I’m the same person

I’m on Twitter, and a short time before new year this year, I saw someone tweet something like the following:

‘New year, new me’ – bitch please. You’re still the same person.

We might think of changing ourselves but we still are the same person no matter who we are, what we do.

I’m still “me”. I didn’t make resolutions but I’ve started something new, and I’m making ten goals each month, related to both online and offline things. They’re just small goals, not really much on improving myself, but to help with organising myself. My January goals are going pretty well; I’m failing the “sleeping early” ones, but I have to admit that since my laptop started playing up and I had some issues at home, they got in the way.

When you make goals you should write them down. I was watching some random segment of a morning show on television, which mentioned something along these lines. Those who know me well know that I’ve been rather “goal-oriented” for at least a year now. I like to make goals, and when finding out that daily goals weren’t doing me so well, I made lists, but with no definite due date. Now I am really liking the new thing I’m trying with monthly goals.

However one thing that I do see as important is writing down your goal. Having the thought in mind doesn’t really motivate you as much. If you have a visual board or a list pinned up somewhere or put somewhere where it is easily accessed, you are looking at it regularly and have that goal well put in mind. I’ve looked at my January goals list many, many times this month, and seeing now that I only have two poems left to write and two songs left to write in my goals makes me realise how far I’ve come as well. It really does motivate you when you know how you’re going down the road.

Last year I mentioned that I wanted to be a good person in 2010. This year, I’m trying something along those lines again. I’m trying not to swear or cuss as much – at least in real life anyway. 🙂 Online, I guess you’re just typing words, but I do need to cut down on how many times I say the word “fuck” in a tweet. O_O Sometimes three, four, if I’m really annoyed at something. 😦

I’ve been thinking, just a little, about religion. I’ve been a Catholic since I was younger and that’s how I was brought up, but after learning about other religions and science (yes, I’m a real science-girl), I don’t feel like that is the ‘right’ religion for me. I’ve looked at others, but I don’t think that I really would hold faith in most of the religions out there. 😞

I respect other people’s religions and I don’t believe that someone should feel trapped in their religion, because religion is about beliefs. If we are not free to believe what we want, then how are we free at all?

I read A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess this week. It’s written partially in nadsat, which is a fictional vocabulary. It’s like learning another language when you read that book, only it’s mixed with English. I had to refer to a mini dictionary as I read, but thankfully about 50 pages in, I was used to it. The book looks at criminals and people doing bad things. One of the issues explored in the novel is the idea of choice. A criminal is conditioned to be a better person and to be nice, no matter what.

This makes me think a fair bit. The person was not given the choice to fight back or run away when being attacked. We can be nice people, but we still have to have a choice when to walk away, when to defend ourselves. This person had no ability to defend because they had been conditioned into such a state.

Yes, it’s a great book. 🙂 The reason I like such classic novels is because they make you think about this bitterly corrupted world we live in. We have to have choice. We have to be free to make choices. Often people feel like people around them will judge them for their choices. If that didn’t happen, we’d have more people unafraid to be in their own skin.

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