Staring Is Rude

Recently, James has been telling me about people staring at him when he’s walking to university from the train station.

So what did they tell you in primary school? Staring is rude.

The problem is, if you stare at someone you must have a reason. As far as I know, no one has a reason to stare at James.

I don’t like it when people stare at me either. It is awkward and uncomfortable. Sometimes people stare at others because of something they’re wearing, something they’re doing, or the way they look. All in all, it’s rude.

It’s fine to watch someone or look at them if they’re doing something, like a busker playing their guitar or someone just entertaining an audience. But it’s a different matter to stare at someone, which is, again, a totally different matter from staring into space.

You can tell if a person is staring into space from their eyes. They’re barely lit up or active or focusing on anything.

I’ve had people look at me and glance at what I’m wearing and maybe compliment me on what I’m wearing or smile at me (usually another girl). I’ve had people just look at me in the street and then look away and continue on their way. But I’ve also had people stare at me before, and it isn’t nice.

James made an attempt at counting how many people stared at him, and how many people kept staring when he looked back at them. Eeep. I don’t know how you can look someone in the eyes without glaring at them, especially when they have been staring at you. 😰

It’s creepy. 😧

Many years ago, when I was about thirteen years old, my family and I went to Indonesia. I also went when I was seventeen. I despise going there. I know it’s where my parents were from, but because I’ve lived in Australia all my life, I am accustomed to Australian traditions and such.

When I go there, I hate it so much. People stare at me all the time. Some people even whistled at me and I felt the greatest urge to stick my rude finger up at them, or even glare back and show them that I have much more guts than they could possibly fancy, but I wouldn’t dare do that. Not in another country either, where I could possibly be attacked.

I really hate it there. I usually can’t pick why they’re staring. I think maybe it’s because I’m wearing something funny, but I’m just wearing a shirt and skirt. Maybe it’s my coloured hair? I don’t see many people with coloured hair there.

What really angered me though, is that once, someone actually made a comment as I walked past. They called me “white person” or made some comment about how I was really white. Stupid idiot. Obviously they’ve never seen a white person before.

I remember going somewhere, in Australia, to update my Indonesian passport, and I encountered this young Australian man. He was obviously Australian, but he started talking to me in Indonesian – man, his Indonesian was so much better than mine – and I didn’t know how to reply because my Indonesian was terrible. He was really good though, and very friendly. 😆

Nevertheless, I find no reason for people to stare at me. I find it intimidating and rude. I couldn’t stick my rude finger up at those people in Indonesia, so why should I do it here? James stuck his finger up at some prick in the city.

But that was because he was clearly full of himself and thought he was better than him. Well, that’s not really a valid excuse for staring at someone, now, is it?

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