Staring Is Rude

Recently, James has been telling me about people staring at him when he’s walking to university from the train station.

So what did they tell you in primary school? Staring is rude.

The problem is, if you stare at someone you must have a reason. As far as I know, no one has a reason to stare at James.

I don’t like it when people stare at me either. It is awkward and uncomfortable. Sometimes people stare at others because of something they’re wearing, something they’re doing, or the way they look. All in all, it’s rude.

It’s fine to watch someone or look at them if they’re doing something, like a busker playing their guitar or someone just entertaining an audience. But it’s a different matter to stare at someone, which is, again, a totally different matter from staring into space.

You can tell if a person is staring into space from their eyes. They’re barely lit up or active or focusing on anything.

I’ve had people look at me and glance at what I’m wearing and maybe compliment me on what I’m wearing or smile at me (usually another girl). I’ve had people just look at me in the street and then look away and continue on their way. But I’ve also had people stare at me before, and it isn’t nice.

James made an attempt at counting how many people stared at him, and how many people kept staring when he looked back at them. Eeep. I don’t know how you can look someone in the eyes without glaring at them, especially when they have been staring at you. 😰

It’s creepy. :O

Many years ago, when I was about thirteen years old, my family and I went to Indonesia. I also went when I was seventeen. I despise going there. I know it’s where my parents were from, but because I’ve lived in Australia all my life, I am accustomed to Australian traditions and such.

When I go there, I hate it so much. People stare at me all the time. Some people even whistled at me and I felt the greatest urge to stick my rude finger up at them, or even glare back and show them that I have much more guts than they could possibly fancy, but I wouldn’t dare do that. Not in another country either, where I could possibly be attacked.

I really hate it there. I usually can’t pick why they’re staring. I think maybe it’s because I’m wearing something funny, but I’m just wearing a shirt and skirt. Maybe it’s my coloured hair? I don’t see many people with coloured hair there.

What really angered me though, is that once, someone actually made a comment as I walked past. They called me “white person” or made some comment about how I was really white. Stupid idiot. Obviously they’ve never seen a white person before.

I remember going somewhere, in Australia, to update my Indonesian passport, and I encountered this young Australian man. He was obviously Australian, but he started talking to me in Indonesian – man, his Indonesian was so much better than mine – and I didn’t know how to reply because my Indonesian was terrible. He was really good though, and very friendly. XD

Nevertheless, I find no reason for people to stare at me. I find it intimidating and rude. I couldn’t stick my rude finger up at those people in Indonesia, so why should I do it here? James stuck his finger up at some prick in the city.

But that was because he was clearly full of himself and thought he was better than him. Well, that’s not really a valid excuse for staring at someone, now, is it?

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Omg, yes! Staring is EXTREMELY rude, and REALLY annoying! I hate it when people stare at me. It makes me feel all self-conscious. Lucky it doesn’t happen very often.

But how annoying for James! And you too! =O There’s a difference between looking at someone and completely STARING at them. Which is like: SCREW YOU, LOSER! TAKE A FREAKING PICTURE, IT’LL LAST LONGER!

Omg what a very rude Indonesian person! HMPH! How dare he be so…rude about your pale-ness.

But yeah, you shouldn’t stick your middle finger up at people in Asian countries like. People might seriously attack you. It’s the same in Malaysia.

Hahahaha…Australian person speaking Indonesian. At least he was nice…=D When people speak to me in Chinese and realise I can’t speak back, they either give me this “Omg, you have got to be kidding me. Disgrace! DISGRACE” looks or lecture me…==…Well some of them…I guess most are nice about it xD

Yay @ James for sticking his middle finger up at the guy xD LOL…

Urgh, you know what else is as annoying as staring? Someone looking over your shoulder at something. It’s like: “DEAR GOD, HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN TAUGHT ANY MANNERS?! EFF YOU!”

Haha I know. It’s so uncomfortable!

Yeah, I told James that too! I read it in a book or an article somewhere. This disabled girl was always stared at and her mum told people to take a picture because it would last longer.

I think it’s more of that I hate the place and that I’m not really one of them, so I don’t know what the reaction would be. You know how people swear at everyone here and no one would really want to pick a fight with a girl. Indonesians have this other kind of rude sign with their hands too. :O

Yeah, I would have been a bit of a disgrace to that man… in a naive way maybe? :P

Some people think I speak Chinese because I look it. They’re wrong. :P

LOL. I don’t think people have looked over my shoulder but I can imagine it being very awkward. D:

Staring is definitely rude with or without a reason. I hate it when people stare at me as well. You know the thing about being in Singapore is that as long as you do not look like everyone else, people will stare at you. I like wearing stuff like stockings, weird accessories or shoes in very loud and bright colours. When I’m on the streets, people stare at me a lot especially the aunties. Although I’m pissed, I usually ignore them.

When I dress the same way in Hong Kong, no one was bothered at all. People should perhaps start learning to smile and stop throwing daggers with their eyes. /bash

Gah. I’m just so sick of it happening. The next time, I think i’ll bark out a ‘What!’ and see what happens. It’s just so annoying. I’m not particularly attractive, or big. Or small, for that matter. I don’t dress like I’m from another period of history, nor do I have big gay swishy hair dyed some stupid colours (OH IM SO ANGSTY WHY DOES NOONE GET MY PAIIIIIINNN). No. Never.
So, why.

Hoho, I bet you were stared a lot too in your early teens. People probably just didn’t top it off with whistling /oh . /bash


You’re really quite cute /love but that still doesn’t make staring at you acceptable. /argh 🤬


But you stuck your rude finger up. That was good enough. 🤫

They probably think you’re different in some way, I don’t know. I don’t like being stared at. That dude was even staring at you when I was there. Which doesn’t really explain anything. But it sucks. It’s so rude. /angry

Ughhhh I hate it when people whistle. I just feel really. Ew. Gross. 🤮

Awww. /mwah /love ♥ Because only James is allowed to stare at me. /ehe

Oh my god starring, I hate when people do that! It gives me the feeling that I’m dressing like a clown or I have something in my teeth /ehh . They don’t just take a glance but starre like I’m some kind of an alien /hmph . It seriously makes me feel terrible about myself, and I loose confidence, I start saying that they’re thinking I’m ugly or something like that. Some people stare at the corner of their eye and just don’t move it, i mean do you think I’m dumb IT’S SUPER OBVIOUS! /angry

LOL starring back haha! but yea it sometimes doesn’t work 🤬

I can understand why you don’t like going to Indonesia, when i go to Tanzania people stare at me as well and call me Arabic. I have to go there and visit my grand parents, my grandfather was Arabic but My grandmother is Indian, they both lived there. And I feel different everywhere, whether I go to Tanzania or live in my own country 😢

Staring IS rude and kind of creepy, in my opinion. I get stared at a lot…I think it’s because of how I dress (lots of black, :D) I usually respond by laughing at them or saying “Yea, you’ve just GOT to stare at me!” and they usually then walk away. (Y)

Hahaha, staring IS rude yes. I really don’t like that excessive staring though. Like the usual stare doesn’t make me feel out of place or something… I guess it’s only natural… But sometimes it makes you feel ASDFGH, really! xD

I guess they can handle off James but on girls like us… Meh. I don’t know lol. They tend to do much worse. You know, like intimidate you or something like when you’re in the streets or something. :|

It IS creepy, god damn it! D:

Haha. Yeah, you’re not used to Indonesian stuff. I never went to Indonesia so I really can’t say what it’s like. Ask Nnie haha. Or yourself! :P THAT REMINDS ME.. You and Nnie are both from the same “nationality” or something like that I s’pose. You’re an Aussie right? :3

Bah… White. Racists. :|

They should thank God they’re getting some tourists in maybe they can get less poor or something. -.-

Ugh. Staring is rude. Most definitely. Unfortunately, I’m in Korea, and apparently they like to stare at you if you are not one of them — as in a Korean ~___~;; I may be Korean by blood, but I think they can tell that I am not raised Korean, so they constantly give me strange looks and stare at me as if they’ve never seen a Korean-American in their presence.

It sucks. Grr.

I’m taking a Interpersonal Communications class this semester and we were actually talking about things that are against the norm and I mentioned staring as one of them. We had this class discussion about how we felt staring was rude and that it is just something that you just don’t do as an unwritten rule. I guess not everyone got the memo that it’s something that is rude to do. It’s also kind of awkward when people stare, kind of like ‘what the hell are you doing’. Even on the subways, people don’t stare at each other and if someone does the other person gets kind of agitated.

awwww luckky! I wouldn’t mind bringing like a drawstring bag, that at least could hold some of my binderss. blahh xD

hahaha YESS. and then we still have to go between 10 minutes after class starts and 10 minutes before it ends. so we really only get 20 minutes to get a bunch of people to go xD

hahah yeaa thats good, but sometimes its badd cause like you buy it thinking you’ll use it all but then you barely use any of it xDD

AHHH the simss ! I ♥ ♥ ♥ that gamee ! XDDD haaha awww thats a lot too! Also after a long days work of class, and you have to go homee on the train. ): Well its better then walking xD

awwww. that stinkss. I wanted them to give me like a refund or a new onee. But I never asked them too xP

ohhhhh haha. I dont like many things, I dont like onions lol, they give me a headache. Onions and Garlic xD Unless its like cooked in, then its not that badd

hahhaha bread is good xD My friend is obsessed with rye bread lmao

lmao its soo weird how yours was so expensive ! They must’ve counted something wrong… xD

eww I hate people staringgg. I always have to look away or start laughing cause I hate when peoplee stare! Lots of questions run through my mind when they why their staring? And if its cause theres something wrong with me ? XD

Whoa they eat kneeling? COOL, I’m aware of some other cultures that do that, but I never knew Japan was one of em.

Oh that’s pretty neat how you guys had discussion site’s but too bad no one really used it LOL. Aww. Psh yeah WordPress is awesome, even schools use it. :D

LOLOL yeah my biology teacher made one of the wordpress pages on her site password protected cause it’s the page where our mark updates show up. xD I felt so special cause when she showed us the page in school I was like “Omg whoawhoa I know how you made that page password protected cause I work with WP too and no one else does MUAHA” I’m so lame.

That sucks that you guys can’t sit and eat in your canteen. :O

Oh believe me, I hated history as well but I ended up getting one of my best marks in it, it was weird.

Positive charge? HUH? The only thing I know is that the protons in atoms have positive charges.. right? D: Fuck, I really need a tutor.

That is SO LAME. Like that’s actually one of the lamest things I’ve ever heard that you get a higher mark based on the popularity of the subject? WTF. /bash


Bahaha, we mainly call it period here, but some people like my mom, say full stop as well. xD

Ngaw I feel loved, when people noticed that I was back. :P Yeah I would have never found the motivation to return those comments cause I suck. (:

I totally get what you mean about the staring. It definitely comes across as rude and I feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable when someone does it to me as well. But you have to look at the positive side of this as well, what if a person is staring at you for a GOOD reason? Like, they think you’re pretty, or they have a crush on you? LMAO. (: I guess you can tell if it’s a good or bad stare based on their facial expression. Dirty look = they think you’re a bitch. Dazed face (with possible drool) = they think you’re hot.

That’s pretty creepy how they just continued to stare at James even when he looked back at them. D: Creepers baha. Usually people would look away and pretend nothing ever happened. -.-

OMG WOW, that’s so rude how they made that racist comment as you walked by. I would have turned around and been like EXCUUUUUUUSE ME and caused a big scene. 😰 Seriously, how RUDE.

Baha that’s so cool how the Australian dude was speaking Indonesian. :D I love it when unexpected languages come out of someone. xD There’s this new girl in my biology class and she comes from Spain. She has a bit of a hard time speaking english but she can speak fluent Spanish. So my teacher was doing a lesson and this new girl put up her hand and said “I-do-not-understand” (she was struggling with the english). So the class fell silent and then out of no where our teacher started speaking fluent spanish and we were all like WHOAA WTF AWESOME. (H)

Staring is one of the rudest things man can do.

There was this guy from primary school (who we called Gremlin because he stared at us funny) and we used to make paper signs saying ‘Staring Is Rude’ and stick it in his face. It’s freaky because apparently he ‘liked’ me :S

I know what you mean. Staring makes everything awkward. Like if you know someone is staring at you but they think they can hide their curious eyes.

My definition of staring: someone looking at you for over 4 mississippis.

FARRRRRK. People wonder why I’m so freaking paranoid about kidnappers and rapists? Well, I automatically think someone is one of these psycho people if they stare at me (unless I know them, of course).

It’s annoying when the person knows that you know that they’re staring at you yet the continue to stare. It’s so bloody annoying.

OMG. Overseas, everyone is a rapist or kidnapper. I’m just kidding of course, but heaps of people stare at me. Especially if I speak English and they hear me. I think that people automatically assume I’m rich or something if I speak English D:

I’ve never given anyone the one finger salute. I’m innocent. But it’s best not to give it to anyone because they’ll probably bash you or something.

I know someone who isn’t Filipino and can speak Tagalog fluently. I feel bad for not knowing how to speak fluently. I envy this person lol.

LOL. I can’t believe James stuck his finger up at somebody. That’s hilarious. I’d probably be sent to juvy or something.

YAY. Kids at heart for life. High Five :)
Yeah. I was born to be anti social. That’s why I didn’t go to pre school. Sandmen = Aussie Snowman. Sort of. LOL. Yeah, sand is great for all genders and all ages.

Anyways, I’m glad I have your comment returned :) You should sleep soon, my friend.

Oh, and whenever you walk past the school gates, the attention is all yours. The bloody students examine you and then give you the evils. Now that is creepy and intimidating.

It’s mostly the seniors who glare at you – that’s why we’re afraid of them.

Yeah, you’re right. Sometimes it really is obvious. Though sometimes you might actually know that person and then he’d laugh or something in the end and then at the end he comes and is like “Forgot me, eh?” Although sometimes it isn’t true, just some scary happening or something. D: I hope it never happens to me anytime soon.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Especially in the streets in the UK at night. The crime rates there are quite high! :| I hate it. The UK’s such a lovely place! It’s just plain sick sometimes! Yeah haha they just end up throwing words at eachother hahaha.

That’s pretty cool haha. I think you thank God every single day for living in Australia rather than Indonesia? The life’s very hard there. :| (In some territories). Gah. Ooh yeah I know! You might just get to talk about certain traditions or feasts that sometimes happen ha. :3

YES!!! You are! D: VERRY! You don’t find too many Asians like you. Yes, you’re right! They have a dark tone on them, which is natural there. Really though. :) Maybe you got it from your ancestors way back before we all existed! ;P Haha. I get what you mean. :) From your skin? Hmm… Not much. I prefer by your clothes. LOL. Imagine this:

You with your handbag or whatever you carry with you (:P), earphones plugged in with your iPod blinding everyone who stares at it due to the sun, wicked stockings, an awesome skirt and some wicked shirt or something and you’re in that country. Haa! Like you’re in some movie hahaha. :3!

aghhh, starers! i hate starers especially when you’re just minding your own business yet they can’t keep from looking at what you’re doing or you in general. i get alot of looks because i’m pretty tall and i’m very thin so i guess that’s the primary reason. it makes me feel very self-conscious and i’m constantly iffy about walking past groups of people lingering on the sides in hallways because of that.

i hate intros especially when it’s from someone else who can completely butcher what you want them to say. i was partnered with a guy who couldn’t speak english well and instead of saying i liked to play tennis he said something completely off and i was so self-conscious about it.

i’m a complete workaholic, haha. i love to work whenever i’m free – i guess it’s the thought of me raking in my own cash and income so i don’t have to rely on my parents, who are already stressed out from their own jobs.

ZOMG. I would be freaked out if I was James. I would hide under an umbrella or something, lmfao. I read a book once that gave you details on dealing with people… and shaking off tails or people who follow you. Heh. Kind of useful.

They didn’t tell me that at primary school. :P

It is awkward and uncomfortable. It makes you feel really self conscious too because you aren’t really sure why they are staring at you. Even if they have a reason, it’s normally not a very good one. I mean, just don’t freaking stare! There is a difference between ‘watching’ and ‘staring’. People really need to learn the difference.

I stare into space a lot. But space doesn’t mind you staring, whereas people do. :P
No one has ever complimented me on what I wear. LMFAO. XD Anyways, it is nice when someone looks you up and down in a “hey, that looks good” fashion. I ignore people who obviously think “eew”. Clothing tastes vary so I don’t really care what people think.

Whoa, even when he looks at them they stare right back? That’s creepy and rude.
“Manners maketh man”, after all. Seriously, shove that in their faces or down their throats. They should learn… like those chavs outside my house earlier. Bleh.

Wow, I didn’t think you hated Indonesia that much. But that guy who called you a white person was a douchebag and a total prick. So there.
Haha I don’t know any Indonesian. Is it tricky? XD That guy obviously assumed you knew it very very very well. XD Shouldn’t judge by the passport, heh.

LMFAO, James stuck his finger up? Good on him. /bounce Heh. Some people aren’t going to just walk and be stared at, right?

I don’t think there ever is really a “valid” excuse for staring, even in an appreciative way. Yanoe?

XD Right on! I’m sick of rude people…our blogs are about rude people lol.

Yeah, I don’t like it when I get stared at here, either. There’s guys that do that, they just stare…and it makes me wicked uncomfortable like you said. I just try to make myself more invisible if possible.

Haha, if I was James I would’ve done that as well…that’s what people get for being super rude. What is it with people anymore? Why can’t they just be…well…nice?

Hmm. How would you know they were staring at you if you weren’t staring at them?! Hahaha. Kidding. I guess I stare at people, only I do it because I’m trying to figure out if I know them, or if I like they’re hair. If I think what they’re wearing is funny looking, then I just avoid looking altogether. I tend to laugh at things like that, and it’s not nice! Haha.

I’m not going to be nasty with someone just cause they have a celebrity graphic, that would be foolish of me! I’m not going to judge the person, but I do get an impression.

Sorry I’m watching tv and I keep getting distracted and losing track of what I wanted to say.

Oh, ps, the blog on Asmiya’s site is actually about me.

uh staring is sooo uncomfortable when i go places it happens sometimes but never at school :P. Oh and when i know for sure someone was staring at me next time i see them glare at me i look them straight in the eyes and then they stop lol they may think im a crazy retard but atleast they stop xD.

Uh I hate how some people are still racist :(. I’m white as well and we don’t use African Americans as slaves why should they think we’re different?

Eh i feel like i havent talked to you in awhile lol.

i really don’t like it either… i live in Italy now, and apart from racism we deal with on a daily basis (im orginally from South Africa, and apparently that’s bad?) i deal with constant staring.

The weird thing is, it’s not like, malicious staring or staring because they like what they see, it’s like watching… i find it weird and off putting. Nowadays, I’ve taken to looking back in self defense…. I’m not sure its good, but its better than squirming and feeling awkward…

cute site you have!

I’m a black in the dominating white country called America so I’ve had my share at being stared at.
I’ve actually said to my mom how sometimes I wanted some people to go to Africa and then let’s see. ;) My town has a lot of Aficans that have immigrated so I get stared for that too even though I don’t have a lick of an African accent. I do have to remember though that half the time they stare at my hair because I have yarn through it.

I take the opportunity to show how much more mature I am. And to know in myself I’m mature becasue I try not to react. And most of the time I’m succesful. But only most.

I have caught myself staring and I try to make sure I don’t because I know how it feels. I’ve gotten out to hear the stories of disabled people who don’t like to be stared out too. :)

What really ticks me off is when staring people get mad when they get stared at. They should get out more. And when I say that I mean out of their world.

Wow that’s the longest post I’ve ever written. :D

THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are a day ahead of me lol. When you’re sleep, I’m awake and when you’re awake I’m sleeping. Well it all depends on how long we stay up late though.
nope it resets by its self every month. Maybe there’s a way to reset it every week or day but i will have to Google that because i have no idea how to lol.
I fell asleep on a bus once, I think if my brother hadn’t been there i would have got lost or something. It was when i was living far away from my school. But now i’m not far anymore.
WordPress rocks.!!! Best blogging system ever!! I used fanupdate before sometimes I get soo damn frustrated because of spammers but now with WP you can block that.

I’m trying really hard now because I want to make sure my grades are perfect for it. Yah sometimes when other people get something that I want I get kinda jealous lol
ohhh beads i could do that lol. Or i could collect fake gold and silver. cheap knockoff jewelry that you buy for like $2.00 lol

People do that to me. I have no idea what the hell they are staring at. Something i just yell “take a picture it’ll last longer”

Nope i don’t think there’s an excuse for starring at someone either. It’s completely rude and just plain wrong. Even if it’s to give a compliment, they don’t just stare at you until you feel someone starring.

I would have done the same thing James did /hehe Or knowing me i would have been even more rude lol. I am not the nicest person to annoy lol.

Yuck. I hate when people stare. I really hate it when a teacher will call on you for an answer and everyone suddenly shifts to face you. They seriously stare you down :O

That’s great! I am so jealous :P

LOL. Okay xD

Thanks so much! :D Yeah it was pretty good but my friend and I got in a fight over who sleeps where. Long story >:P Okayyy xDDD

I know and she is my teacher! Some teacher…jeezzz

Well I am not sure what base 13 is yet. O_o Or maybe I do? Lmao I don’t know. I just know my times tables xD LOL you sound smart!

My mom was like “WHAT?! YOUR TEACHER IS AN IDIOT!!” xD

Oh I forgot to comment about the pickle thing! I was going to say: Ewie! D:

:love: ♥ ..your layout! It’s wonderful, and creative how you have the idea for your layout, using your personal picture.. totally (Y) (Y) .
You busy? I seem to have enough time to make myself a blog, ‘cuz I thought it would be upsetting for my affiliates to stare at the REVAMP sign at RETROSTORM.. so I guess I made something.. XD


OMFG, staring is so wrong. Even kindergarteners know that. Like, duh.

People stare at me all the time, and an old man got to the point where he WINKED at my brother. Yes, WINKED!!
He was like, “Ooh little boy, yer look fansehh today, ooh! ;)”

That’s disgusting. It’s really wrong to whistle at someone, especially when someone whistles at someone who doesn’t show effort in looking ‘sexy’.
Did they whistle when you were 13 or 17?

LOL someone called me white, too. But that was in The Philippines. We were buying a cake and the man said “White people on holiday? You have good discount. Here!”
And my mom is Filipino. XD And a bit of Spanish.

Aw, that’s so nice. The world lacks nice people nowadays. :(
But still, that’s facking cute.

Poor James getting perved on. :( Good thing he actually stood up for himself. :D

I forgot to reply to your comment. 🤬

OMG THANKS!! I love those chickens too.

You’re welcome.

Okay, even closer, it’s in Cambridge. /bounce
I’d definitely travel around America. It’s so… full of life. :D

DUH YOU ARE. You’re Boss Nigger. It’s obvious. -.-

I think I saw it on Lilian’s album on her Windows Live Space. The photos there were SOO FUNNY. *evil laugh*
Just kidding, they were cute.
Old dresses are too cute to be insulted, though. Poor little old dress of yours. D: Your mom needs to see the LATEST FASHION, OLD CLOTHES.

My dad, because he’s always building weapons and go-karts. :O

“Whatever” XD
(I’d sooo do the same, on my brother’s computer. /hehe)

Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I love it.

Yeah, about the staring, I totally agree. I don’t like it when people stare. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I sometimes would think “I must be wearing something or I must have something on my face for them to stare at me like that.” I also don’t like it when guys whistle at me and say “Hello Miss Beautiful, can I take you out?” D: /hmph /argh Creepy and ugh, annoying. That’s why I don’t wear shorts in public because I don’t want anyone whistling at me. /argh Makes me want to curse like there’s no tomorrow everytime. Although I’m pissed, I usually just ignore them. But deep inside, /argh .

I meant, I don’t know what you mean by “A4”. :/

Ooh, the platypus is native to Australia? Neato. :) (That sounded so lame, bahaha.)

I haven’t noticed too much if people stare at me… when I pass people on the road, I purposely look away most of the time until they’ve passed, because I don’t want our eyes to meet. It feels very awkward (especially with ages closer to mine and younger, who are often rude), and with older people… well, sometimes I just don’t feel like talking. :P

That reminds me of when I took Beginning Ballroom Dance at Clark two years ago. The guys line up and the girls rotated among them (when the teacher told us to)… and even though it was exhilarating (at least to me), it was still a bit awkward, because you either a) looked at the guy’s chest, straight in front of you, b) looked up into his eyes, where his face is less than three inches away (unless you’re much, much shorter than him), or c) you look to the side, like at the wall or your elbows.

I imagine it a funny sight to walk in and see everybody looking everywhere but right in front of them. XD I did try to look into peoples’ eyes a few times… but it feels awkward to hold it for so long. Only the more professional students that had taken it before really kept looking into your eyes. And being that close to a guy’s face just makes me feel antsy because it’s within, like, kissing distance… you know? *blechh* But even with that, I can’t wait to take it again. XD ♥

Yeah, sometimes you just want to feel like being an idiot and start gossiping and such lol. Yeah, that I agree on, too. Sometimes I just wish they come up and talk to you or something, though. :|

Yeah. We don’t have high crime rates here, though. Haha yeah, the inconspicuous word throw is definitely not new lol. Been going on for generations now, heh. At least it sometimes replaces fighting and such. Imagine every fight there would be! O_O

Yeah, lol. Though…. Just MAYBE. If you happened to be living in Indonesia maybe you would be seeing it differently. It’s normal to do so, though. What do you think?

Yeah, lol. Usually Australia’s more cold then hot? Hmm. I love that. :D Everytime I get a little sunshine I have to get back to normal again. I’m so ginger! xD

Yeah! :3! Maybe Around the World in 80 Days lmfao. XD!

HI GEORGIE! ♥ I’m back :)
Please change my link to for now, because for some reason my old link doesn’t work. Kat’s working on fixing it, I think. :) I still have to fix some stuff on my site, there are some errors.

Ugh. Staring. I hate it when people stare at me for no reason! And you’re not white…Why would they say that? Well even if you were, they shouldn’t make a comment like that.

Gah, poor James. I’d be confused and annoyed if people did that to me, too. D:

Hey Vi! You’re back! :D

I hope you get this message; I’m using the replying function in WordPress, so fingers crossed. I do see errors on your website so I can’t leave a comment. D:

I hope everything gets fixed soon; I know Kat’s working on it. I saw her tweets on Twitter and all. :D

I just changed your link; hope that’s all good haha. :)

Haha, it’s just that because I live in Australia I’m not as dark skinned as over in Indonesia. I pretty much stand out like a white person. But yeah, it was terribly awkward and annoying. XD

I hope you’re going well! ♥

Haha okay! Thanks, anyways! ^_^

Yeah it does get tense. Although sometimes they just throw a lot of swear words at each other for a really long time that SOMETIMES it gets boring LOL. Though some running around after that person thing and stuff really does occur sometimes but anyways. It’s kinda scary. You might find some big guy!! D:

YEAH! Of course things would be different! :) Though you might see it differently too. When you’re living there. Wow. That’s wicked. You can’t imagine it exact? That’s kind of awkward! XD Haha. You really need to make the sign of the cross every morning for being in Australia! XDD!

LOL. Thanks anyways! :P xoxo

Yeah, true! I guess! Haha really? COOL. I thought it was usually mostly cold and stuff. But I never necessarily knew! =D

I never watched the whole movie or necessarily bothered to, but a lot of people enjoyed the movie a lot! :D So it must be good since you say so too haha. I just heard a lot of good comments on it and I only watched a bit.

Yeah, I know. It’s really irritating when someone stares at you. And the people in my country are even more like that. They keep on staring and don’t look away even if i glare at them. /angry


Staring is indeed rude. I don’t know why some people do it. It’s not only rude but it’s really annoying. You know what’s more annoying than people staring? People taking pictures of you with their phones /angry

Once my friend and I took the train to the city and we were sitting on the right side of the train. There was a man, sitting across, at the left side of the train. He kept on staring at us and took pictures of us with his phone. It was so obvious because he could not care less whether we would get angry at him so he just kept raising his phone, aimed at our faces and snapped.

We really wanted to believe that he was mental. My friend got so pissed that she wanted to tell him off but I stopped her because I was scared that he would attack us back. 😰 In the end we just walked to the other end despite the moving train.

I really don’t want to know what he did with the pictures he took. I believe that we’re not his only victims 😢

Ugh. The only dirtbags that whistles and make bird calls to girls here are the construction workers and immigrants. We have an immigrants overload problem over here and it’s kind of unsafe to go out at some places. Malaysian government is /poo I shall not say out the word ;)

Haha that’s kind of cute, in a way. An Australian speaking fluent Indonesian. I kinda like to see things like that. It makes me somewhat happy that people are learning about other people’s language and are quite good in it :)

I can speak and understand Indonesian language well. If you need someone to fool around with, I’d be glad to. Wha- fool around with? 😰 Oh you get what I mean XD

i’m just too sensitive, i think :p

i’m a complete workaholic. i tend to put work over everything else and i end up neglecting things that i really shouldn’t. a prime example was last year when i worked as a counselor at an afterschool program and i completely ended up failing classes because of that.

Its never really bothered me when people stare at me although I do find it rude. But it happens and I am usually to wrapped up in my own world to notice it. The only time it really annoys me is when Im eating out, and in those situations I’ll adress the person and ask them (in a kind way) “do you mind?” or “can I help you?” They usually turn their heads as quick as possible and never look in my direction again.

Thanks. :D And also thank you for making one this morning (well yesterday evening for you) out of the blue, it really surprised me though. What font did you use? Plus you made it in like, 5 minutes. XD I’d take forever making something like that. :P

Callum is kind of stupid. The bus driver didn’t really care and it doesn’t happen often. I guess he’s used to it. XD Though at one stop (I almost wrote the name down… epic fail D:) he got off the bus and ahd a cigarette for 15 minutes. Seeing as I get home really late anyway… uggh. So annoying.

Same. I mean when you are younger people understand that kind of thing but as a teenager (or almost one anyway) it would be kind of unfair on them I think. I know parents often think it’s for the best but I think they should have thought of their son first.

It probably is. :) At least he does have an escape. I love music too, it is often my escape too. Heh.
Jared and co. are losers, that’s why… lmfao. Well, Jared isn’t THAT bad… XD

I agree. Home is my time for my company, yanoe? Other times I like friends and having them there. :)
Haha naaah I don’t think it sounds THAT strange… XD

Ugh. *shudders* IKR? And it’s horrible to have that feeling. Like you’re being examined under a microscope or something. D:
LMFAO. Ah well, my mum thinks my clotheing style is rpetty casual – “rock chick”, she calls it. :P
Ugh. Well anyway, James sure as hell made you proud. ;)

Haha obviously. :P
Stupid morons. STOP STARING. D:

LMAO yeah. It’s kinda creepy when I picture someone saying “I SEE WHAT YOU DID THAR”. *twitches* xD. I definitely agree though. Some of the teachers are pathetic, and WOOOW at Rachel’s librarian. -.- Seriously, what world has she been living in. xD Some of the most popular sites end

Oh I see. That sounds rather inconvenient. CAFETERIAS FTW. Bahaha.

I think that was a good decision on your part to drop history. I wish I could have done the same, but it was too late because the deadline for changing courses had already passed.

That’s a good way of remembering it. The two P’S are proton=positive and the two N’S are neutron=neutral so that leaves electron to be negative. PWNAGE BITCHES.

Haha yeah I can’t wait to get out of high-school. I just feel like there’s so much better waiting for me in the outside world. xD (Lameness). High-school seems kind of restricted and boring to me. Uni seems more intense and exciting but on the other hand it may be the opposite with the long lectures and all. :P

LMAO yeah I remember this one time our english teacher marked our essays and handed it back. The guy next to me had a circle in red pen at the end of a sentence (meaning he’s missing a period). He couldn’t figure out why he lost marks (idiot) so I was like, “You don’t have a period.” And he was like, “No shit, I’m a guy?” LMFAO.

Yeah I was actually thinking about doing that. Like leaving comments open but telling you guys that I wasn’t going to return any of them LOL. But I figured some people would be returning long comments from me (like you along with others) xD so then it wouldn’t just be a
“have a nice vacation” comment.

LMAO the grinning is always very disturbing. It’s even more awkward when they don’t look away because then you have this weird moment with them where you’re having INTENSE eye contact LOLOL.

Is Indonesia really scary? :O Thanks for letting me know. Note to self: Do not cause a scene in Indonesia because they will pwn you. Bahaha yeah when we went to Austria we stood out like sore thumbs as well because literally everyone was white, and then there’s the random brown peeps (us). xD

Yeah she’s lucky to have a teacher who can speak her language. LOL, I doubt the teacher would give her extra attention, so far she isn’t. But if she does, then yeah she’s lucky. :)

I CAN IMAGINE THAT. Our 6th grade teacher been saying how much homework you will have in high school…
University homework must be difficult, espically for me, not even in high school. XD

It’s ok XP. Suzi is very glam rock–some people like it, and some don’t! But you gave it a chance, that’s more than most people would’ve done lol.

Are there any bands you think I should add to the list? I’m starting in decades order…I should’ve started in the 60’s because I love 60’s music, but i’ll get there eventually haha.

I hate it when people stare at me. It’s really uncomforable and annoying and just plain rude..

Yeah, I don’t like to stare :/ When I vlog, I always move my eyes around because that’s a sign of me not being able to look at people in the eye. It’s rude, but I just can’t stand it.

I will only look/stare at someone if i think they’re pretty/handsome.. in a straight way. o_o

lmaoo mail me one ! XDDD jkk I have lots of bags, but I’m not allowed to use them…sucky school rule. I guess its okay cause its for school safety and blahh.

hahah it stinkss, but luckily I dont go to the bathroom during schoool because I just dont like too. I never have to go either way, only when I’m sick xD I dont know why, but I know I’m sick when I have to go to the bathroom during school LMAO
strange right?

ohhhh. I like the smell of NYC trains LOL. Its so…interesting XD. Well most of the time. That would stink if you dropped it! Be careful! ;D

hahahahah. Thats my fav. part! LOL, I dont like it on the other systems, just the computer. Its like so different on PS2, Wii, PS3, Game Cube, or Xbox lol. Making the people is the best part of the game LOL
the game is VERY time consuming xD

hahah yeaaa exactly! Who eats it plain? o.O XD

haha I have mixed feelings about crust XD. I use to hate it, but now I do like it. But sometimes I dont, like when its toasted, I dont like the crust XD

lol, I get freaked out xD. I’m like oh gosh, now I needa check my self to see if I have anything on my face ! XDD

aww thanks! LOL, for some reason, I always forget to do like one of my homeworks when its my birthday XD. I guess I get too excited xP

EXACTLY! Homework sucks…I had a essay too! But I guess it wasnt a BIG one, just a home and careers one, and that class isn’t that hard xD.

One time, my classmate just kept staring at me just to annoy the heck out of me, and then I just blurted about how staring is rude, and then she CALLED ME RUDE, What the hell! I was just telling her something, and she called me rude? Better go check the dictionary girl.

I hate it when people judged me because of how I act or dress myself. Have they heard of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Seriously, they haven’t. It just urges me to stick my fingers into their eyes so they stop staring. And usually those people who stare at me wear weirder clothes! Who would wear a skirt that’s so short that people can see your undies? GRRR. Pisses me off!

OO The next holiday for me is on October. GAHH, It seems so far away! I seriously need a break, and it was just the first week of school! FIRST WEEK.

I’m back already, haha. I can’t live without my website!

Ugh, I hate people who stare. They can at least make it not obvious that they’re staring. Staring is most definitely rude, I’m wouldn’t be surprised if starers didn’t go to elementary school. Whenever I go into Flushing people stare at me because I’m usually the only white person there. Everyone else is Asian (I’m not trying to be racist, they really are :P).

Staring is very rude. It makes me feel like I’m being observed inappropriately by someone. I’ve went to a restaurant once and this person stared at me and I lost my appetite and didn’t manage to finish a plate of spaghetti. Thanks to that rude guy. -_-.

I think maybe those Indonesians stared at you because your culture is a bit different from them? But still, that shouldn’t be a reason for them to stare at you rudely. They should give a little bit more respect.

If anyone stares at my friend, she told them she’d blind their eyes if they continue. 👏 . Staring is so bad that I felt like ripping off their eyes. (Y)

When someone stares at me when I’m doing something like eating for example, I just can’t focus on doing it anymore. It causes me to loose concentration. /bash

LOL, that’s funny that you met a white person in Australia who talked Indonesian to you fluently. It’s probably because he used to have a friend who taught him how to talk in Indonesian? LOL.

Yeah it’s not really rude. It’s more awkward. It’s funny because it is considered polite(like you said) to be listening to the person talking but it just makes me uncomfortable. :/ I have never really had anyone stare at me that I can recall though.

It’s easier if we all just sleep on the floor but my friends thought my couch was really comfortable so we fought over it xD

Eeek. I haven’t learned it yet I would guess unless I just don’t remember at all but in that case I should be worried xD LOL. If I ever corrected her in 6 x 8 I am sure she would be so embarrassed that she didn’t know it but her 14 year old student could xD

Oh I love pickles! Once at my like 9th birthday I ate practically a whole jar of them. Gah, I have always loved them :D

Do you think it’s because you and James are Asian? In certain areas I get stares because I am black. Kinda shitty though if that’s the reason why.

To solve people starring though I stare back. Not smiling, no flinching, kinda in a fierce manner and the kinda people smile awkwardly and then I smug and shrug it off. But the bitches just look away or stare back. But either way I felt like I have stated my opinion. ‘You staring at me is annoying.’

Tell James to stare back.
Reserve the finger for real douches.

Aw thanks! :) Yeah I’m trying not to stress out, but there’s always something to stress out about .. whether it’s school or the site lmao.

Yeah what you say is very true. Owner’s always get sick of layouts much faster than visitors cause I guess owner’s spend much more time looking at/working on their own site’s. :P LOL, I instantly get bored of a layout once I start working on another one so I know what you mean.

Yah, he got me so mad.. but I guess it was pretty stupid on my part as well to continue pssting and not notice the iPod earphone earlier.

Lmao, the sharpener was the least of our worries after this whole thing happened, cause my friend was too busy laughing while the teacher was staring me down and I was still whispering PSST at the top of my lungs.. (can you actually whisper at the top of your lungs? O_O).

Nah we’re not geeks.. we’re cool.. OBVIOUSLY. 8D But yeah, you don’t need to be that intelligent to know that a .org extension exists. Seriously, now.

That’s so awesome that uni is like a mini town.

The only reason that I know those couple of sentences about chemistry is because my teacher forced us to write it in our notes. She expects us to write everything down in our notes while she’s talking at like 100 miles per hour. We’re not freeken robots. Gawsh.

Yeah that’s what I really like about university. You basically decide what your day is going to be like.. right? And you aren’t restricted within a few hours like it is in high-school.. right? :P Flexibility always serves as a huge advantage.

HAHA yeah I wish I used full stop .. then he probably wouldn’t have misunderstood me. :P Thanks for the tip. xD

Gaah now I’m scared of Indonesia. :O But I still want to travel there someday. I just think it’d be cool. :P LOL, I know how you felt being the only pale person there, no worries.

I so get the staring thing. People stare at me to figure out if I’m a boy or a girl sometimes. I usually give them a hint and then they look away. :p lmao. It’s funny sometimes. I think I let them down sometimes. lol

Nice site!

Hello there Alice! I’m just letting you know that I can’t access your site right now so I’m replying here if that’s alright. :)

Haha. I’m assuming it’s because you have short hair or something? I used to want to have really funky short hair but I quite like having it long as well. I don’t think really short hair suits me.

One of my friends is a tomboy and often people wonder if she’s a boy or a girl. XD

Yeah, it’s the short hair. And cause sometimes I wear really baggy clothes. I like wearing baggy clothes. It’s so cosy.

It’s ok that you replied here. :) Your friend sounds cool. :p

Haha this morning a young girl maybe 5 years old; stood in my line at Woolworth and stared at me while picking her nose. It was cute.

I really hate when a pretty girl walks past me and stares at me, her eyes looking up and down my body like i intimidate her with my pretty looks, even tho she knows she is gorgeous. Other times they look up and down like as to judge my outfit. What ever the reason; it pisses me off so much.

When i stare at someone it’s becuase i find them interesting, either by there looks or what they are wearing. I only stare if the person is glamorous or just unique looking. I never judge someone by any means. If they catch me staring i give them a big friendly smile and look away blushing and shy. I don’t want to be rude but sometimes i cant help staring.

Any way, how are you? Tell James to be careful, becuase there are very rude people out there. They stare at you just to cause trouble and if you stare back the fight is on. Iv had this happen to me and many friends before. So immature.

Good luck with your website; I see you’re changing to WordPress or something? I can’t see anything up, but good luck. :)

LOL, that’s so cute. XD

Gosh, that is really degrading. I really don’t like it when someone looks at me like I’m weird, and they’re clearly a snobby arrogant girl. I knew a girl in high school who always looked down on people and was such a snob. She didn’t really show it but you could tell she was being such a fake and the way she acted was so stuck up.

If someone catches me staring usually I just give a small smile and stop staring. James said I was weird to do that and it was the “wrong” thing to do. Well, I don’t mean a huge grin or anything, but don’t go on staring at them. Look kind of apologetic that you were staring. :P

I’m going pretty good, thank you! Yeah, sometimes I worry that if I respond to someone really negatively in the street, they might try to start a fight. D:

I hope you are well! ♥

LOL! I get what you mean! Bah. More peace should be around us! No wonder kids’ clothes in stores have like, ‘more peace, please!’ LOL.

I might watch it then since you say so! ;DD I haven’t laughed in quite a while. I’m sick! :(

LOLLOLLOL that made me laugh. No, you weren’t the 51st! XDD Pauline was! You were number 50! LOL. I was typing and when I finished the blog, I refreshed first and then i saw another comment was posted hahaha. So you were the one before the last! :P

Yeah, I should buy a hot water bottle or something… But it’s quite hot already.. I will sweat to death! :| Fuck my tummy’s aching again so badly! :'(

Haha. SWEET. Funny you should say that though. The only MOST cold winter months here… I think are January and February even though it’s cold in October onwards! :P

Hahaha. TWITTER FTW! :3

What do you mean you don’t have “pay TV”? :S But it’s alright that you don’t haha. (:

Thanks for answering my questions! (: And the compliment on the metaphor!! XD You’re such a sweetie! *hugs* I hear you’re at work atm!! :P But it sucks that you didn’t sleep quite well the other night! :( Yeah I know you slept late! ;) xoxo


I am a Catholic as well and I have a confession too. I don’t really like going to church /oh I think probably because of the same thing we have to do every weekend. It’s almost like a chant 😒 We have the most slow and boring priest EVER. A minute’s worth of prayer can go on to about 5 minutes :X

I would always be dragged along to the market because my mother needed extra hands to carry the groceries. I would always slip a few of my favourite things to eat when my mother’s paying for the stuff :P

Our dogs have always been male ones. We don’t want bitches because male dogs are cheaper to be sent for castrating. Well whoever owned the bitch my dog humped… ALL THE BEST, I SAY! ✌️ ✌️

Those people should be banned from having camera phones =/ Ughh our pictures might not be naked but I’m pretty sure you know how damn powerful is Photoshop /wah /wah That’s probably my biggest fear.

Ya uda deh, gue terasa mau pipis nih.. XD XD

Omg i totally get what you’re saying. I live in Indonesia now specifically Jakarta and when I got here I got angry all the time when someone was staring at me. And I still get pissed until now. Even one one when I was waiting for the lift to come and there’s a girl next me just giving me dirty look for no reason. I seriously don’t get why they do that. Also one time I was just standing waiting for my sister to buy fod , and then there was 3 Chinese people just staring at me and talk – I knew they were talking about me but I couldn’t understand what they were saying cos they were speaking in Chinese. Then Chinese guy just fully stared at me and then I stared at him back but he wouldn’t look away and just kept staring. I seriously wanted to punch that guy.