The Truth About Heaven

I know I have such wonderful memories to take away from meeting Ben Jorgensen but as Rachel warned me, at some point I’m going to be really sad that it’s over.

And well, she was right. I am. It was my first show ever, seeing bands/singers, and it was truly amazing. I look back on it and I smile so hard, but a part of me is sad. A whole other part of me is completely touched and inspired by Ben, because he’s truly an amazing character. I have been listening to his music endlessly, and it is like the most beautiful music I’ve listened to. Even if I didn’t meet Ben or get to talk to him, I believe I still would have felt mesmerised by his performance.

I love music. I’m sure a lot of people do. This guy in one of my classes in university last year got a few weird looks when we had to introduce ourselves and he said ‘I don’t like music’. It was surprising for everyone; he didn’t have a single genre that he liked, or any kind of music. It’s strange I’ll admit, but I didn’t judge that guy. I guess we just shouldn’t assume, but I was so sure most people liked music of some sort. Some people can’t live without it, and I’m not going to lie – the world would be lost without music. I can’t even imagine it. 😚

There is so much music I love and a song to fit almost every occasion. I feel a little overwhelmed knowing that there is so much music out there, though. Whenever someone recommends a band to me, I usually avoid delving into them – because I am aware of how much time it’ll take to go through a bunch of their songs, and determine whether I like them or not. If I start liking them, it’ll take me a while to go through all their songs and familiarise myself with them. Someone might ask about my favourite song by that band and I can’t give a good answer because I haven’t heard everything like they might have.

It’s a funny thought, but also a bit sad that maybe, just maybe… there’s so much music in the world that we’ll never be able to listen to it all in the drag of our day-to-day lives. 😞

My dad wants to see a Beatles tribute band playing in the local area tomorrow. I don’t know how I feel about that. Deep down, I know it’s not the same. It’s not John and Paul and Ringo and George. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going, but this suddenly makes me think. When Ben Jorgensen was still in Armor For Sleep, I wanted to see them. Now that they’ve broken up and I was incredibly crushed by the news, if I were ever to come across an Armor tribute band, I don’t know if I’d be able to appreciate it.

I might cry, knowing that it just isn’t the same.

The way Ben Jorgensen put it when they broke up; he said that it was like having a camera. That he was happy with the pictures that came out of their little camera, but the camera was maybe only constructed to handle polaroid film.

“I would have much rather put it on a shelf for me and all of us to look at with fond memories than to feel this intense need to make it take high-def panoramic mosaics.”

That it was like he had a new camera, that’s why he chose that direction, and now, is performing solo. That he really is the same person. That we will always recognise who is holding the camera, even if we don’t like all the pictures.

Yes, I think I might cry, because I feel so inspired. ♥️ 😢

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