Borrowed Heaven

I don’t mind lending people things. It’s okay. But sometimes we can get rather possessive of what we own, and don’t want to lend those things to other people.

In high school I bought a lot of CDs. My music taste changed every week and I sort of liked mainstream music back then. People would often ask to borrow my CDs and that was usually okay with me, after I reminded them, “Take good care of it.”

I couldn’t help but get really overprotective about such belongings, because I’d spent my money on them and music was really that important to me that no one ruin my CDs. Of course, now they just sit on top of my bookshelf untouched, and I still have my favourites out of the CDs.

Once I lent a friend an album of some pop artist. She took such a long time to return it. I thought that surely after a month she would have listened to it enough, maybe even made herself a copy or whatever it was that people did back in those days. (I mean nowadays people find torrents or they just leech off their friends and things like that.) But this friend took such a long time with it, and kept saying, “I’ll bring it back tomorrow” and never did.

When I got the CD back the case had a lovely crack right across the front. Not that I care about Shannon Noll now, haha. He was the Australian Idol runner-up in some year. I had been annoyed all those years ago though, because I had trusted this friend with this particular CD.

In reality I find it hard to trust people with my things when they borrow them. I know they’re just things… but I’m pretty sure that if you lent someone something like your DSLR camera that you forked out a full $1000 of your own money for, and they dropped it, you would not be too pleased.

Another time I lent a friend a Nirvana DVD. Since then I have decided that I love some bands a lot more than Nirvana, but back then, they meant the world to me and I had all their albums and a fair few of their DVDs. This person was the last person I’d given the DVD to and when I couldn’t find it at home, obviously I confronted that person to get my DVD back. They said they didn’t have it. It just enraged me because to this day I still haven’t found it, and I’ve looked everywhere in my house for it. Humph. If people lost your things and you trusted them to take care of them, why don’t they just tell the truth? 😐

A few other times I lent friends CDs and even though I tossed them in a bag or something, I’d end up getting some scratch on it, or a new crack in the case. Another time I’d brought a vinyl record for a friend (bloody bad idea!) to school and wrapped it up and everything… and when it was returned there was a rather deep scratch on the edge. Grrrr. I wanted to set my friend on fire.

Okay maybe not… maybe not. But that was Pink Floyd. Hello. Pink Floyd. 💣

Back in high school I was obsessed with The Grates, an Australian pop rock band. I had gotten their album and single, both of which I treasured a lot. A friend wanted to borrow it and I told him that I really loved these CDs.

I gave them to him in a bag. When he returned them, he had wrapped them in a towel so they wouldn’t be damaged. I know it might sound funny, but that actually meant quite a bit to me. 😚

When you borrow something from the library, you would return it in the same condition that you borrowed it. I don’t know why people can’t do the same thing.

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