Like Eating Glass

Today, my dad wanted me to get Subway, thanks to the advertisement in the city newspaper. Buy one get one free, it said. Fair deal, but the fine print said you had to buy a drink as well. πŸ˜”

The big problem with this is that it’s the city newspaper, so I have to buy Subway in the city. I can’t go near home and buy it. No wonder these promotions are out to get you, in a way.

Well, I planned on catching the 2:02 train and getting out of class a bit early, but class finished at around 2:00 so I figured I’d catch the 2:30 train. At least I could catch a bus home – I hate waiting around for buses when it only comes every half hour.

I’ve actually never liked Subway. I had it a few times, barely liked the taste of what I had tried, and couldn’t even finish a 6-inch sub. Small stomach, eh.

There is a Subway near the train station and near university as well. I figured I had a good ten minutes to get something random for my brother and dad – who cares, anything, anything they might like. I looked on the menu… ASDFGH. Most of them were pretty expensive. Of course, since I’m not used to Subway, and telling people what I want for the fillings actually scares me, I decided to just pick the cheapest thing on the menu and be done with it.

The last time I went to Subway was probably three or four years ago, so I really wasn’t familiar with how things worked. The girl who took my order asked me what kind of bread I want along with the meatballs (yeah, that’s what I chose). Damn. I fail so hard. I told her I just wanted the plain shiz.

I kept looking at the time on my phone and not paying attention, so it was pretty embarrassing when the guy was asking me what I wanted.

“Everything but the chili, capsicum and olives,” I said. He forgot about the capsicum and started putting it on one. I was about to scream, before I said, “Only on one”.

He took that to mean just one piece. Gosh, idiot.

I had to explain to him only on one sub… blech.

Well, at that point I totally forgot about the drink and just waited for the guy to wrap it all up. Thinking it was cool I was getting two footlongs for the price of one, yet worrying about the train I had to catch. I had about seven minutes, which was alright. I just had to cross the road and go for a run through the train station.

I told the cashier that I wanted to get the Diet Coke. When he said “nine ninety-five”, I thought, shit. That drink cost that much? Douche.

Ten dollars was all I had. The guy gave me five cents change. I was thinking how terrible this was and wondering how the hell I was going to get a bus home from the station with just five bloody cents.

This was all my dad’s fault. I was so epically pissed off that the first thing I thought to do was scramble into a roughly quiet part of the street and call James to borrow some money. That idea failed, seeing as the street was littered with people. He didn’t pick up his phone and I just started heading off to the station, thinking that I’d figure it out or walk the five kilometres home. 😐

Just for luck, I called him again and he picked up so I told him the dumb problem. He saved my day, pretty much (though I made him escape from some presentation he was supposed to do – gee, I really fail). β™₯️

I missed my train and caught one that was littered with a bunch of immature schoolkids. Not long after I sat down in my seat, my dad called me and said he could pick me up because the car came back from the service.

Well, gee. I wasted money calling James, pretty much. 😏

When I got home I couldn’t stand seeing the lonely subs on the table; my brother wasn’t home yet so I took half a footlong, and happily munched into it.

Not bad. For something where I picked the most random fillings. Yum. 😜

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