I So Hate Consequences

I’m still trying not to wish death on the nimrod who took my iPhone. We found out that the security footage was pretty accurate and clearly showed what was going on – yeah, that’s about it. At least they’ll probably have a good enough view of the thief, and seeing as the police have that footage they had better do something about it. It’s rare that police even get footage that is accurate… so… while getting my phone back is unlikely, that nimrod can be set on fire.

I don’t know why I feel so passionately about this; James informed me that maybe it isn’t such a great idea to personalise my things because I’d get attached and go insane if I ever lost them. /faw I think right now I’m going insane because I relied on my phone for a lot of things. I wanted to check up on some appointments, and what the fuck, I don’t have my phone. I wanted to check the lyrics of some song because it’s easier on my iPhone than in iTunes, and what the fuck, I don’t have my phone. /argh

I will totally acknowledge it was my fault for dropping it. If the floor wasn’t carpeted I would have heard it drop. It’s nasty how little things can result in you dealing with the worst consequences. Just because I carried my phone in my pocket… Man, I hate life.

Yet I shouldn’t complain. I posted not too long ago about how some people are worse off than us, not even having a home or family. So I’m lucky it’s just a phone and I didn’t get attacked. :|

I feel horrible about hating on people. In the past I used to hate certain people a lot. I used to wish death on someone who called me a PSWA – a ‘paedophile slut with AIDS’ – when I didn’t even know who that person was. Often when I had a fight with someone or someone hurt my feelings, I would wish they fell in a hole to their death, or drowned, and other violent things. I would glare at them with every attempt. It was almost like I was wasting my time thinking about how much I hated them, as if I had some kind of pride in it.

I probably did. I probably felt really great to hate someone. I think I had a lot of fun bitching about people. Maybe high school was like that, and there wasn’t really anything you could do about it.

Now I can’t stand hating people. It certainly feels horrid to bitch about someone. It makes me feel like there is some negative fireball inside me, and it doesn’t feel healthy, so to speak. If someone annoys me, I just let them be. I simply can no longer be angry at someone for their actions. And yes, usually the reason I dislike someone is because of their actions or their attitude – not the way they look or their interests… it’s just their actions and things they do.

If I dislike someone I just put it behind me, like walking past a random person in the street. Sometimes I feel like it’s better just to blind myself to the things that rage me. There really is no point in wishing someone was dead. We all die anyway, and I guess that’s a hard fact. And I don’t want to waste my time thinking about how much someone pisses me off.

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I used to wish something bad happen to people when I was younger, especially in primary school, when some idiotic kids would annoy me. I sort of grew out of it during year 9 and 10, learning to ignore other stupid people trying to waste my time.

I’m sure the police will do something, at the very least keep a lookout for the guy. There’s absolutely no reason for them do nothing about with all the evidence they have. Maybe they won’t get your iPhone back, but they can at least look and find the dude and charge him.

I hope they catch whoever took it. I used to hate people, but then I realized that I don’t actually hate anyone. I don’t like some people, but I’ve never had that feeling of hate anymore. Emo kids, I tell ya. Also becoming a Christian has helped to be more forgiving towards others. For little things, at least.

My mom always tells me that she doesn’t want a complicated, expensive phone because of that. She’s afraid that if she ends up losing it, she’ll lose everything – her cellphone, her mp3 player, her internet browser, her files, her games…everything. She’d rather pay more for a lot of small things than one big thing that’s trying to do everything at once.

I understand why you’d complain. I’d be pretty upset too, if that happened to me. I would be devastated if I lost my phone – my phone’s not even that multi-talented. It’s just moderately awesome. I still love it though. I do get attached to my technology.

I feel terrible whenever I think badly of anyone. I know that a lot of people act a certain way because of problems at home, or maybe they were just in a really bad mood because of something else. Sometimes, they’re just misunderstood.

I really wish I had the mindset like you do. I’m a lot like the old you, wishing people death and glaring at people based on things they’ve done in the past. I make bitchy comments & I say that I should stop doing it, but I never do. I want to be a more positive person but it’s just really hard sometimes.

Though, whoever took your phone will get what they deserve through karma. They were dishonest and took the phone, so hopefully they will realize in time what a bad idea it was. I have way too much of a guilty conscience to steal. I’ve told big lies before too, but I always feel terrible about it after.

Hating people is a waste of time, but I still do it anyways…

I’m really done with the past too. I’m looking forward to the future, and just moving on & being happy with my life. There might be a few things in the past I would change/go back to if I could, but in the end it’s better to just move on.

I hate super hot, and super cold. HAHA. I like it better when I’m nice and cozy/content. Usually in the summer, I’ll sleep with a fan on me and then wrap myself in a blankie so I’m cozy.

What is the split tabs addon? *googles*

Oh man. Oh man oh man. Loosing an iPhone must suck. Heck, I don’t even own an iPhone, and I know it sucks. Geez. May the nimrod who stole it be plagued with nightmares of insane Georginas whacking him over the head with a phone, screaming, “BUY ME SHOES, BUY ME SHOES.”


Thank you about the pictures. ^_^ I totally get what you are saying… there’s like this entire age gap at those parties… and you have to end up blending in.

It was really horrid! :( I hope that that person feels some insane guilt really, really soon. I don’t care if they have to admit that they stole it because they damn well did. I hope the police can do what’s needed, even if I don’t get my phone back that person should suffer and be charged. /hmph

You’re welcome! :)

I still can’t believe that happened to your iPhone. You’re patient, though, because I would have wished death upon them the second I lost it. >.<

I, too, personalize things. I rely on my phone immensely so if it were gone I wouldn't be able to go more than a day without becoming morbidly depressed; that's actually sad but at least I can admit to it. You're right, some people are worse off than us.

I think because you are patient and taking it better than most, that something good will come of that in return. I believe in karma, though. Sometimes when you think nothing will get better it turns around at the last minute. I hope this is the case for you because I know how much you loved your phone. ♥

Aha high school and the days of hatred for others. I remember them all too well, as do you I assume. At least you've matured and moved on from it. I generally find myself simply not caring anymore when people annoy me. I might be frustrated for a few minutes but I let it go much faster than I used to now.

I hope you get your phone back. You're a good person and I think your actions will reflect that.

I think that it’s okay to dislike somebody if your reason is justified. Disliking someone for their actions and attitude is valid, because you’re judging them by their own deeds. Disliking someone isn’t the same as wishing death on them.

I shall learn from your story and take a purse around with me when I am wearing loose or shallow pockets. And now it looks like I’ll also bother both you and James too! :P

Hey there! :) I read your previous blog also and wow it really sucks that you lost your iphone and someone took it! I mean, how many chances on a thousand were there that you would drop it and also kick it further. :( It just makes me mad that this thing happened to you when I think about it lmao. I totally rely on my phone for a lot of things, just like you. I have my calendar on there and everything, even though it was probably not as much as you. I would still be really sad if I’d lose my phone, I mean I know I can get a new one and all, but I would still be sad because I grew so attached to it. I really do hope the police finds who took it, we never know, you might still get your phone back! Being mad and angry really isn’t the best, but hating happens sometimes. Just gotta try and stay positive. well that’s what I do anyways. :) love you xx byee

I hope you get your phone back or maybe the person will pay you for a new phone. I can’t live without my phone either.

I think it hurts you more as a person to hate someone than to just forget about it and let it go. That’s why I don’t use the word hate anymore. If someone pisses me off or do something to me, I don’t say I hate that person. I simply dislike them. Not liking someone makes it easilier to let it go, especially if they did something that wasn’t a big deal. It’s not like they kill someone I care about or physically hurt me. Even then, learning to forgive someone actually makes them feel more guilt than if you say you hate them and will never forgive them.

Disliking people is something that I really struggle with. It’s not that I particularly enjoy disliking people, it’s not that at all. It’s one of the characteristics of myself that I hate the most. I may not outwardly show dislike, but the stuff in my head that I’m thinking is so judgmental. I don’t think I’ve ever really wished someone would die (because that’s terrible!) but I have wished some nasty thoughts. Maybe it’s just part of phase that we all go through in high school or something. xP It’s great that you hate disliking people though. It’s a very admiral characteristic!

It’s great they got really accurate footage! Hopefully the police can find the guy. The chances are slim, but you never know!

Btw, I have never heard of PSWA. It’s uhm, a very creative insult… I guess? xD It kind of makes me giggle because it sounds so absurd to me!

Georgie, it’s as if God compelled you to write this post, and then wished me to read it. This was definitely what I needed.
Recently, I’ve been crushed and such by someone, and, less than 2 hours ago, it happened again, from the same person, and I was distraught. I sat here at my laptop, thinking, “Just die. I hate you,” until I thought, “God, please help me. This isn’t right,” and felt such a relief. It was as if I got… cleansed. In short: Thank you for writing this blog. ♥
Anger is a horrible thing. Hate is a horrible thing. There’s a reason why we feel such things to these people, and I personally think it’s because we want to give that person pain like they’ve done. Hate and anger toward a person are definitely hurtful, but we just sink to their level. For something that happened to you, it is difficult to let it go, since, as you’ve said, you relied on your phone a lot. It makes sense, since it’s material and items don’t change, but for people, it’s best to let it go.
Hopefully you’ll get the phone back, or karma (or God) will do its work on the thief/nimrod. :D

I followed you on twitter and seen you tweeting about your lost iPhone. They weren’t funny but they were funny.

I honestly think you won’t be getting it back. Whether someone stole it or you just drop it and someone picked it up…there aren’t too many people left in the world who are kind enough to return things. Hopefully you’ll get a new one?

I hate losing BIG things like this that I rely on, I always beat myself up on the inside.

You are honestly a good person. It doesn’t bother me at all to wish bad luck on people or “talk down down” on them. I mean I just don’t going doing it all willy nilly, only if they’ve done me wrong but I don’t hate myself for it. I usually never even think twice -___-

No one needs a special day just to hang out, especially if you’re in a relationship. That should be a normal thing for you guys. There’s just always something special about Valentine’s Day. At least you have a significant other. I get the feeling that someone’s going to surprise me on the big day though, hopefully it’s true (:

Is it just me but teachers of subjects like Algebra, Pre-cal, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, etc. always foreigners? Not understanding a subject does make you hate it. Part of the reason I hate all these branches of math and science now…because I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT.

I’ve been to a few sleepovers but never just gone to someones house to sleepover just because, there was always a reason like a birthday or something. Well, only my bestfriend’s house but that’s it.

Wow. I complain A LOT, I just never really realize. It’s honestly a bad habit, one that will take some time to break.

Gosh, I hope they find the person. And you are so lucky there was footage of it. I learned something a while ago, you can’t have love in your heart if there’s hate in your heart. Well that’s how I’ve felt lately. I don’t like peoples actions and what they do, but they’re human and I have love for them being a person.

I know how frustrating this would be. I don’t use my phone too much, but I think I would be a little lost without it. I use my phone for texting and calling only, and for an alarm clock. I use my iPod touch for music, and I never store personal information on my phone, just my laptop.

I think James is right, probably not a great idea to name your items and get so personal with them.

Bitching is horrible, but it gives us a way to sort of distract our problems by whining about someone else. We shouldn’t do it, but these days, it’s almost human nature.

I couldn’t wish someone dead (I have a few times) but I get that horrible guilt that I might be wishing for something that would come true. My boyfriend told me a story. When he was a child he had a lady living next door, who was such a bitch. One day he said to him self ‘wish she would drop dead, have a heart attack.’ The next day, she died of a heart attack. A scary coincidence right?

When ever I think horrible things about someone, I look at them and feel bad for my thoughts. I look at them and see them blinking, eating, drinking, laughing. I do that too. I just love people, but at the same time, I think there are so many people in the world who don’t deserve to die, but need to experience karma for the things they have done bad to others.

I wasn’t always a nice person. Almost everything I’ve done bad to others have come back to me, sometimes three times worse. Like the time I kidnapped the neighbours cat and carried it about ten blocks away. Four years later two of my cats died.I used to tease fat girls in high school, never really cared to learn why they were over weight, never bothered to know their life story; now I have trouble with my own weight, and gained so much from depression. And I’m always being laughed at and joked about. I stole my sisters Walkman once, and sometimes I would take money out of my mums purse, and since then I’ve had a few things stolen, one of them meant a lot to me.

So I am someone who has experienced first hand the anger of karma. The person who stole your phone will get something in return.

♥ ♥ ♥

Crap! An iphone.. sorry to hear about that. 😒 But I kinda agree with what James told you. I am also like that so right now.. I avoid getting attached with my things but… errr… it’s hard! I AM TRYING NOT TO. /hmph I also understand your point that it is where you rely on. Maybe this time it’s a lesson that being too techie is not also an advantage….? ✌️ I hope you’ll still be able to get your iphone…

That person who called you PSWA was really mean. As in mean! Tsk! How can someone call you names when it’s not true…? that sucks! /angry

I used to wish something bad would happen to some of my family members who has done me and you know what I mean by that. And well; I got scolded for saying I’m glad one of them is dead. I apologized later for it though because I honestly don’t want to be judge when I go to Heaven and by God. Ya know? So I apologized even though I really didn’t like my Nana (mom’s mom).

I’m glad the police got accurate footage of the person who swiped your phone. I can’t believe how arrogant they are and not return it. Psh. Some people really need to take a bullet or something. I actually had to tell this guy Phi off for bitching at me for wishing him a Happy Chinese New Years (Belated), and said I didn’t know he was Chinese. So he bitched at me again and said we agreed to limit texts and what not. I was like so freaking pissed I just laid it on him x10 harder than he did onto me. And he said if this is the way you want it to go down, I don’t take this sh*t lightly. So I told him off again and that he reminds me of my mother and that maybe them two should be together. >:D. I also told Sung off too for making a sexual comment about my friend John and I. Even if it was a joke or not. He still stepped out of boundary with it. My dad even said the same thing. I mean jeez, he told me that he wanted to meet my dad but after meeting me and my friends first. I was like dude…if you don’t do it the old fashion way, and meet my dad, my dad will not have a clue as to what happens to me if anything like rape or killed in a ditch somewhere or both. How will he know? So I guess Sung didn’t like that statement cause I haven’t heard from him at all tonight and no more apology email. He only did that to get out of being in trouble. But yeah. I laid it on him.

I met this one guy on plentyoffish.com (which I talked about in my blog). He lives in a city not to far from Beaumont, and well; it turns out he used to grow up in the same city as me when I was growing up in. Small world right? We’re taking it slow, and he’s actually going to call me tomorrow after his seminar. lol He told me I was an unpredictable powderkeg *rawr*. And told me not to bestow my ebilness upon him he just wants a hug lmfao. I was like I won’t do it unless you give me a reason too. Ha! We said our good nights and we’ll see if he does call tomorrow. Well; I hope that arrogant idiot will return your phone back to you. I mean it’s kinda useless since you shut the phone off and what not. So why keep it? Ya know? Just return it! Jesus…people…I can’t believe people actually called you that! How ignorant! *Shakes Head*. Well; goodnight Georgie! Good luck on the phone ordeal! I hope you get it back! My dad also hopes you’ll get it back.

awww.. I’m sorry to hear about your phone being stolen. :( I agree.. that nimrod must be burn!!! hahahaha.. :DD I also agree on what James said.. once we personalize our things, we start to get too attached to it that we treat it as our life and all. And once it’s gone, we lose our life too. :(

i’m at lost for words :(
i guess you really are attached to your phone. :( i’m sorry to hear about the loss. anyway, it may hurt at first, but i know you’ll get through it –maybe not right away, but soon. :)

i hope you get your phone back!! (: now when they’ve got a good view of the thief it should be a little easier to catch that sneak. i’m wondering where “you should treat others as you would like others to treat yourself” has disappeared. i know i would’ve been more than glad if an angel returned my phone if i lost it, and i’m sure i would’ve done the same. but some people are just selfish and act so too…

you’ve right, we shouldn’t waste our time on people we don’t care about. we should rather spend more time with the people who really mean something to us, and use some extra energy to make their day as good as possible (: wasted energy on bagatells is time and energy you never get back.

it’s always light at the end of the tunnel, i just can’t see it yet, lol! (: i’m coming there eventually, after a bunch of tasks in both norwegian and english++

I agree, usually the person who made the layout gets sick of it a lot quicker than everyone else. But that’s probably because the creator looks at it a lot more than most viewers do. You honestly have no heart if you can pick up someone’s phone, not turn it in & just walk away with it. Karma will get them, promise (: I hated going by hand & putting in every single contact. Good thing your music was on your computer though, that would have been horrible if you lost all of it.

Good thing it was just your phone that you dropped & something else worse didn’t happen. I have a tendency to carry my phone in my pocket just cause it’s easier to tell when it vibrates & definitely easier to get to when it’s not in my purse; my purse is huge & I’d probably never find it before it’s done ringing, haha. I think girls with their phones are just that way. I hate not having my phone. I feel like a part of me is missing, I know that’s pretty bad d:

there`s nothing wrong with you trying to wish death upon the person with your iPhone! Hopefully the police will do what they can and beyond to get your phone back! There`s also nothing wrong with getting attached to your phone. You paid for your phone. Well, it was paid with money. And it is rightfully yours. Make it worth it :P. The best thing to do with your belongings is to take advantage of it :P Thats just my perspective :P.

I don`t like to hate people :/. But life happens. And we end up hating people for a certain reason. I hate.. This certain individual for “cockblocking” a couple of years ago. Or. just simply embarrassing me, even though I don`t care about the person who she cockblocked me with, but still. I remember it. :/. Horrible! D: I hate her with a great passion. I feel bad after ranting about her with another friend who is friends with her :P! And sometimes during class, she makes some comment to talk to me, I`m like, “right. now go back to your little pitiful seat.” I`m horrible!

But on other cases, I try to tolerate people. But there`s some limitations. :/. We can`t all have peace within ourselves. Even though I would like to have peace D:

But hating people for who they are is unacceptable. But hating people for what they do is. To me D:.

But disliking people is another story. :O. its like.. some simple matter. If I don`t see the person ever again that I dislike/hate/etc I would forget about the person and move on. :P

sometimes, I hate playing with other people too in games! Like. At times, I want to be alone and mine for ores. (Sorry for the nerd talk :P!) And then people are like, “CAN I COME WITH YOU?” I`m like “NAH”. Because its a hassle. Plus, I want to get gold coins on my own D:!

When I call on the config.php, the page has some fatal errors. Even though my config is “correct”, its weird :O! I can`t display stats normally D:. Except for that brick stats in the front page :P

I don`t blame you for this (: You care about it, and you make it worth the matter :D! When my friend cracked my camera screen, I wanted to cry. D:. Because my parents will get pisssssed at me. But. I try not to care because I created an elaborate plan to not get me in trouble. And it worked. Thankfully :D

I like the word espenca :P! Even though I think it`s a slang word in spanish. I don`t know the original word D:! Its probably spenca or something. I forgot if I said what it means, but its like chill/relax :P! Its silly :P!

Its not a problem :P But I did become a jerk and show it to every other people in the band who understands the “originals” like I do XD! I just go up to my friends and have that holepunched originals in front of me. Their reaction is priceless :P. But no names are mentioned. :P. no one really knows about what happened. But I said I didn`t do it. Cause. They know I wouldn`t :O!

But karma hits me fast. LOL! Aaagh. I`m hearing things in band about my friend who graduated who “stole” things. Like some stupid bells and a tenor saxophone. The bells (new) were already in the class last school year! and the saxophone was lost last month!! And he clearly did not do it. AAGH! Horrible. :/.

my friend burned her chin from the straightener! my right side is always better :P!

For sure, I know I started putting content on my site. And expanded. :O! I evolved :P! There`s like… several phrases of blogging :P. I know that beginners are in the first stages, with… Just a blog… Who blogs every other week. then to every other day. To every day. Then interacts with people. Etc. :O!

Reinstalling files are not a problem. I know whats good is that you can restore some of your old programs. :P. Like my sony vegas has some broken file :/. I need to reformat my computer to be able to use it again D:

Aw, I am so sorry your iPhone was stolen! That must be really hard. I have lost my phone before and been without one for a couple of weeks but I don’t really use my phone that often anyway so it didn’t affect me. If I had an iPhone I would probably use it all the time, though! Well, best of luck finding the thief and getting your phone back.

I used to say that I hated certain people or things but now I have tried to eradicate the word ‘hate’ from my vocabulary. Sure, I /dislike/ spinach but I don’t hate it. I might not like how that person acted during class but I don’t hate her. Whether or not I actually feel less hateful towards the subject is debatable but it at least gets me in the mindset of not hating them. It’s good that you have learned to not hate people, though! There is too much hate in the world for us to hate other people for such relatively small things.

That is very true. Or when they talk about something in the same manner but they are actually wrong! That is kind of irritating as well.

Ah, I know! Elders need to gain my respect before I give it to them. At the same time, though, they do deserve a bit of respect; it would be really annoying if ten year olds started acting all sassy and defiant towards twenty year olds or so.

Aw, really? That’s unfortunate. Very true! Great outlook. ^^

That has happened to me before; it’s pretty annoying! That’s cool, though. I planned mine beforehand and worked on it when I still had my old website without telling anyone about it and then opened it and closed the other one.

Ah, that would be cool! I am sure that would be pretty interesting.

Haha, that’s still cool! Yeah, I could see how it would be pretty special to you guys. A photoblog would be pretty cute! That was nice of you and I bet he will love it.

My house is wooden too! Mud huts aren’t bad but chances are the roof is made out of leaves or something and offers little protection against rain and whatnot.

Yeah! I know a lot of people in high school think they are going to marry that random guy that asked them out that they had never talked to before the first date. That’s kind of annoying but I guess they just have to learn!

Ah, that’s cool! Forums can be really fun but I don’t think I would feel a need to go back to one after a while. I guess they just don’t have a lasting appeal for me?

Yeah, long blogs aren’t too fun to comment on. Yeah, that would probably make me feel bad… I guess it’s just common courtesy that if someone takes the time to comment on your blog you should at leas take the time to comment on theirs. That’s cool too.

Haha! I didn’t even think about that. That is pretty funny.

Ah, I bet you would get used to it pretty soon. It’s not that weird! Yeah, that is definitely something to be grateful for. I would really dislike being blind. D:

I like to think things like maybe the person who found the phone is very poor and they sold it on ebay for food … maybe

I’ve been checking! But I think the person is too dumb to sell it on Ebay. Maybe they sold it to the Cash Converters store, ahaha…

Wish that person would hand it in. :( I understand what james is saying but we can’t help it lol. We all do get too attatched to things and yes we rely on them too much but I guess thats what they are for, iphone has so much on it for us to use which gets us attatched, I would be lost without my Blackberry phone because I love emailing when I can’t get on the computer and great for a quick browse on the internet. I also have a samsung Galaxy s which I reply on too much too.

Just ashame it’s such a expensive phone and probably be the reason the persons not handed it in. I would feel weird with some elses phone because of all the stuff on it, phone to someone is so personal so why would you want someone else phone?

Dont feel bad hating this person /angry

Aww you shouldn’t have to feel bad about hating the person that took your phone. They obviously did it even though they knew it was wrong. It’s good to still have a postive outlook despite having something horrid happen to you. I’d go mental if I lost my iphone! everything is on there. Hope everything else is well. :)

Everything is alright despite the phone, haha. I checked with the front desk of the shopping centre today and they had some iPhones but none were mine. Good to know there are honest people out there but I’m beginning to think that the person who stole my phone certainly isn’t. I hope the police can catch the thief with the footage, really.

Yeah, that sexual joke about my friend and I was just uncalled for. I told my younger sister about it and she said he was probably just making a joke about it. And that our dad is intimidating. She also stated that this isn’t highschool anymore where they HAVE to meet our parents now. I told her I know but still parents worry when their daughters meet a guy they don’t really know. Cause in all honesty, if you go somewhere with a guy you just met, and your parents don’t know about him, you could end up dead in a ditch or somewhere. So I told my dad that, and he’s like yeah I am intimidating lol and he’s like smart move. Cause I did tell SK off about that sexual remark. I mean Jesus. Things like that you don’t make even if you’re trying to be funny. You just don’t make them. Needless to say; I haven’t heard from SK.

But this guy Andrew, OMG…he’s a sweetheart. He’s filipino, he actually called me like he said he would. Haha. He was getting yelled at for being on the phone for a long time with me, by his dad because his dad didn’t know if Verizon to Verizon network is free. I said yeah they are, but I guess he didn’t hear me, so he’s gonna check, and tell his dad. But wow…we’re both in the same boat kinda. We both have seizures and everything. It’s just wicked.

As for my friend John; he’s really sweet, he’s an anime nut. lol. And was always telling me last night “We should kick it and see where it goes” lol. He wants to take me to Disneyland I think this weekend if I read his message correctly. I can always ask him again. But I think he has company over. Or something like that, right now. Which is okay. I’ll wait till later to talk to him about it. Our other friend Lynnae, also wants to go with us lol. So it’ll be like Devil (two females, and 3 males lmfao) full house. LMFAO!!! But yeah. It’d be cool to see her again. She got to meet Morning Monsume or something like that. haha! But yeah. I would really like to see John after not seeing him in 6 years, but I just remembered that this weekend, might be the weekend…my Aunt, my dad and myself are celebrating my birthday. Maybe John can join us? I dunno. But yeah. He actually lives really close to me now. Which is cool. I didn’t realize that, until he told me last night. We stayed up until almost 4:00 a.m. talking online and what not. Lol. I’m not holding this against him, but he does smoke weed and drink. But who am I to pass judgement on him? Ya know? If he wants to do that he can. I’m not gonna change him. And I’m not going too. But yeah, he told me he wanted my website’s link so I gave it to him and he said after reading some information about me, he said he feels like he knows me a lot better now. So I dunno? But yeah, one of his friends is gay as well..and I was kinda flirting with him just to brighten his day, and he’s like all depressed and what not. Than logs off I was like fine then. lol. Oh well; at least he got a kick out of it lol. But yeah, I’d much prefer John or Andrew over SK by a long shot.

Oh that’s horrible about Lillian’s boyfriend. How dare he?! I mean Jesus, she’s close to her parents, and he should respect that. If he wants to be with her. If a guy can’t respect a female for being close to her parents or A parent, than he’s useless garbage. John actually did meet my dad one time. My dad remembers him. But I think he’s kinda getting him confused with this other guy who is married. I saw him a few times, but after he asked for sex I flat out told him no. After that he disappeared. So yeah, I mean I’m friends with his mom and his half sister, but yeah, I think my dad is getting him confused with John. John isn’t married he’s single just like me. But he said we’ll talk about it when he gets home tonight.

Hmmm, I hope those dimwits do have consciouses! Seriously. If they steal something and don’t return it, don’t they know or care they will be looked down upon one day? Like saying you’re glad someone is dead? I mean I apologized for saying that and my Aunt and I are closer than ever. She kinda had to knock some sense into me after saying that, but Lisa (mom)’s mom Janet will never EVER be my Grandma. Cause of the way she’s treated me. But eh. Yeah. OMG Do you ever watch Youtube? I’m sure you do, but have you ever heard of Shimmycocopuffsss a korean actor on youtube? Well; he and I are close friends online, and whenever I comment on his vlogs or skits, or whatever he always comments back lol. Like today he uploaded a v-log on Shimmyssidekick channel, which is where he uses his iphone to do his v-logs outside the home and what not. And well; the other day he was high on Redbull so I posted a response and said Okay who gave Shimmy another Redbull? and he goes Shit! I was sober lol. Lmfao!! So I popped off something else to him…haven’t gotten a response back yet. lol.

But as far as Phi goes, yeah that was uncalled for. I mean he’s constantly using his phone to go online esp. fb, and what not. So it’s not MY fault his texts gets out of hand. Its HIS. NOT MINE. Ya know? Anyway, I’m done with him. But yeah, Andrew called me a powderkeg lol. I think it’s cause I’m white? I dunno. But it was funny and made me giggle. He called me today after the seminar to let me know he’d call me when he and his dad got home. So yeah. We talked for a good long time. lol. Well; you’re very welcome. I hope that idiot returns your phone soon! Assholes they be!

thank you for the comforting words on my post =)

I hope the police get your phone back. The person that took your phone should really just return it =__=”” If it doesnt belong to them they shouldnt keep or sell it!
It sure takes a lot of our energy though to be angry and wish harm onto others /hmph but its natural and sometimes it motivates us to seek justice….BUT being happy feels good LOL