Less Waffle, More Sushi

And… a quick update on the internet situation: turns out our plan was automatically upgraded and we didn’t need to confirm anything – the email that was sent out was actually a confirmation email letting us know that our package had been upgraded. Needless to say, my mum is going to slaughter Brandon when she finds out – and no, she hasn’t yet. 😰

Well. In class today, our tutor (who tends to waffle on a lot) was giving us feedback on our assignments (I got a Credit Plus!). One of his main points was advising us not to waffle and ramble on – and just get straight to the point. This was his example:

The movie theatre seats accommodation for 600 adults and children.

Being the freak I am, I immediately started looking for a grammatical error, thinking that was what he was going to ask… before he pointed out that the following sentence would say the same thing in just four words:

The cinema seats 600.

Even though there was irony in the fact that he advised us not to ramble on, yet rambles a lot in his speech, I took this as good advice. For one thing, I realise from looking through my old blog posts that I waffle quite a lot. Essentially, I write posts that are about 500 words long, and in some of them, I find that I could have summed up the whole post in a sentence. I have found an example for your viewing pleasure; behold – Staring Is Rude, a post from almost exactly a year ago (12th September 2009) – all which could have been summed up in the title. That was pretty much my point.

I know a lot of us are probably studying at school or university (or college) and sometimes struggle to reach the word limit so it doesn’t look like we’ve written less. But you could fit so much more into a piece of writing by getting straight to the point.

Which brings me to my next point: comments. For a long time it’s been a habit to return my comments. But I look back on a conversation Gillian (gvd-paperplanes.com) and I had. We realised that our comments were getting so much longer because we were saying unnecessary things, like “I agree!” and essentially repeating the same things through our comment chains and dragging the conversation on.

I love reading through my comments, but now I realise that I don’t always have something to say back, so I’ll just return the favour and read your post and comment on it. If I have something to say in response to your comment, well, I’ll do that. But if I agree and if I just nod my head, that’s the most I can do. 🙂

On the flip side (that totally wasn’t a pun on waffles), I’ve been trying to cut down on the junk food I’m eating. My high cholesterol is probably going to go crazy. I haven’t checked it in a while, and I’ve been snacking a lot the past few months, so I ought to be worried. I’ve had no junk food since Saturday (save for a couple of mints to freshen my breath). I’ve noticed that leaves me more hungry at meal times. I used to get full because I snacked so much between meals.

And… my cravings for sushi are getting worse. 😋

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