The Lost iPhone: 24 Hours

Yesterday I lost my iPhone. Yes, my iPhone I named Ben, black iPhone 3GS 32GB, without a case. I took it off. It was in my pocket and I was in a department store. I checked my phone and put it in my pocket, and found a shoe that I wanted to try on. I sat down to try on that shoe, and let me tell you, I am never buying shoes again.

I am never trusting pockets again.

It was probably a maximum of four minutes since I last saw my iPhone, and I realised that it wasn’t on my person. I panicked, I was frantic, didn’t even think of anything but to check all my pockets and my bag thoroughly. It was not there. And I know that in my state of panic I could have thought better, but I didn’t. That isn’t the point. It’s far, far too late now for a lot of things I could have done. But I ran back to my mother’s counter – she worked in a part of the store not far from where the shoes were. I ran back without really looking at the floor around me, suddenly thinking that I had left it with her, where I had talked to her last.

I talked to some of her colleagues, and ran back and asked around the shoe department if anyone had found it. A woman offered to call the number and she did – but fuck, it was off. It was disconnected. I had pretty much lost all hope of finding it at all. I looked around me for the people who had been near me and they were gone.

Writing about this makes me upset. It really does. Even though I wasn’t upset yesterday, recalling the events makes me really disappointed. That phone maybe wasn’t my “everything”, but it had a lot on it. I know I have backups of all 20 GB of music, at least 1000 photos, and even changed all my passwords for my email/accounts now (even though there was a passcode on the iPhone), but the point is that now it is gone. :(

After this I just borrowed the store’s phone. I phoned the police and a report was made. I went to the phone store just a few levels up and they were kind enough to give me all the information I needed, and the man who served me locked my SIM card in my iPhone via a computer, and gave me a new card.

The new card is now in an spare flip phone my dad gave me. I’ve lost all my contacts, not that it matters because I only call and text about ten people anyway. I’m lucky I still have the same phone number.

My mum talked to the operations manager of the store, giving a recount of the incident and a description of my appearance, and eventually, some footage was found. Information about it was not disclosed until today. It was found that I had dropped the phone while sitting, and as I put the shoe on, my heel kicked the phone a fair distance.

What are the odds. What are the odds of me kicking a phone under my seat with my heel while trying a shoe on. About one in a hundred. Bloody hell.

“A person picked it up and gave it to someone else” – exactly what we were given. Just a person.

No one could help me find the whereabouts of the phone with appropriate technology. Not the police, not my phone provider, not Apple, because my phone was bought on its own, and I didn’t have security software. I can not get a replacement because I don’t have belongings insured.

Now if anyone tries to use the phone they can’t, and it’s been blacklisted too. I’m trying not to hope too hard, but I hope I get it back.

I can live without my phone, and as I said to my friends, I promise I’m not depressed. It wasn’t like my life was in that phone. It wasn’t like I lost a family member or a friend or even lost my leg. It’s not like I lost all the things there. But it was the combination of music, photos, emails, to-do lists and contact names and numbers that will never be the same. I can get a new phone and put it all on (not like they sell the iPhone 3GS anymore, and I don’t like the iPhone 4), but it’s not the same. I promise you, it’s not the same.

If someone hands in my phone, I will be so grateful. Until then, I’m not judging, but if the person with it doesn’t hand it in, they are a cruel, completely dishonest and selfish human being, and I promise karma is going to be a bitch and there will be unfortunate events in their wake.

Several times I’ve found things just as expensive and valuable as a phone, and turned it in. I don’t know how anyone could live with the guilt, quite possibly when people could see me in the store frantically looking for something that I lost or dropped. Bloody fuck.

I think there’s supposed to be a power in words, so they say. I don’t even know. /wah

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Oh Georgie, I am so sorry! :( Losing special belongings in public places is just ugh.. I sincerely hope it’s returned to you! *MEGA HUGS* ♥ xxxx

Aww Georgie!!! :(( I know how you feel especially after losing 2 phones and seem to always misplace others, this is why whenever I leave a place I always check if I left anything and it’s most likely I did. I am sure that person will have a guilty conscious, I hope he turns it in, or maybe he saw your picture and fell in love with it (EHEHE) but seriously, that person will do indeed have bad karma. Don’t worry Georgie, a phone is replaceable, you’re not so I’m really glad you’re safe and at least nothing harmed you! >:D< TAKE CARE ALWAYS!

It may be a longshot, but keep an eye on eBay for any listings close to your area for your iPhone (colour/specs/etc).

Isn’t there a security camera in the store that might have recorded what happened? It could at least show if there were people around that area within those few minutes you noticed the iPhones is gone.

But the thing with pockets and shoes… last time I was trying on shoes my phones fell out of my pocket twice but hopefully I heard it.

About the sense of guilt if someone found it – don’t frust people too much. I believe most of them wouldn’t give a shit about the feeling of guilt. Locked iPhone is pretty much useless but surely there’s a way to unlock it somehow, and after all it’s iPhone…

Well, I hope you will find it. I know I certanly would feel totally depressed if I lost my ipod, even though all the data on it isn’t anything important or that I can’t live witout it, I just got used to owning it too much (and the fact it was damn expensive…)

Good luck *hug*

Yeah. It’s actually written in this blog post. I wrote exactly what the footage showed. The police have it now as well.

The phone’s unlocked, so I don’t know if there is much I can really do about it. I only had my iPhone for a year and treasured it and everything, and there was one stupid accident. There are ways of unlocking it or whatever, but you’d have to be pretty tech-savvy. I don’t really know what to hope for anymore but just that some nice person gives it in. Bah. :(

It’s never the same when you lose something forever. My old computer died many times so I lost a lot of music and pictures and a few videos, it was annoying having to start from scratch, trying to remember what I had, tracking and downloading them all again.

I really hope you get your phone back, though. *hug*

i know how you feel :( i hope that theif will get hit by a car or something hahha jk! /type … i had a similar encounter too but mine had like a bit of twist in it XD hahaha! 2 years ago, my mom decided to pull a fast one on me when i was at the changing rooms fitting on some gowns for prom. I put my phone at the chairs and after i left the changing room i noticed my phone was missing… at that time i literally burst into tears , i panicked and ran to the store…. turns out my mom was giggling from the sides /snort , she took my phone and didnt tell me…. then later handed it to me and told me to never leave my phone unattended /bash

Did you let the Westfields’ security & info desk know as well? Just in case someone might hand it in there instead of Myer, assuming it’s different.

I brought that up with my mum today, I’ll see if she can check tomorrow. :) She just thought it made more sense that they would hand it in the store since that’s where they found it. xP

Teachers here are scary or at least they try to be. The worst one is the principal, no one and I mean absolutely nobody likes him. When we starts speaking in the intercom people groan and say “shut up” or “what is he going on about now?” He sucks lol.

If I need some more I will definitely come to you. New artist according to people over here is rap shit. I finally found a dude who doesn’t mind listening to music in my ipod (I mentioned him in my blog, he used to hate me and then I hated him and blah blah but now we’re friends). Usually when people listen to my iPod they just give me a weird look, at first I told him he was going to react like that. He said he listens to anything and he did, even the piano songs.

Soft light is the best when it comes to picture. I’ve been meaning to take more. I think I will once I get all dressed up and pretty lol. Some girl took a picture of herself in a bikini and put it of facebook but what she didn’t know is that her mom was butt naked in the background. It was a nasty picture, everyone was laughing.

My essay got graded and I got 88%, way more than I thought I would get.
Metal sucks lol. It’s like noise to me, especially heavy metal. I get a headache.

I don’t get why people would see a phone and keep it. I mean it’s not yours so why? /hmph They obviously saw that you mistakenly kicked it. I hope it gets found by people in the store something. Hang in there. *hugs(

my phone wouldn’t turn on this morning and I panicked. I was frantically trying to rip off the case so I could remove the battery. Had to use a damn fondue stick. Luckily it turned back on after the reboot, but X(
I guard my phone as if it were my child. Everything on there is backed up, but it’s just so expensive and the thought of spending even a few hours without my phone is enough to send me into a frenzy. Especially today since something bad happened last night and I need my phone in case my parents call.

Dude, if I dropped my phone and I knew someone took it and didn’t turn it in, I’d be furious. Heck, I’m furious for you. You really gotta give up hope of being reunited though. To turn it in at this point, they would have to admit that they took it. People who just take things like that like to believe they got lucky and they deserve it, not that it belongs to someone else and they should give it back.

I’m sorry to hear about your phone. It sucks that there are people like that who’d steal others property just because they “found” it (and an iPhone of all things, anything Apple sucks, COME ON, Android is soooo much better lol jk jk).

It’s almost the one year anniversary of when I lost MY phone! :D It’s a Sony Ericsson K700i and really, really old. Apparently I dropped it on the bus, I remember a THUD when it fell, but there was a woman behind me with a bag of oranges that coincidentally fell on the floor at the same time, so I shrugged it off and thought it was her stuff that made the sound. Later, I figured that was not the case and since the bus company is pretty small and flexible, they let me into the buses to search for it. None, NADA. Someone took it. They did not turn it in to the bus company or the police and I was forced to buy a new one. I found a wallet in the bus last week and I gave it to the driver before getting off :) Why can’t people be more like me!

Now that I use my phone as an mp3-player, I never let it out of sight, so it’s a lot more safer. I don’t trust people anymore though : (

Oh wait, I was in Oslo, on a convention with 3k people. I was chatting with someone and moved to another, leaving my phone on the chair. An hour later, a girl in a Pikachu costume got up on a table and shouted: “Whose phone is THIS?!” : DDD Ok, I guess I still trust them lol.

Haha I’m not against Androids! I guess I just love the iPhone, even though I don’t use a mac or other Apple products.

Ugh what a horrid coincidence! And you know I feel the same way, because what are the odds of me kicking my phone after it’s fallen? :( I wish the floor had not been carpeted, because I would totally have heard my phone fall.

I have handed in a lot of phones that I’ve just found. Someone’s obviously lost it so I should hand it in because they could be looking for it. I used my iPhone to listen to music as well of course, but I guess putting it in my pocket was a mistake, and I hadn’t been using it at the time. Sigh! Some people are just not that thoughtful.

I’m sorry about your iPhone! It must be stressing you out so much, not only to have lost it but to have no idea where it’s gone! I was without my phone for 24 hours as my network had fucked up somehow and I felt so lost.

The first thing you should’ve done really was retrace your steps, but I suppose that wouldn’t have helped much given the situation. It is really rare that you would’ve accidentally kicked the phone away from you, it’d be the last thing you’d have thought to happen!

I hope you get your phone back! :(

iPhone 3GS are still available in some places, maybe given the circumstances there’d be a few left in stock and the shop could sell you one although they’ve been discontinued in most places, but like you say, it’s not the same.

On Thursday afternoon until Friday night I had no signal on my phone and I had no use for it at all, so I left it at home while I was at school and while I went out and I thought I may have to get a new phone. I have a 12 month guarantee, but if I’d had a new one, I’d lose all my pictures, all my contacts on Blackberry Messenger and all my apps would have to be reinstalled. It’s so annoying having a new phone or replacing an old one.

im so sorry hun, it has happened to my mum and my sister. my mum by mistake left her phone in a public bathroom for 1 minute and when she came back it was gone. my sister tried on shoes as well and she handed her bag to her husband and her husband put it between his feet and one minute later they looked down and it was gone.. people love stealing aggrrr

Usually more complicated layouts look cluttered & then it’s aggravating to look at a cluttered page every day, I think we both have our minds in the right places, haha. Just thinking positive makes all the difference in the world & it makes other people a lot less annoyed with you than if you were negative all the time. If people don’t know what they’re talking about, just keep your mouth shut, it’ll definitely keep you from looking like an idiot. I admire how you & James can get through those times when you don’t see each other, it’s a very remarkable thing.

It’s so wrong to find someone’s phone & not return it or take it to a lost & found or something. Seriously if they just thought “what if that was my phone?”, they’d probable be losing their mind, I know I would, I swear my phone never leaves my hand & I’m constantly texting d: At least you had a SIM card with all your stuff on it. I have Verizon so if my phone breaks, I have no way of getting any music or any photos back; that’s why I hate getting new phones because then I have to go through the trouble of sending all the pictures from my computer to my phone, redownloading music & putting in every single freakin’ contact, by hand. It’s not even worth the trouble. I really hope your phone is returned & if not, I hope karma does it’s thing to the inconsiderate jerk who took your phone

Oh, I had been imagining that someone snuck up to you and took it right out of your pocket! Yeah, I’m definitely watching too many movies! But wouldn’t you have heard if you dropped your phone? My iPod Touch has fallen out of my pocket (many times) before and I always heard that loud sound.

Sorry you lost Ben though, I’d probably cry if I lost Krissy (yes I named my iPod after me haha), because I don’t have a backup on most of my music. And I got plenty other stuff in it, it’s like my life. Hopefully some kind person will turn it in and you will be reunited! ♥

Lols Ben Jorgensen sounds like a nerd! I think we might’ve discussed this but I don’t usually apply my standards to life. I’m not interested in boys. But yeah I guess the way Ben Jorgensen looks is my type among white men? Just like how I love pretty Asian boys. Japanese not involved haha, I’m positive we went over that.

I KNOW RIGHT?! It’s like from now on I’m only going to join a fanlisting if it uses Enthusiast or Listing Admin, because everything else is plain ugly and inferior. Pfft, TFL shouldn’t allow people to use other scripts or something.

Oh noes, Ben! (sweet name by the way). I’ve been thinking about getting a new phone for awhile. My current one is quite old and the battery thing gets empty very quickly when making a phone call or something else. I’d love to get an iPhone but..well, it has some issues with the cold weathers of Finland. It stops working in freezing temperatures, and I’d like to have a phone that actually works ;) So, I guess, as a finn, it’s a Nokia phone for me. Again. Just haven’t chosen the model yet. Unless you have better ideas? =)

Oh my god that is awful, I would be so devastated. :( Losing your photos and music is hard, I always try keeping loads of back ups because of things like this. I nearly left my phone at work but my supervisor told me so I picked it up after nearly walking out the room.
I hope they hand it in because they can’t do anything with it like you said. I remember my friend left her phone in a puplic toliet last july, and someone handed it in which I was surprise for that to happen in the uk.

I heard about you losing your cellphone D:! Especially since its an iPhone, it is like… OMG. :/. Because iPhones are sacred and so. :/.

Since the iPhone was privately purchased, it may not be as easy as it sounds :/. If everything goes according to plan, You can get that phone back!

If I lost my BlackBerry and someone didn`t give it back, I`d be like. Wishing death upon them. No doubt about it. :(.

I just hope that you`ll get the phone back :)!

aww i’m sorry, but i thought they still sold the old iPhones? Maybe ebay? I hope someone turns it in too :( When I thought I lost my wallet before I was terrified as well because I didn’t care much for the money since I didnt had much cash in it, but it was all the photos in my wallet. Those were precious to me. Are your music saved on your computer though? If it is at least its still there ^^

They still sell the old iPhones but they only seem to have the 8GB available. I’d hate to be stuck with a smaller one, but I’m still waiting it out before I buy a new one.

I once dropped my wallet and didn’t notice; a man was kind enough to tap me on the shoulder and give it back. Some people are so lovely… some aren’t. I would hate to lose the photos I have in there!

Yes, I do at least have all my music backed up; I have too much of it to lose! :)

I feel so sorry for you, I remember when my phone was stolen and I felt so lost without it. I didn’t have any numbers or anything, I had to go on Facebook and ask people for their numbers through there.

It is ridiculous that all they told you is “a person” and didn’t look into it further. Although they did not take it off your person, it is still stealing, therefore the law should be taking it further than they have done.

Im sorry about what happened to your iPhone. I know how ya feel coz I lost my blackberry not so long ago. And now I cant tell my dad. Im just avoiding him and stuff.. and theres this phone that looks like the blackberry phone my dad bought me so Im just using it whenever he’s around.. lol HOpe it wont happen again to both of us. It sucks starting from zero again. Like zero music, zero contacts and zero everything.. And yeah, Karma’s a bitch.. I hope that whoever who/she is, he/she is going to return your phone.. or eff that person

I feel so bad for you. I do hope that someone hands in your phone when they realize its not ours.
That is a pretty weird chain of events. Kicking your phone and someone handing it to someone else.
It is good that everyone was helpful. It probably eased some stress in the beginning. I hope you aren’t stressing about it to much. Although I can sense you are sad.
We all have to rebuild sometimes right?
Thanks for the hint on download counters.
Turns out the that I have been using for years counts my downloads and all I have to do is have the stat counter code on each of my page. Which as I said I have had on for years. I was so excited, I don’t know, God peeled my eyes open wide to finally see that. XD

It’s surprising how little some people care about morals these days. I would have turned the phone in, and I know that you would have too. But hey, it could be worse. At least nobody can access all of your contacts and information and then do malicious things.

Do your police have a lost+found system where someone could turn your phone in? It’d be worth checking in a few days’ time.

I did file a report and give them the IMEI number of the iPhone so if it is handed in to the police as lost, they will be able to match it with the number on my report and conclude it’s mine, then I can have it back. James told me to wait a week, I’m trying not to hope too much but we never know…!

Oh no! that sucks! :( Hope someone returns it soon! So sorry that happened.

Awh! I’m sorry Georgina! I actually have a rumor touch, but a few of my friends have an iPhone and they ♥ them. I really honestly do hope your phone turns up. I know iPhones are incredibly pricey /ehh

I know that even though I hate my phone{it really is a p.o.s} I couldn’t go without it. I rely to heavily on the internet browser and texting ability.

:( I’m sorry that you lost your phone! I know how it feels, once I had left my phone in the girls bathroom at school and I didn’t even notice it until hours later. Luckily, the school janitor found it and returned it to me the next morning.

It must really be a bummer that you lost a iPhone. I would go crazy if I were you. O_O

I hope you get your phone back soon! ♥

Luckily they manage to find footage so at least there’s still a chance you’ll get it back *hugs*

Must be super annoying and frustrating to lose something like that.

I have a company iPhone and if I ever lose it, I have to pay for a new one but the phone still belongs to the company. I have to be super super careful with my phone and keep watch on it all the time.

Oh, I do hope you get your phone back. People sometimes /pow

I’ve never lost my phone before, but one friend of mine got hers stolen right from her bag and lost all her contacts and messages. Another friend also dropped her iPhone. I just hate those people who just pick up and claim phones! They never care about the information and important memories people leave inside.

I think there are programs that allow you to track the GPS location of your phone by text messaging, since I have that on my Android phone. You could try using that in the future and there’ll be a larger chance that you’ll find your phone in case you lose it again!

Honestly, seeing how you described kicking your phone is like watching a drama! Maybe that someone is just late in handing it in. Wish you good luck in getting it back!

That’s something I am definitely going to install on my phone when/if I get it back or get a new one! Mine had no sort of security to find the phone in the case of a loss. I know it might not work if the phone is reset but it’s at least some kind of backup! :|

Still no news but we’ve heard that the footage of who picked it up was pretty clear. I hope the police catch that person. I can’t believe how dishonest people are, it’s disgusting. :(

Damn, that’s really some bad luck! :( I hope you’ll get your iphone back soon. I can understand how you feel, losing something that belongs to you is no fun at all. Let’s hope that someone returns it soon! ; A ;

no, you lost your phone?? ;// i feel so sorry for you! it’s not that my phone is my life either, but every phone has it charm, and after an amount of time, you grow to love that pretty little thing, even it looks exactly the same as any other model. the worst thing is probably all of the music and pictures you’ve lost, doesn’t help much me telling you all over again, but i hope an angel returns it to you soon!! (: miracles happen every day!!
besides what are the thief going to do with a phone they can’t use anymore? let’s just wait and see if the conscience soon will be the hardest thing to bear.

yes my ipod is with my everywhere and is for sure great company (: i still had the phone, but i’ve had some troubles with it, so i may send it in for repair soon ;/

Awww, Georgie!!! I’m so sorry about your iphone! I know those can be expensive as f*ck, but still you had treasured memories on that phone, possibly of you and James together and what not. Anyway, I’m not sure if you guys get the Steve Wilkos show in Australia or not, but I emailed him the story about my mom and my health problems that she has inflicted upon me and what not. Well; he emailed me back stating that he/and his staff would need a release/consent form from my doctors stating I can handle stressful situations on stage, and he would absolutely try to get me on his show. I was really touched. Because of the fact he’s an outside source/help. I’m literally being pulled into two different directions by my famlies, and well; I don’t think my mother knows about my health problems and what not. So I know Steve can knock some damn good sense into her before she sees her daughter dead in the ground. Which I’m hoping he can do. If not, than at least I will have some sort of closure. Ya know? I’m just really lucky that he emailed me back with concerns. He was looking for new ideas/topics for his show and what not. So I suggested this, and I got an email from him or one of his staff members or something like that but I believe it was him, who emailed me back, and well; I got the balls to ask my nurses at my doctors office for the release form, and they said my doctor was with other patients and she will give him this information and call me back. So once I get that release form, I’ll send it off to Steve, and I might be on television. Kinda nervous about it, but hell; at least I’ll get some help and closure. Ya know? Just like I know you’ll get some closure for your iphone! Someone’s gotta turn it in. At least I hope. I mean, my dad dropped his phone one time at Christmas time while going shopping, and someone spotted it on the ground, and called the first person on his list, and told them (his at the time girlfriend Lori) that they had found a phone on the ground, and that they tied it up on my dad’s car. And with a ribbon around it. I was really touched. I mean people can be so cruel sometimes, like butthead, but he does care. And as for Sung, he did send me an apology email. This morning. He said his actions were uncalled for by ignoring me all day and what not even though he was with his friends that he hasn’t seen and was watching the superbowl. He said he still could’ve talked to me too, but he was putting his focus on the game and his friends. And he was tired afterwards. So I told him, I’m just a stranger and you need time with people you really know so of course I forgive you. No worries. And everything else. So yeah, everything with Sung is okay now. He is Korean, and is 31 years old and still a virgin though a little on the horny but what guy isn’t? lol. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that. And I got my first hostee!! WOO!!! :D. I’m happy. It’s Becca! Haha. But yeah, I challenged Thogo aka T to an arm wrestling match for whenever, and he said OK! haha. So who knows when that will happen. Haha.

Aw. :( I’m so sorry you lost your iPhone! What is the luck that you kicked it out of sight. Well, maybe, just maybe it’ll be returned to you! I wouldn’t be able to handle the guilt of stealing something, let alone something that ridiculously expensive and valuable to a person. I mean, almost every person I know it crazy about their phone.

Well, I’m really sorry that all happened. :/

I’m so sorry about your phone :(
I know how you feel – my laptop has all my pictures and work from about 5 years on it. Although its just an object, its really important to me.

Its a real shame about people’s morals.
At our school, we’ve got a/some thief/thieves going around and they are actually going into bags -no not even just finding them- and rummaging around for valuables and money.
How could anyone do that? It really is beyond me and I am at a loss for words.
And again, there have been a series of burglaries in my area and the last one was only a few weeks ago today. The owner of the house is a woman who lives alone and I was seriously furious at the fact that how could anyone traumatise someone like that? Not to mention that I may have been walking home/in my house at the time about 10 feet away from the house and I heard nothing! It just really disgusts me someone could invade someone’s privacy and sense of security…but I’m waffling on ha ha…

You know you were mentioning the footage? Wasn’t the person who picked up the phone on film too?

If you do have to get a new phone, could you try one of those tracker apps? I read a news article about a boy who installed it on his mum’s phone and it got stolen, but he activated the app and they managed to track it with the police :) I thought it was a pretty sweet story and also a great example of karma, ha ha
I may be able to find the name of the app if you want?

Hey Georgina – talk about late reply. I’m such a bad procrastinator. /bash
Anyway, we’ve got the new car. We went with the Vauxhall Corsa Energy. 1.2. 5 door. (Yeah, why is the boot classed as a door? I don’t know). /hmph

I’m really sorry to hear about Ben. That sucks so bad. I couldn’t image what I’d do if I lost Ian (my iPod), I’d probably die 10 times over. :(

I really hope someone hands it in – I’m sorry for the short comment but I should be asleep. I don’t want to be killed, and I can hear my parents coming. /type

Geez, that made me cringe. My mom would KILL me if I lost my phone. I was sitting on a a bench in the mall and my phone fell out of my pocket somehow. I realized I’d lost it when a girl called my dad from it and said, “Uh, I think your daughter left her phone here…”. We went back in and there were two girls my age who had found it. I was soooo grateful, because they could have just taken it, but returned it instead.

I really hope whoever took your phone gives it back. :/

Thanks for your support, unfortunately we had Zena put to sleep this morning. /wah

Hehe, my boyfriends name is Ben. I’m sorry you lost your iPhone, that would really suck.

I lost my phone when I was 15. It was a really expensive phone, my mum had bought it for me for Christmas. I lost it one week later, at the beach. It was really upsetting, I was so annoyed. I kept calling the number, I don’t know why. Finally, about two months later the person who stole the phone answered, and I begged her to give it back. She said to me, “finders keepers,” and then hung up, switched off the phone again, and I had given up. I’ve also had a second phone stolen while I was hosting my 18th birthday party; a friend of mine brought two guys with her that I had only met once before. At the end of the night I walked into my bedroom and my phone was gone, along with all the money I had saved up for baby sitting. They had just taken them and left the party, and the next day I had found my sim card on the streets, they had thrown it out the window. Some people just have no conciseness at all.

Well; actually; I might not go on the show even though I did ask for a consent form. My dad thinks of it as a pie in the sky thing. But eh, who knows. And besides that my doctors never did call me back. But on the plus side of things, I did get my insurance paper work that I need to fill out from Molina. So that’s a real good thing. I just have to do it when I’m feeling better. Right now I’m sick with the flu. At first last night I thought it was my appendix, and I kept asking my dad all sorts of questions and what not, when he had his removed and he said I probably have the flu that’s going on. And I do. The only bad thing about me having the flu is I get really really really bad nightmares, and I can’t get out of my sleep for some reason. Like I’m stuck in a coma or something.

But yeah I agree with you, if a guy says he’s gonna call or text you to see how you’re doing he should do it, and not back away even if he is scared.He shunned me all day yesterday because of it being superbowl day. My dad was at his girlfriend’s house, and haha she lost $20.00 :D. buahahaha. But yeah, he was at his friends house all day pretty much ignoring me and what not. I mean he wasn’t really ignoring me, he would just be kinda standoffish. Ya know? So that’s when I said okay whatev. bye. And than last night he said he was checking his mail to see what his friends said/thought about the game, and he was going to bed because he knew if he were to talk to me online he’d stay up till 12:00 or 1:00 in the morning and he has a job at his parents work to go too every day except sunday. But I did get an apology email from him this morning though. I told him I forgive him, but I dunno. He hasn’t texted me at all today. So I guess that means to continue looking. So I am. With Thogo, it’s a bit different, he does make me laugh, he does comment on my things especially on facebook, and what not, he’s just really busy cause he’s in the entertainment industry (from what I can tell) promoting wrestling and all that stuff. So like you I’d probably lose to that arm wrestling match lol unless he’s gonna be a softy and let me win, but I doubt it. I never can win those things. I always try to cheat by placing my other hand on top of the other person’s hand lmao….and trying to make it go down. ROFL…Hey I can try can’t I? I’ll probably end up doing it to Thogo too if that ever happens. But yeah, I am talking to another guy on well; two other guys and they’re both Asian :O . Yup, Asians! Heehee, one said that what I wrote was the best ever flirting thing he has ever read. And than asked how I was doing. I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing? Than another guy asked me what I was doing in my spare time and I told him helping my friends through their illnesses and what not, searching for a job, cause my transmission blew, and what not. No word back yet, but maybe he’s just busy. I dunno.

I really hope that ignorant piece o’ sh*t person returns your phone back in. How dare they do that! Especially since they know they’re being caught on camera. Was it a male or a female or a child, teenager? God that makes me angry. Grrr. But I’m glad you had backups even though you don’t have all your phone numbers on them just the 10 phone numbers you know.But you did the right thing by shutting it off though. Congrats! Haha.

Yeah I told Becca if she ever needed any help to email me, and I’d be more than happy to help her. I’m glad you don’t get as much applications in now than you were getting. Maybe it’s dying down cause a lot of people want their own domain? I dunno. But kudos to you! Heehee.

ooh . crap. I bet It fell and someone got it and never intend to give it back. bad that person is ! for sure . karma will knock on that person someday ! geeez ! I feel bad for it. /faw

I’m so sorry to hear about the phone. I lost my phone back in 2005 and although I got it back, I know how you felt. I felt as though I just lost my left arm or something. It’s not that I can’t live without my phone — I can, but I believe that we connect with our phone. Like we have some sort of a bond with it that a newer, same model can’t replace.

That person who took your phone is cruel. And I really do hope karma will do its work on him. *hugs*

Oh dear — I’m so sorry about you losing your phone, Georgina! It’s happened to me three times already and I never quite liked the way it felt. I remember also dropping my beloved Nokia E63 in a taxi by accident — although the person who picked it up managed to somehow call me and utter garbled words into my ear in the middle of the night when I answered, he never responded to any of my texts (even to the messages my dad had sent him, offering him four thousand if he would agree to meet us at a nearby mall and return the phone because I needed it so much) so I figured maybe he was just fooling with me. It’s this kind of thieves I hate most because not only do they lay their hands on objects that don’t belong to them, they even go as far as to insult their owners for being stupid to drop their expensive gadgets when in fact we’re only human. Face it, everybody makes mistakes. I hope whoever managed to find your phone turns out to be an honest person who believes in karma. Wish you all the best. :)

I am so sorry to hear you lost your phone. Losing something which is with you 24/7 gets very stressful. I have found items and have turned them in too. It is a pity nowadays that it a rare occurance. I know friends who have lost phones and packages on the train. It’s a pity.

Hopefully it will turn up or you’ll pick yourself up from this.

Haha yea I know what you mean about the shoes. Not everyone likes these brogues though, some say they’re like men’s shoes and others simply don’t like them. :D Actually, I sometimes think like that too. ;D Even if clothes are out of season, I still buy them while they’re on sales. Last summer there was a beautiful beige jacket and I was dying to get it especially that it was half price, but my mother was with me that time and said it’s completely unnecessary and I ended up not buying it. 😒 Hahaha well lucky you for buying that plaid shirt! I’m still waiting until the shops open here so I can get what I want. :/
Hahaha sucks that you can’t find jeans that fit you perfectly, but there’s always other kinds of pants so oh well. :) That’s so sad about that couple!! I hope they’re okay though, I hope they find the husband. :(
Hahah I still can’t completely grasp the fact that you’re in a completely hot weather while we’re in winter, it’s strange but interesting. 🙄
Oh dears!! That’s really disappointing that you lost your phone. =/ Numerous times have my family members lost their phones and sometimes even got robbed but in the end, we just appreciate that they’re still alive and we can replace the phone. I hope whoever took it returns it though, but like you said, it’s not like you lost a family member or a body part, it’s just a device, a material, and even if it’s so important, we can replace it. I still hope it comes back to you though. :/
And that’s great you have everything backed up, at least whoever took it won’t be able to use it properly.

Hi, Georgina. I am so sorry about Ben. 😢

I remembered when I lost mine on a store when I was 18. I was busy texting and I wasn’t really mindful when I placed it inside my bag. I was busy looking for a shirt when some girl bumped me. I looked at her and she was also searching for some shirt. And then, when I tried to reach for my phone inside my bag… it was gone. :( I was with my Mama then so I said to her my phone was missing so she told the store owner and the security guard my phone’s unit that was missing. They halted everyone inside the store. And it was really weird, this girl who bumped me approached me and asked what was my phone’s unit. I answered her and then she said, “Hey, we have the same unit right? *she showed her phone to me, we had the same unit* But this isn’t yours. This one’s mine. See?” Seeing the difference from my phone, I nod and said it wasn’t my phone that she was holding.

I was really helpless. :| The security guard lent me her phone so I could call my #. It rang on the first, but when I tried for the second time, it was already turned off. :( I felt really sad and depressed because I was the one who bought it that time. It was only months old. :s

I just hope that the person who stole it would return it to you. I know a lot of people have already said this to you (and I might seem like redundant already) but seriously and sincerely, I hope that Ben returns to you. *hugs you* :)

And to that person… I hope his/her conscience eats him/her while he’s/she’s sleeping~ /pow

Cheer up, Georgina! *u*

And oh, we tried hunting for CNY decors but they’re all still pricey even if the event’s over. Haha! But we managed to get average-priced decors. Hee. And regarding the fortune cookie, yeah… you should pick one too! Just for fun, haha. 👏

I forgot to put my link. ROFL. /hehe