Better On Vinyl

Blech. I’m so exhausted. I got home from work and university about four hours ago, but I’m still feeling downright lazy. I’m not feeling that stressed, but I know there are things I have to do here and there, my assignments being the icing on the cake. @_@

I slept at 1am this morning. I was doing my assignment due today – writing up some reflective report which annoyed me because I was practically bullshitting my way through.

Speaking of assignments and university, I opened WOODNOTES.ORG. It’s another domain, yes. It’s simply to post my little notes from university and to display the things I learn. Since having a domain entirely uni-related is going to be a huge bore, I chose to also randomly post other little things I learn. There are quite a few posts there already. :)

I was pretty slow returning comments these past few days, so the comments dropped. Predictably. I can’t say I’m back on track but I don’t have a packed assignment to fill in for today – but I have to work on my essay tomorrow.

Today, I had to hand in my assignment, before 5:00pm. That was easy, considering I had to leave for work anyway. James and I thought we knew where the box was to drop the assignment off at, but didn’t find it.

I had to check the website and my student online thing, but the wireless was as hopeless as fuck. Thankfully James was smart enough to ask the lady at the administration desk to borrow a computer.

Sometimes I feel so dumb. /bash

In the end I went for a run and found the box to put my assignment in. Then we made a run for the train, which we didn’t miss. We missed the first one, so we caught the second one.

News: James and I are going to open a site together! I know he’s been neglecting his blog but he says with me as a part of it, he won’t. /love It should be up in a week or two, when our break starts. It’s only for two weeks, but any break is better than no break. I’ll have a bit more time on the computer but I must catch up with studies as well (they call it a ‘study break’).

About a month ago, James showed me the trailer for “Boss Nigger” – a 70s movie. The music is unbelievably hilarious and funky. It reminded me of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra). They’re one of my favourite bands.

You might know some of their songs such as Mr Blue Sky, Livin’ Thing or Strange Magic. I started really liking them about four or so years ago.

My favourite song of theirs, though, is Evil Woman. Every time I hear it, I want to dance. I have their Greatest Hits album on vinyl and that is the first song on side A. “Vinyl” being records. The big black circular discs that you put on a turntable. :D

I started collecting records a few years ago as well. I like records because they aren’t as easy to scratch as CDs. You can give them a good wash and a wipe and they still play. The sound is often a lot better than digital sound. I play mine out of two old tattered speakers, but they still sound undeniably awesome.

While I have my favourite records – Pink Floyd, Don McLean, Bon Jovi – along with random things like Alvin and the Chipmunks and Mental As Anything – ELO’s Greatest Hits is one that cheers me up and always gets me going.

I decided to download the mp3 version of “Evil Woman” today (surprisingly, I didn’t have it!). When I listened to it, I admit I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t feel like dancing as much. I didn’t feel like the music was pulsating through me and making me groove.

It even sounded different. I didn’t get the feeling of sounds on both left and right speakers pounding with the beat.

Sometimes, some songs are better on vinyl. ;)

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I wish i had vinyl. They sound pretty /eee

Aww, I’ll have to be part of this site of ours /um
Should be fun /bounce . Heehee /love

Yeah; I swear that they only had one dropoff thing. D:
Good thing she let us borrow the computer /bash. You were being awfully gonx 😰

Long Live Boss Nigger. He’ssobad. They call him boss. They call him boss…BAWS NIGGAH 😳


Alright, you win. I just started laughing when I read. “He’ssobad. They call him boss”. I kind of whispered it to myself out loud, then I just went: /snort + XD

I’m sorry! 😢 I was being gonx. D: And deep inside you were going hrrng. /heart

LOL, if you have turntables, I’ll lend you some of my records. Otherwise I can give you my turntables… which would be pretty hilarious. It’s a pain to move, actually. It’s all connected to the speakers and arranged on my bookshelf and everything. 🙄

Yeah, there was another drop off thing, and it looked isolated too. It wasn’t near an office or anything. Like, not even in the vicinity of a classroom. It was in a hall. O_O

Never again! /um /um

Oh my god, don’t worry, by Friday and particularly after/during the mid-semester break, I’ll be totally stressing like you were yesterday. *hugs*. I have to many assignments…@_@. Literally one for each subject. But you got the assignment done in the END =)

And 1am…Poor you! *hugs*

Woodnotes! Teehee! I love the name [and the layout]. I LOVE the colour scheme too…^^…The little notes idea is awesome. Very interesting…^^…I would do that, but a. I fail at web-related stuff and b. I HARDLY EVER update my tumblr so fail x2 Haha.

Urgh! I HATE looking for the box to hand assignments in…==…I especially hate looking for the law building to hand my law assignments in. I always get lost, and I can NEVER find the entrance first go…T_T. FAIL!

I wish we could just send assignments in…=( Saves paper too. SAVE THE TREES!

Hehe, good thinking by James xD And you’re not dumb, silly! Some people just don’t think as clear when they’re stressed out! If I were you, I wouldn’t have thought to borrow a computer either. =P

Awwww! That’s so cute! If you guys open a site together, I’ll totally go there and comment every single day =P Hehe. And I’ll draw random stick figure pictures for you guys…xDD

Urgh my study break fails. It’s not even a proper break cos half of it will be spent doing law assignment. I’m so catching up on my reading though. Non-uni related reading. I’m 14 pages from finishing my first set of Law coursenotes though. That’s like about 300 pages! =O

Ooooh…ELO…xD…They’re cool. My parents like them too…^^…E-e-vil woman!! Haha…Alvin and the Chipmunks! Omg, you gave me the dvd and I still haven’t watched it yet. OOPS! =S…

I like Livin’ Thing =)

Yeah things totally sound better out loud than on a media player from mini laptop speakers or earphones. Although I don’t have a turntable. Just a cd player outside xD Haha

Aww! *hugs* I have one assignment for each subject too! But they don’t really cram up. I have two due next week. D:

But you were there to keep me company! ♥

I still like your Tumblr and look at your old posts! The whole point is to go there when you’re bored, ahaha. At least you update your Space blog!

Mine said it was near the entrance, but it so totally wasn’t. I went on the level, and I had to go near a balcony. The boxes weren’t even near a classroom. They looked isolated. :P

LOL. I was being very pissy!

But we must go out and get sticker photos. And exchange um, like, six-month-old gifts?! WTF. 😏

Ahhaa it’s an okay movie. Not a must-see, but good for some random laughs. :)


You tend to sleep really late at nights. Like you’re doing now! :P And woo! You’re doing SURPRISINGLY well with woodnotes! ;D

Don’t worry about comments! I do that myself too! Even Cozza mentioned it to me! It’s all a matter of taking a good break occasionally! ;DD

Oh my gosh. I’ve been there! :( Wireless internet tends to be really shitty. Asdfgh. Like it didn’t work at ALL when I went to my sisters. I felt like… RLLY pissed off that moment.

Ooh! Your site with James again! :P 2 week break? That’s good! =o HAVE FUN! =3 Haah makes me feel like wanting to start my holidays from the beginning again LOL.

I thought I heard Evil Woman on one of your tweets lol. And with “elo?”. I’m sure that was it lol. Wow, records? Those are really big. Aren’t they expensive? I certainly started buying original CDs again! ;DD I currently want to buy Lily Allen’s new CD! =)

Yeah, you’re right. On vinyl…. :P

agh i know!! i felt so guilty & my supervisor/manager kept bugging me about it so i think he might have known that i was lying but i don’t think it was my fault ._. eek, i don’t know but whatever, lol. not like it matters now!

i remember using a very old vinyl record to make a clock out of for my product design class but i’ve never listened to any records.

lol i always like picking the pepperoni off lmao it’s so crispy and sometimes better than the actual pizza. i so want pizza right now
lol i tried popcorn chicken it made me feel sick, i think its the texture that puts me off tbh, KFC is like crispy on the outside, then like boiled chicken on the inside and the skin makes me feel so sick, i’m strange i know lmao
yeah i did thanks and i did think about it lol but my bag was in the office and there was a set amount for all of the good bags so i’d have run out and my supervisor would be like why do we not have more stickers lolol
yeah she should have told me and it was, i was dead excited about showing my cousin then i saw it as i took it out the bag i was like :@:@:@:@ :O :O :O :O
yeah the cake was so delicious it was butter icing, I would have had another piece but i didnt wanna be greedy lmao

yeah it was a bit awkward i felt so sorry for both of them t ruined the night coz we felt guilty about leaving them.

wow you have a lot going on at uni atm and woodnotes looks good ive been having a nosey hehee
ELO rings a bell but i’m not sure why lol
you collect vinyls? cool lol you don’t hear many people like our age collecting vinyls nowadays but thats cool of you
my parents have loads of vinyls from when they were young of like rolling stones and the beatles they dont play them though really they never get the time

Yeah I am surprised! And you yet again reply with another comment LOL. Gosh, you’re too much! =D Woo! xD

Wow. Well it kinda sucks that it sucks LOL. I mean, it is what it is; a university for God’s sake. One of the main, vital things that at least have to be good are to have a good internet connection! Asdfgh.

Haha, yeah of course. I have the last bit of my coursework to do too. I hope I finish it this week! D:

OOH. I see, now! At first I didn’t quite get it! 8D Awesome! :P I never knew you were into such things, too rofl! =3

Lmfao. I used to buy a REAL LOT when I was younger! Now I don’t anymore; just download off the net! But I’ve recently started to have a craving of buying them (again!) @_@ They’re just so great, I love them! XD Wow. I thought they were REALLY expensive and mostly all of them are rare and antique records LOL. Cool! ^_^ They’re nice to put up in your room, haah! xD Or even post one of them on o1s! :P (Y)

Heyhey, how are you? I’m doing super dooper fine :P I’m sooo happy :P

Uhh, I cannot wait for your new website to open :) Hope you find some time…

My mum has an old reecord player, but she broke it years ago… She also has a record of the Rolling Stones which is really expensive because they just made a few copies of it… I all the time want to check how much it is worth… I probably should do that and sell it to go to New York finally :P

Kisses Kristin

VINYL!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Omg, ELO. That’s a band I haven’t heard from in ages, and yes “Evil Woman” is a great, great tune. I think I need to get ahold of it somehow.

Ah, I love Vinyl. I want a HUGE record collection, complete with a Turntable. My grandma promised me hers–it was this huge, antique one that looked like a simple dresser, but had a turntable in the middle of it. We were looking at it and she said my stupid uncle must’ve cut the plug off it for something because it never worked. And there went my dreams of owning a way cool turntable. I’m still bitter.

Anyway, I have some Vinyl. I have the first Skid Row (With Mr. Sebastian Bach!) on it. It has Youth Gone Wild on that one and 18 and Life. I also have (this one made me literally scream in the record store) Alice Cooper’s Go to Hell album. I was like “OMG MINE!” And did a little dance, lmao. I love Alice Cooper so, so much. He’s amazing ♥ ♥

But yes, Vinyl sounds so much better. I wish that it would come back in fashion :D

Helooooooooooooooooooooo Georgina. *Inserts wavy smiley here*
Sucks that you’ve got all that load of assignments to do. Good luck with everything. =)
OHMYGOD. D: *Gasps* ANOTHER DOMAIN?? Wow man, you’re addicted. XD No no, just kidding. It’s completely normal to own lots of domains. THEY’RE FUN. *Insert evil laugh here; mwahaHAHAHAHA!!* (H) Lol. I like the idea of it though, I’ll be going on that domain every now and then, I like learning new stuff. :D But is it hard to keep up with all the domains? I dunno, I’ve always wanted to know. xD

i’ve never listened to vinyl records (i can’t even say vinyl correctly, haha) but i would love to! it’s so authentic and that would be a pretty amazing experience, i’d think.

eep, i know :( i hope they just forget about it .. i had to hand out flyers for my old job as a counselor at an afterschool program to recruit more people to the program but it was so .. bleh. i spent like, thirty minutes eating food because there was literally no one who wanted .. i’m not that type of person to be social and active, you know? :x

Sorry I haven’t commented lately, I’ve been so lazy! I’d say busy, but that’d be a total lie.

What kind of site is it going to be? :D

Georgie, stop buying domains! Stop it! Stooooop!

You know, I’m debating letting Royce read my blog… I want to, so he can see what nice things I write about him, but then again… I don’t want him laughing at the name I use -_- lose lose…

Oh, hey, nice layout on Woodnotes, it’s a color palette I’ve never seen used before but it flows so well.

Naw. I wish I had a record (or vinyl should I say?) player. My friend has one and she has tonnes of Beatles records. It is pretty amazing, I must admit, :)

woodnotes? Eeep not another domain!! Georgina’s domains are going to take over the entire WWW soon D: Only kidding! I love it. The name is amazing and I love the idea. They say you learn something new everyday so, why not teach someone else something new everyday aswell, eh? :)

Eep. Is it really that complicated to hand in an assignment? can’t you just email it or something? D:

Mr Blue Sky is an amazing song, and one I really should download. I’ve never heard the others but maybe I should ;)

Hha, I don’t know her but I’m sure Lillian does deserve to be the queen ;) James gets a cool hat as well though, and you get a nice bow so it’s a win for you all ;) lolno. I don’t think it does at all! So nope, no problems whatsoever :)

The escape key really is a saviour. Also mega useful for the nosey over-the-shoulder-readers ;D

I better be :P Nah, only kidding. We don’t really talk too much on msn D: I guess what with the mega-time difference and all it’s kinda difficult to chat :( At least blog commenting is easy :) or tweeting (Y)

Urgh, that’s so rude. I hate it when people treat other people because of a disability. But I guess it’s like his helper said to me: no one makes fun of him now because they don’t understand and he’s cute, but when he’s an adult it’ll be so hard for him because nobody will want to know/help him because he’s different or because he doesn’t understand things easily. It’s not fair, but it’s true :( Poor kid.

I knoww. I can only just get my legs under the tables! Good thing I’m small :P

Wow, my sister wants a record player I really don’t understad her. :D Have you tried Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by Steam? It isn’t all that funky, though.

OO I hate those promos that says “you need to buy THIS in order to get the discount” or something like that. In the end, they just want you to spend more money! PSSH. Yeah right, like I’m going to fall for that!

I know eh! And I don’t really like carrying anything when I go somewhere. I prefer to be bag-free but I need to have one for my wallet and bus ID. Some of the bus drivers actually want to see mine /hmph

OMG You get a two week break?? Didn’t you just start school? LUCKY. It feels like time is passing so SLOW since school started for me. I always end up looking at the clock to check if class is almost over :P

The only Bon Jovi song I know is “Living On A Prayer” since its in Guitar Hero :P Sometimes, I know some old songs since my parents listen to them, and they actually have a CD. Like my dad listens to Air Supply, etc… So I end up knowing some of their songs.

Omg. That really sucks. I would have been so pissed and started cussing at my computer. I’m weird like that.

Baha I’m jealous of their house as well. But who knows hopefully someday one of us (or both of us) will have a house as big. :D

Yeah rain just ruins it all, no matter what country you’re in haha.

That’s a good idea to crop his big butt out. I got lazy though, I fail. I’m just glad I got a pic of Pumba. :P

LMAO. It’s deff going to be loads of fun. (: Let me know when you guys have started.

Yeah but all these affie problems were occuring before I made up that rule about how I’m not accepting. (Hence why I ended up making the rule lmao). Now the problem is I still have tons of inactive affies, blah I hate this.

Holy shit, 3 dollars for a drink is quite pathetic. D: Waaay too expensive!

I think it’s wicked awesome how your prime minister speaks Chinese .. even though that was really random? Oh no wonder, James types it LOL. HI JAMES. *waves*

Yeah Philip will be learning english in school from now on, so the next time I see him hopefully he’ll be speaking some. :D

That’s crazy that you were up so late doing work. Sounds pretty stressful, but I guess that’s the least you can expect when you attend uni.

I saw, yet ANOTHER domain lmao. :3 I really like it! Quite a unique idea. :)

Aw what would you do without James. xD It’s a good thing he thought of asking her for another computer baha.

I haven’t seen that movie, although the name itself sounds very interesting. xD Of course the “n” word got my attention.

Ooh I think I’ve heard that song a couple of times although it’s not in my itunes playlist. :P You have a point about the vinyl records though, they’re much better and the songs sound better on them as well. :)

You have no idea how lazy i am. For instance i have No work to go to and still i cant be bothered doing any thing. Its really stupid.
I could not imagine going back to UNI. I think you deserve something big like a Holiday for all the things you manage.

Whats James and your new website going to have?

Do they even sell record players any more? Theres an old shop in Saint kilda Melbourne were they sell records but not the player. I think my step dad still has one down in Perth.

I used to think Bon Jovi was an ugly idiot, becuase he came out with a song (i forget the name) about 9 years ago and every one loved it. I couldn’t think whats so good about it?
Then i was at the gym the other week and i saw a new video clip. For an oldish guy his still unbelievably hot. Too bad his a man slut lol. Iv never liked Pink Floyd becuase we had to listen to it at high school chapel. The priest would play Pink Floyd while we drank Christ’s Blood and ate his eyes, or whatever the bread is supposed to be.

Hey, i will be switching my pages to word press soon, maybe. And i am getting rid off my Celeb png’s. My blog will tell you why if you read it. Do you think you will have an opening soon to pay for advertising on your website?

Ugh sadly I know that feeling 🤬 . And as school is approaching, I’ll be feeling it again. It’s like you’re too lazy to feel stressed because you’re tried, right?

1am, you stayed up until 1 am for that assignment! Poor you. Oh, I visited woodnotes today! I liked the name a lot, it’s kind of blog site, though just for assignment, and stuff. Don’t worry about the comments, you really have a lot of work to do. YAY new site! What’s it about? I can’t wait for it! /eee
True you know, my CDS always break, washing doesn’t help. So records is a definitely good idea, I’ll maybe try it though i don’t have a vinyl. Wow you didn’t like it! Digital, what do you expect heehee, some old things are just too precious to forget!

And I know I’m old enough but I just can’t, you know? I talked to her today and stuff, i had too when went shopping together, she seemed a lot nicer but I still don’t “like” her.

Ahaha, how funny that you told me that, because just yesterday I discovered the abbr tag. XD

I just hate the effort of typing the title in. :P One thing I was wondering if if I can embed a stylesheet into the Cutenews template, because then I could make the welcome/updates a div and make it not visible (if that works) on the “full story” template. It would be easier for me that way, if it works… but the other way would be better for visitors so they don’t have to scroll. Bleh.

Heh, my library has like most things but metal. I don’t know why so much pop showed up.

I’ll reply specifically to your blog later, or tomorrow… Gordon’s pressing me to go and spend time with him, hehe. I took the bus by myself for the first time today, to his house… I’m so proud. Ha!

I don’t think that plugin goes with my site, I tried installing it and every time my site never show. It’s like everything just goes blank. Yeah I really enjoy Psych it’s soo much fun to watch :D The characters are hilarious. You comment actually just reminded to turn on tv lol. I got home from school and then an hour later I fell asleep. I just recently woke up lol
I will try to edit it more into something else.
Yah they had some today i couldn’t resist the nachos haha lol
Most people’s feelings changed for her after the scandel thing but i’m still a fan so i dont really care what happened. She did apologize but some people take it the next level and just start hating on everything she does. Anyywayyys getting off that topic, I love the theme i used for the hosting site, some one actually tried to claim it as their own. Which what pathetic because well…it was professionaly made.
Ugh people get on my nerves with spamming thing. Some time i wonder why do they do it? Does it make them feel better or something?

I am seriously so scared to go to college. So much assigments lol. At the same time i am excited lol
Nice name you chose for the domain, i get the notes part but why the wood?
Aww you guys are going to open a site together!!!!!!!! that is soo cute :D lol I cannot wait to see it <3 How many records would you save you have?
We used to have a lot of those, but then my mom sold it because we were moving from like a continent to another so we didn't take it with us.

LOL. Total geek for having a university-only blog, lol. But I think that’s really cool that you and James are going to be running a site together! That’ll make it what… domain #99? :P But that’s really awesome. I always wanted to do like a joint site with someone, but people bail or decide it’s too much work all the time, lol :D Yay for James (and you!)

Yeahh..I was going to apply at but randomly changed to CBD-Hosting. I will have my site up within a few days. Please check it out. :)

I wish i had vinyl. They sound pretty awesome..

Ooh, I like Woodnotes. Especially the favicon!
What font did you use for the header? It’s facking awesome. /bounce

University is so cool.
You get lots of free time there, don’t you!? In school, we just work. Work. And play ‘footy’.
The working bit is nice, though. Although you cannot use computers. Like WTF?
The university I want to go to is in the United States of America.

Another site. Like if I don’t have enough bookmarks already. D:
Will it be a couple blog?
Couple blogs are win.

BAOSS NIGGAH. My version of James’s pronunciation.
I watched it sometime ago… It’s facking OLD.

Oooh, you’ve got teh vinyl. That’s awesome. My mom loves old stuff. Because she’s old.

Reminds me of old ‘bug’ cars, and when you wanted the radio, you get the record and put it in a thing at the back and it’d start playing.
Even though it’s not a radio.

I’ve never seen, heard, or touched a vinyl before. I don’t even know if I’ve structured that sentence properly. Because I’m fail.

*Gets Evil Woman*
CATCHY! /bounce

I have a bad habit of procrastinating, sometimes. :P
Guitar picks are so cute, I had two but someone took it.
I only collect colourful band-aids now.

Lucky you!

‘Kind of’? ;)

Why did they freeze you? Did you click your own ads?
That sucks!
They don’t display on my sidebar, blah. I’ll try again later.

Thanks. *huggg*

Nerds FTW!

You let it out on Twitter, hehe!

Looks like the index finger. 🤫

Another Domain?! How much do you pay for domains each year?
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to make the card, you can make it whenever you like. :D
Heh, all t food I love are the ones that are bad for me, besides fruit.
That happens! I am absolutely sure where this place is but then I end up getting lost, it’s annoying. I remember when my grandma came from China, and she wanted to walk me to school, and I was like “I’m fine. You’ll get lost on the way back” but she insisted so I arrived at school and 10 minutes later, my primary school has those loud speakers everywhere, and suddenly I heard “Rebecca, please go to the office!” I was terrified, I wasn’t sure if I was in trouble or a terrible accident happened, and I was to find my grandma at the office /ehh and she told me she didn’t know the way home. Luckily a lady dropped her off at my house.
It was embarrassing.
I’m going to check out Woodnotes now :D

haha I watched the Boss Nigger – quite funny!
Sorry that you had to stay up late to complete your assignment. :( I hate staying up late because I can never concentrate.

I don’t own any records, but to me they’re like antiques (even though some are fairly cheap). I just want to buy a stack of them and use them as decoratives. XD

No, not some songs, all songs are better on vinyl. I’ve been told this by every person who owns a record player. I want one myself but I don’t have any vinyls! Most bands produce vinyls because IT’S TOTALLY MAKING A COMEBACK. Digital definitely may be more convenient but the sound .. from a record player is unique, crisp, sharp, & just ahh amazing. :)

Btw, totally haven’t gotten around to e-mailing you back yet haha

& wth woman. another domain?!?! where do you get all of this money from!? how do you have time to maintain all of them?!

Yeah, I noticed! Good thing you do, though! D:

Yeah, I always prefer those! ;DD They’re much, much better! Oh, LMFAO! Maybe hahaha. Gosh that was funny! ^_^ I’m pretty sure there are thick walls there! D: Aren’t they with sensor or something though? :S Usually ours are; like “compatible” with the internet so it works wherever.

I’m going on MSN! I was just going on now but I have to go buy with mum so I’ll go on later! YEAH! THAT WOULD BE GREAT! I have some questions to ask you for the domain though, haah! :P Motivate eachother? That would be RADD, DUDE! ;DD

I know you are! D: You don’t stop with Pink Floyd and such lol. I don’t know anyone with that type of liking to music at that age and all, which is pretty cool! :D

Yeah I know. It still sucks even though you’re buying it on iTunes or something though and it’s legal… Cuz you don’t have the CD package and the booklet and stuff… I love those! ;DD

Yeah! You should! I would LOVE to see them! Even as they are like you say they are… Neatly packed! :) It would be great! ;)

That is a really cool idea with the website and it will be helpful to look back on and see how you have grown and learnt. :)

Records are great. I have a few of them, but not a turn table. Fail. :(

That sounds so awesome creating the site with James. Good luck with it and I hope you have a whole bundle of fun! ♥

Yay! I can’t wait until you and James open your site together! Wow another domain? xD Awesome! I love it! Aww I am sorry that you have a lot of work but it’s all worth it!

I know, right? Ick. I will eat it in small portions though like in tuna fish salad :) Wait pickle juice? On purpose or a joke? :O

Yeah, I am going to try that. Haha it’s a little difficult but I will get it :P I will be proud of myself when it’s done.

Yeah haha I feel stupid!

Really? xD That’s stupid.

Sorry for the very late reply. :( I’ve been really busy with school and everytime I get home, I either have tons of assignments to do or study for some tests. :| I barely don’t have time for my site and like you, I’ve been slow in returning comments.

I slept 2AM last night because of our homework in Management and I got really pissed off because our printer won’t print at all if it didn’t have any black ink left regardless of how much colored ink is left. Luckily when I signed in on my YM, one of my classmates who has a printer is online and he printed it for me. Thank GOD!

I love the layout! Haha. I know I keep saying that line. 8D I’ve noticed you’re loving woods right now. Haha. XDD You’re right. SOme would find it rather boring but your classmates and people with the same course as you can relate to it.

Haha. Alvin and the Chipmunks always amuses me. :P I’m rather liking The Servant right now. :)

Aw thanks! /faw
I know, nyah. You know that it’s a recycled image, eh? XD But the chicks are –brand new–! *holy light and music*

It’s ADORABLE. A little DIAMOND!! I should try to pixel a black one, so cute. /bounce

Extra cool!
Well, let’s say it’s in…

I always do. All my affiliates, and all the awesome websites.
Your websites are in the following category: BOTH.

I guessed it right! I’m the friggin’ 💥

I’ll watch that trailer again.
It’s like,
— B O S S – N I G G E R —

I like old dresses. I wear my great grandma’s hand-me-downs (or whatever you call them) sometimes as pyjamas.

Pictures and movies, yep.

Collecting is fun, nothing’s lame when you collect them!
Except for bruises. :S

Ooh naughty. XD
It’s not fair, someone could’ve clicked on all your ads and you would’ve been banned. It sucks.
But it’s understandable if you’ve clicked on more than 5 in less than an hour from the same IP.
But I dunno, I’m not Google-man. D:


YEAH! But you have just 2 more than me so far now! D: It was one before… and before that EQUAL! /angry :D

Lmfao out of lead. It must be VERYY hard then hmm? LOL. Seriously though. Yeah I know! My wireless is from Vodafone! :P What are the companies there? Blech.

DOMAIN STUFF IS WORK, UHU! D: I chose IT over the coursework! I’ll DEFINITELY CONTINUE MY CW TOMORROW! D: No you’re not LOL. Yeah!! So boo hoo! /hehe

You got bored of it? And you never get bored of oldies music? /ho Something’s fishy, Ms. Luhur. OMG RAP MUSIC SUCKS! D: I H8 ITTT!!!

Same!!! /oh Lmfao, yo yo yo wazzup homie?! I never knew records came with little books or something. :S Just the little piece of paper in the middle of that round thing. D: Yeah exactly! I guess u could say i like to collect certain things now and then; including random! :X

Hes going to visit me in an hour again – we want to watch the notebook :P I am sooo excited!! He’s sooo cute :P

Btw, I just bought My Sisters Keeper (the book) yesterday! I already read 100 pages – and totally love it! You should watch the movie – so far, its almost the same. They even used the same words… Its really nice!!!

Kisses Kristin

yeah, i’m pretty much like you. i don’t like doing things in front of people, i get all flustered and shy and just in general, i’m awkward around people i don’t know well. :

LMAO yeah, it was so hilarious. I was trying to hold my breathe from bursting out laughing in her face when she said very good in such a weird way.

Yeah it was a “VAIR UNIQUE” experience for me too lmao. I was glad that I got the chance to get a taste of their culture.

Wow yah that really is a huge waste of time. D: Maybe my school will finally reach their senses next year and do something a bit more convenient for handing out schedules. Maybe post them on the school site or send them in the mail.

LOLOL of course I know what the kanteen is. We call it the cafeteria here. :P The only reason why I know what kanteen is, is because that’s what my parents call it. :P

Whoa are you serious? YOU DIDN’T MIND PHYSICS? You didn’t mind physics? Y-o-u d-i-d-n-‘t m-i-n-d p-h-y-s-i-c-s-? *understands* LOL. Everyone I know is like literally dying from stress from that course. Shit yo. xD And Accounting is actually the least stressful out of all my subjects LOL. Chemistry is the one that’s making me shit myself.

Yeah same here. English is a course that you have to take. Since I go to a catholic school, religion is also a mandatory subject. You have to take it for all 4 years that you’re in high-school. No choice.

Okiedokes, can’t wait to see this new blog rowned by GAMES. xD

LMAO, yeah the affie problems really never end. Everyone (well not literally, but a lot of people) have gone on hiatus because of school. It’s not a completely valid reason cause I’m sure there’s tons of other web-owners who are way more stressed (like you, you go to uni, which is bound to be a fuckload of work) than they are.

One advantage (kinda) is that I now have less comments to return LOL. Why am I happy about this? Ah well. (: I’m just finishing returning all comments much faster cause everyone is busy with school hehehe. (Including myself of course, so it works hand-in-hand).


Yeah hopefully Philip won’t catch onto the swear words as quickly.. but with a brother like Tommy I don’t think he stands much of a chance on being “swear-free”.

You’re welcome! :)

I want to see that video baha. I’ll probably piss myself laughing as well.

I agree with the vinyl thing! And also, now that they have re-released the beatles albums (all of them) and RE-MASTERED the music, it does not sound the same. I loved the “not so clear” sound of it. There’s more “feeling”.

I guess i could do that but i am too lazy lol. I’ll just leave it like that, since next month i’ll get a fresh new start and there will be no more spammers. I think i nap because i have to be up at 5 every morning, then take a bath get dressed, eat breakfast and then head for school, i have be there at 7:30am. So guess my loss of sleep caught up with me out something lol. You should take naps often. They help a lot :D When you wake up, you will feel so refreshed lol. I woke up once at like 9pm and i thought i was late for school or something lol
haha that was dumb though, i mean seriously it a professionally made theme. That’s just wrong. I wish i know who the spammer is. I wish when you clicked IP addresses it tell you the person’s name or site lol. Seriously i will give a peace of my mind.

I really hope i get there, i do not want to be one those people who don’t go to college and then regret it later and have to go when your’re like older and stuff. Here university is kinds the same as college but some schools are named college and some have university on them. I want to go to a university though. I have one in mind but i am hoping for a scholarship, so i have to try extra hard.

it is unique :D
i am going to start a collection one day. Maybe hair bands or something lol i dunno. i want something easy yet unique.

exactly : i’m better at the one-on-one kind of conversations rather than having fun with a group of people, hah. :(

Yeah she definitely did have an accent, and it was freeken hilarious I could hardly hold my breath in. Thank goodness I did though, cause I would have gotten in some major shit, LOL.

Haha yeah fo’sho. I hope to see many more of the world’s cultures. (:

LOL well our school site isn’t that much of a fail, we use it for some courses (the teachers put the homework on there along with due dates for other assignments and shizz) but they only use this type of thing for computer courses like computer science and webdesign and so on. I’m not taking any of those so I don’t use the site as much. :P Although my biology teacher has a site called and I was WHOA WICKED COOL. LOL. It reminded me of my site, cause of the word “wordpress” lmao. xD I’m weird. K.

A cafeteria definitely isn’t a whole other building. It’s a part of our school but yeah it’s like a whole other area (pretty huge) where everyone sits and eats. By the way you described a kanteen, it seems quite different haha. xD

Aw, that’s surprising yet interesting that you liked Physics. Psh, I’m getting a tutor for sure. That is, if I struggle, but I don’t know if I’m going to struggle yet since I have the course next semester. I figured I should at least get a feel for it instead of jumping to the conclusion that “I WILL FAIL.” Which is most likely going to happen. D:

FUCK A 40%? I think you did much better than me LOLOL. She hasn’t told us our marks but I know that I’m probs failing with flying colors. Like for gawd sakes, she asked me what the charge is on a sodium ion and I asked her what an ion was.. so then she told me it was an atom with a charge.. and then I asked her what an atom was. FAIL, I DON’T KNOW SHIT.

Whoa wtf? They can just lower your grade because the subject isn’t popular? HUH? How does that make sense? :O *confused*

Baha yeah that’s true. It would be better to go on a open hiatus type of thing like I did, when I went to Austria. Although I was a pain in the ass cause I closed comments LOL.

Yes. I like comments sometimes too. xD But like when there’s over 20 or even 30 overnight I feel like just going back to bed bahaha.

Thanks for the Wiki page! :D

for a few of my classes, we had to go around the class and introduce ourselves along with our current year at college and our planned/decided major as well as extracurricular activities. there was actually a little icebreaker that intended for you to partner up with someone and then tell that person about yourself and then that person in turn will introduce you to the class, which i thought was amazingly embarrassing. i was just blushing and looking down while my partner ranted about me liking tennis and graphic design, ahah.

$160 for a week of work – it’s only because i worked quite alot last week; around twenty plus hours or more. it’s not alot – it’s minimum wage here and it’s a bit illegal to get your salary in cash.

it’s alright :) i only have myself to blame! i actually am very bad at deadlines so i really wonder how bad i’ll fare for the next three years of college.

I don’t have any way to play vinyl records. :P

That’s so cute that you guys are opening a site together! I would love to do something like that. :D

I’ll try embedding a stylesheet. I meant to do it a few minutes ago, when I had Cutenews open, but now I’m losing my patience because it seems like the dial-up is being slower than usual. XP I actually really like Cutenews… haven’t had any problems with it since I resolved the spam, and when I messed around with the archiving, lol. That could be because I haven’t experienced any other blog systems (well, except integrating Blogger, which SUCKED, haha), but I don’t see a need to change it if I’m content with it. :)

Theoretically, the travel time to Gordon’s is 26 minutes, but it took about 40 minutes for me. I had an approximate time for the arrival of the first bus, but my wait for the transfer seemed to take FOREVER… like 15 minutes or so (which is long when you’re in jeans and burning underneath the plastic bus shelter in the sun XP). I violated someone’s personal space, which was fun. XD This guy was sitting on the bench in the shelter, and I sat down on the other end of it… when I looked over at him a few minutes later, he’d moved as far down to the other side as was possible. XD

I got off three stops early, though. Partly it was because I wanted Gordon to meet me halfway, and I had to be farther than a block away from his house for that to really happen, but it really happened because I was sitting on the outer seat and the bus was crowded, and I didn’t want to reach around people to push the button thing, but I wasn’t sure if it was considered normal to ask someone to push it for me… ehh… so I got off when a close stop had already been requested. :P

Perhaps it’s just because I have really hipster/indie friends who think they’re awesome because they have a record player & listen to vinyl. hahahaa BUT SERIOUSLY, I want one. I want to be friggin awesome because I have a record player. I’ll be even more old school than my parents. Man.

Crap I am going to write you back soon. Sighh it’s the weekend, I have time but I also have tons of homework & I have to do all this stuff for my site. I’m losing like hundreds of visitors it’s kind of odd but like 90% of my affiliates are on some sort of hiatus. Wth?

Yeah I’ve noticed that. You used to get like 75+ comments per post before I even got a chance to read your new blog entry ahaha. :| It’s okay, I’m getting less too, oh well.

I need to add lots of new content & I have tons in mind but I haven’t gotten around to it. LAZINESS I TELL YOU. Sigh, it’ll be the death of me.

ZOMG okay srsly, I agree. I know that when people want to go on hiatus for a just puzzles me because you can revamp things while your site is still up. I mean, maybe open a bunch of tabs & edit your pages to your liking & then when all of your pages are perfected, HIT SAVE & THEN BAM your entire site is revamped. Sheesh.

But srsly..when someone changes layouts, is it really necessary to close your site down? HOW UNPROFESSIONAL!!!! :|

I tried to use HaloScan in my second or third month of being online, but somehow I ended up with JS-Kit instead, and I couldn’t get it to look good. I hated it! Ugh.

Ha, I stopped watching the movie at that point. What I know of the rest of the movie is only what Gordon informed me. The repressed homosexuality, from what Gordon told me, doesn’t make any sense. XP

It’s so depressing, though… how, from the movie’s point of view (and probably in real life as well), we live lies to make people happy. XP

“Over six A4 pages”? What does that mean?

Oh, another reason why I hate movies like that — the horrible stuff stays in my mind FOREVER. That’s because when I see it, I dwell on it… and then it just sticks. I always remember the WORST things, the things I’d rather forget… it’s awful. Luckily, I was mostly spared this time because Gordon distracted me by telling me the rest of the movie, although it still sounds sad that he died, whether or not he looked happy. :P

A reason that the dad throwing the plate freaked me out was that my dad did that to me once when I was little. Not with a plate, but we were in the kitchen, and I don’t know what I’d done — he had an even bigger temper then than he does now, and I don’t think I’d done anything bad at all — and he yelled at me and then throw his hotdog in a bun right past my face really hard onto the wall, getting mustard and ketchup all over. Then he yelled at me to clean it up. (All I remember from there is that I didn’t.) It’s terrifying when things like that happen in real life! And now that I’m writing about it, the dinner scene — and that part in particular — just keep playing over and over in my head, and I’m living the fear that I would have felt were I the daughter in the movie… it’s terrible.

I think it would be so much better to do it with a real-life person. Easier to communicate and all that… it’s a lot harder to talk things out and compromise on-line. :P

I love Perry the Platypus! Especially when he… nickers, growls, whatever it is. XD

No; I’ve only caught the bus once before (since my childhood, when we took class field trips with the daycare and had to take public transit like twice), and that was last week with Holly. :P I’m going to have to take the bus to Clark and back every day, though, so I’ve gotta get used to it. It feels kind of exciting and invigorating, knowing that I can do this… I’ve always been a scaredy-cat, and besides, so many more places are open to me now. ♥

Heh, it’s even more awkward when you’re sitting by a guy that looks your age. :P

I mean, what if I accidentally grazed his shoulder when reaching for the button? “Hey, baby, what’s your sign?” LOL.

Of course I wouldn’t say that, but really, it would be awkward. XP

Thanks a lot. ;)

My mother had a vinyl once, but I don’t know what happened to it.

Four more as you have been typing that comment LOL. It’s 38 and I have 36 I think! D: Obviously I will never reach you at a race against comments HAAAH. /huh

Yeah, I know. Just messing about and having some fun! ^_^

Oh I see! WOW COOL. I think I’m switching with Vodafone in February lol. We have like 6 mobile companies here but 4 of them are like mixed (internet, telephony, tv etc. etc.). Oooh well I never heard of the ones you mentioned haha! :)

Yeah of course! I really hope I get it done! :)

Well yeah. Ooh that really rocks that you think so but it obviously is kinda the truth! I just don’t have a taste in it. Although whenever they’re on mainstream I really boogie to a few ones! 🤬 Yeah! Goldies! :)

LMFAO. That’s soulja boy tell ’em LOL. Ooh kiss me though the phone? HAHA. I like that though! =S Its kinda funny thats why. my niece keeps on thinking he wants a tissue LOL LOL LOL. Really though after time it does tend to get boring! :|

Yeah I think I know that. But wow a pink one!? COOL. :D I think thats really rare! Are the booklet sleeves the same old size as the CD? LOL. Or record! :P

Hihi, watching the notebook wasnt that succesful… he didnt like it.. its was “boring”… yeaaah, he just didnt pay any attention!!
I love this movie… its just so simple but wonderful!! And its the same director as in My Sisters Keeper :P So both movies are great!! Yeah, get it on DVD or something….

You do! But it looks like I’m the second typer again here for the second time? (Comment number 47 and 48 lol).

Yeah I guess I do! :) I guess I can be haha. Thanks, Georgina :P It’s my laziness that I don’t get more though. Yesterday I’ve been working on MC NON-STOP, believe me. For the new layout… I think something’s seriously messed up. Gah.

Wow! All with just one service, so?! That just really sucks. Well not SUCKS, but I mean kinda like a waste I guess? They should invest or something in something new. Like this local company here it’s getting so much money that it’s gonna sign a contract to either expand itself to Sicily or even the whole of the Italian republic. D:

Yup, I know! I already read it! You don’t know how much I read your stuff! :) Wow already? You achieve a lot! D: Unlike me bahaha. I’m such a fail. Good luck with the rest of the HW then, too! :)

LMFAO. YEAH! I KNOW. But really though who gives a crap to what pop songs you listen? I still listen to some of the 90s and such. And DAMN it I love them all! I really don’t care lol. I’ll catch up anyways! ;P You should try it out haha. Yeah EVERY HOUR ROFL!! XD It’s not something to hate necessarily though.

Wow. Well you were interested in it and you might as well go for it again! :D Currently on mainstream there’s Tattoo from Jordin Sparks! 8D I LOVE THE SONGG!!! <3

"Don't look back at a new direction.
You're on my heart just like a tattoo.
Just like a tattoo.
I'll always have… you". ♥

OH THAT WINNIE THE POOH VIDEO!!! I WATCHED IT LOL since you tweeted about it. Yeah that's his new single or the one before the one I told you! ;) HAHA the video was FUNNYY though! XD Yeah it's repetitive. :S

Yeah I know. I, thank God, saw them and they sell them here too LOL. 8D

HELLO :D haha.
Well, I have a lot of carboard lying around, so I thought I might make something with it and put it as the challenge.
Hehe, my card looks bad, but I didn’t have much time, and I’m stuck with boring materials, I need a trip to a craft store, although there isn’t many good craft stores around apart from Spotlight.
Can’t wait for the new site you and James are going to open together :)
$150 a year?! Dude, don’t get any more domains, your going to go broke. I nealy fainted when I read it will cost you at this rate of $150.
I’m a money-saving freak. I think those shops like Morning Glory are a rip-off although the things are cute. $3.00 for a pencil?!

Haha. YM can be a bit of a bother for me sometimes because I always end up chatting instead of making assignments. LOL.

You’re right. I really don’t like shopping especially when I can’t find a dress easily. >.> I don’t think I’m a shopping-lover girl. :P The party last year had so much film-showing that went on for about 2 hours and I almost fell asleep. Zzzzz.

1 TB? :O I don’t know how to consume all that space. Probably it’ll be full of music, videos, Anime and drama series. Haha. But I’m afraid to get 1 TB because I’d lose all files if it’ll not work anymore. :|

I used to get jealous with people who has a laptop but right now, I don’t really need it. It’s just convenient to carry it anywhere. Good for presentations, but our school is strict so we have to have a permit to bring one. >.> But my classmates just hide theirs in their bags so the guards don’t notice. XD

Night classes? That’s a bore and an invitation to sleep. XD It would be better if you’re in the same class as your friends so you don’t get bored easily.

I guess so!! LOL.

Yeah I did! D: Like I said, I think something’s seriously fucked up in between. D: Well I don’t think I’ll do school work today. Hmm. Lagging off a lot! >< And wow thanks okay! ^_^

Oh I see. Well that's good. It's gotta be better in Australia then here! ;DD

Welcome! That's good! OH LOL. We're all the same; us darned school kids HAHAHA. Well you can always do it another time! ;)

LOL. Yeah. Mostly pop and pop rock these days. But still obviously there is new music being produced but I guess it can be not as popular or something. ;) I'm glad there is pop music though. It's my most fave genre of music… i think. :D

OOOH That's GOOOD GEORGINA! XD WOO so u R into pop music! :PP Hahaha. I LOVE her songs! Heard her Battlefield? New single from her new album!

Of course I did!! Everything you send/tweet or stuff, I always watch it or something. You never seem to waste seconds of my life! :P HAHA SAMEE!!!! But i like the part where it goes 'whoooo' and the winnie crew would go like upppp LOL.

He I just wanted to say GOOOD BYYYEE!!! to you!! I’m leaving for Croatia tonight and I wont reply for a whole week. I just dont want to go!! GGGGrrrr… I will miss him so much…

Kisses Kristin

Yeah I’d rather chat LOL. I can rest at ngiht anyways! (Y)

Yeah, of course! :P GOOD LUCK OF COURSE! :D

That’s good. I have to do so myself lmfao. I really WILL PREVAIL!!!! /oh

YEAH! Oh, I see! No wonder you’re into so many bands and such haha. That explains it I guess. One more fact learnt by Georgina! :3 Yeah exactly. It’s still everywhere like on YouTube and different types of channels and such! :)

HAHA COOL! Well it’s good to know you at least heard of the album! Her new songs have a touch of rock in them! :) Like Battlefield, it’s very good! I’m sure you’ll love it!


HAHA TRUE. It was kinda epic too at times rofl. Haha yeah it was repeated quite a number of times! /love