Meeting Ben Jorgensen


I’m actually at a loss for words, and I’d rather not tell a story while being all fangirly (though that might have been the case when I retold this story to my friends). I want to write this as a story, just the way it should be.

Yesterday I went to my first show (Dylan referred to it as a gig). I don’t know what they call them these days, seeing as this was my first one of “those things”. I’ve been to operas, dance concerts, music showcases, musicals, orchestral performances, and each one of these was in some way, shape or form majestic, enjoyable and terrific. I could have replaced those three adjectives with a lot of others.

But for yesterday, no. I have to use every single appropriate adjective I can think of, and now I will explain why.

I want to thank my lovely friends Sebastian, Dylan and Ryan for tagging along. ♥️ We went to see Ben Jorgensen at the Gaelic theatre in Sydney. Ben Jorgensen, for those who are unaware, is my idol; he was the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Armor For Sleep. When they disbanded I was shattered, but Ben still continued to inspire me. Many people disliked his new works including his electronic project God Loves A Challenge, but I loved it, and I love his solo work. I really admire his dedication to what he does, and it’s amazing how he tries these new things.

I met up with my friends early, about three hours before the show was due to even begin. I guess I really wanted to make sure I got a good place during the show, and it being my first, I didn’t want to risk it. :P

We were so early that no one was at the theatre yet. I wouldn’t call it much of a theatre, it’s a bit like a bar. Rather small. In my head, I tried to imagine how the show would go, but I really didn’t know what to expect. I remember chatting to my boyfriend James about it, and I said I’d really be happy just to see him on stage and even get a blurry mobile phone photo if that happened.

We walked around for an hour and came back. My stomach was being rather mean to me and I lost my appetite so I didn’t eat dinner. Perhaps I was too excited. I was actually a little worried that I’d be so excited I’d faint.

When we returned to the theatre after getting food and going to the bookstore, Ben was on stage practicing. I stood some distance from the bar and watched in awe. After some time he packed and walked in my direction and I took the opportunity to say hello.

Hello – unlike I’d imagined. I shyly asked for a photograph, which Sebastian kindly took, and nearly forgot to introduce myself as Georgina.

When I did, it sprouted a conversation. If I remember correctly, one of the first things Ben said was, “I saw all the website stuff you do, it’s amazing”. I was very flattered. :) I really couldn’t believe it; I know I’d talked to him several times online, but with no idea that he might have browsed my Fuck Yeah, Ben Jorgensen tribute or my other online works.

After we chatted I told him that I looked forward to seeing him play. I couldn’t believe that I’d just talked to him. I was so amazed, and in real life, he’s just as friendly as he is online! :D

After having to line up outside and the poor lady at the door getting very confused with at-door ticket prices, we went in. I was first in. XD When everyone came in there really wasn’t that much of a crowd. I was expecting to be squished and squashed but it was actually really chill in there. People danced, walked around with drinks and took photos to their hearts’ content, you could move and walk so freely.

I don’t remember the name of the band that was up first. They had a pop-punk sound and were a bit like The Used. They were really loud and as Dylan told me, I’d be able to feel the beat through my entire body.

The second band was awesome. I mean awesome. They were a four-piece from right here in Sydney, named The Initiation. They reminded me of the Classic Crime and I stood up front again because I started to really enjoy their music. /bounce The lead guitarist/singer’s (Davey) guitar string broke and he pulled out another guitar. The other guitarist (Paulie) kept throwing his guitar on its strap around his body in between sections of a song; it was amusing to watch.

At the end when we were all waiting for Ben to come out on stage, the bassist (Dana) came up to me and gave me their EP.

“I noticed you at the front, I’m gonna give this to you and thank you for coming!”
I didn’t know what to say but I thanked her almost endlessly and said that I really did love their music. I was planning to buy the CD anyway, but woah. Woah.

I stood at the front again, and waved at Ben. /faw I think I started getting chills at this point… the air conditioner had been turned on and I was pretty cold, and Dylan had gotten me a glass of water. It was ice, ice cold, and I was incredibly thirsty, but I drank the water despite the goosebumps forming on my skin. Better than the heat outside, I guess.

Hearing Ben Jorgensen play was amazing. I knew all the songs he played, though I didn’t know the words to All I Need (a Radiohead cover, it was), so I didn’t sing along. I recorded a few videos, took many photos. The girl next to me was singing along too. I wanted to say hi, but for fear of being horribly awkward as I usually am in social situations and for missing any part of Ben’s performance, I left that thought behind.

Ben Jorgensen played with Wes, who was a whiz on the guitar. It was amazing to listen to, and I believe I almost cried from feeling the music.

I got to chat with Ben after the show, I felt weird waiting around but I got him to sign his EP (that Dylan bought and gave to me for him to sign). Not only that but I actually stayed around for a chat. He’s such a lovely guy, honestly. He mentioned something about Tumblr, I could not hear above the loud music now being played in the bar, but I managed to pipe out that I did have that Tumblr tribute to him. :P He’d actually seen it. He told me how much he loved it and how much it meant to him. He even said that his girlfriend loved it too. I’m glad, I actually feel really touched. I don’t know what was going through my mind then but I really couldn’t believe it. (I still don’t.)

I thanked him for putting on such an amazing show. Before I left we hugged and he said I was one of the most awesome people he’d met, and to “keep in touch on Twitter”. :’) I thanked him, finally, for writing such amazing music.

It truly is. So was last night. My head still spins and I swear on orange cows I don’t believe it. All I expected was to hear the music. But I feel like I lived it; I got to talk to Ben, he didn’t mind taking a photo, I got an autograph… he remembered me talking to him online before. He’s a wonderful person. You always get people around who don’t care about their fans but he does. And I know I’m going to support him for a long time to come, because he continues to inspire me. He can sing, write, play instruments – he makes amazing music.

It’s hard to find words, really. But that is why I need a whole box of adjectives. I never expected my first show to be this freaking amazing. /bounce

Me and Ben Jorgensen <3

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Man, that night was awesome. I’m really glad you met him. Seriously, I was grinning while reading this lol (still am. =p) It was an awesome night and I’m glad it all went better than expected. Not only did he remembered you, but he’s seen your websites, and agreed to a photograph and an autograph. Really, it’s awesome.

Thank you for inviting me too. It was really fun to go and a great first experience (as you know, I haven’t been to a concert before). Not only did we get to see Ben, but we also found about a new wonderful band, The Initiation. They’re great and I love their music. So going to keep an eye (and ear) on them. :3

P.S. IT HAPPENED! There are both witnesses and proof, so believe it, it happened! =p

First off – I bet that was even more amazing in person than written. I just know it. (H)

Second – I really like artists like him. People that don’t get big heads and egos simply because they’ve ‘hit it big’ and such. And to even a bigger extent, the fact that they want to casually keep in touch with you. Now THAT you won’t be seeing in many of today’s artists. I can see they may do that from a safety perspective where they don’t want a stalking fan, but still.

Hope you guys get to meet again down the road! And not as ‘uber hot rock star’ and ‘groupie’ but just that of ‘great musician’ and ‘appreciative fan’.

Pretty sweet night hey?

Glad you enjoyed it :)


GEORGIE!! >:D< You are soo lucky! What an awesome experience and you finally get to NOT ONLY SEE but CHAT WITH and GET COMPLIMENTED by your idol! THAT IS AMAZING! Am soo happy for you!! I think you have got the guts because if I were in your shoes and I saw my idol, I think I'd go gaaa gaaa and blank out or faint or something. Haha I noticed your tweet about this blog because coincidentally my friend tweeted about already having a speech prepared if ever she gets to meet her idol. YOU ARE A LUCKY GIRL! :D

Reading this made me smile a lot. I think it’s because I assume that most musicians are mean (I’ve heard a lot about Thom Yorke haha).

I was looking at a genre on and saw Ben Jorgensen’s ‘gig’ listed and thought I might tell you. But when I clicked on it you were on the attending list already :P
If I was in your place, I’d probably get up at 6am and start getting ready in the morning because of how excited I would be. I can’t believe he mentioned your websites and stuff. I bet you put on a goofy (is that even an adjective?) grin :P I would.

I’m on The Initiation’s myspace right now. They sound really good. I’ve never listened to Classic Crime so I didn’t really know what to expect :P

He seems like a really down to earth person.
I can’t really envision me meeting any of my favourite musicians. If I meet Matthew Bellamy (plus Dom and Chris) from Muse, I’d probably get attacked by some violent Twilight fans XD

Anyway, it’s great that you got to meet Ben Jorgensen :) Both of you are quite attractive in that photo!


You finally met him! :B
And he kneeeeeew youuuuuuu by name! 🤫

I’m glad you had a Fun Time; save that photo, you :P
At least the two of you will be better Twitter buddies. hoho

I’m rather surprised he’d know you to that extent, it’s not like most celebrities /bounce
That is very /faw


Yes Bryce Courtenay wrote April fools day. It’s about his son. I thought he was a first time writer to be honest, then I had a look at his website and saw all those books. I’m not a big fan of his writing, not what I’ve read so far any way. He seems to bore me by going off track too much, if you know what I mean.

Wow, it sounds like you had so much fun. I went to my first concern on my own, which wasn’t scary at all like I had thought, and it was even Marilyn Manson. We weren’t aloud to take photos in side, and had to leave all our belongings in a tent out the front of the Brisbane concert hall.

I can’t believe it either. How lucky are you? I don’t know who he is, well until now really, but I’m glad you had a great night, a great experience, and something to remember for ever and ever. I’m actually kind of jealous you got to meat someone you really admire, and his a fan of your dedication. I must remember to check out his music.

Never heared of him but congrats you met him. And wow what he said about your site stuff is GREAT, very lucky. I remember meeting my favourite singer/band, she is the woman in my avatar when I post. I was over the MOON too.

Lovely photograph, at least your smiling, I kept shaking in mine wen I met Anette Olzon lol.

Sounds like u had an unforgettable night. its so cool that Ben remembered you from online, most singers don”t.

i was smiling bigger every paragraph i read i know how u felt it was the same when i met Westlife they are so caring with regards to their fans and HOT lol. (if u want to read on how i met them just ask).

im glad ur first show was a success, they normally are better than we ever expect. thats really radical that he even remembered that he had seen your website. that photo he posed with u is a real beautiful one, u must frame it along side your autograph XD.

Woah, this made me smile so much whilst reading :D
I love concert atmospheres so much! Like, i love the feeling when the lights are all dark and the crowd is cheering. Ahhh. Makes me want to go to a gig right now XD
It’s so great that you enjoyed your first concert experience that much :D

Oh my gosh, Georgina, I’m so happy for you ♥ That sounds so awesome, and it’s great that you got to talk with him.

The only “concert” that I’ve ever been to was a special one held at a local dinner theater, where a local band that’s actually quite successful played for three or so hours. They’re an a cappella group, so they only use their voices, and it’s really amazing; it sounds just like a full band playing when they sing. That was a lot of fun, and the vocal percussionist came up to my old school last year to teach us how to beat box, but I never actually talked to him or the other band members. Still, I bought one of their albums on iTunes and it was pretty cool :P

oh my gosh! I’m so happy you had a great time! It sounded like a dream come true :D It’s so cool how he remembered talking to you. I totally understand you, how some celebrities don’t really remember their fans. But Ben did! It’s so cool! It sure was a night you’ll never forget :D He sounds like such an inspirational. He seems really down to earth :] And I love the picture! And the way you wrote this post, hah, you didn’t sound fangirlish at all XD

Again, sounds like such an awesome nightt :D !

Haha yeah! It’s fun to see how your writing has changed over the years. It brings back so many memories :D

Yeah, my school buys Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. But they are so goood :D They bake them to perfection XD

Lol, yay! My sister and I were looking at like aquariums and parks. I didn’t really think Sydney was that big, but now that I think of it, it seems huge 8D Yeah, the attractions aren’t as fun when you live there. It seems so normal, but yet for tourists, it’s a big thing :D It’s the same thing here. Everyone who comes to NY has like so many things on their to-do-list, but yet, since I live there, I’m use to it XD Well, if it’s a one time experience, might as well make the most of it :]

LOL oh really? Haha sorry I’ve never read the book XD I think I’m reading it in 11th grade, so yeah XD

Yeah, it’s kind of sad how when we get older, our minds sort of degenerate. :/

wow what a night! (: you got to meet your biggest idol!! you talked with him, got to take a photograph with him and got an autograph, also, he’d seen your site. he must really care about his fans! i’m glad you had a great time and enjoyed yourself!

i don’t have an idol, but sure there’s concerts i want to go to, and i know it would be amazing to go to one anytime soon (: especially since i’ve never been to a concert ever in my life.

thank you! (: yes i agree, and the video camera and camera can’t caprute everything anyway. feelings can be hard to take pictures of, that’s all memories i guess.

Oh wow!! Such a lucky girl! I remember the first time seeing my idol in concert (Meat loaf as you know) on Halloween night in 2006. (I think that was right after I got out of the hospital) Good timing or what? Haha. But anyway, there was this really big guy in front of my dad and he turned around looked at my dad, looked at me and said “Young lady, would you like to go in front of me? You won’t be able to see the concert if you’re standing right there” He asked my dad the same question to as well; to get permission and my dad was very honored as much as I was. When we were waiting for Meat to come on stage, I was looking all around the set and imagined Meat singing his heart out like he always does. I happened to glance over at the couch on stage and this big guy was sitting on it I thought at first “That can’t be Meat could it?” I even turned around and asked my dad that and he said he didn’t thinkso. But anyway, there was some eye contact there so I just smiled. When Meat came on I was awestruck! I literally stood there dumbfounded and than I looked over at this girl who is an acquaintance of mine now, and we just laughed and started dancing and singing a long. It was so cool. People there were so friendly and nice. It was unbelievable! You’ll definitely remember this concert for a long time to come. But you’re so lucky you got to meet your idol. I still have yet to meet mine. I had a chance to meet Meat at the Hang Cool tour and I was determined to have him sign the PROMO LP album of “Blind Before I Stop” but they wanted like 400+ USD for a hotel, and to meet and greet with him backstage and I said there’ll be other chances in life. No need to rush. But we got great seats to say the least. Haha. I took like 100 pictures and 3 videos of the entire show. His daughter Pearl opened up for him, and I got several good pictures of her and than the rest of the pictures were of him. *.* And guess what? We got the tickets to see Meat again for a third time this coming March! :D woo! I’m excited! But needless to say even if I don’t get to meet my idol, that’s ok. I know a lot of people in Japan now, so that’s cool. I even know a radio persona in Japan. He’s really quite lovely, and quite friendly and nice! Haha. But yeah, I watched a little bit of it when I wasn’t having a panic attack that one night, I think it was really late on a thursday or friday night, and I was like blown away. He ustreamed it! So it was live! I was like INCREDIBLE! I wrote him a nice email telling him who I was, and that we were friends on facebook and I just added him to twitter. I haven’t gotten a reply back yet, but I’m sure I will all in due time.

But yeah, what my mom said about my weight was really rude. It always made me feel inferior about my looks and such. It was just something I couldn’t deal with you know? Anyway. Glad you had an awesome time at the show!

My gosh I must comment on this before my mom forces me back to work! Though my internet got fixed yesterday and it went down again today! URGH but this is something I must comment on!

Damn you are so lucky! That must have been absolutely amazing. I’ve been to concerts when I was younger but all that happened was being squooshed in the crowd far far away from the stage. Could barely see rather than MEET anyone. Even talking online to him must have been wonderful. How did he know who you are though if he knows you do all that website stuff?

I just stalked Ben Jorgensen on Twitter. Is he really from NYC? Lols!

I think I have finally found myself a real idol though … Typhoon aka Jay Kim, lead singer of the rock band TRAX. I can only dream of meeting him the way you met Ben Jorgensen. I guess it’s an advantage that Jay Kim is one of the few who actually speak English. All of my past idols had a language barrier with me, bahaha.

Anyways … you lucky girl. <3

:D Very happy that you got to meet your idol even though I never heard of him before, lol. I know how cool that is though. I met Jerry O’Connell when I was 14. And you probably don’t know who he is :D

I’ve heard of Jerry O’Connell! But I guess I wouldn’t say I know him all too well or have watched anything he’s in. But that’s amazing! :D I personally tend to like indie bands and whatnot; stuff that no one else seems to like. :P

Thanks *hugs*, but sadly Mr. Laptop has been hit badly. I mean really badly. The antivirus just kept counting more and more infected files, up to 500, and then the message appeared. ‘Some files needed for Windows to run have been replaced, please insert installation disk.’

T.T I know it’s sad, because at the end of the day, it’s just a piece of machinery … But I cried so much, you’d thought the world was coming to an end. ><" I just feel as if it is my fault. Hopefully, we can bring him back to life, but it'll cost a lot of money because we need to wipe the disk completely clean and reinstall. I'm not even sure that I got an installation disk with him.

It's not the best of times either, seeing as our car broke down earlier today, my parents had to pay £200 just to get it and us, back home. We may need a new engine – that'll cost a bomb. It's just not our lucky day I guess.

Yay for hairy arm embraceness! xD And is your iPod named after Ben Jorgensen by any chance? ;) I'm glad you finally got to meet him. It sounds like you had a great time.

How awesome that he knew about your websites! :3 He seems pretty dedicated to his fans, and a really nice guy overall. I've never heard him sing before so I'll be sure to check him out. :)

No worries, we all have our fangirl moments. ;)

Sorry, I meant iPhone. And Ian says hi back! :3

That’s so awesome that you got to meet your idol! He sounds like a really sweet person too. =)

I hate the topic of teen moms as well because most of them think they an go out and do whatever just because they are teens and they “need” to experience their teen years. They should have thought about that before they laid down in bed.
I hate that big dogs and dogs like pitbulls have a bad rep. Not all are attackers, and most times its because their owners teach them to fight and whatnot, which is really sad.
I think people getthe “snob” feeling from me because I’m a shy person and I don’t know wht to talk about in person. So I try to avoid people as much as I can, well, talking to them. But I don’t mind when they come to talk to me, I’ll converse, lol. I also hate when people are like “omg you talk?!” or “omg i never heard you talk before!” – well, yes, i do talk, dah! and sorry I’m not rude to teachers and just ignore them while they teach and stuff. Blah.

OOOMMMMGGGG!!! you’re such a lucky person to have been able to meet your idol! thats SO frickin’ amazing! Its awesome when singers are so interested in their fans and are nice towards them. Even though I don’t know who he is, I’m so very jealous! lol.
The photo looks amazing! I’m glad you have a GREAT experience for your first show :D

I must admit , im incredibly jealous…. haha It sounds like you had an amazzing time, i always love getting together with friends and doing something fun, your friends also seem really cool, i wish i could meet my idol.
Its freaking amazing that he remembers talking to you online and that he;s seen your websites, tumblr and all that stuff, its insane, as i said im incredibly jealous…
I need a box of adjectives just to describe how jealous i am ;D
i miss talking to you georgina /eee

That sounds really exciting! So, he knew about your website and stuuf? That’s what I think, in what you wrote. Unless I am just that freaking tires. That’s really exciting!!! And now, you don’t have to buy the CD. You now have it, and he touched it! Yay! 👏 😏

So … you two talk on Twitter, too? That’s really cool. :) gfj gotta go.

Sorry, I’m back. :(

The CS course is most likely going to teach me about Microsoft Office, since, you know … teacher … It usually involves that.

I was alrgiht driving. Getting up early is exhausting, though.

I don’t really cry much, anymore. I just “give up”, I guess. Hah.

Sorry this is short; I just got more tired. I’ll make it up to you next time. :3


That is beyond awesome! He sounds lovely as well… i wish people i was such a fangirl over would put on a show and chat to me… A lot of musicians aren’t that down to earth, and get too wrapped up in their heads, so i’m glad he isnt and is a genuinely nice guy!

I’m not very interested in old literature, I’m not interested in most literature to be honest d: Most books I’ve read in high school are all about death & destruction, no matter what grade I was in. My favorite was probably Grapes of Wrath even though just about everyone hated that book. I thought it was really good (: But I do love Steinbeck <3

It sounds like you had a really wonderful time at the show, I'm glad it was better than you expected it to be (: It just goes to show how the internet connects us so well. It's really hard to find musicians that actually care so much about their friends, none the less, care at all. He sounds like a great person (:

That is completely amazing….Wow. What an experience. So happy for you! Definitely the best time ever for a first concert :)

Sounds like you had an AMAZING time. I bet it was just phenomenal to see your idol up close. I’ll never have that chance as my idol died ten years before the day I was born =/ But I know what it’s like to look up to someone that much. I’m so happy for you that you got to do that. He sounds like a great, down to earth guy /eee

Congrats on getting to meet Ben. :D I’m trying to imagine you screaming like a little fan girl lol. I bet when you guys left the concert you were squealed like a little girl huh? It’s awesome that all your work payed off because he knew of you before he even knew you. (Y)

Thanks for the ideas, I check those out and hopefully I can up with something good for the stupid essay. I just had to take AP English, we write essays like week. I like the teacher and all but a girl can only take so much.

Thank you. :D I’m really surprised how the layout turned out, I think it’s the best one that coloursplash has ever had. Mr. Acorn says hi. :D

I edit everything online, I also found a site that makes your css look super organized. I try to edit stuff offline but one type notepad compressed my style sheet and I just got mad and decided never again.

After reading the book I really didn’t like Daisy because the murder was her fault and Gatsby died for it. She still ran away with Tom even though his loser self was cheating on here. Classics really do have a thing for sad endings. Romeo and Juliet could have gone a whole different way.

Sometimes when I read a scary story, I automatically start checking my surroundings because I get the feeling that the bad characters are out to get me or something.

Hey! I was just randomly browsing the web and found your blog. I was at the show, too, and thought it was amazing. The Initiation found a new fan and Ben/Wes were fantastic. So glad I went. I remember seeing you standing in line outside the pub. I was with my girlfriend and we were right behind you.

Hi Jackie! Thank you for the comment! I wish I’d been more social there and said hi to other people and started conversation, but I guess I was too excited even in line that I didn’t look at anyone behind me. XD I’m glad you had a good time! ♥

I’m really happy to hear that you had so much fun! :D It’s awesome that you had a chance to meet your idol! :)

Congratulations! Meeting him is so awesome! :)

I saw that Tumblr you made as well. Fangirl mode eh? Hehe.

There is nothing wrong with being fangirly once in a while, especially with your favorite idol. It is quite fun actually. It might make your blog post a little less legible, but I think that us girls won’t have a problem getting through it.

How long did you have to wait around for an autograph? You are one lucky girl to get the free EP and the autograph!

I actually didn’t have to wait around that long! It didn’t seem like many people wanted an autograph, or maybe I was so quick in following him. XD

EEEEEEEE!! I was smiling the whole time I read this 🤬 I am so glad your first gig was a good one, and I’m ever so pleased you got to meet Ben! /eee ♥

That sounds like such an amazing experience for you. :) I still haven’t gone to a concert yet, haha, though I hope my first time would be as awesome as yours. For a celebrity, your favorite celebrity even, to know you by name like that is just, wow. He seems like such an amazing person as well. :)

I’m a little worried that things will be expensive now in Hong Kong as it’s much more expensive than many years ago. Well I’m glad to hear that James is finding everything to be cheap. I’m really looking forward to it now.

I don’t care about google page rankings at all because the only people that visit my blog are other bloggers. They usually don’t find me from google anyways.

Oh my god, you met your idol and actually spoke to him as well. That’s completely amazing. You must have been super happy and excited that day. I can’t believe he saw your website, that’s so wow! You’re such a lucky girl to meet your idol like that.

Wow. It must be really cool to see your idol in personal. Only a few get to experience that! :D

It wouldn’t have been cool if you remembered to introduce yourself. LOL XD

It must be great hearing your idol say that all the stuff you do online is amazing. :D

It must be touching to hear that you’re one the most amazing people he has ever met. It only happens rarely that people’s idols could say that to them. ✌️

Wow, I bet it was awesome to meet your idol. I’m kinda jealous here, but at the same time, I’m so happy for you! :’)

OMG GEORGINA! Whilst I was reading this I got goosebumps! I could totally feel how happy and excited you were! Your really lucky to talk to him in person, if it was me I wouldn’t be talking much, I’d probably just be staring, loss for words. :)

Your lucky you got to talk to him again after the show, wow seriously, I’m happy for you although envy you!! XD

THATS A BEAUTIFUL PHOTO. He looks so chilled!! You look quite happy!! :P (UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR)

I’m so happy for you! I knew how excited you were just to be at the concert but it must have been an amazing feeling to get to meet him! I know how you must’ve felt meeting him though, after being a fan for so long! After waiting seven years to meet McFly, it was indescribable, so you must’ve been so happy to meet Ben. :D

He sounds so sweet. :3 Ugh, I know what you mean about a lot of musicians around now that don’t care about their fans, you can tell when an artist genuinely cares for their fans when they stay around to talk to them instead of just leaving straight away!

I’m glad you got a photo, autograph and a hug, and I’m glad you had a great time. :D It’s so cool that he’s seen all your online stuff and that he remembered you!

Usually we get 6 or 7 weeks off here, but because it’s my last year, we leave when exams are over, near the end of June! It gives me time to go job hunting and just enjoy my summer I suppose.

Thank you. :) My mum doesn’t understand how much it means for me to see McFly, but my dad does so he always tries his hardest to take me to their concerts!

You’re welcome! Haha I can’t even believe you met him! XD It’s just so cool :] I’m even at a loss of words XDD LMAO you kept your composure very well when you wrote the post XD I’d probably react the same way if I was telling my friend about an awesome, amazing experience :)

Oh that’s cool! Mountains! I’ve never been to a mountain XD Just wondering, but have you ever gone skiing?

Yeah, maybe after university you can go explore :D That’d be super fun :]

AHHH! You must have been like “OMG OMG OMG”. That is how I would have been. You seem to hae kept your cool, though. I’m one of those people who makes awkward comments because I’m so excited that I have no idea what to say. >.<

What a great first show for you, really. You sound like you had the time of your life. When I saw the title of the blog I instantly knew how happy you probably were. I was thinking "SHE MUST HAVE BEEN FREAKING SHIT IN HER HEAD".

I am so glad that you were able to meet him and you had such a great first show. You deserved this, I truly think you did. I know how much you love and appreciate his music. I am so truly happy for you, Georgina. ♥

I completely agree with the whole rap music thing. It is totally not my genre and I feel like people just rap because they're not really good at anything else. I can't tell Eric that because he'll feel bad. I at least appreciate some older rap from the 90's a bit more because it at least had some meaning to it. Thank God that Eric is mostly into that type. He's 28 so he grew up with that genre more than anything else. Rap now is ridiculous and honestly just makes no sense. I can't even understand why anybody becomes rich and or famous from it. I'm convinced it takes little to no talent. I don't know if you can tell, but I REALLY hate the genre just in general hahaa.

I can't wait to get that domain up and running, I really can't. I started trying to make a theme for it the other day but I lost my muse after five minutes, unfortunately. It is going to be tough running more than one site for the first time, I think. And you have so many so I know you totally understand. How you juggle so many domains is incredible to me. You deserve an award haha. But yes, a photo journal/blog seems to be what everyone is going with and I was kind of partial to it at the beginning anyway. Hopefully I can get it up and running!

And there shall definitely be a baby bump photo in my next blog post! :)

I remember all those times you use to talk about Ben Jorgensen and to think you actually met the guy and you remembered you! I’m soo excited for you, I just know that was an awesome experience. I always wondered when talking to celebrities online whether or not it was the “real” them and to be frank, I never even knew they paid attention to half the things their fans write about them but you sure have proved me wrong. My my, I love this and it wasn’t even me ;)

I wouldn’t say the littlest things make me upset but they sure do annoy me. My grandmother thinks something is wrong with me but I always think if they just let me be I’ll be just fine.

Lol I have Windows XP on the laptop I got last year but when I got my new one and it had Windows 7 I just fell in love. Everyone complains about how sucky Windows Vista is but I never really seen the problem. It does run pretty slow though.

In the end it doesn’t really make a difference. The first girl doesn’t really matter in the end, only if she’s the last girl so that’s been my goal. If I can’t be first then I better be last (: I’ve always wanted to be someone’s first anything though.

Seems like you have had a lot of fun at the gig :D! Gigs here are so overrated. There`s always like. A bunch every weekend, and there`s flyers going out here and there and anywhere :P. What is always played these days here are Ska and stuff. :O! This is LA :P!

I thought I have heard of Ben Jorgensen somewhere before. But I forgot :O! D:

That tumblr is cute ^__^! :O It is like an honor for someone to acknowledge you for that :D! If I made one for like. Lady GaGa I might not be honored like that. XD! Or Britney Spears :O. It is cute ^__^ That he even knows like you specifically :O!

I love four piece bands :D! it`s like the most traditional things ever besides 5 piece bands :O! I had a dream about having a 5 piece band :/. But it`s never gonna happen :P. I want an all brass band. :P But that is more realistic if I put my mind into it :P. I might be a band geek after all O

Awwwh how nice of Dana for giving you the band`s EP :D! That is super nice! :D! Most of these days “musicians” are in it for the profit.

You look pretty with Ben in the picture ^__^!

People who eat healthy are cool :)! I try to eat healthy at times :/. But I do get carried away :P! Sometimes, I can eat foods that are “good” for me :P! Like…… Vegetables :O!

I am glad that nothing bad happened too! But its weird. I remember the horrible things from childhood. My neighbor beat me up once over some little thing. I got a bloody nose.

These media are in it for the money D: If that is the case, then who can we trust?!! :O

Lysette is cute ^__^! Jayne is unique :D! I have a couple of friends named Esmeralda :) Its nice too :D

You ARE LUCKY! :P My hair doesn`t get oily easily. It takes like… a month for it to get oily :O! But still. Dandruff happens after a week D:. Now I gotta wash daily, and multiple times daily! P

That is so awesome. You are so lucky to meet your idol and actually be able to have a conversation with him. It’s amazing that he remembered you too, that’s so sweet. :)

So very jealous.

I would like to find a digital camera that’s small so I can carry it in my purse.

u are so lucky, to bad u didnt have a video camera with u to video the whole night and the meeting lol.
westlife are the kindest people u would ever meet and u know that by meeting one person who is just like that.

Haha!!! That’s funny 100 pictures and 3 videos? lol!!! Priceless! Anyway, yeah even though Takuto and I are close online, I’m starting to feel really close to this other guy….pssst he’s 34….but a total hottie! :O!! But yeah. I think I friended him on twitter and he friended me back, than the same on youtube, (he used to be a j-rock singer 6 years ago, he showed me one of his videos). And than we added each other on fb, and well; we chit chatted for a bit on there as well; added each other on skype, he types great in English but he says he doesn’t really speak it only Japanese, but that’s ok. I can teach him! Haha ;). But yeah, he’s a really nice guy, super sweet, and very cool. He’s going to be busy for two whole days, so I’m just gonna let him be until he’s not busy ya know?

But yeah, I’m not playing with Takuto or anything, but I dunno…it’s just weird. It’s like I know I’m not in a relationship with him or anything, but I find this 34 year old Japanese dude hot! And I think he finds me the same way. :/. I dunno….I mean he finds time out of his schedule to actually write to me. And everything. Takuto was like that too, but than he just kinda cancels on everyone you know? I don’t know about my new friend, if he’s going to be the same way, but he told me he was going to be busy for two whole days, and that he wanted to talk to me on skype sometime next week I think. I don’t think he meant this week because he’s going to be busy, so who knows? I just emailed him to tell him don’t over work yourself, and to keep in touch! He also said that he wanted to meet me. But I dunno how since we really didn’t get to discuss it. But we’ll see. Haha.

Yeah the camera would definitely come more in handy than the tattoo would. Tattoo’s are cool and nice and everything, but seriously you’re right about the camera. It’d be a great birthday gift to me and ooh la la, I just got a $10.00 of card from Torrid (Plus size store) for my birthday WOO! I’m excited about that. Haha! So yeah. But yeah, I’m sure they’ll be hundreds of more pictures of Meat loaf when I go to the concert lol. I can’t wait. I’m so excited! :D. Weeeeeeeeee….

It’s so cool that you got to meet your Idol! And even converse with him. And he (kinda) knew who you were!! :O That’s pretty epic. Gigs sound like fun :’D *jealous :C* Good thing you didn’t expect to much from the gig only to get disappointed. ;) If Ben Jorgensen know about the website stuff you do, I wonder if he read this blog….. /type

P.S. Diary club sounds like fun. *jealous again xD* I want to start a knitting club xD and it’s rather silly cause you can hardly even find any good knitting supplies here.