Like Eating Glass

Today, my dad wanted me to get Subway, thanks to the advertisement in the city newspaper. Buy one get one free, it said. Fair deal, but the fine print said you had to buy a drink as well. /oh

The big problem with this is that it’s the city newspaper, so I have to buy Subway in the city. I can’t go near home and buy it. No wonder these promotions are out to get you, in a way.

Well, I planned on catching the 2:02 train and getting out of class a bit early, but class finished at around 2:00 so I figured I’d catch the 2:30 train. At least I could catch a bus home – I hate waiting around for buses when it only comes every half hour.

I’ve actually never liked Subway. I had it a few times, barely liked the taste of what I had tried, and couldn’t even finish a 6-inch sub. Small stomach, eh.

There is a Subway near the train station and near university as well. I figured I had a good ten minutes to get something random for my brother and dad – who cares, anything, anything they might like. I looked on the menu… ASDFGH. Most of them were pretty expensive. Of course, since I’m not used to Subway, and telling people what I want for the fillings actually scares me, I decided to just pick the cheapest thing on the menu and be done with it.

The last time I went to Subway was probably three or four years ago, so I really wasn’t familiar with how things worked. The girl who took my order asked me what kind of bread I want along with the meatballs (yeah, that’s what I chose). Damn. I fail so hard. I told her I just wanted the plain shiz.

I kept looking at the time on my phone and not paying attention, so it was pretty embarrassing when the guy was asking me what I wanted.

“Everything but the chili, capsicum and olives,” I said. He forgot about the capsicum and started putting it on one. I was about to scream, before I said, “Only on one”.

He took that to mean just one piece. Gosh, idiot.

I had to explain to him only on one sub… blech.

Well, at that point I totally forgot about the drink and just waited for the guy to wrap it all up. Thinking it was cool I was getting two footlongs for the price of one, yet worrying about the train I had to catch. I had about seven minutes, which was alright. I just had to cross the road and go for a run through the train station.

I told the cashier that I wanted to get the Diet Coke. When he said “nine ninety-five”, I thought, shit. That drink cost that much? Douche.

Ten dollars was all I had. The guy gave me five cents change. I was thinking how terrible this was and wondering how the hell I was going to get a bus home from the station with just five bloody cents.

This was all my dad’s fault. I was so epically pissed off that the first thing I thought to do was scramble into a roughly quiet part of the street and call James to borrow some money. That idea failed, seeing as the street was littered with people. He didn’t pick up his phone and I just started heading off to the station, thinking that I’d figure it out or walk the five kilometres home. /hmph

Just for luck, I called him again and he picked up so I told him the dumb problem. He saved my day, pretty much (though I made him escape from some presentation he was supposed to do – gee, I really fail). ♥️

I missed my train and caught one that was littered with a bunch of immature schoolkids. Not long after I sat down in my seat, my dad called me and said he could pick me up because the car came back from the service.

Well, gee. I wasted money calling James, pretty much. /brow

When I got home I couldn’t stand seeing the lonely subs on the table; my brother wasn’t home yet so I took half a footlong, and happily munched into it.

Not bad. For something where I picked the most random fillings. Yum. /ehe

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wow you had a long and hard day.

Well, are 5 kilometres to your home? It’s pretty far away. 5 Kilometres has all my city from V to E hahha /hehe /hehe

OMFG you paid nine ninety-five for a drink :O:O:O:O? With 10 dollars you can buy a pair of jeans here D: D: Well, think are expensive there. Anyway the sweetie James save your day! /rose 👏 👏 👏

LOVING your new layout by the way ((: i love the words!

Thank you! The words are from the Beatles song. :D
“With a Little Help From My Friends”. :)

HAHA i know the song. i actually meant i like how the words look. like, the design of the words (: did you draw them yourself?

That’s why I never believe those flyers that they put in the mail. I usually don’t read those tiny letters at the very bottom that states you have to buy something else to get that item for that price. How annoying.

I’m actually quite fond of Subway. Here they always come fresh. It’s a good meal when you’re rushing. Especially when I was still in University and had to keep moving all the time. No time to sit down for a meal. I usually pick random fillings too. I go up to the cashier and just point at the ingredients. They taste great; most of the time.

I’m glad that you didn’t have to walk home. Thank God for James huh?

Heehee *hugg*
In my lecture before, some guys were talking about how you can get a foot long for the price of a six-inch or something like that and we just burst out laughing when someone raised up the idea of ‘twice as many meatballs’ /bash

I’ve never tried subway D: I’ll try it sometime. :)

LOL, when you were calling me we were wrapping up our presentation; the summary, the q/a, etc. Just in time, eh? 😰
But /love !


Jamesy! :) *hugg*

But… the meatballs were yummy. :D It was just for that Tuesday though. Visitor Appreciation Day or something. I can’t believe you’ve never tried it though! You don’t try a lot of things. /heart

Therefore, we must take you on a journey to eat the things you have never eaten. 🤤 LOL.

I was so worried you were having your test – gee, I’m pretty dumb. 😰

I probably could have gotten money from an ATM now that I think about it. /hmph /bash

SUBWAY! I love subway =D I always eat subway with my aunt, or my dad. I was like you at first. 6 inches were WAY too much for me to finish, but now I just eat them and it’s fine xD Oh god, that means my stomach got even BIGGER…*sigh*. Oh well…Chicken Fillet subs are nice…^^…YUM!

My dad is addicted to tuna. LOL

Omg, I HATE it when they put someone on your sub you don’t want them to. I told this guy I DIDN’T want salt or pepper, and guess what he put on? *sigh*. FML!

LOL…ONE capsicum? What the? That’s so silly of him to think “one capsicum”. No ONE only asks for ONE capsicum…xD It’s kind of funny…Imagine going up to the guy and saying “Hi, could I please have one capsicum, one chilli, one olive, one carrot, one cucumber, one tomato and one shred of lettuce on my sub please?” FAIL!

Awww…it sucks that you missed the train =( *hugs*. Little school kids are SO annoying…=@ Despite the fact that we were technically little school kids last year. LOL. We were never that annoying! [Or so I’d like to think xD].

Lucky your dad came to pick you up! =) Five freaking kilometres is like…@_@. Whoa. A LOOOONG walk. I’d die by the end of it. Or get lost at least xD Haha =P

Oh god! Now I’m craving subway! Especially subway cookies *drools* [I am the cookie monster, hear me RAWR! xD]

Duuuude. The tuna one was so expensive and considering I had only ten dollars I took the cheapest thing. The drink was practically three dollars. /angry

I think I had a tuna one ages ago though. :)

LOL well, um, shit. It’s kind of hard to remove salt and pepper, as opposed to capsicum. One slice of capsicum… my god.

Actually, there was this girl ordering after me, and all she wanted was the filling with cheese. She didn’t want lettuce or tomato or anything. She had like, ham and cheese. @_@

And I saw the guy put all this lettuce on and she was going “No, no, no lettuce!” XD

I don’t think we were annoying either. These guys were like LOUD. And they seemed pretty immature. I think I kind of miss being in high school because we had that excuse to be a bit of a kid, and a bit of an idiot, at the same time. XP

I had Subway cookies once; James got one for me! :D

Arrgh. I am so sorry for losing contact with you for the past few days. The internet will only work from 12 to 5 pm, bitchy internet. And I deleted my Twitter account, because I realized that it took a lot of my offline life away, but I will miss talking more often. 😢 Gash, I fail.

I have never tried Subway, though I have seen a few advertisements. Maybe the only reason why they have a promotion is because they have no customers due to horrible food. :P

OMFG, that is a JOKE. But everything cost more these days. In the shopping center, one 1 litre bottle of water costs 150 Baht. One at our local sports club costs 7 Baht. That is about 143 Baht difference, and they are the same brand! 😰

Hahahahaha, random fillings. I have to try that to “taste the randomness”. :P

And the layout is CUUUUTE! Lilian looks so cute, and so does your little blue bow. :D And here I see the good ol’ Georgie Colour Scheme: PINK and BROWN! The navigation looks a little out of place, but the header fits well.

Again, sorry for the lack of contact, but I will try my very best! :D

Oh my gosh lol. Sorry I’m typing another comment but I’m guessing now you have 2 to return for me? I’m sorry I just like commenting on your blog! D:

Seems you had a rough day!! I’m sorry but.. what is “Subway”? Is it some restaurant or something? You keep saying subway but I never see a “the” subway or something lol. So i’m thinking it’s some restaurant? D: I fail! /angry

Five KM is no fucking joke. You’re crazy if you want to walk it! You’d be a skeleton with clothes on! :P “Small stomach” MEH! /huh Haha! ;)

Bleh. Fathers should know better! Tsk tsk. /ho

James came for you? That’s so awesome! :D Sometimes boyfriends rock! LOL. I hope all of them out there are just as nice as James!! /love /argh

I like Subway, but I think now I prefer Quiznos only because of their awesome chicken carbonara sandwich. Mmmm.

Btw, I like the new layout you have! I know you don’t like how it turned out, but it looks nice still! I think the header turned out cute :D

Ngaw. I never see the buy one get one free advertisements >_> But my mum works in the city so she should know. It’s stupid how only the Subway shops in the city have the promotions. Gees.

LOLOL. I’m not really familiar with Subway either. I usually go there just for the Macadamia cookies :D But I went with my mum and choosing your own fillings IS really intimidating. Fack. I had no idea what to say. Luckily I was with my mum though. She saved my life :).

LOL. That idiot wasn’t paying enough attention. Sigh.
You got a footlong? I can’t finish one. In fact, I can’t even finish the 6 inch one. We have something in common lol. I always have to half with my mum. I can’t finish anything D:

GEORGINA! Didn’t you pay any attention to the prices? LOL. You should have asked how much the drink was. XD
Anyways :) I don’t buy from Subway a lot (I usually get stuff from McDonalds or Gloria Jeans or something) but yeah, the stuff is pretty nice. Apparently healthy as well. Too bad it costs a lot.

Ahh. 9:37 and I’m sleepy already. Sigh :) Have a nice day.

Haha yes! Oh, LOL, chocolate woman! /hehe I suppose eating too many chocolates can be really unhealthy, and paints your teeth perfectly in YELLOW! XD

Haha! *hugs*

Oh, I see a lot of advertisements like that in the daily newspapers. Especially during the grand sale. LOL, every offer like that seems to make us buy some extra thing. I usually don’t look at those advertisements, LOL.

Subway! I’ve been to Subway only 2 or 3 times. It’s nice, but it’s just too far away from my home.
LOL, one capsicum? Haha! That happens a lot of times with me, but not with capsicum. LOL, I have never tasted capsicum! Though it does look bright and colorful (you know, all the different colored capsicums!)

Yeah, that’s some waste of money. Everything seems to happen perfectly only after you’ve taken the risk by calling James. LOL, risk!


Hey Priya! I’m hoping you get this comment as I reply to it through WordPress. I wish you good luck with the revamp! I’ll catch up with you on Twitter. :)

Well, you can always brush your teeth really well and they won’t be yellow anymore!

I usually like those offers but when there’s a catch, it’s not good. :P

Haha you haven’t had Subway often! It’s pretty good, I realise. There are a lot of Subways around here, and there are many near my home.

Yeah, there are red, yellow and green capsicums! I don’t really like them that much either. :P

Shop offers/discounts/BIG sales sort of advertisements.. Are always in the newspaper. They’re wasting too much paper and ink. >_< . Especially since it's spring here in my country, more and more junk mails are in my mailbox. Junk. Thanks to that Big Spring Sale. -_-

Subway's sandwiches! My aunt says they're longer than a real subway. LOL. Sometimes I like Subway sometimes I don't.

Same with me here. The last time we had Subway was about 5 years ago. It's because they're too expensive, not that sort of healthy foods, mum hates it and probably because KFC is way better. XP.

That's too expensive for a Diet Coke. $9.95 is bad enough. But it's not something I'd be too surprise considering their mineral water cost $3.50 each! I'm not sure weather it's cheaper or more expensive there in Australia though. ✌️

Some Subways have really bad service and some have excellent service. That guy should really pay attention when you said "… but the chili, capsicum..". I remembered when my dad ordered a Subway once and specifically told not to put pickles. But it went the other way instead, if you know what I mean. LOL.

I love subway. Could not image life without it. Sad i know.

I hate getting on the train when the school kids are on. I try so hard not to push them of the train.

One day my friend and i were sitting on the train and this bunch of high school girls were screaming good bye to there friend when we were at a stop. They wouldn’t shut up so we each pushed a girls of the train. They was half hanging out the door so it want hard. The doors closed straight away (the train was on our side) and the two girls we pushed off were left behind.

I hope they learn not to give every one ear aches.

Pfft you shouldn’t believe those ads, it sucks that you have to go to the city to get some. I don’t like subway that much either, I prefer McDonalds /love .

Ugh LOL i hate when something like that happens! /ehh I just pretend to know and say anything XD , and everybody stares at me like they’re saying “you’re so from last century”.

Oh my god, really? Yesterday, i was waiting for the cashier thinking “I hope I have enough money” i even returned one thing with all people staring on me. Those people are really smart, since they’re giving cheap sandwiches they have expensive drinks. I can’t imagine that happening to me. i would have cried /snort . Well, at least you had enough money for the sub.

I know, I hate her so much, it’s my home, i don’t care if I look like a monkey. It really hurt me, I can’t really talk to her, she will consider it being rude.

I have only ever had a subway once. My friend, Ruby and I went bowling once at this place in Luton called ‘The Galaxy’ and there was liek arcades and a cinema ect. And for lunch we went to SUBWAY. we chose the most expensive things lol. and the man asking us stuff was from another country and he talked in a strange accent. So we just said yeah please to every thing becuase we didnt understand him. for 2 chicken bacon ranch subs with extra cheese, and 2 oasis fruit berry it cost like 20.00 lol we were peeing ourselves XD

Hahha well, overall, 20 dollars for lunch isn’t that bad! But that would have been a hilarious experience. Especially if you didn’t quite understand what the guy was saying. XD

Extra cheese?! Hahha. If I have too much cheese it makes me feel sick! XP

Well, that was quite the adventure just to get some tasty subs. Subways are everywhere here so I don’t have to put forth quite as much effort as you do.

Hopefully, the next Subway trip will be a little easier and even more gratifying!

haha, another subways epic fail adventure like mine :) when i first started ordering, i had no idea what to get either and i was extremely timid of telling them what i wanted and whenever they put an excessive amount or too little, i was too scared to pipe up and be like GIVE ME MOAR. haha.

yeah, something’s a bit off with the ask thing but it’ll do for now :)

Thanks :) I’ll look into some Javascript… hopefully I can find something that I need at DynamicDrive. :P If I can’t, do you think it would be okay to use just like a simple drop-down menu? I can’t help but think it would be too cluttered… I dunno. I guess I should look up DynamicDrive first before I worry about what happens if I can’t find anything. :P

Aw, thanks for voting for me. :)

Ooh, yay, I’m glad the layout’s that good. Thank you! ♥

I always felt so awkward at Subway because of the toppings thing. I think I flat-out didn’t used to do it… well, a couple years ago I didn’t. I’d have my mom do it (because she was usually the one that took me out). I used to hate Subway as a kid, though; it smelled so gross!

And it is way too expensive. Bleh. Ever since they’ve had the $5 footlongs, I go there a little more frequently, but my favorite sandwich (chicken bacon ranch) is one of the more expensive ones and generally not included in that deal. :(

Oh, lol. It sounds like you’ve already had a trying day!

I love Subway, I’ll admit it. ♥ The sandwich I get is their roasted chicken breast on Italian Herbs and Cheese bread. Mm, it’s so goood. I also add in pepperioni, and cucumbers on my sandwich. I don’t know why, but it tastes so great like that, haha.

Oh man, I can’t believe you ran out of money. That’s the pits… /poo

But at least you were going to have help for the mis-adventure…though I still can’t believe two foot longs cost you that much, geesh. /oh That’s where they get you, in their crafty adds!

Hmmm so at the end, you could eat the sandwich? Wow… it’s like that experience made your stomach evolve.

Yeah… subway employees tend to be a little slow in the US. Maybe it’s a universal thing? XD

You still saved a little money…. I mean if you consider adding another five dollars to your total. I’d be content with that. :)

awww, did you have to carry lots of books then? Were you able to bring a backpack? We can only go to the bathroom during class, but it has to be after the first 10 minutes and before the last 10. After that the bathroom is closed ): XD

That is a lot of extra space! My friend [who isnt very tech savy] has a computer that has a hard drive of 15GB ! Me and my sister were like :O

yeaa it sure is expensive! My sister cant really travel back and forth since her college is 5 hours away o.O And thats by car, but if she took the bus it takes 9 ! D: so that would be pointless and pretty much impossible xD

awww that stinks! I would’ve been pissed as well! I got pissed when my mp3 player broke a month after I bought it, and we sent it out to get repaired and when I got it back it like the top was broken and I was mad cause I had like spent like 130 on it! XP I hate when you’re pissed and you cant do anything about it ! ):

hahah I like Subway :D I’m not that picky with sandwiches so if you just give me some bread with turkey and cheese, I’ll live :D
Well I am only picky on bread XD nothing on the bread, like no rasins or that stufff xD I went with my friends on Friday and we got that promotion also! We had 6 people so we got 3 free :D
Awww that stinks, for the 6 people we fed with 5 drinks it was only 20 dollars ! We were shocked !

Aww I’m sorry you’re Subway experience was pretty terrible, though I hope you at least enjoyed the end result. And I hope your dad reimbursed you for the $9.95!

Dewey loves Quiznos (Like Subway but MUCH better) but he got discounts at the Subway near his college. I used to go visit him in the city at his school and we’d used to get a footlong and share it together. With his school discount it also came with a drink and cookies or chips. It was a pretty good deal. I don’t know if you have this by you but we also have this deal called the ‘5 dollar foot long’ where you can get a number of different kinds of footlongs for only $5.

Yeah I know, I was so jealous of their house LOLOL. Plus they had a pool and trampoline and soccer net and jacuzzi and the list goes on and on and I was like WTF IS THIS.

Yeah thankfully the weather was absolutely amazing. Not a drop of rain, just constant sunshine during the day and then these cool pleasant nights. :) It was awesome. Glad you heard me laugh HEHE.

Ikr? Pumba’s pretty adorable.. too bad I can’t say likewise for tommy’s big fat ugly ass in the picture. -.-

Aweh I think that’s cute. :) I can’t wait to read the blogs that you guys write, they’re sure to be entertaining. LOL yeah I noticed. He doesn’t seem to use that site much at all. :P Ah well, hopefully he’ll participate more in this blog that you guys are planning to do.

Yah that’s true. I’ll just tell her straight out that I’m not accepting, it’s the only way. Rachel gave some good advice so I’ll try my best to follow it. :)

Nah it wasn’t the person I DMed you about. It was another person. D: It’s been really frustrating me lately how many people have been stealing my coding. Seriously wtf. >:(

Awe yay! I love you too baha. :)

Yeah same with me. Sometimes if I’m really lazy I leave the long comments for later, but I don’t do it too often. Usually I just go in order cause I hate keeping things unfinished and then it’ll come back to haunt me later. D:

WHOA I LOVE SUBWAY. Like, with a passion. It’s one of my favorites haha. :) But yeah they can be pretty pricey. Depends on what you get though.

Lmfao, wow that employee who was making your sub really sounds like a douchebag. Sheesh I hate it when they don’t understand you and they’re making the sandwich so fast so you hardly have time to correct them before it’s too late.

Omg. Nine ninety five for JUST THE DRINK? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? RIP OFF MUCH? I’m pretty sure that it was 9.95 for the whole thing though? Like the sandwich too? Still, that’s pretty expensive. I swear it’s cheaper here in Canada.

Aweh that’s great that James was there for you though. :)

Sucks so much that you missed the train, but hey, at least you ended up enjoying the sub. :D *YAY FOR HAPPY ENDINGS* Gawsh I’m such a loser.

Ooh I saw your other comments as well. Yeah Philip is really talented. :) Maybe he can teach me but he doesn’t know how to speak english for one, and two I fail at guitar so we would really struggle. :P

And yes, my WP put your comment in the spam box. This comments is epic long as well so it might go into your spam too! :O

Subway employees are dumb so I understand how annoying it is when they get your sandwich order wrong. I always feel rude when I have to speak up and correct them, but I suppose there is no way around it other than to flail and say “do not want!”. XD

Sounds like you had a hectic day! Running out of money has got to be the most annoying thing. Luckily James was there to help you out! Oh the irony of your dad being able to pick you up.

At least you enjoyed the Subway sandwich!


now it says:
WP-SpamFree has blocked 5,935 spam comments.
wow lol seriously if i didnt have it i would have all those spam on my site. Damn lol
They still show it here but its the last season where he finally solves the murder of who killed his wife. I am soo not gonna miss it…although i dont know when its going to be on lol
I am more in to psych now since monk is going to end. Seriously Psych is funny. you have to watch it lol
No she wasn’t rude about it, she just told that i could have changed a lot of things on the layout because it looked too the same. I had a bad feeling before i put it up lol
I’m glad she wasn’t rude about, i don’t want anyone hating me.
THEY RAN OUT OF SALAD!!!! who runs out of salad??? stupidest school ever!!!!!!1 /angry

Wow its been a while since i had subway. I used to get it with honey mustard all the time lol. /hehe
I can only eat a 6in and then finish the rest later lol
What does ASDFGH mean? i know its a really obvious answer but then again it took me a while to learn what LMAO meant /bash /hehe

I am glad that after all that trouble you had you enjoyed the subway in the end lol

LOL. I used to go to Subway every time I can. I just buy the sub, never the drink. Coz I can always buy a pop in the dollar store. They also have those $5 footlong. So, sometimes, I buy that too. But eating the same thing for a few times can get…boring? It’s like I got tired of it. Which is really bad since it’s food. HAHA.

Yeah, some people actually are grateful. But there are some who pretends that they forgot borrowing something from me. So I end up reminding and reminding and reminding them. GRRR. Sometimes, I just give up. Although I can buy the pencil from the dollar store, its still money!!!

That’s what I’m scared about right now. I really need to study hard to get into the university of my choice. That means, more time on books, less on computer O_O NOOOO Especially when my courses are really hard to pass. Not one of those you can pass with flying colours :(

Sometimes, I think it’s a good thing that people see you younger than your real age because I can just go into an amusement park or the bus by paying the child’s fare :) Which is really a money saving thing. But sometimes, it pisses me off. Because as you said, they always assume instead of asking. I mean, it doesn’t really hurt to ask, right?

That sounds like something my dad would do. Read somewhere that something is free and not notice the fine print… Subway has good food, but anything I don’t have to make myself is good.

Thanks for the follow! ✌️

OMG aslkaslksa you haven’t seen Rocky Horror? Next time you get a chance DO SO. I think you might like it, especially with your taste in music. It’s rumored that Mick Jagger was the inspiration for Frank. I can see that, too. No other person will ever fill Tim’s shoes as Frank, but Mick…he’s a good possibility.

Ah, Macaulay ♥ I’m so sad that he and Mila Kunis broke up. They made such a cute couple. Sucky!

Well, I have wrote a few articles in the article section, all on a hobby I like to do online–role play. Not the gaming type of role play but more like collaborative writing. I’m going to add more things as I think of them. Tonight though, I’m wiped from writing all the stuff on RPGs!

I’m glad you’re feeling better :) And that’s fine, it’s no big deal about the tutorials…I just hate using pre-made themes all the time. Eventually I want to make my own themes and offer them as visitor content. I really love playing with CSS and design schemes for some reason. Like I’ve told my friends, Coding is my Zen. They look at me weird XD.

Yeah. I tend to get distracted by the computer, mostly. :P

Your day was pretty unlucky. I have never tried subway. We don’t have those kind of things in my country. I miss out lots of stuff that are there is foreign countries but not in my country. :(
But I’m glad you enjoyed it. :)

Oh man, what a major pain. Thankfully you got some help and made it home. I hate situations like that it can really annoy you like whoa. /angry

I only had Subway once, and that was years ago. /um It wasn’t so bad, but it’s too big!

All the way to the city for Subway?
Your dad is surely enthusiastic, isn’t he? :)
I should try it!

Bottles of Coca-Cola (the glass ones) are usually $1 or $2 around my area. But $10? What the fack?
What a douche! /hmph

My stomach is small. Anytime I eat, there’s a huge leftover. LMAO. D:

Aww, three cheers for James! How sweet of him to come and give you money for the train.

I always travel by car, except for school. I’m not allowed to walk around and go to places by myself. It sucks.
Everywhere I go, my mum follows! /bounce
And my brother.
And sometimes my dad.

Aw, I do all my work in one day. It really helps with my stress, I spend the rest of the week relaxing. I have a large amount of work, so I do the hardest first and do the easy ones last. Does that help? /eee

The doctor told my dad that he is going to die. But my dad doesn’t care, but still, I’m worried.
He doesn’t work. I feel guilty because I keep wondering if I’m the cause for the stress, because of the hormones causing me to act like a bitch. Did you notice? Hope not.

Japanese food is always better.

I know, it’s just a joke. :P You called me skin and bones, anyway.

Another website? Lucky you!
You’re like my dad. He has many websites too!

Ahh yes, it is pretty common too in Malaysia. My maid’s from Indonesia as well and she goes back every year to visit her family. Like I said before, she’s been with us pretty long and practically have her share of the TV with cable. I actually have to thank her for the times I was forced to watch Sinetron with her (because her daily show was on the TV) and talking Indonesian language in the house or else my trip to Jakarta back in May with my other half wouldn’t be an awesome one.

I love Jakarta! It’s about 2 hours of plane ride from West Malaysia. It’s really nice to get to go back to visit your relatives. Which part of Indonesia are you from? We’re planning to go to Bandung and Bali at the end of this year, especially with the cheap flights via AirAsia (Y)

I lol-ed at the Subway ad; there are so many ads like that which is such a turn-off, especially when you didn’t read the fine print, which is literally fine, BEFORE you get in the car and off to the city to find that you can get the tee for a mere $8 with a purchase of $30 above in a single receipt 😢 Nope, wasn’t me /um /um Nyeh I’ve NEVER finished a Subway on my own. I always have to share with someone else.

The guy must’ve been on crack. I think there is a huge difference in “only on one” and “only one piece” XD Or maybe he didn’t hear you well. Poor kid :P

Sounds like you had a little adventure there. Thank God for someone you can borrow money from without having to feel bad and whatnots ;)

Whoa! Just because of Subway! Seriously! That sucked but at least it’s over now. Lol. I wouldn’t wanna bend over backwards just to get my dad a sandwich a train ride away from where I am. Lol. I actually sort of like Subway but yeah it’s waayy to expensive for my daily budget :P

Lol @ the capsicum guy. HAHAHA!

I hardly ever wear dresses and skirts, so wearing a dress was very different and special for me. I wasn’t allowed to wear my jeans though, haha.

I liked them through their Black Parade album, so it was just for about a year really. I still like them now, but not as much as I used to do. I think I’d like to get a few more band T-Shirts. They have some really nice ones on, but I never know what size to get when I order online.

I don’t think they’re too bothered about going over the limit on bus passengers here. I remember the school bus being packed (the only time I ever got on it), and this girl sitting on the railing on the top of the steps. Pretty fucked up that the bus driver didn’t notice really. Especially since it was a school bus, and they’re meant to be looking after (at least slightly) the pupils.

Over here it’s the start of autumn/fall, so they’ve only just started to sell them. So they’ve only just gone in to boot season; I should’ve just waited a month really. It would have saved me a lot of time round the shops. Haha.

I just had to Wiki foam parties, ’cause I’m not really sure how to explain it. It’s basically a lot of bubble bath, and people jumping around in it and sliding on it and stuff. You probably couldn’t actually do it on a bed, ’cause it would just soak into the sheets I think. Here’s the Wiki url:

I loved that type of foam too. I used to go to a lot of parties with ball pools and stuff like that. I remember one time I jumped into the ball pool and landed wrong and sprained my ankle or something. I had to leave early and go to the hospital: FAIL.

I press submit comment by accident a lot too. I really don’t know why, haha.

Have fun relaxing on your study break!! At least you won’t have both homework and school to do.

Haha, a stress ball shaped like a rock sounds cool. Would be strange though if you felt it and realised it wasn’t actually a rock.

I love Subway, but some of them offers are such a rip-off. Like it always says ‘Free Sub’ and then the small-print says ‘When you buy a foot long sub’. I suppose it’s good advertising to do that though. Tricks customers into thinking something’s free.

I don’t like saying my order to the Subway people. They usually forget to put something on, or put the wrong thing on if they’ve misheard. Not as bad as what happened to you though. As if he though you only wanted one, haha.

Sounds like you’ve had a hard day. I once spent all my money in town, then had to hope my friend’s dad would give me a lift home. Luckily he did. Glad you didn’t have to walk home, that would’ve taken ages!!

Yes, I think so! And I know so! Don’t you think so too? BTW, new domain?! O_O Woodnotes? My gosh, Georgina lol. I thought it was yours and James since you’re opening a new domain again? D:

No, they don’t compare me to others which is great. Because like, you know your potential and such. Is your university expensive? I’m hoping to go to university but I don’t necessarily want to go to the one here; I want to study abroad! D:

Lmao. A chocolate bar! :3 I had a KitKat Senses a while ago too lol. And still, what’s a chocolate bar to a 24-hour day? D: XD

Well, it is okay with me! :) (Merging comments).

Oh, cool! No they don’t have them here and I’m sure in some places, too! Like other European countries. Okay, BTW! I’ll look it up in Google too! ^_^ Oh cool! Well we have similar to those! :D Like some deli centres and such. We do have those types of stuff. But not specifically the brand Subway! =D Thanks for explaining to me, though! =p

Awh Georgie, don’t worry about it: we’re both busy. :) Besides, don’t forsake a blog on my behalf, everyone else wants to hear what you have to say. So there. :P Lol they’d kill me if there was only my comment in the way of your blog. XD Harhar, so type away! /type

Oh yeahsss, I’m fine… getting by, yanoe? :) Except, obviously, school and shit… hm. Kind of complicated. I have some things to blog about when I reopen.
And that lovely stack of poems isn’t getting any shorter. @_@

Anyway, onto your blog. ‘Cause I want to comment on this because otherwise I’ll feel bad for not commenting on your blog. Lmfao.
Oooh, my mum loves those big buy one get one free offers. Heh. I haven’t been to Subway very much at all, but people who get the train pop in often on the way to the station; they get cookies though. :P

Haha. I would have got my brother just anything… I mean if he wanted something specific he can get off his lazy ass and go get it himself, heh. /bounce
UGGGGHH. It annoys me when people make mistakes when to you they’re obvious, and afterwards you kind of understand why they made that mistake. After all mistakes are something really human, yanoe? Still kind of stupid of that guy though. What is caspicum anyway? XD

I hate olives. KILL THEM. 🤮 /faw 💥 /pow
They’re gross. All horrid and… ugggh. We have to drag my dad away from the olive section at Waitrose though. XD

Whoa, things are expensive. Harhar when you said ‘nine nintey five I thought ‘HOLY FUCK, £10 FOR A DRINK?’ XD
Obviously, when you said cents, I remembered it was different. Lol. I was ready to rant about pricing… XD

Awwh JAMES SAVED THE DAY! :D Hehe, better then walking all that way. O_O I’d die halfway there. I’m so freaking unfit. XD

Immature school kids = I deal with them 24/7. Pity me. :P But on a train they’ll be even dumber than usual…
LMFAO, if I ate my brother’s food he’d kill me. If you get between a bloke and food, apparently, you make him grumpy.


Aw. *hugs* I hope you are well, regardless. :)

If you get a chance to go on MSN, we can chat. Otherwise shoot me an email if you need. ♥

If you do one poem a day surely you’ll get somewhere. When you’re taking a break from study, quickly type one up! :D

James bought me a Subway cookie once. It was deliciously awesome. He got one for free because the guy was nice. Subway is usually packed around lunchtime.

LOL gosh. Capsicum is a vegetable, silly!

Olives aren’t too bad; depends what you’re eating them with. :P

Just $9.95 for the lot, not just the drink. /hehe But drinks are pretty expensive here. About $3 for a bottle of plain water. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Haha well James and I share food a lot. Some guys are all about food though. 🙄

I’m glad you got a not bad sandwhich out of the experience. :D

Thanks for the encouragement I appreciate it.

Those flyers are so dumb.. make you believe that you will pay less but everything is still so expensive and they probably double the price of the first one (the subway for example) on the expance of the second one.
I’d eat your brothers and your dad’s as a protests for leaving you with no money after getting the food!

What a day. It’s a good thing you had you’re phone with you. I happen to like Subway. My favorite bread is the flat bread, it’s really soft yum :) . I like the new layout, it’s really something different from your usual layouts.

I love Subway. Usually we get voucher things where two people can have a full meal for just £5.99, which is really cheap being as a meal from McDonalds costs around £5 alone.

It’s so annoying when people working in fast food restaurants are idiots. They annoy me because they always get the wrong order or make you out to be the idiot.

Aw, it was sweet of James to come and get you though!

The park around here is pretty far from where we live, it’s about a half an hour walk, but it’s alright when we get there. The nights are getting darker so it’s not always great to go after school :|
Window shopping isn’t really an option either because all our shops are in the shopping centre, like we have none near us, so we still have to pay to get there. Haha, I never stop whining!

My hair is so curly it’s unreal haha. I’ve officially given up with it though, now.

I’m not very mathematical either haha! Well, clearly because I got an E in my maths exam x_x

Dear all my affiliates,
I am sorry but I am taking a long open hiatus. I will be back ASAP, but right now school comes first, as I am in my last year of middle school and really have to start studying hard for high school. Please don’t delete me, I will probably be back by mid-October. If you are going to delete me, please tell me so I can delete your link when I get back. I’ll miss you all! Read more at

Lots of love,

You’re lucky you’ve never met anyone who’s been crazy to populate their tweets achieve. If I ever get annoyed, I’d just click that “Unfollow” button immediately. It’s okay if you just want to celebrate your 10,000th tweet. Some people type something really, really worthless and more surprisingly, they even admitted that they’re competing for the stupid tweets achieve! :O

Yes, I’ve met around 18 people on Twitter spamming. And if I’m not mistaken, 1 of them got their Twitter account terminated!

I didn’t bother to read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before signing up (I just clicked “Agreed” xD) either. But ever since I found out that the person’s account got terminated, I was so curious and so I checked the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Grr.. That’s so pathetic thinking. They shouldn’t just comment you to get to the ‘Top Commentors’ list. If they’re spamming away your comment form, then it’s totally useless. -_-. You did a good thing; removing it. :)

Yay, it’s spring for both of us! Winter ended so fast, don’t you think? Well, time flies. :( .

Subway sandwiches are so big. I read on an advertisement before on a Subway restaurant, it said, “Subways are for giants! Do you think you can finish them?”. Hilarious. I think they meant to write that because of April’s fool. /hehe

KFC is so yummy. *Drooling*. It’s better than Subway. Lucky us, that KFC doesn’t have any giant chickens. Or else I don’t think I could finish them! LOL.

it was so .. hectic and crazy today.

i arrived at work at two PM & one of the managers, a MEAN lady named isabel, told me to go hand out the circular/flyers at a school a half a mile away. i said sure, why not. i ended up getting there a bit too early so i decided to just amble around and hand some flyers out to wanderers. i’ve actually done this before in my previous job but it wasn’t as awkward as it was this time.

i walked around alot and lost track of time and still had AT LEAST five pounds of flyers in my arms and i got back to the school area at three PM when all of the students were filing out and pretty much dissipating. i handed a few out but no one really wanted .. at this point, i just felt crappy, haha. i hate handing stuff out and it’s just not my thing so i decided to just walk back a bit. i stuffed some flyers at doors and i ended up getting rid of everything. i got back two hours later and they pretty much interrogated me (by they i mean the managers and supervisors.) i had to make up a quick lie since i don’t think they wanted me to stuff flyers at houses ..

ackkk it was horrible. ._.

Hey! What’s up? Don’t you just hate when advertisements do that? :P damn fine print! /argh
I just started school today. :P bleh. I can’t believe summer is over! *long sigh*
Anyway, I’m just stopping by, seeing what’s new… I’m not sure when I’ll be off hiatus yet, but it does give a certain amount of ease, idk. I’m so busy still, but I felt that I needed to drop a note to my affies and say hellow, check up. XD Anyway, talk to you later! I updated my little notice, and actually managed to move one of my other sites (yay!)!!!! Which is posted too… I’m happy that I could get at least on site-related thing accomplished. hehe.

– Ky

Mmmm! I loooove Subway! ^^ Errg I hate how fast food people sometimes don’t understand what you mean. Once I went to Burger King and I told them a burger with no Mayo. Well guess what? I was loaded and I mean LOADED with Mayo (I don’t like Mayo). Icky. Also a few days ago we went to Zaxby’s(not sure how to spell it) and for some reason the lady got confused and gave us double the order which was a good thing I guess xD

Oh okay :D

Well I did that and nothing changed. Sophia said that I may have to validate my coding. I am doing that right now. If you have any other solutions please let me know ;)

Are you serious? Gah! Losers! D: That’s entirely rude.

Awh that must have hurt D: Haha today I ran into a straw basket in my math class and I got this big scratch :/ Leave it to me to run into a basket xD

Haha I don’t like Cutenews. When I used to use Cutenews some of my article got deleted! D: Humph.

I don’t go to subway very often. I think I’ve only been a few times. The last time I went was around 2-3 months ago when I went out with my friend. We were both on tight budgets, and they had like a foot long sub for $7.50 or something and we both had half a foot each.

What a bargain. But the taste is obviously what you expect – mundane and ordinary.

I catch catching the trains packed immature school kids. (I’m considering myself fairly mature XD)

Oh, PHEE-EWW. $10 ain’t a lot, then. /oh
You should’ve went on the ferris wheel. :)
I don’t eat junk much! I haven’t had any for eons.
Oporto is damn expensive for all I remember. Don’t eat it, no matter how delicious it is. Like $8 or something for a burger.

If you were my age, it’d be creepy. A pedophile would snatch you!
I remember this old man frequently winking at my little brother. Eugh.

Did you try to sort out your work into sections? Like, do now, do next, then after. I have a friend that goes to university that does that, he said that it’s easier.

I don’t talk to him much, but sometimes when he’s angry I try to guess what I’ve done wrong.
He tells me to make money but I don’t know what to do. :S
He watches this show about a dude getting tours around awesome houses, and it makes me sad to see him there without all that stuff, even though our house isn’t too bad at all. We have a barbecue chimney outside that strongly resembles a d:)ck. /hehe

She has slight Alzheimer’s, which scares me. One day she wouldn’t know who I am. :|
I’ve heard that being really occupied, using memory, etc would help her so I told her that she can have a site hosted by me. :)
So it hopefully won’t be too bad.

The floor, footballs, they even argue on whether they should wash their hands after going to the bathroom or not. It’s pretty scary.
You and your cool experiences. Go die in a heavenly basket of hugs and warmth then tell me what heaven is like. D:
Wuggs = warmth + hugs ÷ loved ones. That’s your sort of basket. XD

IKR. Seriously, they’re all sporty and all that and they don’t even know about badminton. What the fuck.
My teacher is so cool. :)

I used to be mean. :( The problem was, their insults built up, causing me to suddenly respond badly and it became a part of me. It’s gone now though, but the memories aren’t good.
Though I did develop a bad temper. Life used to suck badly!

Oh I was probably squinting. :D
Or maybe the lack of sleep, since I was jiggling the night before when we were chatting on Messenger. XD
🤫 <– What's that!? /ho

Yeah, I actually did read that you made Woodnotes to help you with university. How cool is that? I think it would make me more confused though lol. Good to know, though! /mwah And can’t wait for the new domain! (Y)

Yeah that’s right! :O Well I’m pretty sure communications was expensive? I want to study medicine/nursing. I think it would be more? D: Asdfgh. This gets confusing when it’s my turn.

Lmao. But I never had a Boost bar? D: Is it KitKat too? Or just the name Boost? LMAO. XDD I have never heard of it, see? LOL.

I see! ;) Well i certainly won’t miss out on McD since there are a lot of them here LOL. Everytime I go downtown I usually go to McD! :D It’s sorta like a trend too, I guess you could say! ^_^