Open Fire

Yesterday I went to work. When I go to work I wear my work shirt straight from home. It has the logo on the front, and on the back, and it’s bright blue so it stands out a lot. I think that people would find it pretty obvious where I work if they were to see my shirt, especially me wearing it.

I was just about to walk in through the door. All these parents were standing around, and to be quite frank, it pissed me off. I hate walking past them all before I go through the door. I don’t know why they have to be so early or keen on bringing their children in.

There was a child’s dad standing right in front of the door. I was just focused on walking in, and all of a sudden this child’s dad says, “You’re not allowed to drink inside.”

Um… are you talking to me?

I think that my mind told me to say, “I work here.”

I don’t know whether the tone I might have intended was:
1) “I work here.”
2) “I work here, kthnx.”
3) “I work here… duh.”
4) “I work here OK.”

“It’s water,” the voice came out.

What the hell! The peripherals of my mind clearly sent a message to the hypothalamus informing me how to react, and instead, the right side of my brain piped in over the left and decided to tell this stupid old man that the contents of my water bottle which he was pointing to was… well, water, obviously.

This annoys me and is the same in any comeback/backfire situation. I don’t know how many times I have tried to snap back at someone or prove them wrong with some snide comment back.

There are so many times someone has made a joke on me and I’ve had nothing to say back. (Though numerous times I’ve snapped in anger, “Shut up, I’ll rape you” as a joke… to Ryan’s shock and horror and tendency at taking everything a little too literally. So that’s my only line…)

I know this man wasn’t intending on annoying me, but he did. I thought it was obvious I worked there – now, don’t tell me my petite figure got this douchebag thinking that I was possibly fourteen years old, the same age as the oldest student in our education centre here. I like being short, thanks… but being nearly twenty years old, I do not look like a fourteen year old.

In other words, I’d like to conclude that this guy was, in the very least, momentarily blind and didn’t know that I worked there.

Now I wish my brain had shut up for a moment and instead of focusing on having to say something, would have said the right thing. Because “It’s water” clearly doesn’t cut it and didn’t make the guy feel like an idiot.

Students aren’t allowed to drink in the centre, but they are allowed water. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. I’m not walking in there with a six scoop Lover’s Gelato, for crying out loud.

Speaking of Lover’s Gelato! I miss James. It’s our three year anniversary tomorrow, and he’s still in Hong Kong. :( We did have the huge Lover’s Gelato once, it was kind of weird, with people staring at us through the window eating from this huge painted porcelain cup with ‘love’ painted on it.

Back then I might have simply stared back. Really evilly.

Man, I hate it when people stare at me.

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I guess he didn’t really mean to annoy you or something, and maybe he thought he was trying to be helpful by telling you – maybe he didn’t notice your shirt or something. Even so, I don’t think he should have said that, or anything at all, since even if you didn’t work there, someone inside could have told you that drinking was not allowed. Him saying anything about it was really, a waste of time. At least that’s what I think. =/

It’s funny how Ryan reacts to things sometimes haha. It give us a good laugh. xD

And congratulations to you and James on your three years together! =)

I used try to resist my impulses to talk back since they usually just end up making me sound extremely idiotic, since I was such a shy person back then. Now, it just kind of depends on my mood and on the person. When I’m in a bad mood, I say a lot of things I’ll eventually regret saying, so it’s best that I do avoid talking back when I’m feeling grumpy.

What’s annoying is when you think of the perfect comeback right after the moment’s passed already. It’s like, damn, I wish I’d thought of that like 5 seconds ago.

It’s too bad you won’t be able to see James. :( Despite that, 3 years is still pretty amazing! Congrats. :)

sometimes it feels like some people just open their mouth to criticize me or find “mistakes”, but i know it’s probably just me. i don’t think he wanted to be mean to you, but still he could’ve just looked on your t-shirt seeing you worked there and then figured out you already knew drinking wasn’t allowed there.

i also feel horrible after when i complain, ’cause i know some people has it thousand times worse than me. but still, sometimes it doesn’t mean i don’t have it bad enough.

your welcome <3 i like to make something totally different from the last layout when i first change it, something people and myself won't get tired of too soon (: and of course it's a big plus if it's something better than the last one, so i'm not on the same level forever (:

Oh god, I remember my work shirt used to be so BAD and bright red, because it was a sports shop they knew where I came from when wearing it so I werent allowed in other sports shops lol.

I would of said “Well I work here” in a tone to be honest because its not really the kids concern what you do, I don’t like it when kids talk to adults like they are children. :S My cousin told me off once at work when she was with her mum, and I was like jeez you are 4 and I am 19 at the time.

I hate it when people joke with me because I am too slow and either bite back or say something stupid back. Like once my supervisor said to me “Oh does that mean we have to ship it to your sister then to australia?”, I then said No I can ship it then, she goes only joking and everyone laughed at me for ages, I was like OMG!!!

Yeah what I hate the most too is people staring at me, I am like what?? I am a human to you know.

Congrats on the three years :)

Awh. I was like that for so many years! I never said what I meant to say, and i was far too nice to backfire any comment whether it was needed or not.

And maybe the guy thought you were some random teenager dropping off your brother or sister, but then again you WERE wearing the shirt. Possibly it was just his “I feel like being an asshole” day? 👏

What a douchebag. You definitely do NOT look 14. Maybe not 20, but 18 at the very least. It sounds totally like me, I go to a grocery store and stupid old ladies ask me “Why aren’t you in school?” I’ve gotten that at least 3 times. I DO NOT look like a high school student for god’s sake. And there was one time I helped out someone at the store, she asked me how old I am, I said 18, and she said “nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way.” WTF. I’m short and skinny but still. Bleh, sorry for rant.

Anyways, I think you should’ve gone with mind option #2, it’s the most sarcastic and gets back right at the douchebag. But I know the feeling, I usually think of awesome comebacks way after I get the chance to use them. Sigh, life’s unfair. HAHA.

Oh James, that lucky guy. Hong Kong = one of my dream cities. But congrats on your 3rd anniversary! =)

Where do you work at ? :O If I may ask :P! Every time I am new to something,. I love it. But when I am doing that thing for a while, I get annoyed. And annoyed.

I don`t know what that parent is up to. I hate it when OTHER people that doesn`t work at some place tells you to not do something or do something. It is annoying.

if that parent told me that he told you, I would have said. “Espenca, its just water.” I`m not Spanish, but I somehow love the word espenca. It means relax or “chill”. :P Or just be like. Blegh. I would have been annoyed too :P.

I don`t like getting “stepped over” by adults. Just because I`m younger. He might not mean to be a jerk, but still. Sometimes, we do that to other people. :O! Like last week, I discovered that a girl in my section tore the music sheet in half and hole punched it. It is an original. originals are like mo’ fin’ sacred! I told my band director yesterday, cause I`m like in charge of the section in a way. he told me to just order a new one. I told her to cough up like 12 bucks for the sheets because our program is cut on budget and she is responsible for her own actions. :O. I sounded like a jerk :P. But I don`t know. I feel that this has a connection because we have to be informative :O!

Don`t worry about it :P I haven`t returned comments for like 2 days or something. :O

I have a question then :P! My collective at the moment is ;;
the pages does not load if you are not logged in, except for index.php. And I had to like. make a seperate page and manually insert my joined, etc fanlistings on my own. Is that supposed to happen ? :O! Sorry for asking :P I heard from several sources that you`re a pro at it :P And I remembered that I joined one of your owned a while back :P!

:O! that hair seems very long :P! I can`t even manage my hair if it was like up to my waist :/. I get tired of scrubbing, but its worth it :P! It looks especially cute if you do a medium curl on it :D!! I tried curling my hair right now, it is like a little bit lower than the shoulders. :O! Its not as good. D:

What I think is also awesome is that when you still keep in touch with the same bloggers who you talked to when you started :P! When I started, I had some people I talked to. I only kept in touch with like around a couple or more. Because the rest became inactive D:!

i think the heat of blogging starts from january too! Or the end of December til like.. August :O!

What I do is that I get an external hard drive and save everything on it :P That makes me not care about doing constant reformats. Except that I don`t like to reinstall programs :/…

Jeez, a water bottle? I hate it when people say stuff like that, or tell me something that I already know. I can never think of comebacks until way later, too – then it’s like too late 0_0.
I look pretty young for my age, especially when I don’t wear make-up. I still get offered the kids’ menu and it really bugs me; I don’t qualify as “10 and under” /angry I’ve been denied the right to doing “mature” things (like ordering hot chocolate /hmph ) a lot because people didn’t think that I was old enough. With some people, I like to make them feel like idiots/bad, too :P
& Hong Kong sounds exciting! I’m sorry he won’t be home for your anniversary, though.

A lot of the concerts I’ve been to have been my grandma and mom dragging me along to hear Beach Boys or something I’m not interested in at all. I should respect my elders, but that’s hours of my life I’ll never have back O_O
I don’t really use tables after slicing images. I try to fix them so that they can be placed together without seeming like more than one image, but I don’t think that could be too “internet-correct”.

It is damn annoying to be mistaken for a teenager. Not only are they mistaken, the level of respect for you goes way down. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy was sleepy and mistook you for a 14 year old with the way some 14 year olds make themselves look these days.

Lover’s gelato sounds tasty! Mmmm….

Yay for three years together! That’s quite a long time for somebody who’s only 19.

It seems like it’s usually the simplest layouts that have the most work go into them. Once I start tweaking something I have to go through & fix everything. That’s absolutely true, things could be worse & sometimes that’s what we gotta tell ourselves to help us get through things; always look at the positive.

I really don’t like it when people make comments when they truly have no idea what they’re talking about, it’s ignorant. I really wish you & James could be together on your three year anniversary. I spent my anniversary with James at the race track watching him race his finals. I told him to go win me a bunch of money (: Haha.

Hey there. ^_^ I’m Livia.

Sounds like you had a realllllllllly bad morning. :/ I can recommend going to site site it’s this site full of “funny and stupid” customer quotes. It might help some of that frustration. :) I usually go there to relieve feelings, or if I need a laugh.

Hmmmm… maybe there’s an itsy bitsy teeny weensy chance that he didn’t notice the logo and all that on your shirt. Or maybe he was just distracted by a bus, or forgot his glasses? XD Actually, I really don’t get how he wouldn’t see the logo on the front and the bright blue color. It was pretty rude of him to say that, though.
/eee Ahahaha, that happens to me all the time! When someone says something to me and I have a comeback right there in my head, I end up not saying anything or just looking at them like, “…” :) I wonder if things would’ve changed if you said tat you worked there, though. It’s a good thing you weren’t like this girl that I know, who would’ve went KA-POW! /pow
Happy early anniversary to you and James! 👏

Oh, I hate when people do that! Given my age, there are very few areas in which I actually hold authority, so when people do something that, even accidentally, challenges that authority I feel a need to defend it.

I would feel so weird having people watch me eat gelato. Food and I have a very special relationship – the thought of sharing it with random strangers is terrible!

I hate people who can obviously see that you work somewhere and try to tell you stuff which you already know, that everyone knows.

Sorry that he seemed to annoy you that much and that you didn’t have a come back.

I don’t think I’ve ever not had a come back but sometimes I choose not to reply or give them the satisfaction that I’m annoyed.

I was thinking about the prized being items from NZ or such but then I didn’t think many people would join because they would have to give out their name + address.

Thank you Georgina :) I hope to staying positive for long. (Y) You’re right, it is sometimes difficult but we must try, right? Thank you. The results of my exams have been good.

I also hate it when my schedule looks bad or complete, but these things happen. I’m glad your schedule for 2011 is fine. Ah I understand. Good luck in choosing your classes for the winter holidays. I hope to I’ll be able to deal my schedule, it’s a matter of organization :)

Yes, I know. How say this phrase: “Love comes when you least expect it”. I understand. I suppose that the basis of a possible love relationship lies in friendship. Love is mysterious, that is true /hehe

Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it. I guess that’s good to see something new. I know.

That’s fine. You try to see the movies that James likes, and that he do the same. I am also open to read any book or film, although in principle I do not like the author. You are right, they should be given an opportunity, for the great effort they have made.

Also I guess. You’re right. Macs have always been considered something of a “snob”. It’s true, if you find any computer that suits your needs, then the operating system may not matter.

It’sa great feeling when you can donate money, because you know you are helping someone. I understand that you say.

I guess the father does not want to disturb you, maybe he thought I was strating to say you something useful. Many people do not fix in small details. Maybe not fixed on your shirt, so he does not know if you work there or not.
Sometimes we say things we did not want to say. It happens to everyone.

Aw, that guys sounds pretty infuriating. I would have gotten pretty mad at him. xD I really dislike it when people assume that because you are a teenager you drink, smoke, have a boyfriend, sleep in late, hate your parents, etc. Adults are so stereotypical of us!

Aw, sorry you don’t get to spend your three year anniversary with James. That is a really big deal! Congratulations on three years. /love I don’t like people staring at me either.

It hasn’t been a long time! xD Thanks so much. This layout is pretty awesome. Thanks again! Congrats on almost two years with your domain. I started my website two days after I bought the domain.

A cooking blog would be fun! I would have to cook more, though. Haha, you have a lot of blogs! I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that many; I can barely handle one. General blogs are good because you can always incorporate a mixture of themes. For example, if you just cooked something you are proud of then you can post a picture of it, or you can just ramble about your day! Fansites would be pretty difficult… I’m not sure what I would start a fansite of. Getting information wouldn’t be easy… Hm. Oh, that’s cool! I bet your joint blog is precious. ^^

I know! It’s so hard to think about everything that we should be grateful for. Have you ever been grateful for wood? xD I know I haven’t, but some people live in mud huts!

That is true. My mom really has that mindset. I just think about how those people don’t even have a chance to work for the money themselves. And yes, I think everyone has at least a bit of selflessness somewhere inside them.

That is very true! My friend was telling a story the other day and at the end she said that the moral of the story was to not date someone until you want to marry them, but I disagreed and said that if you waited to have your first relationship until you wanted to marry the guy then you would never know how to have a functional relationship. Another one of my friends is against high school dating but I think it’s important so you learn how to be in a relationship and whatnot before you are actually thinking about getting married.

Ah, that is true as well. I’m not too great at going on forums; I always forget about them really quickly so I have just stopped joining them. Meh, my comments build up too! Especially when I see that I have a really long one and then I go to their site and they have a new long blog… I just get too lazy. Although sometimes I am motivated to return them really quickly if they haven’t posted a new blog since the last time I commented so then I don’t have to comment on their blog but I can just return their comment. I’m so lazy.

Haha, I didn’t even think about that! Maybe we could laminate the paper? Someone would still cut it. Ooh, a pathway would be really cool! It could be called the Music Road (hehe, like the silk road?). It would be a really long path!

When my mom got mad at me as a child I would have to go to my room. I got bored really easily.

True, our creativity does change! I used to think of creativity as being able to come up with mystical creatures and plots for the family game but now I think of it more as designing creativity, writing creativity, musical creativity, etc.

Contacts are pretty annoying. It takes me a long time to put them in and I really don’t care enough about seeing every leaf on every tree to put them on every morning. It’s not painful, though! I haven’t had them for a while so that’s why it takes me a while. You would probably be okay with it; you can’t even feel your finger on your eye when you put them on and you are supposed to look away so you can’t even see when you put it on your eye.

It sounds interesting! Ah, me either. For example, I just heard that this sixteen year old girl that I have met before had a child, so would her child be part of our generation since he is around our age or would he be part of the next generation? /: So weird. I guess they just do it by the number of ancestors you have since they have started counting. If they started counting at my grandparents then I would be the third generation.

Eh, Georgie, people can be idiots sometimes. Trust me I know I’ve been around them long enough to know when I see an idiot haha! Anyway, how was your make up shoot? Was it good? And no worries for the apology!! I know it gets uber hot in Australia, so it’s no wonder why you’d take a break from the internet when you only have one ac in the house. So yeah don’t worry about it!

I re-signed up on again and after two days of having no luck. I was driven to one particular Asian’s profile, he’s not the best looking guy in the world, and he isn’t Japanese or Chinese, but he is Korean. Which is awesome. He’s really sweet, and he makes me feel good about myself. He cares and everything. He lives just outside of San Diego. So that makes it even more cooler. Anyway, We were kinda flirting and he’s still a virgin at 31. Can you believe that? I was shocked myself. But we got to talking and it seems like he really does care. Heehee. And you’re right friendship isn’t just a one way street thing. It’s a two-way street. Takuto is really being a jerk right now, and for some strange reason he isn’t talking to me neither is Thogo, and I know he’s busy as well; but he did say that he wanted to voice chat this week (next week which would be this week) and even though there is a language barrier, he still wants to do it but hasn’t yet. But I know that they’re busy, so I’m not holding it against him. He’s a really likable guy and what not, I even asked him in Japanese where is he and he liked my status on his profile. I mean he’s always playing that pokes Jamie game, as I am with him. So I dunno. He does have some free time, but maybe he’s just nervous? I dunno. But Takuto on the other hand, I know is extremely busy even though he is a free-lancer, he does like to work A LOT…but he’s like being a real butthead (which is his nickname now).So maybe when he comes out here, things’ll be different? I dunno. I really don’t.

But yeah, this guy’s name is Sung Kim, I think he’s adorable, he maybe a bit hefty on the outside but his hearts in the right place. Ya know? I mean we all can’t be good looking in every culture right? So yeah. I was worried last night cause I heard my dad raise his voice a little bit, and I told him and he was asking me if I was okay and what not. I told him I was worried that I might be in trouble, because of a friend saying something about my dad’s gf on fb. But eh, he told me just give him his space. We said our goodbyes and we got each other’s cell numbers (I haven’t told my dad that yet and honestly I don’t know how to say it). But he texted me asking me if I was okay because he knows about my seizure/anxiety problems as well. With that I’m an open book, and I don’t like to hide it. So yeah, he texted me and asked me if I was alright. I did have an anxiety/seizure attack both for like 2 minutes straight. I called my dad on the phone (I was in bed thankfully when that happened) and told him that I’m having a seizure attack and it’s not letting up. I took my meds around 11:30 p.m. last night, and well; I think that’s what triggered it other than worrying if I was in trouble which my dad said I wasn’t in. So he asked me if I was okay, and I said yeah it’s calming down. So he said try to get some rest, and thankfully my guardian angels provided some heat for me, so I was able to relax and fall asleep. At first I couldn’t, because my mind was so wound up. But yeah. I fell asleep a little after midnight and didn’t wake up until 8:00 a.m. because my stomach was hurting and everything (it always does after I have a seizure attack/anxiety attack). But I’m good now. I’m drinking water, my head hurts but that’s normal. So yeah. Anyway, I’ll let you go. And don’t worry, you’ll be seeing James again before you know it, and I’m sure he’s thinking of you on your anniversary and has a present in hand waiting for you when he returns home! :).

That happens to me too! I think I’m going to say one thing that’ll sound more reasonable, but then I blurt out some other response. It usually happens with cute boys, but that can be related to a child’s dad telling me not to be drinking, right?
If he hadn’t seen your shirt, then I still don’t understand why he’d say something like that to you. The cynic in me is saying, “He attempted to be condescending,” but that’s probably not the case.
Congrats on three years, Georgie! ♥ I have my eye on a lovely boy that sits right beside me in English class. Maybe he and I will make it to three years. ;) (That is, if I can strike up a conversation with him.)

I do that too! I have in my mind what I’m going to say but then end up saying something else. Isn’t it weird the way the human brain works?!

I agree with the fact maybe he didn’t MEAN to annoy you? It’s always a good thing to think positive XD

1) “I work here.”
2) “I work here, kthnx.”
3) “I work here… duh.”
4) “I work here OK.”
^^ ahhhaaa.

Congrats (: ♥

Ahha! Thanks (:
Agree with your fact XD

So how’s work? :D

LOL. That’s kind of funny, I’m sorry. I’ve done that, too, though. It’s quite a pain. But in that case, I probably would have replied with some sarcastic remark if I was in that situation simply because the position I was in at said job should have seemed so obvious.

Sorry if he thought you looked younger. :( That sucks. /angry

Though it may not be February 5 for you, it still is for me, so happy anniversary! :P

I think I did well on it; I work better under pressure on things like that, and it has been a LONG time since I have written such a thing!

Why can’t you just e-mail it to tutors and then, if they want a hard copy, they can print it out themselves? Ridiculous.

The worse thing my mom’s ever called me was “the most disrespectful child” she’d “ever met”. It was on a Thursday night, in Wal-Mart. I was telling her about my IPC (Integrated Physics & Chemistry) teacher that taught us about the Bible in class rather than IPC material, which made it difficult to do the work sheets. I don’t know why she did that. But it’s harder to forget the hurtful words and phrases people say to us, especially when the hurtful things come from someone close to us.

I get so annoyed by things like that, well children are the worst. I could never work in an establishment that involved appeasing young adults and children, I say this while being a mother myself, but whatever. Just because I am a parent doesn’t mean I have to enjoy large groups of knucklehead kids.

Anyways, I am sorry that you’re ani is coming up and your boyfriend is away. I know how iirtating that can be. =/ Btw, I don’t know if you remember me, but I followed your blog a long time ago, occasionally I come back and read your blog. I always enjoy it. /wave Anyways, hope all is well!

I have a bad habit of getting annoyed when I feel people are treating me like I am younger. I use to get that from my cousins because I am the youngest. They would always be like “let me get that for you” and stuff and I’ll be like “I can do it!” I just wanted to be like them. lol Now it is better cause as we got older, we are closer in age. I mean 9-13 is a bug jump but 16-20 is not as bad as it was (some of my friends are dating 20 year olds –_________– I always tell them to watch it, cause it could be rape for the guy. ahh but that is another rant. I am really tired because it is 12:46 so I’ll try to do this my best! I really want to comment you before I get to my other comments. And I feel like have a lot of mini convos going on (like each paragraph), i might combine some of them or make them flow more. We’ll I’ll try lol
(Intro blog) lol

Back to your blog, mhm where do you work? At your university? I hate it when people think I am younger than I am. I am like err do I look 12? People think I am freshman all the time. One of my family members thought i was like 13. I was like uhh I look totally different than them. Also I agree with what you said, I do not think he was intending to sound mean. Older people just like to feel superior to younger people. I hope you do not let this bother you again though. But I truly hate when little annoyances like that, make my day annoying. The little stuff annoy me more than the big stuff.

That is good that you have two best friends to go too, and your music! That is always a plus. I think it’s good to have two best friends who mean a lot to you than a lot of friends. I have a lot of friends but I know most I will not keep in touch with after HS. Maybe just on facebook or something. Anyway James seems like such a good guy to help you through that. It’s hard to help people especially when you felt betrayed and hurt. It’s weird how hurt always last longer than happiness, or at least I think it does. I think it’s good when friends make you change too. I mean friends make you know yourself better! I believe we all talk to the people we talk to for a reason, whether it just be to talk or to grow. haha I told Ben this and he disagrees with me on this, but I still stand by it! I never moved so I grew up with all the same friends since kindergaten till high school (except the numbers double) I have a group of 7 (well as a main group- yes my HS is kinda of clique… you have to be with over 3000 kids in the school) At least everyone has a group or a group tehy could change into if they hate it. I’ve became friends with both my guys (Corey and Ben) extremely fast. Except Corey was like in 2 months we became best friends and told each other everything. I question it sometimes. But when I do, I realize I rather him being my friend than us not being friends (like the last two years) and I had a class with him last year haha we just never talked.

I think our problems are because of our society (I probably told you this a lot of times lol It seems to be a reoccurring theme) Like our problems are our problems within our world. If you look globally you can see all the problems there. You are right, not everyone is perfect, but what can we do? We can just try to be the best that we can be xD I think we should take action on serious issues. I want to do International affairs (as of right now) haha in college. I love learning about the world. Governments around the world interest me too, Russia, USA, UK, Middle East, Africa, China. However I guess people do not share the same interest. I kind of tweet on twitter how much I do not get twitter. lol I really do not get it. Like I don’t see a point in it.

I love deep music. Or music that sounds good to me lol Music is different for everyone, so I can’t really say that there is bad music out there. Most songs are about love or about teenage love or heartbreak lol I like the deep stuff. Like I love Taylor Swift, but her songs get to repitive sometimes. I do not really care that all these guys broke her hear in so many ways (sorry if that sounds heartless) but I believe she could write a powerful song about something. OH do you mean like love for something? Not just about falling in love? I believe if you write a song you have to love or feel passionate about the topic.

If i was famous I would still follow you <3 lol I would try to follow people back, but idk some people would be creepy if I were famous lol Like message me 24/7 and such. yea I probably would get annoyed. Anyway why did he follow you for a little bit? Was this when he was starting out?

I hate people like that. People that automatically assume & tries to make a fool out of someone. I think if that was me I would’ve said it back in a mean voice or gave him some sort of attitude. XD

Congrats on 3 YEARS. It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it? Know you can be with someone that long.

I heard about the cyclones and floods, I just hope everyone’s okay. Haha, while my whole family is fighting over the remote, I’m actually furious about the loud volume, just like your mom. /hehe
Haha wooww, it was just raining yesterday and it’s summer in Australia!! I actually heard about that before but I never really imagined what it would be like. :O Haha well then take a cold bath hahaha. Glad you’re better though :)

Well that man was surely annoying. I don’t see how they don’t realize your staff and assume you’re a young teen just because of the way you look. :/ Pfffft, people sometimes. 😒
Sucks that you replied with something you weren’t planning to, I hate it when that happens. I’d be concentrating and reciting something good to say and then it comes out the complete opposite and ruins everything. =/

there was a job shadow event here a few months ago and we were walking the students to the cafeteria and one of the teachers said to us, “which school do you girls go to?” … we work here. My 30+ yr old coworker felt pretty good about that.
I don’t do comebacks. Usually the best I can muster is a polite smile and a shrug