A Day Late

I read Pam’s blog recently, and she blogged about how it is okay to be sad. I believe that. It is alright to sometimes just let those tears run, or to feel heart-wrenched, or to feel in a bad mood. Just remember that when you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up.

I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately, and I think to myself – time. I always want time. I always want more time to do everything. It leaves me exasperated when I don’t have enough time for everything. But I suppose, life would be boring if we didn’t have due dates or things like that. We’d take our jolly time, the hell we would.

Which brings me to my topic of discussion: being late. In high school I was known for being fashionably late, but I will admit that I used to blame it on my mother a lot.

I should have been less dependent. That way I could catch a bus to school or to whatever date I have, and not have to wait around for her to get ready to drive me. Maybe I’m not a spoiled daughter, but I sure was back then. I used to leave home around 8:30am, and still get to school on time.

In the last years of high school, I decided to be that independent girl and take the bus, and walk. I decided that I’d be the Early Bird. There were days I’d wake up and go online before even getting ready for school. But then that changed, and the Early Bird would wake up at the same time, but get ready earlier. The Early Bird wouldn’t go online or on the computer, and she would walk to the bus stop, catch a bus to the next suburb, and walk the remainder of the way to school. I’d be there early, before anyone else.

Nowadays, I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I’d never take that kind of time anymore. Now, time is precious to me, and I’m always thinking of what I can read while I’m on the train. I still get to uni early, but sometimes, walking to class, I take my time. It depends.

But, by the time I had started walking to school, it was too late – people still knew me as being fashionably late; a silly reputation brought on, by my laziness.

It’s strange how things work.
I tried to be more independent by travelling on my own, but now, I’m too scared to live alone.
I tried to be less lazy by getting ready earlier, but now, I’m still lazy when it comes to work.
I tried to be less late going to school, but now, I’m still late walking through the classroom door.

We just have qualities that differ depending on what we’re doing. Do you ever feel the same way? Sometimes I feel more dedicated to certain things than others. Perhaps that is why I feel time is more important in some cases, and why being late to some classes doesn’t bother me.

But to sum it all up: I clearly need to sleep earlier.

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Hmmm, homework. I never do it because no one bothers to check. I tell myself I should do it from time to time, then I can save myself the stress of reading so much for the tests. But no, too lazy. :I I never get the time to do them too, so uh.

What your school doesn’t start before AFTER 8.30? I have to wake up at 5AM even though the bus comes at 7, because I need two hours to wake up. :(

Back in highschool, I’m always the earliest one. Being late made me feel like I deserve to go to the principal’s office and hear an hour-long sermon of some sort XD Most of my classmates always arrive a few minutes before classes start, so I don’t understand why I kept going to school early. When I started uni, I went to classes late. :( Most of my college classmates went to classes early. Why don’t I do the same thing others do? XD hahaha. crazy.
And yeah it’s strange how things work. I ran away from home before, but then just last year I was left in the Philippines to live alone by myself to study. I got so lonely. :(
Ah, life XD

I used to be the same way. I used to get up at 6:30am without a problem and get ready for school. I’d be at school 20 minutes before my first class started. That was then, though… freshman and sophomore year. I’ve just finished my junior year of high school and just started my senior year today. One of my goals is to be at school on time, ready to learn (Chemistry is my first class btw, ugh)… I’m hoping that I don’t fail at that–that’ll lead me to getting a lower grade. It won’t be pretty, either. I have a problem with procrastinating. I say I’ll do something and then I’ll end up doing maybe an hour or two later; maybe even three hours. Or four. You get the point. At this moment, I like to depend on myself… having a job has taught me a lot. I like having my own money and all… doing things on my own, but I’m afraid that later in the future I might be scared to do things alone. I guess time will tell O_o I hope your “lateness” improves, if that is what you’re looking out to do… lol ;)

Ahaha I dropped Chemistry in high school, because I was bad at it. I was already doing Biology, Physics and General Science (eh, I know things are different in Australia here), and it was overkill! Good luck though, just make sure you don’t fall behind. I think the reason I failed Chem before I dropped it was because I fell behind in the work. D:

I like organising my own money. That’s something I’m proud of having done. But I do need to be more organised with time. I can use my time wisely, but my sleeping patterns are all over the place. :P

I was about to go crazy because I thought for the first time I’d gotten first comment on one of your blogs, but then I remember you hold them for moderation. :3

It’s definitely okay to be sad. Holding in your emotions is the worst thing to do because they just build up and it’s a terrible feeling!

LOL, I’m usually “fashionably late” too, although it’s my own fault as I’m sure you’ve gathered I’m not a morning person. :P

Time is a precious thing and there’s most certainly not enough hours in the day. Of course we need deadlines because we’d never get anything done if not, but now I try to value all the time I have.

The hours of sleep I get now that school’s started again is something I value more than anything else though LOL.

Thank you. :)

Yeah aha, I can’t wait for this weekend because I have no plans so I just think I’ll stay in and watch films in bed for three nights! XD

Haha, I think this one was a little different. It had bright lights and all the menu’s were bright. It looked like something out of Back To The Future!

Hello Georgie. :)

I would love to have my music (or most of it) and my phone all in one thing! My current phone is able to play music and stuff too, but I lost my USB cord thingy so I can’t update my music and I am stuck with old songs. xD

I don’t think I’d really mind a touch screen – I actually find it really cool. Alina, my youngest sister has a LG phone with a touch screen and it’s pretty awesome. And if I’d get bothered I could just clean it. But I don’t really mind it that much.

But isn’t an iPhone without a contract & all that like really expensive? They sell it over here but only with T-mobile and that would probably be the last provider (or what ever you call it) I’d get since we all have Vodafone and it’s usually more expensive to call someone with a different company and stuff.

I’d probably be writing faster than typing on my phone too – I have super small keys too. But as soon as you give me my laptop or a computer I am super fast – thanks to years and years of training. I find it really good that they teach you how to write with your ten fingers in high school. Now a days it’s pretty much a must to be able to do it. And it’s definitely faster this way – and I even recognized that I make less mistakes this way.

I’ll definitely kick your butt – you’ll get a tweet a couple of time through out the day telling you to start working from now on. I’ll make sure of that – starting tomorrow. xD If I get on your nerves with my tweets, please let me know because then I know I am doing my job right. ;)

It’s really great! I had to keep myself from bursting out laughing because my sister is watching TV. xD Why do some gay guys look so freaking good though? It’s not fair to us ladies. :(

Sometimes I am really, really in the mood to play really from scratch so I make myself a lil family & build them a house. But that doesn’t happen too often, most of the time I’ll just let them move into a house that is already there and I just re-decorate it. I like those kind of games too! Though, sometimes they bore me easily too.

OMG, that’s really mean Georgie! I think I never cut my Barbies hair – or at least I can’t remember it right now. I had one princess Barbie too – she was the prettiest one and you could actually really move her legs & arms.

Oh yes! That’s why I try to stick to just one game – I am already addcited enough to other stuff besides games; like tv-shows. xD

Sometimes when I don’t really want anyone to know how I am feeling or if I just feel like crying I watch A Walk to Remember online. It never fails to make me cry and afterwards I feel good again – relieved in some kind. I’ve watched the movie twice now so I exactly know what happens in the end and yet both time the first tear started to roll down my face at the same time.

And it really is okay to feel sad sometimes – no one can be happy 24/7 – well, at least not naturally. Maybe if you use something to “help” you feel better.

I never really got late to school mostly because I had to take the bus ever since 2000, when the school I had to go to was in another village. My parents never really wanted to get into the whole bring your kid to school routine. Sometimes when they were in a good mood or something like that they’d give me or Natali a ride.

I usually used the time I spend on the bus (maximun 15 minutes) to do some last minute studying or doing some homework. When I got into another school in 2006 I had the same amount of time on the bus but I had 45 minutes before classes started so I usually did most of my homework or some last minute studying. The first 30 minutes of that time were always awesome because most of my class mates wouldn’t arrive at school before 7:45am.

I always was the early bird and my friends got used to it pretty quickly. They were usually really surprised when I’d get to school “late”.

Sometimes I find it surprising how fast people recognize things like that and connect you with it. Like you being the one that would be late for school or me being the first one in class each and every day.

I need to sleep earlier too! But my body now decides that it’s really not important to fall asleep at 1am even though I try really hard to do so. Like last night, I felt sleepy so I decided to watch an episode of The Vampire Diaries to finally get super duper tired and fall asleep. Never happened. I finished the episode and then battled my body until it finally fell asleep. And still I didn’t really get a good sleep. I kept waking up every few hours.

I always tend to be late when someone’s picking me up or i’m going out :X it’s always the same – always 30 minutes later than the time i’ve decided on & no matter how early i start getting ready 😰

For work & lectures i always leave the house about 45mins earlier – somehow i always manage that mysteriously :D

i think it must be all in my head that i just can’t make it on time for other stuff then xD!

Thank you (: I really appriciate it! When I started making the layout I wanted it to be good. Sometimes I look at simple layouts and think wow I don’t think I could do that! I would look at you and Pam’s layouts and think I wish I could do that. Even on ones that could be really simple I would just be like I don’t think I could do that! I think it’s because I have no patience. I need some! But again thank you I appreicate it!
I’ve been in school for I think 3 weeks. I talk to other people and they say wow you start so early! But we’ve always started this early. I like starting earlier so I can get out earlier! /hehe For my holiday I went to Pennsilvania for 10 days. It was so fun! I went to visit family. The only bad thing was I came all by myself no mom, dad, or sister so I missed everybody so much! But I had fun. Where did you go?
I love games on the sega! Sadly out sega is dieing. And when i want to get on it, it usually decides not to work :(
Sims can get kind of boring I have to admit. I just make the people and house and have them create a huge family!
I feel like I’m always going to be late! I wake up at about 7:15 and sit on the couch for awhile then eat. By the time I’m done it’s about 7:45 @_@ so I have to hurry up because my mom wants me ready by 8 15. Our school starts at 8:35 but the drop off lane is crazy! It takes like 10 minutes to get through it. But I like being a little early. I have more time to talk to my friends and just relax! My first class is a study hall though so I just go to the library and find something to do so I don’t just have to sit there!

Being sad is nothing bad, crying sometimes actually help ‘relieve’ some of the stress or whatever you were upset about.

Time is getting precious each day for me. I always try to manage what needs to done and make sure I don’t spend too much time on one thing and ended up not having enough time for another.

I also dislike being tired when there’s a lot of homework and projects to do because I can’t focus on my work. Being tired is only helpful when I want to sleep. XD

I cannot imagine having no due dates, *ugh, I just lost the good example I have in my head.* it would be bad, especially when you need something by someone to be done and that person is taking his/her sweet time completing it.

My parents are usually on time, so am I. I don’t like to be late for anything because I will feel awkward walking into a room that’s already filled with people.

Nowadays, I only take half an hour to wake up, change, eat breakfast, and walk to the bus stop. Only on special occasion where special preparation is needed then only I wake up earlier. /bounce I like to have a good rest before going to school.

By the way, what do you use for wp to block spam? I seem to be getting spams lately.

Ah, the Early Bird. I agree with this blog. I need to be less lazy, and get up early. I think I would have more time on my hands if I did that.

One line in your blog got me–the part about being scared to live alone. I’m 27 and I still live at home. There’s a safety, a comfort in it. My family won’t let me starve, and if I need something, I know I can get it. Like you, I want to be more independent though. It would make me feel better about me.

I hope you can change the patterns of your sleep. It sucks to be stuck in a weird one. I was doing that for a while, then lost it. I think I might start it back up again. Your blog has inspired me :)

I get a little angry at myself when I can’t seem to be efficient with my time. I finally have to say God help me.
Motivation definitely plays a part in it. I don’t think I have a want for me to figure out a way to spend all my time efficiently. I think it is part of being human. Sometimes we follow gut feelings, get emotional over nothing, and are lazy.

I feel exactly the same way. Up until about a year and a half ago, I’d always wait for my dad to get ready and take me to school, and I’d always come in about 30 seconds-5 minutes late. Until about my freshman year, I intentionally did it so that I wouldn’t have to go to school, but then I just got annoyed and made my mom drive me xD. I still refuse to ride my bus.

I try to be more punctual and organised now, but I do focus a lot on time and what can get done. Wasting time is wasting life :(. I hope that you’ll be doing alright, though! :)

I used to be very, very late to school. For awhile, I got there super early, and there would be hardly any students hanging out at the school when my neighbor and I got there. And then I had no reason to get to school early. The friends I hung out with moved. The friends who stopped talking to me, well, I didn’t bother talking to them. I had no reason to get there before the late bell. So I started staying up super late, sleeping, and getting to school two seconds before the late bell or five minutes after it. People would always laugh and say: “LATE!” (Which is how I got to know my boyfriend, LOL.) It was funny at first, but then I hated being late, D; . So now, this year, I’m going to go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier so I wouldn’t have to rush to get to school, xD.

The twins are so talented. They are blessed, with the talent of singing, :D. If that even makes sense, lmfao. Tamia has a great voice, ^_^. But I personally think the way the twins sang “Officially Missing You” suited the song better, but they (the twins, and then Tamia) are both very good, (: .

Being proud of yourself for the things you can do and not putting yourself down for the things you can’t is always the better option, :b. But sometimes, a little jealousy is good. It’s kind of like encouragement to improve. Well, depends on what you’re actually jealous of, xD. Usually, jealous is just, uh, bad . . . Lmfao, ^_^.

I think the longest days of the year are exam days . . . Lol. I hate sitting in the same classroom for a really long period of time and be doing nothing but reading shizz from test pamphlets and bubbling in little circles on the answer sheets. SO BORING. When I get up to leave, I usually feel as if I can’t move my shoulders, because I was hunched over for so long, =_=’.

The first time I met my step sister, I thought she was psycho. She asked me retarded questions like where I’m from. “So, where are you from? Jupiter . . . Venus . . . The moon?!?!” I was creeped out, but then we actually got to know one another, and she and I became best friends, :D. I love her, haha.

So . . . You get to kind of choose the classes you take in university? 0.o.

Ah, I forgot the seasons in Australia are different from the ones in the U.S, xD. It’s September, and it’s technically fall here in Vegas, but it’s still super hot. Probably will be until middle of October. But you know the weird thing? It rained today, o.o. And then an hour later, it was all sunny and scorching hot again . . . WEIRD.

One, or a few true friends, are better than a thousand fake ones, (x.

My mom used to want to put my brother and me into tutoring, =_=’. At first, it was just going to be my brother, but then she forced me to do it too, and I swear, when I walked out of the building, my face looked like a bunch of storm clouds. That’s what my mom said anyways , ha. I wanted to cry, because it was so unfair. I already do great in school, and I had a lot of stuff going on in my life, too. Musical theatre, swim team, violin and piano practices and lessons, etc. And don’t forget actually studying for school and leisure time. My parents do not understand how important it is for a teenage girl or guy to balance out time spent for school assignments and stuff, and just relaxing and enjoying some leisure time while it lasts. It’s sad.

My boyfriend kind of follows me around, and usually, he can’t make decisons for himself, |: . Which I dislike. I don’t want to make his decisions for him. Especially not the big, important ones, which I hope he realizes soon. You know, ’cause high school’s just around the corner.

Like once every week I always feel sad and depressed. I hate mood swings. Mostly because they only happen to girls. Blah. I hate it. I want a psychiatrist :( idk, maybe i would be more happy or something :/ but i don’t idk asdfghjkl. :(

I don’t know why but every sad movie where someone dies or anything i cry. omg dear john was like the saddest movie ever. Have you ever seen it or heard of it? If you cry easily, don’t watch it. good movie though ;D

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m always sad and depressed and stressed. I wish I did then I could stop it or reduce it. ugh i hate randomly bursting out into tears.

I like being on time, not late or early. :P

I always want to be on the computer, I guess i waste my time, idk i feel like i should be doing something more productive. :/

I like having extra time, like getting up early so i can make sure everything is in place :3

I love having tonss of time.

How funny; I JUST read her blog!

My time is… passing oddly at the moment, probably because I’ve been out of school for so long with nothing to keep myself occupied. When I stayed at Gordon’s for a couple nights last week, I actually didn’t get to sleep until 5:00 AM (at first because I wasn’t tired, and then because I couldn’t sleep) and ended up sleeping in until 1:30 PM (which I hate doing. That was the first time I’d ever slept so late). I’m working on fixing my messed-up sleeping schedule now.

It’s odd to come back to blogging after such a big absence (relatively speaking. I am using so many parenthesis). Your footer surprises me; “The Heartdropper” section seems so… typical? I guess it’s odd to see you referring to yourself in short phrases like that instead of full sentences like I think you normally do. It makes me think of those silly teen girls that are obsessed with pink, sparkles, and Edward Cullen and type like that, haha, but I don’t know why since it doesn’t when anybody else does it. :P Erm, I didn’t mean to cause offense with that so I apologize if I did. My mind feels out of order at the moment.

I was always late to class in high school as well… that’s why now in college, I made sure to get all classes that start after 9 am, as opposed to 8 am. I don’t understand why, but if I start before that I can’t stay awake, I’m late, and irritable. The weird thing is that I still get up at the same time as I did in high school, but I enjoy my day more starting an hour later :P

Crying is theraputic, so when you feel the urge, let those tears flow, it cleanses you :-)
I am fashionably early, I was never late ever for school. I sound like such a nerd, but both my parents were also extremely punctual so I guess that was where I learnt it from.

I need to sleep earlier but not for being late :-)


I agree! It’s okay to feel totally sad and depressed sometimes. You can’t be happy all the time because it’s so tiring! :( But if you feel sad all the time for no particular reason, that’s bad. You need BALANCE :)

Poor Georgie! Always overwhelmed :( *hugs* ♥ Love you LOTS! Take care of yourself!

I want more time too! Time is winning in its ever-raging battle against me /angry I NEED more time. I am totally worn out from these last few weeks D: It’s so NOT cool. Everyone needs more time. It’s funny, half of us don’t realise how much time we’ve wasted until we’ve actually wasted it :( How sad.

I remember that! You used to arrive JUST when we had to go to rollcall :P And your mum ALWAYS drove you. And then in year 12 you started being early. And meeting up with James early in the morning. Hahahaha!

Walking was good exercise at least :)

I am still spoilt. I always get driven to the station to catch the bus and all. *sigh* But at least we catch public transport! Imagine if we were so spoilt that our parents had to drive us to uni EVERY DAY D: ughhhh! @_@

I am ALWAYS early to uni, except when I have 9am classes, then the bus sometimes makes me late cos the M2 has such bad morning rush hour traffic D: But yeah, I’m always about an hour early thanks to my dad :P Hahaha, but ironically even then, I somehow still manage to be late to half my classes. But that’s cos I’m forever meeting up with friends first to go to class together or bumping into people XD

I’m not scared to live alone, even though I’d probably starve to death, but I think I’d get very lonely sometimes :( DOn’t worry! You’ll never have to live alone! You have James! ♥ Hahaha!

I feel like that ALL the time. When I play my scales on the piano, I don’t even bother concentrating anymore because it’s so tedious @_@ yet, when I sit down to play, I make sure I sit with my back straight, so my posture is good. LOL. And I always zone out when reading my criminal law readings because they’re so boring and pointless. But when it comes to torts, I sit down and highlight and write notes in the margins. Weird!

And like I said, I’m so early to uni, yet it’s so easy for me to be late to class. LOL


After getting a notice on blackboard regarding that online blog thing for crim law, I do not think I will be getting much of a break, because we have THREE THINGS DUE for that DURING the break. ARGH! Stupid crim law! /angry

Ohh happy birthday to Sebby :P


LOL! Sit ups while reciting pi? Hilarious! Man, I’d die after the first 3 decimal places! :O

I find it funny that the moment I decided to pay your site a visit I was greeted by a post which I could totally relate to. You see, my teachers know me for being constantly late as well and I am infamous for having been as such for over two years now; people who have known me that long and have been in the same class as I for the same duration aren’t surprised to see me walking into the classroom fifteen minutes into the lecture, sometimes when I get unlucky, even right after a quiz has been given (as teachers have this aggravating habit of administering quizzes and seatwork the very moment the bell rings; sometimes as early as the warning bell a quiz would have been given and latecomers could do nothing about it). I know it’s an annoying habit and I’ve long tried to get rid of it, though I agree with you I think the only solution might be to sleep earlier and actually get accustomed to that habit. No worries, you’ll manage it too; you do seem to be quite a responsible person so I bet it wouldn’t be so much trouble for you to adjust to a new schedule. They say it takes twenty-one days to break an old habit; I wonder if it’s true though I personally believe it may take any amount of time, even quicker if one is dedicated enough to do something about it.

During high school, my roll call teacher knew I was late most of the time and sometimes, when the bell rang for class to begin, he’d be looking around to see if I had arrived yet. I think it was considerate of him to wait a little, at least until I got there.

Usually we were warned before having a quiz or test of any sort. Coming late was a disadvantage so I always tried to some earlier on those days.

Apparently it does take 21 days to break a habit. I was told by a yoga teacher. :) It is a lot more difficult than I thought, though. Going through each day… 21 days is longer than it seems!

It’s so hard for me to keep myself dedicated to personal promises like those. Usually, at first, I’m still motivated and find myself actually doing it, but, over time, I often don’t find myself in the mood to do these things anymore.

I do act a bit spoiled sometimes, since I’m used to not doing certain things by myself.

It would be strange if you were just dedicated to everything though; it would be like you just prioritized everything, so it would be as if you didn’t have any priorities. It’s a good thing that you put some extra work into certain things, in a way.

It’s always okay to cry whenever you feel like crying. Whether it be from stress at school, or a death in the family or just in general. It’s never good to keep it bottled up inside. I know I’ve done it and look where it got me? Paranoia Schizophrenia. But oh well. I sometimes cry too. Mostly because of my grandmother’s passing, but other things like my mom coming back into my life, and talking to her and knowing the fact she really does love me and wasn’t supposed to have me but she did any way. But it’s always okay to cry. I cry over the littlest thing too.

As far as being late to classes, I’ve done that before I’ve sometimes even skipped a few classes if I was extremely late. I just didn’t want to barge into class when the professor was talking ya know?

But yeah…I did have fun at the meat loaf concert, I don’t want to post any more pictures because there’s 100 of them. lol. I took that many. I also took like 11 videos and they all turned out shitty because of the noise quality. The video itself was good, but you can’t hear the music or hear him sing. :( . Ah well. Better luck next time if at all.

So why don’t you go to a concert? Is it cause your parents won’t let you? Have you spoken to James about our little situation yet? Where we can send stuff to each other?

I’m going later today to the mall and I’m only going to get a few things. Like lunch of course and than to Torrid for like jewelry. I’m going with my best friend Kim. So that should be fun.

Well; girly, I hope everything is okay with you. And that you have a fantastic weekend. Sorry this comment is so late in replying to yours.

It is okay to be sad in my opinion, but not to the point where it brings others down or anything like that. I know that I went through a period and it brought down my family completely. So whenever I’m sad or anything like that I will try bottle it up to not affect those around me.
Of course it leads to a huge breakdown when my ‘bottle’ is full though :p
Just last week I completely broke down and I was feeling completely overwhelemed and I didn’t think I could live past another day.. I would much rather live in happiness and try to lift my spirits instead of drowning in my miseries.
I have always een such a late person. I am always late for school and most of the days I would sprint to school. When I used to go to a different school, and I used to drive there with my brothers and sisters I was always late mainly because of them. When I moved much closer, literally on the school property was when I was most late because I think that’s just how it works. You think you have more time than you actually do. I remember every week we had a large assembly in the school ‘hall’ (that’s what we called it it was just a huge room with a stage and thousands of seats), it would start later everyday because you had to check into your classrooms everyday and the teacher would make announcments. Me and a few friends were always so late we would go directly to the assembly everytime even though it was not allowed, but our teachers got used to it.
I have moved schools so many times in the past 2 years, so I get a fresh start.
I was at my last school for most of my life, and I would brag about not changing schools once. In the past two years I have changed five times, and I think I will be staying at my current school for the rest of my education. (let’s hope it’s good, I go there on monday..)
I am really nervous, I have moved so many times I am so nervous around people, and now I have a whole bunch of new ones to meet /bash
I know what you meen aout setting your name in stone though. People never give you a second change to change it, they just label you.
hehe I need to sleep earlier too!
well I hope you feel better though!

Hello Georgina, it’s been a while since we last talked, I’ve been very busy in my offline life, and so on.
Life isn’t fair, there’s always light and darkness, and we must get of the things that hides the truth of life. Life can be really happy, when we really know how to live it. But it’s not that easy. Well life isn’t easy. Of course being sad is okay, everyone can get into sad situation sometimes, we live like 70 years of course we’ll be in non happy situation. This is life, and sometimes I really hate it, but I can really do nothing with it, I have to deal with it /hmph
Waking up in the early morning is really annoying, specially when you listen your mum or the alarm breaking your wonderful dreams. It’s just unfair school classes must start at 10:00 AM and finish at 3:00 PM.
I wake up at 6:30AM get my breakfast, wash my face, brush my teeth, get my clothes. This would take like 40 minutes. So I’d be ready at like 7:20AM. I get to wait my brother and sister to get their things ready, because we both go at the same school, and my mom drives me. Don’t tell me I’m lucky, I’m really not, but it’s better than going at the bus stop every morning.
I hate being late at school, it’s kinda awful getting into the class when the teacher explained like the half of the lesson, and when you enter the class, everyone will look at you and say “Hey Isn’t it a bit too late?” those stupid class members. And when the teacher ask you “Why were you late?” I’d always tell her “I’ve been stuck at a traffic” and it’s true, we are always stuck into a huge untorelable, if we hop into the car at 7:30AM we arrive into our school at 7:45AM and our school is 50km distance from us only. I’d rather be going by walk this year, I hope so.
Well wish you luck, and a happier life =] ✌️
Happier life for both, I’m in the same situation as you, so yeah.
PS. I finally changed my layout, and written a new blog =] Tell me your opinion?

Love you, sincerely <3

Ah, I know what you mean.
It’s also hard to change habits. :P
And reputations.

Sorry for the short comment…I don’t really know what to say tonight…

I’m the complete opposite! I’m always so early, and I’m always the first to arrive everywhere. BUT I’m always late with homework. It’s really hard for me to concentrate in homework while there’s this little thing called computer by my side /hehe

I’m such a slacker honestly. I sleep till the very last minute, I do my homework at the last minute, I’m just awful at procrastinating and it seriously sucks. I always tell myself I’m going to stop doing that and do things on time, but it still hasn’t happened.

I don’t think I could live alone, I get too depressed and anxious when I’m by myself. It’s like when I’m by myself this grey cloud floats over my head until someones there with me and then it turns to white again. I live with my boyfriend right now and I’m perfectly fine with that, we manage together just fine, but alone I really think I’d fall into a deep depression just because I find it saddening to be alone. Now, I wouldn’t want to live with a lot of people because more than one person tends to annoy me. I’m picky!

Every time I start at a new school I am forced to get up earlier than I need to: Elementary school was wake-up at 8:00AM, and school started at 9:00AM; Middle school is wake-up at 6:30AM, and school starts at 8:05AM; High school is going to be wake up at 5:30Am, and school starts at 7:00AM. -_- This, I am not looking forward to.

Sometimes, I think older folk are right when they say teenagers are lazy. Because some of us are. We just don’t want to wake up so early, and we don’t want to spend 6 or 7 hours in desks that have zero leg room. But on another note: Who does? I’m sure if I switched places with my parents for a day, they wouldn’t give me so much grief about “being a lazy ass teenager.” /bash

I think you’re right, Georgina. Time is precious. Some moments I want to keep forever in a jar sealed tight, awaiting the twist of a hand that’s excited to relive an adventure well-known. /faw
Some…I’d like to get gone.

Working – and making money – is much more important than tending to comments and/or domains ;). That money will pay for the domains you love buying.

I can seriously say: whoever invented Pacman was a genius /hehe
I mean, the game isn’t complicated, and anyone can play it, but the level of addiction it creates is freakin’ awesome…I could play the old fashion joystick ones for hours! 🤤

LOL :). Those toy cars were the best things. To this day I still have some of my favorite ones in an old ice cream gallon container (I didn’t eat the ice cream…). 😳 They’re stashed artfully in my closet.

Hahah, good to know I’m not the only one who was obsessed with toy cars & mats too /eee

My parents always joke around and say I was a bit mental when I was younger. But I know they don’t mean it…much :).

👏 Oh, but the My Little Ponys did have glittery butts! /hehe I had a bunch of little picture books for the brand, too. I also had a little mini playhouse stable.
…Okay, I was a bit obsessed with them :P.

I’ve just started eating salad again (I used to hate salad), and my mom bought me Yoplait yogurts so I can start eating those when I come home instead of chips 👏

I’m very much like my mom, but I have the anger traits of my dad. Which, isn’t a good thing. He goes from this: :D to this: /angry in three seconds flat. -_-

In my geography class we start having a discussion about something, and ten minutes later are talking about something totally different xD. Today we were talking about how cell phones are taken away if used at inappropriate times, and how teachers sometimes look through them, and my teacher once looked through a girl’s phone and she’d been sending naked pictures of herself to tons of boys. So we were soon on the subject of child pornography O_o.

/faw Have you noticed I’ve become quite obsessed with your smilies? I mean, I use them whenever I can in my comments ♥ They’re quite adorable. :)

I’m always fashionably late for something. But then in my case, I’m just worn out altogether. When we were younger we knew we HAD to do certain things. Nowadays, we have the choice and if we’re bored with things, we just neglect them more because there’s really no one to scold us about it, except ourselves, and we’re not going to do that lol

I need to go to bed earlier, too. It’s getting very bad to the point where I’m awake at the wee hours of the morning and I have to be awake at 7AM each morning to get ready for work.

I was very depressed in my sophomore year of high school. I dug myself out, but recently I’ve been having a lot of sad days. I’m stressed and worried about a lot of things, so maybe that’s it.

I’ve never been one to be late to things, such as classes or appointments, but sometimes I just can’t help it XD

AH! I’m back from a long period of non-commenting-ness…. (ness?) Sorry about that… I don’t manage my time very well, and then I have to catch up on school stuff D:

I just went and read Pam’s blog, and I totally agree :) Good advice for my friend – she’s going through a lot and not coping right now.

As for being late… that’s usually my family. I’m a last minute person – the only things I arrive on time for are the things that aren’t in my control as to when I get there (such as when my bus gets to school!)

So, how have you been while I’ve been a shocking commenter?

I have a lot of problem when it comes to waking up early and getting to class early. But now, I have to suck it up and be an early bird as all my professors are strict on attendance and they won’t even tolerate a one minute late. For example, if the class starts at 8 and you show up at 8:01. They would lock the doors and you can’t come in. You will lose attendance points after that and attendance points are 40% of the grades. O_O But this usually applies to morning classes as the professors know that you might skip the class instead of coming. A genius idea IMHO.

Oh, that’s harsh! We’re allowed to miss a few classes. We have to attend a minimum of 80% of classes. I don’t mind morning classes, but a lot of people skip them. Names aren’t usually marked off in lectures because so many people attend, but in tutorial classes, most tutors will mark your name off. They will usually email you with concerns if you miss too many classes or your grades are slipping.

I do feel the same way sometimes though I’m never been late except when there’s a situation beyond my control.

I don’t like waking up early, but I disciplined myself to do so, being a person who is preoccupied with structure and routines.