Back to Square One

Today I looked through my bookshelf. I hate doing that when it’s a bit of a mess. I found these old diaries, unused. I refused to use them because the notepaper and pages were far too pretty. I have bought many notebooks in my lifetime, many of which I didn’t like to use, simply because the paper was so nice.

Now I have a use for them. Since I lost my phone, I figured I’d organise myself the old-school way.

My favourite subject in primary school was Handwriting. My teacher told me that wasn’t a subject, but I didn’t care. The same way people argue about whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable (don’t get me started). I loved to write, and I actually cared about how neat my handwriting was and took great pride in it.

I guess I’m happy that I can use these diaries and notebooks and they won’t really go to waste. Books and writing aren’t going away just yet. :)

I find that I am at such a loss having lost my phone (ha, ha, ha). I didn’t think I would rely on it that much but even just little things, like bloody train timetables, I’ll have to print off now since I can’t look at them on my phone anymore. I am thinking of buying a new phone in the future since I may not get my phone back and the police may not catch the thief. It’s hopeless, I know, but it’s not impossible, which is why I am still hoping for something good to come out of it. I have learned that while I totally have the right to complain, it won’t always help… and yes, I can live without my phone. I know I’m going to keep whining about having lost it, and dreaming of punching the nimrod who stole it, but I think my mission now is to prove that I can live without it. Well, of course, I’ll still have the spare phone I’m now using, but losing my phone has not made me insane.

I curled my hair yesterday, though now it’s not really curly, but wavy. I used a curling iron. In the past I used to braid my hair and leave it overnight while it was damp. In the morning I’d take out the braids and have some nice curls. After a few hours they would have gone frizzy. :( Oh well, I’m glad that now using a curling iron helps. I don’t know if I look good with wavy hair but when I was younger I really wanted wavy hair. My mum told me that we always want what we can’t have – many of my friends with wavy hair wanted straight hair.

What I don’t understand though, is hair extensions. Why don’t you just grow out your damn hair…? /hmph Some hair extensions are so ugly, they look horrid, and just look painfully obvious. I understand colouring your hair, curling it and styling it, but putting extensions into your hair is something that I think is a little stupid.

No, it really does look obvious. 🙄 I cut my hair a few months ago and now I do wish it was longer, but I’m waiting it out and letting it grow, and reaping the benefits of its current style. He-LLO.

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Ah handwriting. I never liked having such classes. Maybe a reason why my handwriting sucks now. Although now that you mention favourite subjects, I can’t recall what was mine in primary school. Hell, I don’t think I had one… I guess I either liked school as a whole or didn’t. Can’t even remember that…

The app ‘TripView’ is pretty useful, eh? So good when you have to rush out of the house and don’t have time to check on the Internet. I’d always check the timetable on the Internet, and while the train timetable was easy to access, it took long to check the bus’ (open pdf file, zoom in/out, check different pages…)

I always loved writing and I still do. I think it’s just part of the satisfaction of not having to rely on techonology to record information. It makes me sad that in classes, the majority of our work is done on computers. I still love writing in diaries.

That’s awful that someone stold your phone! My mom once had hers stolen and the police ended up confiscating it from someone in a jail cell five states over. /hehe I hope it turns up soon!

Your site comes up with a 404 for me. :(

I love writing, but not in the sense of writing on paper. I guess I just love writing blogs and things and since technology has really affected us, a lot of stuff I do is online or on my laptop somewhere. A few bits and pieces were on my phone, and obviously things like calendar dates and whatnot. It was upsetting to lose my phone but it was really my fault. But wow, thank you for sharing that! The police have footage of the thief so I guess that gives me a little more hope that they’ll at least catch him, if not get my phone back. :)

I think my handwriting is terrible, but people tell me it’s pretty. I think I write like a boy, haha. I ALWAYS bought pretty journals and never completely used them because I’d get bored of writing in them. I save them, though, so that when I have children they can look through and see what stupid things I wrote about. XD

I never write my appointments down anyway since I can’t use my phone in school. I use an agenda. It’s cool that you’re not letting the phone incident get you down. I would be so annoyed. :P

I never know how to wear my hair. I like it better short because it just doesn’t look good on me when it’s long. I miss my long hair sometimes, but I like the length it is now. I need to cut it, though. Split ends. Ugh. My hair is wavy, but I can’t curl it because they just come un-done five minutes later.

hey :)
sorry to hear about your Iphone, people are dumb, I do hope they catch the thief, it’s terrible I’d never keep someone elses phone. I’d never keep someone else’s anything that’s just mean. don’t they feel guilty at all.
I know what you mean though, you don’t realise how much you rely on modern technology on phones until you miss it then you feel like you’ve lost an arm for a while

I used to have to have handwriting classes when I was younger, but they made us write a certain way which I hated. I like the way I write now although when I’m getting bored and I cant be bothered any more it does descend into a lazy scrawl.

aww I bet your hair looked really nice wavy. I bought a curling wand a couple of weeks ago to curl my hair with, it takes a while though to do and my curls don’t last long before they drop into waves, the benefits of having long hair *sigh* it’s heavy.
I know what you mean I’d never have extensions either, I think they look fake and ratty and horrible, plus you have to take care of them and if you have them glued in they can pull you hair out and create bald patches!! I’ve not had a cut in about 5 years, when i say this, I mean I’ve had regular trims, just not had like 10 inches chopped off, I did have all my hair cut off when I was 15 because I wanted a change and I regretted it almost instantly, so I swore I’d never have it cut short again until I was too old to have proper long hair, so now when I look in magazines and it’s all about shaving the side of your head and having a pixie cut i’m like NO i’ll like it for about a day then wish I had my long hair back.

I would just love to met a famous person I idolised. I’d probably go all shy though.

I have lots of note books that are half empty. I start to make revision notes in them and then I start a new book for a new topic. It’s kind of a waste.

My mum bought me a lovely diary this year, it has such pretty pages in.

I really hope you do get your phone back. The person who took it is just so cruel. If I found something lost I would definitely hand it in because I would only want someone to do that for me if I had lost something.

I got some a curling wand thing for my birthday so I’ve recently been experimenting with it. I always use to braid my hair and then sleep with it so for school I’d have wavy hair. Oh memories! :)

Hey! :) Well it sucks that people handed in iPhones but none of them weren’t yours.. But I think you are really a honest person! Because if it had been someone else, well they might have lived and took the iphone they found even though it wasn’t theirs.. but you didn’t so that’s really honest of you. :D Lmao I was like that when I was younger, I didn’t want to write in any of my notebooks cause they looked too nice, and if I did write in them, I would pull the page off so the notebook looked new! haha I’m not sure I could live without my phone.. Okay well I could live but it would suck. Okay maybe my phone OR my ipod touch. Because both can do almost the same thing. Before I had a phone, I carried my ipod everywhere like it was a phone, but now I don’t since I have a phone. xx

Oh god, I’ve lost my phone way too much. :/ At least I have a cheap crappy one.

And ha ha, “Handwriting”. xD I always said my favorite subject was “Lunch” just to piss off my teachers. ;D

I am very glad that you like Eirene! :D You know me and my obsession with pretty ancient Greek names! /hehe I’m glad you’re looking forward to more posts! I’m actually keeping Chione open, but it’s going to be based solely on content, not blogs. :) Eirene is my only blog now.

Ha ha, really? :D That’s one of my worst drawings I’d say. Maybe not counting that one where I was drawing a little boy and I made one mistake and it turned into an elderly man! XD And I’m also glad you like the photo! ;)

I’m actually saving up for an iPhone now… but that means I’m not going to be able to buy any new markers for a while so I’m limited to the colors I have now. :) My current phone is blue and it slides but that’s all I know about it! It doesn’t have a texting keyboard which annoys the hell out of my friends when they text me and it takes me twice as long as them to respond. /type

I had plently of notebooks and diaries but I get to lazy to use them, I reply on my phone too much, not good. :( So I best write things down, I should really write down all my passwords and hide them, because I have so many that are saved on my computer and phone and I forget because I dont have to type them in. Do you forget passwords easy because of the auto save thing?

My friend was crazy over her handwriting, she would buy one writing book, make a mistake then buy another, so she ended up with 5 books for one subject, me I just used the same one and my handwriting changes so much.

Hope the theif hasnt sold it already /angry will it not work in australia but other countries? because a lot do that, find phones then find out they dont work and sell on ebay in other countries from theirs. I hope not I hope you get it back. :(

My hair never curls, is just goes dead straight not matter what I put on it.
I am growing my hair out, I notice you can do more with longer hair than short, short hair makes my face look too fat lol.

I usually remember all my passwords! All in my head. A lot of them are different but I still manage to remember them all. I don’t use the “remember password” function, because then what is the point of a password anyway? I feel unsafe letting my computer remember it for me. What I don’t remember is phone numbers – at least of unimportant people! – I tend to remember my friends’ but not everyone.

Oh! I was never as extreme as your friend… but when my writing was not neat, I’d tear out the page and start on a new page, writing everything on that page again. /bash

I have looked on Ebay and haven’t found anything like my phone yet. I’m sure it might work overseas (a lot of phones do…) but I’ve sort of lost most of my hope now.

Sorry to hear about your lost phone :s Even though I have a phone and a laptop, I can’t organize stuff using those things. I still use the old school way: planning on paper XD I also had a few notebooks which were far too pretty to be used *_* My friend has a box of unused notebooks! When I see them, I just want to start writing on them. Haha! XD
“My favourite subject in primary school was Handwriting. My teacher told me that wasn’t a subject, but I didn’t care.” –> OMG you’re so cute! XD Looool.
Also, I saw a pic of your wavy hair on dailybooth :3 You look really pretty with wavy hair, too! Yep, I used to have curly/wavy hair, but I had it straightened. It’s like people can’t be satisfied with what they’re born with! XD

yeyey! i though it was only me.. turns out im not alone 👏 i remember my 5 yr old self collecting those pretty kawaii stationaries and up until now i buy those pretty notebooks cause it was nice to look at but i dont dare write something on it hahahha XD

I remember in year 4 the teacher would not let us write in pen until we had our “pen license.” When we could write neat in pencil, then we were aloud to write in pen. I guess that was a good idea to get kids to practice on their hand writing.

Wow, you really did have to rely on your phone. I guess I should look at my phone and see what kind of features it has. All I know is calling, texting, alarm clock and the calender.

I’ve tried to make my hair curly once. I braided it and left the braids in overnight. When I took them out the next morning, my hair was a complete fizz ball. I had to go to school that day, which sucked, because the kids never let that day go “frizz girl,” or something.

I’ve always thought hair extension weren’t that great, but some people just can’t grow their hair. Like me for example: I used to die my hair all the time, straighten and blow dry every day. My hair is almost dead, I’ve ruined it, and it won’t grow past a certain length, no meter how much I take care of it now.

Haha I used to do that with notebooks as well! i didn’t want to ruin them. As for hair extensions… i totally agree. It freaks me out, just like wigs do. Or even worse, extensions or wigs that are made of “real people’s hair” – ewwwy :S

I buy far too many notebooks and journals. And in college, I never really fill up my notebooks. I keep them all though. I love to go through them, even though most are blank. I randomly stumble upon pages that have random doodles, or some poetry. I generally always forget that I wrote/drew those things, so it’s always a good surprise.

I never much cared for my handwriting and even though I’ve tried perfecting it to match my dad’s beautiful handwriting I know I will never get it to match his. His is like so girlie haha. I’ve also tried to perfect my best friend’s handwriting but no dice on that either. I finally found a good way of doing my own style. But yeah it’s not the same. My writing is just eh.

Damn nimrod! Seriously though you would honestly think they’d have a concious or something ya know? But I guess they will get frowned upon when it comes for their judgement day! Don’t worry. God doesn’t take thieves lightly, and it’s the Devil’s part at hand. People are evil, in so many ways, it just bugs me that this person knows they were caught on surveilance, but yet still refuses to turn in a phone that can’t be turned on. Pfftt.

But anywho, Remember how I told you about John? Well; the day before yesterday, he told me to add our friend Rico (hell; I won’t even use that word friend on them, because they’re not even friends!), I knew he had something up his sleeve, and well; I just knew it once Rico deleted me off of his fb page. So I asked John about it, and he bitched at me and said friends don’t stalk friends. I mean WTF? I didn’t stalk him. I just asked him how Rico was doing and that’s it. He’s the arsehole who told me to add his best friend. So once again I knew there was something up John’s sleeve. But I thought he changed, so I let it pass. But yesterday prooved me wrong. He was a friend disguised as an enemy in camaflouge. (Which is what the fortune cookie told me today on fb lol). So yeah after I blocked his arse, he proceeds to text me and calls me a crazy bitch and don’t bother texting him back and considered myself blocked. Lmfao, he won’t be able to find me cause I already blocked him last night. I didn’t even respond to his messages, he texted me twice, and he thought he was being so smooth with his words trying to hurt me and everything. I just laughed at it and erased his messages. So I deleted everyone that I did NOT know including Thogo, and Takuto and all the Japanese people from Japan and Stephanie.I don’t really care anymore. I got Andrew, who sees me as me, and knows my problems and I know his. So alls good there.

We’re actually going out on Valentines Day aka V-Day, we’re going to Pharaoe’s Kingdom for some fun, and mini golf, which I’m gonna cheat at to win lol….And than his dad is taking back to their place, (his parents place) and we’re gonna watch some adult cartoon on cartoon network. He showed me one episode of it already and it’s freaking hilarious! But yeah, my dad’s okay with me going back to his place. My dad’s seen his picture and says he looks like a nice kid. :). I was happy with that. So I’m very happy to get to actually meet someone who understands my pain, and is very supportive. I understand his and am supportive of him too. We both said there is a definite connection between us even though we haven’t met yet. But we will be meeting on Monday V-Day Night at 7:00 p.m. his dad is being our chaeufer. :D. Lol…And our dad’s are going to meet which is like wow. It was his idea at that. Heehee.

But yeah, notice something about my domain? I have literally broken my record on changing layouts every week! It has been up for almost 2 months now. :D. *claps*. Lol! But yeah. I’m very happy with it. I’m still making changing on it, but we’ll see what I can do to it. :). Heehee, well; I hope you get your phone back! Take care!

‘m exactly like you!! I have so many of those organizing and little diary-like notebooks, but I never used them nor do I let anyone else use them simply because they’re rare or their pages are decorated and I keep saving them for a worthy use but I end up not using them anyway. I always think about using them as diaries, but since I have a private Livejournal online which I use as a diary, I just don’t write in them. 😳 But glad you found good use for them! I’m still hopeful about the police finding the thief though, he just cannot get away with it. /hmph

Hhaha, yay for curly hair!! I have straight hair too and I always wished I had extremely curly hair, but again, like you said, we always want we can’t have. I used to braid my hair too, or use those curling plastic things..I forgot what they’re called hahah. I always preferred the old-fashioned way of curling my hair, even though I own a curling iron, but I just felt braiding & using curlers (or whatever they’re called xD) was more effective.

I have this one friend whose hair is naturally very curly, but she straightens it almost every single day. I hate that. If you were born with curly hair, then just flaunt it and straighten it every now and then, but ironing it every single day?? I feel like she’s faking her identity, lol. People even get shocked when they find out that’s not her real hair.
Hmmm..I’ve never seen anyone who uses hair extensions, but maybe they have good uses, like if someone’s hair falls out quickly, it’s like a cover up to the bold patches. /hehe But for decorations and stuff? Ew it looks fake hahah.

Thank you Georgina! :)

You’re right, we can not avoid it, we must reconcile the timetable of the best possible way. Glad to hear you’ll be well on your winter classes. I understand what you say. Perhaps it is the best.

Haha yeah. I believe that love come when you least expect it, just when you’re not looking. While it is true that most people looking for love relentlessly. I think I’m not the kind of people that looking for love relentlessly.

I like your current layout, but also something new would be fine. It is always nice to see something new.

I understand what you say. I have read books by authors who do not like, just for the simple to check if I liked the book or not. Oh sorry that your friend felt disappointed with this book of fiction. You’re right, the authors have their highs and lows points.

Okay. I understand. I believe that man told you because he didn’tt know who worked there. Well, sometimes we were wrong to say a few things.

Sorry to hear about your lost phone. I usually use notebooks to record important things like phones, addresses and some passwords, just in case I need it. I’m from the old school.
Handwriting was a subject interesting, although not as such. I also enjoy writing.

i’ve always thought handwriting is so pretty, and it has it own charm, besides i’ve never seen anyone with the exact same handwriting, and that’s nice i think (: but i must admit sometimes it’s better to have a computer which make all of the letters exactly the same and understandable for everyone, i’ve got the comment “ehmm what have you written here?” haha!
but it’s nice your notebooks came in handy one day! i remember i didn’t dared to write in them, they were just too pretty.

aww i love having curls in the hair, too bad i have straight hair, but my friend sometimes help me curling it (: haha i’ve never been a fan of extensions, i don’t understand the point really? but it doesn’t look unnatural on everyone, i had a friend of mine, and i just what??? you use extensions? i didn’t know, haha (:

It is not that somebody is just addicted to her phone. You are just used to it. It makes things easier for you and its natural to whine when you lose it. The stupid nimrod. Its going to be damn near impossible getting it back.
I have a curly, girly handwriting and I love it. Some people love it too, and some people say that can’t differentiate between u,v and w the way I write them. :P

I think thats a nice way of putting it. I fall in love with fictional characters because I do read a lot of books.
Diaries contain a lot of uppercase. And exclamation marks. Especially when I am excited or just plain pissed off. I think our handwriting also reflects our moods. Big and bold when you’re happy. SMall and cramped when you’re upset.

I know you can live without your phone, and you gave me an amazing idea, I will start my organisation lessons, using my phone as an agenda. I always write down things I want to do, but I never get them to an end, well, sometimes I forgot what I want to do and never remind it. I think using my sweet blackberry will help me. I decided to write down everything I want to do in a day and stick with the schedule(but I totally failed!!!!).

I heard about your lost. I am so sorry about it. I think my dad would kill me if I would loose an iPhone. It’s very expensive here, it has the exact price as my laptop, that’s the main reason my dad bought me an blackberry instead of iPhone, but I am happy with it. It’s very good and useful:D.

I didn’t had a party, I just spent time with some friends, my cousin and family. Anyway, if I could celebrate my b-day as I want, I would go somewhere I can be all alone, all the day:D.

I am obsessed with quotes. I love reading them and write them down. They are all so amazing, and it’s a waste to let them go. Maybe someday they will worth something:D.

:O! Oooh old diaries :)! I used to buy a lot when I went to Vietnam for my vacation when I was 8. I spent a good…. 50 bucks for like ….. 40 diaries?! I ended up using half of them and then I didn`t want to use the rest of them because the pages are too pretty! “I don`t want to… Write on this… :/. it is too pretty!”

Handwriting is a subject. Because handwriting is important for everything! You have to write write write, whether it is in English (no doubts about it), math (word problems), history (articles), art (typography), EVERYTHING! I don`t even want to debate if tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. D:! I usually think that fruits are what you can just wash it and eat it, but some people also eat vegetables by just washing it and munching on it too! I would just wash a carrot and eat it like Bugs Bunny :D!

The best thing to do when you lose your phone is to hope for it to turn up :)! The next best thing is to plan for a new phone :P! But you have the top in the line iPhone! I don`t even know a phone that can top that off :P! I can just name other phones that are just as good :P! So far from what I know, the top phones here are Blackberries, iPhones, and… Whatever the top phones are for the android os. :O! The worse that can happen now is that you don`t ever get your phone back, or you get a new phone and it gets returned to you.

I want to see the curled hair :O! A lot of my friends that have naturally curly or wavy hair wants straight hair. I hear stories about them getting up at like 5am to straighten it! I`m like. “Maybe I am lucky to have straight hair. I don`t know” It is because its not hard for me to just make my hair wavyish. But making it curled is impossible! Even with those “powerful” chemicals, my hair does not curl! At the most, my hair just… Curlls inward from the tip :O!

Hair extensions works on people once in a while. It is only if there are like.. Absolute reasons for them to have it. Like, they can`t grow hair or something. But if someone is just being impatient and have extensions ,that`s just ridiculous!

I get layout blocks a lot! That`s why I don`t change my layout once a week :P! I change my layout once a month or every other month or something. I guess I get layout blocks because I don`t have a reason to change my layout often :P! I`m satisfied with my layout :P! Except that they almost look the same :O! Thats why I went from solid color backgrounds to plaid or patterned. But sometimes, that is bad because some people have poor internet connections :/.

For sure, you`re good at CSS layouts :)! You make it easily work! I tried making a CSS layout once :P! Well, i had CSS layouts last year during summer of 2009 :O! It looked okay but it can`t compare to superiority like yours!

I understand you with being technical! Especially with English! Sometimes, we don`t have good grammar because of what English teachers teach at school. :O! That applies to some people. As for me, I`m just thinking as I go along sometimes. I proofread here and there but I catch my mistakes sometimes :P! And other times, I just don`t care and I just want my point to get across. But that doesn`t always happen :P!

Yes! It all depends! But what I`m generally focusing on are 1 sentence comments on blogs that aren`t short :O! You do have a solid point, sometimes, people just comment cause they love your blog :P! And other times, commenters don`t really need/want a comment in return. I know I don`t have to return comments, but I feel as if its like a forced common courtesy.

There`s many things that can happen that are unpredictable. And wishing that we can prevent it D:! This morning, I was about to get ready for school. I left my phone on my bed and my kitten scratched my blackberry! Horrible! I can see a .25 cm scratch on the top clearly :/. I`m bummed out D:! But who knows, you`ll find out what will happen when time comes, if it ever comes :O!

Hating people does take a toll at some point. I know it took a toll on me in 9th grade. I hated so many people that I was then nice to everyone. :O! But from experiences, we learn :)! I tried to forgive and forget. That works in some cases. But if people are being horrible to you, of course, you shouldn`t like them! If only everyone had common courtesy, hatred wouldn`t happen as much :P!

Oooh there`s a different config.php for collectives? I didn`t know that! :O! I shall take a look at it when I get home today :P! (Since I`m commenting from school :O!) The only config.php I`ve seen is the one for fanlisting. I`ll check it again when I get home. For sure, I didn`t even know I am supposed to call on the stats.php! :O Thank you for your help ^__^!

Your mother is being a great mother :)! Being supportive is what we need instead of being scolded at for a mistake that happens in life!

I hate these rumors. I know my friend didn`t even steal the bell or the tenor saxophone because I was at his house yesterday morning and almost every morning. His house is small, plus he has no reason to steal it- especially if it was missing even though he wasn`t even in the band room. I called out one of the person who accused my friend of stealing. That person didn`t say anything yet.

As long as you are not distracted while you`re curling your hair, you won`t burn yourself :)! I know I might burn myself if I`m like texting someone or something :P!

Reformatting isn`t that bad after all! :D! I think I might need to reformat my laptop because of Sony Vegas and that it is slow :/. But I`ll try to use some programs to clean out the registry here and there. My photoshop got ruined because of a missing registry. :/. I had to do a system restore D:! But it is fine now ^__^

That’s so funny that you mentioned the handwriting thing because a friend and I used to pride ourselves in our handwriting haha. We used to practice it at each other’s houses after school and what not. We would find ways to change it up and all that stuff. When we took notes at school we completely concentrated how neat it was written rather than the material. XD

Aww it’s good that you are able to move on from your phone. You’re a good money saver it seems so I’m sure, if nothing else, that you’ll purchase a new one. Do they have the iPhone 4 over there yet? It probably came out there first haha but who knows. Maybe some good came out of the situation and you can get the new iPhone! :) :) Eric had one for a couple of weeks and it was REALLY cool, I wanted one so badly. A few weeks later he sold it to someone and changed our phone plan to a different carrier that didn’t have the iPhone at the time so we had to get Droids. They’re cool and all, I just miss my iPhone. You know how guys can be, always wanting to latest “toys”.

Hair extensions are so stupid, in most cases. I guess I’ve seen a few people that had them and they looked like their normal hair, but not many. In many cases because get them in a different color and it just doesn’t look good. I think people just get bored and have nothing else to do haha.Also, they’re pretty impatient.

Very good point about Valentine’s day. I guess I just think that if we have a designated day for everything else, why not love? We show it every day, that’s true, but I guess I appreciate it more as a way for people to remember and appreciate the feelings they forget are so special sometimes. Maybe it’s just a reminder for some people. It’s true, though. The gifts get to be a bit much. I told Eric I didn’t want a gift, just a small teddy bear or something to remind me of what I can often forget it.

Aww thank you! It’s true, I can’t wait to be able to use old products and eat foods I used to love again. Get myself back to normal haha.

I’m sure that phone is going to come crawling back when you least expect it. And if not, like I said before, you’ll get a better and newer phone. :)


At least you found a use for them. My Mum is like that sometimes, she doesn’t want to use something because she wants it to stay perfect. Sometimes, I can be like that too.

I didn’t like Handwriting in primary school; or maybe not exactly that I didn’t like it but I just wasn’t that interesting in it, I found it boring having to just write random words, but it did help me with my handwriting.

I’ll find it hard to live without my phone. Whenever I even touch my pocket or something and don’t feel it – I have a mini heart attack o_O!

Some hair extension are realllyy bad, but then again some (like the ones celebrities use) are so good. My friend used to never walk out of her house without them, I’d always ask her why cos her hair was long anyway, but she said it was because of volume :S

We’ve just become so careless now. We don’t ever think, “what if they do have an issue.” & when we make fun of people & say rude things behind a person’s back because we don’t like them, you never know what they could have been through. I bet if you went to my high school & asked anyone that knew me, they would have never guess that I’m clinically depressed, I have anxiety,I actually do have an eating disorder, I have insomnia, that I’ve been physically abused, that I’ve been through anything that I do go through. I always watch what I say because I know that I actually do not know what that person may has gone through, I have no room to talk.

I’m such in the habit of putting my phone in my pocket that I probably wouldn’t be able to stop. But there is one time I don’t put my phone in my pocket, if I’m going to the bathroom; cause I know when I pull my pants down my phone is going to go right into the toilet (sorry that sounded kind of weird, haha).

I used to be like that when I got new books for school. I was always nervous the first time I wrote in them because I didn’t want to mess them up, I’m just a freak like that, haha. I know I can physically live without my phone, but I know I’ll complain about it until there is no tomorrow. I hope you can afford a new phone, it must be a pain having to use a spare.

I know this isn’t how most people think, but when if I had gotten my hair cut now & I didn’t like it, I’d probably have to go get extensions because I am so self conscious about myself & always feel the need to be perfect, probably where my anxiety comes from. Some extensions are extremely obvious, especially the ones you just clip into your hair. But if you go to a salon & get them done the expensive way, they don’t really look noticeable at all.

I’m sorry you lost your phone. You really rely on your phone that much? Does it feel like you’re missing an arm? At least you found a good use for your notebooks this way. I like the printed / handwritten word better then staring at computer/cell phone screens. You curled your hair? /eee neat! I want to paint my hair (blue). I didn’t cut my hair for years and one day I cut bangs for myself and chunks of hair on the side. And I like it waaaaay better now. Change can be good.

I hope you won’t suffer anymore with the loss of your phone. D:

I’m gonna reply to your comment before I forget and take a nap, but anyway, thank you so much for your support Georgie! I appreciate it all! I’m glad you like the new layout! I love it myself I used Pookie Bear’s and my favorite colors haha. But yeah.

It’s funny though I told him flat out I cheat at Mini Golf! He’s like how so? So I told him if I can’t get it up the dang ramp; I literally look and see if no one’s paying attention or if they are I go eh screw it and toss the ball up the ramp. LMFAO!!! I also stated one time that I said “Look!” It’s the good year blimp!” My best friend Micki said “Stupid we’re inside!” “And I said hey, can you blame me for trying?” ROFL!!!! But yeah I did forget to mention Mini Golf in my blog. I’m going to make Pookie Bear a V-day card (hopefully I can get my dad to pick up some crafts for me this weekend?). My friend Jenn told me I should give him something special so I think a home made card would do the trick don’t ya think?

FIVE OTHER STATES?!! You’re kidding!!! I honestly hope that doesn’t happen to you at all! I hope the police catches those thieves and arrest them for snatching your phone! At least you got a good case on it. ‘Cause of the footage being so clear! *applauds*. I just hope they can actually catch those crooks! Bastards! I’ll be praying for ya.

Yeah for John, all I did was just ask him how Rico was doing and if he was still talking to him. I knew something was up his sleeve when the minute he told me to add Rico as a friend. So I asked him are you sure? And he’s like yeah. So I did, and I emailed Rico giving him my phone number if he wanted to use it, and that I saw his number on his profile and everything which I hope you don’t mind me calling you in a few. He never responded back, so I just gave him a call instead and we talked and it was fine. Than John comes online and I pretty much sent him some messages and he never responded to them at all. I finally said I guess you weren’t serious? And he throws a hissy fit at me, and calls me a stalker and everything. And than supposedly logs offline. But continued to throw negative remarks through email in fb, so I said I’ve had enough of this high school drama b.s. and I don’t really need this right now. DONE. So I blocked him, and that’s when he texted me two times. I was so pissed off. I told Pookie Bear and he always calls me powderkeg for speaking up for myself (which is found on wikipedia haha but he calls me powderkeg for caring emotions). But he also calls me his baby. He told me in a text last night when I wasn’t feeling good that even though we haven’t met yet, I am precious to him. I was like awwww….and guess what?! He actually left me a video on my fb wall with a song named Dear Jamie, or something like that. And I guess it’s called Sincerely Me and than he put in paranthesis (Pookie Bear). I was like awwwww….So I gave him a Marlee Scott song “Here To Heaven” and posted that on his fb wall heehee and I put Here To Heaven (From Your Baby) Or something like that. I haven’t heard anything yet from him today but he’s working so I know how that is. Busy, Busy, Busy.

But yeah I just ignored those two texts from John even when he said I had been blocked, and what not I just kinda skimmed through some of the paragraphs he made, and I just said eh fuck him. And deleted him. I just couldn’t believe he had the nerve to say that I sat at home all day long on the computer instead of going to high school. I told him Dude you need to get your mother f*cking facts straight. I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL. We didn’t have a f*cking computer until the end of 1998. And even before I WENT on the computer, I did MY HOMEWORK FIRST! YOU STUPID ASS MORON *block*. I also blocked Rico after he took me off of his friends list. I was like the nerve! So I deleted everyone I didn’t know, including Stephanie from fb, and that meant Takuto, and Thogo, and the rest of the Japanese people on there that I don’t know. The only person I kept was Pookie Bear.I told him this and he said if I wanted to go back and fix things he’d support me 100%. I told him no John’s a douche, so he said okay I just don’t want my baby hurt. :).

Ewww Gross. Doesn’t this guy get the hint that Lillian does NOT like him? Is he still after her? How long have they’ve known each other? That’s just downright rude and inconsiderate after finding out she doesn’t have any feelings for him whatsoever! But yeah back to the date on V-Day, rather Night, I think there is definitely going to be some pictures taken, but I’m not sure, but I did tell him I wanted pictures taken of us. And of course I will post them! Heehee. But yeah, I’m not sure what else we’re gonna do besides watch that one show. We might have dinner, I don’t know. But yeah, I’m hoping I can get to a craft store this weekend so I can make my Pookie Bear a card. :). Well; girlie I got to get going, so I’ll talk to you later! I can’t wait to see your new layout of Ben!! ;). Heehee. If he visits your domain, and sees it I bet he’ll be touched ;). Heehee.

My handwriting varies sooooo much sometimes when i’m taking notes in class… i can’t actually understand what I’m writing at ALL! Haah

Thanks for the comment ;)

I hope that your phone does come back soon! Organizing with one electronic thing, I think, is better than the old school way. The old school way is quite messy and requires things that have more mass. :P

Back when I was in elementary school, I didn’t like handwriting. I made my handwriting really really good so that my teacher wouldn’t make me redo assignments. And now my handwriting is decent enough and always readable. I don’t think I remember people who enjoyed handwriting like you did.

My mother taught me handwriting when I was little.

I have my diaries stashed somewhere in my bedroom. I come by them occasionally, it is a bit embarrassing to see what I wrote in my highschool days ^^;;

I have way to many notebooks. I would just write like a page in them and them lose it. I absolutely love writing. It doesn’t bother me about my handwriting, as long as someone can read it’s fine with me.

I hope you can punch that bloody nimrod who stole your iPhone! (Y)

I have a ton of empty notebooks that I have never used for one reason or another (the pages were too pretty to mess up, I bought another new book shortly after, etc.) and today I don’t use them because the pages are too thin for my journaling needs. Now I use only Moleskine sketchbooks, so I still have all these leftover unused, beautiful books lying around my house. I’m glad you have found a use for yours, I hold mine tightly hoping that I will have a use for mine.

I used to work with a girl who had hair extensions and it looked terrible. She paid entirely too much money for it (an upwards of $1200) and they would fall out all the time. Because they fell out so easily she would never brush it, and it looks like a mangy old horse’s tail.

A lot of girls use hair extensions precisely because it is difficult for them to grow it out naturally. For example, Tyra uses a bunch of hair extensions because her hair is thin & the hair extensions give her lots of volume that actually looks natural versus wearing a wig. It’s obvious in some people, you know, the ghetto fabulous ones that do it themselves & don’t know what they’re doing, but with others that actually hire a professional & pay top dollar, you wouldn’t even know half their head was filled with extensions since there are so many types of hair extensions anyway. However, if you do plan on cutting your hair in the future (& I mean really short, like 10 inches short), consider donating it to Locks of Love! My school hosted the event & I missed out, but when it comes around again, I’m soooo doing it. Putting my cut hair to good use. Oh yeah if you don’t know what it is, it’s this charity that creates wigs out of your donated hair to a child who lost their hair due to cancer or another pathology that leads to hair loss at a young age. You could do so much for someone with such little effort!

Anywayyy sorry to hear about your iPhone being stolen. Really blows. :/ So are you using a temporary phone for now or are you just completely phoneless? I’m sure there are some really cheap phones out there that you can purchase for now to at least be accessible to your parents & friends until you get your phone back (hopefully) or save enough money to replace your phone with a newer version. Dunno woman, tough call. :/ My phone sucks, so I could live without it, but I’m sure if I had an iPhone & some prick stole it, I’d be so lost..I friend broke her iPhone & she couldn’t cope without it hahaa. So I hope you get a replacement for it sooon, you never realize how much you appreciate something until it’s gone, sigh. :(

I have a bunch of diaries tooooo, except I wrote in one a lot & the others, I used maybe 2-3 pages. I kind of wish I wrote in them more though. I have lots of stationary paper that I never used because they were too pretty. I think that makes us Stage 1 hoarders..okay maybe not, but maybe Stage .5? hahaha I wanted to send you some stationary paper (I don’t remember if I did or not), but I didn’t know which one to give you hahaha. Good for you for trying to organize yourself via pen + paper though. I can’t really bring myself to do that so, props to you.

LULZ @ the 5 comments that commented on the first paragraph of your blog. Classic.

That makes sense to me, some people just want them to make their hair look longer though, and most of the time when some girl tells me she’s getting extensions, she gets them and they look obvious. Not colour-wise or texture-wise, but it clearly doesn’t fit in with the style of the girl’s hair. O_O

When I cut my hair for the first time it was down to my knees, and since I wasn’t getting enough hacked off, I couldn’t get it donated to make a wig. :( I wasn’t ready to cut it really short then! And for the past few years I have never really cut off much when getting my hair cut.

I’m using a temporary phone for now, my dad collects all these second-hand old phones and he gave me the best one there, a Sony Ericsson T715a. It’s not bad ahaha. And Brandon gave me his old iPod nano too. It’s just a really great loss with the iPhone. I’ll probably get a replacement soon enough, but it’s only been a week since I lost it so I’ll wait a fair bit. James reckons I’ll like his LG Chic (which I can test out when he gets back home!).

Haha don’t send me any stationery paper! I have about five letter sets, each of which I’ve only used one piece of paper. XD Don’t get me started on the notebooks!

My sister is exactly like you, she’s bought TONS of diaries. And she hasn’t written in half of them, she just liked them because of the front cover and the pages. :P

Aww, still haven’t found the phone? *hugs* I hope you find it soon and if a loser took it I hope they return it or karma kicks their ass!

Having another phone is a good idea, my mum has an iPhone 3GS but she also has a simple Nokia one which she has just in case she forgets to bring her iPhone to work or she looses it accidently (she’s clumsy). /hehe

Ah, I got my hair chemically straightened because my hair is naturally curly…now my hair is going wavy slowly turning curly again. :) LOL, I have a curling iron even when I don’t use it… haha. /bounce

I don’t understand extensions either. They look so fake when you put them on. I bought clip-on-bangs once and it was so obvious that it wasn’t my real hair… it looked like a mop on head. LOL. My hair is really long, I need to cut it soon… but I can’t… i can’t stand cutting my long hair ya know ! Haha.