Open Fire

Yesterday I went to work. When I go to work I wear my work shirt straight from home. It has the logo on the front, and on the back, and it’s bright blue so it stands out a lot. I think that people would find it pretty obvious where I work if they were to see my shirt, especially me wearing it.

I was just about to walk in through the door. All these parents were standing around, and to be quite frank, it pissed me off. I hate walking past them all before I go through the door. I don’t know why they have to be so early or keen on bringing their children in.

There was a child’s dad standing right in front of the door. I was just focused on walking in, and all of a sudden this child’s dad says, “You’re not allowed to drink inside.”

Um… are you talking to me?

I think that my mind told me to say, “I work here.”

I don’t know whether the tone I might have intended was:
1) “I work here.”
2) “I work here, kthnx.”
3) “I work here… duh.”
4) “I work here OK.”

“It’s water,” the voice came out.

What the hell! The peripherals of my mind clearly sent a message to the hypothalamus informing me how to react, and instead, the right side of my brain piped in over the left and decided to tell this stupid old man that the contents of my water bottle which he was pointing to was… well, water, obviously.

This annoys me and is the same in any comeback/backfire situation. I don’t know how many times I have tried to snap back at someone or prove them wrong with some snide comment back.

There are so many times someone has made a joke on me and I’ve had nothing to say back. (Though numerous times I’ve snapped in anger, “Shut up, I’ll rape you” as a joke… to Ryan’s shock and horror and tendency at taking everything a little too literally. So that’s my only line…)

I know this man wasn’t intending on annoying me, but he did. I thought it was obvious I worked there – now, don’t tell me my petite figure got this douchebag thinking that I was possibly fourteen years old, the same age as the oldest student in our education centre here. I like being short, thanks… but being nearly twenty years old, I do not look like a fourteen year old.

In other words, I’d like to conclude that this guy was, in the very least, momentarily blind and didn’t know that I worked there.

Now I wish my brain had shut up for a moment and instead of focusing on having to say something, would have said the right thing. Because “It’s water” clearly doesn’t cut it and didn’t make the guy feel like an idiot.

Students aren’t allowed to drink in the centre, but they are allowed water. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. I’m not walking in there with a six scoop Lover’s Gelato, for crying out loud.

Speaking of Lover’s Gelato! I miss James. It’s our three year anniversary tomorrow, and he’s still in Hong Kong. 😞 We did have the huge Lover’s Gelato once, it was kind of weird, with people staring at us through the window eating from this huge painted porcelain cup with ‘love’ painted on it.

Back then I might have simply stared back. Really evilly.

Man, I hate it when people stare at me.

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