Borrowed Heaven

I don’t mind lending people things. It’s okay. But sometimes we can get rather possessive of what we own, and don’t want to lend those things to other people.

In high school I bought a lot of CDs. My music taste changed every week and I sort of liked mainstream music back then. People would often ask to borrow my CDs and that was usually okay with me, after I reminded them, “Take good care of it.”

I couldn’t help but get really overprotective about such belongings, because I’d spent my money on them and music was really that important to me that no one ruin my CDs. Of course, now they just sit on top of my bookshelf untouched, and I still have my favourites out of the CDs.

Once I lent a friend an album of some pop artist. She took such a long time to return it. I thought that surely after a month she would have listened to it enough, maybe even made herself a copy or whatever it was that people did back in those days. (I mean nowadays people find torrents or they just leech off their friends and things like that.) But this friend took such a long time with it, and kept saying, “I’ll bring it back tomorrow” and never did.

When I got the CD back the case had a lovely crack right across the front. Not that I care about Shannon Noll now, haha. He was the Australian Idol runner-up in some year. I had been annoyed all those years ago though, because I had trusted this friend with this particular CD.

In reality I find it hard to trust people with my things when they borrow them. I know they’re just things… but I’m pretty sure that if you lent someone something like your DSLR camera that you forked out a full $1000 of your own money for, and they dropped it, you would not be too pleased.

Another time I lent a friend a Nirvana DVD. Since then I have decided that I love some bands a lot more than Nirvana, but back then, they meant the world to me and I had all their albums and a fair few of their DVDs. This person was the last person I’d given the DVD to and when I couldn’t find it at home, obviously I confronted that person to get my DVD back. They said they didn’t have it. It just enraged me because to this day I still haven’t found it, and I’ve looked everywhere in my house for it. Humph. If people lost your things and you trusted them to take care of them, why don’t they just tell the truth? /hmph

A few other times I lent friends CDs and even though I tossed them in a bag or something, I’d end up getting some scratch on it, or a new crack in the case. Another time I’d brought a vinyl record for a friend (bloody bad idea!) to school and wrapped it up and everything… and when it was returned there was a rather deep scratch on the edge. Grrrr. I wanted to set my friend on fire.

Okay maybe not… maybe not. But that was Pink Floyd. Hello. Pink Floyd. 💥

Back in high school I was obsessed with The Grates, an Australian pop rock band. I had gotten their album and single, both of which I treasured a lot. A friend wanted to borrow it and I told him that I really loved these CDs.

I gave them to him in a bag. When he returned them, he had wrapped them in a towel so they wouldn’t be damaged. I know it might sound funny, but that actually meant quite a bit to me. /faw

When you borrow something from the library, you would return it in the same condition that you borrowed it. I don’t know why people can’t do the same thing.

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When I was younger, I used to hate lending people my stuff. I can’t remember why, but I guess I just didn’t like parting from my own stuff, even for a limited time. And the risk of losing said things forever didn’t make it easier,

Now, I don’t mind lending most of my stuff. Depending on the object or the person, I may not even care if it takes a long time for me to get my things back, or if the person loses it. Like, I wouldn’t have really cared if a close friend of mine lost my sonic screwdriver when I lent it to her for a costume party. I mean sure, I like my screwdriver, but it isn’t like it’s useful in anyway, it’s just a toy. And I guess if I lend my Night Angel trilogy to someone close and he/she loses it, I don’t think I’d be mad – I may love the books, but they’re pretty easy to get and not terribly expensive, so not much harm done.

P.S. Think of setting people on fire? Georgina! How could you?! =p

Yeah, what a jerx.
I hate people who can’t return something in the same/better condition. It’s a let’down of trust and reliability, which kind of sucks 3:

Herb. Short comment /um I rarely lend things to people unless it’s someone I trust/a very durable thing, like a hacksaw. Any software etc, I just copy for people. /sweat


And if you don’t borrow people your CD’s and stuff you’ll be considered stingy, right? We shouldn’t worry so much about borrowing people our possessions, but after all, we’re living in a material world (and I am a material girl). Isn’t a scratch in a vinyl record bad for the audio/sound? Shame, shame on your friend.

But maybe it’s better this way…? My grandma had a lot of stuff and she never gave any of it away (she hardly ever bought anything for my mom! :O) and now she has Alzheimer and they had to clean out the house. Most of her stuff ended up in the thrift shop. Tisk, tisk.

RE: what you would do if you could do anything at all isn’t so impossible. I’d say go for it! >:D (but don’t get married to soon. you could end up with 3 ex-husbands by the age of 40 :O).

I’m scared of a lot of things to. I think above all I’m scared of failing in life. But how do you even know if you fail in life?

I know, right? /hmph If I borrow something from someone I’m always so afraid to loose it or damage it that I can barely use it. I mean, it’s pretty embarrassing to break someone else’s stuff, isn’t it? But apparently there are lots of people who doesn’t think that way. And even if the thing they’ve borrowed isn’t THAT important or expensive it’s still annoying. Especially when the person seem to think it’s perfectly fine to return an obviously damaged DVD without even apologizing for it.

I HATE lending my stuff to friends, A. I never get them back and B. they come back scratched, makes me mad after I spent loads on them. I have cds and dvds from years with not a mark on them.

I am waiting on four films from my friends. :( I wont ever see them again, I will get “oh i gave them back to you”.

Another thing I notice is trade shops who take preowned stuff and re-sell it, they seem to sell stuff which is really scratched for an expensive price. I don’t understand why people can’t look after things.

I agreee with you! We can get possessive of what we own :X

I hate it when we lend things to people, things break. It`s like. What the hell. A CD is inexpensive. Literally, like 15 bucks universally. Why bother borrowing things when you`re not going to respect it? :/.

People hide things about things they borrowed that they have mistreat it to not get you mad. :O Or something. I`m not sure. This reminded me of this time, but it is similar to your story and its different a bit. My dad`s brother came over with his family when I was 6. I remembered that my dad`s brother stole a DVD that was limited edition from our shelf. He threatened me if I told my parents, I`ll get in trouble. I was scared at the time. I was 6!! I ended up telling my mom like after they left and that they threatened me. To this day, they didn`t give it back. They don`t even know what we were talking about.

Seems like you`re a big rock/alter lover ^__^ :O I think if you saw my iTunes, you would be interested in a handful of bands I have in there :P! I have… Nivana’s Album, Nevermind :O And I just noticed that a whole bunch of songs by The Roots in my iTunes is missing :'(.

I think people ,mistreat items cause they didn`t pay for it.

Mexican food is awesome :P! I heard that some mexican food are invented because of leftovers. Like a burrito is just a taco with leftover meat, beans, lettuce, etc from the day before :P! :O

I like eating strawberry with.. I think salt or sugar. I don`t remember :'(… I know I eat passion fruits with salt :P! I agree with you! That`s why I stopped saying ew to certain foods because it surely pisses other people off :O! And I know it pisses me off when people say ew to the food that I eat :P

During computer class, I usually finish first. I`m like usually busy returning comments and people around me ask for help. I`m like, “NAH” (Since the girl next to me is kind of annoying :X) I felt bad :( Adnd helped at times.

What I think is.. You should balance out what you blog about. Don`t blog 100% about yourself or for visitors. That is what I do. At times. :P

I can`t do pixels to be honest. The best I can do is.. Use fat brushes and draw “pretty” small apples :P! Apples are the best thing to start out with :P

I rather have people play music because they love it themselves and its for fun. Not for money like some single artists like… almost everyone these days :P!

Guys usually wash their hair every day so there are no excuse for flakes! Unless its from using gel D:

Hi Georgina. I’m sorry for the late response. I didn’t really check up on my site whilst Mr. Laptop was dead. /um

Your suggestions are much appreciated. ♥ Luckily enough, my mum knows a technician at work, Darren. He saved the day again. I think we’re virus free. 👏

I couldn’t agree more. It really annoys me when you trust people with your belongings, and no matter how cheap they may be, it’s still a big deal. I usually lend classmates pens, and when they never return them I get really annoyed. Fair enough, it’s a pen, but you asked to BORROW it, not KEEP it. Does anyone ever ask “Hey Aimee, can I keep a pen?” No. They don’t, but they might as well. /argh

One of my old friends still has my Sims 2 pets game. She lives down my street, and I see her occasionally, but we haven’t talked in years. It’d be awkward to knock on the door, or go up to her and say “Oh hey, do you remember that Sims 2 game I lent you? Could I have it back?” 😰
She used to swap doll clothes with my younger sister. The clothes she gave her were rubbish and torn, but when she got too old for dolls, she gave them away to a cousin. It just aggravated me. Pet peeve much? Hehe.

Love the blog entries! Keep it up :) ♥ ♥ ♥

Georgina, dear. I would have been pissed. Really pissed. And you are correct to be disappointed and at least a bit angry at your friends. Because if they returned your CDs to you scratched, then I would feel like that they were taking advantage of you instead of being a friend.

Aw, I hate it when people loose things, 😝 or even borrow things in general 🙄 That’s why I don’t borrow anyone anything :P XD I’m nice like that.

I’ve not been on your site in a while, It looks great though. /eee


I was the same way in grade school. It seems so trivial now, but I do remember this once instance that still bothers me. I let a friend borrow “Revolver” which is the title of a Beatles album, one that I like quite a bit. My friend’s name was Rick. Well, after about a week I asked him if I could get it back because it was one of my favourite albums{and it was a vinyl record} and he replied that he sold it to a friend of his /argh . I can’t remember exactly what I said to him, but I remember calling him something mean and pushing him into the lake{we were standing on the docks near my house}

After that I think I stopped lending people anything. In fact, last month I let my friend Daniel borrow my favourite Xbox game called Mass Effect. Right before I handed it to him, I remember telling him to take care of it with his life. /hehe

ahha yeah, but atloeast your friends were there to keep you company haha ;) and im still jealous haha. i wish i was allowed to go out -.- my illness ahs cost my parents to put me in solitary confinement to my bedroom- pretty near to social suicide.
I totally agree, im crazy possessive over my things, even though i tend to break most of my own belongings therefore I never trust MYSELF to borrow from other people, my friend still has my shirt that she borrowed in grade 5, 5 YEARS AGO. The thought makes me want to tear my hair out haha, it would mean alot to me too if someone went through great lengths to protect my belongings.

OMG I remember letting people borrow things from me all the time back in Elementary school. I had this neat clip board with a Calculator on it and someone wanted to borrow it so I let them with my dad’s permission of course. So when I got it back it was broken. I was so pissed as was he. Another friend asked me if they could borrow something of mine so I said sure, and let them borrow it, and get it back and it was broken.My dad was livid and confronted the school’s principle about it! Anyway, I had this Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark book that I was reading in the 5th grade, well; this guy wanted to borrow it and I told him no I’m not done reading it yet, after I get done reading it you can borrow it. Well; when I wasn’t looking, he stole it out of my desk, and crossed out my name, and wrote in big blue letters his name on it! I was pissed and confronted the teacher about it and told my dad he was pissed and we told the principle and once again we both were pissed off our rockers and well. The kid did get in trouble and had to apologize to me and confess that he did steal it. Haha. But yeah, I’ve had a lot of stuff stolen from me, so it’s not nice that people do that to us! Especially since WE paid for it when they can do the same but they just don’t want to piss away their money on something they want to borrow for free ya know?

Anyway, Takuto’s being an asshole. He told me I think yesterday morning or something like that, that he has an Skype app on his iphone and said he can use it to talk to me all the time. Well; after that, he’s never talked to me at all this weekend. Yes it’s Sunday over there now, but still. He told me he wanted to talk with me all the time on skype! And when I confronted him about it I said you’re doing a bang up job about it, he logs off of skype. Oh well. I think I’m just being used anyway. Oh fucking well. Stupid ass…sorry for the cursing. Anyway, at least my old friend Phi from junior high and high school (the one that was trying to sound like a doctor) well; he texted me at 1:05 a.m. after I had passed out from my massive seizure attack, and apologized for the way he acted towards me. He said he’d call me later, but he never did. But yeah, I understand that he has a hangover, but oh well. I’m not mad at that, if you’re sick you’re sick. But yeah. We’re good now. So alls good. :D. But I can’t believe people would literally borrow movies and/or books from whereever and then return them in the way they were originally but can’t do that to their own friends. Sheesh.

Yeah.. I’m pretty much in the same boat. Not a big fan of lending people my things because I’m scared they’ll damage it. So far I’ve lent dresses to my cousin and sister and they’ve come back fine. Most recent thing was I lent my cousin my $400 dress and had to send it to her in England because she needed a dress for a ball. Oh gosh… I was nervous for weeks!!!

Oh yes I know EXACTLY what that feels like! I don’t lend people things unless I trust them with it. And even then, a lot of people have let me down (same thing, crack across the case, etc you know… sucks). Therefore – just don’t lend it out or tell them if they damage it – SORRY TO BE A BITCH BUT REPLACE IT – haha. Also, i would NEVER lend out a camera. My friend dropped and broke my little Canon point and shoot just the other day and she was merely holding it for me, so…

The other thing is clothing. A couple of my friends are the same size as me, but we all have different proportions. Some things i’m fine with, because they stretch, are loose, etc. But other items I cringe because I know a certain area will be stretched or whatever D:

You should’ve mentioned how if someone returns something to you broken, they should effin’ have the common courtesy to replace what they damaged. How rude of your friends to not even have these manners. Hell if I dropped my friend’s DVD or broke it, I’d go on Amazon & buy them the exact damn thing, no matter how much it would cost me, because I broke it. It’s my responsibility to take care of it & if I didn’t, I need to replace it.

What happened to manners? Seriously, how rude. A friend of mine actually asked me if she could borrow my DSLR, but I told her I didn’t want to lend it to her because I just got it at the time. She wanted to use it for one of her school projects, I think it was physics. She totally understood me. Plus she knows that she drops stuff like no other & doesn’t take care of things very well. & how awkward would it be if your friend owed you a DSLR because she dropped it?! But anyway, yeah it’s okay to be possessive over your things, but your friends should have the courtesy of replacing the things they damaged…sheeesh. I’m surprised you didn’t ask them to replace it. I would’ve. I would’ve been so furious. Surprised you didn’t tear them a new one!!

Trust in any relationship or friendship is important..I mean when lending things out, you just gotta look your friend in the eye & say, “I expect you to return this in the same condition in which I lent it to you. If you break it, replace it. If you can’t handle that responsibility, I can’t lend this to you.” That’s it. :) If they don’t replace it for you, they’re crappy people & should die. JK they shouldn’t die, but they should be pestered until they do!!

When you borrow something from the library, if you don’t return it in the same condition it was in when you got it, then you have to pay a fine. Or that’s what it is like here, at least.

I think people take others for granted. I do kind of feel bad, though. I still have Alice’s book that she lent to me to read. I’ve not read it, because the first few chapters didn’t interest me much. I plan on reading it, though, before I give it back. ;) The only reason I’ve still got it (almost two years :( ) is because I moved, and packages never seem to arrive in said destination, so I would rather personally give it to her.

I don’t really lend things to people I don’t know, though. Only if we are extremely great friends will I do so.

I agree; I’ll let my children choose whether they want to practice the same religion as me or not. It’s their choice, and everyone’s different. I’ve felt what it’ss like to be frowned upon because I’ve interest in different things than the rest of my family members,a nd it sucks (OMG it took me FOREVER to spell “sucks”. Urgh.)

Haha! I’ve experienced both sides to this. Since I’m very forgetful, it takes me a loooong time to remember to return stuff. Right now, I seldom borrow things to avoid being hated by the owner. Lol. I am not confident to say that I could return it in time. I’m not very responsible either =_= So I seldom borrow now. :s When I do borrow, I ask the owner to not be shy to remind me to return it :))
I also experienced lending a very special DVD (it’s my favourite Korean drama). It was a gift from one of my best friends. My other friend borrowed it and never returned it to me. Argh =_= Sucks.

that’s just rude!! if your friend can’t give back your dvd, i think he/she should replace it with a new one. if i accidentaly lost one of my friend’s cd’s, i would go right to the store and buy a new one. that i lost a cd shouldn’t affect my friend, and she/he should get a new one.

i must admit i’ve never liked to lend people any of my stuff. in fact, i’ve never had anything interesting that people actually wanted to borrow, but i had once, at least that i can remember. i lent my season 1 of heroes to a friend, i’m a heroes fan and this box that i’d bought for my own money was as precious as gold to me. i got it back, eventually, but yes some scratches here and there, and when she was delivering it to me, he slipped it on the ground and all of the covers slid out of the box. very impressive. it could’ve been worse, it could’ve been my dad’s camera she dropped, but i would probably not lend anyone the camera.

norwegian is my first language, but it’s funny how i always get the badest grade in that subject. i even have a better grade in french, which should be impossible!!

yes it is nice to have a computer you don’t have to share. haha who’s document is this? is it mine? where is that picture i just saved, i can’t find it among thousand of yours, haha (:

Oh I know what you mean, I’m always really wary about lending things to people. I usually only lend things to people that I really trust to return them and it’s usually things that I know I could (if I needed to) live without, but it still frustrates me. I mean, I lent my Sims 2 Seasons disk to my friend (it was over a year ago now) because I had Free Time, so obviously I didn’t actually need the disk once I’d installed it because you only need the most recent one to run it. But, when I got my new laptop obviously I needed the disk again to install it, so I asked for it back. She hesitated a lot and kept ‘forgetting’ it, so after a few weeks I said I’d go to her house and pick it up. So I got it, and she said it was a little bit scratched but her brother did it and it still worked so it wasn’t a problem. I believed her.
So I got it home, went to install it a few days later and there was a huge deep scratch all through it and it clearly didn’t work. It’d also cracked the whole way through the disk in the middle -.- I asked her about it and she said she’d get her brother to pay to replace it, but he never did and we stopped talking after that (not because of the disk, but we had a huge argument because of something with another friend and we didn’t talk at all for over a year. We’ve only just started awkward talking again now.) So since then I worry about lending people things..

Oh wow, that’s organised. Every second day? I blog every few WEEKS. How do you find things to blog about? D: Exactly! I don’t actually have the TIME to find MORE to do, I don’t have the time to do what I already do, let alone adding a hobby or something else to it. (although, I guess my website counts as a hobby but you know what I mean)

Oh, I know, but what I mean is that about 70% of what we learn in our lives is completely useless to us and what we want to do but, like my maths teacher told us when we asked him why we would ever need to know something; if we learnt everything that we’d actually use and need to know in our lives and nothing else, we’d be out of education by about the age of twelve and we’d all be chimney sweeps as it’d be the only useful thing a 12 year old could do. (obviously he was joking about the chimney sweeps, but he’s still kinda right about the rest of it)

It’s wierd, because since we spoke about that guy not liking music, we were talking about music at college and my friend Ryan turned around and said he didn’t like it and I was instantly reminded of that guy! We even spent hours testing him with different genres and nothing impressed him, so maybe it’s true, maybe some people don’t like music.

Yeah, maybe the original box man was made from Amazon boxes, and the rest just followed? Although somebody told me he’s from some anime thing, so who knows why?

I know what you mean haha, i really dislike giving people any of my stuff because i would hate it to be destroyed or damaged. i had a pen once that my nan gave to me (only a biro pen) and someone wanted to borrow it. but i said they couldn’t and they laughed at me saying it was only a pen! i know it was only a pen but it was because my nan gave it to me and what it was about, if you get me!

I know how you feel, Georgina!!!! Ugh, it’s sooo annoying!

Once, I lent my friend my Chemistry book (that i bought myself to help me with chemistry…) she didn’t give it me back for like 3 weeks and a test was coming up and I NEEDED IT. I confronted her and she gave it to me back but with teared pages and a few pages ripped. LIKE WTF.

Also one time, I gave THAT same girl my shirt for P.E. to borrow and she didn’t return it! My mum was really pissed off with that cos she needed to buy ANOTHER one. Ugh, seriously. 💥

Pisses me off when I think about it.

I know what you mean, I really dislike lending people my things.

I go to an art education path and there are always SOMEONE who don’t have a brush, a particular paint, pencils (!), erasers, paper, ruler etcetc. Mindless people don’t know how easy it is to ruin a high-quality brush for 49NOK (around 5-7 USD) each, I’ve bought new brush sets three times because I was too naive. There’s also been a lot of anonymous “borrowing” (aka stealing), so I’ve just stopped bringing my artist’s suitcase to school. It’s not worth it, I’d rather do my work at home.

My mum is an extreme case, though. She hates lending people anything. I mean it, seriously HATES. If anyone are stupid enough to ask, she’ll gossip about them all day and scold me and my sister if we lend a pencil/eraser to a friend until we get them back. /sweat

I totally understand what you mean! I leant my favourite cd to a friend of mine once, a BRITNEY SPEARS cd (yes, she was my favourite then, lol) and when she gave it back to me the cd was split in two pieces!! i was sooo mad at her for weeks! I mean, if I had lent a cd of someone I would do as your friend did, and wrap it in a towel so it wouldn’t be damaged .. but hey, that’s just me..

I’m having a hard time letting go of my layout too d: I think I’m going to continue to tweak it & hopefully all the coding will finally work in my favor & end up just the way I want it; I know I’m going to have to make some compromises though d: Yeah she’s the president of our FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) which is great for her & it’s a good place for her (:

I don’t mind lending things to my friends that I know for a fact will take good care of them, but I wouldn’t lend it to someone who seems like that wouldn’t be too careful with it. I have a few things that I wouldn’t lend to people like my phone, iPod, camera, etc. but anything else is fine, as long as they give it back in the same condition I lent it to them.

Urgh this is EXACTLY a pet peeve of mine. In American schools we use school textbooks (not sure about you guys) and they are always so battered. Sometimes I get a brand new one and go WOOOOOOOOO and when I return it it’s just as new as when I got it. Which is why I don’t understand how books become so torn down. Can’t you take good care of something? The same applies for library books.

I used to let my ‘friends’ borrow everything. Including money. One ‘friend’ would borrow $5 per day for lunch (lunch doesn’t even cost that much my gosh) and never returned it. After like several weeks I’d ask her every day and she’d give excuses. That’s when I learned never to lend anyone anything. People aren’t like Mia. When I first met her she was embarrassed to borrow money from me, and returned it the very next day. ♥

These days, if anyone dare touch my babies (CDs) I’d probably freak out. They travel quite a long way to get here. Except Mia probably has a couple of them. I actually keep them in her house LOL for when I am there. I don’t mind if she borrows anything. She probably has my clothes as well, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay I need to calm down. =/

LOL that was actually just a way of saying things. But really, FML! I’m really gonna try to blog as much as I can. I made a list of websites I need to revamp (like all of them) and I’m not even sure when I’ll get to doing that. I only have internet access on weekends and now not even that is guaranteed. I’d feel so bad to not return comments though. Last week I didn’t return a friend’s comment and we started over our convo … bleh I still feel bad about it.

You have a photoblog pfft! Haha. I wish I had at least a smartphone to capture. My phone is absolute crap! But my mom thinks everything I want is everything I don’t need. Bleh.

I think I’ll make a February goals list, but not entirely internet dependent! I’m gonna pretend that I only have semi access to the internet (though I probably will have crappy internet all the time unless my neighbors decide to turn off their modems). I need to write them at a place where I’ll always check though, lol.

I absolutely hate teen fiction, end of story. They’re all about real life drama and I don’t need any more of it. I don’t want to read about kissing or hugging or boyfriends, or think about it in real life. Maybe my mom is right, I’m only 12 at heart. Pfft!

Ah I don’t want to ask for extensions though … by the time they get back to me I’d probably be finished with the fanlistings. They take FOREVER to process anything.

OMG I hate that! Why even IM me then? -block- Hahaha. I probably should block everyone who is not on my contact list, but apparently that’s ‘mean’ but you know what? I might as well be mean.

I guess it depends how safe the area you live in is. I live in a very safe area so my mom doesn’t care what I do in the neighborhood. Now at work is a different story. She tells me not to go anywhere after dark, and go home on time. Yeah, there are always plenty of people there I’m sure I’ll get murdered on the streets.

Awww just 2D, but at least you learn some skills! I’m more into 3D haha, those 3D movies are effing loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Yeah I definitely am just 12 at heart. SO WHAT?!

LOL all celebrities are funny looking when they are young! Or like Korean ones … are ugly when they are young because so many get plastic surgery. It’s a bit annoying really. I really hate surgery, doesn’t look natural at all. Hate makeup and that stuff.

Remember that dude in the picture with Jay I showed you? WELL HE GOT A TWITTER! Just yesterday! Now he needs to convince his bandmate to get one. I don’t follow Koreans on Twitter (it takes me long to read) but Jay hell yes I will follow him. LALALALA!

I can see why the owner dumped it. FanUpdate sucks. Do you know any other blogging scripts that don’t require understanding the coding?

I never used to mind letting people borrow my things, but after younger cousins, or children of my parents’ friends had broken borrowed things it really put me off. I tend to only lend things out to people I know well, no matter what the item is. I guess it could be selfishness but the truth is I’m just careful of my things, and after trusting someone to look after my belongings then had them broken, it makes me not want to let people borrow things.

Because of all torrents and software these days, I rarely have to lend out CDs or DVDs. Similarly to you though, once I did lend a DVD to a friend, and it wasn’t one I watched often. The other day I thought “I really wanna watch Sweeney Todd” and I was excited to watch it as although I don’t watch it much it’s a film I particularly like. Well, I came to look in my DVD cabinet and I couldn’t find it, then I realised she still hasn’t given it back. I’d ask her but we don’t really talk now. The film is pretty cheap in stores now but I bought it like, the week it came out so I paid nearly £20 for it. So annoying.

If someone trusts you enough to lend something special, you should trust yourself enough to look after it. If ever I borrow something, whether it’s an item of clothing or a school book, I take care of it so that when it’s returned it’s how it was when it was given to me.

Aw that’s so nice of your friend to wrap them in a towel. :3

Sometimes I feel bored and think “I should reply to comments” but I’m so lazy that I just don’t feel like it. I only had three to return so I decided to do them quickly before I go offline to do some coursework.

I often feel like that after a show. I think “I wish I’d stayed five minutes longer/gotten there five minutes earlier”. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a show though.

Uhm. Ooops. Are you not supposed to make notes in library books? :-D Hehe, I am guilty, I think. I don’t know why, but I kind of don’t mind reading other peoples notes either, when I borrow a book at the library. It’s like a secret message from someone to me. Like two different people at two different times with two different purposes end up in the same book, at the same page, for some reason :-D

I thought I was the only one. I get really protective over my stuff. Even if it’s just a teddy, or an item of clothing I get so protective and am never sure if I want to lend it to them. In the end I’m a softy and always let people borrow stuff. I have such a hard time saying no.

New Zealand is beautiful, I love it. I don’t think I could move anywhere else (except maybe Aussie) to be honest. I love the green feeling from over here. Not everyone is like that here just the people in my city. They have nothing better to do that gossip, spread rumors and make drama.

“When he returned them, he had wrapped them in a towel so they wouldn’t be damaged. I know it might sound funny, but that actually meant quite a bit to me.” lol

I don’t lend out anything that means a lot to me because I know I have very little chance of ever getting it back. I just got back my Grey’s Anatomy my friend borrowed like two years ago, lol. She never watched any of it. I was mostly worried about it because her brother has a habit of selling her DVDs. She kept it safe though :)

My friend had a book of sheet music of mine for about a year. I’m glad I finally got that back. I still use it.

I’m just like you, Georgina! :) I absolutely HATE when I let someone use something of mine, then it comes back all scratched up or even broken.

I don’t like letting people use my things because I’m scared that it’ll break or something, because I spent my money on it, so I’m not going to let someone else break it! /ho

Once, I let my friend borrow one of my pencils and she never gave it back /bash I know, it’s only a pencil, but it was mine! 🤮

Hah yeah, a lot of fairs occur in the summer, but I guess since where I live is good at handling the inclement weather, we have fairs all year long. Haha it probably is hard imagining snow, since it’s summer for you. Haha, I can hardly believe its hot where you are XDD That’s cool! What kind of fairs do they have in the summer?

Yeah, you are lucky! I’d rather have a longer break than have one day off.

Ah! I love Japanese food :D So yummy! I’m not sure if this is a “true” Japanese dessert, but I love tempura cheesecake XDD. I also like shrimp tempura sushi. XD I’m a tempura freak XD I have no idea since I don’t really like fried things o.O What kind of Japanese food do you like?

We have K-marts here, but I don’t really go there. Partially because we have a Target in the mall in our town, so I tend to go there more. Also, since the movie theater makes you pay so much for refreshments, my friends and I go to target to get lots of candy & soda for like half the price xD

Haha yeah, your goals are very reasonable. I always make goals that I know are too unreasonable. I guess I have to start small :

Oh awww. Yeah, I mean I understand why parents have their children follow their religion, but they have to be flexible if their child grows apart from it. Aww, hopefully, if you ever tell your mother about your view on religion, she will understand :]

Ahh, I tend to get protective over my stuff. I got this game (Kingdom Hearts 358/2) for Christmas from one of my friends. I absolutely love that game and series. My other friend wanted to play the game too, but I was so hesitant to lend it to her. She is a bit irresponsible, and I know that she’d end up saving over my game, and I’d lose all my hard work XD. I felt bad because when she found out I finished, she kept asking for me to borrow it. I just didn’t want to take the chance of her losing it or messing it up (especially since it was tiny)! I totally understand how you feel about this issue. Your poor CD’s! Haha, and oh gosh, the poor record as well! No matter how much you try to protect your things, >.< it still manages to get damaged :[ It drives me insane when people deny that they have something of yours, when they obviously do!

And that's so true about the library! People generally take good care of the things they take out at the library. Why can't people always be like that? /bash

What prejudice! Cheap Asian? Lies, lies, lies. /angry Urg, prejudice-ers.

Good things you’re not friends with the vinyl-record-scratcher, before he scratched all your vinyl records (if you have more that is /hehe ) or before more crap happened between you guys.

XD high school sweethearts ♥ … that sounds so nice 😝 How long has it been? Oh but if you happen to get married anytime soon you should totally invite me to you bachelorette party. I haven’t been to any so far (but there’s probably a good reason for that). On second thought, just tell me about it xD. I just saw one on tv and it looked fun (but it was for an old lady. so, yea).

I hate lending things to people. I NEVER get them back. I still don’t know where my Dear John book is, because I leant it to my sister and she lost it. It’s somewhere in the house, but I have no idea where. I have all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, and my friends always ask me to borrow them. I have never let any of them borrow them, simply because I don’t want to take the risk of them being destroyed. One of my friends is so bad for losing DVDs and such, so I would always just ‘forget’ to bring them if they told me to bring it somewhere, or just try to avoid the topic all together. I know that if something happened to them, I’d secretly hate my friend until I got it back in perfect condition and I just don’t wanna have to deal with that.

Though, when I borrow books or something from my friends, I’m terrible for remembering to give them back. I think I have two of my best friend’s books right now, which I haven’t even finished reading. They’re just sitting on my shelf though, it’s not like I don’t know where they are xD

When I’m alone anywhere, I always notice the people around me. Probably because I’m so paranoid about getting attatcked, so i try to take notice of everything :P Like when I’m walking home alone, I’ll make a mental note of what type of cars I walk past so if I get abducted, I can try to send out a text with that car/colour it is. I’m THAT paranoid :P So I noticed him walking close, and then noticed him outside of the stores. After a few times, it was hard to NOT notice him especially while trying to not show that I noticed him.

Once when we were first dating, David and I were walking from the park up the street back to my house (it’s not even a three minute walk probably) and it was about 10pm so it was pretty dark. We walked past a house that I’ve been past 1000 times, but since it was dark out I didn’t see the dog in the backyard we passed and when we went by, it barked and I SCREAMED and jumped to grab onto David because it scared the crap out of me because it was so dark and I was paranoid, even being with someone else. He just laughed at me :P

I think ideally, I’d want to have my own graphic design business, or at least work somewhere I could work from home. I know there’s plenty of people who are successful at it, but it would take a lot of work and a lot of experience to get to that point :P Hopefully I can one day though :)

Reminds me of the only ever time I’ve lent something to someone. In high school we had a music group, although I never actually knew what they did. One of them walked around the school yard and asked people if they had a certain CD from Alicia Keys. When they got to me, I remembered that my mum actually had the exact same CD. I was a little shit head at the time, and never really respected my mums things, especially her CDs. So I went ahead and ‘borrowed’ it for the school music group. One week later mum walks into my bed room, “Have you seen my Alicia Keys album?” So the next day at school I asked the girl from the music group if I could have that CD back. She didn’t know where it was, neither did the rest of the music group. Someone had obviously pocketed it. From that day, I have never lent any thing to any one.

A friend of mine keeps asking to borrow a certain book from me, but I keep ignoring the subject, because I’m afraid she will take too long to read it, and then lose it or claim it as her own after having it for so many weeks or months. I also love having my books clean and in perfect condition, and I’m scared it might get torn or smudged in some way.

I feel really over protected with my things. I guess it’s normal to feel that way; after all, you did spend money on them, and not everyone will be as careful with them as you are. The only thing I let people borrow from me is money, if I trust that that person will give it back, if I know that person well. But even then, sometimes I remember the saying “money can come between friends.” So I never lend too much.

I’ve never actually borrowed any thing my self for an overnight or longer term. I’ve always felt that if I needed something, I will get it my self eventually. /eee

I couldn’t help but get really overprotective about such belongings, because I’d spent my money on them and music was really that important to me that no one ruin my CDs. Of course, now they just sit on top of my bookshelf untouched, and I still have my favourites out of the CDs.

Sometimes, I really hate it when people borrow my stuff. Sometimes, I fear that the borrower will not return it.

I also hate it when people promise to return it the next day but they actually didn’t! And yeah, it annoys me when people returns it damaged!

The scratch on a Pink Floyd vinyl disk, I had to supress a scream cause it’s 2 in the morning here. Why???

I’ve stopped lending CD to people because I just buy everything digitally (Decision I made after in middle school a classmate’s dog destroyed a CD I lent her, I paid good money on that CD and at the time I was too shy and polite to tell her anything other than OK-if only I could teleport my 22 year old self back at that precise moment!)