I’m the same person

I’m on Twitter, and a short time before new year this year, I saw someone tweet something like the following:

‘New year, new me’ – bitch please. You’re still the same person.

We might think of changing ourselves but we still are the same person no matter who we are, what we do.

I’m still “me”. I didn’t make resolutions but I’ve started something new, and I’m making ten goals each month, related to both online and offline things. They’re just small goals, not really much on improving myself, but to help with organising myself. My January goals are going pretty well; I’m failing the “sleeping early” ones, but I have to admit that since my laptop started playing up and I had some issues at home, they got in the way.

When you make goals you should write them down. I was watching some random segment of a morning show on television, which mentioned something along these lines. Those who know me well know that I’ve been rather “goal-oriented” for at least a year now. I like to make goals, and when finding out that daily goals weren’t doing me so well, I made lists, but with no definite due date. Now I am really liking the new thing I’m trying with monthly goals.

However one thing that I do see as important is writing down your goal. Having the thought in mind doesn’t really motivate you as much. If you have a visual board or a list pinned up somewhere or put somewhere where it is easily accessed, you are looking at it regularly and have that goal well put in mind. I’ve looked at my January goals list many, many times this month, and seeing now that I only have two poems left to write and two songs left to write in my goals makes me realise how far I’ve come as well. It really does motivate you when you know how you’re going down the road.

Last year I mentioned that I wanted to be a good person in 2010. This year, I’m trying something along those lines again. I’m trying not to swear or cuss as much – at least in real life anyway. :) Online, I guess you’re just typing words, but I do need to cut down on how many times I say the word “fuck” in a tweet. O_O Sometimes three, four, if I’m really annoyed at something. D:

I’ve been thinking, just a little, about religion. I’ve been a Catholic since I was younger and that’s how I was brought up, but after learning about other religions and science (yes, I’m a real science-girl), I don’t feel like that is the ‘right’ religion for me. I’ve looked at others, but I don’t think that I really would hold faith in most of the religions out there. :(

I respect other people’s religions and I don’t believe that someone should feel trapped in their religion, because religion is about beliefs. If we are not free to believe what we want, then how are we free at all?

I read A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess this week. It’s written partially in nadsat, which is a fictional vocabulary. It’s like learning another language when you read that book, only it’s mixed with English. I had to refer to a mini dictionary as I read, but thankfully about 50 pages in, I was used to it. The book looks at criminals and people doing bad things. One of the issues explored in the novel is the idea of choice. A criminal is conditioned to be a better person and to be nice, no matter what.

This makes me think a fair bit. The person was not given the choice to fight back or run away when being attacked. We can be nice people, but we still have to have a choice when to walk away, when to defend ourselves. This person had no ability to defend because they had been conditioned into such a state.

Yes, it’s a great book. :) The reason I like such classic novels is because they make you think about this bitterly corrupted world we live in. We have to have choice. We have to be free to make choices. Often people feel like people around them will judge them for their choices. If that didn’t happen, we’d have more people unafraid to be in their own skin.

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I think you’re doing pretty well with your goals, considering how Fin almost died and your mum annoys you from time to time. I really think you could have completed your list of goals if it weren’t for those distractions. =p

I hated how restrictive religion can be. Especially on Catholic/private schools. They try to hammer their religion so much that it gets annoying and it doesn’t appeal to you anymore. Not to mention such schools can be very strict on things they don’t need to be. *__*

I’m pretty obsessed with making goals too, as you can see by my 101 goals list, which is no longer on my site, but I have many copies elsewhere. :) Goals really can help you stay on track with your life.

I was raised not Catholic, but in some sort of Christianity, and I do believe in God. But I heavily disagree with the Bible, and just about every religion I have seen does not fit me at all. So when, and if, people ask, I say I’m an atheist, just so they stop bugging me about it and I won’t have to explain.

That book sounds interesting! I may read it someday!

That tweet is so true.I mean, we try to feel like we;ve changed but nothing really has changed.

I hate new year resolutions and writing down my goals. because the more that i write them down. The more I ignore it. I write them down and forget about it. It sucks. :(

I was so amazed when she came to her counselor about it, she was really stressed about it. She’s a determined senior to get into a really, really good college. There are very few high school students that care at all about their grades. I care about my grades & I don’t fail classes but I don’t really care to a certain extent as long as I don’t have anything below a B. I wish there were more people like her, there would probably be a lot of people off the streets then.

Reading is great, it really helps improve vocabulary & comprehension of pieces on tests for colleges & such. I might get into reading a little bit more, but no more than one book a month, I don’t have time to read that much, haha.

Writing down goals definitely do help. You’re reminded more of what you really want to do. If you just think of it in your head & never right it down, soon enough it’s in the back of your mind to never be thought about again. The constant reminder of physically seeing your goal is a great motivator.

This post really struck a chord with me, and I’m not even sure why.

I too am a goal-oriented person – I don’t necessarily even write most of them down (althought I did write out my New Year’s resolutions :D ), but they’re pinned in my head of what to do next, what to try, where to go. Kind of like an invisible list, I guess, that’s constantly changing, even though since it’s in my head I usually forget to do half the things I said I would. I’m trying to work on that this year.

I wasn’t really raised into any religion – my dad calls himself Catholic and my mom Lutheran, but no one in my family goes to church and we celebrate some Christian holidays for what they seem to be to a lot of people – pretty much times to get presents/party, I guess :P But when people ask what religion my family is, my parents and brother go loosely as Christians. I, on the other hand, never felt a strong draw towards any kind of Christianity, and right now I’m learning more about other religions, as well as Christianity itself. I loosely identify as a kind of eclectic Pagan, since I have my own little set of beliefs about a God/Goddess, but I haven’t really explored deeply into the different religions under the Pagan umbrella. So that’s my spiritual journey in a nutshell. ♥ I respect everyone’s beliefs, and I try to stay away from religious arguments in general, although when someone’s belief goes to involving me and trying endlessly to convert me or whatnot, I’m going to have a problem with that. I may respect their beliefs, but not necessarily their actions.

I respect other people’s religions but I won’t tolerate someone trying to impose their beliefs on me. Just because I respect religions doesn’t mean I like people pushing their beliefs on me and forcing me to believe what they do. :)

I’m completely awful when it comes to goals although I never write them down. That’s a good idea to write them down and tick them off. I might try that and set some monthly goals. I have a few goals in my head including blog more, return comments faster, attend the gym more often but I never write them down so I tend to just forget. I will definitely write them down and stick them somewhere on my wall so I see it everyday. Will remind myself to do it! :D

I want to attend the gym at least 3 times a week so I’m going to buy a calendar and mark the days that I do attend. I hope that will actually motivate me to attend 3 times a week :D

I too respect people’s religions and how they perhaps display it in their daily lives. I’ve been a christian all my life. But perhaps not a very good one. For me, going to church is not a weekly or even yearly thing. I only go when there’s weddings, funerals etc. I don’t feel that I need to be in a church in order to be in touch with my “spiritual side”. I sort of have my own way of believing. Like, I want to believe that everything happens for a reason, and that “faith” (not religion faith, but faith as in > what’s going to happen) has a meaning behind it. Like, if I suddenly stumble to a friend from the past, it was meant to be that way, it was faith.

yay thanks for voting for me! I remember when you did reviews :D that could be why, but ho knows. Reviews were really popular for a while
Really? wow, thats a long time to have a phone lol. The most I’ve had mine was for like, 6 months. This is the first time and the last time that I go with a contract. I wasn’t able to switch phones throughout- I could if I started my contract over. No thanks :/
People thought you were a snob just because your website was popular? WTF?! thats seriously the most stupid excuse ever lol. It’s not like you MADE people come to your website and MADE them return lol. I don’t get how they could think of you like that

I agree. no matter how many times you say “new yar, new me” you’re always you. Your mistakes are still there but in the past, and just because they say “new me” doesnt mean people will think that of them. Say thier a bitch and now they are nice, after being that btich to people, they wont want to see the “nice you” or think your just some bullshitter person, lol.
Monthly goals sounds like a good thing. Maybe I should give that a try :D
I respect peoples religons, but liek you said, sometimes they get so into it that it runs their life. Theres nothing wrong with believing what they believe, but a lot of th older people push it on the younger ones, and if they mess up or dont follow, their whole life is “Screwed”.

I hate hearing ‘new year, new me’. Not only do people say it every year, but they never stick to it. I knew I wanted to make changes this year, but just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you HAVE to change something. I mean, if you desperately wanted to be a ‘new you’ you don’t need the excuse of it being a new year to do that!

My room is covered in post it notes with goals on, whether it’s to do lists on coursework, eating plans or exam revision, they’re every where!

I was never brought up in a religious family, simply because my mum wanted me to choose my own faith instead of forcing one upon me. However after learning about science at school, I’m not sure I’d like to be part of a religion. I agree with some parts of some religions, and disagree with some parts of others. I guess I’m agnostic since I don’t know whether I want to believe in anything yet.

I’ve never read that book but I’ve heard about it a lot. I have a list of books I need to read, I may add that to it. :)

I did all three too, I’ll admit it haha, but now that I’ve gotten over that phase it makes me question why people actually do it. Iframes were something I was going to add to the list but if I were to talk about how annoying iframes are, I’d have been writing for days!

LOL, the first thing I did after meeting McFly was call my dad. He was really excited but when I called my mum she was like “that’s nice…what time will you be home?” haha.

You’re doing great on your goals! :)

I agree. Religion also shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable or grounded; you should be comfortable in it. And whatever religion you are in, you should know that you don’t have to prove yourself to it or anything like that.

That sounds like an interesting book. I would say that I will have to check it out, but if I do, it will never get done – even if I write it down. I want to make a list one day – of books I’d like to read – but I’m not good with things on paper. I do better if they’re saved online, where people can see them.

I like using timelines, though. I need to get some more poster board. :P

I think you told me that about your license, but I think I forgot. Therefore, perhaps you did, and perhaps you didn’t. Whoops. 😳 /um

Don’t you own the Ben J. fanlisting for him? The approved by TLF.org and whatnot? Perhaps he saw that, and that’s how he knew about it? I don’t know, but that’s really neat. ^^

Thanks! I already got my first math homework paper back – I got a 100. :D

I always try to make myself a better person every New Years but it’s hard for me to do that with the people in this city. They just bring you down and give you reason to hate on people.

I might start making goals next month, and write them down like you. It might make it a lot easier to achieve them. :)

I decided this year to give 95% of the people that have screwed me over a clean slate. I’m still seeing how that’s going. :)

And thank you so much, ahh. People on the net are amazing!

I admit I’m still the same person as I always was. I have different interests and different thoughts on things but I swear I do things the same way. Just ask my mom, she’ll say I’m exactly like I’ve always been, except with an added bitchy attitude. Bahahaha. XD

Gahhh I never wrote down my goals! I made some lists but they failed because the snow kept changing my plans! When I’m at work and when I’m not at work the plans are much different because of internet, not that it matters now, I don’t exactly have internet either place. It’s great you’re doing so well on your goals though. You still have a few days to complete them! Yay!

OMG I think I’ve been cursing and cursing more online, and I DON’T CURSE! At least I don’t in real life, but I looked myself up on this Cursebird thing I read somewhere … ehhhh.

Aww this is why I love classics too. You actually learn something or it gets you thinking. I don’t need to know about what girls like about boys etc etc etct. Sigh, teen fiction. Hmm maybe you can suggest some books for me, I might be able to have something to do since my internet is a major fail, and I haven’t been picking up good stuff at the library lately.

I’ve made it through 2 weeks and uhhh … Sorry for the super late (?) reply, I don’t even remember anymore, I can’t seem to remember anything that I do. Every day is same same same same same. I’m seriously dying here from lack of internet. More about that topic covered on my blog, you can curse at my mom over there. -_- I never sent my brother a happy birthday email – thanks for the reminder lol – I haven’t really been able to do anything. TFL is about to murder me soon. There’s so much to do online and so little proper connection. But LOL I never thought you were a weirdo, but will say hi when I see you online! I’m usually appearing offline because my new MSN got out to the high school gangs and I get random IMs from bitches. And lately of course I haven’t been on. D=

LOL photo of 3-year-old you. Oh man those baby pictures … my mom has plenty of me in the office. Which is why I hate going on the computer there, there are pictures of me literally everywhere! But I think it’s a good thing your mom was able to dedicate time to you and your brother. For the longest while my mom had to get a babysitter until Arron was old enough to take over, hahahaa. In high school my friend Daniel had to pick up his little sisters, it’s not an enjoyable day after day task.

I think it’s because I’ve watched too many ghost documentaries. People go in haunted houses looking for ghosts, and there are sounds of people whispering. Oh man the thought makes me nervous … I’m too old to be having a night light, come on.

Awww that’s just mean, my mom threatened to send me to Korea to go to high school whenever my grades weren’t good enough. Because high school over there is majorly tough! But LOL I’d love to exchange to Australia. It would be a wonderful experience. There’s just too many interesting things. Where do I start? 1. southern hemisphere, 2. the unique wildlife, 3. other side of the world, umm I know there’s more but … I’ll write them when I think of them haha.

Yes exactly! My mom says those technical jobs will be paying as long as people are needing them. But for artists, unless I get famous I’ll never be rich. But pfft I live so close to a bunch of animation studios I WILL GET A GOOD JOB! Then learn to start on my own. Hahaha and then I’ll be saying ‘in your face!’ Can’t wait for that day, seriously.

Ooooooo you’re studying animation? 2D or 3D? I heard from Mia that the school doesn’t go into specifics until the 2nd year though. So that sucks, I’ll have to wait another year and half to actually get started on animation.

This is soooo majorly fail of me but Ben Jorgensen is hot!!! Just I’ve said many times I’m not interested in white guys … guess I’ll be biting my words now. That was my first thought when I saw that picture of you and him. ‘That guy is hot, wow.’ -stabs self- Awww he’s from Jersey? Damn … us New Yorkers have natural hatred towards New Jersey. But really for me, it’s the Jersey girls I hate … like my American cousins and their friends. So Ben Jorgensen’s fine, hahaha.

But that is so sweet of him, his Twitter def doesn’t have many followers (for a celeb) but out of thousands you were still remembered, you lucky girl. Then again you are superwoman of the web according to your fanlisting which I just found, LOL!!!!!! Maybe I don’t understand but I’m just trying to imagine the same thing happening with Jay Kim. I think I’d scream bahahaha. Wish he had a Tumblr or at least a Twitter. Soooooooooo many Korean celebs do but not Jay.

At least I think Jay speaks English. There isn’t much info on him at all, but his name is Jay, it says he grew up in California, and he’s uttered perfect English words in songs. Lol yessss that would be obsessed, speaking of, does Ben Jorgensen’s English sound funny? Though if there’s the tiniest chance Jay doesn’t speak English, I’ll learn Korean for him. I mean, I’ll master it!

Sooooo many people marry for country though! My mom had this co-worker who was short and ugly to be blunt, and he’s from India, he got a really tall and beautiful wife from there. What’s that supposed to say? She married him just for the money and America. Okeyyyy I think if I (ever) marry it would be for uhhhh love and friendship. I guess that’s not saying much since I’m already here.

Aww that’s too bad then, our breeze in the summer is really the best A/C. Though we don’t have much breeze in the day, but at night sure. I can’t really remember, all I can think of is the major blizzard outside. I heard we got double the normal amount of snow or something.

Love hearts get cut off in FanUpdate! Mia has complained about it cutting off her comments. Here we go, the Blogger vs. FanUpdate debate. I’d go Blogger too but I want my own website … and I am way too stupid for WordPress. :P

I was brought up Catholic too and then I took physics and humanities and hindu philosophy and I just couldn’t believe what they believe anymore. Every other religion didn’t make sense to me either, but they seemed to all make more sense than Catholicism. My dad still claims I’m Catholic :D

I’m not a goal person. I plan, but I don’t have goals. Goals mean making decisions, getting derailed, being disappointed. Plans are more flexible. You can have plans for opposite goals. I like plans.

Ah plans, too! I do make plans as well but in making those plans I hope to have some kind of result at the end, and I guess that’s why I really like having goals. I don’t want to go through something without much coming out of it. Even if I’m doing something that takes baby steps, I want to be able to define the step I wish to complete and say, “yes, I did this part”. :P

I would love to say “I’m going to be a new person”, but I agree with you. No matter how much you change, you are still “you”. I do think people can get lost from themselves sometimes.

As far as religion goes, I was raised Christian in a world where everyone else was catholic. I can say that I enjoy the religious freedoms it gives me, yet I understand Catholicism. I could never adhere to such strict rules and such that one must obey when choosing to follow the catholic religion. I’ve always enjoyed learning about different religions; It helps me to get a better understanding of the different types of people around me.

I need to sleep more actually. I’ve been taking sleeping tablets to help me get to sleep, but they give me strange dreams, lol. I actually had a dream that I was in a world with my favourite anime character /faw. Yet another night, I was with a co-worker that I have always fancied on a camping trip when I giant seal attacked us. @_@ I should definitely find a better means of sleep aid. I always wake up with a “what the fuck” thought /hehe

The core you never changes, as that is YOU. Maybe the frills on the ends are tweaked, but end of the day no one changes as easy as a new year,

A clockwork orange brings back memories for me ♥

Im not a catholic, my parents were baptized, but they thought that my brother and me had to have our own religion.

I don’t want to be comitted to all the rules with a faith. that’s why you probably won’t find me with all the great religions in the world. to many rules (and sometimes corrupt or hypocrites)

Good luck on your January Goals! You seem to have gotten a lot accomplished from your list! By the end of the year, you’ll be very accomplished :] Just looking over the list of what you’ve done just inspires me XDD

Some things about the Catholic faith, I don’t agree with. Maybe that’s just because I wasn’t raised a Catholic, I was raised a Lutheran. I don’t know, I feel like they are more practical than Catholics (not meaning to offend any Catholics, it’s just my opinion). I agree with you that no one should be trapped in their religion. It’s not a belief if you don’t believe it in ;]

A Clockwork Orange sounds like a great book! Glad that you are enjoying (and understanding) it !

hello georgina. i really enjoy reading your blog.

btw, i so so agree with writing down one’s goal. what’s the point of just keeping it on one’s mind? eventually, it will be forgotten as real life takes its toll on everyday life.
me too.. i have to lessen my cussing. sometimes (haha), it sounds just so off, but usually, it’s just used to express very, very strong emotion. but according to my mom, that does not justify it. :(

take care :)

I like the idea of making lists for each month. I think it’s a good way to make sure you get things done. I should probably start something like that for weekly goals, like.. make sure I do my laundry every week, haha. Maybe I’ll start something similar in February. :)

I really agree with what you wrote about how if we didn’t fear being judged, we’d be more free with who we are. I’m always terribly afraid of doing some things simply because I’m worried about what people will think. Strangers, as well as my friends & loved one. Maybe more strangers though, because then I guess you don’t get a chance to explain yourself or something like that. I’m trying to work on not caring so much.

We can’t stop change. And I mean, there are some changes that are good and times when change is much needed, but other times when it just sucks & you want more than anything for it to go back to the way it was. But we can’t go back in time, nor can we control every aspect of life. That’s just the way it goes.

Yeah, my co-op WAS really good for realizing what I did/didn’t want in terms of my future career. I know that I still want to do graphic design, but I don’t want to just be doing ads like I was there. I find it too restricting. I mean, i wouldn’t mind it once in awhile but it’s just not my ‘thing’. At least I learned that, as well as some new things about programs, resources and designing.

you’re doing pretty well with your goals for january so far! (:

i used to have list of goals before, but one day i lost the list with all of the goals, and i never managed to reach all of them anyway. so i guess i go for the ‘having the goal in mind’ option, but seen as my only goals are finishing the homework, go to bed earlier and save up money to one beautiful day buy myself a macbook pro, i don’t have much to remember (:

i’m not catholic, in fact, i am nothing, not literally, but i don’t believe in any of the religions or god. i guess i’m more for the science then (: i feel sorry for those who feel trapped in their religions, i agree with you, how can we be free at all if we’re not free to believe what we want.

Hey Georgie!! I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your comment sooner! Anyway, I got some rather good news to share! I went to my doctor’s appointment yesterday, and after wanting to be weighed for almost a month, which was driving me nuts, I finally got weighed in and guess what? I now weigh 223 lbs.!!! Can you believe that?! 223!!!! I lost 12 f*cking pounds!! Haha! All the nurses were like “How did you do it? Congratulations!! How did you lose that much weight?” Cause they were all trying to get me motivated to lose the weight and the diabetes as well; so when they heard the news they were all proud. Especially the male nurse. I guess he didn’t know I was placed on a strict diet, but haha, we were talking about that, and I told him basically I cut out every single junk food, and he’s like “Really?” I can’t do that” lol. It was funny. Than he’s like “I’m proud of you!” So yeah.

Well; I did get to voice chat with Takuto a little tiny bit last night, he used his iphone to v-chat with me, but he said he’d v-chat with me in like 3 or 4 hours. He was going to Shibuya to hang out with his friends. Which in 3 or 4 hours meant it would be 11:00 or midnight. And well; it’s past midnight and still nothing from him. So I dunno what’s going on there? I only got like 3 hours of sleep last night. I actually started having an anxiety attack again, and my doctor told me that I’m taking too much klonopin so when I have one I’m not supposed to take any more klonopin other than the 3 dosages I’m supposed to take. So I remembered what my offline friend Jenn told me when she used to have them at work, she would just sit back, relax and tell herself to breathe and I remembered that, and it worked! The anxiety attack wore off. I was like O_Ox10!! HAHA!!

But as far as Thogo goes, yeah he does sound a lot wiser well; I guess he’d have to be for his age. But something about his voice and Takuto’s voice attracts me to them. I don’t know. Thogo’s voice is like real soft and sweet, kind caring and funny. While Takuto’s is a bit the same, but makes you like him even more even if you’re mad at him. Ya know what I’m saying? But Thogo maybe busy this month, and there’s only a few days left in this month, but still at least he tries to communicate with me. I wonder though, I know he said he’s busy and all; but he still tweets….maybe that’s one of his jobs is to tweet about his profession or something? He likes PRO-wrestling. So I guess he’s like a CEO or SEO or something like that for that sport, and he’s always talking about it on twitter. But I did ask him how he was doing, and what day he had in mind to voice chat next week. Haha funny thing is though, there’s this guy friend of mine, I try to communicate with him, but he doesn’t talk to me at all; but he invited me to this conference but I have no idea where it’s at because I can’t read the writing. :( . And I don’t know if it’s in Japan (which i think it is) or if it’s in California. But anywho. last night was hilarious. I was talking to Ashley (neoncinema.org) and it was pretty hilarious. The good news is that my friend Taisuke and I are talking again, after a little misunderstanding on his part. I called him a baka which literally means dummy, but I guess the older you are, you better watch what you say to a Japanese male whose in their 30’s or older, cause it might mean something else. In his case he thought I told him off by saying f*ck you to him. But I explained it to him that I was told it meant something else, and he just needed a few days to calm down. So we’re good again. Haha. He’s proud that I’m losing the weight. We actually communicated in Japanese a few nights ago through email. Which was interesting. I didn’t think my Japanese was that great, but I understood a lot of what he said. Which was surprising in itself! Haha! But yeah.

I agree with your post….you should at least write down your goals so you’ll some visuals going on instead of them being planted in your head, which makes you down in the dumps, because you feel that you can’t actually get past that. But yeah, like Ashley and I were talking about, she’s going to be moving out to California sometime this year, and we might be meeting up and what not, and if we like each other in real life, we (her and her boyfriend and I) might, JUST might share an apartment together. How cool is that? That’s all I’m gonna say, cause I don’t wanna jinx it. I’m actually a jinx. If I continue talking about it, it sometimes never happens. Ha! But oh well.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not close with any of your relatives. That’s sad. But at least you have your mom and dad! I just have my dad, my grandma that passed away and I know she’s as well; as my grandpa whom I never got the chance to meet cause he passed away in 1980 (same month my Grandma passed away in bizarre?) helping me with the schizo stuff and trying to make me healthier again. I know that a lot of the good spirits are trying their best to make me healthy as well; as my family up there. My dad and I were talking about that last night. He said “I think you’re well liked up there, and that’s why they’re helping you. So they know”. I told my dad “If only Grandma could’ve stayed a live to see the voices go in emission and know that I’m finally losing weight she’d be really proud.” And that’s when he said that. So that brought joy to me. I had asked my Aunt if she would have dinner with me and my dad on my birthday and she told me that I made her cry, because I asked her to be apart of my life which she’s always wanted, and never got the chance only when I was a baby she never got the chance after that because she moved out of state. So now that’s she’s back, it just brought tears of joy to her face to be asked to be apart of my birthday celebration. But yeah 28 years old. I’m getting old. Thank god no gray hairs yet! But than again I don’t have any children yet haha. But yeah.Well; I’ll let you go. Take care!

Hi Georgie!

I have not commented in so long. I have been reading your blog though. I can’t believe you met Ben Jorgensen! If I met my favourite artist i would have started crying and would never have been able to talk. That is so cool that he has seen your website stuff too! xD

I retweeted that tweet. I can’t remember who posted it. Sounds so familiar though. I agree. We can’t change who we are but we can change how we look at things. It is also really annoying to hear people tell you that you need to change. Still I am trying to change my attitude toward stuff.

I always write down my goals. i just need to get a board to pin them on. :) Goals are needed in life though, otherwise you are kind of just there, not really trying for anything.

I hear a lot of people think that catholics and science don’t go hand in hand, but see the church actually believe certain aspects of science. I have learned so much in my two years of being at my catholic school and from teaching sunday school. If i started on a rant it would be 3 pages long. O.o I don’t mean to sound pushy or anything. I have spent a few days of my break on the vatican site reading the catechism book. I am kind of leaking knowledge everywhere. :P If that makes and sense. You are not trapped in your religion ever. Thats why we have free will. :)

I’ve done all my exams now which feels great! I’m just worried about the results now :S

Someone suggested I make a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days which is a great idea. I haven’t yet thought of 101 things to do though haha!

I like setting myself goals. I often set goals for college or my website. I end up writing tonnes of lists on scraps of paper which are scattered all over my room.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m not religious which means I don’t feel tied down to any religion and I like it that way :)

By the way, I saw your blog about meeting Ben Jorgensen and it really made me smile :D I have to say I’m so happy that you got to meet him as I know it was something you really wanted to do. Congrats!! I would love to meet one of my idols someday.

I wish I had the self discipline to make goals…the truth is I’d be so gung-ho the first day, but in a week or two I’d be procrastinating like a mad-man. I think it’s incredible though that you’re able to make goals and actually follow through!
It’s funny because I’ve been thinking about reading A Clockwork Orange for such a long time, and I think I’ll order it off Amazon or something, it sounds really interesting!!
I totally feel you on the religion thing, I was raised catholic as well and I’ve always wrestled with my religion and how I feel about it. I think the key is not to actively seek an answer to religion, but rather let it come to you. I think being unsure is okay; uncertainty is better than certainty sometimes because that means you’re at least questioning and reasoning about something.
haha anyway, I really like your site, especially the emoticons, they’re so cute!!!

I agree with you. By moving up a year people do not change. It is a process that happens through life. Everyone changes. I don’t think anyone can fully change in a day though. They might feel like they are going to change though. I usually write down goals when something important is happening and I need to finish stuff. Like I have a test in 3 days, I’ll write down which times I should study for and stuff. I try to write down goals but my goals are pretty long term. I have long term goals and short term goals that I know I can accomplish in a day. I try not to make goals (like set goals) all the time because then I feel like i’ll aim for them too much. Although I will make goals. ahh, that probably did not make any sense lol My bad!

Religion is whatever you want it to be. I really do not like it when people “force” religion or say their religion is the best. I do not like when people preach either. I think religion should come because you want it to, not because someone else does. I am protestant, which is a form of Christianity. My friend who is a pastor at my church (I ask him a lot of religious questions to build up my faith), and he thinks that no religion is the right one. Every religion has flaws. There probably won’t be a perfect religion for you, or me or anyone. However on a side note, Buddhism sounds really cool lol

Yea it isn’t as bad as in high school/ real life. But people do judge on appearance. I remember the days when proper coding was the “in” thing. I would never have proper coding and people would bash on me for that. But I really didn’t care. lol And yea there are a lot of snooty people online though, I think. who think they are the best at their website. However I know some people just do not care for making online friends, haha that is like the opposite of me.

And yea I think some people just write dramatically. I think they want you to feel sorry for them or maybe get a sense of how they are feeling? It is hard to know what they really want. I think some people do it for attention. One of my friends is the nicest person, but complains a lot. She complains about everything. Sometimes complainers can be a downer though=/

oh yea make it of Ben Jorgensen. How long have you liked his music for? and I wiki him and he is from New Jersey- haha my home state ;D lol Yea I saw on your tumblr, (not trying to be a creeper lol) but you looked like you had fun! And wow it must have been amazing. i remember meeting my first favorite band. i felt like a part of me was in awe. haha I was so happy. I even told their drummer “this was the first rockband CD I bought” and he gave me a high five. It was a good day lol That is amazing that he knows who you are/ remember you. How did you talk to him online? e-mail? You really are a hardcore fan lol. that is almost like the zac efron fansite. I know that one girl started it when she was like 16 and he was rising to fame (before HSM),and he remembers her because it was his first real fansite. I would love to make a music fansite, for bands I like. Like a band news thing. But I just do not have the time right now. I think starting a new website when I can barely keep up with comments on this one, is a bad idea. Also I do not know if people would visit it.

You go an HOUR away? Wow, that is like commuting to work for some people. I know one of the colleges I looked at, i could study abroad at some Australian universities. i would LOVE to do that. That seems like a lot of fun! But I am glad you like it. Does James go there too? Sometimes commuting is better, you get alone time when driving (well that is what my friend said who commutes lol). But our schools are not as far, my state college is only 20 minutes away!

I always feel bad when I do not reply, however sometimes I totally forget=/

If you don’t like a faith, then the faith is not for you. Personally I dislike the part of the Catholic religion that has people interpret the Bible for you, instead of allowing you to read and interpret it yourself however you want. I believe that there is a Buddha who was quoted to say something like, “Don’t accept tradition blindly. Accept it if you agree with it. Always question it”.

It is really tough to follow goals and resolutions, because tons of things get in the way all the time. And there’s nothing you can do about things blocking your way except to circumvent them or blow them down. And both make your resolution/goal harder than it should be.

i think summer is to nice! (: no one is usually sick, it’s warmer, i don’t have to wear big jackets and heavy clothes. we have vacation, i can spend some more time with my friends, i can take lovely pictures and spend some more time outisde.

where i live it’s snows most of the year. it can start in october/november and it doesn’t melt before the end of april or the beginning of may. so after months and moths with white and cold, it’s pretty nice to see some sunlight and feel some warmth!! (:

i don’t have my own computer, i share one with my family. it’s not that i need a macbook pro myself, but it would be nice not to have a fight with someone just to get to the computer, haha!

my mom and dad aren’t much interested in religion, and that’s probably why i’m not either. but they’ve always been open about religion in case i wanted to, but so far i’ll stick with the science (:

/followed /faw

On the topic of Religion though I have to say as an Orthodox, I’ve never experienced such issues. I come from a very broad minded family and I was taught from a very young age that God is actually a form of love that helps you in your darkest times. Now I would be lying if I said I didn’t turn to praying when I felt the whole world crushing me to the ground, but my point is … religion isn’t some sort of rule book to get you to the next level, it’s a support system, so whatever takes you through your darkest times whether music, prayer or science that is in a way religion( of course this is my opinion and not the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth).

Also I like the idea of changing/improving yourself one month at a time, habit takes 21 days to form in the human being so if you’re really diligent you could do it!