Salt in the snow

I was just sitting here feeling so happy for someone. And then I started crying.

I’m lucky.

I’m so lucky, and I want to tell people that. I have a roof above my damn head. I have access to the internet. My parents have money to pay for my education. Heck, I have parents. I am attending university. I have a part-time job. I earn money. It’s unfortunate that I have physical and mental health problems. But I’m not dying. I don’t have a terminal illness or something that affects me every day.

I listen to music, and a lot of it makes me cry. Stupid songs about heartbreak that remind me of the past. Angry songs that remind me of angry times in the past. Songs about breaking up with friends and people betraying you. Songs with this kind of passion that make me feel. That make me look back on everything that hurt back in high school.

I’m lucky I can play music. I have a piano and I took piano lessons. I took dance lessons. I can dance. Other people are confined to a wheelchair and can’t even move.

I feel for those people. Why can’t they have a life like mine? It’s sad. I can’t give my talent to people. I can’t give health to people. I can’t donate blood because I’m too thin. I can’t donate my organs while I’m alive. I’ve given to charity. I’ve donated money for a good cause or helped by buying items created for fund-raising – little things, like pens, badges, keyrings. Things manufactured on a large scale, sold at an affordable price for normal people to be able to buy, knowing that their money is going to a good cause.

I can be a mean person, but I promise, that whenever I help someone in even the smallest way, it makes me feel good. It makes me smile knowing that I was able to help someone out. It makes me smile when someone is… heck, inspired by what I do. Anything. By what I write or sing or create or say.

I’ve cried out of happiness so many times. It’s a strange feeling. I used to wonder if it was actually possible to cry out of happiness. Now I can often feel that overwhelming feeling that comes with it, and some kind of warm feeling in my chest.

One of the main reasons I’ve cried out of happiness is because I realise how lucky I am to have James. Someone who accepts me for who I am, and who doesn’t judge me. We’re such different people with different interests but small things, like cooking, or going on bushwalks, are things we enjoy doing together. And he’s out of the country now, but I realise how lucky I am to still be able to talk to him online, and that he isn’t away all the time like many girls whose husbands are in the army or are away for work for long periods of time.

And then there’s Lilian. Never did I imagine that I’d have a best friend for eight or so years, and not have a single fight or blown-up argument. In the past, I had “best friends” who just drifted away, who I fell out with because they were temperamental, who didn’t keep in touch because we moved schools… and then there’s Lilian, who is still my best friend even though I’ve only seen her about four times in the past two years.

It just makes me cry. After being used and having stupid ex-boyfriends take and never give… I’m really glad I have James. I dunno, what they call them these days. Partners in crime. Now I laugh about it. I only recently learned that the phrase “partner in crime” colloquially means “significant other” or someone who is your close friend. XD

Happy crying is good. ♥️

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Yes, indeed you can be
Mean Wuggs /sweat

Well, you can donate organs you have two of. Like kidneys or lungs.. D:

I really do like having you too :3
It makes me happy that you don’t dismiss me straightaway just because of how I look and dress. You’re my partner in crime! :B

Thanks for the nice Link /faw

It is nice to see that you are so happy with your life. While I have a roof over my head, access to the internet, and even access to food when I finally get off my laptop and go to the supermarket. I can’t help but look at my bank account and pull a sad face. What made me happy today was writing a new blog and noticing that my previous entry got a whopping 29 comments (that is a lot my little blog).

In reply to your comment on my blog:
Usually I do only work the ridiculously early 7am til 11am shift and have the rest of the day to do as I want, but my friend asked me to cover her evening shift therefore that day I did two shifts. As the company I work for have cut my hours, I usually jump at the chance to cover the shifts other people do not want. Also thank you for complimenting my hair, personally I feel it needs cutting and dying again but at least I don’t look like a dogs dinner to others :P

My parents couldn’t afford my education, I had loans but they put a roof over my head so I am greatful for that.

Music always makes me cry lol, Bonnie Tyler songs certainly do LOL. Yeah I am a fan even though her music was before my time.

I actually think the same sometimes, but I look at my life and think I am so unlucky instead but there is someone out there worse than me. I try give to charity and also to poor people on the streets.

I also feel for people, who have such great talent but can not study and are stuck at dead end jobs because their parents will not support them, even though they could do so much more.
My talented friend once left college because she had to work so I guess we are lucky our parents support us. I know its not quite the same as some who is really ill, but there is a lot of people suffering out there from all angles, from illness, to poor to uneducated.

awww. this post is so heart-warming. :)

it’s good to know that there are still people like you who are grateful for what they have, and still care about others. :)

take care.

That’s okay. I also haven’t see it, but I agree with you is an amazing movie. Oh you watched the first film of Quentin, I’m glad. If it really is different from what we’re used to seeing it, so it may seem strange. Ah, well for my Pulp Fiction is one of his best films. If James like Tarantino’s movies, maybe you should give it a try.

My grandfather is still delicate health, but with much encouragement. And I’m still enjoying good times with him. Thanks so much Georgina! The results of the exams were very well. My break ends next Monday. Yes, really has been a relief after the exams. /eee

I’ve never used Mac, but I guess have not as successful as the versions of Windows. I’m not familiar with Macs, since I have never used. I understand you.

You’re welcome! I’m glad you had a lovely time. I’m sure you’ll never forget and will always stay in your memory. So, remember that something good happened. *hugs*

I also think that this person was quite strange for not liking the music. I also think that most people like music. I understand you. I really happens the same, I have my favorite genres. But you’re right, there is music for every mood.

I also like listening to new music. Yeah there is so much music out there, it’s hard to hear everything. You’re right :)

This blog is quite nice. You’re right, you’re lucky, you have a family who loves you, you can go to college, got a job with which you make money, a boyfriend who loves you very much, and many more. Certainly, there are many people in the world who do not have as many things as you have. It’s a nice gesture to have donated money for a good cause. I have also done it. I’ve always liked helping people who are worse off than me.

It’s okay happiness crying from time to time :)

sometimes we forget how lucky we are. we can walk, talk, think freely and we have the possibility and opportunity to fullfill our dreams. sometimes we take all of this for granted, and it’s beautiful to realize how good our life really is, plus we’ve got the chance to help others (:

i feel very happy for you and your boyfriend, it seems to me he’s one of the best things that’s happen in your life, and your friend Lilian, who’s been your friend in eight years (: it’s nice to have someone you can always count on and trust (: and accept you, just the way you are.

i love alexander gaskarth and all time low, i just discovered he has so many nice quotes! and i absolutly love the lyrics from band’s songs. people can think what they want, i think he’s awesome :D

thank you! (: i’m still getting teased by my friends i couldn’t spell the word beautiful right a few years back, and everytime i write it now, i have to double check, just in case haha!

Even if somebody can’t have the thing that they want they still can be happy. I’m sure of that. I mean, if they need help, people will help them, even you and I, don’t you think? ;) It doesn’t have to be huge to be able to help somebody. Though I can understand how you feel. Small things to be able to help somebody really gives a good feeling. And having people around you that care about you. ^^

Nice blog :)

Some people just don’t realise how lucky they are, and I know a lot of them. /bash But I like to think I’m not one of those.

Thanks for your last comment. ♥

Michael. /eee

Aww Georgina! *hugs* I love that all of this stemmed out of the whole crying thing. The human mind is a brilliant thing, really.

It is true, though. People don’t realize how lucky they are. We complain about day to day things when there are people who have every right to complain because they have real problems and sometimes never do. They just deal with it. I admire people with that ability.

I guess all we can really do other than trying to help others whenever we find an opportunity is be grateful and appreciative for how lucky we are. My mom always used to say, “No matter how bad we have it, someone else always has it worse”. 100% true. I never truly understood it until recent years and watching the unfairness that happens in the world. When I see people with injuries or illnesses I always think “Why not me? Why THEM?”. And “That could have been/could be me”.

Our lives are indeed blessed lives. And you know what, that’s all right because life is not fair to the people on this planet. The good thing is that you know that your life is blessed and that you enjoy you life and use your life well. As people in my house would say, “you’re doing it the right way”. Let the tears of joy and appreciation come.

When I was in high school, I was the band’s flute section leader. I had a really good flute, but I also felt that I deserved it because I went to competitions and practiced a lot and got really good. Since we lived in a school district that had quite a few rich people, there were girls below me with flutes that cost three times what mine cost, didn’t play well, and didn’t treat their flutes as well as I did. I hated them, because if I had a flute like that, I’d practice until my mouth was bleeding and my fingers were sore, and they just treated their flutes like a toy to play with once in a while.

That is exactly what I was talking about in my last blog! People like us have so much that we take for granted. Most people don’t even know that they should be thankful for simple things like carts at the grocery store – some people have to carry the food they get (if any) on their back for miles.

It’s great that giving can make you feel good! That feeling is definitely what inspires some people to make a change in the world. If we could show all the people living comfortably how good it feels to donate to charity or something then I bet there would be more of it.

I don’t know if I’ve ever cried out of happiness. Actually, I’m pretty sure I cried a bit when I got my Lost encyclopedia, but… You know. Aw, you are definitely lucky to have James and Lillian and it’s sweet that you value your relationships with them so much. Many people don’t even have friends or have never experienced love!

Time is definitely not in abundance and it’s so hard to make the most out of it. I hate looking back at the end of the day and thinking about how I wasted my time playing Call of Duty when I could have been working toward a better future for myself and/or the rest of the world.

Yes, I never said we could be completely selfless nor that I wanted to be completely selfless. We have to take care of ourselves before we give to others or else we will just let ourselves sink into their situation and add to the number of impoverished. I guess the good feeling you get from giving is part of what motivates me but I think it’s the sorrow of seeing people in bad situations that really makes me want to help. Of course, that still goes back to the selfishness of not wanting to be sad.

Well, all I’ve really done so far is donated some money and clothes but I do want to do more. Oh yes, the docotors who (for example) went to Haiti after the earthquake to give free care to those who were injured helped a lot more than me giving a scarf to a charity organization every once in a while. And that is true! If we all gave a scarf or two to an organization than there wouldn’t be a homeless person without one.

He sounds like an inspiration! It’s cool that you know about him and got to meet him.

Wow, that would be a really long list. xD I could see it wrapping around three or four times! Psh, I bet someone truly evil would cut it apart if we tried to do that.

Hm, I think everyone tried to cut their own hair at one point. I’m pretty sure I did too! I don’t think my mom ever found out, but I bet she would have been mad. Anger and disapproval definitely stick out from my childhood.

Things do change. I remember being on a similar subject in another person’s blog when they were questioning whether or not we lose creativity as we get older. I said that we didn’t, but instead we understood why the magical lands we dreamed of as children couldn’t exist. But I sometimes like reading fantasy because for the moments when you are really wrapped up in the book it almost seems real!

Ah, that’s true. Monthly goals are pretty short term, though! It seems like a good length to me. It really depends on what kind of goals I am making, though.

Aw, I doubt it! I might start a little site on how to crochet. I would love to see anything you make! ;D Don’t worry about it being bad; we all have to start somewhere.

Ah, good times! Oh, I know. I wear contacts and it’s so weird to touch your eyeball. Sometimes when they aren’t going on I have to press pretty hard on my eye but it doesn’t even hurt that much. Eyes are pretty fantastic things! Oh, I didn’t know that Louis Braille wasn’t born blind… Interesting.

That is true! I would probably be bored making content too… Although I would get bored much more quickly if I only had a blog site with no content so I only ever blogged and returned comments. I don’t think I could do that.

Oh, nice! I don’t think I have ever had dial up internet… I guess I’m the next generation, though? I never really understand generations because it’s not like it’s ever going to be perfect. It would be a lot easier if everyone had their children at the same time! Well, not for hospitals or midwives but for the people who keep track of generations. xD

Yes, embarrassing pictures are pretty bad. Basically all pictures of me are embarrassing, so… Maybe it is a good thing! Nice positive way to look at it. I bet you are better off without them!

I completely understand what you mean. I feel so bad sometimes. I’ll see something online about people being abused, or people who’ve lost loved ones. People who have absolutely nothing.. It’s so sad.

I complain about my life quite a lot, and though I know I don’t have things nearly as bad as a lot of people, we can’t forget that our lives are our lives. No one is ever satisfied with what they have. And that’s sad as well.

I’m glad you can have happy crying. And that you have James. ♥ Congrats. :D
I was watching Pride and Prejudice and when Jane asked Elizabeth, “Can you die of happiness?” I was like oh. You can be that happy. So I’m glad you’ve experienced that. It must be fun to look back on. :)
When I see someone who is less fortunate than me in physical means it makes me remember I can’t make fun of them or anyone like them. Whether or not they are stumbling around on the playground or talking to an assembly.
Ahh, thanks. I’m glad my skill is improving.

:love: Loved reading this. So many people don’t realize how lucky they are and always say how they’re so unhappy and don’t get what they want. Those people can’t see it’s not about having what you want it’s about being happy for what you have. Through the years I’ve learned to be happy for everything, especially health because of my mom. And I’m super happy to have a great friend (aka: My twin) and a great new friend, J. Those two are the ones helping me through this time right now, every time I get a message from them I smile and know they love me back.

Happy crying is good. We have a lot of things we should be thankful for, but we take for granted instead.

I am very thankful for my family being intact. I am very thankful for all my friends who are there despite what happens. I’m thankful for being alive in this world. The food on the table everyday. The clean water.

Also, on another note. This is a very, very, late December-like, comment reply.

I am so sorry! I had forgotten to put your credit on because I used your pre-made layout as a base. I had just put it up and didn’t figure out all of the kinks yet. It just slipped! I am so, completely sorry.
I did put it on immediately after I read your comment, but after a few days, I took the whole layout down because it looked kind of odd in my perspective.


I really enjoyed reading your blog Georgie! You’re a definitely good speaker. I wish I was extremely happy as you are. But I’d rather have a few close friends than a whole massive group of friends ya know? God does have someone in mind for me, but I don’t know who he is or where he is at this time. God will show me when I’m ready. My Grandma didn’t meet her significant other until she was 30 or 35 or something like that. I mean, it does hurt my feelings to see others having boyfriends and husbands and kids and what not. But I know it’s not my time yet. It will be my time some day. I just hope it’s not when I die or something like that.

I just feel like people take advantage of me, and not doing anything in return for me, except for those few close friends. Ya know? Like tomorrow’s my birthday, I’m spending time with one of my best friends all day long until 6:00 p.m., and we’re going to take her son to his doctor’s appointments, and than to school and than we’re heading to the mall where I can get some new clothes. I feel that clothes are a neccesity more than the digital camera. I’ll get the digital camera in March. But clothes are a must. Ya know? Plus I got that $10.00 of coupon from Torrid for my birthday. Which was a surprise. But to my surprise I haven’t received one single birthday card. But I have received some birthday wishes online which in other countries like Japan and Taiwan is the first already. So yeah. I guess I’m just tired right now, and feel depressed…I dunno. But I am thankful for the friends and few family members that I still have. Well; take care!

/wah We’re all so fortunate, huh? This is such a nice post~
:( Music really gets to me as well. The lyrics get really personal and touchy.
People should have, like 2x more blood. :( So we can donate to those who do not have all the blood they need and can’t get it too them as quickly as others can. It’s great that you cry out of happiness, it’s way better than crying when you’re sad. ♥

I actually think you are extremely lucky! Here in the UK they’re putting up tuition fees for universities etc. so it’s only the people with extremely rick parents or grandparents that will be able to afford for their children/grandchildren to go to university. I certainly know my parents wont be able to afford it. Just shows that these Conservatives only like the money, and not the welfare of their citizens (apart from the upper class). Long live ‘Great’ Britain.

This is a lovely post.

Sometimes we forget the good things. It is so easy to slip into self despair and jealousy. We forget to appreciate the little things and that what we have is much more than many other people in the world.

It’s always good to be happy with what you have. Hoping for more or wanting more just makes it more depressing. I myself is like you as well. Extremely grateful for what I have, a happy family, a wonderful job and an amazing boyfriend that cares about me. Life just can’t be more content than that.

So true. I am so down right now and so frustrated with my lfie. But reading your post makes me feel so much better. I may be failing my subjects right now but I am still able to attend school. I may have hated living in the same room with my parents but atleast I got a roof to live in and money to even eat out whenever i want to. I may have hated the fact that my parents hates my boyfriend but atleast they haven’t kicked me out yet and instead shouted, “Don’t leave.”

We’re lucky we have our blogs where we can express ourselves. :)

You just teared me up. 😢 We’re very lucky indeed. Sure, we may have to face some bad days and other everyday obstacles but other people could be having ten times worst than us. I think that those people who are on wheelchairs are still fortunate because they’re not seriously endangered like some people in certain countries that are on war to this very today. Same goes with any other people with an even more complicated disabilities; even if their options are limited, it’s better than none. I just want to say that we should all be thankful at something at one point. ♥

I appreciate everything I have a lot more now. When I was younger, I used to want things that other people had. But I realise now that what I already have is what I actually do need.

Whenever the opportunity opens up, I try to support any charities as much as I can. Even a tiny drop of help counts. :) Sometimes, you don’t always have to donate your money. Being generous enough to donate your time also helps.

I’d be really touched just knowing I’ve somehow inspired someone. Not that I’m aware of it though. ✌️ I cry of joy, happiness when I think of the past that makes me feel so… ecstatic. It’s a very nice feeling and makes you wanna do more happy things.

I’ve never had a boyfriend to be frankly honest so I can’t really say much about that. I plan on getting involve in this kind of relationships when I’m more older and strong enough to handle breakups. Probably when I go to uni. XD Besides, guys in high school aren’t really something to look forward for. :P
That’d be a dream come true to have a best friend who’s pretty much the best. I have a long journey to walk on before I meet that super awesome best friend. /eee

As ridiculous as this sounds, I think it was good that you had stupid ex-boyfriends in the past because you have the best for last. And on the other plus side, you’ll always have more experiences with ex-boyfriends that you can relate to. I can tell that James and you are going to be happy for a long time. :)

Sometimes, I think you read my mind and then organize it and put it in beautiful words that I can’t. This was a great post. I think we all take just the general things for granted, being healthy, having two legs to walk on, having caring friends and family.

I feel like this mostly about Andrew. I wasn’t always the best person, and I didn’t have the best thoughts, and then he just came along and everything just seems to fall in to place now. He’s always there for me and doesn’t judge. I don’t want to get all mushy, haha, but I’m really grateful for him. ♥

Thanks! It took a while to get all used to, but I really like it now. I’m not sure about my mom. I think she thinks it’s a bit too plain, but like I said, it’s just a matter of getting used to it, I suppose.

The fridge we had before this one we had had I think since my parents got married, so like 30 years! Crazy!

I like interior designing, but I don’t think I could ever make a career out of it. I like to do my own stuff because I know how I like it, but I don’t think about it for other people. I dunno. xD I know what you mean though about cleaning up once it’s yours. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I get it. xP

Your blog is deep :D! I agree with what you said. You gotta be happy with what you have because others may not have it. :/. I want to have a friend that I have kept for sevveral of years. The closest that has happened is 6 years with a few of my friends. but they`re not close :/. The closest is that I have kept in touch with my cousin for several of years and we`re cool kids who relies on each other for reeds, instruments, clothes, rides to places, and.. Food. :P! Some family thing :P but thats different.

The most I can do to donate… Is constantly growing my hair to donate it to cancer survivors who needs the hair. 8 inches is the minimum. I can`t donate blood. I wish I can. I`m 5’0 or 4’11. I have to be like 130+ lbs in order to donate :/.

WOW :O! 15,000 comments is A LOT! :D it is because you are awesome :P! If you put it in that way, I do see that it is crazy that I have returned like 2000 comments in like half a year :P! it`s likw 1/3 of the duration of your blogging time :P! i usually don`t get a lot of comments :/. I started from 1 comment a day to like 5 to 6 to 8, and now. Around 10~25 comments per day. :O Its crazy! I always thought that I started in the “recession” blogging time :P! Since fall is like the start of school for everyone/

Sometimes, I forget that I have like… xxx amount of comments :P!

My dad`s brother is weird. I personally don`t like him. So I guess what he did is just typical :P!

I am scared of :P! Because I usually listen to like. a group of songs at once. :P Like one time, you`ll just see me listening to USC marching band a lot of times at one hour. Then then next hour, my next “theme” is raving music, then after that is jazz, etc :P!

I hate how iTunes usually deletes all of my songs and I have to put them back in there :/. 5000+ songs is a hefty!

I hate it when people say EW to foods I eat too. Especially when they haven`t tasted it yet. It`s like. Wow. :/. But I guess they`re just. Lame kids. :P Sushi doesn`t have smells! Even if it did, it would smell like fresh and cold. something. :P

:O Then I would think that the guys just wet their hair and thats it. They don`t do the usual scrubbing and so. :P!

It doesn’t matter really, if you’re healthy, sick, rich, poor. It’s good to appreciate what you have, but if what you have doesn’t make you happy, then it’s worthless.

I had everything I could want when I was in school, but i was absolutely miserable all the time because I was stressed and anxious. And thinking about how much I had just made me more depressed because i felt guilty that I wasn’t happy.

Sometimes I want to cry because my life is so perfect and sometimes I want to cry because I want so much more.

I always have those moments when I just remember how lucky I am. Sometimes I get so stressed out about stupid things like my computer messing up orrrr, my TV not working, or my parents not making dinner until late when I’m really hungry; and I’ll give myself a virtual slap on the face and remember how LUCKY I am. The fact that I’m here, just typing this blog, with a roof over my head, my parents downstairs, my brothers in their rooms, my phone lying next to me and my TV opposite me with tons of school books underneath makes me lucky. Even when I get sick; it could always be so much worse.

It’s sad that it’s not the same for everyone :( That’s what makes me feel really sad. Right now I’m here sitting next to a heater, glancing at the Simpsons on TV, whereas someone else in the world won’t even have a home to sleep in and will have to sleep in the cold. It’s just luck that determines what you are born into, I feel so lucky.

I am so happy for you, and your boyfriend, and your friends :)! And so happy that you are enjoying life :)

I think you’re crazy ;p I hate doing videos. My second one that I’ll post eventually is much better then the first one. I was more comfortable this time around though cause I’ve had more practice. Plus in the second one I was feeling pretty good about myself, so that helped.

I got a call from a lady yesterday letting me know what was going on. I was in trouble for something I’ve done outside of the workplace on my own free time. And when I said that I wasn’t breaking any policy’s or doing anything against the law, the lady then asked ‘So why is he holding you responsible’ and I said ‘I honestly have no idea, that’s why I’m fighting this’ and she’s like ‘Well theres GOT to be a reason’. Pretty much implying that I’m lying or hiding something. It’s so frustrating =(

I’m going to try to keep working on the site more. I have a lot of free time on my hands, but I don’t have any inspiration or motivation. But I’m trying. I find with the blog challenges they do kinda suck. But I tried to pick one that was more about me and how I’ve changed, rather then ‘What’s your favorite color’ kind of questions.

I don’t like crying, but I do have my emotional moments. I’m really happy that I’m lucky to have what I have right now, and sometimes I take things for granted. Then I hear stories about the less fortunate and I immediately become guilt-stricken.
Your post has reminded me of The Pursuit of Happyness. I’m watching it in class this week. :D

Sometimes I think a lot of us forget how lucky we are, and how good we have it. We usually focus on all the bad things in our life when we should really focus on the good.

I try not to think about everything I have, that others may not because it really upsets me. Especially knowing that I have 2 parents that love me when my close friend lost her mum at 12 and my ex-boyfriend lost his dad last year, just after his daughter was born. It’s scary to think that we can lose people that are close to us within seconds.

I’m thinking about holding a competition to help get HelpingHeather out there.

If you ever get the chance to visit NZ I think you should jump at it. :)

I am so glad you are enjoying your life! I am glad that you realize how luck you are. I am lucky like you too. I am lucky that I live in a place that there isn’t fear walking down the street, that I have an education and that I have family and friends. I think everyone overlooks all this stuff because of all the stuff that does not go our way. Everyone is trying to make their lives perfect, which is ultimately impossible. I want to help more too. I am waiting until I am older though, maybe until I am a legal adult. I remember someone said this (I think it was Matt damon) that if we stopped something a while ago, how come it is still going on? It was about bottle water. It stuck with me cause I am wondering why we developed all these technology but it is unfair that others do not have it.

I am also thankful for my friends and family, like you. I have never been in any fights with my friends, or if they are they are very small. I rarely have drama. I just stress a lot -which I know is bad. Or at least this year I am stressing more.

I agree with you on planning 100% I think that we need to plan stuff but we shouldn’t over plan. We shouldn’t always have a set schedule but have an outline. Yea I like what you did with James, how you went to the zoo and beach, even though you were not expecting to do both. I think that makes moments special.

My friends are planning an “out of high school” trip too. I actually hope it works out. That we actually have to plan in advance. We want to go to aruba lol and yea I have a short term goal right now: Finish this week, study for math finals and go to the Iball lol.

I think parents push religion a lot, because they were probably pushed into the religion too. I hope you find something that works for you. Whether it be no religion, another form of Christianity or just another religion. I think religion is important to some people, but not to others. Going to church is big for me, but I won’t be mad at people if they are not my religion. It is not stopping me from marrying or dating someone of a different religion. My friend thinks that without religion there would not be wars and as much disagreement.

Yes proper coding was a fad lol i remember. I never jumped on that bandwagon. I always go to lazy with that. Like if I found out it was invalid, I would NEED to fix it. And I like that I can at least (kinda) code a layout lol. So i was proud of that. Sometimes for my ignorance is better than knowing. (that was a book discussion question for my summer reading.. is ignorance bliss? or something like that lol) I think as long as you can code and it shows up properly on my computer/browser, you are doing a good thing lol.

six years is a while! I actually searched his music on itunes, and he is not bad. I think that is why we go to different songs. We are always in a mood when we listen to them. I know I love simple plan, cause their music is a lot different than most muisc now. I like music with dept and such. I don’t like it when it is all about love songs (like taylor swift, though I love her songs). I am glad you met him! I remember meeting simple plan. I had so much fun. It was an amazing expereince, though I couldn’t talk to them that much cause there were a lot of other people around. That is really cool that Ben is following you back.

I don’t think I could set up a fanlisting. I wouldn’t have the dedication i would need. How do you have time for everything?

Thanks I put way more time than it looks like into it, that’s mainly because I was making things way too difficult for myself & I got frustrated which made things all the more complicated so I just had to walk away from the computer. I’m glad I motivated you, I hate when I lose motivation to get things done that I really want to get done because it’s just a bummer when it doesn’t get done when I tell myself over & over I’m going to do it.

I’ve recently realized that I do have it a lot better than a lot of people even though I have a lot of mental & physical issues that have cut my life in half already. There are some people who haven’t gotten the opportunities that I have & opportunities mean a lot more to someone than a lot of things. I always donate whenever I can, I do whatever I can to know I helped someone out because I know what it feels like to think you have a tougher life than anyone else. Those are people that I wish I could switch lives with for a day just so they have a chance, an opportunity, to do all the things they wanted to do.

I used to always complain about my life. Just little things – I used to be so pessimistic. Now that I’m happier, I’ve realized how lucky I truly am to have all that I do. I have a house, an education, a family, a bright future. I don’t even have any sitnificant family problems to speak of, unlike most people. I have an amazing boyfriend, who, like the way you are with James, constantly makes me cry from joy. Some people don’t realize how lucky they are. They just focus on all the bad things. I’m so glad that you manage to stay positive despite all you’ve been through.

Awww, this post made me smile.

Everything in this post is really we most people take for granted. I know I do.

Just about everyday I complain about how I don’t want to do this or that. How this food is nasty or how such and such gets on my nerves but you have to look at the bigger picture and that’s what really the human race doesn’t understand.

At least I’m able to do the things I hate doing. I’m able to get a meal everyday whether it’s my favorite or not while there’s some other boy of girl just dying to get a meal. I complain about how it’s too cold or too hot but at least I still having senses working well enough to feel such things.

I envy your relationship with you boyfriend James and your bestfriend Lilian. The closest people holding those titles in my life just aren’t cutting it.

I never understood how taking things from children actually helps the situation. Cutting them off makes things no better than they already are. My mom never does such things though.

Lol, my new phone is super cool. I just love texting on it (:

My mom is always iffy about that too. She’s iffy about the online world period. Like on her facebook when her friends add her she’s always iffy about whether it’s really them or not. I’m like wow, so they just happen to look exactly like this person and know a number of things about you and you still think it’s someone else. Come on now, really? I’ve seen a lot of celebrities replying to people on twitter though.

I like I’d be a lot better if people left me alone too. It’s come to a certain point where if you aren’t a certain person I don’t want to be bothered.

I hate reinstalling stuff too, although I’ve never had to do it with a computer system. Just make sure you have a backup plan!

Yea, being first is cool but if you aren’t last and only it really means nothing in the end.

Yes, we’re all amazingly lucky that we aren’t living on the streets, or in some third-world country or prisoners of war… we have it good. Really good.

We should be much more thankful… the human race is just naturally way too self-centered. :/

I’m still hoping to find someone that can also be described as a best friend.

Sometimes I think about the people who grew up doing work too dangerous for their size, or without the parental love everyone deserves, and I realize how lucky I am, and if there is something I can do for even one, I’d be happy to do it!

The sleeping one is difficult. Last night I get into bed like 2 mins before 11pm. I got carried away with what I was doing on the computer. Tonight I’m going to try and get into bed 10mins before 11pm. I have to sleep early because I have to be up so early, also it takes me a long time to fall asleep.

I’ve seen a few people do this monthly goals too, you truly have inspired many :)

Hey Georgie!
It’s been ages since I last visited your site. :)) Glad to be here again reading your post. :p

Anyway… those thoughts came up to me one time too. Like I was riding a jeepney going home and this little kid (a beggar) was asking for food. Coz according to him, he hasn’t eaten the whole day. I feel bad. So I gave a little amount of money though I know I should have given him food to be sure that money won’t go elsewhere.

Indeed we are lucky to have everything we want. I can feel the eagerness that you want to give something for those people in need of help. But maybe you can actually help those people… right? :)

Oh I forgot to share to you the password for my latest post… ‘’
I think I need your opinion. lol :)

It’s a really good thing to be grateful for everything you have no matter how small or big. Sometimes we take things for granted and we usually are greedy and want more of everything, but rarely do we just stop and look at what we already have and be thankful. A lot of times when I want something so bad, I just think aimlessly and wonder about how there are people who don’t have a family like mine, who don’t have a home like mine, and still we complain.
Most of the time songs help express our feelings, like you mentioned. And happy crying is good, yea. :D At least you can still talk to James even if he’s not around, stay strong though and I believe you’re a good person from the things you’ve mentioned you’ve done. :)

Aww this is so touching. Happy crying is <3.

I always call Mia my partner in crime! And we're pretty much each other's significant others, LOL JK JK! We've seriously never had fights either, we just don't argue, we compromise! It's lovely. And then there's Daniel, ahhhh he makes the perfect boyfriend LOL just saying. He's always cheering me up when I'm down, he's funny and bubbly it's so great. I feel lucky to have jerk Jason to catch my back, and Arron even if he's so far away. Forever out of the country but as long as the internet lives ~

Don't worry about charity, because I think if you're thinking about it, you're a good person. I want to donate my clothes and old books and CDs, I would if I could. I just don't know where to go for these things – should add to my goals sometime. I can't give blood because I don't weigh enough. If only I weighed 15 more lbs (sorry about measurements!).

Though I've had my share of depression and bad luck (I just consider it bad luck that I'm here rather than in college) and accidents, I consider myself a fairly lucky person. Though I can't get along with my parents I do have a few people I can love and of course I can only hope they return the feeling <- gah that sounds so weird. But it's true.


Yeah I have to go, mom is still up at this ungodly hour don't ask me why, Got yelled at.