The Pacman Clone

It’s been a long week. Wait, the week just started. :( Well, all in all, I’ve had a busy past week. I’ve been trying to squish in readings and catch up on research for one of my subjects. Thankfully Digg has a lot of relevant articles on emerging technology that I can sift through – all thanks to James for sending me in that direction.

While I’m in the midst of doing an assignment on emerging technologies, talk of the new Duke Nukem Forever game immediately brought back memories of when I used to play Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem 3D. Definitely one of my favourite games around the age of 11.

Pacman is clearly a game we’re all familiar with, but what about other popular games? My favourites also included Doom, Quake and Diablo – but on the less violent and more adventurous side of things, Commander Keen and King’s Quest topped the list.

I was made fun of in late primary school because of my geeky/dorky like for computers and various games. Prior to that (and my discovery of the internet, might I say), I didn’t like playing with dolls but I played with toy cars and LEGO. Yeah, I did like dolls and Polly Pocket, but I think that got old fast.

Among the games I played though, was a Pacman spin-off known as Supaplex. Yesterday, talking with my brother about Duke Nukem sparked up memories of this game. I couldn’t remember the name at first and was totally itching my brain and typing madly into Google. After 20 minutes, no thanks to Google’s unreliability, I found the almighty Supaplex. A game released the year of my birth, that I played when I was nine or ten years old.

Supaplex screenshot

Basically, you move the red guy (Murphy) around to eat the computer chips, avoid getting hit by the rocks falling due to gravity, avoid the scissors, use bombs… you get the gist. Well, I love this game. I was able to get a download online. (If you’re on Vista you do need the DOSbox.) And I’m already addicted. /faw

In random news, recently I got another job working as a web designer. I haven’t started anything yet but I’m going to be working along with my job at the education centre. I can work from home sometimes, too, which is good.

Today I carried my laptop with me when I went over for the “interview”. It wasn’t really an interview since I was already offered the job and notified of the credentials… but I suppose that made it “official”. :) Anyway… carrying my laptop resulted in my shoulder bag rubbing uncomfortably on my hip, so when I got home I realised that the skin around my hip had been chafed. /hmph It stung when I hopped in the shower, but whatever… I’ll put some pawpaw cream on it later.

So, did you play any computer games as a kid? Do you have favourite computer games now? Do you recall any old computer games?

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I am commenting on your blog on time :)
I know! We’re in the same boat :( My week has been HECTIC and it’s barely even started! Ughhhh! So stressed! We shall get through this together /type 😰

I haven’t heard of any of the games, except Pacman, that you mentioned in your blog. LOL. I was so not a gamer :P I was more into the barbies and dolls and stuff :P Which is kind of funny because I totally dressed like a boy XD

Awww! Geeky Georgie! How cute :P ♥

I was nerdy as a kid because I was forever reading or studying. How sad. Oh god, it doesn’t sound like much has changed. HAHAHAHAHA!

Ohhh that game looks cute :P Hahahaha! But I don’t think I’d be very good at it because I suck at Pacman :(

Congratulations on the new job! :D Hahaha working two jobs again. GIVE ONE TO ME! *jokes*

It’s awesome that it’s in an area that you’re interested in :D

Oh noes! Your poor hip! I hope it gets better SOON D: Your laptop is so heavy!!

I only played Solitaire on the computer as a kid. But now I’m totally into minesweeper :) It’s oddly addictive. I LOVED tetris. I still play that on facebook. OH! And typing maniac of course. LOL.

Okay that game seriously looks interesting and i want to try it. I think i’ll download it. There was a game i downloaded into my sisters iPhone. Check your applications and see if you see a game called hoggy. It’s a free game, it’s really addictive. I actually played it during church. /bash I’m going to check if they have it online. :D

I love adventure games. It doesn’t matter much if they are card games. I really don’t like shooting games on computer because I always get killed. xD

I started talking to him and now I don’t like him as much I thought i did. He would make a good friend, but not my kind of boy friend material.

I guess you’re right, i think the the painting might be crap because i don’t know the feelings behind it.

I haven’t heard of any of those games other than Pacman, but the screen shot you posted looks soooo old school, I love it .< I want a new one so badly, but I have to wait!

& thanks <3

Aghh, my comment got messed up somehow. But thankfully, I hit back and it was still here.. so I’ll just remove all the symbols that wrecked it :P

I haven’t heard of any of those games other than Pacman, but the screen shot you posted looks soooo old school, I love it ♥ I can’t remember many games that I played as a kid :X

Congrats on the job! What will you have to do, if you don’t mind me asking? I wish I could find a job like that, but two weeks from now I’ll be doing co-op somewhere graphic designy anyways :P

Yeah, I don’t know how you manage that many domains :O I would never update them all, haha. Unless it was like ‘do these ones on monday, these ones on tuesday, etc’ but even so, I’d fall so behind :P haha.

I’m hungry now too, so I’m not gonna think about food :P haha.

I’d have a lot of time to update if I could take my laptop to school without it overheating :( I want a new one so badly, but I have to wait!

& thanks <3

Yeah neither do I. Whoever does the averages for grades must do something really weird with them for them to end up how they are. It’s silly really.

It was lovely, I’m just not into cafe work. I didn’t burn my finger on tea or coffee though; just the tealights they made me light on the night shift! Hot wax on the fingers is not good.

I was more of a Pokemon type person when I was younger. I collected the cards and play the GameBoy game. Technology seems to be preogressing very fast, haha. That Supaplex game looks so old. In fact, so does Pacman. I feel old, lol, I’m only 17.

My sister used to collect Lego, and I played with it when I was really little at my Grandma’s house. I loved it, except when I kept standing on it. Ouch.


Hahaha yeah. My camera is pretty good in my opinion. It’s not like those professional ones, but it does its job and that’s all that really matters to me xD

Yup! I’m glad, but sometimes I just wonder what caused them. xD

I know right! She was crazy! Yeah she just like disappeared and I would have thought that even if you stopped with your site, you think she’d go on twitter every like once in a while but never again did she come back ):

Yeah truee. I just can’t imagine typing like a normal keyboard on a touch screen. XD I guess it takes time adjusting. Yeah I like to turn my iPod horizontal when I type. I find it easier because the buttons are more spread apart.

OMG I KNOW RIGHT? xD Haha it’s so flat i wouldn’t think that I would be like touching it. Also, sometimes when I type I use more of my nail if my nails are longer, and that wouldn’t work as well with the iPad because its like with heat not just touch. Yeah I think that the only good thing about the iPad is like for reading and watching not like browsing xD

Haha you’re right! XD Well in that case, no more glasses ! XDDD

Ahh I loveee Digg! They have the coolest articles xD

Ohh I never really played that many video games when I was younger. I use to watch my sister play the games, but never myself actually playing. I did though play lots off computer games. I didn’t really have a favorite, I would just browse and play one for a while then move on. I did like like to play sims, even though I was like 8 xDD loll. Supaplex sounds like lots of fun :D

Congrats on the new job ! :D Good luck with it!

Awww, your poor hip): I hope it feels better! I hate when like you get chafed @_@ sometimes it hurts soo much!

Hah, I used to play Diablo as well when I was younger. I also used to play a game which still exists online called Runescape… and I used to play Worms on a CD-Rom as well as “The Crow”… I used to play Habbo Hotel online as well… Uhm what else… There were lots of games where I would play. Oh counterstrike was one of those games as well.
Oh can’t forget about the Sims xD Haha still am addicted to that game ;)

I never played pacman or that supaplex thing you’re talking about.. xD

Anywho, congrats on getting another job and good luck with getting everything done! I know how tough it can be sometimes!

Take care xx

I can’t believe you’ve never played Pacman! It’s fantastic!

I used to play Habbo Hotel too, LOL. I loved it… but I got over it quickly. My brother likes Counter Strike. I played a bit, but it wasn’t really my style; I preferred games where you just played as one character. That’s why I liked Quake.

I get bored of the Sims after making a character, haha. It’s just not for me.

Thank you! :)

I loved pac man! I use to play it all the time. When I was 8 my parents got me and my sister Miss. Pacman and we loved it. We have all of our old game systems and all the games like the sega and the nintendo. The nintendo is dead :( sadly it was so much fun! We and my family played with it all day long. Playing all the super marios. (: On the computer I would play solitare and this old cat game where you take care of a little kitty.
So, did you play any computer games as a kid?
The kitty game (:
Do you have favourite computer games now?
Hhhhmmmm….The Sims 3! I love all of them! They are so addicting and so much fuuunnn!
Do you recall any old computer games?
The kitty cat game, solitare and a paint game(not ms paint haha)

Yep. I love pacman also. The only game I remember playing was like candyland and mousetrap as board games, no games like pacman and galaxa on the computer… Ahh well

PACMAN! (: I played a game similar to that :P Although I can’t recall what it was called or anything :P

I’m like you..ish. I had my small doll phase, but I ended up collecting them and leaving them in the boxes rather than actually playing with them. People always gave me barbies but I never liked em much except when I was at my babysitter’s who had boxes of them, and tons of clothes… and a bunch of other girls to play with.

But I grew up surrounded by boy cousins. Meaning I love legos and video games. I used to LOVE playing their old Nintendo 64. I ended up buying one for myself and I only had two games: Pokemon Pictures and Starwars. The Pokemon game was lame, never knew how to really play it (I kind of just shot random shots of things…) But the Starwars game was always fun. My cousin had several Mario games and another one of my cousins had Super Smash Bros (which I still love to this day… the one for GameCub though).

Really, all games fascinated me. I even liked the games where you had to try and win money and have a business and stuff. I like the interactive games where you could talk to people. My cousins rubbed their love for games on me.

I still had a girly side though. But I distinctly remember cutting off the hair of one of my Barbies, thinking it would grow back…it didn’t. I think that’s kind of a boyish thing to do :P

Ohhh, it rotates? Well with one of the rotations.. I think you spelled day wrong. Unless, it’s supposed to look like that :P

Ohhhh, high school is 7 to 12. I guess education is just divided differently than here in the States? Because grades 7-8 are still grade school or for some, middle school. (It’s not completely uniform over here :P)

That’s silly. I really think that’s silly (the rule your parents have to be citizens for you to be one). I mean, you were BORN there. :P You weren’t there to choose to be born to immigrants. :P You just were. You should be a citizen of wherever you were born (plus wouldn’t that make things easier?) :P

Four years of no classes with Lillian? Aw, O.o I would have to have classes with none of my friends. That was me last year and kind of the year before. I made friends first year though, but I mean second year was kind of I know who I hang out with but none of them are in my classes. And this year it’s like, I know who are my REAL friends and I actually have classes with them (:

You dropped Chem? I can’t actually do that… ohkay lie. I can take some other science (Community Science?) Or something. But I like Chem.

My dad’s been on and off, I suppose we all just have our moments.

Well, Chynna just commented saying she’s back (: So yay!

I was never much into poll pockets and dolls when I was younger too (younger as in five, six and eight). I was more into going outside and running around and getting into touble /hehe . Me and my brother would put on plays for our own enjoyment. I never played video games as a child, I found them too addicting, so my mom just never showed them to me /bash . I started my computer-clinging when I was nine, before that I never ever was on. Once I was nine i just loved it and so that was when I was on it 24/7 😏

That seems like an intresting game! Defiantly games like those are the ones to make me go coa coa crazy. I barely play games now D: beside my nintendogs game /hehe . I love nintendogs, but it’s more of a virtural nintendo reality game rather than an actually video game.

/type Quinn

I actually didn’t like going around that much. I was a dancer, and part of me liked doing cartwheels and handstands outside, but I lost interest in that after some time. I fell on my back on the grass, and though it didn’t hurt, it gave me a real shock and from that moment I was pretty scared of trying flips or anything like that.

I didn’t really play games when I was a kid :( I played some of GameHouse (if I’m not mistaken) games, such as Diner Dash, Cake Mania, Bounce and Zuma (my favoriteeee .>

LEGO is awesome! I did play Barbie, I had the house, the kitchen, Ken, the wedding dress… /hehe

Congrats on getting your Supaplex! (I think it is something to be congratulated, you know, because childhood games are awesome like that) It must be great to find that game again. Thanks to your blog now I’m tempted to find Zuma and I’m downloading it now. /bash

Yay for a new job! Congrats. And also I hope your hip will get better, hehe.

I want to come to Australia! I’ve heard good stuff about it. And also New Zealand. And England. USA… I also want to go there, having a roadtrip and all. I want too much T_T Jakarta is also boring, I only love historical places that are still there, but not many :/

Yes I think you did tell me you’ve been to Bromo. It’s such a shame that I’ve never been there! Though I really want to.

I hope my kids are going to be nice as well 👏

Hey long time no comment eh? Well; truth is, I turned my domain back into a fashion/personal domain. But yeah, I’ve been pretty busy the last few days. As you know I had a blast at the concert. I bought a $20.00 Meat loaf necklace that looks like a guitar pick, and a $20.00 T-Shirt with no sales tax. How cool is that? His daughter Pearl opened up for him so we were talking to this couple and they said that Meat has to be proud of his daughter and her success with marriage and music career and opening the act for him. He brought out his inflatable bat for the song Bat Out Of Hell. It was hella cool. I have the video for it, and it’s on my screensaver, but the sound quality is rather sh*t like quality. But oh well. We moved a lot of things out of the house and into Beaumont already.

I started another fashion blog and hopefully people will subscribe to me. More now that I am a Guru instead of a Director. LOL.

Anyway, I’ve never heard of that game. I guess I was into duck hunt and Mario Bros. As far as computer games goes I was into pac man, Oregon Trail, and Wheel Of Fortune and Break The Ice (I think that’s what the name of it is, when you have to break a brick with the ball and you have to move your cursor so you can keep it up?) But yeah those were my favorite games.

I also have a new favorite game on the computer and that’s Mahjong. I haven’t beaten any of it on this computer but on my laptop I have. >D. One day, Georgie, One day I WILL beat that game on this computer.

I’m glad you got a web designing job. Congrats! That must’ve made you extremely happy. You’ll be so busy though. With Uni and two jobs? I think you have two jobs am I right? Correct me if I am not.

My friend Tina dyed my hair today and it looks awesome. ^__^. I wanted to be more daring so I did that and it turned out GREAT! XD.

LOL Can you please be careful and not hurt yourself with silly things?

I love Pacman!! Although, the spin-off looks kinda weird. Haha but I’m bored right now so I’ll give it a go after posting this comment.

Hmmm, do I play computer games as a kid? I do but not all the time because one time, when I was younger, I went over to my cousin’s place with my parents for a visit. My cousin, who is of the same age as I am, was busy on the computer and not playing with the rest of us. I guess I didn’t wanna be like that = So I didn’t play much. But I think it was a good thing because now 1/2 of my time is on the computer and I know that I enjoyed my childhood well.

Anyways, I used to download alot of those playfirst games. Diner dash, tycoon, etc etc. Haha. But I got lazy and everything started to be similiar. Then, I joined Facebook just for the games. I got tired of that too =X I guess I love games but I get tired of them easily.

Congratulations on your new job, Georgina! That sounds awesome. And being able to work from home sometimes too would be very handy, I don’t doubt. :)

Ah, I still love all those “old school” video games! Games may be more involved and have superior graphics these days, but I still prefer the classics. I don’t believe I’ve ever played Supaplex before though. I remember a lot of other classic games like that though: besides Pac-Man, there was an arcade game called Frogger that I loved, and then there were the home console series’ like Sonic the hedgehog (the original Sega games) and Alex Kidd. Gosh, I suddenly feel very old now! Haha.

I couldn’t help but notice the mention of Lego though! I LOVED Lego as a kid, and still have a bit of an affection for it for sentimental reasons, lol. I did play with dolls sometimes, but Lego was one of my main childhood past-times, along with writing and playing games of make-believe. Actually, come to think of it, not much has changed! :P

Thank you! My mum was kicking up a fuss about using my own electricity and whatnot, but I was trying to tell her that it honestly wasn’t a big deal.

I love the classics because they seem to be a bit more adventurous. There’s something about the shitty graphics that gets to me. I love the latest advancements in computer graphics but I don’t think it means that the games are any better.

I love LEGO as well! I probably have my sets lying around in the garage or something. I loved building my own houses and whatnot!

Yeh I remember Duke Nukem too =D
I liked it among other retro games like… “Star blaster” (I think it was called)….EXraptor (that I am almost certain is wrong but the only thing that comes to mind is “raptor”
Ohhh there are some old school games online on, good times (I think its called WarZone but when I played it … it was something TANK).
My god, even thought I’m not exactly old, it seems so long ago. Pokemon and the like.
Nowadays I don’t game much, occasionally some RPG with some friends. I would FPS again but raging 10year old kids make the game very appealing.
I think my WII/PS2 hasn’t had much love lately… time to go~~

Pacman rocks, as does Frogger, lemmings and Tetris, to name a few :-D I am a commodore 64 nerd. I still have it and it is in awesome condition, it’s worth a bit I was told.

Congrats on the job, not about the sore hip …

Favourite computer games now are Guitar Hero :-D on Playstation and Burnout 3 … Love it. On my iPhone I have all the old games mentioned about plus Farmville and this game called vampires :-D

I remember Lemmings, haha! My dad and I fought over that game because I believed he couldn’t play for poop. :P

Thank you! :)

I have a few random games on my iPhone but I rarely play them. The Pacman game on the iPhone is pretty crap. Personally, I hate Guitar Hero. Yes, I’ve played it, but I have this severe sort of hatred for it because it’s not like a real guitar, and a lot of the guys I know who play it are really arrogant and actually walk around with the guitar. WTF…

Hello. :)

You really shouldn’t feel left out though, I am sure you’re writing some poems or something like that on the side every now and than. :)

Those iPhone apps seem to be really, really awesome! I wish my phone had something like that. I used to save text messages as drafts when I noted something important. I guess I should use my laptop’s notes option a lot more when a random idea pops up in my head like that.

Definitely. In the end it’s probably just going to be about writing regularly so you don’t fall behind too much and have a lot of word-catch up to do. If I get lazy again feel free to kick my butt.

Hehe, those guys sound cool – do you have link or video bookmarked somewhere?

I think I will use every single motivation run that I get to write as much as possible to get beyond the daily goal of almost 1700 words os often as possible. That way there will be less “OMG you need to write more, Swetlana!” thoughts on my mind.

I never really was a fan of computer games of any kind – not as a kid and not really really now. The only game I play is Sims 2.

But I used to enjoy plaiyng with “guy toys” a lot when I was like 10 or so too. I loved LEGO and Playmobil. But when I just got to Germany at the age of 5 my 2nd cousin Amalia used to live in the house next to us and she had tons of Barbies so we played a lot – evven Jakob joined us quite often. But after we moved to where we live now I pretty much stopped.

I think I’ve played Pacman once or maybe twice online – if even. But what I really like is a game where you have to shoot little balls/bubbles to make them pop. I can’t even remember the name of that stupid little game right now.. I think it had the word bubble in it at some point.. ugh, getting old sucks. xD

Ouch! I hate it when bags do that! But congrats on your new job! :D I am sure you’re really excited to start working on this job – especially since it involves something you really love. :)

Congratulations on getting a new job :D !
When I was a about 10 or so, I loved playing super mario on my computer. It was fun.

Good luck with the readings for the research. I’ve never been one to like reading for research purposes. I prefer reading because I want to. But one gotta do what one gotta do. :)

Oooh! I love old games. Is that a DOS-game, by any chance? DOS-games are gems, even if the graphic qualities are not so good (and in some cases terrible) but something about them just make you want to play them. XD

Congrats on getting the job. 👏 I’m sure you’ll do an awesome job with whatever projects they’re going to give you. :D

I still play computer games now, in fact I actually downloaded loads of old DOS games like Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender-Bender, Commander Keen, Monkey Island 2, Loom, etc., a couple of ROMs for handheld games (Pokemon) and once a while I play the web-based RPGs (Adventure Quest and DragonFable).They’re a great way to relieve stress; bad thing about it is I get distracted from doing the things that I SHOULD be doing. /hehe

hey aww sounds like you’ve been busy, I wish I could say the same but alas
you’re not the only one. I had a massive tub of lego!! i have to say my favourite were Barbies though and school. I used to play school that was fun haha
I’ve heard of Duke Nukem and Doom but I don’t think I played them though oh and I used to like computer games on the PS1 when that came out like crash bandicoot and spyro and tekken! don’t ask me why but I thought tekken was awesome, and the N64 as well, super mario!
there were loads of games i used to like online as well I used to go on miniclip and play on there. Tetris!!

nowadays I don’t get to play many games, if i do I like grand theft auto :P I just play it for the driving around and killing people! and the sims 3 as well. and bejeweled blitz and farmville, because i’m sad :P

thats awesome that you got a job as a web designer it sucks about your laptop chafing your hip though i hate when that happens

thankyou! and I like the .org extension too it’s lovely, I couldn’t bear to part with my .com but .org is my second choice and I thought don’t let it go to waste now as you’ve bought it
thanks, me too , that and I don’t think I could be bothered to make such an intricate design for two sites it was more of a ‘urgh i’ve got to make a layout for this too *lump* here’s a picture i took’ LOL

thankyou! and i wish I had illustrator, probably would have made it easier than doing it on photoshop but ah well
yeah it is about quality, there’s no point writing 10 pages of drivel only for you to delete it later

OMGEE!! I love old games. :D My uncle has the old nitendo, with the original super mario brothers. I am addicted to it. He also has doctor tetris. /bounce

I liked to play pacman, I know it is old but I had fun playing it on the computer. :) I also played frogger. I showed my cousin both yesterday after reading this and she is addicted to frogger. its is funny to watch her stick out her tongue while concentrating. I don’t play computer games now though.

I was a barbie girl, when I got bored I played video games. :P I still have mine in mint condition. Well except for 2, my brother broke the heads off. I enjoyed opening up and finding them in gifts more than playing with them though. I even have a suitcase that each barbie has a place. :) I still need to clean the basement out. I don’t know where the barbies will go though.

Congrats on your new job! Sounds fun. :D Hope your hip feels better.

The only one of those games I’ve actually heard of is Pacman. XD I remember playing computer games when I was very young, about 4 or 5, but they were silly Peter Rabbit things with challenges like completing little jigsaws. I loved it when I was little though. XD I don’t really play any computer games now, other than the sims. I have a wii, but I don’t use it all that much, the novelty has pretty much worn off for me. :L

Congrats on the new job, by the way :)

I loved those silly games when I was little. I remember really liking Freddie Fish and Disney-themed games. I think they were really educational, now that I think about it.

I tried playing the Sims, but all I did was spend hours making my person and that was it. :P

At home we have a Wii, a Playstation, a Playstation 2, and Nintendo, and a lot of other consoles including a Sega Megadrive. They’re really old, and my younger brother doesn’t play them all that much anymore. He was the one who asked for the consoles in the first place, but he’s also into computer games.

Thank you! :)

YES! I used to watch a soap opera, and I watched it daily for AWHILE but then my satelite went out, and I lost the channel after that. I saw one episode again one day, and even some of the same characters were different actors and I couldn’t pay attention because it was all so weird. Soap Operas are good, though you HAVE to be able to watch them every day. It’d be good if you were a stay at home mom and wanted something to do while folding laundry or something, haha.

See, that’s what I was trying to get at in my super long post before, about David and I. Everyone who reads my blog thinks he’s some terrible part of my life who is just always a dick, and I understand that because I only ever blog about the bad things. It even said in cosmo that by doing that, you sabotage your relationship because then all of your friends start seeing him differently & it can put strain on things. Yeah, he does things to hurt me & has treated me poorly in some ways, but he’s not actually an asshole (most of the time, at least :P) & just does what he thinks it right, even when i disagree and it causes us to fight, and therefor me to vent about him, making everyone else think he’s an ass. It would probably be a lot better if I didn’t blog about him pissing me off, but it’s how I vent :P

Thats pretty cool :D I need to start working on my portfolio so that I can show it to some co op employers. I saw your professional portfolio & it looks really great! I should sit down & make some specific things like layouts and such for my portfolio one day.

Ah, yeah that probably would kill the battery. I’m thinking of getting one after my birthday this November, or maybe after christmas. Since I’m turning 18 this year, I should be getting $500 from my grandparents so if I put that towards a laptop, I should be able to get a good one :D I’m thinking of a mac.

Congratulations on the new job. :D I hope you tell us all about it. I’m so proud of you… But I hope the stress of two jobs, school and everything else doesn’t get to you too much. ♥

I was nerdy as a kid too. :X But it payed off at the time because I was the smartest maths student. But then high school came and I was dumber than a door nob. I can’t do maths for the life of me. What happened? lol… Everyone tells me “You can’t forget maths or spelling or grammar etc…” But in actual fact I’m living proof you can.

I never played any of those games. I played solitaire a lot and a game where you could fly a plane. (H)

I think my favourite game would be World of Warcraft. But I haven’t played it for awhile because it really assumes time. I played for ten hours straight some times and hours can seem like minutes when a game is so much fun. And I gained a lot of weight sitting on my bum for so long.

I’m trying to get out of playing games. I used to sit on the playstation all day. I want to try and make life a game and complete real life goals instead of game goals.

Paw cream? I’ve never heard of it. If you have to carry your laptop to your new job make sure you’re comfortable. :) Do you have a carry bag? And what kind of laptop do you have? You did tell me it was reasonably big.

I’m sure I was into some video games as a kid. We did have one of those old Atari systems with its horrid graphics and bad sound but it was entertainment. Personally I was really really into music from the time I was 12 until I got my first PC when I was about 15. With the computer I did play some of the games that came with it but even at an early age I was more interested in the emerging online community and talking with people from far away through Prodigy, and CompuServe and the once rampant AOL. My senior year in high school found me on the campus of UCLA in the science department on a 22 inch CRT monitor using the internet (all boring grey with black text and blue hyperlinks) to look up things and chat with people on irc on this old browser called Mosaic. I don’t think i was ever really a gamer til I got my first gaming PC after which i fell into Starcraft and battlefield and the like. My gaming career really didn’t get going till I hit my late 20’s and casual gaming blossomed. I adored Bigfish and similar sites with their word and math puzzles and games. My favorite game of all time? That would probably have to be Pictionary. to this day its like my FAVORITE game. I think more because it gets a group of people engaged in an exciting game than the game itself.

Totally off topic It has been gloomy here ALL DAY. I am not a happy grape.

First: congratulations on your new job :3. That’s awesome that you can work from home. But you have to focus on work, not itch to reply to comments or visit Twitter xD. Hahah.

Second: Ah, I remember PacMan :). I used to play that game non-stop. I think my favorite game was probably Frogger. It was basically you controlled a little MS Paint pixel frog that had to jump across a river of moving lily pads, logs, and other things to get to the other side. xD It was such a boring game, but Goddammit it was addicting.

xD When I was younger, I had major OCD problems with little Hot Wheel cars (toy cars, basically, if you are unaware). I would line them up around my room and if you touched or moved them I’d sramble to fix them. LOL. I also used to have this big mat that I could drive them around on through “Holly Town.” LOL. I was quite a strange child :).

My parents thought I had major issues. -_-

When I was younger – probably 4 or 5 – I loved My Little Ponys. It was basically a product that sold to tons of girls :). Plastic little ponies with rainbow hair and glittering butts decorated in designs. I had 50, and my mom finally sold them on eBay in 3rd grade xD.

I think my PE teacher was trying to do something “good” for us. Maybe she wanted it to be so shocking we wouldn’t even touch those fatty foods. But she never mentioned how much a homemade salad would do for us. Fruits and vegetables make you more awake, and give you more energy.

If a teacher told me I looked like a slut, I’d definitely report her. :| That’s verbal abuse, and at my school it isn’t tolerated. I wouldn’t tolerate such a rude comment. :/ People don’t have the right to say such a thing to my face like that.

Ah, Georgina, they probably have parents who are just as rude. It is said that lots of kids take after a certain parent, especially the one they idolize.

I have a bad habit of looking in someone’s general direction while staring off into space. Gives me a bit of a creeper factor, whether I’m looking directly at them or not Dx.

Absolutely. Discusion between students – and teachers – is good. It provides a social atmosphere and also allows the quiet kids to participate a little. Of course, some kids take advantage of it and talk about this boy or that girl or this teacher or that hall monitor. So, I guess in some ways it’s good we have a hand-raising rule.

It could be that the whole group factor was added into their punishment. BUT, the colored girl was doing the same thing as the white girls. And the act is what should be punishable, not the color nor the number if girls in the bathroom. Racisim isn’t fair on anyone’s side.

I didn’t have a computer when I was younger. My mom got the one that I’m using now around 2004. So far it’s holding up.

I don’t really play computer games , except at and I love The Sims and this fish feeding game that I have. Other then that, computer games really don’t excite me that much.

That’s really mean of those kids to make fun of you cause you like computers and gaming. But it’s cool though, you’ll have the last laugh when you’re making tons of money designing website for high profiled people like celebrities. If you’re ever looking for an assistant 20 years from now, let me know XD (H)

Take care Georgina!

I was never into games as we had to PC until I was maybe 11 or 12 which is only around 3 years ago! Crazy!
I did used to have a Playstation when I was younger that interested me for all of about four months. I can’t even remember what I used to play, I think I only had two games and they were Sims and Prince of Persia /hehe I found Prince of Persia too hard so I stopped playing it, and Sims just bored me haha! I was never into games or anything like that, maybe because I never saw them as no one I knew played them. Come to think of it actually I had one of those big grey chunky gameboy thingys but the only game I had was Tetris. I liked it but when I couldn’t do it I used to get really stressed and angry (lol! perfectionist!) so I stopped playing after a while… @_@
Congrats on the new job! :D

Love your new layout! It is so cool XD

I used to love Pacman! Although I was really bad at it!

Haven’t heard of Supaplex before! I might download it and see what it’s like!

Congratulations on your new job! 👏
That sucks about your hip!

I used to play The Sims (first one), the graphics were so bad! Then I got The Sims 2 and I loved it. I also have The Sims 3, it’s good! But the faces on it are kind of weird.
Don’t think I have any favourite computer games now!

Long week is gone. I want the break now. D:

Lol, it seems you were quite the tomboy when you were younger. *gives you a pony doll* =p

I’m glad the interview went well hehe. And now you got an ABN! <3

Ah, old video games. I never got to play them much, because I didn't get a computer until I was 14, although I started using computers when I was around 11, and at the time, Star Craft and Counter Strike were popular, but I did get to play a few, like Pacman and (gasp!) Supaplex, although I have no idea how to play it now. ^^;

Nowdays.. I play mostly L4D, if only because it opens fast and don't need to have the cd with me all the time, it's a nice cooperative shooter and I get to kill zombies when stressed. The perfect combination <3

But I also like Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Pro-Evolution Soccer (aka Winning Eleven) and Halo. Oh, and Rock Band. /love

You sound like my brother (ne, my biological brother). /eee He played Counter Strike, and he also likes Call of Duty and Command and Conquer. Oh that also reminds me, I used to play the game Z. I don’t know if you’ve heard of that. (This one time, I was so close to winning and getting into the fort of the other team, and I was shot! Argh!)

I started using a computer at a really young age but I only got my own when I was 11. My parents still kept watch and made sure I was doing my homework, heh.

I really hated the games that needed the CD to play. They were annoying. 🙄

I want the break now too. 💥

It seems that the older I get the less involved with games I get /hmph

I used to be crazy about The Sims 2 and 3, Zoo Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and a few others. I don’t know if you have those in Australia though! /sweat

Oh, we definitely do – of course! My brother likes the Sims but I don’t like it that much. I get bored after I make my character, because usually that takes me an hour or something. :P

I seem to get less involved with games too; I think the internet just took over and I found more interest in designing. :)

:) Yeah, but something sickly fun to do in Sims is kill the char and get a playable ghost! /sweat

I LOVE YOU MAN. I played this game when i was little and I used to call it ZERO, I don’t know why. I think it said ZERO on the loading screen and asked for 4 numbers. BUT I FINALLY FOUND IT THANKS TO YOU. THANK YOU<!

I’m glad I could help! You’re very welcome. I was obsessed with this game and I went through the same thing as you, trying like hell to find out the name of the game when all I could remember was Murphy and some crazy-ass atoms. XD

Another random reader that you’ve elucidated with the name of this game! Thankyou. I would have been 5 years old when I first played this. Had no idea what the name was, til now. Been looking sporadically since then (16 or so years ago)
Buenos días!

So glad I could help you out there, Frindle! It was a tough search for me as well but now I’m addicted to this game once again. :D

Omg, thanks. I’ve been looking for the name of this game for so long. I was addicted to this game when I was in primary school.

That game! Supaplex! This has been bugging me for a very long time! Thankyou very much for providing the name. Typing, “red pacman computer chip old game” into google didn’t help at all :/

thank you for remembering me to my youth, great blog thanks man :)!

It has been bugging me forever and i was trying to remember the name of Supaplex and finally i found the old name on your game building :)
Thank You Soooooooooooooooo much… Wow how time flies as i played the game when i was in grade school. Ages ago in the early 90s

You’re welcome Jason! I played the game when I was still in school, too. I actually wrote this blog post over seven years ago, so it’s crazy how people still remember this game. You’re not the only one, every now and then I get comments from people thanking me. Looking back, I didn’t go into detail about what I searched when I tried to find the game, but I was searching keywords like “murphy” (because I remembered that little red dude’s name!) and “computer chips”, haha.

Loved this game when I was little ❤ miss it.