Tumbling in Turbulence

My heart goes out to those in northern Queensland tonight, who will be greatly affected by Cyclone Yasi. The more I think about it, though, the more I have hope. I have a strange feeling that it won’t be that bad, but what do I know? 😞 After the floods, I can’t believe they have to go through all this. I’ve never been through any natural disaster but these people are keeping so positive about the whole situation. I don’t think that in their place, I could do the same thing.

It’s been a very hot day, and the past few days have been just as bad. It’s been way too hot to use the laptop properly… and I’ve enjoyed just sitting in the living room near the air conditioner, just watching the news or things like that. We only have an air conditioner in the living room, and my room has nothing but a ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan isn’t all that useful. Sometimes it just feels like it’s blowing the hot air around. When you think about the theory that “hot air rises”, it makes me just want to lie down on my carpet in the hot summer and stay there, except the carpet sort of makes everything hot when you’re at a low level too. You don’t win, haha. Summers in Australia are horrid, they reach about 40 degrees Celsius sometimes (which is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit).

My high school didn’t have air conditioning. We had it in the library but even then it kind of sucked. We were stuck with the fans too, which didn’t do much.

My room feels like an oven in the heat. And it really takes a toll on my laptop. In winter my laptop never has problems getting too hot but I think that the weather really affects it in the summer. I’m not a beach person either, or a pool person… so I just sit at home in the breeze of the air conditioner. Tans and sand and ocean don’t really appeal to me unless it’s a cool autumn day… oh wait, no… I actually don’t like tans at all. I like being pale. πŸ™‚

Today was an okay day; most of the day was tolerable but my room became so oven-like in the afternoon and I was worried my laptop would commit suicide and set fire to itself from the heat (ha ha ha). I turned it off.

I’m feeling really ill now. About a month ago I had the same problem feeling utterly bloated, but now it feels terrible to the point where I can’t really move. I lay on the ground in a foetal position earlier, but really wanted to finish typing this blog. I don’t know if it was something I ate, but I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary today except for a piece of coffee candy (I haven’t had the same brand for a couple of years since we don’t buy them that often). Feels like period pain. Yes, I hate being a girl, but this isn’t period pains. πŸ˜›

Sometimes it feels relieving just to lie down after a long day, whether you’re sick or not. The heat really does that to you. Damn bitch. πŸ˜†

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