The rest is history

The past is full of stuff I want to forget. I’ve already forgotten some of it. Do you ever have a moment when you are suddenly reminded of something that happened to you, or an incident where you happened to be – and you realise, “Hey, I forgot that happened”?

I’m sure it’s happened to me a few times. Not just in reality, but in something as weird as my dreams.

Most of us forget our dreams when we wake up. Sometimes, much later in the day, though, something goes off in my head and I think, “Hey, I had a dream about that, didn’t I?”

It’s most peculiar. But going back to reality – yes, there are a lot of fights with friends, and fights in the family, that I want to forget. I usually do when it comes to things happening at home. :( Sadly, it’s commonplace, so I just have to pick myself up and move on. I know some people just can’t be cheered up, depending on their mood, but after some time, I think I have to have a little faith. I suffered from depression for part of my teenage years, and the same crap is happening at home that makes me upset – the same fights, arguments and abuse.

But I’ve noticed something in me change, and I have noticed that I no longer think about death and not being here. I have to think about why I am here, and why I am lucky to be here. What are the odds of my existence? It can’t even be calculated. There are many things that make me happy. Sometimes I just have to summon the courage to think about them, and push away the ghastly demons that make me sad.

Putting that aside… I have to do yet another research project this semester and this time, instead of doing it on social networking like I did last time, I’d focus it more on blogging and web design. I’m still looking into methodology and how I’ll go about finding and researching the information, though. I am actually going to look into blogs and archives. Many people archive their blogs. Swetlana mentioned in one of her recent posts, that she was surprised at how far she’d come with blogging and she reflected on how much had changed.

Sometimes we don’t want to reflect on what happens. Who wants to reflect on an assignment that’s already been handed in? @_@ Dumbly enough, I get assignments that are personal reflections on previous assignments, which I find pretty ridiculous.

I’ve been pretty stressed out this week. 😢

But… sometimes, reflecting, thinking about the past, thinking about things we’ve done, gives us a bit of closure. Sometimes in the form of a revelation. I was reading the MX today. One columnist commented on the wonders of social networking allowing you to see what your exes are up to.

She’d found her ex-boyfriend in a video, and even remembering all the good things, came to think, “I can’t believe I went out with you”. And that revelation was enough for her closure.

We can’t run from the past. Sometimes we need to see how much it’s brought us here today; sometimes we need to see how much we’ve changed so we know what is better in us.

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It’s good to reflect and learn from our mistakes, but sometimes too much reflecting can be bad, too! Like living in the past instead of the present is definitely not healthy for you! Hahaha XD

Sorry see you’re stressed out this week :( Hope next week’s better! <3


Cheer up Georgie :) It’s hard sometimes, but you are totally right: You just have to pick yourself up and move on, because in the end there is no point is staying sad forever. It’s boring and unproductive. Well sometimes you just HAVE to because you can’t always have the energy and strength to leave behind the things upsetting you, but don’t let it weigh you down :)


Oh my god. I am trying to repress SO many things in my past, it’s gotten to the point that I get super annoyed with myself when I remember them :P Hahaha! Well I suppose it’s a good thing, because that’s how you learn. You screw up something in the past, you remember it, you don’t do it again. It’s the circle of life! RAWR!

I only remember my scary, depressing dreams. But some of your dreams are pretty wacky too :P When you remember them, that is XD

*HUGS* ♥ ♥ Yes, your home situation sucks :( But you have friends! YAAAAAAAY! We love you LOTS! /eee We’ll help you pick yourself up, so you don’t have to to do it by yourself :)

Yay! It’s good you don’t think about death anymore. It’s so depressing. There’s enough death in the world that’s pointless. Most of us are EXTREMELY lucky to be alive. It’s so easy to forget that, but the little things in life help us remember. Like RAINBOWS! I have no idea why I said rainbows /ehh

Hahaha, actually I think about death WAY too much for my own good. But not in a suicidal way. More of a death is so sad and depression. How to prepare?! D: I’m so sad ==

Ohhh, another research assignment! Good luck. I’m sure you’ll get lots of HDs and Ds again. Hahaha! Sounds interesting, especially since it’s about blogging and webdesign, which is stuff you’re interested in :) :) My criminal law blog is supposed to be a research assignment. Instead most of my friends are busy researching 100 different ways to torture my unit convenor because the assignment is SO DISORGANISED. They posted the instructions for stage 2 so late, they had to give us TWO extensions. /angry

Your blog has changed heaps too! :D

I hate reflecting. When something is OVER, I do NOT want to think about it again. Grrr!

Hahahaha! That’s funny ‘why did I ever go out with him?’. I’m hoping to avoid that kind of situation :P But I’m probably going to look back in a couple of years and think ‘Omg. Alexander Skarsgard? WTF WAS I THINKING, OBSESSING OVER HIM!? D: ‘ Or maybe “Why did I ever like him again?” :P :P


Stay strong =)

oh, I totally get what you mean. I think about death sometimes. Do we disappear into nothingness? Or is there an after life? What will my death change? Or does things go on as per normal?

but I dont think I would ever go through with suicide, even when some times I feel like I could go through. Because I have seen the effects it has on the family of the deceased, it isnt a pretty sight at all.

Cheer up Georgina (: Things will get better and eventually pass or even out.

Thank you Char! ♥

I used to get all too curious about death, but it was a terrible mix with the depression I had in the past so I try not to wonder, and take life as it comes. Sometimes I’m having too much fun! I have had dark days, and I sometimes feel like rage-quitting, but I don’t think those kinds of thoughts anymore. I always take it to my lovely friends and the things I like doing – they often strengthen the realisation that I’m truly lucky to be here. :)

Sometimes when I go through my old diaries, I feel that. Every year you realize how different you were the year before. When I read my old notes and journals, it is like I am a different person altogether!
And that dream thing, when you get the feeling of deja vu, it is creepy. It happens a lot with me, and me being me, I start fantasizing how I am this incredible psychic who hasn’t yet realized her powers. Blah. I need to grow up. After reading Matilda, I tried that too! I can’t believe I forgot to mention it. It drove me crazy. And then I saw this movie in which this genius could write simultaneously with two hands. Man, oh man, isn’t that cool?

Thinking of the past is usually depressing for me. It is because I have done some really EMBARRASSING things. I’d like to change the subject now, thank you.

All the best for your research project. They do sound really interesting.

We all fear some things. It is natural. The point is going on with life and face them when the time comes.

Sorry for the late reply. College has been seriously busy!

I don’t know much about my parents ambitions either. They said they never really had any until they got older and then they thought it was too late.

They do courses for adults at my college. I know my mum would love to do some studying so I am encouraging her to try and do a night class or something.

They never sent me the letter in the end :/ I was a bit annoyed to be fair.

I was so nervous the first day but it’s got easiest now. I love college more than school!!

My friend is really blond and she went to Hong Kong when she was about 6 and they all has an obsession with touching her hair.

I always forget my dreams. Occasionally I will wake up and think “what an awesome dream!” other times I will remember a few days later!

Oh I hate to think about death and dying. I am scared of dying so I try not to think about it.

I never like to look back to exams. I always panic and think about how I could have done better. You are right, sometimes I really don’t want to look back!

I love your blogs. They have food for thought, and make you think about things. And you’re right, sometimes it’s good to look back. Even though most people don’t want to…like me. Yick! I’d hate to look back on everything I’ve done.

I’m glad you don’t think about death anymore. I know how hard it is to get cheered up, when you’re depressed. I’ve gotten in moods where I’m like “Leave me alone….let me cry it out, you know?” Sometimes you just need to feel dark and dreary. But, I’m glad you’re not feeling too dark and dreary.

My family is estranged. It’s because of my dad, really. He can’t forget or forgive. I mean, if I can move on and forget some of the things my mom has done to us, he should be able to as well. I think it would make him feel better, and let go of his negative energy. Family fights are the worst.

I’m sorry it’s been a bad week for you D: I’m never busy and I often find myself with an enormous void…like hey…I need to do something with my life, before it’s too late. That’s morbid though…*changes subject*

I’m going to read that article later. I’ve had thoughts like that lady before lol.

i know what you mean by thinking you’ve seen that before. i somtimes notice that things has started over 3 or three times. i’ll scratch my head and i think “haven’t i seen that before D:

but it is good that you’ve seen progress over the years. it is nice to see how you’ve became better (H)

your site looks nice, very useful :)

*sigh* I know what you mean. Today I’ve been feeling really pissy and I took a nice walk outside and I felt a bit better, when I reflected on what’s good, like my family and all. :)

But it didn’t help that I was at a total inspiration block for writing and couldn’t work on my novel! 😢

(God, I’m tired! xD I’m going to sleep now, see ya, Georgie! :D)

OMG I’m so sorry you had to deal with depression most of your teenaged years. I had to deal with it most of my childhood years. Depression is never any fun. This city that we live in is really depressing, and the new city Beaumont, is really outgoing and laid back. I can’t begin to describe how laid back it is. We’re finally moving tomorrow! I can’t wait. I’m tired as heck, but still I’m glad we’re moving.

Being emotional is quite alright. We’ve all changed over the years that we were little to our adult hood lives. Ya know? Some of us mature faster than others and some don’t. Some just need to see the bright side of things. Ya know?

I probably won’t have the internet in the next few days or a week. Unless I go to the public library which isn’t that far from my new house >D. Yeah.

I’ve noticed that how much I’ve changed since junior high and being scared and thin to being a little heavy set and very open. It’s just something we do.

When I first got sick, I wanted to die. I kept asking God “Why me?” “Why do I have to hear her?” etc.etc. Hell; I even tried committing suicide. But thankfully I didn’t know what I was doing. So all I have left is the memory of what happened in the past. My dreams wakes me up and automatically I have to go to the bathroom. But it’s okay to change.

your entries are so profound and deep T^T~
right on yo– think about why you’re here! or as they say, “live everyday as it’s your last”…or I’d just say, live life with no regrets! :D at least try to anyway. lol yea, when you don’t think about something for a long time, the memory fades. you need to recall a memory every so often, or it’ll disappear. it’s scary…so i’ve been writing in a personal journal ever since I was 10 and when I reread it, I can’t believe how many things I forgot ;o;

sisi~ think of only the positive things that make you happy! life is too short to dwell on the negative, bad things. you learn from the past and turn the bad events into positive ones to make yourself a better person :D

wow you have cool research projects. good luck on it! reflecting definitely gives us closure…that’s funny, because last night i looked at pictures of my high school friends who i broke away from and my ex-boyfriend that i haven’t looked at in over a year because it would make me sad…but last night, i couldn’t help but smile because time heals and filters out the bad, so only good, productive memories immediately flood through..

ahah! definitely, can’t escape the past! reminds me of a quote from the amazing j-drama Maou… “you can forget your past, but your past will never forget you” O.O

I think everything we go through in life has a reason , so any mistake we’ve made needed to happen in order to become the person we are today. I know that I’m not my mistakes that they are just a part of my past and that I live and learn.

I’m completely content with my life right now, I have an amazing boyfriend and I have a great family who isn’t perfect, but they love me and I love them. I think the thing that brings me down the most is debt and how I’m going to be able to pay it off and get back into school so that I’m not mid 30s by the time I get out. I’ll be 25 in January and a lot of times I feel like a completely failure because I’m not in school at the moment and because I haven’t really done a lot with my life when I could have, but I try not to beat myself up too much. I just have to know that I will make something of myself and I will defeat debt and I will lead a nice life hopefully forever with Trevor.

It is quite funny to think of some of the things we liked when we were younger. My best friend John’s sister had a Furby and he hated it so much he put it in the cupboard! They could be a bit annoying at times but I still loved mine :).

Awww that sounds really nice! My favourite was one where the box was like a box of chocolates. It was really pretty. Now a days the Polly’s are all huge.

They did make nice stickers. I recall sticking some ladybird ones to my wall once. Aww :P. It shall remain a secret! I think we all stole little things like that when we were younger.

That’s good that she still got something she liked :). I did get my first choice thankfully. Wow 10! That’s good. You guys have a lot of choice and stuff :). We pick five initially but then pick our first choice and a back up and that’s it. Plus we sort of have to pick from one field like science or computing otherwise it’s more difficult for us to write a personal statement. I wish we had had a little bit more choice. Was the course you’re doing now your first choice?

Yay for sweet boyfriends :). I often listen to my girl friends go on about how all guys are this that and the next thing. In a lot of cases they are though so I feel uber lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend, but also such a sweet best guy friend. ♥

I have moments like that a lot. Like you there are some bad things in my past that I chose to block out, because it hurts too much to remember. But certain things on certain days trigger memories.

I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve been convinced my dreams actually happened. I’ve woken up in a panic about it and only once I calm down do I realise it was in fact just a dream.

*hugs* I understand that your home circumstances aren’t great at times. I’m in a similar position. I know it makes things difficult but you have great friends around who will help you through :). Keep your chin up, things will get better.

It’s good that you’re now thinking you are lucky to be here :). I’m scared of death too but I want to enjoy my life so I try not to dwell on it so much.

Your new project sounds interesting and yay that it’s something you are interested in and know a lot about. That always helps with projects I think. If you have some knowledge already and if you are interested in the subject.

It’s interesting to look back on past things and see how we have changed. When I was 12 I kept a diary. I stopped for ages and then found it when I was 15/16. Reading back I had to laugh at myself and some of the silly things we said.

Also, in first year at High School we were set the task of writing a letter to ourselves in the future. We were to be given these when we left school. I remember reading mine and again laughing at how silly I had once been :P.

Oh wow, you’ve raised some good points here! I think I’m at that stage in my life (16 going on 17) where I’ll be making those mistakes and having those experiences that I don’t want to remember. But then, Life’s good at the moment, I don’t want to think that I’ll look back and regret.
I know quite a few people I know that suffered with depression, and it’s been so satisfying to see them work through it and feel better about themselves and life. Sometimes it’s nice to look back and reflect, even on the bad things, like you say, to see how far you’ve come.

When I suddenly remember things like those, they’re usually the most random moments – those insignificant things that just, somehow, stick to your head.

Looking back often makes me sad, but it also makes me happy, knowing that things had worked out for the better. When I’m in a bad mood though, looking back just makes me so depressed. Of course, you can’t do anything about the past.

I’m sorry that you’ve had such a stressful week :( Hopefully things start getting better for you <3

I always forget stuff happens, but at the same time.. there's a lot of stuff I remember too. I only sometimes remember my dreams, but often they're really weird (like the one I had last night). Usually, the ones I can remember are extremely weird or just sad (like people dying).

"We can’t run from the past. Sometimes we need to see how much it’s brought us here today; sometimes we need to see how much we’ve changed so we know what is better in us." That is SO true.

That's my favourite part of the song as well :D It's such a good line! You should listen to her, she's awesome.

I don't like fights. They're stupid, scary & people get hurt over small things, and sometimes even nothing. Just talk it out, jeezus.

I want a Mac because I think for the college program i want to go in to, some of them ask you to buy a mac anyways. I'm going to save up & see about getting one once I go into college, depending on where I go.

REPLY: I do kind of agree with the colors in my layout, but to me it seems like the header text is okay, but I did change the header color! :)

Lol, it’s 1 AM for you? It’s almost noon here! xD

Thanks for the comment. I’ve added that little bit to the tutorial, and have thanked you within the tutorial and have added a link to this website.

Thanks – Owen.

It certainly can be difficult to look back on your past. Sometimes we can reflect on it with no real effort – incidences that we have forgotten suddenly return to us like a flash of lightning. A few weeks ago I suddenly remember why, ten years ago, I decided to make a website! It was a nice revelation though.

Sometimes, however, reflecting on our past isn’t nice. A lot of the time when we forget things from our past, it was for a reason. Such as things that make us feel embarrassed, things that made us scared… When we remember them we feel hurt or ashamed. Such as remembering being bullied at school. We question ourselves – why did people treat me like this? Why did my peers treat me like this? Did I deserve it? Did I do something wrong?

Confronting our past is something we don’t want to do – but ultimately – it is something that we inexorably will end up doing. And as soon as we realise this – as soon as we confront our past, we become stronger people. Our past shapes who we become tomorrow.

And I’m sorry you suffered depression :( Sadly in today’s society it is quite common in young people. Mental health is still a bit of “taboo” for some societies. I think it’s because a lot of focus is put on physical disabilities, as they are more evident; more obvious. But mental health is one of the most important aspects of our lives, so we have to take care of ourselves. If you ever find yourself getting upset, or reverting into a depressive stage – just remember: you are cared about, you mean something to the people that are in your life. Remember how hard you fought to beat depression previously. It was a difficult battle I’m sure, but remember that you won :) <3

Sorry for the very long comment! Best of luck with your research project this semester! :)

I think a small amount of reflecting is a good idea. It lets us learn from our mistakes and see how we have grown as a person. I do admit writing reflections for school can be difficult. I typically do not care to think that deeply when I am being forced to!

Hi Georgina XD

First of all I’d like to comment on your website if that’s okay. I’ve visited it for a couple of weeks mainly for the content – isn’t that what it’s about for strangers? /bash I absolutely love the simplicity of this layout, it’s so calming. 🙄

To be honest this is the first entry I’ve read so, so, carefully and it just made me reflect a lot on my own past. So many people go through the angsty stage, and I don’t think it stops unless something major happens, like a turn of things to change oneself. At least that’s what I perceive from experience.

Feel better! I know everyone can hope for a better day. I might sound funny but that’s really what I believe in the most right now. /eee

Oh my gosh I love her layouts! I don’t know how she makes them! I take horrible photos so I never use them. /hehe Pam makes really good ones too!! I’m not very good at making “unique” things. I’m taking up drawing my own things though. So that’s kinda fun.

It was so much fun going there. They have this river lot and I had a blast. We went jet skiing and tubing. I thought about trying water skiing but it just looked to hard. @_@

I usually am tired but the time that I’m mostly tired is choir because the teacher is so boring and the music we sing is even more boring. He’s loud but it’s so tiring. I can just feel my eyes about to close and never come back up. XD

At our school the busses drop off in the back and we drop off in the front. There’s a parking lot and a little “street” to get to the front door. People usually go through the parking lot which just makes it really crazy!

I’m sorry to hear about your depression when you were a teen. :( Sometimes I feel really sad and just sit there and think why was I born…why did anybody want me here? But then I think of all the good things that happend. But that brings to the bad things that happend that I wish I could just erase and say they never happend.

Cheer up georgiemoo! (I quite like this name haha)
You’re right sometimes looking at your past helps you with closure and move on but recently, looking at my past has made me sort of crave it more. Probably because most of my friends are leaving me to go to University and I’m not. Or maybe because I’m always so stressed up these days.
I also went through my blog archives like two weeks ago and I realised how much better I have become and also how mature! It made me realise that things are constantly changing etc. Look at the past positively :)
When I hear about your mum and stuff it makes me sad but you still have friends to talk to etc and the days when you’re out with friends to look forward to etc.
No dark thoughts :)

Thinking about it now, there have been lots of things in my life, bad things, embarrassing, good things and even some things I really, really want to forget. Sometimes I feel down, but it’s been YEARS since I’ve been depressed. Back then it was so bad, I even thought about suicide until I realized how much of a waste it was. Instead, I’ve kinda grown to detach myself much easier.

Like Barney said it himself:

I get a lot of deja vu’s. I’m not sure if things have happened before or not, but sometimes it really feels like it. One time it was so bad, I woke up in bed and disoriented said: “Hey, this has happened before!” xD

I really want to forget the days I had depression too. It was years ago for me yet it’s nice to look back and see that I emerged from that hole. I thought about suicide on occasions and went through self-harm, but having a closer bond with my true friends really opened my eyes. :)

That has definitely happened to me on many occasions. I sort of just can’t consciously remember it.
Dreams are another thing. When I wake up from one, I will think about it, and I can never forget it. I still remember parts of dreams I’ve had from 5 years ago. Silly garden with the swans in it… Silly video game dream series I had, which was actually pretty rockin’…

I applaud you, Georgina! The same change has happened to me, but it is unfortunately hard to keep, since I need to fight for it to stay. I’m so grateful I’m here.

I can’t really archive my blogs, since I deleted all of the ones I felt closure from after reading. See, I like to remove things from my life once I’m over them, understand them better, or I realise how stupid/silly/immature I was being. It gets a weight off of my chest knowing that… Well, knowing that the evidence is gone and my mind no longer needs to think about it.

I’m always reminiscing, but I have to fight the depression that comes with most of the thoughts I reminisce about. It’s good to look back, though, and see that I definitely am much better off now.

I really have no idea how to reply to your comment, so I suppose we’ll start over. :P

Don’t be sad – there are many reasons for your existance :D Although I’m not particularly religious, I believe strongly in fate and that everything happens for a reason

When I look at the things I’ve done in the past, I cringe thinking ‘what the hell made me do that?’…ahh, I still think I have a way to go maturity wise /um

This is so strange, a lot of my past is catching up to me now…13 years later. I don’t know if I want to embrace it or shut it away
Its not like I’ve had a bad childhood, but for some reason I feel weird talking about it even though it should be quite a key part of my life O_O

I’ve forgotten most of my childhood memories, being that it wasn’t pleasant, but there were times when I suddenly remember a part of it. When it does, it makes me shed a tear.

I think it’s natural to be curious about death. I mean nobody came back to tell us what’s on the other side.

Memories last forever, both good and bad whether we want them to or not. You may think you have forgotten about them but trust you haven’t. You just haven’t thought about it in awhile. There are a lot of things that have happened in my past that I prefer not to “reflect” on but of course I do anyway. I never thought about some thoughts being sort of a closure method but it’s true. There are plenty of boys that I look back on and think, “What the heck was I thinking?!”

I use to love math but now that I’ve moved on up I hate it. I’m trying to manage with this teacher but his accent is so strong. I wish I could transfer to another teacher but he’s the only one who teaches the course :(

Well, with this love…I’m definitely taking a chance.

I have had tons of stuff things happen to me and said to me/ Most of the time I don’t think about them, but I think about them out of no where, it kinda pisses me off that I didn’t do anything about it. Like stick up for myself. But I know better now. :)

I also want to congratulate you on getting the fanlisting for Bands. I knew you were going to get it. :) Anyway, I’ve update the link in my collective. :)

Thanks Vanessa! And thank you for updating your link! ♥

I try not to care what other people think. It’s hard when you hear it and take it in. But some people’s words are nothing to me and I learn to block it out eventually. :)

Reflecting is good at times and in other times it’s just a bad idea. From September to early November I always get a little weird because I reflect a little too much about things. From 9/11 to well…let’s just not go there…Being able to reflect on 9/11 has gotten me a little better though because I used to have nightmares about it and I was scarred from it for years. The other thing, I reflect and get to thinking it was my fault and I put myself in that position for so I have no one to blame but myself…even though I know I’m not to blame because I said no.

I like to try to reflect on the happier and brighter parts of things though, always cheers people up. :)

I have this real issue with why exist to eventually die anyway. I mean, why strive to be this amazing individual, only to die? It’s something I ask my counsellor all the time and he says I really shouldn’t be thinking like that. But, I do. Because I want to know what is out there once we do die. I want to know if we come back as something entirely different and finish the things we never achieved in our first life, or are we just gone … nothing more.

As you can see I think about that a whole lot. /bash

As for our past? I am constantly reminded of mine by the scars on my body. I cannot escape them so I just think of them as war scars and if it were not for them, I wouldn’t be here now contemplating what happens when we do leave this planet, or if we even do … I am still yet to understand the meaning of life. I guess that maybe one thing no one will ever understand, not even scientists.

Something to ponder xx /love

I used to think about that too, but I realise that we die because life is precious in the first place – at least that’s what I’ve tried to focus on. :) I used to believe in reincarnation as a kid, and even think about what I’d like to come back as. In thinking about that, it seemed to lessen the tragedy of death for me. I can’t say I believe in it now though; I’m not sure.

Having had depression I don’t like being reminded of my self-harm, because it makes me a little more sad. I avoid thinking about it, but in light of where I am now, I’d have to say that I’m happy I don’t think that way anymore, and instead, I find someone to talk to, or write about it.

I totally agree on what you’ve said. We won’t know if we’re better now if we do not look to the past. ♥

I used to be so bitter about my past. I’ve always had regrets and I would always ponder that if I’ve done that, maybe I wouldn’t be this. It wasn’t really doing me any good. I’ve had a lot of issues in my life and sometimes, I’d rather bury them in the deepest corner of my mind if possible. But as much as I want to forget, there is still the truth that… it is something that can never be forgotten. Because somewhere out there, you will be reminded of it. XD

So I tried to accept the events that took place in my past and picked up all the lessons that I could to move forward in my life. I was thankful that I got the chance to feel sad and broken because now, I can say that I am doing good… even better. :)

I know and I believe you’re a stronger person now because of the good points you’ve mentioned. Stay strong! ♥

Hahaha thank you Georgina. <3 I absolutely adore Chucks, I want to own a collection on it someday. :D Ohhh i picture your blue vintage one. :D

I love the crazy neckalces. There are certain outfits that they just fit. I want something with pearls but those grandma pearls though. I never buy perfume, i always use my moms and she gets mad so she bought me mine. I usually hate scertain perfumes but this one smells so perfect. Not too strong at all. (Y)

Nope just didn't want me to go out. They really piss me off a lot.
I do that a lot. I never listen at all. I do sometimes but most of the time i just play games. XD
Hoogy is an adventure, you have to eat all the fruits and make sure not get killed by the crazy monster animal things.

I forgot all my childhood memories. I only remember big things like when i got in an accident. I don't remember much of it. Sometimes tell stories of when they were babies, but I don't really remember much. I forget dreams too. I usually have the most interesting dreams, but when i wake up it's all gone. I know i had a dream but i don't know what it is.

I used to think of death. I used to think that once we die, some spirit will come for our souls. Something like grim reaper.

Thank you Georgina, I’m so glad you liked my new layout.
Yeah, maybe. But I don’t know why, holidays kinda get boring sometimes, so yeah.
Oh I see, you’re right about the waste of time using socials sites, like Facebook. Though, I’m getting into Twitter more than Facebook.
I’m so sorry you’ve lost your pets, well I did lost them too. But I’m still lucky, getting a dog, but it still miss the pets I’ve lost.
Yeah you’re right Georgina, life might gets on our nervous, but we should fight this feeling whenever it comes to happiness or sadness. Taking every day by, is a great idea. That’s great, taking the train is the fastest way and the greatest idea!
Have an nice day, sweetie sorry for the short comment, I’m having a hyper headache now.
With Love <3 Jad.

I backread my blogs every once in a while! It creeps me out how fast my mind matures. Haha. Sometimes I hate the stuff I wrote back then because I think I sound pretty ridiculous before. Years ago, I was an emo kid who had no hope, whatsoever- and I just cared about bands and their emo lyrics, hating pretty girls for being so pretty. Now, here I am starting to enjoy blogs about love and makeup and skincare etc. XD It’s weird and interesting how people change a lot in time. My past gives me the creeps sometimes. When I look back, I think “that is so not me” XD
I make reflections on reflections sometimes, for fun. Hahaha. When I’m really, really bored. Sometimes it can teach you something… XD
And cheer up! I hope you’d get time to relax soon :)

Its happened loads of times to me. I never remember dreams though. :(