The Internet Predicament

I’m so annoyed right now, I’m reaching boiling point. Sigh. I’m sick of the arguments that happen at home over something as trivial as the internet.

We’re stuck on a limit. We have a limit as to how much we can download before we get capped. That is, we reach our limit, which is 25GB, and our download speed slows down dramatically. It happens here – I know it’s different from other countries.

We pay every month, generally, and we get the same 25GB every month. For a few months this has been a problem for our family. The main users of the internet are my brother Brandon, me, and my dad. We’re all constantly blaming each other for getting ourselves capped.

The thing is, I don’t download much. Only updates for my laptop and some music every once in a while. My dad likes to download music, but in huge amounts. My brother downloads movies and television shows. We get capped a lot and our internet is slow until the month ends, and the download is reset. 25GB just doesn’t seem to be enough for us each month.

Now recently, our ISP updated their plans. For the same price, they provided a package with 200GB. That is a freaking lot – eight times what we’re getting now – and is a lot more than the capacity of some external (or internal) hard drives. We considered upgrading. However, my mum was being ridiculous, and said, “That’s not enough.”

Not enough? That’s enough to download a hundred movies or more!

“It’ll never be enough. You’ll use the internet even more. I’m trying to protect you.”

From what? 😐 I don’t even get it. The same reason I can’t go to my friends’ houses. Because I’m being protected. I’m nineteen years old; what’s there to protect me from? I started a fight with a racist bitch at the train station; I’d like to think I can physically defend myself if someone tried to mug me. 😰

Anyway, back on topic. All we have to do is to upgrade the package. But here’s the problem: my brother wreaked havoc this evening by logging into my mum’s account on the ISP and trying to upgrade the package. I had warned him not to, but he did it anyway. They sent an email to my mum’s email address for confirmation.

My mum doesn’t check her email; I do. And I get back to her on it. I didn’t want to be involved in this crap my brother blew up, so I just tried to ignore him when he told me to respond to the email. In turn my mum found out what was going on and brought the whole family into the one room to discuss it.

Dude, it’s not my problem. I don’t suffer so much as a result of this; I don’t complain. My dad does download a lot, as does my brother. My dad said he’d just stop using the internet. But I felt sorry for him and didn’t want him to make that sacrifice.

It’s just crazy now. My mum refuses to upgrade the internet when it would honestly make everyone more at ease.

It’s getting ridiculous here. I got dragged into something that doesn’t really bother me, and my whole weekend was just rubbish, and I’m in for a long, stressful week ahead with university work. 😞 Zarking fardwarks. 😑

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