Tumbling in Turbulence

My heart goes out to those in northern Queensland tonight, who will be greatly affected by Cyclone Yasi. The more I think about it, though, the more I have hope. I have a strange feeling that it won’t be that bad, but what do I know? :( After the floods, I can’t believe they have to go through all this. I’ve never been through any natural disaster but these people are keeping so positive about the whole situation. I don’t think that in their place, I could do the same thing.

It’s been a very hot day, and the past few days have been just as bad. It’s been way too hot to use the laptop properly… and I’ve enjoyed just sitting in the living room near the air conditioner, just watching the news or things like that. We only have an air conditioner in the living room, and my room has nothing but a ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan isn’t all that useful. Sometimes it just feels like it’s blowing the hot air around. When you think about the theory that “hot air rises”, it makes me just want to lie down on my carpet in the hot summer and stay there, except the carpet sort of makes everything hot when you’re at a low level too. You don’t win, haha. Summers in Australia are horrid, they reach about 40 degrees Celsius sometimes (which is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit).

My high school didn’t have air conditioning. We had it in the library but even then it kind of sucked. We were stuck with the fans too, which didn’t do much.

My room feels like an oven in the heat. And it really takes a toll on my laptop. In winter my laptop never has problems getting too hot but I think that the weather really affects it in the summer. I’m not a beach person either, or a pool person… so I just sit at home in the breeze of the air conditioner. Tans and sand and ocean don’t really appeal to me unless it’s a cool autumn day… oh wait, no… I actually don’t like tans at all. I like being pale. :)

Today was an okay day; most of the day was tolerable but my room became so oven-like in the afternoon and I was worried my laptop would commit suicide and set fire to itself from the heat (ha ha ha). I turned it off.

I’m feeling really ill now. About a month ago I had the same problem feeling utterly bloated, but now it feels terrible to the point where I can’t really move. I lay on the ground in a foetal position earlier, but really wanted to finish typing this blog. I don’t know if it was something I ate, but I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary today except for a piece of coffee candy (I haven’t had the same brand for a couple of years since we don’t buy them that often). Feels like period pain. Yes, I hate being a girl, but this isn’t period pains. :P

Sometimes it feels relieving just to lie down after a long day, whether you’re sick or not. The heat really does that to you. Damn bitch. XD

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I hope the cyclone doesn’t cause too much damage, although that may be asking for too much. Still, I hope it doesn’t last long. =/

The heat this year is getting really, really annoying. I remember thinking how last year’s summer wasn’t too bad compared to other years. It even felt like I was getting used to Australia’s summer. But no, the bitch was simply holding back. >_>

Still, I feel like the usual heat wave is pretty late this year. I was expecting this kind of heat on December – and it wasn’t so hot back then that I would still take a jacket in case it gets cold. At least I hope this heat doesn’t last for long…

I hope you feel better tomorrow, it sucks being sick. ):

I don’t remember last summer. Oh well. It was probably not as bad as this… at the beginning of this year they said we’d have a rainy summer, but it just seemed like summer came late for us.

December wasn’t too bad. I was carrying a jacket too. /sweat

Ha, sometimes I forget we’re at opposite sides of the globe! It’s really hot here! xD

Ah, no boasting at all. I really just sat down right now and tried to do it today… I haven’t fished it out of my closet in years. :) I hope to be able to do one faster soon!

Ha ha, coincidentally enough, that cube you’re talking about is the SOMA cube which is what the Rubik’s is sitting on. ;)

I’m one of those people who don’t take things serious until it happens. But this is so scary, those people must be terrified. I used to live in Gladstone, not too far from yapoon, further up from Brisbane closer to Cairns where the cyclone is expected to hit. They say the winds will be so strong that towns hundreds of miles away will be hit with category one and two winds. :( I remember when I lived in Gladstone, we were always warned to take cover from an expected cyclone, but fortunately, the islands near us broke them off. When I first moved there I saw little tornado’s at the beach (freaky).

I also have a feeling that it won’t be as bad as expected, but honestly, I think it’s just a hope; it’s a serious problem, category 5, which I believe is stronger than cyclone Tracey in Darwin, which was tragic.

You’re lucky with the Sydney heat in a way. Melbourne has just been ridiculously unpredictable, one day cold, the next hot, then stinking hot, then average. I think there is only one more month left of summer? I hope it gets cooler for you soon, but February is usually the worst of it.

I like being pale too. :) And I’m also not a beach person, mostly because my muscles expand under the sun after ten minutes, it’s excruciating pain. Second) I’m afraid of sharks, and all those other living things that lurk in the water, not to mention that salt water up your nose isn’t fun. The only time I like going to the beach is if it’s late afternoon or night, where it’s relaxing, and you can enjoy the scenery.

I’ve got period pain now, I hate it so much, it’s not fair. Sometimes the pain can really get too much, and it almost seems that no medication works for the stomach and back pain.

@_@ I read about the cyclone online. Here in the US they tend to be very one sided with news reports. That’s why I dislike the majority of the American public. I really shouldn’t say such things. I was born in the US but raised in England lol. I’m back in the States for University now.
I will keep the region in my thoughts. Though I am living in Texas I have never been the victim of any natural disaster. I honestly cant imagine the impact it would have. We take so much for granted =/

As for the heat well it is normal for tit to be well over 100 degrees throughout the entire summer. Our spring time is generally around 80 to 90 degrees. I honestly miss Liverpool. And I thought I would never miss that weather lol

my mom actually mentioned the cyclone in australia today, she said we shouldn’t complain about our bad weather ’cause it was nothing compared, and she has probably right too. nowadays the weather where i live is just weird, it starts with snow in the morning, and then it slowly starts raining in the evening, but it could’ve been worse!

wow 40degrees? how do you survive? i like it when i’m travelling to other countries, and it is about 30, but 40degrees is too much. i hope you’ll survive and don’t burn up, haha. let’s hope the computer not decide to take suicide then!! (:

i’m looking forward to see your new layout then, even i love the one you have now! (: simple is the best i think! (: some layouts are too complicated and i have even problems finding the navigation, it’s not even fun.

that’s more than i have, i have none of their cd’s, i just have them on my ipod. the stores are not selling all time low at cd’s my place, haha i’m just the freak who doesn’t like local music (:

Let’s hope that the cyclone isn’t too bad. To put it bluntly, natural disasters suck. I used to live in New England, and we’d get all the hurricanes that went up the eastern seaboard of the US. By the time they got to us, they were called “Tropical Storms” rather than hurricanes, but some of them sill made trees fall over and break parts of houses.

Bad heat! Leave Georgina alone!

Aww! *hugs* I hope you feel better soon. I don’t remember feeling really, really, extremely hot that I don’t move or anything. But when I did go on holiday to Philippines last year, I felt SO hot that I couldn’t sleep AT ALL. It was hell.

I know what you mean, like seriously, we had one fan that was basically blowing the hot air around. Ugh, fail.

But yeah! I hope you feel better soon and also hope that your fans somewhat make you feel cooler instead of just blowing hot air around like a pointless object. :)


Just thought I’d come by & say hello, if the pain is that bad and it’s not from your period , you should maybe have it checked, just in case, to make sure you are fine. I’ve had problems with *back up* and bad indigestion, and family have had problems with it being one side over the other i can’t remember, but you should check. Those can be painful, or if you take meds of any kind it could be a symptom of one of those if you are new to it. The news / weather has been terrible lately, I feel sorry for anyone who has to live in that bad of a condition as well. Thankfully the groundhog actually predicted an early spring, but its yet to be decided when winter will be over ‘sigh’ warmer months will make all this winter depression go away im sure. i think everyone has a little case of it by now. I hope things get better for you and you feel better ♥ Maggie

Aww yeah I heard about the cyclone! And I was like “I hope Georgina is near there!” Cause quite frankly, I’m horrible at geography XD But I hope everything will be okay! I saw some of your tweets about it :[

Hahah oh boy! It sure is hot there! What’s the temperature like in the winter? Aww, I’ve never had a ceiling fan so I don’t know what it’s like living with it everyday. I was going to get one, but we ended up getting AC. I was a bit disappointed, but after hearing your opinion about them, it makes sense. I don’t think I want one anymore XD

Ah, nice autumn days sound nice. XD Haha you like staying pale, so you at least you’ll have a lower risk of getting skin cancer ;] XDD

Aww, you’re poor over-heating, laptop XD Hang in there! Only a few more months until autumn!

And I hope you feel better !

Yup, fun & educational. Just the way I like it :P Ohh that’s nice. I like when everyone gets a little something from a raffle, unless that something is lame. XD Then I’d rather not take it XD LOL YAY, we’re both losers XD I never win either XD *sigh* lmao

Exactly! Haha Georgina is a good egg :] No drinking and no driving (until she gets her license renewed) XD. It does teach a good lesson. ;)

Yeah! Exercising with a friend is always more fun. It motivates you more :D You should try it! Haha and you’re already a dancer so you could probably catch on better than non dancers.

Haha true true. When it’s hot, I never want to do anything. I don’t like winter that much though. I perfer the spring time :D Let’s trade :)

Whoa! That sounds awesome ! I want to go to a fair like that! We have ones with tons of junk food and rides and face painting, but it doesn’t seem the same. LOL ahah, you could probably just spend the whole time at the fair choosing things to bring home XD

OHHHH I’ve had takoyaki before! When I went to Japan though..it isn’t really common here XD They are yummy :3 Aww I hate when there is too much batter! I like the cheesecake because it’s just like a thin layer, so it’s not too overpowering. The cheesecake itself is so good XD Ahh ramen ♥ LOL just saying, but I’ve watched this movie called The Ramen Girl. XD I always think of that movie when I think of ramen XD

Haha yeah, I don’t really like k-mart. XD It’s not very popular though. Usually people go there if they need to pick up something in a hurry.

Yeah! Haha we’re so economical XD I sometimes get it at the movies because I like the movie theater popcorn XD But then I usually bring my own drink. If you go on tuesdays, you get a discount, so that’s when I like to take advantage of the popcorn XD

Hahh same here! When someone asks to borrow something, sometimes I’m like…yeah….. Then I try to change the subject XD Usually they forget :P

Yeah, sometimes people tell their friend not to replace it for them to be polite. But deep down, they are upset. /um

It was hot Sunday. Tuesday night a winter storm hit, and I learned – and heard – the phrase “snow showers” for the first time. :O I wish it was hot here, to be honest. I really cannot wait for summer. Mostly for the weather. It’s usually at least somewhat an icy hot feeling rather than a below freezing one.

I’m sorry you feel bad. I hope you feel better soon. ^^ Not feeling well is no fun at all. :(

I think the cold does that to you, too. Breathing in cold weather is hard as well. D:

I don’t think I’m very patient. I guess that, maybe, I appear patient on the outside. But on the inside, I’m not patient at all. I’m the oldest out of all of my siblings, and my mom is youngest out of all of hers. She always sides with the youngest child/children, she always lets them off easy, etc. And they know that, even if they lie to her about what happened, that I will look like the bad person no matter what. I hate it. I hate being called a liar. It’s extremely hurtful to me. :(

I hadn’t heard about the cyclone, I don’t really read much news. My thoughts and prayers to everyone in Northern Queensland.

As for the heat, that sounds dreadful. Those 100 degree days are the worse, especially without air conditioning. I hope it warms up for you – I’m sure it will soon.

Also, feel better! It might be what you ate, I’ve had that happen before after eating a bad chicken wing :(

I wish we had some of your heat! We just got a freaking 2 day rain/ice/snow storm!

Hey Georgie!! It’s quite alright I understand when you’re hot you’re hot. Pun intended :P. But anyway, that sucks about the summer being that miserable in Australia! Fly me a big overnight bag and send me your way! I’m done with winter. It was freaking windy as heck today here in California, and it was soooooooo freeeezing! I’m telling you, I’ll switch you your summer for our winter any time any day :P Ha! But yeah, it sucks don’t it? We have two heaters, one in the living room, and one near my room. I can’t turn the on near my room on because it literally sucks up gas and makes the bill go sky high :(. Sucks!! So I’m laying there freezing my butt off, while my dad’s in a nice comfy California King sized Mattress (any idea where he got it from? Elvis Presley’s Palm Springs Estate! O_O; ) and a heater in his room. Lucky bitch. I have nothing >_<. No wonder why he wanted the upstairs so badly! Haha. It was also windy last night too so that kept me up for a good while. I was talking to Takuto a little bit I didn't seem at all interested in what he had to say because of the headache I was having/receiving which has been there since I had the seizure attack at Chil's restaurant. But eh, I apologized to him, for sounding rude if I did but eh, maybe I'll get to talk to him tonight. He understands my problems big time, and he's okay with it. He actually laughs when I call him butthead so that's what I'm gonna call him from now on. But yeah every time we talk I go hi butthead! *chuckles*. But yeah, he's kinda worried if I'm not gonna like his personality or as he calls it character, when we meet in real life. I know that's what's bothering him a lot. I mean yeah we get a long great online and everything, but I'm kinda worried about that too when we're gonna meet up in real life. I think it's gonna go fine. A long time ago, I was literally stepping on eggshells, because I was so afraid of being bitched at and what not, and being hurt and everything so I was always shy around guys. But I think it's gonna be different this time around when butthead and I meet up.

Lol…it was funny yesterday My best friend Melissa her son and I were walking out of wal-mart and boy did I get her big time…She accidentally bumped her hand into my hand she's like "I'm not trying to hold your hand" and I go "Ah, Melissa it's okay *holds her hand* LMFAO she took her hand away really quick and was like EWWWWW Gross!!! LMFAO!!! But 5 or even 10 years ago I wouldn't have done that no way. Now I don't care. So when butthead's here in May I know it's gonna go smooth. Haha! But yeah.

You're right my time will come to meet the right guy, and it maybe butthead but I dunno. You can never tell with the way God and Jesus handles your life. They put you here for a purpose, and they made you for a reason (granted our parents helped too but still they're the full on creators of our bodies, minds and everything else), and they know when to let you meet your significant other and what not. If butthead is made for me, we will know. But just to play it safe, I'm not gonna jinx it though. I'm not gonna chase after every guy I think is hot or whatever. I'm gonna let God decide that for me. So yeah.

I didn't hear from my mom or my Aunt yesterday but my Aunt had an excuse she has doctor appointments every Tuesday which is why she was unable to do dinner last night, but we're going to try and get together this weekend. So I'm hoping for it. She hasn't called me back on that yet. But maybe she has emailed my dad or something. But yeah, I was really shocked to get a happy birthday email from my sister Melissa. I was like O_Ox125 lmfao! I told my dad and he's like it's starting to be a good birthday already! She has accepted my illness, but I don't know if she's ready to be friends on fb just yet. But that's her decision I'm not gonna push it ya know? She does have a busy life and everything like that taking care of her daughter aka my niece and what not. So yeah.

Oh I'll definitely be getting a camera next month! Haha! Clothes were a necessity thing this month. I finally have pockets and in a size 20 jeans! I tried on a size 24 and my bestie was like girl your butt's sagging so let's try on a size 22 it still sagged, so she's like okay a size 20, and thankfully we hit it at the right time because a lady was trying on clothes as well; and she's in retail (not at that store but at another store) and she was being really helpful. Which made it really worthwhile. So she agreed get a size 20 jeans. And they fit, I can't believe I actually dropped four jean sizes in 4 months! :D I'm so happy! Haha! No really I am. Now if only I can get off my lazy arse and actually start toning up my stomach, I'll be even happier, but yeah, that'll come in due time. It's too cold to do anything right now. Plus with the seizures and all. But yeah, hopefully I'll see the neurologist soon, or something and get on the right medication for seizures and what not! I still need to call my optometrist and find out about my glasses. I'll call them tomorrow since they're closed already ;-;. Anyway, I did another song but I found one that actually fits my voice go here http://www.youtube.com/surrealsakura . You'll see it. :D. You'll be amazed! But yeah. I'm happy all the way around!!! Take care and before you know it your bestie and bf will be home before you know it!

In India, where I live, it gets monstrously hot in summers. We had heat waves last year in the middle of July and the schools were shut down. The temperature crossed 43 degree Celsius. We have air condition in two rooms, not in mine though. Even my school is not air conditioned. We are a sweaty smelly bundle in school during summers. I am so glad its winter here right now. The temperature is below ten.
Aw! Bloated feeling? I am not sure what does it mean exactly but I hope you get well soon. *Hugs*

I hate reading about natural disasters or even man-made for that matter. Recently a plane crashed and 300 people died and as I looked at the pictures of the dead and dying people on the television and newspaper, I cried. Sometimes, we take so many things for granted.

Now that you mention it, I am glad I didn’t fall off or something .That would have been even more embarrassing.

You are such a sweetie. :)

I hope you start feeling better soon.

I also hope the cyclone does’t cause too much damage like the first one did. The first one hit me a couple of days ago but it wasn’t that bad, or well it wasn’t where I was. :)

I don’t know what prizes would be good for people and make them want to enter.

I hadn’t heard about the cyclone until now, but that’s really terrible :/ I’ve never really experience anything of that sort either. There was a tornado in my town two summer’s ago, but it wasn’t AS bad & all the damage that really happened was a roof being blown off a building, and I wasn’t home at the time so I didn’t see anything anyways. It was worse off in nearby towns, but it was the first tornado we had seen in IDEK how long.

I know how you feel about the heat. I mean, it’s winter here right now.. but in the summer it’s terrible. And lately, it’s been SO HOT in my house at night and it makes it so hard to sleep because there’s no escape from the heat. That’s why I’m up now, at 2am because I can never sleep in the heat so I figured I’d just stay online, rather than tossing and turning :P

I hope you start feeling better soon :( It sucks when you feel that way, so hopefully it won’t last too long!

Thanks <3 Yeah, my last few layouts have all been dark coloured for some reason. So I thought it was time for a change :D And I feel like pink is always a good choice for that, haha. I've made so many layouts in the last few months in attempt to make a new one, but I never really LOVED any of them until this one. There wasn't TOO much of a difference in IE, since the issue of the rollovers may or may not just be me, and it happens in FF too.

FF is the primary one I use. I used to have Chrome, but I just prefer FF as it's what I'm used to. I used to swear by IE, and hated FF but.. I was so young and stupid back then, hahaha.

I am so sorry for those people. I would never want to experience something like that. You’re right I couldn’t be optimistic if it would happen to me.
You’re so lucky to have summer. Here is winter, and is so cold. Yesterday were -15 degrees Celsius, and There are not signs of getting better. I always hated winters, I hate snow and all the idiots which trow it in me and my girlfriends. Also, I hate the ice from outside. This winter I fell like 2 times while I was walking home. It sucks, you fell and everyone looks at you and laugh. I just want summer to come. I think this summer I won’t tan, I don’t know why I do it, I don’t like being tanned. I like being pale, like you said, but my dad choose to spend our holidays on the beach. I like swimming, I like walking in a summer day, I like going roller skating, and eating ice cream. I prefer summer instead of winter.

I hope the pain will go faster. My period pains were awful. I couldn’t even get up, and I had to stay steady, to let it go, but it was useless. I did a treatment, 3 months with injections during my period. The pain isn’t gone at all, but at least I can get up and be a normal girl. I hate being a girl! I hope everything will be ok and you should eat something.

I hate being hot. Lucky me, I’m usually freezing :P Except in our freshman dorm. That was an oven, even in the winter.
I bought a cooling fan for my laptop senior year. that seemed to help a lot.

Damn. I bought a cooling fan but it’s too small for my laptop. My laptop’s pretty huge and it doesn’t really do a thing. I just turn it off for a bit… it doesn’t bother me. I don’t even have a portable fan to use… XD

As a reply to a tweet you did the other day: Australia is not an underdog, the cyclone is all over our news. I also hope that there won’t be much damage. :(

I hope you recover soon! Go to the doctors if it gets really bad! I order you!

My sleeping goal is just to be in bed by 11pm, I don’t have to fall asleep. I usually take a while to fall asleep anyways but it’s better than going to bed after 12am. So far I’m going pretty well although it has only been 3 days. I hope I can keep it up for the rest of the month especially the gym one because I really want to lose some fat and tone up before my Hong Kong holiday.

40 degree wow that’s totally crazy. Here in the UK hottest is like 33 degrees and everyone is like screaming about the heat. Most homes don’t have air con here because the high heat only last a few days then it cools down again. Although the very hot periods are getting longer now and hotter as well. Years ago the hottest temperature would only be 27-28.

My computers get really hot in the summer. My room is west facing therefore the sun is always shinning into it the whole afternoon making it super warm. I usually have to turn my pc off till the room is a bit cooler.

Luckily my work office has aircon and that’s where I spend most of the hot hours on a weekday. I only have to bare the heat on weekends or I’ll just go to some shopping mall and stay there till it gets cool. Btw I’m complaining about 27-33 degrees here….I’m going to die in the Hong Kong weather this May/June where it’s much hotter and extremely humid.

Once the sun has set it’s pretty cool, the temperature like drops by almost half so night time isn’t so bad.

Hey, sorry I haven’t commented or been active lately. College work’s been taking up most of my time, but hopefully I’ll be fully active soon (I finish May/June time until I leave for uni!!!!!!!) Hope you’ve been doing okay!

I haven’t actually heard about the Cyclone, but then I hardly ever watch the news, so I usually end up waiting for someone to tell me about stuff. So I’m not exactly clued in on everything, haha. But hopefully they’re doing alright. I’ve never really experienced anything big weather-wise, we’ve had two earthquakes where I live, though they’ve been so small I pretty much didn’t notice them.

I still don’t think I’ll ever get over the difference in weather all over the world. It’s freezing here, haha. I don’t like cold weather, but then I don’t like hot weather that much either. I have pale skin so I generally don’t tan too well (unless you count looking like a lobster being tanned).

Hopefully you feel better soon. *Hugs*


I hope there isn’t much damage. Things like that can really, really suck.

Summers are hot here too, but right now we just got a freaking blizzard. Or dodged one, where I am specifically. And it is cold. I’d given anything for heat right now!

I’ve never had an overheating problem with my laptop. Of course I have a cooling fan that fits it nicely… though it needs to be cleaned. :O

Really? That hot? Yeah I heard it’s that hot in Australia. It’s the same in Abu Dhabi, only that all buildings/houses have AC, so it’s not that bad except when you go out >_< And I hope everything goes fine in that place! I've witnessed/experienced natural disasters, and boy, it's really scary because it's really hard to fight it or even avoid it sometimes :s

We have the news channels on ALL day, hahah. I thought the whole world would be talking about this, though, since it’s something very big. Anyways, yeah, don’t worry I’m fine and thank GOD the Internet’s back, life was getting VERY boring, since we can’t even go out and then the TV’s on ALL day on the news and if we change, haha well basically my dad doesn’t let anyone else carry the remote except for him so I guess you get the picture. /hehe
How come it’s really hot where you live in JANUARY?? Hahaha we’re freezing here. :D Well actually, these few days the weather has been fairly warm but chilly at the same time. Ahh, ceiling fans. I remember when we went to Syria two summers ago to visit our family, they only had ONE air conditioner and it was in the living the room. The rest of the rooms were supported by ceiling fans and normal portable fans. It was extremely hot and most of the time I got sick because there would be wind the night before and we’d have the ceiling fan on, so it would turn around hot air and I’d wake up every morning with a bad stomach ache. Haha too much info 😳 Haha.
I’m a winter person too. I HATE HATE HATE sweating and the summer and all that. Except for swimming, because then that’s cold and I like being cold, tehee.
Hmmm…I read once that a hot bath or hot drinks help ease bloating, you can try that?

It’s funny. I crave for summer when it’s winter when the hardcore heat wave comes I bitch because it is too damn hot. I know the feeling of just wanting to lay on the floor thing it would help in some way when you just can’t do anything about a really really really hot day.

I do like to be outdoors though in the summer but it’s difficult for me because I’m allergic to any type of sunblock because anything with SPF gives me a MAJOR allergic reaction where I end up looking like a blowfish. I’m like you where I like to keep to pale. I don’t look good when I’m too dark with this whole allergy issue … my skin turns dark every single summer and I HATE IT.

Ah that reminds me, I should really buy a fan for the living room since turning on the AC is such a huge waste of electricity. :/

It’s kind of funny that you don’t like the ocean & what not when you live on an island hahaa. I love the ocean! I love how beautiful it is & the peacefulness that comes with it. I love hanging out by the pool & what not, but like you, I hate tans. I actually think Asians who should be um oh I don’t know, light, who are actually really dark look all dirty & ghetto. ahahah that’s so mean of me to say, but it’s true. I mean there are studies in which a survey asked a bunch of ethnic groups who they considered more beautiful. Every race across the board had a consensus of those with the lighter skin colors of their ethnicity = more beautiful.

Hopefully that cyclone won’t do too much damage to Queensland. That cyclone should really wipe out some of the a-holes in this world instead. I suppose we can’t migrate all of the good people & all of the horrible people to Queensland? haha. :

Hrm try eating some bananas or anything with lots of potassium if you’re suffering from cramps. I’m actually suffering from them right now. :(

I watched the news earlier morning the other day. It was so horrible and made me worried sick. But I was relieved that no houses were flying in the air like extreme tornados other people may experienced. I’m very sorry to those living in Queensland and have to suffer the cyclone after just being hit by the floods.

Here, it’s been completely the opposite to what you had. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo windy and always raining and cold. I couldn’t sleep well last night because the wind sounded so loud and I was too concerned of how it might end.

You’re lucky at least you have a fan or some sort of electronic that makes you feel less hotter. If it gets too hot here (luckily it’s very rare though! *grins*), we just open the windows. But when night time starts… well.

On a hot summer day, I usually lay down on the sofa doing nothing and wasting time craving for ice-cream. But light up, summer is almost over! :) I don’t get why so many people at my school loves tanning under the sun. I guess there’s no problem with a wee bit tan but too much is too much. Truthfully, they’re just letting themselves get skin cancer.

I haven’t been on the laptop much since I began school again but I’ve certainly went through moments where my laptop feels burning hot that you could probably cook sausages on it.

I don’t remember my high school having air-conditioners (or maybe I just didn’t see them or something) because my school is so cheap. XD Though I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

Aaah… period pains. So don’t want to think about them. Don’t hate being a girl. You know, a lot of men were even willing to risk their lives to get a transgender surgery. ;)

Yep, caps can be annoying but not when someone wants to make a point or express excitement. :P :D They always capture my attention.

Most of those girls are a pain and I’ve to face them everyday in class. Yay. -_- They’re not just doing it to show off their legs, they’re also doing it to show off their asses. XD ‘Cos to be honest, their skirts weren’t that short. They were short SHORT.

Wow, I’m surprised you still remembered those old school stuffs I used to blog and whinged about last year. Then again, I’ve been talking about them all the time anyway. So no whatsoever surprises there. 🙄

Thank you so much for your encouragement and trust in me! I was so touched by your comment that I’m starting to believe that I’ll get through this year a lot better than last year. Thank you! ♥

I read about the cyclone online. How scary it must have been! Here in the UK we don’t get any weather like that except a few inches of snow and that’s enough to grind the whole on the UK to a halt. Thankfully though the cyclone has past and there haven’t been many fatalities. Still much property and bussinesses are in ruin :(

I think you should go and see the doctor that really doesn’t sound good! I do hope that it gets better though!

I couldn’t survive in that kind of heat. When the summer starts here it gets too hot! It’s probably the same temperature as your winter, lol!

oh my.. I hope the people in Northern Queensland will be ok. :( I have never experience any natural disaster too *thank God*…

I get the feeling of that “period pain”. like you, I hate being a girl too! T___T I actually have the migraine plus the abdominal pain when I have my period… :(