Less Waffle, More Sushi

And… a quick update on the internet situation: turns out our plan was automatically upgraded and we didn’t need to confirm anything – the email that was sent out was actually a confirmation email letting us know that our package had been upgraded. Needless to say, my mum is going to slaughter Brandon when she finds out – and no, she hasn’t yet. 😰

Well. In class today, our tutor (who tends to waffle on a lot) was giving us feedback on our assignments (I got a Credit Plus!). One of his main points was advising us not to waffle and ramble on – and just get straight to the point. This was his example:

The movie theatre seats accommodation for 600 adults and children.

Being the freak I am, I immediately started looking for a grammatical error, thinking that was what he was going to ask… before he pointed out that the following sentence would say the same thing in just four words:

The cinema seats 600.

Even though there was irony in the fact that he advised us not to ramble on, yet rambles a lot in his speech, I took this as good advice. For one thing, I realise from looking through my old blog posts that I waffle quite a lot. Essentially, I write posts that are about 500 words long, and in some of them, I find that I could have summed up the whole post in a sentence. I have found an example for your viewing pleasure; behold – Staring Is Rude, a post from almost exactly a year ago (12th September 2009) – all which could have been summed up in the title. That was pretty much my point.

I know a lot of us are probably studying at school or university (or college) and sometimes struggle to reach the word limit so it doesn’t look like we’ve written less. But you could fit so much more into a piece of writing by getting straight to the point.

Which brings me to my next point: comments. For a long time it’s been a habit to return my comments. But I look back on a conversation Gillian (gvd-paperplanes.com) and I had. We realised that our comments were getting so much longer because we were saying unnecessary things, like “I agree!” and essentially repeating the same things through our comment chains and dragging the conversation on.

I love reading through my comments, but now I realise that I don’t always have something to say back, so I’ll just return the favour and read your post and comment on it. If I have something to say in response to your comment, well, I’ll do that. But if I agree and if I just nod my head, that’s the most I can do. :)

On the flip side (that totally wasn’t a pun on waffles), I’ve been trying to cut down on the junk food I’m eating. My high cholesterol is probably going to go crazy. I haven’t checked it in a while, and I’ve been snacking a lot the past few months, so I ought to be worried. I’ve had no junk food since Saturday (save for a couple of mints to freshen my breath). I’ve noticed that leaves me more hungry at meal times. I used to get full because I snacked so much between meals.

And… my cravings for sushi are getting worse. /drool

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I’ve realized something: I love to ramble on and on! Maybe ‘cos of the Doctor, but even so. xD
And as I pointed out in the tute, while our tutor rambles a lot on his seaking, I’m sure he doesn’t on his writing. I mean, he’s a journalist! He couldn’t be a good one if he doesn’t go straight to the point.

As for going straight to the point… sometimes it’s good to do so, but other times, it may seem cold and stuff. Then again, rambling on and on isn’t always good, either >_>

Yeah… soon you’re gonna be Sushi Girl, who will save all sushis from the evil humans… by eating the sushi… O_o

LOL yeah, I was going to mention that in my post (what you said) but I didn’t feel like it was totally necessary, and you already made that point to me. :)

I suppose being blunt with people isn’t always the best, but waffle isn’t so great when you want to get a certain point across. I guess it depends on the medium of the message. XD


I waffle A LOT, in assignments, in blog post..in everything.

With blog post, I generally just type what’s on my mind. I don’t really structure it so its like an essay or something, though I do try to make it easily readable and not boring.

All of my university assignment had word limit, and we couldn’t be more than 20% above or under it. Sometimes I do struggle to reach the word limit so always end up waffling just to reach it. Off course there are times where I’m way over the limit and have to cut down.

Personally I’m not that great when it comes to getting to the point, I’m a bit of a “go round in a circle” person.

I have craving for sushi all the time. But it’s too expensive to read at a sushi bar here and I’m too lazy to make them myself.

Thanks for the tip :) I guess it could do withought or at least better text sentence. Also, I would like to say I love your smilies! /eee Did you make them? Well I am off to school! Again, have a great day!


No, I didn’t make them. I got them from Pishie.net a long time ago.


But yeah, I hate it when lecturers do that. Or tell me life stories. D:

Just eat healthy snacks; like nuts, fresh fruit. :3
I mean, what. A banana costs around 30 cents? Seriously. Hrrng
:) It’s nice what you’re doing for yourself ngege


I don’t mind their life stories. One of our lecturers told us about her brother who’s listed as a sex offender because he visited a website (linked to him by their stepfather) that contained child pornography – though not on the page he had seen. The police watched them for three years, apparently.

Some stories are interesting. :B

I had strawberries today. :3

:love: /mwah

Oh dear, I should take your lecturer’s advice! I waffle on terribly…especially with my assignments (lol, it’s never a struggle for me to reach the minimum word length!) and my blogs! Eeek.
Though in your case, your “waffle” tends to be rather interesting, so I don’t really see it as a bad thing. If you’re adding detail and explanations, then I think it’s okay to waffle on a bit. :)

Good luck with cutting back on the junk food though! That’s something I could benefit from too, but I’m not very good at denying myself, lol. Like James said though, if you want/need to snack, just try to substitue with healthier things. :)



Oh god. WW3 is going to break out at your house when your mum finds out. Take cover. If anyone asks, Brandon did EVERYTHING. *nods* I just hope she doesn’t get mad at you. Cos that would totally be unfair D:

OMG, I swear, every time ANYONE gives feedback, it always comes with a “do not waffle”. There must be some universal international code of marking explicitly stating that ‘Your job as a marker is never done unless you have warned your students not to waffle’. ALL law tutors have told us that. “DO NOT WAFFLE”. But the thing is I am SURE most of us do not waffle. The word limits are too stringent for us to waffle!

Hahaha, I tend to waffle in my blogs, but I try to sound smarter than I actually am when I write essays and stuff so I’m way more succinct. I have no choice anyways because I ALWAYS have problems staying within the word limits. Except for with that crim assignment where I had difficulty coming up with 300 words for that stupid question which was too simplistic. UGH!

But yes, as tokenistic as that advice is, it’s true. If you be more succinct, you can say more and make a better argument :)

Don’t worry, you are not alone in trying to pick out the grammatical errors. That was my first reaction too. LOL, but I think he over-exaggerated the waffle-lyness of that sentence because when you read it it’s OBVIOUS it could be condensed HEAPS.

Btw, it IS actually grammatically incorrect. I mean ‘seats accommodation for’? It’s either “It accommodates”, “It seats” or “It provides accommodation for”. “Seats accommodation” is practically tautologous, and therefore WRONG! ALL WRONG! /angry

Ohh, good idea, cutting down junk food :) I have to do that too. Next week because this week is my death week :( :(

I backread some of my posts last night and wow, I do include so much unnecessary stuff on my posts. Sometimes the posts do not even have a point at all, it’s just… pure waffling! hahaha! I guess I’ll have to take your tutor’s advice, too XD
Aww you have sushi cravings, too?! Me too! 🤤

I try not to waffle and ramble on, I’m not very good haha, sometimes you have to especially when you have an assignment thats like 8000 words and you’ve wrote 6000 and finished, gotta pad it out somehow xD uni puts a penalty on us if we’re not within 10% of the word limit either side. I agree, it would be better though if we were more concise
woot for cutting down on junk food, I’m trying to do the same, it’s so damn hard when the choice is between chocolate and a carrot stick LOL but good luck all the same i know you can do it. go have sushi!! I’m still trying to get into sushi i keep trying bits of it, i’ll like it eventually lol

thankyou i’m feeling much better now and yeah i had to have it for my tooth being pulled as well lol

taking a leaf out of your book i’m being more concise so *fin* lol :D

Oh goodness…I’m going to say that I agree D: I don’t really like that phrase, because it is a bit of a conversation-ender. A lot of my troubles in writing come from lack of support or follow-up info. It’s a bit terrible for writing, but I guess that learning how to master expansion makes a good writer.

& lol at your waffle pun, (Y) for you looking after your health. I probably should be doing the same xD.

I tend to ramble alot, but I was always taught to try and make sentences as interesting and ‘complex’ as I could XD

But, other than in German, I’m yet to have an assignment where we’re assigned a limit to words (well we are in English, but if we go over a bit nobody cares xD)

I do the same as you, if I have something to reply to in the comment then I will reply, but other than that I’ll just comment on the persons blog x)

Good luck cutting down on the junk food! I’m quite good when it comes to junk food, although there are times when I just eat way too much.

I didn’t read your previous blog when you posted it, I just did though!

I don’t think we get much more than 25GB but we don’t download very much as there are only three of us in the house and only two of us using the internet! I hope the whole situation gets sorted and you decide what to do about upgrading!

Sometimes it’s a good thing to waffle on though, because you do fit more detail in and it’s more interesting! However, when I waffle on it’s because I’ve lost my train of thought and began talking about something different.

I snacked far too much over the summer haha, I was eating at irregular times because I wasn’t at school, my meal routines were pretty bad. xD

Thank you about my layout. :) Argh, the padding thing annoyed me! I re-uploaded my stylesheet before I went to bed and it didn’t load the updated version in my browser, so I assumed it looked okay, then in the morning when I checked comments, it was all over the place. :|

Ooh, I hope it all goes well with your mum. I can see the same thing happening with my dad.

Congratulations on your Credit Plus! I have no idea what that is, since that’s not how we’re graded in my school system, but it sounds good! :P

I guess I tend to ramble a lot, also. While everyone else in my class will hand in a one-two page essay, mine’s usually four-five. I guess I just need a lot of words to get my point across. Is that a bad habit? I guess it kind of is. Though sometimes I do write more just so it looks like I worked more than I really did. Haha, it is ironic that your rambling teacher told you not to ramble. XD

Oh, goodness. That happens to me way too much. I will return someone’s comment, they’ll return mine, then I’ll have to reply to something they said, etc.- the cycle never seems to end.

I’ve been trying to cut down on junk food also, just because I feel a lot better (mentally and physically) without it. And I wouldn’t count mints as junk food. :P

I always seem to have a craving for sushi… unless I’m eating sushi, of course. /bounce

OMG – my English teachers used to get on me about this all the time. I have a tendency to want to go into details. For some reason I don’t do this when I blog, and I don’t understand why. I also have a tendency to do this when I talk which I guess really doesn’t matter since I speak too fast.

Lol I think waffling is the whole point of blogs. If people want something short and straight the to point, they’ll microblog – like Twitter or FB updates.

While your tutor made a good point (who is he by the way) it’s so hard to not waffle in essays. We can’t just say, Capitalism is right. Communism is wrong.

So keep on waffing ;) And I love your long comments. Makes me day ^_^

Take care Georgina!

I apologise for my grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the comment I just posted -_- I’m at work at the moment and I’m reading your blog while packing envelopes.

haha girlfriend, I totally know what you mean because when my blog hits past 500 words, I have to check back to see what I can cut down on. I always remodel my blogs 10-15 times before I publish it. Which is why it takes me so long to actually write a blog because I want to make sure that there aren’t any grammatical errors & that it isn’t dragging on.

Although my latest blog might not help your sushi craving…because it’s got a ton of pictures of sushi..hahah.

I’m terrible when it comes to cutting down on junk food, so good luck girl!! :D Especially since it’s for your health & all, I think you won’t have too much trouble.

MAH I waffle on a lot so it doesn’t take much effort to reach a words requirement, but it does take a lot of effort to cut it down!! :D Glad even though your advisor rambles a shiz load, you actually learned something from him.

I waffle on and on like there’s no tomorrow. I learnt in my two journalism class that we should go straight to the point and remove any unnecessary words. But I suppose you can’t break a habit, heh.

But when it comes to comments… well I love long comments. Especially when it’s of substance. Like you said, sometimes I read through my comments and I feel like replying but I don’t know what to say because that person has already said it. Haha. :)

I definitely ramble a lot, sometimes. It became useful in college though, when I didn’t really have much to say on something and just kind of wanted to drag it out, purposely, to cover the word limits lol

Now I’m hungry for sushi! /wah

Yay for the internet being upgraded :) I think I may have missed a post in between that fills in on the story… either that or I’m so tired that I’m skipping bits D:

While we’re on the topic of long comments and comment replies and such, I’m just going to nod and say that I agree with everything you commented in your last comment reply. That was a sentence using way too many instances of the word ‘comment’.

And I think I waffle way too much D: My typical blog post is 1000 words plus… I can’t help it, I just have a very intense opinion. But shorter posts would probably be a good way for me to go :) As for you, however – I find your posts to be the perfect length – and if you’re waffling, it’s interesting waffle and I rarely notice.

Isn’t that why we have siblings? To blame them for everything, huh..? :D

My Dad can turn a 3 word sentence into an entire essay. It’s ridiculous. -shakes head-

Blegh! Never was a sushi girl..

I suppose so, hah. I have to be honest though, even though I liked the idea of an upgraded internet package, it was my brother who was more keen.

I think people either like or dislike sushi. ;)

Of course. It’s pretty black & white when it comes to things like eating raw fish and seaweed, haha.

But, having more download is definately a better option, and I think your Mum was being unfair.. :/

Well… sushi is not all raw fish. There’s a myriad of other flavours including beef, chicken, cooked tuna, avocado and vegetables.

Haha. Yes, there is! (:
I guess I never really got past the raw fish angle to appreciate the other forms of sushi.. (:

There’s also the whole seaweed part, and you can’t really get around that one. That, and I’ve never liked soy sauce, and apparently you just can’t have sushi without it. LOL. XD

I guess it’s good that your internet has been upgraded.. but I feel for Brandon when your mum finds out LOL. He better hide, or come up with a good excuse. :P

Congrats on the Credit Plus! :P I tend to waffle and ramble, quite a lot to be honest. My blogs could easily be shortened somewhat, but I find it hard making them at least 300 words so I do ramble just so they pass that mark. o_O

I think if my blogs posts were 500+ words long, I’d try and shorten them.

Like my comments, I could easily shorten them but I like rambling, it’s fun.

Lately, that’s what I’ve been doing. I just comment on their blog rather than returning their comment (mainly because I’m lazy). But you’re right, you don’t need to say “yeah I know” or “I agree” 3435353453 times in the comment.

I’m glad you’re trying to cut down on the junk food you eat! I should probably do that, but I’m starting to put weight on so I don’t want to LOL. Good luck with it, though. ;D

Ew, sushi is gross.

I actually can’t find anything I need to reply to in your comment, apart from I’m glad you find my upside speech bubble amusing LOL.

Oh and *hugs* thank you. I am finding blogging and returning comments is taking my mind off things. I don’t wanna bore my visitors with my problems, aha.

I do like TwitBird, don’t get me wrong but I really do find it slow compared to Twitter For iPhone. o_O

It’s awesome that it got upgraded automatically because now you still have it, but I wonder how your mom will take that…

In real life, I babble a lot. I probably do online a bit too, especially when blogging about certain things :P

I’ve noticed the same things with some of my comments, so a lot of the time I just only comment back on the things that I actually have more to say about :P

Like the fact that I hope you’re feeling better and aren’t too stressed anymore <3 I'm glad the picture could put a smile on your face :P I love that picture <33

I actually managed to go to bed early(ish) last night, and I felt so much better in the morning. I just had one of those feelings that it would be a good day, and it did turn out to be one :) I hope you get some better days soon too <3

Hey Georgina! Well; we finally moved out to Beaumont on Sunday (the Sunday that just passed). I’m so excited and relieved it’s almost all done. My dad still has to move out cars and the garage and back yard but that will come all in due time. I got a key to the new house and I’m so proud of myself. I’m really trying hard not to gorge out on diet pepsi or junk food or anything like that that will make me fatter. Ya know? So I hear ya when it comes down to snacking.

Also my limit on bringing drinks into my bedroom has been a minimum. I drink only water in my room and when that is done I take it outside and dump it in the dumpster. :D. Yay me! I’m also taking real good care of my cat. So that’s a plus. And the fact that I can actually get to the litter box this time.

I’m using my dad’s laptop as of right now, until we find my power chord for my monitor which is somewhere in this house or the house out in Chino somewhere. I dunno. Same with my money. I’m going to get a remembrance tattoo for my grandma, and hope it turns out alright. If I can find my camera and everything goes well; and find my money I’ll have the guys take a picture of it. So I can upload it to my computer. It feels so weird being on the laptop again. lol.

I know what you mean about how a long post can be summed up into one sentence. It’s quite hard if you ask me. I dunno. Really; I go on and on about the same thing as well. Just so it makes it seem longer than a few sentences. Ya know?

OH! The internet and phone lines will be on tomorrow same with direct t.v. so we need to find my cable box for that, and everything. I’m so excited. I find myself less on the internet and watching movies and what not, and taking the dog out for walks. I don’t find myself glued to the computer like I once was.

Today I had chinese food. It was alright but I like the Thai food I had yesterday better. It’s quite a bit expensive, but it was really realy good. Anyway, today I went to search for my Aunt and Uncle’s lock and shop business and we found it last night (Tuesday) and I went by there this afternoon and asked “Is there a Kelley and Dan R. here?” and the woman goes “My name is Kelley” and I go “Aunt Kelley” and she looks at me like “Do I know you? OH MY GOD I DO!!” they haven’t seen me since I was 7 years old. They don’t live out here in Beaumont but they know where it’s at how cool is that? They have 4 other businesses as well. I’m super excited, when they go to China or Hong Kong, I get to go with them and be their interpetur. :D. Yay!!! So we’ll see. I also found out about my other aunts as well. So that’s really cool. My family is back on the band wagon again (well; some of them anyway). But yeah, I think I should stop talking about it here and makea post about it on my blog. lol.

Yeah the money situation was well learned and everything. $20.00 for a Meat loaf necklace and $20.00 for a t-shirt. Ouch right? Plus the $15.00 for make up which I didn’t get at the concert but it was something I needed. So yeah.

And no problem about returning my comment late. No biggie. I’m sorry I’m returning your comment all late like as well. But you know we both have been busy bees lately. So yeah. All is forgiven :).

My mom kept telling me well if she has to take expensive medicine for her walking problem then you can’t have her and I’m just like mom ppppllllleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeeee!!!! Then after they called I was like YAY!! /hehe

I wish she still had her premade layouts but I understand why she got rid of that. It’s not fun to have somebody steal. Wasn’t there like along time ago a girl that stool awhole bunch of stuff from alot of people like tutorials, layouts, ect I think it was like uniique.info or something.

I haven’t done any time of skiing unless you count jet skiing but you don’t use skiies so I don’t really count them. I have horrible balance so I would probably fall off of the skiies right when I got them on! Although, I do do gymnastics and you have to have balance so it doesn’t make very much sense! /eee I love that little emoticon! /eee /eee /eee

Today wasn’t as bad in choir as it normally is but it was still pretty boring.

I hate it in school when we have to write a paper or report or something and they give a minimum word limit. That just makes me think the whole time on how I can make my sentence as long as I can. Like if I have a sentence like then she walked away I will make it then (persons name) walked far away. Just to get the minimum word limit. /hehe

Waffling is probably one of the things I’m best at. I do that in my blog, my university assignments and presentations. Almost all the time I could get away with it. Whether my lecturers are simply impressed by what I said or they just couldn’t be bothered to correct me, I couldn’t tell. Sometimes it wasn’t intended, but to achieve the word limit when there are just too little information on the subject is available is what driving me to waffle. XD

I’ve been reading the last few posts on your blog but I didn’t leave any comments behind because I had nothing good to say. I find it is better to keep my mouth shut than leaving empty words on other people’s blogs.

Oh dear, the ramblings on waffles just make me crave for waffles now. 🤤
Good luck on cutting back on the junk food.

By the way, I’ve finished reading The Book Thief and I must say I am SOOO glad and thankful you recommended it to me. It’s a brilliant read. ♥ I’m now getting Leon to read the book. ;)

Rambling on, that’s why I do best. lol. Sometimes though when you get the chance to ramble on, it does kind of make you feel better. It’s different from venting, it’s just saying whatever is on your mind…no matter how stupid it is.

Snacking, yet again something I do great! I’ve been trying to cut back on snacking as well. It’s so hard though! Mostly because when I’m editing pictures or working on other things, if I don’t have gum in my mouth I’m eating something.

I’ve never had sushi, there isn’t a place around here that has sushi. Our “Asian” food is mostly the “fast food” places in the mall…but they have some great fried rice.

Ahh I haven’t had gum in a while. I used to have a pack on me all the time in high school, but I stopped carrying it around and buying some. My mum’s been buying mints lately, haha. I have such a bad habit of snacking because when my mum’s not home I take all my snacks to my bedroom. So instead of eating some cookies at the table, I take the whole box. D:

I think sushi is great, but some people don’t like it. I think you either love it or you don’t!

Sushi is yummy! I just got back from a buffet with a sushi section all filled up with sushi! :D

Back when I was in high school, I had a teacher who constantly forced me to rewrite things so that they’d be concise. Thankfully, she didn’t really give us word quotas or limits, so I didn’t have to worry about coming up with extra ideas. But yeah… in writing, less is always more. And that is why I hated reading Throeau’s writing immensely.

I’m a serious rambler … I get told to get to the point a lot of the time haha.

I had sushi for the first time last year. It’s an accquired taste. My mum and sis love it.