The New Transmission

As you can see, new layout. :) I don’t really like this one and it’s a bit of rubbish really. I became inspired by sticker photos, and combined it all with a scrapbook look. It doesn’t look great, but I’ll leave it up to you. I’m most proud of the navigation and the links. James helped me out with the navigation idea. It looked absolutely terrible before.

I got the background from Noctua-graphics from a Google search. I wasn’t originally going to use the woodgrain but then I remembered someone mentioning that woodgrain works with the scrapbook look. The photos are of Lilian, me, and James. I drew on the little hearts and decorations myself. The font I used is called Pointy.

I had trouble getting the thing to work with a transparent PNG, so I hope that because the background is non-fixed, it won’t hurt your eyes or anything.

I recently switched most of the visitor section to WordPress so if you notice any glitches let me know. Also, I accidentally deleted my affiliates page so whoever was on there – sorry. I won’t be adding any more people back. I only link who I want to link from now on.

My sidebar is a big mess, I know, so if you have suggestions for me, let me know. I want to actually put a little blurb in my sidebar.

Well… speaking of cleaning things, James cut down his contact list on MSN some time ago, and told me to do so too. I thought of doing it, since I have about 300 on there. Most people on there have also changed email addresses. I deleted about twenty then gave up. But it’s a start.

I used to try and add every person in my grade on MSN. I don’t know why, but it wasn’t really the “cool” thing to do. I just thought it was handy, in case I needed to talk to these people. In other ways I guess it’s not; you get invited to mass conversations and such.

The point I’m really trying to get at is the lack of personality through MSN. Sure, I talk to close friends like James and Lilian and some of my online buddies. Every now and then I add another person I know online, or don’t know too well – but the fact is that I know them.

I don’t like it when people annoy me when my status is on “busy” or “away” – but I’ve ranted long and hard about that, and I want to move on to something slightly different.

Making conversation. It’s what you do, naturally. But isn’t it weird when you get a little conversation that goes like this:

Person: Hello!!
You: Hi. :)
Person: How are you?
You: Good!
Person: Haha cool.

The conversation ends. /hmph Look, I don’t mind you talking to me, but if you’re going to ask how I am, thank you for asking. But if we’re going to have a conversation like that, it’s a little bit strange.

And kind of annoying. Please don’t say “hi” if you don’t plan on talking about anything. It’s really weird. @_@

There are new pixels in the visitor section and a new caption competition so please enter. Sophia, congratulations on winning the round for August; I’ll be emailing you shortly. :)

I hope you guys are going well. :D

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Hahhaha. 26 people! /bounce
It’s great, not having to scroll about looking for people (H)

It does look a bit odd with the grey boxes and all; /sweat. It’s probably not as good as it could’ve been, given more time /ho


LOL. I just… kind of realised what you meant about the links looking weird with the grey boxes. I suppose they kind of do, when you see a lot of them at once. :O

But I like them. ;)

I actually never look in my MSN list for people. I left click the icon in the system tray, click “send instant message”, and then type in part of the person’s name or email. Works better than opening the window. :D

Well, now that they have the “favourite” contacts, I put the people I normally look for there.

Wait, wait… don’t tell me all this time you were scrolling to look for contacts when you could have searched for them? /ho

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE NEW LAYOUT! =ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OMG OMG all of you look oh so ♥ ! Keep up the good work, you three! =3

The sidebar is kinda loooooong. Hehe… sorry. Especially the first bit. Those are a lot of names. Thought it was good for a baby naming site lol. You might end up choosing one from there! XD

Sometimes that happens to me too! On my old winx site, a lot of people used to add me and like I’d get the same thing pretty much. Then they do talk to me, still, but not much. I tend to delete them sometime. I feel bad though.

Bleh. I NEED INSPIRATION. And you’re somewhat have given me a bit. I just don’t know what keeps you alive! :( Love you loads!! /hehe

I saw you Tweet about putting up a new layout, so I waited to see it. I really like the back ground, that’s nice :) I like the way you have done the links, that looks good as well. I don’t understand the massive list down your sidebar though.

I have lots of MSN contact’s I don’t really talk to too. People don’t annoy me when I am ‘Away’ because I have an Auto-responder on eg.

Person: Heyyyy
Auto-responder: Not here right now, be back soon :)

It is really handy when you are busy. I hate them silly little converstations to. It’s just like:

Person: Hi
Me: Hi
Person: Wuu2
Me: Nm, u?
Person: Nm

I hate that. What is the point?

Hey! :)

Yeah, the list was that funny plugin I was mucking around with. 💀

I can’t view your website right now so I’m getting back to you this way.

I have an auto responder as well, and I have disabled it for some contacts, but I am sometimes just too lazy to put it on – people should really realise. Sometimes I get mad and put an annoying auto-message on, like “I’m busy, can’t you read?”

I actually didn’t know what “wuu2” meant until a few weeks ago. XD

Aw Georgina, i really like this layout, it’s not like your other ones and this one is really cute! (Y) I don’t think the sidebar is in a mess, but probably separate the names to two columns? Maybe it will look a little neater.
Oh, I used to do that too! I thought it was cool /argh but then I had so many people in my list that i made a new e-mail just for close people and the other one for offline ones. 300 is a lot! Well, good luck and twenty is a start I would’ve gave up at 5 @_@ .

Ugh I hate when people do that on MSN, I try to make the convo longer and fun but some people just like it taht way /hmph .

OMG I won! YAY me! 👏

Wow I’m stupid never mind my stupid suggestion the page didn’t load fully so the names weren’t in one column :P

I really like your new layout, the wood grain effect works well with the pictures. Not to mention the pictures are cute. ^__^

I know what you mean about conversations like that on Msn. I find it super annoying because I’m like, why did you even start a conversation with me in the first place?! xD

Your blog title made me think of Lost Prophets. Do you like them too? because I think they’re amazing. :D


The layout looks so cute. Haha. All three of you have chinky eyes. I love the header; I almost couldn’t stop staring. ^.^ Your sidebar looks a bit messy but that’s because you have so many affiliates. The background color on the images somewhat irks me out. I personally don’t like to see background colors on images with links. :D Other than that, the layout looks great.

Haha. I used to add many people as I can in my MSN and YM to the point that I don’t know some of them, and ended up chatting instead of making my homework. I did that just to populate my list and it went way too messy so I changed e-mail addresses and only added the people I really know, partly because I don’t want people to make silly conversations especially when I’m busy. I used to chat so much; I’d eve stay until dawn chatting. O_o

The pixels look so cute. They have the color of candy; I want to eat them. I don’t know how to make pixels. LOL.

Aww, I’m so sorry to hear that your friend used to had such a bad experience. It is really scary if a house got on fire. I especially don’t like fire when there’s smoke because you can’t breathe. It’s terrible. ='(

LMAO, that same guy who comment whore you did the same thing again?? I didn’t think he had the nerves to repeat his annoying actions again. But I’m lucky that I’ve recently stopped receiving them. /eee

I somehow think that time just flies when you’re having fun. I will try to list out things that I’ve been planning to achieve ever since and try to cross out on some that I have. :)

I love this new layout! It’s really creative! You always have interesting layouts. Indeed, the wood background suits perfectly well with this layout.

Eek. Sounds like some of those people on MSN are being rude. I don’t go on MSN that often. I just uninstalled the program when I was cleaning my local disk space last week. And I never regret it. =D. Ever since I started with Heartland-Sky, I started to prefer emails better than instant messages. I don’t know. Its mainly because I find instant messages usually aren’t that urgent. And people just say the most common things such as, “Hi, hello, how are you?” or “How’s your day, what are you doing?” and the list will go on.. /argh

James is right, you really should clear out your MSN contact list. 300? That’s too many. I don’t even have 200. LOL. I don’t like keeping too many contacts either because I won’t be able to remember which one is one.

Omg i hate it when people just say “hi” and then thats it, its like ok was i supose to say anything else or what? Tehe. I love the new layout :)

OMG! I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU’RE LAYOUT lol! ♥ :X :P but seriously! it is adorable! you have some skills my girl! /faw /bash <– i needed that i've gone hyper over a layout 👏 yeah i know the icons aren't brilliant.. i just needed to add some more stuff to get open.. but yeah i'm making lots more with some of your stock /ehe /type 😰 shutting up now! lol

Oh dear, it’s been so long since I commented you, I forgot what we were talking about so lets start a fresh x_x That’s the same for every one else, people must be thinking I’m one of those lame people who don’t reply to comments.

This layout is so great! I think it’s really cute when you use personal photos in the layouts, and I like the links :3 They’re unique.

I have exactly 338 contacts on MSN and I hardly talk to any of them. I know about 40% of them, never spoke to about 15% of them, and the rest are my online friends or robots. The robots are funny to argue with, like Smarter Child, Magic 8 Ball and Celebrity Bot, because they have to stick to a script xD

I don’t think I could ever clear my contacts out though! I’d be like, “Well I do speak to him/her occasionally and it wouldn’t be very nice to remove a friend!” haha.

I don’t like pointless conversations, either. Of course it’s nice every now and then to be asked how you are but if the conversations going no where, theres no point. If I can’t think of anything to say I just write ‘LOL’ or ‘:)’. I’m not very talkative on MSN xD

I might enter your caption competition. If I can think of anything… D:

Oh, we used that website for school stuff last year! I’m glad you posted a link to it..I had forgotten all about it. :)
I like the layout…it’s fun. :) And the links look pretty cool.

Haha that’s alright. I just came across it through a Google search so it must be pretty popular too.

Thank you! :)

Holy crap, I haven’t commented on a blog of yours in like fifty freaking years!!! I’M SO SORRY. DON’T LET ME DO IT AGAIN. I’ve read them all, but that doesn’t count. :P I might go back and leave a comment on a few of the ones that I missed commenting on. WordPress will show you those, right? D:

Really, the last comment I left was two Mondays ago on the blog with the bouncy boob balls. -_- SORRY SORRY SORRY.

Haha yes that’s it; I definitely get way too excited about my stories, so they never come out as funny as I make them sound. :P There’s a video about that… let me find it.


It’s not exactly the same thing, but the over-hyping is there. :P

Yes I will love the end of high school; I’m sure. ^.^

Oh there are shops at your uni?

Woo, you finally got the links to work with covering up the seam between backgrounds. :) Kudos to James for helping you with the idea.

You’re right, the woodgrain looks nice with the scrapbook look. Whenever I think of a scrapbook-style layout I think of cork board for some reason. I think both would work well. ^.^

Nah, the non-fixed background looks fine. It feels like I’m moving down a table to view your site, which is kind of a cool effect. :P

Your sidebar doesn’t look like a mess to me! Though I do agree that the way it is now you can’t really type a little blurb there, because it’d be too long. Your sidebar is already really long. xP

Sheesh, 300 contacts? Wow. I have a lot of my AIM/GChat, but a lot of people never sign in or don’t sign in very often, so it’s not a problem. Right now there are only nine people signed in on my list, which is actually a ton less than usual. Probably because a lot of people have moved to college or are out of town. I wish I got to move to college this year instead of having another year of high school. =/ Oh well, only nine months until graduation. >.>

I already replied to the rest of this blog with you on MSN, so I’m going to finish this comment up and go comment on one or two of your old blogs that I had wanted to comment on but didn’t get to.

Also, for some reason I have this feeling that this is a REALLY crappy comment. /poo

*a lot on my AIM/GChat

OH speaking of poo… one thing I don’t like about this layout is the hover effect on the links. Every time I hover over a link I’m like ew, it’s poo-colored. xD

LOVING the layout. (: It’s so darn cute and the pictures are priceless haha.

Yeah, the hot dog reminds me of getting your dankey on VERY MUCH.

That’s true. I was happy to learn about these things, cause I felt so isolated and kinda stupid only knowing about the Canadian/American way of life. xD

I’m glad you didn’t go any further with the squatting experience. I don’t think I want to know lmao.

I’m extremely happy that my parents moved out of India as well. They knew I’d have a way better life here, so it all worked out for the best. It’s actually pretty funny that James commented on how Indian’s living in Canada are rare, because it’s not rare at all. xD I think Canada’s the most multicultural country in the world, and there are countless Indians, including any other nationality you can think of. :O That’s one of the things that I like the most about this place. Even in my school, the students in my classes are from all over,it’s a great mix. I mean, seriously, who would of thought I end up dating a white guy (Brian) LMAO. Just kidding.

K here’s my personal message to James: Stop ruffling Georgina’s hair. She doesn’t like it. I’m sure as her bf you want her to like you, and if you continue ruffling her hair, the less she likes you. DUN DUN DUN. (Lmao, kae I don’t think that’s true.. because you probs still like him even though he ruffles your hair.. but I tried.)

Whoa that’s very creepy about the guys who’s nails were longer than yours. D: That’s not really.. normal? xD

Yeah, I can believe you when you say the milk is better than the carbonated water.. YUCK.

I’m sorry if this comes across as rude but I think it’s absolutely hilarious how you just deleted your affies page and said “TOO BAD I LINK WHO I WANT TO NOW”..LMAO. You go girl, tell em like it is.

Congrats on deleting those 20 contacts. I decided to cut down my MSN list a while ago, and I was actually successful.. for once in my life.

I know what you mean about making conversation on msn. It definitely lacks personality, and it’s just plain boring to have convos like that. But I do admit, when I’m mad at someone I give them short answers and the convo ends up like the one you showed baha. >:)

Awwww! I love the layout!!! It’s soo cute 🤬 The background works really well with the layout too! :D
Lol your sidebar is a bit long :P You should make it a drop down menu or something :3 It’s really useful!
I hate those boring conversations too :S
This is basically how it goes:
What’s up?
Nothing much..

Jeez, it’s not like they’re ever gonna get an answer other than Not Much xD

Yes, you’re right! :)

OMG, I love the new layout! It’s a bit different from your past layouts, I think. Love the whole idea too! Though, I think a few scribbles here & there would have made it look more like a scrapbook, LOL, a proper messy scrapbook! :D

LOL, I have never been on MSN. It seemed cool, but I never had the chance of actually making an account (?) on it. I guess conversations with some people can be pretty boring, what with only ‘hi’s and ‘bye’s. Talking with more known persons such as close friends would be good! I chat a lot on Gmail with my friends, you see. XD
Yeah, I agree it’s kind of annoying. I mean, conversations have to be more than just “Hi’!” ad “How are you?”. That’s not even a real conversation, I suppose.

Congrats to Sophia! :D

Hey! I think your layout is a nice bold change. The header is really cute, and it’s nice to see another Beatles-esque layout :D I was thinking about the statement and I don’t usually think of wood going with scrap-booking but it’s not bad. I would think maybe looseleaf paper might work a little better. I really like the links though, they’re pretty cool :D

I was also thinking about how to have less on your sidebar but I couldn’t really think of much… Maybe you could have a drop down list for your affiliates or try to fit them in three columns but I’m not sure how that would look.

I think I used to have MSN but I didn’t know many people on it so now I just have an AIM screen name but I pretty much never go on it. But even when I do I just pretty much have those lame conversations like you stated above. Even when you’re not online and you see someone you know and they quickly say ‘Hey, how are you’, it doesn’t feel like a real conversation, like if you’re not feeling happy you’re still just going to say ‘I’m good, nice seeing you!’… Or is that just me lol? Either way, it’s impersonal, and a waste of time lol.

OOOOOOOOHS. :D I love the new layout. :D It’s cute. Those pictures are great. /eee AND HARHAR, a wood texture? :D Well I really like the layout so there. :P The picture of James is funny. XD
Um… sidebar. Well sure it could be cleaner buttt itt’s not that bad…
Holy fuck. I’M A TOP COMMENTER?!!?!?!?! :D :D :D
/hehe /eee /type /bounce 😏
I hadn’t realised I had commented that much. O_O AND ONLY ON WORDPRESS. XD

Anyways… maybe if the advertising buttons didn’t have any breaks between them? Lmfao. Crappy excuse, I know. :P

The background is fine. :) Yeeheeee. I’ve always wanted to have a wooden background… I should do it next time. :P
Bummer. Deleting pages = SUCKAGE. Well obviously only if you do it by accident… XD
Ooooh paper textures look quite cool. (Sorry, you’ve got me texture hunting now. Lmfao). :D But wooden ones are still smexy. ;)

My MSN lists are really small, and when I do sign in, no one is ever online (with the exception of yourself, of course).
Convos like that are kind of dumb. We kind of trail off sometimes buttttt we’re not that bad, are we? @_@

Harhar I wouldn’t take the names of everyone in… it would be kinda stupid. :P ‘Cause not everyone likes me. XD
It is kind of weird. And then it goes ‘are you still there?’
Yes, I am still here… gonna say something though? *rolls eyes*

OOOOHS CAPTION CONTEST. I don’t know what to put as a caption.. XD
Done. :D IO submitted one… XD Your sandwich is at risk, Georgie. ;)

Yaryar, I musteth shuteth myeth reviewseth… oh blimey, sorry ’bout all the eth-ing. XD
Well he plays the radio, that’s all the stuff on the radio… kind of boring tbh.
I have been avoiding them, heh. :D
I hate music. :P It’s boring… XD I mean I like making all of the melodies and stuff but when it becomes some stupid big project… *yawn*

I do want you to. ;)
LMFAO. Lame Lauren. 😝 ♥

ZE BEATLES. :D My dad is a massive Beatles fan. :3

IKR? Terry was a legend, but for all the wrong reasons.

Gekko is dead. No worries. ;)
THAT RYHMES. :O Kind off.
“I always forget that I called him
Fin, but I love him”. /eee

Yeah… with ties too. :D Along with the suits. :)
Hehehee. :)

Did that make any sense at all? :S

Oh, this is really nice! I normally don’t like woodgrain layouts but with your pictures the way they are, it works. It could be because the woodgrain layouts I saw used horrible colors to match, this works nice. It’s easy on the eyes and I love your header. Very creative!

I KNOW exactly what you mean. I use Yahoo and AIM for instant messaging–mainly, because I don’t have an MSN account and I don’t know that many people on there. On AIM I’ll have my status put up that I’m writing a story or working on my site and a friend will beep me and say something exactly like the convo you put up there, then expect ME to carry on the convo. That friend was also on Yahoo, and all he would moan and groan to me about how his Livejournal Icon contests were always failing. It got so annoying I ended up getting a new screename and not re-adding him.

I hope you get your MSN contact list fixed. I don’t have many on my Yahoo one. Just one online friend who I role-play with weekly, and two offline friends. On AIM I have more people, mostly online contacts lol.

Thanks for adding me on twitter! :)

Haha i think this the the least best layout you have done but i still like it. Its better then any thing i could come up with.

I know what you mean with the MSN chat. “Hi”, “how are you?”, “yeah ok i guess”, “coo”l.

10 minutes later, “So what you up to?”, “nothing”, “cool”

Its even worse when people use MSN chat. Can’t under stand a word they are saying. Now i realize what my mum felt like when i sent her text massages when i was a teenager. /eee

Wow, I really like the new layout! The header is cute and the background looks just so different. I like it a lot! Thumbs up!!

300 contacts on MSN? I probably have 10??!! :P
Here in Germany we have ICQ, its just the german msn everyone has… so its easier to get in contact via ICQ for me…
Right now I am chatting with that guy… He is sooo cute! Hes maybe going to visit me tomorrow but he doenst know yet if its possible because he is invited to a wedding.. Wish me luck!!!

Really??! I dont like such huge changes beetween the books and the movies! That sucks… I actually liked the movie endling more because its more realistic, I guess… But, probably, if I would have read the book before watching the movie, I would have liked the book ending more…
I’m probably going to get the book… And you should watch the movie, its really good…
But you also will need a shoulder to cry on!! :P


I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the new layout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha it’s soo cute how did the header lol.
Jorja mentioned something about you ariticles( that girl julia is back) anyways just wanted you know
that the layout on the ariticles page is still your old layout. I think you already knew that i don’t know lol
You sidebar looks fin to me :D
DAMN!!!! LOL you have a lot of people on MSN. I think I have like 20-30 i think lol
Most people don’t know my MSN.

Yah that gets me mad too. It obviously says busy. Sometimes i just get mad and make myself look offline. I sometimes just go online because
I’m waititng for an email and MSN tells me when i have one.
haah i just entered. Mine is pretty stupid lol, it was the only thing i could think of lol

I love the new layout. It’s really nice and cute. I know how you feel when people bug me when I am busy or away on MSN. And having 300 contacts on MSN? That’s a lot of people. I only have a few people that I “talk” to since I reject those who I don’t know so well. Twenty contacts cleaned out is a good start :]

Thank you! :)

Yeah, I cleaned out more today! Got a good fifty or so cleaned out. It really makes a difference, haha. I don’t talk to everyone, so I deleted the people that I don’t talk to often. :P

I actually think that this layout is very cute! I love the font Pointy, but I haven’t thought of an occasion to use it yet. :P

Yes, IM conversations are rather lame, I think. Even with some of my friends, they go like that and that’s the end. XP

Er… I can’t remember if I replied to your last comment, but I don’t know what I would have said to it anyway… I’m feeling a little out of it at the moment. But… hi, and I’m back from my random absence. :P

You guys are just so adorableeeeee :) :) :)
And the background is fine. It doesn’t hurt my eyes at all! And I agree, wooden background looks good in a scrapbook. I tried making a scrapbook once, and it was a mess. A HUGE mess. It’s so hard just picking the right pictures to put. There’s just so many!

LOL. I used to be like that too. I want everyone’s email address in my class because I think that it will come in handy sometimes. But as you said, most people already changed their addresses, and I don’t really talk to them much. But it does come handy when I’m working with them on projects.

I hate it when people just say those things. They make it look I want to have a conversation with them. Not only is it awkward, it’s also annoying. Like I just need to get out of this convo, FAST!!!

I don’t think the “busy” and “away” status doesn’t really work in MSN. I don’t think people really look at that since I still see some people talking to me after putting the status on. That’s why I didn’t install MSN again. I just go to Meebo if I want to talk to my friends.

Don’t be too hard on yourself! Change is good, and the layout isn’t all that bad. The only thing I can really criticize is the background (I’m much of a fan of backgrounds that look too photographic, though there are exceptions)

My friends have hundreds of contacts, and if I go over to their house and they log in on their msn, it seems that they only talk to a few people. I only have about a hundred contacts and that is still the same case.

Yeah, it is sort of annoying to have sort dead end conversations. But I suppose the intention of the person is to TRY and talk to me. Sometimes when I speak to one of my friends from primary school the conversations are like that… it try to ask questions about school but she only gives me dead-end anyways like ‘haha’ ‘lol’ ‘not much’. It annoys me because I’m making an effort to speak to ehr but she doesn’t seem to be doing the same. :(

Anyway, that’s probably not the same case with you. ;)

I like the layout actually. I was never satisfied whenever I made those sticker photo thing. But these look nice. ♥ Good job. :D

I know what you mean. I move from accounts to accounts to accounts. I always make new ones whenever I think the current one I’m using is too crowded with people I barely talk to. It’s already a hobby. I think I have at least 8 YM accounts. X3

your layouts are always so creative!! please lend me some of your immense creativity please!

i worked at the cafe today (it’s not really a cafe – more like a cornerstore but they sell coffee and pastries and the decor is so sophisticated) and it was hectic because it’s a corner shop – constantly busy, constant flow of customers. tiring and a bit crazy but worth it :)

i’ve always wanted to do dentistry but i switched to art & design and i might switch again to elementary education, hah. i’d hate to deal with squirming kids (and oftentimes, adults!)

The new layout is looking great, Georgina! I love wood grain backgrounds and the scrap book look looks AMAZING with it!

Oh my god, I’m your 2nd top commentator? /bounce
Oh, and your layout is pretty. :) You all look so cute with those doodles!

You’ve done a good job with the colour combination, too. I should try to make a scrapbook layout *cough* without my face in it *cough*. XD

Hmm, better fix that sidebar! Twitter is a bit pointless to put on your sidebar, I just use it to take up a bit of space. :P But it doesn’t really matter, really!

Hehe! That always happens on Omegle, I just tell a joke if it gets too lame and then I disconnect.

It’s like…
Stranger: asl?
You: American sign language is useless on the internet!

I only have about 3 or 4 people on my list. XD
I barely use messenger.

Aww, that’s sweet. :) Nobody bothers checking around, unless it’s just a plugboard. /sweat

Hallelujah! Reminds me of an overweight negro waving her arms in the air. /hehe

They should come from a stork’s bundle. :)

Oh, come on! Bathox is waiting to be transformed…
…into a bubble!

I had lots of rubber duckies. All the colours of the rainbow, and more!
I had this purple one with large eyes that pop out when squeezed. Cute.

I like mayonnaise better, though. 🤤

Killing is bad! *kindergarten stupidity*
But killing is bad.

Ooh, I see you’ve already converted it!

Hmm… publicly? Maybe not!

YAY NEW LAYOUT. I love the idea… but the background does not hurt my eyes… I do not know why you would assume this. Psh. Also, I don’t think the sidebar is that messy, but I’d personally lower thine Twitterings. :P

Adding everyone in your grade to your MSN list is a really weird habit… maybe I just think it’s strange because I’m not really a people person.

300 people? That’s a lot… I only have about 10 I actually talk to on my AIM buddy list (I don’t use MSN often. My email is a bit, well “vulgar,” so I almost never give it out. I do not wish to be judged!). I too am like, “Meh. I should clean this but… I’d rather not.”

Crap gotta go… will post another comment lator. :D

Aweh, this layout is really cute. I love that you always add a personal touch to them. :) The woodgrain background looks fine to me, doesn’t hurt my eyes. I think maybe it would have looked better a slightly darker shade though?

I hate those conversations on MSN too. :/ I’m sure they just do it to try and waste our time or something. :S Normally, if it’s a person speaking to me who I know is going to do that, I just ignore them. If they wanted to say something important they’d just come out and say it, right?

The status’ also annoy me, because even though you set it to “busy” or whatever, people can still bug you. Basically now, all I do is sign out if I want to be left alone, just so I don’t get annoyed and start ranting over nothing. x]

You have 300 contacts? Woah. Maybe you should have a clean out. :P Just delete the ones you don’t talk to anymore, or the ones that bug you when your “busy”, haha. Yeah, take James’ advice, it’s good advice. :)


Hehe, yeah I’ve recognized that by now too.. because I talk to some really popular siteowners and also commented on some popular sites in the past and I realized that they are really nice and just like everyone else :)

I will try to do them *promises* Even if I do them in the morning while I am at school waiting 50 minutes for the first lesson to start :)

Yeah she is doing pretty good by now :) Ouch! That must’ve hurt.. wait.. it did.. considering the fact you had a massive headache!

Really? That must be pretty annoying considering you live in Australia – where it’s pretty hot a lot..

I actually like this layout :) I really like it how you use photos of you and your friends to make it more personal and stuff :) Great job!

Oh wow.. 300 contacts? I have 30 or something.. but only because it’s for my site and none of my offline friends know about it.. We Germans have ICQ for that.. but even on there I don’t have that much contacts.. I don’t like to just add random people and then not even talkign to them.. there’s no point in it.

Hehe, I did the same thing when I was in year 11. Though I only added my friends or the people I liked from my class and some of the people from my dutch class.. just in case I need to talk to them about anything..

OH yeah.. those conversations.. I have one person that would message me saying “hi” and after the second question the conversation is over.. awesome..

Hehe, and LOL @ the thing with your affiliates. But I think it’s a good idea – you just add those people you like and care about.. you already experienced how it is to how tons of affiliates.. it’s time for a lil change ;)

I like the layout! :) But you’re right (Y) that it will looks more good when the background is fixed.

Well, I really love having conversation with anyone out there :) Like just saying hi and hello. I really do appreciate it.

For your sidebar suggestion, well, i have an article, if you want to read, here’s the link :

You’re welcome! :)

Oh! I see. Wow lol. I was like “WTF is with all these names?” LOL. I thought they were some best friend list or something. Thing is, I didn’t think I saw my name on it! /ho

Oh, really? Wow cool. My gosh. Those were a lot! WP really does have a mind of its own I guess! Though yeah it is quite long. That doesn’t bother me at all though. It shouldn’t bother you, either. /huh

Well yeah I guess you’re right. But then I end up getting long e-mails with a subject entitled “Why?” or something LOL. I will be like “Oh boy. Here we go again”. So yeah. /hmph

You do?! Aww, shucks! 👏 Haha will do! You do the same! /rose

I hate when people don’t make conversation on MSN. Gahh. If you don’t make conversation why bother writing?

Awwwwwwww. Your layout is too sweet. :) I really like it!

Ooh, i’ll try win your caption competition, muhahaha. Beware people, tehe.

:O BOP! I started back at school and I use the hand sanitizer and I use my own too! Woop! So fuck the swine flu i’ve it beat! Haha :D

YAAAAAAAY! It’s a new layout =) Hehehe! James looks like he’s trying to hide, and muahahahahaha! I’m the reigning sovereign…BOW TO ME!! xD Only kidding xD…

I like the cute little pictures you drew on them xD Haha, but it makes me miss taking sticker photos…T_T…*sniff* LET’S TAKE STICKER PHOTOS!

Haha, I love brown layouts…And I love woodgrain…so woodgrain + brown = ♥ ♥ =D

Hehe! I see your bumblebee headband from UTS =D I still have mine! OMG! BUMBLEBEE! *squeal* I LOVE Bumblebee from Transformers! That’s it, I’m going to go wear my headband! LOL Actually, I better not, I have to concentrate later, and that headband gives me a headache if I wear it too long…T_T…

Omg! I should clean out my contact list too! =O I’ve been meaning to do it for the last year or so, but I never got around to it. There’s this one person in particular, whom I really want to delete…Although I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to, which is so sad…==…*sigh*. But really, I don’t talk to MOST of the people on my contact list, and to be honest, a lot of them I haven’t seen online for a while. Well not that I talk to people. LOL, I just wait for them to talk to me.

I hate that…==…

It frustrates me when someone says “Hiii, how are you?” and then the convo dies…Because I can never work out whether they’re waiting for me to say something or not, but it’s THEIR responsibility to, cos THEY started the convo *grr*.

And GRRRRR! to anyone who talks to you on Away/Busy when you don’t want them too. People do that to me ALL THE TIME [even with an abusive pm], and it PISSES ME OFFFFFF SO MUCH!. How very rude and inconsiderate! *nods*

YEAH BABY. :D I’M A TOP COMMENTORRRR. /eee /hehe That’s so cool. ✌️

Harhar I only added Twitter to make it longer. XD
The woodgrain is still awesome. :D For my next layout, which I’ll probably start in a few weeks, I want to step out of the box and do something really different.
I normally have textured backgrounds but it wouldn’t work with this layout. ‘Cause of the header, see.

Good luck cleaning them out then. :)
Yeah… in the morning he has it really loudly, and in the evening it’s less loud. :P
LMFAO. I thought my entry was kind of random. I liked Rachel’s. :)

Then… sleep earlier. :P Lol. I’ve got a really bad sleeping pattern going on, I wake up for school and I can’t be asked to move an inch. Epic fail. XD

I’m too lazy deleting people so I used YM’s feature to send my old contact list and my new one and uncheck those people I don’t know. So my list is clean and organized for now. Haha. XD

Your brother reminds me of my two brothers. We’ve just finished eating dinner and one of them is still asleep even if my mom already woke him up and the other one is still out playing and hasn’t come home yet.

I can’t play here on this slow comp so I only play when my friends invite me to, which is a good thing because I might get addicted and screw my studies. LOL. :D

I’m planning on a looong good night sleep tonight since I have nothing to do tomorrow. XDD

Your new layout is very nice, congratulations!

I hate too, when somebody say hi, and log out on MSN…

HAHA True! Using a drop down menu would be too small for you xD
Thank you :). Yeah I agree, IE is slooow.Maybe I should switch to firefox :P I’ve heard alot of nice things about them x)

WOWOWOWOOWOWOWOOW. WOW. I love this layout! I love the little scribbles on the pictures! especially the little crown ♥

A blurb sounds like a groovy idea :) I was thinking about doing one of those little “likes and dislikes next to a picture of myself” sections that people have in mine but, tbh, that’s just so piczo-ey and over-used. D:

I love the background – I agree, wooden backgrounds do look amazing for this style layout <3

Urgh I hate those msn conversations D: They seriously piss me off. You can tell after the first conversation if they're one of those people – if they are then I just ignore them when they talk to me again and/or delete them. :|

I had an msn clearout not too long ago, I now only have 44 contacts instead of over 200. :) It's so much easier that way! :)

Yeah, the stupid woman was worse off from it in the end, I'm sure!

Yeah, uni sounds more relaxed – but that might be because you're studying what you've chosen to study, not the compulsory subjects like PE and science..etc.

Aw, the children are adorable, especially one little boy in the class. He has downs syndrome but all the children are so sweet to him. When I first saw him I was really scared they all bullied him but they all played with him and break and he's adorable! When they did circle time (they sit in a circle and pass a toy around and whoever has the frog has to say something they like) he said he loves his daddy. I was just like "aw!" I think it was actually the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! :')

Aww that girl sounds like such a sweety :)

haha aww, you're so lucky your dad picked you up! My mum doesn't drive and her&her boyfriend work until about 5pm so they're working when I leave. I only see my dad on Fridays and every other weekend and he's working all day as well :(
It's not far to walk though – only about ten minutes if I walk fast XD

Seriously, have you ever seem the chairs they have in the infants classes in schools?

Alright I’m gonna look into firefox :) IE is really making me throw up -.-… Thanks for the advice :D

i happen to LOVE this layout,(:

Thank you. :)

I saw the message on your website. I added you to MSN.

HAHA. Wow, gray? Hmm, that kinda looks dull. But come to think of it, scrapbooks nowadays are so not unique and expensive too! Even the paper for scrapbooks are more expensive than a pencil! That’s why I just stick with photo albums. :)

Maybe I should delete some people too. Those people I don’t talk to. But having their email comes in handy when I need to ask a question about school in general. Like when we have a school mass and stuff. But this means that I need to re-install MSN again. /ehh Also means more space occupied in my hard drive.

What? You have different teacher for your homeroom? As in, everyday? That kinda make things complicated. But you go to the same classroom right? It’s just the teacher that changes. Because that would make things harder for the students.

OMG I think I’m way too nice sometimes. Because when people break my stuff, I just say “It’s Ok” But I’m thinking.. “WHAT DID YOU DO??” /hmph

HAHA, well at least your friend is being careful with you stuff. Plus, that’s so nice even though it’s too much. Maybe I should do that next time I borrow something that’s “fragile”. Wrap it in paper towel :P

Haha, yes, I suppose you’re right! I’m only in my 7th grade now, you see. So, essays are bound to come along in the coming years. :D

Superwoman! Haha, I wonder who would be likely to become the Superwoman! Not me, nor you. Haha, kidding. :D

Onion! Makes my mouth – er – EYES water! LOL, i can’t imagine why my mouth would water! Hahaha.

I suppose I already left you a comment about this whole comment. LOL, I just realized it now. Anyways, I don’t want all my typing to go waste! So *clicks on Submit Comment button*

Wow. I like the new layout. It’s very fresh looking. The background seems okay even though the PNG isn’t transparent. So don’t worry too much about it.

Speaking of cleaning stuff, I haven’t been online on MSN in ages, I don’t even know who’s on my buddy list anymore.. I’ve had that experience before where random someone messaged me and asked some weird questions. After that, I don’t even bother logging on MSN. Now I only stay online on Skype.

And I am back to finish my comment! Because I didn’t want to retype what I had written earlier…

ANYWAYS. I hate IM conversations that go like that… it happens to me once in a while. I hate one word answers to things… or when you say something and they’re just like, “cool.” I usually like to think I have personality over the IM. I could be wrong, though. :(

If I can come up with something hilarious, I will enter thine caption contest!

LOL yeah everytime I come to my own site (fail) I crack up laughing as well.

You’re welcome. :) Yeah the thing I love about your layouts is how personal and unique they are. It’s awesome! :D

LMAO *high five for dating white people?- Dayum any outsider reading this comment would think we’re racist bastards.. so just to clear the air.. I LOVE ALL RACES. K. Just had to get that out of my system to ensure that I don’t get shot the next time I show myself in public. :3 Great to know that Austrialia is very multicultural as well. Ooh I have a FUN FACT. LMAO, how gay am I? (Just to clear the air again, I love gay people too.) Anyways, the fun fact is that when my parents were deciding to move out of India they had narrowed it down to two places that they wanted to move to which were Australia and CANADA. :O So we were actually really close to moving down there hehe. I kinda wish we had cause I’d have a wicked accent.

Yes, I feel your pain. Hopefully James will slack off a bit on the ruffling bahaha.

LMFAO. Oh yeah. “I was deleting other files, and WOOPS MY BAD there goes the affiliates page.” Yeah I was thinking about how you used to have so many problems with cutting down affies and now all of a sudden BAM, it’s a new and changed Georgina lmao.

Aweh thanks, I’m glad that I was special enough to be on the sidebar and not deleted hehe. :D

OMG I HATE WHEN PEOPLE TALK TO YOU ONLINE LIKE THAT! Its like so annoyingg cause its like, why’d you bother IMing me when you only say like 2 words LOL

hahah yea my school has lots of classes, but their only 40 minutes long. :D Thankfully its not longer ! XD

hahah I have LOTSS of classes with my friends! I’m so grateful! LOL last year, I had like none of my best friends in my class, but it was good cause I got to make lots of new friends as well!

LOL sounds like me all the time! XD even when the internet works LOL Its working alright today ! Thats why I’m replying to comments XD

Hahah my sister always downloads Japanese Anime XD I download…movies sometimes, but mostly like music which dont take long

hahah I always woner how Uni. is like! Hmm I imagine it when I’m bored LOL, yes I’m weird lmao

hahaha I’m a “Kid” then :D LOL you’re an “Adult” XDDD

hahaha well actually my friend always tells me about how crazy she is LOL and how she lets her kids walk around the town by themselves! And they’re so young !

hahah yeaa, it happens all the time but doesn’t it get annoying ? xP

hahah I hateee that! Annoying as heckkk! XD

hahah me too! OMGGG at my school we ALWAYS have hair in our food ): YUCKK. One time my cousin went to this asian restaurant and he thought he saw this piece of pork in it but it was a cockroach ! EWW! LOL I don’t know why but I’ve had nightmares of cockroaches LOL

Yea! We were so happy that they were all okay!

woww your sitess just cool :D
im fluent chinese :) but im mostly philipino
sorry i just thought you looked chinese if im wrong IM SORRY :S im just dumb in the head :L
can we be affies?

Thanks. I’m only part Chinese.

No. If you read my blog properly, you would see that I am not accepting affiliates.

Yay for a new layout! 👏 I love it! You guys are all so cute! I just love the scrapbook-look. It’s adorable :) I have a suggestion about the sidebar. It’s a little long. It is longer than most of your content or whatever. :)

Ugh. Those conversations on MSN like that are so awkward! You pretty much have nothing to talk about :/

Well it wouldn’t have been too bad if I had because I still had all of my baby teeth :P Ouch! D: Yours sounds painful too!

OH MY GOSH!! Just thinking of it makes me say ouch! xD Yeah last year I fractured my foot my rolling it on a stick while walking down a steep driveway. :/

Awh :( I lost a lot of stuff. My mom is always like “If you put it in the right place you would find it!!” xD I never do.

Yeah I was like “Gah get off my freak!” xD I should slap her xDDDD

Lol i love the header image ^^ Its so cute, the girl on the left looks really nice :D Michael

Thank you very much. Out of all the people i love on the world wide word of web you were the last person i thought would like my story. :) Its just a draft so ill be going through the spelling and grammar before i send it off to some agency’s.

It is about vampires as you may of figured. Its set in modern days that was just part of the intro on how vampires are born in my fiction. As vampires have been done so many times i am trying to make it like no other book or movie ever out.

You made my day :)

Haha. Just do it slowly and your contact list will be good as new. :P

Good for you; your brother eats fast. Mine eats way too slow, like a snail doing its walk. And if he notices I’m almost done washing the dishes, he’d speed up and give his plate to be washed by me. -.-

You’re right. Sometimes I slack off and get lazy because of the internet. I ignore people though when I’m working. :P

Hey, your theme is cool and you’re inspiring me, honestly. It’s also my plan to make a scrapbook-like theme for my website. ♥

I like this layout. I’ve seen the woodgrain backgrounds before on other sites, but never this type, it goes well with your layout.

I think the sidebar is nice but I would suggest making the links for updates regular instead of using the blocks.
I don’t have a lot of MSN contact sometimes I wish I did but most of my conversations were the
How are you
I dislike it too.

Hey Georgina! *waves*

Tis been such a pain cos my internet couldn’t work on my mac so I pretty missed out quite a lot on the internet. I needs ta katch up!

Honestly I love wood-textured background, I once had a similar background on my desktop and with the major empty space, I felt like sticking real post-it notes on my screen 😰 I usually get my backgrounds at deviantart (awesome site for resources I must say!) so you should give it a try :D

And no, this background doesn’t hurt my eyes at all :)

Cleaning up MSN list is a task I have never done becos I kept changing my MSN add (it seemed really cool to have a username like goddessdayze@hotmail when you’re in high school but now when you’re working I don’t think it’s that appropriate and cute anymore lol) but kudos to you, 20 is definitely a good start ✌️

Lol you know what’s more annoying than the conversation above? A conversation that goes like this:-

Person: Hey! What’s up?!
You: Heyy. Nothing much. You?
(conversation stops here)

The next day,
Person: Heyy you, what’s up?

OH COME ONNNN. /angry /poo

I figured you knew about the pages lol
she really need to give up, that girl has issues /poo
I hate it when random people just add you like you actually know them. And they have the nerve
to ask you who you are. I live it when people tell me that they are about to add me before they actually do, that way i would have a heads up.
Yay my caption :D it was the first thing that entered my mind lol
I use the same plugin now. it really works great :D
On my dashboard it says: WP-SpamFree has blocked 2,709 spam comments.
Wow lol, i only just got it two days ago.

Well we can’t take our food outside the cafeteria and our cafe doesn’t have a fountain in it.
Next time i’ll just ask my friends to hold it for me and then i got wash my hands and come eat.
I know one person who lives without germs. Adrian Monk, I love that TV show lol

It was me :D lol i asked about the smiley code. i looked at your answer and it was the same code i had but for some reason when you clicked on the smiles in doesn’t show. I’m using WP-Grins now. That one shows automatically.

Aww thanks, that means a whole lot coming from you :D 👏 /eee
The old layout was too similar, it was like i was stealing her layout and making it into my version.
she even confronted me about it. So i removed it and i love this one too :D

I have salads for lunch now. before it was always pizza because everything else was pretty much nasty but now its all about the salads :D

You know what?!?! I really like the layout. Perhaps the banner needs a little work but I like the layout regardless. I was going to make my banner a transparent PNG (for tiffanybee) but I used so many textures that it’d be really hard for me to actually delete the background & make it transparent although I’ll probably try that out sometime soon.

I’ve had one too many conversations like that before! My friend used to always do that & it annoyed me that I’d ask her what’s up after she IMed me & she’d just say nothing much. Then the conversation ended. It was getting boringgg.

Hrm, I have no suggestions for your sidebar, I think it looks prettty neat as is. haha I’ve tried deleting a bunch of people off my buddy list too & sometimes some of the people I delete would IM me out of nowhere. It’s like they knew I deleted them or something.

Awesome layout :D I love scrapbooking, although I’m only starting to get the hang of it :D
Yeah, everytime I go on msn, people always ask: “What’s up?” even though they know the reply is “nothing much”. That’s why I always reply back typing “The ceiling” Pretty pointless.
I always put my foot on the road and suddenly stupid drivers come driving really fast by. It’s really annoying.
Even on pedestrian crossings, you still have to look for the cars to make sure.
Yeah, we take too much things for granted.
It’s father’s day today :D

The new layout looks very personal and I’m personally a fan of layouts which reflects the blogger’s life. :)

I don’t have any viewing issues with the header, actually PNG shouldn’t be a problem on newer browsers at all. The only issue I could think of with a PNG header is the file size. /argh

Talking about the messenger’s contact list, I swear I’ll never try to tidy it up. I’m just too lazy and will just let the list gets longer. It doesn’t really bothers me so I don’t put in the effort to tidy it up either. XD

The layout is really cute. I really like your hair. ;)

I get what you’re talking about. Most of the people that I don’t know offline are like that. And it’s really hard trying to start a conversation when the person is not even helping you to talk.

Lmao, Georgina. It was alright though! Not because you fixed it so easily, but still. It was nice to have them! :P It felt kinda surreal in an awesome way lol.

Lmao YEAH. I wasn’t exactly WTFy but I definitely was on the line there lol.

Yeah, I know! :S I have some contacts who are online that I don’t even talk to! (And vice versa of course!) Sometimes it annoys me and makes me feel uncomfortable! =S

PS:- I love your new fanlisting! ;)

I think this is a lovely layout, Georgina! I like how you’ve focused on a theme and worked with it. The navigation looks nice floating in between the header images & the start of the content area. :)

Maybe you could add the “Network” or “Recently” sections from your sidebar into your footer.

I’ve got quite alot of contacts on MSN and I have thought about cleaning them up before but I just wasn’t bothered one bit.

I don’t mind group convos, because you don’t have to say anything and you just join in when you want to.
One of the girls that are in my year always says “Hi. How are you” to me all the time. Then she asks “What did you have for dinner?” which I think is a little stalkerish. I just give her one word answers to all her questions and she leaves me alone on msn. It doesn’t help her when she doesn’t asked open ended questions.