The Internet Predicament

I’m so annoyed right now, I’m reaching boiling point. Sigh. I’m sick of the arguments that happen at home over something as trivial as the internet.

We’re stuck on a limit. We have a limit as to how much we can download before we get capped. That is, we reach our limit, which is 25GB, and our download speed slows down dramatically. It happens here – I know it’s different from other countries.

We pay every month, generally, and we get the same 25GB every month. For a few months this has been a problem for our family. The main users of the internet are my brother Brandon, me, and my dad. We’re all constantly blaming each other for getting ourselves capped.

The thing is, I don’t download much. Only updates for my laptop and some music every once in a while. My dad likes to download music, but in huge amounts. My brother downloads movies and television shows. We get capped a lot and our internet is slow until the month ends, and the download is reset. 25GB just doesn’t seem to be enough for us each month.

Now recently, our ISP updated their plans. For the same price, they provided a package with 200GB. That is a freaking lot – eight times what we’re getting now – and is a lot more than the capacity of some external (or internal) hard drives. We considered upgrading. However, my mum was being ridiculous, and said, “That’s not enough.”

Not enough? That’s enough to download a hundred movies or more!

“It’ll never be enough. You’ll use the internet even more. I’m trying to protect you.”

From what? /hmph I don’t even get it. The same reason I can’t go to my friends’ houses. Because I’m being protected. I’m nineteen years old; what’s there to protect me from? I started a fight with a racist bitch at the train station; I’d like to think I can physically defend myself if someone tried to mug me. 😰

Anyway, back on topic. All we have to do is to upgrade the package. But here’s the problem: my brother wreaked havoc this evening by logging into my mum’s account on the ISP and trying to upgrade the package. I had warned him not to, but he did it anyway. They sent an email to my mum’s email address for confirmation.

My mum doesn’t check her email; I do. And I get back to her on it. I didn’t want to be involved in this crap my brother blew up, so I just tried to ignore him when he told me to respond to the email. In turn my mum found out what was going on and brought the whole family into the one room to discuss it.

Dude, it’s not my problem. I don’t suffer so much as a result of this; I don’t complain. My dad does download a lot, as does my brother. My dad said he’d just stop using the internet. But I felt sorry for him and didn’t want him to make that sacrifice.

It’s just crazy now. My mum refuses to upgrade the internet when it would honestly make everyone more at ease.

It’s getting ridiculous here. I got dragged into something that doesn’t really bother me, and my whole weekend was just rubbish, and I’m in for a long, stressful week ahead with university work. :( Zarking fardwarks. /angry

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I know what you mean. It’s quite annoying, the internet business.

My family’s first contract was with Optus, and it was dial-up. And it interfered with our phoneline -which was good, cos I believe we only had a few GBs, cos even though I used it for a few hours a day (no more than 2 hours usually) we always had a $150+ bill.

After that, we changed to Bigpond…with 10gbs. It was okay, until my mum started using the net mum, and got a laptop. I learnt to adapt, and things went back to good… until my aunt came.

That was three people using the internet on 10gbs. Once again, I adapted. I used less. Tried to get on the school’s computers more often, but yeah.

And then my mum got Facebook, and found Farmville. And she blamed me when I got capped. And made me get my own Internet. At this point, we upgraded to a 12 gbs for 60 bucks a month.

A few months after I got my own net, she upgraded again – to a 25gbs for 80-90 bucks a month. That annoyed me, but I kept quiet. It didn’t matter anymore since I used the university’s wireless more, lol.

We’ve always been on TPG, and were on dial-up for the longest time. I think we finally left dial-up in 2008. I didn’t use the internet that much then.

I’ve always blamed Brandon for getting us capped. He downloads movies a lot, and he plays games that really suck up the bandwidth; not to mention he watches more videos on YouTube than I.

The uni’s wireless sucks, but I like using it while I’m there since it’s convenient, so I might as well use it to my advantage. :D

Uhhh wtf, you upgrade for virtually free as you’ll be paying the same price and she doesn’t want you to?!! I can see why you don’t want to get involved, but personally I would have just done it and kept my mouth shut. The same thing happens here in our family, except I’m the main user so I’m all to blame. Good news is, now that there’s only mum & i left living in this household with 30GB limit… nothing to worry about :D

Geez, sounds like you’ve got a right handful there. I use the internet so frequently, but I don’t know about what package we use etc, my Dad sorts that stuff out.. but by the sounds of it, that 200 package would be ideal for you.
I think your mum is possibly worried about how much you would all use the internet if that did happen, rather than just not wanting you to upgrade for “protection”.

Parents do things for reasons, maybe she’ll see the use for it soon, you never know. /type

Either way – that would definitely be a bargain – hope it all comes through for you :)

That’s what happens in our family too. We also have a 25GB limit and sometimes, we just go way over it. I thought that we wouldn’t really come close to the limit because I’m using my laptop and just “borrowing” someone else’ internet connection. But I thought wrong. My mom watches her Filipino dramas everyday, my dad also uses the internet, and my brother watches a lot of YouTube videos. We can keep track of our usage, and I keep telling them not to use/watch a lot of videos because that 25GB is for a month, but they just don’t listen. I told my parents that maybe we should just upgrade or switch to another provider because its cheaper. Oh well..

My step dad downloads quite a lot.. actually he downloads everyday. He usually downloads films, music, games etc. (Not illegally though). But it seriously does my head in because my internet goes REALLY slow when he’s downloading.

Even though he downloads a lot, we never get capped. I’m not sure what plan we’re on but I’m sure it’s less than yours. (It might be different over here? Not sure).

I don’t really understand why not upgrading your internet is going to protect you… I think you’re old enough to know how to be responsible on the internet.

Wow @ your brother for trying to do it. o_O Is he crazy? :| Especially when he tried to get your involved.. you don’t need that shit.

I hope she decides to upgrade it in the end and I hope things get better for you, Georgina. :( ♥

I personally do NOT know your pain on this, we just have to pay the broadband price with 1 phone and two computers using the Internet, my mom the most internet user, I just look at stuff like this and download some scripts, and the such. Mom plays Farmville alot, the most avid user.

I want my own computer…

Aww I am sorry to hear about your internet woes. Honestly though if it’s the same price why would she not want to upgrade? I don’t see any harm in it especially since your dad and brother do most of the downloading and internet browsing. Sometimes parents need a little convincing but going behind her back was definately not a good thing. And honestly don’t worry I am 19 as well turning 20 in a couple of months and I am still being “prisoned” and protected. My sister is 27 and same goes for her. So you’re not the only one. =)

Take care

We’re capped at 15GB so I feel your pain. Neither Karl nor I download music etc and we are often only just under our limit so I can see why you’d easily reach your cap. Not sure what planet your mum is on, but I guess it’s a mother’s prerogative to be stubborn & awkward. O_O

Your mom is being unreasonable, o: . If that happened to me, I’d be pissed, because clearly, she doesn’t understand that by upgrading the package, it would make everyone at home more at ease. My mom would kind of be like that. She’s usually stubborn, just like my brother and my dad. I guess it runs in the family, lmao. If we were to get an internet upgrade thing like you guys want to, I think my dad would do it in a flash. He’s all about the Internet, and technology and how to make our lives easier using technology, haha.

If I want to talk to someone about something, in private, I’d wait until it’s just the two of us, or sometimes if I can’t wait, I’d type it onto their phone, and they’d reply — on my phone — and we’d erase the messages to type responses, so no one can know what we’re talking about. No proof either of us ever even said anything to one another, :p.

Skyler, who was also sitting by us, heard us and she got kind of curious and worried, because like Stephen, she heard the wrong things at the wrong time. So she whispered to me what she thought we were talking about, and I told her “No”, and she left it at that, instead of prying for more information like Stephen did. I think her friend ended up hitting Stephen because of how rude he was being to Ryan and me, xD. It was pretty funny, I have to admit.

Stephen is just jealous, o: . He even said so himself, lmfao. Which I find hilarious, xD. But I don’t think he should behave that way, even if he is jealous and isn’t ashamed to say it out loud.

When I wasn’t late last year for one of those once in a month occasions, and someone else (who yelled “LATE!” into my face when I was late) was late, I’d do the same to them, (x. Just to rub it in, that I, for once, was not late, xD.

Back in elementary school, some people would became so suspicious during exams because we were afraid of someone copying off of us. I sat next to a girl (and she was on the right of me), and my test pamphlet was on the right corner of the desk, so when I leaned over a little to read off of the pamphlet, she automatically assumed I was trying to look at her answers, which was nowhere near the corner of my desk, and she got all pissy. I was like, =_=. Seriously?

A bachelor’s degree? o: . I’ve always got confused when I heard that word. Bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s party. Ahh! I don’t even know what either of those things mean, :p.

I still am upset that my mom thinks I should be spending most of my free time studying and learning, especially over weekends. I’ve had a lot to do this week, and I can’t even sleep in, and this morning, I was watching TV for only 45 minutes, when my mom threatened to move my room downstairs because I spend all of my time watching TV upstairs. So not true, =_=. It’s the weekend. I honestly don’t care if my grades could be better if I study over the weekend. I hardly get free time during the week; why can’t I just “chillax” over the weekend? I only get two days a week to relax. Plus, I spent most of yesterday working on a science project and trying to understand a history project. She flips out just because I spent an hour watching TV, >.<. It's stupid.

I'm glad that you and your boyfriend realized you guys can survive without being together all the time, xD. Lmfao. I wish my boyfriend realized that, too, o.o. He wants to hang out all the time, and when I can't because I choose to hang out with my best friends or sisters, over him, he gets all pissy. Blah. Boys.

Well, that’s pretty shite. D:

The only people who use the internet in my house is me, really. XD I guess the other people in my house do use it… my mum uses it for some work stuff, my dad has joined some fishing forum and my sister sometimes goes on to play Hannah Montana games and Club Penguin.. yeah, she’s eight. xD Anyhoo, 90% of the time I’m the one using it.

Just, WTF @ your mum! I don’t see why she couldn’t just upgrade it D: I mean like.. what IS she protecting you from?! Like, online muggers?! Online rapists?! ONLINE MURDERERS?!?!? I do not believe this is possible.

Hope everything turns out okay for you :D

Um, wow that sucks.. o.O but can you stop complaining? Surely its not that bad ! :D I mean have u ever asked your mom why she was protecting u?! But parents can do annoying/pointless stuff…And your reviews are kinda biased, no offense. ;D

If you have problems with my blog posts, don’t read or comment on them. It’s as simple as that. I can complain all I want because this is my blog.

Surely it’s not that bad? If it wasn’t that bad I wouldn’t have said anything about it. How dare you jump to conclusions about what goes on in my household.

“Um, wow that sucks”, then “Surely it’s not that bad” – make up your mind.

Reviews are my opinion, if you could read properly. They’re biased, no shit Sherlock.

Do you know what biased means? I’m guessing not.

some people dont even have internet in this world and although your package is small, you can still access internet without any “big” problems. And maybe your mom is protecting u from being addicted.. and you should be thankful that u have internet package… o.O

And I assume your opinions are that professional and worthreading then. And you didnt need to say shit either. But i guess even the smallest things/complaints can piss a 19 year old to swear. you sure are mature.

Perhaps you should read the word “shit” in the context of the sentence it’s in. “No shit Sherlock” is an idiom.

what a chicken.. did u delete my comment? :P wow, wow georgie. not you are immature, but think you got the best website!? Well this site is the dumbest stupidest website. Not to mention, lack of orginality!

Yeah, sweety, be sure not to ask stuff like that with Georgina, because she is a human being, and likes to keep her PERSONAL stuff PERSONAL. I guess you do not know what that means, if you can’t make up your mind.

Wow. Seriously, wow. I would be ticked also.
I mean, yeah it wasn’t the brightest idea for your brother to try and upgrade it himself. But he had a major reason to.
I find it kind of strange that she won’t uncap the space. However I can’t feel your pain because a. I hardly ever download stuff and b. we just have a wireless router and aren’t really trapped from an issue like this.
Oh well! Hope it gets better. I get in family issues too, and it usually all gets better. :)

Oh man! Protect you from what? If you don’t learn how to survive the world, how are you going to make it? You gotta have some freedom so you learn how to protect yourself and become a stronger person. I don’t really believe in what your mom is doing. I don’t really think keeping you away from the world would exactly be called “protection”. More like hiding. :(
haha! I guess I’m kinda like your dad! I download music like a mad woman xD

I’m so sorry about your ordeal. I’d be dead if I had a cap. I constantly am interested then uninterested in games. I can download up to 9 gig a day (games such as Aion — 9 gb games 😰 ). It’d be chaos if my family had that. Perhaps you can convince your mother to change her mind? If not, try to figure out a way to fix it. Ask your family to write down what they download and how big the file sizes are. Perhaps you can tell your mother to regulate how much everyone downloads – so it’s fair?
It’d be easy to see how much everyone is downloading too – each file usually has a time/day logged onto it as record.
Perhaps it’s a bit inconvenient to do it that way – but maybe the inconvenience will convince your mother to upgrade /bounce

Oh dear = Your brother sounds like he could use a timeout in a box or something. I’m sorry that you got caught up in the mess. But it happens ): Although, i don’t understand why your mother refuses to upgrade since you’ll be paying the same price.

Here, in Singapore, we used to have that capped thingy but not anymore. We have unlimited amount, just pay a certain amount monthly.

I hope everything will be better soon (:

Ahh, so I gather you’re Aussie then! XD
When I talk about ‘capped internet’ the Americans are like ‘Whaat??” hahaha.. (: Nice to meet a fellow Aussie..

Yeah, I’m from Australia. :) I always have to end up explaining what “capped” means; I repeat it in various blog posts just so people know what I mean!

Hahaha.. Well I think it’s the most common thing in Australian internet for families nowadays.. It’s so great because if you go over, you don’t have to pay extra! Ours is 50GB/month with bigpond for $79 (:

Haha, it is a bit funny to hear about this coming off as American. While I honestly have never heard of “capped” before, it only took a bit of reading from the blog to figure out what it basically is. /ho

Ouch D: I was chatting to my friend today about her internet – she has 2GB, and is CONSTANTLY getting capped. As in, five or ten days into the month. Her mum won’t upgrade the package, for the same reasons your mum has “I am trying to protect you from using the internet too much.” And when this friend’s iPod broke, her mother wouldn’t let her get a new one. Why? “It is a sign from God, telling you to study more! No distracting music!”

Anyhow, just keep appealing to your mum’s good side, I guess. Try and work out some really good, convincing arguments for why you should be allowed to upgrade it (not that you haven’t already, but that’s the best advice I’ve got…)

I’m a bit confused as to why my internet never seems to be capped. I download LOTS… I have 20GB, from memory, byt one day I downloaded all of A Very Potter Musical and Sequel (6+ hours of video), and about 50 songs, plus used the internet all day, and it barely changed. Not to mention my whole family are fairly heavy internet users… Not entirely sure what’s going on there, but I’m not complaining :)

Hopefully your mum will come around. And you’re not allowed to go to friends’ places? Whyever not? WTF?

it pretty sucks that you all can’t download as much as you want to. i sure would get annoyed, or even angry when it was for a longer perios. but i guess that in my household, my mom doesn’t complain much about me my brother and my father using the internet so much.

but i really hope you will work something out with eachother. your mother can’t keep it up until you’re out i think .

We used to have 50GB for 49.99, at TPG. But it wasn’t really 50GB – because 25GB of it could only be used between the offpeak period of 11pm and 7am, and no one in my family really wanted to stay up late/wake up early to use the internet, although I do sometimes stay up past 11pm.

But anyways, we’re on 180GB for 49.99 now (well, now the offpeak period is 2am to 8.30am which is even crazier, no one stays up until 2am! But still 90GB is pretty awesome) because since TPG kept upping the bandwith in their plan we decided to upgrade.

You made the point that you were 19 years old though – ever thought about moving out?

Ahh, off-peak. My dad works night shift so sometimes he’s awake in the wee hours of the morning before 6am, and downloads some music. I stay up pretty late, but I’ll admit the 1am-7am off-peak hours are silly.

I’ve thought about moving out (and people who know me well will probably understand this more), but it all comes down to a bit of a fear of moving out, concerns about financial independence, and strict parents who don’t think it’s a good idea that I move out at this age. :P

You should do it anyway! Parents suck when it comes to stuff like this.. but if you fail they’ll always be there to fall back on.. (:

Doubtful, honestly, considering the relationship I have with them and the way things have been at home for the past ten years. Moving out right now is not an option. :(

Aw, I’m sorry. /wah
I’m really close to my mum and I’m not sure if she could stand me leaving and then welcome me back with open arms (if I failed).. I’ll be moving out in 2 years when I am 18 and have saved enough money. It’s hard for me because I have troubles with getting a job or going to school, etc, so saving money is quite a challenge. Centrelink is helping alot with my predicament and that’s where the money will be coming from. I know that once I’ve moved out I’ll be happy and free and just relax and feel comfortable with my place in the world, you know? ;)

That really really sucks that your mum doesn’t want to upgrade the internet for the same price. 200GB is definitely enough for TV shows and movie. It is likely that your brother and dad will download more, but I’m sure they wont use up 200GB that easily.

We don’t have a monthly cap but we do have a small cap during peak hours. If we go over the amount the net is mega slow till the peak hours are over, which I believe is 9pm/10pm. I usually download during the day and watch the TV show in the evening.

Really sucks that you have a monthly cap. I know a knew ISP here that has monthly cap/

My sister, cousin & I were talking about 9/11 the other day when we were on our way home from my brother’s soccer game and he was like “What is 9/11?” – I thought it was great that he wants to know about the stuff he doesn’t know and asked us about it. I explained it to him & he then even watched (or wanted to, IDK) a show on TV that was about 9/11. He’s 8 years old.

Is it possible that it’s kinda faster to type on a touchscreen than on a regular keyboard? It always seemed to me like that when I used Alina’s phone that has touchscreen.

My parents would probably never allow me to get a phone with a contract because they made one really bad experience with it & had to pay around 500€ because of mine & my sister’s stupidity (we were using my parents’ phones).

Oh! Right.. shit. I’ll make sure to send you tweets from now on! I just have to keep in mind when you’re actually awake and stuff. You don’t really need “Georgie get to work!” tweets when you’re sleeping. xD

I haven’t met a gay guy so far. I’ve seen some around the clubs as barkeepers or something but I never really talked to one. I could imagine that it’s pretty awesome having a gay friend.

I sometimes try to force myself to sleep. Sometimes I am actually tired but just can’t fall asleep no matter how much I try to – especially these days with my stupid cold & the pretty much non-stop coughing.

I am pretty sure that we don’t have that kind of stuff.. but on the other hand I barely know any details about our internet and all that stuff – I bet not even my dad knows much about it and he is the one that got everything & stuff.. oh well.

I really don’t see your mum’s point in all this – it’s the same prize but eight times as much download space. That’s an awesome deal! My dad would take that opportunity right away! Especially since we use the internet a lot & I bet we’d reach our limit pretty fast – if we had one.

Oh wow! I don’t think I would ever do that. I’d be too affraid of my parents finding out and getting in trouble for it. And that’s what happened for you guys too. Though I think it sucks that you’re getting into this too even though it was Brandon’s fault.

I do to some extend understand where your mum is coming from when she says you’d be using the internet a lot more/download more with the new package. It’s not that bad though because you would be able do to so without having to pay extra money and stuff. It’s still the same price she’s been paying for IDK how long now.

I hope you can figure this thing out soon so you no longer have to deal with all this! It really sucks. *hugs*

Thank you sweetie. I’m trying to improve time by time :D
Yeah you’re right, when school’s here we have something to do. But also we start saying we want summer back, summer comes then we say we want school. Hehe, I know it’s weird. Yeah you’re right, Twitter is a good social network, but it’s okay, if a person is busy, and don’t get time to check it. At least you have a website you will never miss a word, I know your dedicated to your website, as much as I do =D
Ohh I see :) You’re too kind to be honest, and say you just CAN’T take care of pets. I love the way you’re too honest! Yes, I’m feeling so much better, thank you for asking :) Reading your blog, we do have lots of fights because of the Internet exceed, and my mom is very similar to yours, she keeps on saying whatever I do, If you won’t do “NO MORE INTERNET”, I really hate the fact she doesn’t understand I’m in need of an Internet I got plenty of wonderful friends, like you, Georgina. And so on! Have a good night as I knew it’s late in AUS, nightie night! :)

So I wasn’t the only one who had a crap weekend I see. *HUG* Ah, I’ve never had to face the problem of being capped, but sometimes my internet provider will decide to cut us off at random times. (Like period, shut us down.) It’s annoying as hell, especially since when they shut down one thing – that means the other two things included in the package are off, instead of them just shutting one thing off. So it’s like if they cut our internet for an hour (or longer) we’ll also be without phone and television. It’s ehh to deal with.

Ah, I feel you about the parent thing as well. I live with my grandmother (and have been for as long as I can remember) I just recently turned 19, and she’s waiting on me to move out. But it’s like, I just can’t. I feel like a baby bird that’s being pushed out of the nest too early.

Hopefully maybe your mum will decide to upgrade, and the tension in your house over the internet will ease.

I’ve heard about Australia and its ridiculous Internet laws, but don’t your country have any kind of unlimited (and cheap) Internet? We have a plan for our TV, phone and Internet in one (fibre connection), so 25 and 200 GB is really, really… inhuman.

The Internet is a human right! : D

RE: Ah, he’s very fun to work with, we’ve coded together before – so it isn’t too much work! I agree, I find coding so fun 👏

Oh, and yes! We don’t even notice it, technology is such a great part of daily life, if there were to be a world blackout (not including lights etc, just general technology – computers, televisions), I’m not sure how most people would cope. > . <

Ah that sounds so bad! I don’t get capped because we have 2 internet connections (Yes my family are download and gaming freaks…) We had to because one person would be slowing down the other and to quit making a fuss about it all when we all had jobs we basically took out an internet contract ourselves… Saves argument. However it does deem expensive… Some mobile contracts will do internet connection too and that might be cheaper @_@

Why don’t you try and reason with your mother and ask for the upgrade? It’s not going to affect the bills and it you all probably will use the same amount anyway… It’s not like you all are checking the limit now and then. (I know I don’t… 😰 )

Maybe you should change the ISP owner to your Dad’s e-mail address lol! Saves you getting into argument with your mum :X

Hope you’ll solve it sooooooon!! Was lovely reading your blog ^__________^

I love these colors on your layout if it makes you feel any better lol.

That whole situation is quite unfortunate. I guess your mom does have the right to do that, however babying a young adult is not the way to do anything productive. I shut down if my father tries to do stuff like that. I’m just like whatever, I’ll just go buy my own lol. And its unfortunate that your dad just backed off. Why didnt they talk about it. Maybe if he talks to her she’ll reconsider. What your bro did only aggravated the situation as you already kind of stated which makes the situation more unfortunate. Have you ever thought of sitting down and talking to your mom? I know it’s a hell of a lot harder said than done to be completely fair.

[Reply to your comment]
I’m actually annoyed with Twitter due to real life usage if you know what I mean. But now that you mention it I have noticed so many web managers use it! I might change my mind eventually, hehe. 100+ fanlistings! Oh wow, that must be a lot of work at least to build each one. I shall check them out some time then.

[And now my actual comment]
I’ve never had a problem with my internet, or getting “capped” as you put it. I’ve never even heard of a limit. I read that you mentioned it’s different in other countries, that’s probably why. But I think it’s reasonable to upgrade so you don’t have to worry about downloading anymore – 25GB definitely doesn’t sound like enough. Though I can kind of see your mom’s point of view. I’m not allowed to buy a domain because “I’ll use the internet even more.” D:

I am sorry for that. How annoying it must be. The internet at my house is incredibly slow and always dropping signal, but that’s because our particular company is crap. So it’s expensive and sucks, lol. I am sorry to hear that though. I do hope it gets better =/

Oh I know. Well, at least I am a decent cook, lol. But you wouldn’t know it by all the ramen and saifun I eat xD I love asian food, but I’m really not the best cook for that style xD I’m great at cooking italian food lol!

I’m sorry you caught me in the middle of a layout change so I am still working on perfecting the layout xD I have a game release to go to at midnight so it probably won’t be finished by the end of today, but please do visit again. Maybe it will look pretty when you do xD

I hope things look better for you!

I don’t have to explain the name situation with you, Georgina :).

Gosh…I can’t believe your Internet can be capped like that! 🤬 That would drive me up the freakin’ wall! And, your mom, saying that she’s trying to “protect” you. -_- Seriously, from what? You’re nineteen – just like you said – and there’s no reason for her to protect you like that.

I mean, sure, it’s her house, and she will be paying for it (even though it’s same price), but in the end it’s quite beneficial for the entire family. /bash Really, you’d think after so many years of being alive – and once being a kid – they’d be able to reason these things out.

Why hasn’t your dad jumped in and told her it’d be more useful to have the larger amount of Internet usage than before, and for the same price, so you don’t get capped anymore? /hmph

Oi. Parents, parents, parents.

“Zarking fardwarks”? xD

Oh. The only television shows I frequently follow are Bones, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries. 1 out of the 3 is a more adult show, the other two are more teenager-orientated shows. :)

I think the younger kids are getting worse because of media. They idolize people on television shows, or just regular people in the world that are famous, and they begin to act like them. :/ It can make a monster out of the sweetest child.

xD Thanks. No, flipping the bird isn’t anything special, but for an eleven-year-old? It’s a bit much. I mean, no one that young should do such a thing. But, then again, she’s with a bunch of 7th graders who are just becoming accustomed to swearing, and 8th graders who swear all the time. I, myself, only swear or drop the “F-bomb” when I’m overly pissed off. :P

I’d be sad to lose my site, just like any other web-designer out there who adores their site. I mean, I was sad when I lost my fanlisting website, but I don’t think I’d start back up again unless I had a domain. And, even then, I’d probably only join fanlistings, not create them. That was part of the reason I lost interest – I just couldn’t figure the codes out, and they weren’t working at all. /hmph

Well, I don’t always have the time to blog. I try to though :). And, I sometimes don’t know what to blog about. So when I have ideas, I write them down in my iPod’s notes. ♥

Hahah :). I think, once I have my own credit card and income and things like that, I’ll have quite a few domains. Or, I’ll have one blog, one fanlisting collective, and I’ll buy domains for my friends who blog too. Or close online friends. I’m nice like that xD xD.

I like adventure games :3. I’m best at them. But, Pacman is simple, and it makes the game fun. Of course, sometimes it can get boring. But that’s when you take a break and come back and become obsessed all over again. :D

You cut off the hair of your Barbies? xD Georgina, I ripped off their heads. My mom actually refused to buy them for me anymore – she thought I would become a deranged child if I continued to rip of the dolls’ heads. But I’m fine now.

:P The My Little Ponys had adorable hair. I liked the ones with rainbow hair. That was the best kind.

Ah, speaking of junk food and/or bad things to drink/eat, I’m currently enjoying a Sprite ;). But, sh, no one knows. LOL. No. I’m hoping to cut back on the junk food. I’m also watching what I eat – not counting calories or anything – and instead making sure what I eat is healthy, and if I do eat junk food, I eat it in moderation and not in one sitting. 👏

I do like your smilies :D. Whoever made them did a fantastic job of it. I think I love how they’re animated, and not just basic emotions. Like, I can “bash my head in” with a judge’s hammer… /bash LOL. 😳

@_@ Sorry to here about your troubles. If I could, I would give your more space! But what can you do about the internet? /hmph Hope your day goes better :)


Dude, that’s really stupid. You can do/get/read horrible stuff from the internet without downloading anything at all xD My internet is relatively fast… but usually because of my mom’s selfish needs to always have the internet on her laptop. The rest of the family can go to hell for all she cares… she won’t even buy us our own computer for school projects, or keep old ones or something.

I kind of think that perhaps she simply doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to admit it xD but that’s just me.

It’s true what your friend said. If they really are your friends they should understand that you work a lot on the computer which requires a lot of time to be spent on there. It’s not like you’re ditching them to go and hang out with somebody else, you have important things to do. I’m sure they understand. :)

I suppose we are really lucky to have the people in our lives that we do. I’ve never really thought about that, to be honest. Obviously there’s certain people I wish I’d never met… *cough* my sister *cough cough* but others I am extremely lucky to have come across. :)

Sometimes I think there aren’t enough hours in the day, but others when I don’t have much to do go by to slowly. It depends on my mood I think. I understand why you would like more, just because you take on so much and seem to get it all done. Honestly Georgie, you’re like my hero. ♥ I don’t know how you do it, I really don’t. /eee

I would definitely put that on my list of things to do before I die – if I had one, that is. I would seriously look forward to going, not only to see the sights and stuff but to visit you too. :D I suppose it seems pretty lame to you because you see it everyday but I do really want to go, out of any place in the world. :D

I had some opinions on the link you gave me, but I think I’ll email them to you, hope you don’t mind. :)

Yeah, haha. It may be to late for you but at least you can help future students. Y’know.. the greater good and all…

Our internet gets capped, too. However, because I pay for it myself, it’s a completely separate connection from everybody else’s. I don’t cap it often, but I do use it a lot a download quite a bit, so every now and then it happens. I’ve considered upgrading, but I don’t really have the money because I’m not working. I will though, when I am. :)

Couldn’t you do that? Get a separate connection and pay for it yourself? That way, nobody could blame you and it would be completely up to you what you do with it.

It’s so unfair that you got dragged into it. :( Your mum really is being inconsiderate. I take it she doesn’t use the internet much? Basically, it’s not her problem or her that has to put up with it so it doesn’t bother her?

My Internet gets capped at 5gb. I can feel your pain. You should get it upgraded if it’s at the same price that you’re paying right now. I mean, you’re at a loss if you don’t upgrade, right? I hope you get it sorted out soon.

I’d die without internet. Seriously. :D