Better On Vinyl

Blech. I’m so exhausted. I got home from work and university about four hours ago, but I’m still feeling downright lazy. I’m not feeling that stressed, but I know there are things I have to do here and there, my assignments being the icing on the cake. πŸ˜•

I slept at 1am this morning. I was doing my assignment due today – writing up some reflective report which annoyed me because I was practically bullshitting my way through.

Speaking of assignments and university, I opened WOODNOTES.ORG. It’s another domain, yes. It’s simply to post my little notes from university and to display the things I learn. Since having a domain entirely uni-related is going to be a huge bore, I chose to also randomly post other little things I learn. There are quite a few posts there already. πŸ™‚

I was pretty slow returning comments these past few days, so the comments dropped. Predictably. I can’t say I’m back on track but I don’t have a packed assignment to fill in for today – but I have to work on my essay tomorrow.

Today, I had to hand in my assignment, before 5:00pm. That was easy, considering I had to leave for work anyway. James and I thought we knew where the box was to drop the assignment off at, but didn’t find it.

I had to check the website and my student online thing, but the wireless was as hopeless as fuck. Thankfully James was smart enough to ask the lady at the administration desk to borrow a computer.

Sometimes I feel so dumb. πŸ™

In the end I went for a run and found the box to put my assignment in. Then we made a run for the train, which we didn’t miss. We missed the first one, so we caught the second one.

News: James and I are going to open a site together! I know he’s been neglecting his blog but he says with me as a part of it, he won’t. 😍 It should be up in a week or two, when our break starts. It’s only for two weeks, but any break is better than no break. I’ll have a bit more time on the computer but I must catch up with studies as well (they call it a ‘study break’).

About a month ago, James showed me the trailer for “Boss Nigger” – a 70s movie. The music is unbelievably hilarious and funky. It reminded me of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra). They’re one of my favourite bands.

You might know some of their songs such as Mr Blue Sky, Livin’ Thing or Strange Magic. I started really liking them about four or so years ago.

My favourite song of theirs, though, is Evil Woman. Every time I hear it, I want to dance. I have their Greatest Hits album on vinyl and that is the first song on side A. “Vinyl” being records. The big black circular discs that you put on a turntable. πŸ˜„

I started collecting records a few years ago as well. I like records because they aren’t as easy to scratch as CDs. You can give them a good wash and a wipe and they still play. The sound is often a lot better than digital sound. I play mine out of two old tattered speakers, but they still sound undeniably awesome.

While I have my favourite records – Pink Floyd, Don McLean, Bon Jovi – along with random things like Alvin and the Chipmunks and Mental As Anything – ELO’s Greatest Hits is one that cheers me up and always gets me going.

I decided to download the mp3 version of “Evil Woman” today (surprisingly, I didn’t have it!). When I listened to it, I admit I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t feel like dancing as much. I didn’t feel like the music was pulsating through me and making me groove.

It even sounded different. I didn’t get the feeling of sounds on both left and right speakers pounding with the beat.

Sometimes, some songs are better on vinyl. πŸ˜‰

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