The Truth About Heaven

I know I have such wonderful memories to take away from meeting Ben Jorgensen but as Rachel warned me, at some point I’m going to be really sad that it’s over.

And well, she was right. I am. It was my first show ever, seeing bands/singers, and it was truly amazing. I look back on it and I smile so hard, but a part of me is sad. A whole other part of me is completely touched and inspired by Ben, because he’s truly an amazing character. I have been listening to his music endlessly, and it is like the most beautiful music I’ve listened to. Even if I didn’t meet Ben or get to talk to him, I believe I still would have felt mesmerised by his performance.

I love music. I’m sure a lot of people do. This guy in one of my classes in university last year got a few weird looks when we had to introduce ourselves and he said ‘I don’t like music’. It was surprising for everyone; he didn’t have a single genre that he liked, or any kind of music. It’s strange I’ll admit, but I didn’t judge that guy. I guess we just shouldn’t assume, but I was so sure most people liked music of some sort. Some people can’t live without it, and I’m not going to lie – the world would be lost without music. I can’t even imagine it. /faw

There is so much music I love and a song to fit almost every occasion. I feel a little overwhelmed knowing that there is so much music out there, though. Whenever someone recommends a band to me, I usually avoid delving into them – because I am aware of how much time it’ll take to go through a bunch of their songs, and determine whether I like them or not. If I start liking them, it’ll take me a while to go through all their songs and familiarise myself with them. Someone might ask about my favourite song by that band and I can’t give a good answer because I haven’t heard everything like they might have.

It’s a funny thought, but also a bit sad that maybe, just maybe… there’s so much music in the world that we’ll never be able to listen to it all in the drag of our day-to-day lives. :(

My dad wants to see a Beatles tribute band playing in the local area tomorrow. I don’t know how I feel about that. Deep down, I know it’s not the same. It’s not John and Paul and Ringo and George. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going, but this suddenly makes me think. When Ben Jorgensen was still in Armor For Sleep, I wanted to see them. Now that they’ve broken up and I was incredibly crushed by the news, if I were ever to come across an Armor tribute band, I don’t know if I’d be able to appreciate it.

I might cry, knowing that it just isn’t the same.

The way Ben Jorgensen put it when they broke up; he said that it was like having a camera. That he was happy with the pictures that came out of their little camera, but the camera was maybe only constructed to handle polaroid film.

“I would have much rather put it on a shelf for me and all of us to look at with fond memories than to feel this intense need to make it take high-def panoramic mosaics.”

That it was like he had a new camera, that’s why he chose that direction, and now, is performing solo. That he really is the same person. That we will always recognise who is holding the camera, even if we don’t like all the pictures.

Yes, I think I might cry, because I feel so inspired. ♥️ 😢

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wow.. lucky for you… I miss going to the concerts. :( It’s been a long time.. like years already since I last went to a concert. hahaha.. :)) I super love music too. I can’t imagine life without it.. it’s like everything is on MUTE and lifeless.

You will be buzzing for ages after meeting Ben, I was for months when I met my favourite singer, ashame it passes though. :( Nightwish where I met Anette olzon, they were my first gig too.

wow that guy said he doesnt like music?? thats different, I love it and can not live without it.
My friend always recomends stuff to me or he plays it so then I get so hooked and by the alabum the next day lol.

Yeah I agree, there is SO much music out there, I have barely listened to much past the 1990’s, though I do love some 80’s stuff but most were before my time.

If my favourite band broke up I would be crushed to see a tribute band of them. :( Nightwish won’t be around forever or Marina and the diamonds and I will be gutted.

hello georgina. :)
i guess i’m one of those who used to openly admit that i don’t really like music that much, but deep inside of me, i’m a sucker for classical music particularly those of mozart and chopin.
i can imagine your passion for music, and that is good.

y’know, i found life easier when i began embracing even just a certain genre. life is so monotonous without it, and like you said, ” Some people can’t live without it, and I’m not going to lie – the world would be lost without music. I can’t even imagine it.”

take care. :)

That’s okay. Sometimes you have to give a chance to see films from directors who you are not fan. I also think it’s interesting to see how directors and filmmakers began. The piano is a great movie.

I hope so. True, I have become a stronger person after what happens to my grandfather. You’re right, we enjoy the little moments of happiness that life offers us, however little. I know. But we must focus only on the good things, and set aside the negatives things. Life is short, but we must try to live it as best as possible and enjoy the good times that it offers 👏 .

Thanks so much Georgina! Yesterday, I finished my final exams. And I think I did well. And now I have a week off without classes at the university.

Do not worry. I’ve also taken some time to reply you /type

You’re welcome! Okay. Glad you’re working on your other goals, I hope you get to meet each and every one of the goals you have set. :)

I understand. I have also heard that Windows 7 is better than Vista. Maybe you work better. It’s true.

Yeah I agree with you. Even so I took a long time using it I do not think that change for now. True, some versions are successful and others however, no.

You’re welcome!
I read your previous post. I’m glad you had a good times on the concert of Ben Jorgesen. And who knew him in person. It’s great that you might keep in touch via Twitter. You looks so happy in the picture you have with him. I’m happy for you. When you meet someone you really like, and you’re a fan, you can not describe with words what you felt. I’m sure you will forget this moment. I’m sure you’ll never forget that moment. :)

Rachel is right, at some point you will realize that it’s over. But it remain a nice memory, that you’ve known him.
The first show, you will never forget, especially if that someone is that you’re a fan.

Also I love music and I can not live without it. I agree with you, the world would be lost without music. I can not believe that someone who does not like the music, not even a genre. Music is life.

You’re right. I do not think we can hear all the music round out there. I love that people I make music recommendations, so I can discover new music. It is somewhat gratifying /hehe

There are some bands that are a tribute to others bands, but I think it is not the same. Always remember the originals, and you may not feel the same.
I like your little reflection of the end of the post, and you have much reason in what you say.

*hugs* Have a nice week! :)

I JUST READ THE LAST BLOG. YOU MET BEN JORG? BUT OMG HE SOUNDS SO AMAZING. I AM ACTUALLY SPEECHLESS. You’re so lucky to meet him, I know how much he means to you!

I honestly don’t believe that he doesn’t like music at all – I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know not everyone is keen on all genres, but there’s got to be something he likes? What does he listen to in the car or whatever? Maybe he just hasn’t found a genre he likes yet?

Oh I’m like that too! Even though I’m almost certain that I WILL like the band, because of what people have said and the bands they say are similar, I always hold off trying new bands out, because I never have the patience to find them. I mean, I remember you saying about AFS ages and ages ago, but I only actually thought about downloading some and listening to them a few months ago when I was desperate for some new music, and now I love them!

OH NO, DON’T REMIND ME OF THE BLUE SCREEN ON THE OLD WINDOWS. If I ever turned on our family desktop and that appeared, I always panicked that I’d broken it, turned it off, ran away and pretended I knew nothing about it when the next person turned it on D:
I know I should never have lied, but I was scared O_O

I know! It’s amazing how fast technology advances, but I guess she still must find some of the things useful? I know, imagine life without Google? I don’t think I’d have the effort to walk to the library everytime I would otherwise have googled something! Oh I see, yeah that makes sense. When do you go back to uni then?

Yeah, it’s insane prices! I don’t actually know if they are from Amazon – they aren’t on the English one. They are a japanese thing made from Amazon boxes (maybe the original one was made with them then it just triggered the rest being like that) though. Maybe they are only available in Japan, and that’s why they are so much on eBay, because they are rare over here? idk.

oh, it’s a shame you don’t speak to them anymore, but if you were never close to begin with then I’m not suprised you’re not bothered. I know it sounds bad, but I never really make an effort with people unless they make an effort in return.

Haha, I’ve decided I am taking my tripod with me now – it folds up really small and I’ll just put it in my hand luggage so it doesn’t weigh down my suitcase :) I’m so excitedddddd :D

all of those great experiences, just a chapter in our very long journy through life (: it’s sad when we have to turn the page, but we still have all of the good memories and feelings (:

so far in life, i’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like one music genre. is it really possible to not listen to music? the beautiful lyrics that describes exactly how you feel, the sound of a place just your imaginations can come up with, how can someone actually live without it? and all the music used to make films, he doesn’t like that either? but now i’m judging even before i’ve met the guy, i’m sure he has other interests than music, but i’ve always assured music was something everybody liked since listening is one of our senses.

yes there’s so much music out there, just waiting for us to listen them haha (: i think it’s nice knowing there’s always going to be written lyrics and music, still so much uncreated beautifully sounds that will appear in the future (:

ok i have to go, i’m having a late dinner again, or a really late dinner this time haaha :D

It is kinda sad hearing someone hates music. Maybe because his perspective of music is different from ours. We may call our modern songs ‘music’ when for him the real music are the classical ones. :P

It’s not the same, but some Beatles tribute bands are really quite good. For instance, a few weeks ago I passed some street performers set up in a subway station in NYC, performing Beatles music. They were really good.

I just went and read your last post about meeting Ben, and that must have been SO AMAZING. I don’t know what I would do if I was in your place and was meeting someone so important to me, such as Taylor Swift. I wouldn’t be able to form any sentences together, and if I got a picture with her.. my god. (Which, reminds me that I had a dream last night that I was friends with Taylor Swift. Haha, random)

I don’t know how people don’t like music. It’s so amazing, and there’s just so many different songs and genres and artists and it’s just.. life changing <3

I'm so excited to get my camera back :D there was so much unnecessary waiting; they could have just fixed it and then sent it back three freaking weeks ago! But oh well, it will be back in my arms soon <3

And yeah, co-op is meant for experience and that's what I got. I know I even got a little bit more than my friend who was doing co-op for graphic design at a different place, but it was still sooooo boring and I dreaded going every single day.

And now, I have lots more time for the big bang theory <3 Seriously, WATCH SEASON FOUR. Episode 9 of season four is my favouriteeeeee episode, by far. SO FUNNY.

BTW I forgot to mention, but you were commenter #1000 on my blog :D

Good you feel THAT kind of inspiration! :-)
And I know what you mean with it “not being the same” but i can understand your dad at the same time, it’s never going to happen again so just take what you can get. It’s always better than nothing! I hope you do go. Music is music :-)

Music is indeed an amazing thing. I absolutely love playing it without a doubt. I’ve played more in orchestra and band settings where musicians come and go all the time. So bands breaking up is essentially the same as people getting a new job because they want a new job. Perhaps it’s for the better that some break up (before a decline), but ’tis always sad for the fans.

I think that tribute bands are probably okay, though definitely not the same, years, a couple generations at least, after the breakup. The Beatles would be an appropriate band to have a tribute for. I think the tributes are for reminding the newer generations of the great old songs that used to be.

Music is incredibly inspiring. I think I can find a song for any occasion or event in life. I find so much comfort in that. I feel the same about many of Lennon’s works. Even his individual works. /faw

It is unusual to hear someone say that they do not like music. I wouldn’t call myself a music lover, I rarely go to festivals, gigs, concerts etc. I do not buy music or buy band merchandise. However, I do put the radio, listen to last FM and things like that.

I think it is shocking to dislike music because it is so integrated in our lives. There is music on TV shows and films, in public places like pubs, clubs and shops. Therefore I think we just assume they everyone must like at least one type of music.

I’ve never been able to get into reading, I just can’t sit there & read a book, I get way too bored. I’m glad you enjoy reading, I really wish I could read like some people can, it’d probably give me a well need intelligence boost d: I’ve always wanted to really connect with someone I’ve met over the internet & then met them, just the idea of connecting with someone farther way seems so different than connecting with someone who lives the next block down.


Yeah, I can sort of empathize with that guy who doesn’t like music. Until I was 13 I didn’t really enjoy any music at all, the first song I liked was POTF’s Lift when it played in the credits to 3DMark05. They were the first band I liked, and my music collection spawned off that. /eee

There’s enough music for you to listen to if you take out the rap. An the hiphop. Yo yo yo nigger. har har

I can’t believe his publicist sent you an email! That’s so /bounce


I sort of listened to music here and there but it didn’t become a huge part of life until I was about 11. I mean, before then I was stuck with listening to the same four artists over and over at home – Shania Twain, The Bee Gees, ABBA and The Beatles – none of them were bad at all, of course, but it didn’t really inspire me to listen to them all the time or find other things to listen to. I think the first band I really liked was Linkin Park or the Black Eyed Peas. Back then I used to listen to more female artists like Michelle Branch and Delta Goodrem; all that changed of course, as music tastes do. 8D


how could someone not like any music? music’s universal. there’s so many different kinds… he must be lying or have some sort of mental disorder. that’s not normal

He seemed pretty adamant about it, really proud that he didn’t like any music. Probably lying. :P He seemed a bit arrogant anyway, but that was definitely the first case of someone not liking music that I’d heard of.

Congratulations on meeting Ben Jorgensen! I know I should’ve written this on your previous post (but I was too lazy /um ). You were really lucky to get to meet him, and getting him to remember you! That’s definitely not something that will happen to anyone. You’ve worked hard (the tumblr stuff etc) and you get what you deserved. We’ll all be sad once something great is over, but I think you should just remember the good times instead of wasting your time feeling sad (although we couldn’t help it). ✌️

I have never met anyone who claims that he or she dislikes music yet. Most of my friends enjoy music. Life would be really boring without music. The world would be so quiet. But there are some music that are too noisy. Music is a really … magical thing, to me. Now, (almost) everyone in my high school enjoy Korean music. Although none of us understand the lyrics (unless they check online) but we still ♥ it! Music is amazing!

Haha, I do that too! When my friends start talking about some new singers, either solo or group, I try not to get interested. Otherwise I’d definitely be wasting a lot of time finding their information, watching the programs they attended and of course, their endless songs. I can waste so much time on celebrities. And it definitely does not feel nice when I know that I will never be able to get close to them, especially Korean singers. Speaking of this, I remember reading a short note of a fans, she said, “That day, I saw him (the celeb). I waved and said hello. He was stunned (because she spoke in Korean I guess) and after that he laughed and smiled at me. The next day, during the fan meeting, he recognised me! He waved and smiled at me again. After that, I feel so sad because I know that we will never be together, no matter how much I love him.” It’s so sad yet it is the truth. /wah

I think I understand what you’re trying to say. I used to enjoy a 5 members group, named Dong Bang Shin Ki or TVXQ. They split up in 2009, into JYJ (3 members) and TVXQ (2 members) due to some contract issues, at least that is what the media says. I feel so sad, looking them splitting up. Their songs were truly amazing. Their live performances are godly terrific. Most people claim that, “Their live performances are better than their CDs” and it’s true. I love them very much because of their abilities – sing, dance, compose songs, sing without background music (acapella) yet still able to sound wonderful… I could cry looking at them arguing with one another (it happened for the first time in January 2011) … /wah

Why do all those awesome group split in the end? 😢 /argh

Yeah I agree with you. Some people just intend to get rather busy, but like my dad says it doesn’t take much effort to let someone know they care about you. I know Takuto cares about me, and I know that a 3d generalist job can take up a lot of time, especially since he’s wanting to come out here to study English and Computer graphics and what not. But yeah know? Anyway, I find many Japanese males attractive, and not trying to sound conceited or anything, but they do intend to flirt with me a LOT. Especially on fb. Haha! The older dude Thogo he seems a bit more on the upbeat side ya know what I mean? I mean, yeah there’s a language barrier and what not, and yeah he only speaks in Japanese when speaking to in person, but he does write in English though. I mean, he’s such a hottie not saying that Takuto isn’t, but still. I just have a thing for older men. That’s who I am.

Anyway, I wrote on my twitter page, that I was something and I was wishing I was with Thogo ^_~ and he tweeted me back and he said ALWAYS! and some other random stuff. He’s going to be busy the rest of the month, but that’s ok. He wants to chat next week. Which is ok with me. I mean the weird thing is ever since I got back in touch with Takuto, I’ve tried to dream about him, I think I maybe succeeded at least one time. With Thogo a hundred times. It’s like my sensei said, a lot of Japanese people can actually channel their spirit/souls to a person they’re extremely attracted too and protect them and what not. Which is cool. I think that’s why there’s so many spirits around me now. Haha. But yeah, my sensei doesn’t think of me being weird at all, he thinks that I could’ve been Japanese in my past life (which is what I was told by a psychic how strange right? and that is why it feels like I don’t need to take a trip to Japan and just want to move over there). It’s really hard to explain with out reading the entire email. But yeah, my sensei is a very wise Sensei. And I know you don’t judge people at all, not by their color, their weight, their skin, or whatever. You’re a great friend to have! I mean just the little sayings that Thogo sends to me is like really touching. Takuto has never said anything like that….other than is worrying if I have a boyfriend or not. But yeah Takuto has been offline for two-three days now, and well; I dunno what’s going on there. But I just wish him the best.

The same with Thogo (stage name). We were talking on fb yesterday morning or afternoon or the day before or something like that and he said he was working I knew he wanted to continue to chat but I told him get back to work silly! Your work is more important and I don’t want you losing your job ok? He said Ok we’ll talk again next week, and than that’s when he asked if I had skype. I said I did and gave him my username. He added me, and I added him. I think he wants to voice chat next week. Which is going to be hard because like I said he only speaks in Japanese, but I dunno….maybe I can chat with him back in Japanese or something. I dunno. But like I said Thogo is much older and is much more caring, and does reply to me even though he doesn’t have too, but he takes the time out to do so. Even in his busy schedule. So that makes my heart melt. Haha. But yeah. My friend Jenn, thinks he’s a hottie too. I said sorry you can’t have him lol. She laughed. But she asked if it works out between you and T (we call Thogo T), and you end up moving to Japan how will we talk? And she’s like Oh yeah duh! They have facebook in Japan!! lol and I said yeah and I can call you and skype you too! So that made her day. But yeah.

Anyway, I remember the night I first saw Meat loaf in 2006, I was incredibly happy, and enthused, and I just couldn’t believe my eyes when he came on stage. His performance just blew me out of the water! I was mesmorized by it all. He only sang 4 songs. But after that I was like damn I wanna go to another show!! I missed out on one of his shows, and the 3 bats tour show, but I got to see his Hang Cool Tour and that was awesome, I’m still gushing over it haha! And now I’m getting to see him again in MARCH!!! I can’t believe it!!! Haha!!! But yeah, I finally met my sister’s boyfriend and he’s a really nice guy. When I came out of my room to introduce me I didn’t even get one word out and he’s like “And this must be Jamie the older sister?” And I said “Yup, and you must be Tyler” we shook hands and hugged each other. My dad and I both like him a lot. I especially like him a lot (not in that way like I do T and Takuto) because of the fact he loves Meat loaf!! :D WOO!!! haha! But yeah…Life is grand!

Wow, I have never known someone not to really like music. I’m even shocked reading that.

I’m sure you will get another chance at a gig, and will hopefully it will be just as good as that one. :)

Omg, a mention in your blog would be great but would it be ok if it was when I have it up and running? You’re amazing.

Oh no he wasn’t because he hasn’t stopped. I throw fits and everything but yet he still feels it’s completely necessary to keep calling me that or make jokes about it. I don’t even acknowledge his presence anymore. It’s like there’s nothing but air there. I don’t want him there me anymore, he is way to irritating for me to handle anymore.

I’m currently listening to songs from Explosions In The Sky on youtube and so far I really like it. :D I’m really liking Your Hands In Mine and A Song for Our Fathers. It amazes me how people name songs with no words.

Yeah the best moments always become sad when it’s over. Well at least you have the memory forever and pictures for reminders. :D
I finish the essay and turned it in. :D The class is AP so it’s a college class and it’s getting us ready for it so that’s good.

I really adore you current layout and also since valentine is almost here it fits perfectly. :D
I don’t how someone can just not like music. Was he doing it for the attention? Music is everywhere you go. Every the rain can be a music instrument. I guess that’s his choice though, wonder what music will play on his wedding day. /um

I love all kinds of music except rap and rock metal shit. I even love classical and country…mostly Taylor Swift.

Aww hugs to you Ben Jorgensen lover.

I just read your previous entry about meeting Ben Jorgensen. I know this is definitely un-blog related but I felt the need to shout OMGOSH WOW YOU MET YOUR IDOL. LUCKY. ✌️

A moment last for a short while but memories stay forever. I understand the feeling that Rachel was probably referring to. Make the most of the fun time you have and enjoy it while you can. All that will fade within a blink of an eye before it turns sad.

I’m very, very thrilled that you had an awesome time on your very FIRST show. The first experience makes a really good first impression and matters most of all. ♥

I’m not sure if I myself actually love music but I can’t say that I don’t have a favourite song/singer in mind. Honestly speaking, I don’t think I’m a big of a music person; I don’t listen to them every single day like my sister does nor do I dislike it like that guy in your class. I’m in the middle. That’s really good that you didn’t judge the guy. We’re all different at every point. Sometimes what usually occurs is what we least expect.
That’s true. The world would feel so empty and dull without music to relate our everyday life matters.

Oh yes, I remembered when the band broke-up and you posted a really sad tweet on Twitter. Even though I hardly listen to them, it was quite a shock when they decided to disband. I mean, they look so close with each other, like family. I didn’t expect that to happen. :(

Again, although I’m not very familiar with Ben’s works, I’m certainly impressed that he does what he loves and keeps inspires people despite doing all that by himself. Without a doubt, this is absolutely a touching post! /wah

I love music as much as you do. :) It’s pretty weird some people don’t like music. It seems like they’re loners or something. XD

There is always a song for every one of my moods. XD

Thanks for the comment! :)

It’s great that you got to meet Ben Jorgensen. (: I would love to meet my music role models! But music is definitely a big part of my life and I couldn’t imagine life without it. I’m sure there are a small number of people who don’t like music; it’s just not for them.

Oh, I wish I could listen to all of the music in the world! That would be amazing. There definitely isn’t enough time in our lives nor would I know where to start. It would be overwhelming! I have seen a Beatles tribute band and they were pretty good. Sure, they obviously weren’t as good as The Beatles and it wasn’t anything like actually seeing them, but it’s cool to see other people who love a band so much that they dedicate their careers to playing their music. Plus, half of The Beatles have passed away and we will never get to hear them live; we might as well enjoy the renditions of the music.

Hm, I like that metaphor. Ben Jorgensen sounds like a pretty cool guy.

Yeah, I have some really random memories from my childhood as well. Most of them have to do with being denied by or getting in trouble with my parents. xD

Ah, that’s awesome! I wrote a lot of stories as a child but they weren’t that cool. They were basically about magical lands, talking animals, and dragons. It’s kind of sad.

Very true! A blog is just an online journal. You can always go back through the archives and read the old ones. ^^

Monthly goals are great! I can only get things done if I make short term goals. ;D I should probably try to do something like that too… Or just get over my laziness and prioritize.

Whoop! Yay for crocheting. It’s pretty awesome! There’s so much you can make. Try going to because that’s where I get nearly all of my patterns. Good luck! I would love to see anything you make.

Wow, really? I didn’t know that! Those people must be pretty mentally unstable… I mean, it’s not like anyone has ever sailed from one side of the US to another side of the US. xD Those people are probably just acting crazy for attention; people do that a lot.

Ah, nice! Yeah, it kind of hurts sometimes. The outer upper eyelid isn’t very sensitive either… This conversation amuses me.

So true! That’s my problem too; I get too lazy or don’t have enough time to return a couple of them and then the next time I check there are five times as many and I get intimidated by them. o: Ah, yes, they definitely give you something to do. I would rather be trying to add content than returning comments, but oh well!

I’m glad you fixed your spacebar! The meddling little keys…

Well, before I had a website I was too young to do research so I pretty much just played on Neopets and played games on and stuff. Good times! But yes, Neopets petpages were what got me into webdesign as well.

Gah, I don’t even like sharing pictures of myself! I mean, I’m not even attractive in real life but as soon as I am in a picture the small attractiveness level goes down even more. I am /not/ photogenic. But if I do want to share a picture with someone for whatever reason I will email it to them only. I don’t want a bunch of random people I have never met but only friended me because I live in the same city to see my awkward pictures. Seriously. xD Ah, sorry you lost touch with your friends because you don’t have Facebook! That is so annoying.

I feel the same way about books. Like there are soo many of them and it is sad that I might not be able to read all of them in this lifetime.
I have a friend who is like you. He loves music. He is always humming something or the other. Always. He can relate every situation to a song. Or MANY songs. He can talk about music forever. He feels passionately about artists that suck. It is endearing in its own way. And this actually reminds me of Aileen as well.
I love music, of course, and I think its the treatment of the soul. I am so happy that you had an incredible time with Ben. We all should have a hero like that.

Thank you. I love the cover too. As soon as the book becomes available outside India, I’ll shout it out to you people. :)
I think so too. It is always difficult to let people read what you’ve written. Every word you write is special. And I used to go crazy thinking – what if they don’t like it? Especially whose opinion means a lot to you.

Ha, I actually law fiction. I think lawyers are hot, and not just because they wear a coat. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was young. A part of me still wants to. But John Grisham’s law fiction drags you down. There are some fiction books on law that literally have you hooked. You cannot help but marvel. If you ever get the chance, do read “Rage Of Angels” by Sidney Sheldon. You’ll change your opinion on law fiction.

His analogy was so simple and perfect – something I think I just might remember forever /faw

I haven’t heard of Ben Jorgensen until reading this blog. I youtube’d up some of their songs and now I think I’m in love~ I really like the soft tone and in his work (at least in the few I’ve seen recently). What are some songs of his that you really like?

Thank you! ♥

Ben only has five songs, all on his EP There Is Nowhere Left To Go. My favourites would have to be Changed My Mind and Right Here With Me. As for his stuff from Armor For Sleep, it’s more down the road of emo rock, but I love all the songs. There’s no doubt about that. :P

Thanks! I’m listening to all of that as I type :P

I empathize with that “it was awesome, but I’m sad it’s over” feeling. I’ve been to dozens (and dozens and dozens) of concerts/shows, and I tend to anticipate my favourite ones (last year’s Lollapalooza, the two Slash shows so far, etc) like mad, and then mourn them once they’re over. The natural progression of things, I imagine, but still a bummer. :

My IRL best friend is a lot like that guy in your class. She does like a few songs, and she does have a preferred genre (rap, though I try not to hold it against her, ;)), but she can “take or leave” music. It boggles my mind, really. How can one take or leave music? I’m the kind of girl who has a playlist for everything — rainy days, snowy days, PMS days, bad moods, studying, *avoiding* studying, etc. I’m *always* listening to music. Not liking music just seems so… foreign and alien to me. Maybe the guy was like the ultimate hipster? Too elitist, picky, and haughty for ANY music! ;)

I couldn’t live without music. That guy not liking music is a bit strange, but actually believable. I’m extremely picky about my own music O_O I really wish that it were faster to gather up songs that I like. I still have to go through a bunch of artists and songs to find probably one song I can pick up.
My dad is obsessed with the Beatles, and he’s pretty sad that he never got a chance to meet them when they were all alive and together. I’m not sure how to feel about tribute bands, either, but they really aren’t the real thing (especially when the band is still, like, alive 😒 ). I don’t even know about live music. It’s exciting but concerts can get too overwhelming for me.
Even though lots of people move on, it’s always really nice when it’s “for the better” and people still say the same. I really wish that life could just be put on a bookshelf, because sometimes change is hard for me…

Yea, I used It’s actually a pretty good service for somebody who doesn’t want to pay anything :P It was pretty sad, but thanks for letting me know about NameCheap. They are a lot cheaper :D
I learned how to make blends on Paint, and I was pretty proud of myself. I still use it a lot to slice images even though lots of people tell me that it’s a bad idea, but I haven’t had any issues with it :/.

I wish I could be more easily inspired, I need some inspiring music right now. I love so many genres of music! It’s hard to pin down my favourite, but I’m all for people recommending me music. I give everything a fair go because it’s so unfair to diss something before you gte to know it.


Ah, music, the one thing my life revolves around! ♥ As you know, I love almost all kinds, and the entire concept of the camera and a split band is definitely true.

Wow, that’s so nice that you got to meet one of your favorite musicians and see him in concert! I don’t go to concerts very often, but I guess that makes them all the more special. The only person I’ve ever seen is Sara Bareilles, but I’m a die-hard Sara Bareilles fan, so it was one of the best nights of my life.

Haha, no music at all? Seriously? I can’t really imagine that. I mean, I admit that I’m not a really big music lover. As in, I listen to music when I want to and because it feels good, not because it’s my deepest passion or it “feeds my soul.” But never listening to it at all? What a shame.

You’re right; there is SO much music out there! I feel bad for musicians… it’s so hard to make it! There’s so much talent in the world. :)

Ooh, the Beatles are amazing. I’d go hear the tribute band! You might have an awesome time. :)

know what? I havent been to any concerts yet.. LOL so I know that it must be so <3 for you to meet the band that you do like. I also love music thats why its sad that my iTouch is kinda f*cked up now :( I have nothing to listen to. darn.. I dont want to tune in the radio.. sigh.. The guy who doesnt like music is kinda weird.. haha for sure he still listens to some of them. If not, then maybe hes got a problem and needs to see someone. like a professional? lol Just like your dad I do like the beatles too

Off-topic: was supposed to drop you a comment last time, like right after you commented on my post, but due to some connection probs, I wasnt able to submit it.. grrr im so sorry :( I knew that I shouldve returned the favor for commenting back :) it wont happen again next time

Ah that’s okay Melle. :) Tumblr’s being annoying to me now but you know I follow you on there so I read up on your posts when I can! I don’t follow too many people so I’ll probably be reading your posts eventually and at some point.

I hope your iPod can be repaired! :( I stopped listening to the radio a long time ago. It got too boring for me and I wanted to listen to whatever I wanted, go out and find more things I liked. Oh and I didn’t see a band; I saw a singer who used to be in that band before they broke up. :)

Memories are for cherishing them while you`re in the future :P. Don`t be sad! There are plenty of adventures to go around in the future later on :P Better, bigger, and. More free-er :D. That`s why you take lots of picture, have lots of fun, and you`ll be happy :D!

My philosophy over life is weird…

There ARE a lot of bands and musicians in the world (:! I don`t know if I`m a musician, but I do play music. :P. I enjoy it :)! Unless its marching band because in the recent season, it was torture because of idiotic students leading the band :/. But still. It`s a bad memory, but I still have a lot of games to cherish :P. As a memory. It is sad: /. When I`m a senior and graduating D:. But its all for the good :D! I could be like. “Man. I learned the clarinet for band. Then went to Disneyland! Hollywood Bowl! Little Tokyo! Chivas Soccer game! Football games! I love my salutes! They were cute and silly.” D’: But yeah.

For sure I know I loved that blue ^__^! Looking at it now, it burns my eyes. LOL! But back then, I didn`t even care for visitors. D: “I`m gonna blog because I wanna see how silly I was!”

Your current layout.. Reminds me of.. The apple start page. :P Random thought :O! Its too cool :P!

Pixel sites are cool :D! I loved them, but I don`t know how to make pixels :/. The most I could`ve made is like. Fruits. Fruits with face on em. The most I`ve did was like. An apple on a roller coaster going down at night :P!

A three piece bands usually has a drummer, guitarist/bassist and a singer right? :O! I think about four pieces a lot or five. Because I`m like. into those jazzy stuffs :P. Like, 1 drummer, 1 trombone player, 1 trumpet player, 1 tenor sax player, and/or 1 bassist/guitarist/alto sax player. :P I thought of that for a while D:

Another thing I might think about is that its not the musician. It is their producers. Their producers might be like, “We either get profit, or no one will know about you.” Type of thing :/.

For sure, I ate Ferrero Rocher :P! You need to treat yourself to goodies at times! :P

I`ve seen a lot of unique names here :O! From something like Yadira to… Something :O! It`s coolness :)!

My friend`s boyfriend has nasty dandruff and she has to pick it out of him at times. It`s gross D’:! I hate flakes! I hate it when I see people wearing black shirts with flakes all over em D:

Hai, doukan desu. Lennon was a master of emotion in a lot of ways. I like some of McCartney’s works after the beatles, but I think my favorite song he composed is “Let It Be”. Just something about that song that grabs me. It’s peaceful. Even the lamentable “Hey Jude” was amazing. After he left the Beatles, I didn’t like a lot of his solo works. George Harrison didn’t live up to his full potential until leaving the band, but I thought a lot about him. I think what i loved most about Ringo was when he voiced Thomas the Tank Engine ♥ in “Shiningtime Station” back when I was just an infant. To me he was the most amazing voice actor, because I loved Thomas so much when I was a child. Now I look back on it, it was so silly, but I remember singing songs from the Beatles at the top of my lungs as a child. Their songs still give me so much inspiration /faw

It’s good that you feel inspired :) Music is really something we need xD but really… how can you not like music? XD

Oh my God, I love how Ben described their break up. I do think bands that have been in that situation before, breaks up for the better. I mean, look at Ben now. He’s doing good with his solo work and I’m sure the rest of the band are happy for him.

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like music, it’s weird for me, but I guess everyone has their own preferences, y’know? Like, some people may obsess over games instead of music. I saw this girl sitting next to me in bus and her iPod is FILLED with music of games. But then again, music exists in everything that we do. For example, while we type on our keyboard, the constant tapping on the keyboard creates a kind of music, y’know? It’s like, it’s there, but we just don’t realise it.

For me, I can’t go a few hours without music. That’s how much music means to me. Life would be so empty without it :)