The Feel Good Drag

Again, I feel unwell and falling into a bottomless pit. I’m sick of the things people expect from me. Not so much what people ask from me. I don’t mind helping people. But lately, I have had a lot of work to do.

I’m tired of cleaning my house, and doing chores. If you know me well – say, Vivien, Rachel, and of course Lilian and James – you’ll know the ridiculous amount of spontaneous housework I have to do – and believe me, it isn’t fun, and it takes up so much of my time.

Lately, I have tried to help myself up. As I said, I’ve tried to organise myself. I’ve made little to-do lists for each day, even tried to put blocks of time in – but I can’t stick to it.

It’s not so much that I can’t. It’s more that something comes up – something that pisses me off – and I get completely out of control. Someone might annoy me, I might have to run an errand, or something just distracts me. /hmph

I’m mostly sick, lately, of people who fucking expect me to do things or feel that they hold some importance in my life. Don’t fucking flatter yourself. 🙄 Just – don’t expect things from me. I’m not a robot. I don’t like being ordered around. I don’t like when people only ask me when they want something. That’s just rude…

I’m still trying to pick myself up. I know I won’t give up. Some things just pain me, and I feel under so much pressure. I know I want to take my time with things, but sometimes I just can’t.

Not long ago, my family and I got back from eating out. We ate gourmet pizza to celebrate Father’s Day. Pfft.

I don’t like pizza. No one ever tended to believe me, but here, I’ll tell you why. I guess I’ve sort of grown to like it a bit over the years, but otherwise, it’s terrible.

I was ten years old when I was diagnosed with a high cholesterol (of some 8.5 – the normal level is about 5). It was most likely inherited, because my dad has it, and my grandparents had it. Along with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Maybe back then, I did eat one too many Mars bars. But I never really ate pizza, and I started to develop a hate for it. The taste. The grease. The dripping oil. The excessive cheese. Too much ham. And soon after, I felt that whenever I encountered pizza, I refused to eat it.

Then again, it might have been the scene in the movie She’s All That (I loved Freddie Prinze Jr at the time) in which the bad guy puts his pubic hair onto a pizza. (Oh, that turned you off, didn’t it.)

But nevertheless (that scene didn’t scare me that much), I didn’t like pizza.

And while not many people believe me on that, they also refuse to believe that I have a high cholesterol. I’m thin. I weigh 43 kilograms (some 94 pounds). And it gives people reason to believe that I just don’t have excess fat in my arteries.

Please, don’t judge people how they look. Some people have diseases. Some diseases are noticeable. Some aren’t. And you shouldn’t put a stereotype on diseases and illnesses.

I’m squeezing a stress ball right now. It’s the one I got from an open day at university, and it’s shaped like a funny man. Lilian posted her collection of stress balls on her Tumblr.

It feels… oddly comforting. Like a warm, safe, embrace. Sometimes all you need is a hug.

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YAY! I get my own tag again =D

On a more serious note. Awww *hugs*. Don’t let it get to you Georgie! =) It’s alright. You’ll be able to help yourself, and you have friends to help you out too…^^…Or to listen to your rant and rant, etc etc…

Its totally really frustrating when people just expect you to DO stuff for them. I’d hate it too if I were you. It’s tiring, especially if you’re being overloaded with too much responsibility and you have SO much other crap to do. It’s stressful! It makes you miss periods! And lose hair! And get sick!

And it makes you look like a complete Panda. O_o

I think you need a break. Lucky the mid-semester break is coming up =)

I hate it when people just assume that they’re EXTREMELY important to you *coughbearmanwhoignoresmybusystatus!cough*. It’s so arrogant and ridiculous. I just feel likes smashing a plank of wood over their heads to knock some sense into them. You should totally ignore the people who only ask you when they want something.


Awww…it sucks that you had to go out and eat pizza. I HATE when people think they know you’re OWN tastes and OWN idea of your OWN body better than you. I keep having to remind my family I can’t eat pineapples. This one time my stuck-up PIG of a f**khead of a brother decided to say ‘No you’re not. YOU CAN’T be allergic to pineaples”… Well excuse ME arsehole, but YOU’RE not the one who has to deal with the itchy mouth/throat/tongue.

Far out, one day I swear I wish something would drop on his head.

It’s annoying, huh!

Awww, I hope you can fix your cholesterol problem, but don’t worry you’re only young. And I’m destined to inherit all those health problems too, so DON’T WORRY! YOU’RE TOTALLY NOT ALONE!

And YAAAAY for the stress balls. I love mine =)

You could try soaking the pineapple chunks in salt water for a few minutes. You can serve them in the saltwater too; the water runs right off the pineapple when you lift it out to eat, and doesn’t affect the taste at all seriously.
I get the itching in my mouth too; it’s pretty common with almost all my relatives /bounce


Oooh! Thanks xD

I’ll totally try it next time we have pineapple xD.

Unless it’s on pizza, because it’s totally not a good idea to dunk my pizza in salt water…=P


Haha missing periods. Haven’t had that happen! But well, I get the panda eyes. Or I’m starting to. Stress is terrible, and I should be sleeping now. /ho

Bearman! :O Yeah, it’s terribly rude. I feel so bad just ignoring those people though. I know they are going to ask for something, but as politely as I can, I tell them I’m busy and to HURRY THE HELL UP if they want to ask something. I should just be firm and say no. D:

Grrrr! Well, it was a special day so no biggie with the pizza. I’m not having pizza for a while though. /hehe But your brother is really inconsiderate. My brother and I have learned to compromise when it comes to food choices.

Funnily enough not like James, who says I can have whatever I want… but that’s a different story. :D

LOL you probably have a bigger collection than I! Mine are like… gone everywhere or lost. :P

Oh my god, yeah. Once we ordered a pizza from Domimo’s and it was just dripping in fat so we just threw it away. It was so bad when we slid the box across the table, it left a slick on the benchtop. Through the friggin box.

Man, that housework is really gay 🤬 . At least my mum and I split it more or less in half /ehh What you have is simply unfair. /pow

My gosh, you weigh less than you used to! /bash We’ll fill you out over the summer /love Heehee! /rose


Ewwww slicks are gross. They’re like slicky gel. Ew though, ew. That reminds me of this other movie someone was talking about. I think it was When Harry Met Sally… he got a napkin and pressed a pizza piece with it, and it was drenched in oil. /hmph

Aw, and Brandon should do some too I guess. :(

I lost a kilogram! :O

Aww, you poopie. I love you. ♥

My gosh haha. You’ve been blogging a lot lately! =) Aww. Yeah, we talked about it yesterday, too. Don’t work yourself off to much. It’s not good. You should definitely try doing something that you haven’t in a while. It’s good for your brain. Or so they said. ♥

Yeah, you do a lot of chores. A lot of your blogs are part of that, too. I don’t blame you. Too bad I never made any chores. (I’m serious) lol. I only do a few like going to buy for my mum and stuff but that’s it. Still, I haven’t done it in a while. So yeah.

Haha. But sometimes it doesn’t have to do with what you eat and all though. Really. It is sometimes inherited. But my father has cholesterol too. I don’t think he still has it…? I’m not sure. And I don’t have cholesterol.

I’m glad you bought that subject up, Georgina. It’s good to know for people to read these things once in a while.

Try not to squeeze the little man. He’ll get hurt and start to cry. Take care! ♥ ♥

I feel you.

I hate having to clean the house and do house chores all the bloody time when my younger sibling, who is 15 and is obviously capable of doing things at home as well, sits in front of his laptop and play game the whole damn day. I even had to walk the dog and to find my mother got so pissed at the both of us because it was raining and neither one of us went to take the laundry outside. I mean, come onnnnn! /angry /angry

I am pissed at my brother for being useless and my mother for not asking before she gets all angry. Being the eldest and the only girl definitely has its cons and this being one of them.

It’s really sad that you were only 10 and got diagnosed with such sickness; I pray that you’ll grow up to be just fine and healthy despite all those things. ♥

I am underweight as well. I stand 5’4 and I weight 45kg. No matter how much I eat, my weight will not go anymore higher than that 😢

Last but not least.. *HUGSSSSSS* Hang in there ♥

Haha thanks! :) I never actually used a stress ball. I will. Thanks! :) Ok! I’ll definitely try and shout it out on you so I can feel better lol. ✌️

Yes, I have. I’m going to continue it Tuesday, I hope *Fingers fucking crossed* so I can finish the damn work! Haha. Thanks! :) You’re so much better in things that I can’t manage though. I wish I’m more capable in things! :(

Thanks! :) Yeah I know. Haha. I guess September is a really significant month for both of us then! ;) We share lots of cakes and chocolate madness!! 🤬

Welcome! Haha well if you do or you don’t, for you it’s pretty straightforward! :P

Haha well it really is something to be proud of. I don’t know what to come up with every two days! But I think it’s because of a hectic life at uni and stuff I guess, too. I’ll get to have a lot to blog about when I start school considering it will be my last year. I will be bitching the teachers a lot lol. /oh

Haha. Oh really? Well I hope I don’t get to do chores when I’m your age! :P But I guess I will since I’ll learn to drive by 18 and stuff. I want to learn how to drive! D: Well at least I think I do… Then if like my mum can’t or something I’ll be going to have to take her to places and such lol. So you ruined my day! /huh ;) (Just joking haha).

Yeah I know. Actually, I never checked my cholesterol. And I just took a BLT baguette from this restaurant. The bacon was quite salty. 😳

Yeah I know! ;) I was only joking! LET’S SQUEEZE TOGETHER SHALL WE? :D ♥

Hey, woah I can’t remember last time I commented, even I read your blogs each time I visit heartdrops.

Well, I think I’m one of those persons, I just asked you something, but you answered me. I fixed the problem. I’m sorry for that, and I’m sure you’re not a robot :( Well,Sorry.

Woah, you hate Pizza? Well, I don’t know if matter but I hate garlic. I can’t even smell it that I feel like I’m gonna die from it. I like Pizza, but sometimes I can’t eat it. Because of the taste. They put too much things on it, but, when I hungry I eat 1 pizza if I can:)

Oh, I’m sad to hear that you have problems, I’m sure if you eat vegetables, fruits and good things you’ll maintain good. I know how hard is to be underweight, I have 48 kilograms but 1.70 m height. At my height I should have over 55 kilograms.Anyway No matter how you looks, if you have friends and someone to love you, like you have lilian, james and all your online friends., also you have a lovely family, right?

Well, I hope you put order in your life and do the things from to lists. I have to do the same thing, because m,y life is a disaster. I can’t wait school starts, because will be something new in my life, even the summer holiday was great.

Ugh that feeling suck. You have uni and your site and chores to do, but no one hardly notices right? I only have my site to worry about and I get all lazy on chores /hmph
Homework at school is really easy -sometimes- but when you’re at uni you get a large amount of homework I know it’s not fun!

i can stick to do-lists either, but if you really want too then don’t’ give up and remind your friends about so they can notify you! ;)

My family has a history of high cholesterol and diabetes, my dad too. Though non of my siblings or me have it, sort of a blessing, you see i eat a lot of sugar and big meals but I’m still skinny and I’ve never been diagnosed with high cholesterol or diabetes. You got at ten, so i can understand why you hate pizza that much. But Pizza is really yummy and not a lot of people hate it and i think it could’ve really been from that movie. EWWW we’re having pizza when breaking our fast, i did not need to know that O_O .

Yeah you know i would’ve never figured out you have these diseases, but it’s rude when people don’t believe you, I hate when people do that, like i am me and should know :P

I mean’t can’t stick to do list not can heehee

Aw, Georgie! Don’t stress yourself too much unnecessarily. Just do what you like in your free time; get a pen and scribble out all your thoughts on paper, or write a poem, etc…it’ll help you relax a lot from homework. I would also suggest taking breaks in between homework hours. Like, study for 1-2 hours, and then take a small break for like 20 minutes. In this 20 minutes, do what you like. Whether it be surfing the net, or doing something randomly. Then, get back to studying. I hope that will help you relieve your mind from all worries! :)

Don’t let all the stress get at you. You wouldn’t need to be cleaning your room if you took care to keep it clean always! Little tips. LOL. :D

Oh, Georgie, I hope I haven’t troubled you in any way in the past. :/ You seem so worried!

I never liked Pizza myself, too! It doesn’t taste too great or anything. I don’t know why so many people like Pizza….it’s actually not healthy!

I hope you feel cheered up now! :D
Hip Hip Hurrah! (LOL, I don’t know why I’m saying that, stupid me)

Hey, this layout is INCREDIBLE it is the best I have seen. I dont agree too much with the navigation colour but the normal links are great and unique.

Thank you. :) I don’t think it’s my best work, but I am proud of the links.

my family has a history of high cholesterol and i’m strangely thin and tall as well so everyone thinks i’m burdened with a disease too.

ahhh, you have no idea how frustrated i was! first they told me no extra topping so i said whatever. then when the total ended up being double what it initially was (supposed to be $20, ended up being $40), i was about to flip out, so i had to leave. i was trying hard not to curse in front of my little cousins, haha, and i rarely curse unless i’m about to blow up.

I get a lot of homework too! It’s annoying because I get the most when I have something planned. I got most of mine done at 3am this morning, so I can relax for the rest of the day.

Oh, I just hate it when people only talk to you when they want something. I have a “friend” who does it and we’re all starting to get sick of her now. If she listened and had some common sense, she could get it done herself, but that applies for most people!

I’ve never seen that movie, and now I don’t think I want to…I do like pizza though, I don’t think that could put me off xD

I used to have Spleak as a contact, but somehow it’s just disappeared, haha.

I don’t see my friends as much as I’d like to. I’d love to be able to go out every day with them, but theres not much for us to do without having to pay, and I’m not exactly the richest person in the world. :|

I have “Stacy’s mom” on my iPod. :’) I love it, hehe.

The samething happends to me all the time. But like a dumbass, I end up doing it, especially if it’s my sister. Well sometimes I do, depends on what it is. But most of the time I end up doing it.. But when I ask for something, people get an attitude. /angry

I don’t see my best friend either all that much, but she has 3 kids and a husband. So I understand.

Awh Georgie. :( *hugs* It sucks when you have all this work to do… I’m not sure I can keep up. :/ I know the feeling too, when people ask for something and in the end you end up doing it FOR them instead of helping them. What is with that shit? They’ll never learn.

I’m sick of school already, and finding out that every time I sit down to go on the computer I find I have to do something else, be it homework or have dinner or help a friend with something. UGGGGGH. It’s such a pain you have the same problem, but obviously it’s a different thing because you have more work than me. What you are trying to do is fine, you know, organising your time, but I’m just like you – I never stick to timetables. I end up thinking it’s a waste, and it was – a waste of my time. /hmph

It is annoying that, whilst you try and follow your list, something takes your mind off it. Total suckage. I always find that I need two focuses when I work – music and what I’m doing. Silence distracts me… IKR? Stupid.
First thing I think you need is a break. Stress is shitty and annoying, and to be honest you’ll work better when you’re not stressed. So have breaks and do whatever you like in them… I mean I’ve learnt that if you want something done the quickest route to getting it done is just doing it; and rewarding yourself at the end. So maybe study for an hour or two and then reward yourself with something like surfing the net or doing something you enjoy?

I hate it when people think they have complete control over me. No you fucking don’t, get out of my freaking face. You’re not helping, are you? Losers. Douchebags. And when people ask you ONLY because they want something, it’s bloody annoying. Heard of DIY? DO IT YOURSELF AND LEARN, everyone else has to manage. That’s why I dislike stealers, mainly; because they can’t be fucked to do anything theirselves.

Aww we know you’re not a robot. I mean… that would be kind of creepy, no offence. But I guess it would be easier for you. *sighs* I mean with work and all… I need to have the ability to focus on whatever I do. Otherwise I have to force myself and then I get stressed. Maybe you should take things slowly for awhile. Treat yourself occasionally. Get back on track, yanoe? :)

Good luck. ♥ I know you won’t give up, you remind me of me and I’m so stubborn. :/ Well, you know. Determined is a better word.

Ugh, pizza. I hate pizza too. /ehh /argh O_O
I mean, for a start I hate practically all of the toppings. Then it’s everything else you mentioned… the cheese, the oil. Just everything. It’s disgusting. At pizza places I always order pasta or something whilst my friends live on pizzas… ugh.

People are losers when they judge you on your appearance. How would they know? Stupid morons. When people are also stereotypical about illnesses and the like, I feel like kicking them where it really hurts to be honest. Man. Stop being so… ugh.

I love stressballs. ♥ They are so cool. Hugs are also amazing because sometimes, when you are hugged, it’s like nothing is out there to hurt you. But you don’t need to look for long before something does get to you.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help much. I feel so crap when people have situations like these because I don’t know how to help them out. :( Even when I have the same problems it’s so hard to explain.
I guess this comment was kind of useless. :/ I’ll return your comment as soon as I can. ♥

Yeah, what you said. What is with that shit?! I don’t mind helping or pointing people in the right direction – but I won’t do your dirty work. I’ve learned a bit at work – I can’t tell children the answers. I give them a hint, else they will never learn.

I’m terrible with timetables – full stop. Downright terrible. Trying to plan something out takes time too, and most of the time it doesn’t work. I usually make a little to-do list. Which works, but I usually leave all the homework for later. :(

I need music as well – most of the time. My mum never believed me. She always said “bullshit you can study with music. Bullshit”. -_- Yeah, well, it’s constant. It’s better than background noises and things which can actually easily distract you.

What normally takes my mind from my list is people distracting me. Usually just other people. Even if I get the hell off Twitter. I just get some sort of other distraction or something comes up, not online but maybe in real life.

I’ve had some good times in the past when I have managed to do my homework, and I have felt very proud about doing it without getting distracted. It’s hard for me to get into that sort of habit, but to get something done afterwards is definitely a good feeling.

Yeah, anyone like that really. :(

I’m stubborn too, but I guess I’m also determined to get everything done. But while I don’t mind the things I have to do, I just get them out of order sometimes. I don’t mind returning comments to doing reviews, but I feel this great pressure that I have to do it NOW. For some reason, way beyond my work. I just never think of work that way; I figure I’ll squeeze it all in – and that is pretty much where I fail.

I love pasta; it’s a lot healthier. I don’t know how you could live off shit like pizza. D:

I know. I mean, I have friends who are fat, and people just take it as disgusting and that they must be unhealthy and terrible and make all these retching noises when they go by. I just think it’s plain rude. They might have a weight problem, and I also know someone who has actually got a hereditary disease. It’s not cool.

No way. Your comment meant a lot to me. Don’t worry about returning my comment. :)

Take your time reopening. I probably should do the same… but I’m fine with leaving my comments until I get the chance, and I know people refer to my site.

I go to your site to read your blogs, and I love reading your articles. Recently I happened to look at your tutorial on shortening CSS. (Comes up one of the first results in Google!)

Hope you’ll still be on MSN so we can chat here and there… after next week, I have a study break so I’ll have more time at home and we can talk more, I guess. :)

Hope to hear from you soon. ♥

Am I replying to the right comment? :P

Like today we had Chemistry… and my Science partner happens to be the laziest sod in the whole room. It was annoying. And really bad because I suck at science or anything science-y so relying on me to do the work is not a good idea. @_@ /ehh
Heh. Little children are the worst if you ask me. My brother is useless at doing stuff himself… although he obviously has the focus. He stays online playing games in which you throw people down the stairs all day. /hmph

To do lists are fun to make. :D But I find them hard to stick to. Bleh. I fail at everything really when it comes to organisation; I find the time and I do it. Simples.
My mum said the same thing, pretty much. “I don’t believe you”. Hmm.
I get away with it now though. She’d better learn that I breathe it in and breathe it out. ;)

I’m getting bored of Twitter tbh. I’m too lazy. I know it’s great to keep in contact with people and stuff but tweeting and replying and… bleh, I just can’t be bothered. :P Heh. Laziness will be my downfall. :X

Distactions = shit. Shit = distractions. Simple logic.
I always feel proud when I do homework as soon as I get home. Hehee. I have four pieces waiting for me though… and my bus was late back too. It’s 6pm. I’d better do them straight after supper or I am screwed. /oh

I always try and get into that habit anddddd kinda fail. :P
Same! I feel I have to do everything straight away. Especially my reviews. I might have to close them or something… forever. Lol. I mean seriously I don’t want this feeling of stress to prevail 24/7. PKM. And then because I am determined to get everything done I become stressed and annoyed when I don’t get it done, even when I set a reasonable goal. /pow EPIC FAIL.

/bomb 💥 💥 💥

I had pasta today. :D The sauce was really spicy though. /faw /um :O
IKR? I mean I like making homemade pizza. Or my Dad’s pizza sometimes. But I don’t like it reguarly… or much at all. Plus pasta is cooler. PASTA FTW.

That’s not just rude, that’s plain mean. :@ How the hell would they feel? People should learn to think of others before they do/ say these things. It’s freaking pathetic and stupid.
I could go on forevver. Lmfao.

*Googles hereditary disease*
Wow. That’s pretty bad. :( I don’t like diseases or illnesses, because I just feel sorry for the people that have them. Or people who are disabled. You know my brother has mild cerable palsy, right? Well we went to this thing the other day, like a group meeting, and there were some kids sitting in wheelchairs and who were pretty disfigured. Made me realise just how lucky my brother really is. :(

Or CIPA. I ramble so much about it but it does get to me and the people who have it must have such a hard time because everyone thinks it’s not so bad.
Well, that’s good to know. XD And your comment to me. :)

Heh. Your site’s so popular, people would die if it was down even for a day. LMFAO. XD (Y) /hehe /eee

/type Yehhh. I’m takin’ my time reopening. Tbh I don’t think many people really care. :P Excluding my affiliates and yourself of course. I do miss working on the site but I feel better now that I don’t feel I HAVE to work on it as vigrously. (I can’t spell, whatever). :P

HARHAR that’s funny. XD It’s not even a tutorial that’s that great. I should rewrite it actually. But hehe Google is one of my best friends so… :D
I’m writing new articles. :D /bounce Heh. I like doing it. XD And yarrrrr, thank you for suggestions/ feedback, whatever you call it. Heh.

I’ll be on MSN as much as I can at the weekend. (Weekdays are sadly, impossible. Bugger).
YESHMS. A STUDY BREAK. But you’d better study, Georgie… XD Hehe.

If not that much. ;) :P

It seems like everyone online is having problems with life, so you’re not alone. It’ll all work out.

Okay wow. Now I’m gonna think of some guy’s pubes every time I eat pizza. Thanks for that. :(

Eurgh, I know what you mean about being overloaded with work. I have to do the school run for my brother, clean, try and sort things for uni, my site.. the list goes on but I won’t bore you with it lol.
Oh my god I hate pizza too! Everyone thinks I’m making it up or that I’m weird but I seriously can’t stand it. It’s pretty annoying when my friends want to have a ‘pizza night’ and I’m sat there munching on a bag of crisps or something. 😝
I’m sick of people that only talk to me when they want something. They’re like, will you do this, will you do that?
“Err, let me think, you only talk to me when you want something, you didn’ even bother to say please and therefore, I don’t like you… NO!” O_O Some people..

Aw. I’m really sorry you’ve been having such a tough time lately. I don’t know how you feel, since I’m never asked to do housework (which is just as stressful because I’m never asked on the pretense I’ll do it wrong or half-assed) but I can understand. But I know exactly how it feels when someone only talks to you because they want something from you. It’s not fun.

There’s nothing wrong with not liking pizza… I wonder why people question our food choices. I, personally, only like very specific pizzas and people are like, “How do you not like pepperoni!?” Because I don’t. What the hell?

I’m sorry about your high cholesterol… well, more-so about people questioning it (I’m sure you manage it well). My step-dad has the same problem; he’s super thin but his cholesterol is super high. He takes fish oil capsules that have helped lower it, but it’s still odd since he never really eats, either. :P

Feel better! I’m really sorry you’ve been so stressed out lately. You should tel all these demanding a-holes to shove off. You need you time!

Awhh, I hope you can balance your site, and doing all the housework. D: And school, too!
I guess it would be a lot of work for you since you have such a successful site, a lot of cleaning, chores, etc, and you’re in university! Well, yeah.

Ohh, we have schools usually 7-8 & then 9-12 since that’s high school for here. xD

About the iPod & iPhone, yeaah, you could even tweeeeet ! (: Ahah, awesome. Ughh, but my iPod Touch runs out of battery so quickly. I mainly use my iPod not for the music but for AIM, Twitter, and apps that I downloaded like Cooking MaMa. [x LOOL .

Oh & I was gonna say that you’re really skinny!
But that’s okay as long as you feel fine. :)
I’m not even ten pounds lighter than you, ahah.

Awhh, I want a stress ball. Ahah, they’re squishyyy, xD
I only felt one once before and that was when someone brought it to school, ahah.

Oh sorry, again, xD I keep remembering to add something after I post a comment); THIS WILL BE THE LAST [;

I love the layout, Georgina!
I like anything that’s basically scrapbook like or a collage. ;D And how you edited the pictures are soo cute&adorable especially the hattt !

First of all, super cute layout. :)

Secondly, I’m sorry that people tend to judge you and not believe you based on looks. How shallow some people can be! It must be hard enough already to have to deal with cholesterol without people bothering you like that. I’m sorry.

What about those metal Chinese stress balls? ;)

Sorry for a lame response, but I promise I did read the blog. I feel concerned for you, but am not sure what to say… bleh.

You seem too stressed all the time. :/

oh, I’m sorry about that, I really hate it when people expect so much from you especially when you know that you cant do such thing (all at the same time).. errr reminds me of one of my professors.. Maybe, I should also buy a stress ball.. lol

Thank goodness for the new blog, and I tried to keep it as serious as possible lmao.

You’re welcome.

Yes. white people are very nice indeed. :) All cultures have their pros and cons I guess.

Aww I wish I had a gay friend. >:( I love their bubbly and happy attitudes as well, since it usually spreads so then everyone is happy baha. Yeah, I know what you mean about misusing the word gay. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten into this habit of using it when I refer to something lame or stupid but I’m definitely trying to stop.

LMAO. Nice. I’m glad that no one gave you a dirty look while you were typing this on the train. :P That would have been rather awkward. But yeah, it would have been freeken awesome if we got the chance to meet. Who knows, maybe someday our paths may still cross. :O DUN DUN DUN.

LMAO (once again). I can’t imagine myself meeting James and I can’t imagine you, without James either. :O I mean c’mon there would be no more “games” and there’s nothing cool about that AT ALL. Clearly, everything worked out for the best. :D

Yeah you have a real knack for making yourself look innocent. (Not that you aren’t because you MOST LIKELY are..) xD.

Whoa your paragraph about football and soccer got my completely confused, lmao. We have both here as well, but it’s not that hard to differentiate between the two because they’re very different games.

I felt the same way when Tommy was trying to convince me to come to the game. I thought that I would be dead bored since I’ve always hated watching soccer on TV, it bores me to death. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised. (: It’s way different live.

Aweh sorry to hear that you’ve been so frustrated lately. Geez it doesn’t sound easy to cope with at all. I hate it when people’s expectations are too high. It just drives me crazy and I feel like I’m putting pointless pressure on myself.

It’s great that you’re going to pick yourself up though. It’s always important to have the motivation and determination to just keep going and get past all the tough times. I hope that people stop expecting so much from you, and take the time to understand that you’re human after all and you have a life to live.

Those are some pretty good reasons for not liking pizza, haha. I’ve never seen that movie, and I don’t have high cholesterol so that’s probably why I still like pizza and I always have. :P I have to admit though, that pubic hair thing did turn me off. D:

You’re absolutely right. Nothing makes me angrier than when people judge others based on appearance. It’s either “they’re too fat” or “they’re too skinny”. They judge without having any background information and it’s just downright wrong. It’s especially sad when the person has a disease, only if the people judging knew, and then they’d feel as bad as they deserve to feel.

I really hope you feel better soon! <3

Hahas, I do have a to-do list but I never put in time-block format because as you have said, things just pop-up.

My second week of schools, I’m already piled up with homework. I stayed up till 2am to finish them and wake up at 6am the next day getting ready for my daily dance practice. @_@ from sleeping 10 hours to 8 hours to 6 hours. I think I’m getting bags under my eye /oh

Oh~ and the new header looks really cute XD

hahas 43kg eh? You’re just like some of my friends /um I was once there, but now am around 50kg after 3 years eating America’s food. /ho haha

That’s just like judging a book by its cover!

Usually when I’m feeling sick people can’t really tell – mainly because it doesn’t show on my face and I tends to respond poorly. Just like at the game last week on Thursday. I was feeling so sick, my head was hurting, my stomach feels like it’s upside down. I felt terrible on that day :( but luckily I’m save by the thunderstorm, there were two 30mins delay, then only they decided to cancel and dismiss the bands, cheerleaders and the drill team. I was happy that we get to go home 👏 although some people were upset since they didn’t get to perform after all those hard work and time invested.

I don’t much like pizza either so you’re not the only one. But that movie did put me off!

Maybe you might need to take a holiday or something to let off all the stress and such. But I get you have uni and stuff and you seem pretty busy so maybe that’s not possible. But I hope you do feel better soon. People shouldn’t put so much pressure on you and expect so much of you.

Good idea about the modelling shoot. I might give it a try :) If it’s not already full at least.

Your Pizza must be different to ours because our is never dripping in oil… you can have it cooked in different ways, deep pan, toasted, over baked …etc…

Dripping in oil one doesn’t sounds vair nice though. Badtimes.

You should tell people outright when they are asking too much from you. It’s the elastic band effect if not. You stretch and stretch a person and they are gonna snapp on one person rather than if the snap every now ans again on one person.

Try and take up something calming, which doesn’t take up time. Or possibly take a break from the interwebs if it get really bad.

Take care of yourself, Georgie, Nobody deserves to be asked of to do something which is beyond their reach.

ahhah never done that beforee! I should though, right? I do that with text messages though LOL, I just end them and I’m like, never read that ! XDD

hahah yeaa! Good opportunity to make new friends :D
50! :O Lol, yea that explains it ! XD ahhh and yet my class times are shorter, yet I still get 3 minutes to travel through a 3 floor building [not including half floors] and still have time to go to my locker ! :O my school must think that we move at the speed of light !

hahah samee samee. I usually just download sometime when I’m really behind on my downloading, like the most 7 songs XD, but after a while, they start to add up ! My sister puts all of her anime on CDs :P

hahaha. yeaa, you learn a lot of independence especially if you dorm there. My sister is dorming there :D

hahah still a kid at heart ♥

ahhahaah KFC? hahaha thats funny! And if KFC ever goes out of business because they got sued, I’ll be like “I HEARD THIS FROM GEORGINA (:” lol, heck my friend got food poisoning from microwave pizza and she had to be hospitalized and she didnt sue them LOL

oh yea i meant to say this last time, but nice new layout :D even though you dont like it XD

:O ! awww I hate to read that you seem so….annoyed ! You do what you can, and thats all that matters! Don’t overload yourself! Ahh High Cholesterol ? My sister has that [like justt a tad] and shes a twig also! But she eats a lot of cheese, so maybe thats why… xD
Ahhh I hate pizza oil/grease! I always take a napkin and try to absorb as much grease as possible!

Your comment just out-do the length of my blog post and you are welcome to blog for me anytime :D :D ♥ ♥

I love colourful layouts as well since I love playing with colours on Photoshop. Makes me happy. It’s like my very own stress balls /eee

HAHA I agree, everyone needs a proper email address to apply for jobs and other things that require formality. I mean, if I were to be a boss- if I AM a boss in the future (lol) I’d definitely 😢 for the person with an email address of who applied for a job at my company.
OR WORSE, with a signature that goes like this at the end.

Hugs and kisses,

I say embarrassing things on Twitter, like, “i forgot to shave my legs today” haha so I think I am more comfortable that only my friends and not the whole world knows. Oh there it goes, one secret out 😰
Internet drama is pointless. I try not to pick fights with people as much as I’d like to stand for myself and debate on the sensitive subject. Ignorance is the best thing for that. Yuuupp /ho

Your brother sounds like my brother a lot! He doesn’t move from the computer unless he needs to use the bathroom and also he eats dinner at about 9pm when everyone finished like, 2 hours ago. He plays those internet games and it ticks me off everytime because he’s actually banned from the internet but I don’t know why, he seemed to be able to find the wireless modem everytime he comes back from school in the afternoon. I don’t know how he does that, gamer’s instinct, maybe? LOL maybe you should try that on your brother; hide the mouse or something and see whether he can find it ✌️ ✌️

We be good sisters, no? We do housework and chores. Mothers need to chill out, seriously. I’m considering introducing my mother to weed. XD XD LOLLLL

We have a maid at home, but she goes back to see her family on the weekends and that’s where I come in. She’s been working with us for more than 10 years so she’s practically family. I’m gonna start work soon so I don’t think I have the time to help out on weekdays.

It’s kind of ironic when you’re skinny and people are telling you to eat more fatty food but you couldn’t cos you were diagnosed with a high cholesterol. It’s alright to be skinny though, at least we don’t look like we’re anorexic or bulimic. (Y)

Aww, if you need any help, just ask me! I’ve been through a lot of stress before but a friend helped me out and it got all sorted. (Now I’m going to stress out and comment 100x a second, maybe…)

To-do lists are a good help.
I found this somewhere, I saved it on Notepad:
* Exercise regularly
* Learn some simple relaxation or meditation techniques
* Do something every day that gives you pleasure
* At work, avoid unreasonable deadlines and minimise boring or repetitive work
* Leave work as early as your workplace allows
* Don’t regularly take work home
* Say ‘no’ more often
* Get colleagues and family members to help with burdensome tasks (ME ME ME!)
* Talk to a doctor, counsellor, friend or religious adviser
* Postpone major life changes, such as moving house or changing jobs, until you’re feeling better.

I hope it helps!

Aww, greasy pizza sucks. I like the woodfired ones, they’re not greasy at all.
My dad has high cholesterol and really, REALLY high blood pressure (more than 200, the doctor said… I think.)
He’s starting to eat more vegetables, because he had too much of those fatty Italian meats (mortadella, something else too.)
I’m not sure about myself. I’ve had heart pains a few days ago but I don’t eat heavy foods so I think it’s something else *cough my dad smokes in the house cough*

Ew. Thanks for warning me about that movie.
But still, ew.

Aw, yes. You’re fun-sized with a fun-sized weight. You look exactly like my auntie, and she’s not so old. She’s way more fun-sized, though… when I was eight, I went to the Philippines and stayed at her house; I was taller than her by 4 centimeters.

I’m 45kg, maybe more. You make me feel fat. /wah

I’ve seen that before, I don’t have any stress balls. I used to have a little rubber tomato filled with water, but my brother popped it. I should go and get another. /oh

All you need is a *hug*

Oops, I don’t know if I already returned this comment, but blah… here it is anyway:

I can put my sketches in polaroids!

‘Network’ and ‘Family’ could be moved to it’s own page!

“I see a brick wall.”
“I see an old man staring at me…”
“You better run!”

Yes, you are. :P

I have apple and kiwi, I think. I seriously need a Bathox bath.

I also had a rubber chicken. But it’s weird, since chickens don’t swim. And I’d know!

Aww, no need to rush!

That’s the name of the thief’s site!! She called you a bitch. Like, WTF? The only bitch is her! D:

My comments are building up, I want to be 1st! You don’t need to return them all.
Because it’s just…
…spam (ish). :P

I can use text effects~

The italics are so pretteh

2 more spam-ish comments!
Gloop de doop~

Eh, I’ll stop there. I’m starting to feel guilty. XD

FINAL SPAM COMMENT. (Couldn’t help it, sorry!) :)

Sorry that I didn’t respond to your blog comment at the same time as my comment on yours, but I like to save your comments for last when responding because they take the most thought. I just now remembered to reply. :P

Ha, I can’t get out of my bright-colored bit. Always with the same colors, too. I’m tired of having pink and orange as the most prominent colors; I highly prefer cool colors, so I’m going back to a blue background. :P I don’t think it’s too similar to past ones, though, as all of the sections are separated from each other… and I have rounded corners and semi-transparent borders. …If I can get it to look okay in most browsers, of course. I haven’t tried too hard yet because I have yet to make the navigation and header. Bleh… the name header is always the hardest part. XP

Oh, I have two questions for you, because you seem like such a fountain of knowledge. If you don’t know the answers or would rather not answer because there’s so much to do, just let me know and I’ll attempt to figure it out elsewhere. :)

1) So I have a thing in my .htaccess to replace direct-linked images with my own image, right? (Woah, weirdest sense of double deja vu.) I installed Cutenews for my hostee, and when I logged into it for her, it had all of the images — even the original emoticons — replaced by that image. I can’t figure out why… unless it has something to do with forbidding direct-linking from, and since her URL has that in it… er, I don’t know how to end that sentence. And her images are uploaded to tinypic (and I got rid of that part of the .htaccess anyway) so I can’t tell if it affected her whole subdomain or just Cutenews.

2) Er… crap, I forgot the other one. XP Well… never mind for now. :/

I wish I could have gotten into programming in high school. :P I also wish that I had taken the Design Tech class… part of it was learning how to make 3D images. I don’t know if there’s a class for that at Clark. :(

I recently found out that levels of cholosterol in a person’s body can be genetical..

Maybe you should learn how to say ‘no’ to those people that talk to you when they need you to do something. (;

If you discover how to stick to ‘to do’ lists let me know, I have the same problem!

Yeah it is a bit. ‘Jane’ is another one of those names that goes with pretty much anything.

I’m so glad I went with a shorter dress. It was bad enough for me to have to walk in heels, haha. The dress would have made it much harder. I really need to practice walking in heels.

The bands I’d like merchandise for either don’t have any, or it’s all really expensive. I’ve got an MCR jacket and T-Shirt from when I liked them though. And a really great System of a Down T-Shirt that my friend bought me. It’s great.

Pop the bubble wrap, Georgina, you know you want to! Lol.

I think it’s something like that here, except they have set grade boundaries. Sometimes you have to get really high marks, but others you don’t need many to get a good grade. It’s a bit silly really, but I suppose they have to do it. But it’s pretty annoying if you get one of the harder exam papers, haha.

They have passenger limits on buses here too, but sometimes the driver just ignores them. I had to sit on the stairs on the bus once, ’cause they was nowhere else to sit/stand.

Glad you finished it!

I love your new layout. The links look really awesome! And the header and background are great too. I love the doodles on the photos, they’re brill!

Good luck with getting all the work done. I remember before the holidays rushing to get all my coursework in, and studying for exams. I thought I had loads of time with the coursework, then we got told it needed to be in before the exams started. I thought we’d get till the end of the year, so I had loads to do in a short space of time. I got it done in the end though. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it, Georgie, just remember to put it before Heartdrops!

I actually do like pizza, but not when it’s greasy and oily. Usually the ones I get aren’t greasy or oily, but I’ve had one like that once or twice. They’re horrible! Pubic hair on a pizza, eww!

I like stress balls. I’ve never seen any shaped like that though. Mine are just little circles with faces on, and wool hair. I saw this huge one in a shop last week, it was the size of a football and incredibly squishy.

Heya Georgie :)
I feel as if it’s my family that expects the most from me. All of them expect me to do housework and they expect me to get good grades and expect me to be perfect. Sometimes I get angry – other wise I feel down because I’ve disappointed them all. But I don’t even know if they deserve me cleaning and stuff anymore :S

Anyways, I know what you mean by housework. Your chores stole minutes of our conversation D:

Eh. Heaps of people talk to you only when they need you. It must be annoying. Do they even say thank you? Don’t worry about them. Just hide or something O_O

I envy you. Eating pizza – with a whole family. I guess I will never eat pizza with my whole family again. Sigh. Sorry. Off topic.

I thought that you had high cholesterol because you had too much pizza (or cheese). :S

I love pizza. But the way you’ve described it – I would understand why you wouldn’t like it. There’s a shop near my house and freaking hell. They put a slice in a paper bag and then put that paper bag in a plastic bag and I could still feel the oil. I had one bite and it was disgusting. Ehh. But I don’t think there could ever be to much cheese lol. Cheese is my homie. Sorry. I just have to stand up for it :S

I’ve never seen She’s All That and I don’t think I want to see it. LOL. Pubic hair in pizza. Ew. Ew. Did anyone eat it after?

Egh. I’ll admit – 43 is quite light but anyone can have sickness.
When my old bible study teacher was fasting, she told us that her workmates said ‘You don’t need to fast, you’re so skinny’. But I don’t know why people think skinny equals healthy.

Surprisingly, a lot of my diabetic relatives look healthier than they should look. :S

Anyways, I just had to laugh at Lilian’s stress ball collection. LOL. Wtf is with the two men showing their muscles? XD
I used to have one with an eight ball design and one with a smiley face.

Take care :)
I hope no one pushes you around anymore.

I know how you feel. My whol family is like that. They push me around and try to make me do whatever they want me to do. I agree with you, except the pizza part. I do believe you but it’s just that I love pizza a lot. :)

I also need to have a to-do list. But I’m sure I won’t be able to stick to it.

Don’t stress yourself too much for people who doesn’t concern you! You’re just wasting your time. I guess they are always people who only come to you when they need something. I guess it always happen to anyone. So, you’re not alone /eee

Argh, I hate it when people expect too much from me. Like umm..parents perhaps? I feel like I have no freedom at all because I’m scared that if I fail at school, I fail at everything.

You should rest for a bit! You need lots of energy to study and do what you want to do. :) Relax and let everything flow.

That’s right. Never judge a book by its cover! I hate it when people do that. Since I’m short, people think I’m like 13 years old, which is good I guess, but really annoying. They think I’m incapable of doing some things on my own!! /angry Such a piss off.

it also makes me feel like complete crap when people assume i’m anorexic or bulimic or just straight-out think i don’t eat because i’m very thin for my height. i get the genetics from my dad, who’s exactly like me but whatever, lol.

ack i used to be so patient with everything especially dealing with service. now i get riled up over everything, haha, but i do have a legitimate reason for it!

thanks :) i hate the header since i did it very last minute and i had the prominent idea of a kite in my head so i said why not, hah.

Wow, that sucks…
You shouldnt try to encourage yourself too much! That makes you sick. Dont think you NEED to do the things you dont want to! Just think about yourself sometime… Maybe you need to go on vacation :P

You dont like pizza? My best friend doesnt like it too… I always thought that everybody likes pizza because there are so many different ways to do it… I know that I dont like the american kind of pizza… Its too fatty and all… But the italien original way is nice! I like it most just with tomatoes and basil on it :P
My dad has too high cholesterol too… I hope I dont get it…

Kisses Kristin

Yeah, sticking to a timetable is difficult. It feels forced to have to follow the timetable sometimes, you know. But it does some good to know somehow!

Haha, that’s really nice! :D

Ah, I’m glad I didn’t trouble you or anything. Yeah, it’s quite annoying when some people keep asking questions…and most of the questions I have received are silly. Why can’t these people just search the web for some information on that instead of emailing us and asking us silly questions? /snort

Yeah, you’re right! Junk food is meant to be eaten only occasionally, but some people treat it like their actual breakfast.

Haha, I’m glad you aren’t feeling depressed or anything! Falling into that endless deep pitch doesn’t do anyone good, but yes, I do understand how it must feel!

Yay for Georgie! :D

heyyyy sorry we’ve not spoke in a while I’ve been away lol
im liking this new layout :)
aww im sorry youve been so busy i hope it gets better for you soon and i hate when people only ask you for help and then dont bother talking its like being used
i havent seen that film but i’d like to
aww i hate when people stereotype, i’m lucky that im not diagnosed with anything serious other than a temperamental digestive system and food intolerances but I really feel for you it must be so hard keeping it down because when fat people have it theyre all like lose weight no salt take exercise drink benecol blah blah and they expect it of fat people and they don’t really expect slim people to be so they think you’re making it up or something. i think my mum has high blood pressure and cholesterol (well not now she doesn’t she’s on tablets to keep it down) but she did have :(

I love pizza lol pepperoni is my favourite hehe dominoes and pizza hut, I love the crispiness of the pepperoni, I do quite often get half the cheese tho to (try) and be healthy although you cant really with a pizza lol

I dont think it’s weird that you dislike pizza i think its a good thing in a way as well because you wouldn’t be tempted to eat it if you dont like it lol I don’t like KFC at all people call me a weirdo for that all the time.

anyway good luck with everything hope you get it sorted soon and kick peoples asses who are rude to you :D

Yeah some cultures definitely have a weird way of doing things, but my parents have always told me to take the best from each culture since they all have their good and bad aspects.

Psh yeah my straight friends are pretty awesome, but y’know, a gay one would just be icing on the cake LOL.

Lmao nah you’re not lame. I’m going to start using the word lame more often as well. xD

LMFAO. That is a hilarious/embarrassing/awkward as hell scene that you created. But for some reason, I can’t imagine it any other way now. Lmao. Actually I can imagine myself seeing you and then not even realizing it was you, and then 5 minutes later doing a double take in disbelief and then start running after you screaming.. fail.

Omg that’s an awesome idea to open another site for GAMES! Bahahaha, I can’t wait.

It’s a good thing that the two sports are easy to differentiate there as well. I think I should be the one apologizing cause I’m pretty slow when I try to understand things lmao.

HAHA, yeah we both know what it’s like to spend hours returning comments. Sometimes I feel like just leaving it all and going out with friends or something because I get tired of it, but then I feel so damn bad for not replying to people that I find myself returning all of em. :P

One thing that angers me though is when people ask for too much. I’m not mentioning any names but one of my “AFFIES” dayum she’s really caused me some stress. Firstly, when we were affies before she used to comment and all, but then she became completely inactive and didn’t comment for months. Turns out she was on vacation. So then when she got back she saw that I had deleted her as an affie because it was right after I had done my affie cleanout. She then begged me to add her back and she was sorry and blabla so I did, and now she’s inactive again and I’m pretty darn sure she’s not on vacation. -.- Fuck. AND this same person asked me to make a layout for her when we first became affies. So I did, and a couple of days ago one of my other site visitors told me that she’s making premades where she’s using the exact same coding that I did for her in that layout and just changing the CSS. For fuck sakes. I’m just so pissed.

Aweh I know how you feel though. I always forget or skip over a comment by accident every now and then and it’s annoying when ppl freak out because of it. Sorry that I commented saying you hadn’t returned mine. I was just wondering what happened since you always return them hehe. D: Don’t hate me. :(

I’m glad that you’re feeling better! Woo. :D I’m not feeling so great though, school starts tomorrow, fuck.

I definitely understand your stress and pain. Anxiety and depression is terrible, and honestly difficult to combat, so go easy on yourself. With a little time and mellow days, it’ll get better. :)

Honestly, I can NOT cope when I’m busy. I freak out and just stay in bed or go whacko. If I don’t have some minimal amount of downtime in my day, things end badly. Nonetheless, I really wish you success in your hopes to balance your to do lists. Never feel obligated to help others! It’s your life – you should be top priority. ;)

yeah, as a matter of fact i have just sanitized (H) But it would hurt if i bathed in it, and quite possibly my shampoo and the sanitizer could co-react and combust. YAYAYAYA. smart words. XD

Yeah my dad’s cool. (H) at least you get your dad gourmet pizza, mine gets socks. XD and a hug. I got him anti-aging cream for fathers day, LOL.

Yeah eventually he owned up, and the teacher said nothing because he’s always up to shit like that :P

Ewwww housework. :( I’m always expected to do it, but I always postpone it. I’m a procrastonator /heart Oh my god i’m on a roll with the big words. XD

You don’t have diabetes do you? :S Aww, well eat some low fat butter and the cholestoral will be gone well down, (H)

I’m sorry you’re feeling bad :(

Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick yourself back up. Maybe the time tables/organization is making you think too much and could be adding on to how you feel. I know when I get in this mood I don’t want to do anything but eat, and binge eat. Which, isn’t good. Because then I’ll binge on junk food, and then ride my exercise bike until I’m all sweaty and feel like the junk food has left my system. It’s not a good thing.

I know what you mean about house cleaning. I’m the only one who actually cleans the house. I run the sweaper, clean up the kitchen after dinner every night and I just don’t think it’s fair especially since my step mom doesn’t do anything. If I don’t do a night of cleaning, it stays like that and then I get so furious at seeing it, my Danny Tanner complex kicks in and I have to clean it all up to perfection.

Too bad you couldn’t get just a hand to help you out with the spontaneous housework. I think that would make you feel better and more appreciated, I know it would me if I had that.

And as for pizza–I love it. I think I always will, even despite that movie and how it turned me off for a few days after watching it. I tried to focus more on how Sarah Michelle Gellar was in a cameo of it haha.

But I wouldn’t judge someone just because they had a disease. Those are serious. It also messes with people’s mind, and gives them complexes, too.

Agh, I left another long comment on your blog so I’m going to hush now :X See you soon and I hope you feel better! ♥

High cholesteral at such a young age, it sucks. I don’t remember pubes in pizza in that movie, I do remember the fallaful balls that she worked at or whatever.

So are you at a high risk for diabetes too?

If I had money, I’d go down to there and give you a hug, but since I don’t, here’s a virtual one *hugs*.

I’m sorry that you’re stressed, but the stress balls really do help. Although, I, personally, chuck them at things when I’m stressed… Don’t why, but knocking shit over makes me feel better xD.

I know what you mean about the pizza. I don’t like Ferrero Rocher, but I love chocolate. So, people assume that since I like chocolate I MUST like Ferrero Rocher, so they keep buying me the stuff, although I repeatedly said I don’t like it. But they just can’t get it… Ferrero Rocher is too rich and creamy. I have these stomach problems, and I can’t eat anything greasy, or very fattening, because it will make me vomit… But noooo… People keep buying the damn Ferrero Rocher. GAH!

I like pizza though, I can’t eat a lot of it, but I like it. Have you tried veggie pizzas? Or is it just the melted cheese and the greasy crust that makes it gross?

I’m not much help… Sorry.

I think the squishy ones would probably be better for me simply because I’d get distracted by tossing them up in the air. XD

Is it free for download?

Hey Georgie! I was just wondering if your reviews were only for HTML sites. :) By the way, awesome smilies!

I’ve done them for non-HTML sites like yours, but I can’t make any comment on the layout or coding as it’s not yours, so what I can say is that you won’t get a review with too many compliments; I do prefer you have your own designed and coded layout.

Thank you. :)

Super sorry! I feel this is half my fault, asking you to host me. 😰 I know your busy so I was like..should I ask her… should I not? /ehe Sorrrrryyy, if I caused you any trouble. /bash

I ♥ the new layout by the way. The texture is pretty.

94 pounds? I feel fat now, considering I’m 100 and like eight. O.o Maybe I should lay off the pizza, I eat too much of it. I just had some yesterday. :D

This comment.. I think is one of the shortest I’ve ever done. Hahaha, But I used a lot of smilies O.o I bet this will be put into spam. xP

I don’t know why I stayed up that late. I just wanted to get it out the way. Normally I wouldn’t do it at that time. I’m probably in trouble with my teacher anyway because only half of it is on the paper, and the rest is on my memory stick. Oops…

Yeah, I know what you mean. Even if you try, and fail, at least you tried. Yet these people don’t even try.

I don’t live that far away from my friends, it’s just sometimes it gets boring staying in watching DVD’s, but everywhere around here is pricey :|

Even if I don’t sell my hoodies, I have a bit more money to spend since my mum gave me some for my holiday :)

Oh, my favourite band is full of cute members! xD Other people might not think it, but I seriously think all the members in McFly are so gorgeous, and they’re all so talented at what they do and they give so much and I’m going to shut up because I could go on forever! :P

My posters are usually from magazines, they’re only small but they don’t cost much. :) My full size official ones were £4, and the big ones you get from outside concerts are usually, about £1-3 so I buy lots of them. All 4 walls of my room are covered in McFly :|

OH man girlfriend, I had no idea that you had high cholesterol. My dad is a Gastroenterologist so he deals with high cholesterol & high blood pressure patients all the time. Even if it was inherited, there are definitely ways to control it & keep it down! Lots of exercise & staying away from .. PIZZA. I am not the biggest fan of pizza myself but the other day I made my own pizza with a bunch of friends & it was honestly the best pizza i’ve ever had because it had: grilled chicken, bbq sauce, pineapples, basil, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, red onions, olives, and mushroooooms. It also had a stuffed crust full of cheeeese.

Anyway, I’m sorry to hear about you stresssin out, love! I feeeel your pain although I don’t have a stress ball. I should get myself one but I’m sure high cholesterol + stress = BAD. :(

To-do lists really do help but if things keep distracting, that makes things much much worse. You know you could set alarms so that you can get things done in a timely matter or something. Or you could try to ignore the complications that come between you & your to-do lists (if it’s not important). OR YOU COULD ASK YOUR PARENTS TO HIRE A MAID THAT COMES IN TWICE A WEEK? hahaha that way you might be able to focus on other things than cleaning your house! How dirty can a house get within a couple of days?!

Haha yeah! Thanks, Georgina! I hope I get better at domains, too! Lmao… Pot luck! I guess you have a bucketful of that haha! /love Really though; it’s nice to have it! D: You can count on it lol. Meh. Who cares about total mastery? Thing is that you maintain a domain/s and that’s all that matters! ;)

LOL YAH! Un-birthdays… They make me feel kind of awkard in a way lol. It’s like you’re relaxing off from your birthday, rofl! xD It’s funny haha.

Yeah! I will do so! It will keep me busy with blog topics! Haha yeah; you did mention something once about university entrance. I’m sure you did really well considering you passed and you’re in it and everything. My sister just told me that we have sort of “family” members in Port Washington who went to Boston University and they’re all graduated whiz brains! D: Doctors, psychiatrists… and I forgot the other profession. BLEH.

Yes it does get annoying but I don’t think I’ll mind it much especially when it’s my mum! We have a really close friendship between us! (:

LOL. Yeah. Oh, don’t worry. I don’t. I like to have it sometimes though; I find it to be as a really good treat! You should try it sometime! Forget the fat! :D It’s not like you eat it every single day! 💥

Ugh, being stressed out is no fun. I got stressed out yesterday for a silly mistake, that no one will remember except to laugh with me. I’m still out of it. I should laugh about it but I can’t seem to do it.

I find if I can’t stick to to-do lists to break the list down more. Or put the ones that aren’t hard at the top.

Thanks. *HUGS*

Oh yeah dude when I went to the bathroom and saw my eye I did a double-take and was like WTF MAN. Then I spent a while staring at it. O.O

I bet you’re still allergic to coconuts even though you haven’t eaten them in a while. =/ When I ate a pistachio in tenth grade and had a really crappy reaction, I hadn’t eaten pistachios since fifth grade and was only mildly allergic to them back then. I used to actually be able to eat them with just a bit of an uncomfortable sensation in my throat. I wouldn’t eat coconut if I were you. =/

What exactly is a tuckshop? :P

We don’t even have a little shop at my school. A lot of high schools here have a school store where you can buy spirit wear and stuff, but we don’t. xD

Oh actually, I just looked up what a tuckshop is. A little food place, right? If you consider food, I guess we have our cafeteria which is open between first and second hour and at lunchtimes. It’s not really a shop though. xP

OH YEAH I can see that scroll thing too!! Or maybe it’s being pushed up across a hardwood floor to be read.

Okay, that’s good. :) Good job cutting your list down by 100 people too! That’s awesome, though 200 is still a lot of contacts. xD Do you have trouble finding people in your list with so many?

Reminding you now then! Since I forgot until I reread your comment, too. Change the color of the links when you hover over them! xP

Haha yeah I was pretty shocked at how much it bled too. Who would have thought my nose had so much blood in it? xD

Yesssss. Celebration is good~! Can’t wait!

Wow, I actually really can’t wait ’til October. A lot of stressful things will start to go away, like this one huge science project I have to do in a group, and the rough draft of my extended essay. :) Shit, I gt more and more stressed today as the day went on. T_T I haven’t even done any schoolwork yet! Maybe that’s why… heh. =/

Woo, I’m mentioned! *dances* xD

I’m the same about sticking to to-do lists. If there’s any little type of disturbance, I get all thrown off and can’t stick to it anymore. That’s why I get all pissed when my mom doesn’t tell me she wants me to do some chore until the day she wants me to do it. I don’t plan for that!!

I agree, it is definitely rude for someone to only ask you when they need help with something. That happens with me and people from school a lot. There are some people who ONLY IM me when they have a question about homework. I get annoyed helping them because I’m like dude… you don’t even try to be friends with me, and yet you expect me to help you whenever you have a problem?

Ew ew ew. Pubic hair on a pizza? Ewwwww. That reminds me of something that happened to me in our hotel room at IRI…

So I was showering, and when I got out I grabbed the towel off the toilet that I had gotten off the little rack for myself before I got in the shower. Well, I opened it up to wrap up my hair for a couple minutes, AND THERE WAS A PUBIC HAIR ON IT. At first I instinctively thought it was my own, so I went to pick it off. Well then I realized it was STUCK ON THE TOWEL. EWWWWW. I pretty much just threw the towel across the room and got a new one. OMG it was so gross. D:

Hah, and now I have to go eat dinner. Lovely subject to leave on. Back in a bit to finish typing this!

Alright back from dinner~.

I actually love pizza! I can understand why you don’t like it though.

Ugh, that’s so dumb of people to assume you can’t have high cholesterol just because you’re skinny! My mom has high cholesterol and she’s a stick! 5’7″ and weighs less than 116 pounds. I’ll probably have it when I’m older too, since my grandma had it. =/ Ahh well. Enjoy things while I can, I guess! :)

Haha, the little man stress balls are funny. My favorite of Lilian’s is the one shaped like a heart, though.

Ugh, that reminds me of how I’m feeling so stressed about schoolwork this week. D: Even though I’m not done returning comments yet I might stop to do my math homework and get things ready for tomorrow, just so I can feel a little better about it all.

You’re right, sometimes a hug is the best remedy.


Awhhh I am so sorry that you are feeling stressed right now Georgina! :( Sometimes I feel stressed. Probably not as bad as you are right now though. I used to not like pizza but now I do.

Ewie pizza and pubic hair? O.O I probably couldn’t watch that scene. xD It’s gross there is always one piece of pubi hair in the shower. >.:( I guess it’s good for me though because I wouldn’t have anything because it would all be lost xD

Shit!!! My whole comments got like cut-off!! D: Well here I go again:

Awhhh I am so sorry that you are feeling stressed right now Georgina! :( Sometimes I feel stressed. Probably not as bad as you are right now though. I used to not like pizza but now I do.

Ewie pizza and pubic hair? O.O I probably couldn’t watch that scene. xD It’s gross there is always one piece of pubi hair in the shower. >.:(

You’re welcome! :D Yeah sometimes it’s hard to take things off your sidebar. Your like “Should I take it off or not?” xD

Yeah we should sometime. I really normally only talk to Meaghan from Faded-Aeterna because it never ever gets awkward between us but others it seems to O.O I have a lot of people but I only talk to one x)

Fell down the stairs? Nicee xD Once I fell going up the stairs. I hit my shin so hard on the step it made an icky blue/black bruise on it. Owchie it hurt so bad!

Haha my mom doesn’t let me have a mess room good thing too because if it was messy I wouldn’t have anything because I would lose everything!

I copied this comment just in case ;)

I hope you get better :D
I also hate it when people ask me to do something to only benefit themselves ==”
YOU HATE PIZZA !? Come on, pizza is the best! I always eat pizza hut. Oh well, everyone has different tastes.
Your not the only one, I make myself to-do lists and none of them get completed and I also made myself a timetable, but I’m not sticking to it. I’m always like ” I’ll do it later….” but if I keep on sticking to timetables, I’ll get used to it. It’s the only way that will make me spend my time wisely.
Eww… pubic hair on pizza. That’s turned me off.
Wow, you are really thin. I’m like way younger than you and I weigh more than you. Your too skinny. Eat more. I feel like a pig.Its a good thing I like sport or else I’ll probably actually look like a big bear with a tremendous stomach.
True, I don’t think my plan will work but If I try and my consistancy level is okay, I know I can do it. There are things that suddenly happen and I can’t update or whatever, but I’ll make up for it. Heh.