Great Gatsby, yes I’m a fan of classic literature, and yes I do happen to like The Great Gatsby. (You can read the book as an eBook.)

When I was younger, so much younger than today… I… right. I need to stop quoting ancient references, I was just about to sing Help! by The Beatles. Right. Um.

When I was younger, there was a time when I thought about how my parents brought me up. I don’t know if it happens to every child, but I felt like I knew myself so well around the time I turned nine years old, not really dragged down by the routine of school and extra curricular activities, and I actually started to try and remember what happened when I was younger than nine.

It was really difficult. My parents obviously told me stories as I grew up, about where we used to live before I was three years old, about how they came to Australia from Indonesia and so on. But it was really hard for me to remember. I couldn’t remember very far back. There were scattered memories, here and there, floating around my thoughts and threatening to piece back together in an irregular fashion. The sad thing was – I didn’t know what happened in between.

My earliest memory is quite possibly of me when I was three years old, just before we moved house. I’m not sure what happened, but I was at preschool, and it was in the wee hours the morning when it was quite cloudy. Perhaps my mum was off somewhere early. We were in a quiet room with one of the carers and she gave me a glass of milk as we all sat at the table. I don’t remember why we were there.

One happy memory I remember was after we’d moved to where we currently live. My brother wasn’t born yet, but I was walking between my mum and dad, holding their hands. ♥️ We were walking down the concrete pavement to church, the one we still attend from time to time. Nothing much has changed (but the school I used to go to, next door, has).

A hilarious story I like to tell is of the Ghost Club. At the age of seven, you really are prone to believing things about ghosts and angels and spirits. I had a group of friends, of both boys and girls, and we had a classroom at the end of the hall. For quite some time, we eyed the uppermost window of the other school building and sometimes we saw shapes moving there.

We made a Ghost Club, even wondering whether the ghost was real, or a figment of our imaginations. We wondered whether the ghost was a good ghost sent to watch over us, or an evil one who might come and get us one day the more we looked and stared.

Many years later I look back on that. Perhaps it was just something in the room behind that window, some shuffling things around. When you’re seven years old you believe anything.

I remember many other things, but it’s almost like the younger me was a different person. It’s like at some point I suddenly chose to remember everything in my path. I know that perhaps our brains just weren’t developed enough to remember everything back then, but it’s almost eerie and surreal, that often, we don’t remember everything, and it’s a little like a piece of us is lost.

Sometimes we have photos or we hear stories that fill the gaps, but sometimes we don’t. I don’t know if that’s anything to worry about, but all the more, I want to make sure I remember all the moments from now.

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I don’t think I thought much about my early years as a child. As I told you before, I’m more of a “living in the moment” kind of person. But I know my earliest memory (as far as I can remember) is one where I must have been one or two years old, and someone was holding do while I (as every goddamn baby does) was crying for whatever reason.

I don’t worry too much about trying to remember everything. I guess in a way, if there was anything to learn from those memories, I already did, and somehow not being able to remember them later doesn’t worry me that much. I have never been one to be stuck on the past, so I don’t try that hard to keep very early memories.

Not that it stops me from remembering a good number of them. xD;

I can’t really remember much, though I remember being in hospital at age of 3 having an operation. Little things really I remember which is bizzare because some of them weren’t major really, but I remember silly stuff, O_O never any memories. Sometimes when I hear an old song then it can bring back memories, like the band Fleetwood Mac, I used to listen to them when I was young so hearing it now brings back stuff.

Songs ever do that to you?

I didn´t know yoy actually lives in indonesia for three years. It is nice to think back about those memories, but you can´t always see everything so clear. you always wonder, what it allready was. I natuarally forget things ao I´m always wondering if I still get it.

good that you allready have 15,000 words written with your book. How more wiord you get how harder it gets, cause the characters have sometimes a will on their own. but if you want an opinion or something, yhou can ask :)

I can’t remember my “earliest” memory. I have plenty of when I was young, but they are all blurred. Like I am watching through a haze. One I remember would probably be the face of my elementary class teacher.
The co-incidental thing is, yesterday I was talking to one of my old friends, and he mentioned something bad I had unintentionally committed against him. The thing just about two years back, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember what it was! Then my sister said something that jogged my memory today but it took me nearly a day for the situation to come back to me.
Sometime life passes by us so fast. Change is the only constant, I suppose.

Thank you so much! *Hugs* Well, the sales haven’t exactly been off the charts, but the book is doing better than I expected.
People thought me crazy when I was so upset over a computer. There are some who don’t even own one. Crazy people! I wonder how they survive, but I get its my own smugness.

I don’t remember the name of the book, but the vampire novel I am talking about was definitely by James Patterson. I remember that because the others I;d read by him were so good and that one was completely trash and I was wondering how could HE have written such a book.

The furthest back I can remember is being on a bouncy castle when I was around two or three.Then it goes on too my 3rd or 4th birthday, when my friend bought me a bottle of ‘Kids Champagne’. Happy days :p.

I don’t go to town trying to remember things, I know what I remember, and I stick with it. :) Thanks for the comment! :) Somehow, it went missing, as well as some other comments too. Weird, huh? Heavyremedy is really healthy right now, and I hope to keep her like that. She’s blue on the outside, you know. :) She’s a hp mini 210. Thanks again, and sorry if I didn’t reply to the whole comment!

i dont remember much from i think 7 or 8.. i think my brain just switched off the memories before that time because it was a tough few years for me. (if u want to know just ask and ill tell u). i remember flash backs from my first school, it was fun memories though. i also want to remember now because this part of my life is good sometimes hard but life is hard, God never made life easy.

This is slightly creepy that you blogged about this, since I think about the same think quite a lot. In particular, “I turned nine years old, …, and I actually started to try and remember what happened when I was younger than nine.”

This is exactly what happened to me when I was about to start the third grade, so I must have just turned eight years old. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was like I was suddenly conscious of myself and my surroundings, and I tried remembering back to what I had done in kindergarten, the first grade, and the second grade. And I couldn’t remember much at all! It was really bizarre, like someone flicked a switch and my brain turned on /ehh It’s pretty eerie that you seemed to go through the same thing.

I often remember how many of those memories I made up, just from parents telling stories about what I did when I was little.

I guess I wasn’t the only one. I wrote this blog to see if anyone else felt the same way. I guess at a certain age you start remembering everything, but for all before that, it’s a bit of a mystery and perhaps why our parents tell us what went on. There are stories I always tell everyone that I remember on my own, but there will always be little things that happened from before I could really remember.

It is quite sad that we do not remember our young memories.
I think the youngest memory I have is from when I was five, but I am not sure if that is a memory or just a story my Mam told me that I remember.

Oh I know what you mean! I have untold stories about my past and what not as well! Haha. I actually did make my mother laugh one time though and that was it just ONE time. You know my story about that situation just as much as the next person. But anyway, I was in a high chair, and we were eating at this restaurant called Charlie Browns. I was still in a diaper of course. And well; I had this chicken drumstick, and peas on my plate. I thought it would be so hilarious to literally smash the living crap out of the peas and I was laughing so hard it made everyone in the room laugh so hard and I believe even the Asians that were there were laughing and taking pictures o_O;. But anyway, it was funny, I was literally having a ball doing something I thought was smart and funny. I actually made my own mom laugh. Lol. That was the only time though. The rest of the time she would always constantly put me down because of my weight and telling me that 130 lbs. is too big and what not for my age and what not. I mean can you believe that a mom would tell their own child that?! It was pretty hurtful, that’s where the depression kicked in. Hell; it kicked in when I was a baby. So basically I’ve had depression all my life, it just never hit me until 2004 where I couldn’t go and do anything because lack of transportation.

But anyway, I do remember some of those stories growing up as a child. Haha. We also had this game called “Bloody Mary”, and I’m sure it’s different in every city,town,country etc.etc. But I read it in Alvin Schwartz Book (Greatest author of telling stories in the dark!), anyway, he had a page about Bloody Mary in there and what really happened. I later had a dream about and it took me back to the old pilgrimage days and no one could see me, but I saw them and they were literally cussing at this woman for being a ‘witch’. Anyway, what really happened was she was a slut and was sleeping with every man in town, and was giving birth whom the Mayor got her pregnant and his wife proclaimed that Mary Chatsworth (that’s the name I picked up), was a witch. Well; before she was burned at the steak, she cackled an evil laugh, and said this “I can see into the future, and many many many years from now, children all over the world will remember my name and they will try to conjur up my spirit in a mirror. Yes there will be mirrors in the future! I place this curse on anyone who tries to conjur up my name, in a bathroom and when they see me I will take their souls for what you have done unto me!” And they said burn the witch! And she just stands there tied to the post and fire burning and she’s cackling away. That scared the geezus out of me. I would never ever play that game after having that dream. It was like I was seeing into the past or something. You know? It was creepy but cool at the same time.

I also remember this one creepy story, it was like an inner outer body experience type of thing. I was in my old house in Chino, and I was watching my self sleep. Anywho, this guy in a dark cloak came by, and I wasn’t scared (or so it to me I seemed not to be afraid), and well; he leaned downward and over me, I turned around and smiled at him, and he put his finger to his mouth and went “Shhh!” and I woke up instantly and went “HOWIE?!” “Eh…” *drops back to sleep* It was so surreal. I just like popped that name out of my mouth and bam hit the pillow. LMFAO!! But yeah, for some strange reasons spirits are attracted to me. Most likely those of Asian spirits. Which is why I guess my Sensei on facebook and the psychic at the fair a long time ago (the psychic did not my sensei), that I was Asian in my past life. My Sensei on the other hand said it could very well; mean that I was Japanese in my past life which is why it feels like I’ve already been to Japan, and love it the people and understand them so well. You know what I’m saying? It’s just wow. Maybe that’s my calling to live there after of course losing all this weight, cause haha I don’t think they make clothes for plus sized women lol. But anyway. I could be wrong? But anyway, yeah, I can text over to international places (I just found out I could and I can receive them as well…of course it’s going to be a bit expensive but I told my dad that I will definitely pay him for the international texts no matter what!) And he agreed to it. He knows I’ll pay him. But yeah. So maybe now we can text each other? haha.

Thanks for the link. ♥ I’ll be sure to check it out.
I have resorted to hair removal cream, for my arms, but I don’t bother now. I’ve come to realise that it’s a part of who I am – even if I don’t like it. 😒

I think being short is quite cute. /eee I’m about 5 ft 8 … I think. Or maybe 5 ft 7 … 6? My best friend Lois is tiny, but I think that’s one of her greatest assets. Her tiny hands and feet are so cute – I want them. ><
But … I'm completely happy with the height I'm at. :)

Leni, the more I say it, the more feminine it sounds. :D I like how it's spelt especially. I just had to ask because I was coming up with different possibilities like 'Lean-e' etc. xD /um

I can never really remember early childhood memories. When I try to, my mind goes blank. Occasionally, memories will just pop up randomly, if they relate to the current moment. :) Or I'll just be like "Oh – remember when…" It's not something I can just talk about freely.

But your blog reminded me of this 'secret' club a friend of mine and I, used to be in. We called ourselves 'the nature savers,' and would try to stop people standing on ants. xD Good times.

I haven’t read The Great Gatsby, but I really like classic literature as well. I have a list somewhere of all these books that I want to read, so I’ll need to add that one to it as well.

I don’t remember much about my earlier years. I can’t really tell you what my first memory is because I think I’ve gotten them all mixed up from what I remember and the stories about me that people have told me. Oops. xP

I don’t think I ever really believed in ghosts, to be honest. I was a very imaginative child, but I think that’s one thing that just never hooked on with me. I remember in elementary school though we always made clubs on the playground where boys wouldn’t be allowed in cause they had “cooties.” Oh, fun times.

I love The Great Gatsby! I love classic literature too! I used to read teen fiction but nowadays I’m so over stories about high school kids, hahaha. I’m not sure if this is considered classic (I’m not sure of definition really but when you say classic I think Jane Austen) but my favorite is To Kill a Mockingbird … I like Catcher in the Rye too, remind me to join that fanlisting of yours, bwahaha.

I don’t know what happened when I was young either … I just know we moved into our current house when I was a few years old. Before we lived in an apartment in New York City I think, I have no memories! I do know that before I was born, we were poor since my dad was only one working and my mom was studying for her PHD which is why my brother got sent to live in Korea … I’m not sure of what year he came back or anything. I really should ask my mom stories in detail! Haha.

For some reason I remember you writing about your earliest memory of walking to church with your parents … I can’t remember where I read it though. I can barely remember my earliest memory. I just remember a lot of walking … could be anything. That’s what pictures are for though, to remember everything! Like I look through my mom’s old album I see pictures through the years. I just think … why was I so weird?

PFFT I’m nearly 19 and I believe in ghosts! HAHAHAHA.

You sound like my dad. LOL I don’t mean that in a bad way! He says the only way I’ll learn to be independent is to step out there myself. He’s all for shipping me to the other side of the world to study. Don’t think he’s happy about me staying home for school next year. What scares me most is that will I be able to get a good job to pay for what I need in my own life? According to my mom I’ll be out on the streets with my future career and that there’s ‘no path for an artist’ but pfft I don’t want to be an artist, I’m studying digital art which comprises of animation! Aka the richest of the artists!

It’s just what my mom says to me. Whenever a ‘friend’ gets in a relationship I’d complain about how much I hate talking to them, and she just says I’m a baby or am too jealous. What the f*ck? I only want to know about ‘real’ relationships. You know, like something that’s actually more than just playing around.

Hahaha that’s cool then! It’s a great lesson learned. Compare your current and past boyfriends, it shows that hot guys are jerks, well not necessarily, but looks aren’t everything. I knew this girl in high school though, she went for looks alone and all her relationships lasted a week more or less.

Her future husband won’t be busy the same way though, Arron just tries to do too much. Okay why am I even defending his ex? Lolss! But it’s like, what’s the point of even dating then? Because my brother’s American and she’ll have a chance to go to America? That is SO common in Asian places these days (makes America overrated too). She’s just so shallow like that girl I just mentioned.

Oh wow, that’s just unbelievable. A lot of houses here don’t have A/Cs because all the trees give us a nice breeze, but something tells me that doesn’t happen in Australia. My house has A/C but most of the time we don’t need it, unless sometimes when it’s hotter than usual, then yesss. But I’ve been to the city in the summer it’s SO HOT in the tall buildings and some are old so no A/C! The trains always have A/C though, thank god. And that is why schools give most of the summer off.

Yeah it’s not uncommon actually. I’ve heard of foreign nannies working here, all their money goes to home. They eat and do everything with the family they work for. The money they earn is used by an entire family in their home countries.

Hahaha don’t you always get a lot of comments? My internet is still screwed!!! URGH I heard someones coming to fix it tomorrow but for some reason I don’t trust my dad! He has all the internet he needs at work so he doesn’t care about it at home! Bleh!

And that is one good reason to grow up. So parents would get off your case and let you travel with friends! Though I don’t think that will happen for me until I’m like 30. Bleh.

Today the weather was cold! Because it snowed last night again … 3rd snowstorm of the year. This weekend is gonna be Korea-cold. I heard all the stories of cold weather over there from Arron and we’re gonna be getting one day of it this weekend … not looking forward to it.

*……..I never needed any body’s help in any way* :A

Good memories are really, really nice to have. When your feeling down, it could help you to remember nice memories. For me this doesn’t work. It makes me afraid that it won’t ever be as good as it was that moment (and I didn’t even realise it). I just want an endless supply of good experiences.

That Ghost Club sounds cool. Not just some girly-flowery-rainbow club. I know exactly what you mean with the younger you seeming like a different person…. I’ve changed so much since I was 9, I can’t even recognize myself from back then.

It’s good that you’re going to remember all the moments from now. No more gaps…

LOL yeahh ! While I was on Twitter, I was beginning to plan out how I would revamp everything. And now, it’s up :] Haha thank you! I’m really happy to be back. Yeah, WordPress is nicer than Fanupdate. I loved Fanupdate, but I mostly enjoy how you can update most of your site with it. :] Yeah, same, I would miss my old blogs if I didn’t back them up! XD

Thank you! Haha, yeah, but everyone knows that no one will study if we get the remainder of the day off. People just wait to take the test, then go out with people. Hah, I’m probably going to end up doing that 😝

Aw thank you! Haha, yeah over the summer, I made a collection of my favorite recipes, or recipes that I would like to try. I’m planning to maybe add it to my site. ;] Haha I like puffy and soft, but I also like the edges a little crispy. Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle :D My school makes the best cookies ! (If they even make it XD)

I use to do that! But I guess my sister just thought it would be cool to get it for me since it was from an all lefty’s store. (: True! When you make pasta, it’s so heavy!

Haha awww! Yay! Haha XD Yeah I never thought about closing my site. It would be too heartbreaking. I knew that somehow, someway, I was going to get back (:

Yeah, I agree with you. It’s really annoying. Oh Oprah. :P Haha yay! My sister wants to go to Sydney during your winter, for vacation and I believe there is also a summer program there. It’d be so cool to go :D Do you have any cool places to recommend visiting (if we end up going – *crosses fingers*)

LOL YEAH! My friend (who went to HK) she said the same exact thing! She also went to Korea and got like a bunch of cheap facial masks (LOL, I don’t know why XD She said they were super cheap). My sister told me there is this store in CA, and all it’s merchandise is imported from HK and Korea, and everything is like super cheap. :] Haha yay for souvenirs! Take some pictures of them when you see them :]

LMAO! Haha, I never really called it a canker sore until a few years ago. My family always referred to it in Chinese and I never knew what it was called in English. Then my friend would complain about having them. Then I made the connection XD

It’s so cool how you can remember such quotes from pieces of literature. I’m not very good at that XD

You know what I find fascinating? Most people’s earliest memories are from when they are 3 years old. My first memory was waking up on my 3rd birthday. And you earliest memory was from when you were around 3, and you were in preschool!

It’s so sad when our memories fade. We always say we’ll never forget this moment, but a lot of the time we do forget. :[ Sometimes, our blogs help us to remember :D Yay for bloggers (:

My youngest memory? I don’t really know anymore. I remember maybe just snapshots of different scenes. Like pumpkins. And not much more than that. Scientifically, your brains aren’t developed to remember more than that. I like to think of it, not as that you’ve changed over the years, but that you are always growing and slowly forming into this “being”. This being isn’t done growing until it does, and that is the wonderful final state that you reach.

Hey, Georgina. That’s a really nice post. Made me reminisce and think about my early childhood years way, way back. :) *lol it sounded as if I’m way too old now haha*

The early memories that I can remember was when I was four, during kindergarten/preschool. Haha! And it’s about going to school. Omg. Is that bad that it’s the only thing that I can remember when I was four? =| Shoot. Haha.

Anyway, as I was reading your post, I felt like I was journeying to memory lane and seeing you as a little kid. Cute and thanks for sharing! /bounce

Ghost Club! :3 Well, it’s awesome you got to be in that club. Makes me think of the group in “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” TV series. (H) In elementary, the only club that I joined was the Choir Club, haha!

I am going to read the Great Gatsby next year. It’s required as a senior in my school. I love the old references. I love Help by the Beatles. I would not have minded if you quoted it :) Your blog got me thinking about being younger. What was I like? I am not really sure. I have random memories (like you) about how I asked questions and such. I use to ask questions about everything. I remember I had to ask questions because I always wanted to know what everything was lol. I have some early random memories. I don’t really look that far in the past, unless I am looking at pictures. I remember my english teacher last year told us he was “glad that he took pictures instead of videos.. because in pictures you can infer what is happening” Like videos are just always “true and there.” Maybe you could look at pictures to figure out moods? I remember 5ht grade very well. lol You probably remember moving because that was a huge move. From one country to another.. yea. I never moved that far, actually I never moved at all. I think we remember huge significances in our lives. I think we remember funny stuff too, like the ghost in your classroom. I remember 5th grade because my teacher was hilarious. We did not do much work lol. We pretty much just had fun.

Post that layout:) I would love to see it! I love it when people do different things. If you really hate it you could always change it and give it as a pre-made. lol

I love Backstreet Boys. I think they were really popular. However I was pretty young. I liked the Beatles (my parents have the original LP’s, so they would play it lol.. old school.) I like ABBA too. I really like British bands. I do not know why lol I think their music is better than America’s. Who are famous Australian singers? And right now I go more for actors lol I think it is because I am watching them on stage, and I LOVE voices. I have a huge thing with loving accents and voices <3 lol (random fact) Like you I think they do it to become famous. It's a get famous fast, cause you are good looking card lol. But yea I think all of them want the lime-light. I mean doesn't everyone want fame? Either a little or a lot (I am not talking about just actors and actress fame).]

I agree I think "everything happens for a reason." Like there is a reason why I am commenting your blog. Maybe it's that I want to respond back, maybe you are going to help me in the future. I really believed one of my online friends was there to help me. Like we got into stupid arguments, but I always believed we would be friends. And yea he was there for me in one of the roughest times in my life and pulled me out of it. I know some girls regret stuff all the time. I think if you regret stuff, your missing out on the present.

Yea I do not want a BF now (I think I mentioned this before lol) I believe you that University is much better. I want to go, but I don't want to go. What are you majoring in? Are you living on campus? I have to prepare for SAT in March and then college apps and stuff the following year. Oh boy. This is me thinking about my future =/ lol It's scary. To think about the future.. but I am not scared to live it though.

I sometimes like returning comments, depends who they are. Like if I know for a fact they will respond back and I'll have a good convo with them. I like talking to them. or if we are talking about something interesting. It depends on the person I guess. I hate how some people have similar blogs and such. I feel like I reading the same thing multiple times. I like stuff that make me think (like you and Tiffany's and a couple other people's blogs). I find it weird when I don't have comments either, but usually with the short ones, i comment fast. I really get annoyed when I leave a decent comment and people don't return it. I'm like I worked hard on typing (although I type fast and I ramble) I still like to know you read it. you know?

Have fun in Indonesia. I would love to go there. I might go to China in 2 years. My mom wants to go (I am Chinese). Hopefully they'll be cheaper by then. I know if I go I'll stay for like a month lol From where I live, it's on the other side of the road. Have you ever been to the East coast of the US? That is probably like the other side of the world for you (where I live lol). If you haven't you should definitely come :D

It is quite funny to hear you joined a Ghost club. :) I mean, we don’t really have such a thing here even in preschool. I meant it is funny in a good way. It made me laugh, the good laugh. Haha.

I couldn’t remember much from my childhood days as well. All I remember is that I always sleep on my grandmother’s room instead of with my parents cause I was my grandma’s favorite. I wasn’t allowed to even set a foot outside of our house just to buy a candy from our neighbor. I would always ride the car every Saturday to a luxurious hotel or restaurant and have our diner there, where my grandma gets mad at me when i don’t sit up straight or when I do not know the proper etiquette when eating a meal. Yes, we were kinda rich back then. Not so much now I guess. Boo.

hey hun thx for commenting on my blog, i know what u mean about u get your inspiration from the world out there i sometimes do but then i do research on google to see how i can do it.
sure i can tell u, u a friend of mine. when i was 4 years old i had a boat accident that left me partially quadrapalgic (partially paralysed from under my arms down). i think my brain just automatically erased that period of my life because we all had to adjust to my new situation.

Memory is a funny thing sometimes, isn’t it? I’ve often wondered how our minds choose what’s worth remembering and what’s not. Oddly enough, I can remember a lot of very small, very trivial details from my early childhood, but my memory of things that happened only a few years ago can be fuzzy at best.

Those sound like very pleasant memories though that you mentioned. The Ghost Club sounds cute! Around that same age (perhaps a year or two older), I was obsessed with mysteries and hidden clues and would spend hours upon hours searching for things like secret passageways and hidden compartments in the furniture. I’m actually still quite obsessed with the idea of such things, though I certainly don’t go around rapping on the walls anymore to check if they’re hollow! :P

We read The Great Gatsby in school and I truly love the book. I wish it had a different ending, but the way it ended made it better. :)
Good memories, I don’t remember much about my childhood. Sometimes my mom tells my embarrassing moments and everyone else seem to remember but me. It’s because of scary fiction stories that darkness became my worst fear. I know that no one is there, but my imagination goes wild when it’s dark. Even clothes on a hanger turn human.

She is officially done with him, she even cussed him out. I don’t see how some people could just go back to a relationship after one person cheats. I can never do it because if he can do it once then he can definitely do it again. They start believing that if you forgive them once then you’ll do so the next time.

She had the domain, but never used it. It was just there, it wasn’t even hosted. I tried to buy it from her last year, but she wouldn’t budge so I waited for the perfect moment and took it. I doubt she’ll miss it. Thank you. :D

You guys look adorable together. :D I’ve seen pictures of you, and some of him but never together. XD
Grease is also a forbidden love story, I think they made up HSM 2 from that it. The Glee came and well I haven’t even seen an episode so I have no clue what it’s about. XD

Haha! Would you really make a purple laptop a boy, though? He’d probably be embarrassed and his screen would go all red!

The bouncy castle wasn’t at a party, mind. It was my own little one, I think it blew away though, or got lost in the attic!

Well, I really thing I should blog more to be honest. I want to, but what is there to write about? You have like, a million things to write about, and your blogs are so interesting! I couldn’t make a decent blog to save my life!

Yeah, happy days! I still snack on my 7 year old brother’s unwanted party sweets! Well, I must go now! Thanks for the comment! Speak soon! I might write some more articles too!

I really liked this blog post, one of my favourite it really made me think about my memories as a child.

My earliest memory – I remember dropping my new pencil crayons on the middle of the road, i tried to go and get it but my dad grabbed me cos it was a busy road… I remember seeing the cars crushing the crayons and me crying of them. :D (This was back when I was still living in the Philippines.)

Aha, the little us always belivied in ghosts! I remember thinking there was a ghost under my bed after watching this horror film with my parents. LOL.

I agree, things HAVE changed quiet a lot concerning web design over the years. Haha yesss, more often than never, I felt that returning comments is more like a chore. The never ending cycle of recieving a comment, then returning the favor, and waiting to get more and then comment again – it’s like a weary job sometimes.
I actually did quiet well in the exam! :D I studied non-stop two days in a row and I’m proud to say it payed off in the end. 🙄 I can’t wait until the results come out. Yea, I have friends whose parents are also rather strict and others whose parents are very lenient, I’d say I’m kind of in between. Sometimes my parents just get sick of the nagging and let me go out, and at other times they resist and force me to either stay at home or go out with them.
OMG nooo, what will I do without XP! =( That sucks :/ Ah well I guess I’ll just get Windows 7 while I still have the chance. Haha congrats on talking to James! Sucks that you weren’t able to talk to Lilian though. =|
Ahhh, good old memories. I also have this feeling that I need to remember everything, it’s annoying when I think of the fact that I can’t recall many events of my life, especially when I was a little kid and even younger. But I do remember some things, for example, when I was 4 or 5, I remember sitting on the floor and watching ants walk around, until I stuck out my finger and poked one of them – and ate it. Hahahahahaha I still laugh everytime I remember that, and I even remember telling my mom it tasted like cucumbers. :P

aww the memory when you’re walking between your mom and dad holding their hand is like taken out of a book, what a cute memory!! (:

i don’t remember much of my early years, it’s really blurry, but i still remember some clips from moments here and there. my mom and dad also used to film me as a child, so some memories have been brought back by seeing home videos, haha! (:

but i think it’s sad there’s still lots of moments and memories i don’t have anymore, and that my eyes aren’t a video camera that can capture everything i see. but now when i’m older, i try to write a kind of a diary so when i get older i can look back and read how i thought. also i love to take photographes, and they help of course to remember the best memories so they don’t get lost (:

I go to college part time & you can really see a difference in the atmosphere & the way people act compared to in high school. It’s like everyone takes a ten year maturity jump. I’ll be honest; I hated that book, The Great Gatsby. I had to read it in English last year. But you tend to hate most books you’re forced to read because no one enjoys being forced to read, it’s usually something you choose to do. Anyways, the same thing happens to me when I look back on all the little memories that I kind of remember but aren’t clear, it’s almost like I am a totally different person. It’s probably because we’re a lot more aware of what’s going on in our life.

I remember a lot of my childhood. More than my parents sometimes. I think it helps that they were so obsessed with me that there’s tons of video and pictures documenting every moment of my life, lol. But it’s a good thing that I have that. It’s so interesting to watch myself as a kid. I was crazy smart. I got a tricycle for christmas when I was like 3 or 4 and my parents had it on the carpet and I said that we should go in the kitchen because it’ll work better there :D My favorite video though is the “mama come home, mama give be bottle” video. That’s a classic. Then there’s one with me eating where I’m literally saying “om nom nom nom.” Very entertaining. I gotta get those transferred to DVD. But you’re right, it is like watching someone else. Though some things I watch and I remember being filmed. It’s kinda strange.

I really only have scattered memories of my childhood. I don’t think there was ever a point where I started remembering things or anything like you had, but I do have a few memories from when I was younger.

The memory you have of walking between your parents and holding their hands sounds really sweet. (`: Ah, the ghost club! That sounds awesome. I wish I had been a really imaginative kid but I wasn’t. Remembering everything from now on might be hard, but you can definitely try to remember the most important parts. This blog will help you out, too! Or you can keep a journal.

Ahaa, I know! Updating never really happens on my site. Oh, I should do that. I don’t think anyone actually uses my content or tutorials, though. Thank you!

Yes, you can find clips at the craft store. I ordered mine from and they were pretty cheap! But thank you. Oh, seashell jewelry? That’s awesome! Crocheting doesn’t really require patience. A lot of the projects – like bows – are really easy and quick to make. Plus you can watch a movie or listen to music or something while you crochet!

Ah, that is a good thing. At least you get to stay in your room! You have probably gotten used to it by now, I guess.

That is true. I think it would be even more weird if it was the same time for everyone on the Earth. Well, the Earth would have to be flat for that to happen! o: That would be really weird.

That’s what I meant. ;D But yes, getting it out can be difficult especially when it gets under the eyeball. Apparently the inner lower eyelid is very sensitive. D:

Haha, it would be hard to have as many comments as you. I’ll stick with my loser number for now. xD But yeah, comments are definitely in a love/hate relationship with website owners. We like getting them but don’t like returning them. At least that’s the way it is for me! It’s not that bad, though… I’ve gotten better at it now. I used to be horrible at returning comments and dreaded it and would just take one look at the comments I had and be like ‘ahh they are so long’ and so then I would basically take a week to return them and therefore I never blogged.

Oh yeah, the spacebar is a bit more difficult than the rest. o: The letter keys are definitely the easiest. Aw, sorry about your spacebar. Is it better now though? Well, I guess it is. ;D But did you get it fixed by someone else or did you just pop it back on?

Ah, I see. I’m not a big fan of Apple. Macs just seem really weird to me… People say they are easier to work but I am pretty sure I couldn’t even get to my own website on a Mac. xD It’s the top bar that really confuses me.

That’s cool! I get my fill of non-computer time over the summer so I never really try to keep myself from the computer during the year. I probably should though because I spend an unhealthy amount of time on here every day. /: Oh well! I don’t even know what I did before I got a website… I probably just played on Neopets and Zoo Tycoon. I was a cool kid. ;D

You are welcome! Yeah, I never really know how to respond either (not that I get a lot of compliments on my appearance). When I do though I just say thanks or shoot a compliment back at them.

Exactly! I mean, our websites are like Facebook accept without so many pictures, a friend count, and the live chat function. Well, our friends are also people we have never met in real life, but… Half of most peoples’ friends on Facebook have never met them in real life either! It is dumb.

Thank you for sharing the link to the ebook :D! I love ebooks ^__^! It`s like. A money-saver type of thing :X But I gotta get access to the internet :P!

I know for sure, I can`t remember much about my childhood even though it`s over 10 years ago D:. Childhood memories are the best (:. It`s like the silly part of you, unless you have strict parents or something :(. I know the farthest I can go back is when I was 4, I got poked in the eye by some boy in sunday school. That was horrible. :O

Oooh the stories from Ghost club seems cool :P! I remembered that my friends and I talked about almost the same thing! They`re like, “I SAW BLOODY MARY WHEN I TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS IN THE BATHROOM!” Now, I`m like. Ghosts and sprits and stuffs are real if you are like. Totally into it and it`s out of your own imagination :O.

I guess that`s why you go to school for like… 20 years? (if it includes college, etc). It helps your brain develop and. yeah :O

Line spacing is a good idea :D! I always liked to have my line spacings small. But it became horrible to my eyes :P

Wow :O! I know that parents pay for school food through taxes. That cannot be an excuse because you can make better food with the food provided rather than making crappy ones D:

I hate it when parents get worked up over news. You`re much different than the driver or people in accidents or so in the news. If you are careful, there`s not much to worry about besides other careless people O:

Naming things IS easier than naming a child :D! Because you can change it when necessary :P. I`m weird so I already have pre-set names for my future children if I have any. XD. I just have a few to pick out from. Like Jake, Chase, Emerson, or Malayia. :O. I`m so not going to have 4 kids, but I want a name like that for them D:

Ripping papers out of printers isn`t much of a biggie. :P I probably messed up my printer when that happens :O. Now, I learn to be patient and don`t worry about it :P

that`s true! Get what you give :P. Except that that only applies to a few people. :P Blog post length also counts :O Mine is decent for.. A paragraph. comment :P. I`m going to that stage when I`m getting pissed off over these little things. :O. I try to not make my post too long or too short, because when its too short, I get one liners, when it`s too long, people will either never talk to me or indirectly talk to me :P

I always shower before i sleep and after I wake up :P.I guess my body gets really really hot when I sleep. So I feel that I have to shower D:. And after I come home from school, I shower to rinse off the dirt from school. :P.

I’ve got tons of books lying around that I got for Christmas that I need to read. There’s also this list of books that college bound readers should read. There’s like 100 on there or something. I eventually want to read all of those. Finding time is the hardest thing. :/

Whenever people told me scary stories that involved ghosts and stuff, it scared me out of my wits, but I didn’t really believe in them. Haha, I always tried to write stories when I was littler but I’d never get farther than the third chapter or so. I can’t say I’m much better now. xD

Haha, that’s so funny. I don’t really remember too much what we did in our club. Probably girly things like who likes who, eye roll. xP

I often think about how my parents brought me and my brothers up when I’m watching shows like Super nanny. I do feel like they brought us up well, after all we’re all doing well in school, non of us have ever been in trouble with the police, we all have a good work ethic, etc, and I hope I can bring my kids up (when I do have them), well as well as really people turn out mostly due to how their parents raised them.

I love looking back into old memories. Sometimes I’ll just remember something completely random from my child hood that I’ve almost forgotten about. I actually do remember quite a bit about my child hood though which is strange, and my brothers and I tend to talk about our childhood and where we used to live often.

Lol, aww ghost club. I remember once that I couldn’t even get to sleep because I thought there were ghosts are and that going to my parents room would like save my or something xD Aw, the innocence of being young xD!

Oh! That book sounds great. I’ll try to read it. :)

I also tried thinking about how I was brought up. LOL XD

Also, when my mom tells me a childhood story, I barely remember! But I do remember one – when the plate of my fave spaghetti fell down. :(

LOL. When I was 8, me and my friends also started a ghost club. We tried to make a meaning out of the “unusual” things we saw. Like a red mark on the white wall. We used to think of it as blood. Now we think of it as floorwax. XD

Such a sweet little story about your mum and dad. Very, very nice. :)

It is interesting what you remember about your younger years. I actually don’t remember anything from mine really. I like the story about the group. I wish I could remember things like that but I cannot unfortunately. My memory is lacking even for things that happened a year ago. It is truly funny what random things your mind chooses to remind you of.

Haha, in a review I received recently, the person told me that my line height was too large. She said it made her feel like she was gasping for breath before moving onto the next line. It actually made me laugh because I thought it was a bit funny. She could have been right, I did lower it down a bit. As long as one can read it without squinting, I am happy. :)

I remember things from primary age more than now. It kind of sucks.

My first memory that I can think of, and I don’t even remember how old I was but I ran up to what I thought was my dad and grabbed onto the guys leg because I got scared. I then looked up and realised it wasn’t my dad. All the men (+ my dad) thought it was so funny. I was so embarrassed and started crying. Lol.

I need to take more photos of the things I go. Which means I really need to buy a digital camera again.

I’m pretty glad I don’t remember some things from childhood. I know there were things in the past where I regretted doing and I’d think to myself, “Oh no, now I’ll remember this for the rest of my life!” and how embarrassing and all that stuff. Luckily I didn’t remember all of those moments like I thought I would.
My earliest memories are probably from when I was three or four. I remember spelling my name wrong, listening to music, eating some syrup stuff that my dad fed me (and there’s a photo too), handing my mom some lemons (also a photo) and waking up at the hospital one day because I was dehydrated.
And I am proud to say I’m definitely not the same person as my younger self. I think I have a better perspective of the world, and I finally have my own opinions, not like I used to. So, yay! 👏
What’s weird is that sometimes I’m afraid that I’ve fabricated a memory from a photo, and that it’s not really something I remembered, but I made it up in my head. Not sure how to explain it, but… yeah. @_@

I have had a few embarrassing moments, that, once in a while, someone will remind me about. It usually makes me quite upset, but thankfully most of the time people won’t remember tiny details like that.

I often look at photos but I don’t remember all that much. I try and see myself in a scene derived from the photo, but I don’t really remember the happenings… I might try and imagine it but because I’m unsure, it seems like it’s just a dream. :S