Accident And Emergency

I want to thank you for the lovely comments on my previous blog – I was feeling down and your comments made me feel better, relieved, and a lot happier. I had written that because I wasn’t in the best of moods, and had a personal experience to share. I understand if some of you felt intimidated not to comment; that’s fine too. :)

Speaking of my organisational skills (or lack thereof), I have made a few plans for this week. Tonight I’ll finish off my assignment, and any spare time will be spent on little things I have to do, like returning comments and responding to emails.

I will have quite a lot of time this weekend and I plan on putting up a new layout, as well as updating with my light stock, and finishing off a few fanlistings. They are my small plans to fit in with my assignment that is due next Thursday.

I feel very proud, because I finished my draft essay that was due yesterday, and made it to a solid 844 words. I have to blind peer review two of my classmates’ work. It reminds me of reviewing websites. The funny thing is that I don’t know who wrote the essay, so it’s all mysterious, and I’ll get two reviews done on my work too.

The other day I was talking to Rachel. I had been an idiot, and picked my nose too hard that it bled. Yes, extremely stupid. /hehe

I mean, you can’t deny it, we’ve all picked our noses at least once in our lifetime. Bet you did it when you were a kid! :P

My nose didn’t bleed that much, but I obviously felt really stupid. Rachel told me that it had happened to her as well (and I hope you don’t mind me saying so, Rachel!), except hers had bled a lot.

So, accidents happen, right, and we all feel stupid about them. There was this time I was grating cheese, and having a good old rant to my brother about my stupid science teacher. And I wasn’t really paying attention to the cheese, and I grated half the skin off my finger. Not cool.

A lot of accidents happen in the kitchen that can involve pain, but others happen outside the kitchen. I was at my second-cousin’s house once, and we were playing some kind of hide and seek blindfolded. One of my cousins was blindfolded and she was following us because she heard our footsteps, and knew where we were. Unfortunately as we went into a room to run away, her brother shut the door on her finger and she started screaming very loudly. I had been on the other side of the door with her, while her brother was inside the room, so it was very hard for me to explain what happened, over her screams and her finger stuck in the door as she started crying.

Finally the door was opened and her finger was dripping with blood all over the floor. It was terrible, and our mothers scolded us for playing such a stupid game. We were only young, but it was still a terrible accident.

You can be pretty lucky in an accident too. My mother and I were in a car accident when I was about twelve years old. She was driving me to dance class, and we were waiting at an intersection and we were listening to the radio. When the lights turned green my mother slowly accelerated.

A car hit us from our right. It hit the back corner of our car with such force that our car spun around an entire revolution, if not more. More than 360 degrees. I can’t remember the moment exactly, but I remember as soon as we were hit, my mother and I started screaming and I remember how her hands let go of the steering wheel in shock.

Our car ended up hitting the kerb where the traffic light was, and struck the pole before it stopped spinning. We were alright though, apart from being shocked. The driver who hit us wasn’t paying attention. Of course, he denied it. :( Well, we know he was wrong. :P

I’m planning on a big domain giveaway in October for Heartdrops’ birthday. I plan on giving away at least three domains. I can possibly afford to give away more but if anyone would like to donate a dollar or two, send PayPal payments to hello(AT) :)

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Yay! You’re feeling better =) I’m glad!

Cos it’s my turn to feel like crap. Only kidding xD

But I AM glad you’re feeling better =)

Hahaha…That WAS silly Georgie! LOL! Oh well, we’re all entitled to do silly things once in a while. I do enough silly things in one day to fill the silly quotas of at LEAST five people xD.

Luckily it didn’t bleed TOO much. Luckily it didn’t bleed so much that you had to see a doctor, cos that would be embarrassing to explain =P. [And also quite hilarious] xD

Awwwww! Blind peer-reviewing sounds cool xD I wish one of my courses had that! But then again, the only arts subject I study is Law, and there’s not really much you can review. Hope you get good reviews! =D Don’t be too mean in your reviews. Wait, it’s annonymous. Be as mean as you like. Hahahahahhaha!

Hahaha your grated cheese instrument sounds like my skinning pears incident! Except I only got my finger nail =P. But grating all that skin off sounds painful!..

And OOOOOW! at your cousin’s finger! =O. That sounds REALLY, REALLY painful!!! @_@.

Oh well, accidents happen! =)

Omg, a car accident like that sounds super serious! Luckily your car got stopped! Poor you guys! I would’ve been terrified. What a totally retarded guy, I bet it WAS SO his fault. Moron!

Yeah, my instructor always tells me to check the intersection before I accelerate through traffic lights for that reason. All these idiots on the road.

What a mean idiot! I hope his insurance premiums are super high now! xD

Yay! Heartdrops’ birthday =D Celebrate!

Oh gosh, good point! I didn’t think about it at all, had it been a serious bleed. What a funny thing to explain. But then again you hear about worse scenarios. :P

It wouldn’t be a good idea to be mean. I guess you can be critical but people have feelings too! I’m sure my essay wasn’t that great so I better not be mean to someone else. :P

It was his fault! He kept denying it… loser. 🙄

Gah, it’s so true. Even at a roundabout, you get idiots who don’t even stop before going into the roundabout. I was about to enter a roundabout (only stopping briefly) and this idiot in a ute just zoomed past; wasn’t even looking to see if there were other cars around the roundabout. /pow

Wooo! *party*

I pick my nose a lot /bounce
Once a few years ago, I forced two fingers in and pulled out something, and there was a long hair with lots of other crap stuck to it. It was in the middle of church too, and it was pretty /poo. Surprisingly, no blood XD

Holy crap, that’s a nasty accident /angry Good thing you’re okay! /sweat
Of course he’d deny it; he ran a red light /argh . Damn pricks. Ironic, that in his hurry he ended up taking a lot longer to go wherever he was going.
Slow is smooth, smooth is fast :)


Ewww that’s so gross! 🤮

And in church. LOL.

But if you run a red light it’s so obvious! It was no use in denying it, bahaha. I think anyone would hate to cause an accident. Shame! /hehe


I didn’t read your previous blog until now, and it was very deep and i just read the first part of it. I do understand what you’re going through or maybe not, you’re going through a different thing but i feel like the pain is the same, the whole cutting yourself thing and all. :(
Wee I love stocks, i might use them :D . LOL @ picking your nose until it bleeds :P. Yes, I admit it; we all picked our noses. But my nose never bleeds, so i didn’t experience that yet XD
Aw at half of your skin, that must have hurt, eee don’t let me think about it aw aw.

Wow the hide and seek game XD so many accidents in that one with me 2! Actually what happened to your cousing happened to me too a lot actually XD once i thought i broke my finger, I was like 14 and I didn’t feel ashamed of crying like a baby HEY IT HURT OKAY!

I hate car accidents! I’m so glad that car stopped spinning but hitting a traffic light, not cool! One time, my mother was driving me to school and this guy hits us, then when the police came he pretended that he said he was making a u-turn and his light was flashing, let me tell you he did not flash his light until he hit us then he did. And of course he used my mother because she was very very kind, if i was her I would’ve punched him in the face.

Wee I’m so excited for the domain giveaway!

Hey Georgie! I haven’t wrote to you in a while. :(
I read your previous blog yesterday and I kinda feel the same. I’ve been suffering from depression and I’ve been having panic attacks, and I cut myself once but like you did say in your previous blog, nothing is worth the pain.

About the nose bleed thing, I get nose bleeds all the time. My nose is “squishy” according to my mom, and I rub it around in circles which probably hits the nerves and then I get a heavy nosebleed D8< And once, I got a nosebleed in my sleep and woke up with blood all around my mouth and nose :/

The cheese grater we have is pretty blunt, it grates the cheese but not your skin :D Which is good, I've never hurt myself with a cheese grater. Does it hurt that bad?

I've never been in a car accident (thank God) but once I was crossing a road and a car hit me lightly and I fell to the floor. But it wasn't that bad, and I guess it was my fault anyway.. :/

Ooh, a domain giveaway :) I won't enter though, I have three domains of my own and I don't really use any of them. I'm working on Chonverse at the moment really hard, because I've got my new computer and I actually have time on it.

Write back soonn :D
Chloe (:

That’s scary, the car accident that is. I’ve only been in minor car accidents, thank god. Also how you spell ‘kerb’ is probably the most different spelling compared to American English! We spell is as ‘curb’.

Sorry if I haven’t been around as often, I just got back to school and am getting back into the groove of things. I’m sorry to hear that you were feeling down in your previous blog, I hope you are feeling much better now, I don’t want you to be sad.

I got a silly boo boo yesterday. Lol, I wore a pair of flats and got a terrible blister on the back of my foot that opened up and caused my to hobble a bit. I bought new shoes today for my first day of work but they are flats too that hit right on my boo boo so I hope my other shoes will be ok to wear!

And I think I’ve picked my nose recently lol.

Well first of all i am happy you are feeling more organized and have a free weekend to relax.

Oh how exciting 👏 you get to review someones work.
i hope they are fair when it comes to your review.

I never picked my nose. My mum and papa would have killed me if they caught my finger even near my nose. Haha but sometimes i feel like i need to becuase tissues don’t do all the work. I admit when i was a kid i was tempted but i was scared of my mum lol. She once told me she was a which and she knew every thing i did.

My nose bleeds when ever someone sprays fly spray around me.

Oh thats sounds so painful. Pealing of half your finger. OUCH!

I have been in two car accidence and thankfully was never hurt in either. The car however was pretty messed up.

I look forward to your new layout and i would be more then happy to donate some dollars for your competitions. I’ll do that now.

When i first opened my domain i had a win a domain comp. I’m glad the girl who won was the winner. She has a great website now.

Heyy :)
Glad to know you feel okay now, I did read your last blog but I really had no idea what to say in a comment – everything I wanted to say just sounded lame and awkward. 😰

Eeeek. That car accident sounds uber scary! D: I remember about a year ago me and my dad were going shopping and another car crashed into us – we were fine, they just smashed up the front light/dented the car badly. unfotunately, the stupid bitch gave us false information and lied about everything from her name to her phone number. /angry Luckily me and my dad both noted down the number plate and the police (and the insurance people) tracked it down as an uninsured driver. Luckily my dad got the money off of the insurance though. (Y)

LMAO, you both picked your noses so hard they bled? Eeek. but LOL. bahaha. I’m acutally laughing. Because as mean as it is, it’s very funny :P My nose has only ever bled twice. And both times was when I cried so hard that my nose bled. Strange eh?

I feel like we haven’t had a proper comment conversation in ages :( So how are you? a bit late, but I actually miss our conversations so badly /wah

Ooooh, a domain giveaway? I love the idea ♥
I honestly would love to donate but I’m skint and apparently I owe £22 for a domain I cancelled. :@

Yuppers, accidents very well do happen. Sometimes, we can’t control it, like when the man who wasn’t paying attention hit you. Even worst, he DENIED it! That’s just plain old wrong, if you make a mistake, you shouldn’t try to hide it. That sorta happened to my Mom.

She was at her work, parked in a parking lot and reached down to get some papers that were on the botton of the floor that must’ve fallen. A woman backed up into her car and my mom went out to get the woman’s info so she could obviously tell someone! My mom said the woman’s hands were shaking so hard that she said she wouldn’t call the police on her, she just would need to go to court about this. Man did my mom make a mistake! This lady went to court before my mom did and the lady claimed that my Mom backed into HER! Wow, that’s funny, last time I checked, a car can’t move if the motor’s off and she’s on parked. Life isn’t always fair. My mom’s car had a bigger dent on it while the ladie’s had just a scratch. Luckily, my dad could easily pop the dent out!!!! Also, the lady was found guilty, LUCKILY! Hmm, people need to admit mistakes!

Oh wow a domain give away? That’s nice :D Sounds like a plan.

And yeah, I pick my noses. I have to. Sometimes those darn things don’t come out no matter how hard you blow your noses! So having long fingernails (especially on the pinkies) comes in handy, LOL.

And you should take your time :) You’re doing it the right way :) I already read your blog earlier (before I started to return your comment) and read about your schedule; that’s how you should do it :) I wish I would be the same way.. I just cba to do any homework.. It sucks – I know XD

I wish you the best of luck for that assignment :)

Haha XD “great-great-great-great” XD I wouldn’t even really consider them as relatives then XD

And if you push yourself to hard – be prepared! I’m gonna hunt you down ;) I’ll travel all the way down to Australia to get you!

It definitely is better than cutting – but I think some people can’t handle the situation any other way – or at least not yet. A friend of me used to do it too..

Thanks :) Good to know that there is someone I can talk to online :)

Haha, thank God XD That would’ve been really scary and creepy..

Oh wow.. your poor second-cousin.. my two sisters were playing such a game once too but no one of them was blindfolded.. I wanted to help my little sister by closing the door behind her and closed the door to early.. so my lil sisters head was between the door.. ooops XD She cried a lot and mom went crazy on me.. I think she still has some really small scars on her head..

Nose bleeding? That is ewwk.. I hate it.. I only had it once and even without a damn reason.. I was kinda shocked and didn’t know what to do because it wouldn’t stop.. But lucky me – I had some tissues and so nothing found it’s way to my white jacket..

A domain giveaway? Sounds like a great idea! So heartdrops is already turning 1? Oh wow! You must be sooo excited for your lil babies birthday :) Faketragedy is turning 6 months in October..

YES I am back. Baha.

I missed ya too, and yeah I am somewhat thankful that you didn’t reply to my email lmfao. Now I have one less to reply to. :D Awesome. Dankey FTW. Lmfao.

I’ll definitely post some videos and pictures of Philip. He’s such a cutie. :)

Great to hear that you’re prepared, cause there’s a lot heading your way. xD

That’s great that you’ve planned things out for the week. I never do that, that’s why I’m always late or rushing or panicking to get something done. Quite sad actually. I can’t wait to see the new layout. (:

Congrats on finishing the draft essay as well.

Whoa, you must’ve picked your nose pretty damn hard lmao. I remember the last time I had a nose bleed, I was amused by it. Don’t ask.

Omg those accidents you spoke about sound awful. D: I remember when my mom slammed the car door on my hand and I was crying like MAD. But my hand wasn’t broken. >:O I was like superwoman I swear.

Car accidents are definitely the scariest though. I’m glad that you and your mom were okay, because that experience sounded pretty insane. D: My dad got in a small accident once but it wasn’t as huge as the one you guys got in.

Stupid driver. I hate it when they deny that it was fully their fault.

Hey, how are you??
I am sooo sorry for replying so damn late but I was lying in bed the whole last week… I’m still a little bit sick…

Wow. picking your nose until you bleed?? thats awfull!! :P I heard of somebody who was picking his nose and his finger went all the way up to the brain… but I dont think that this story is true :P

I never had a horrible accident so far. Not with the car or anything other… I didnt even break a bone so far… :P

Kisses Kristin

OUCH! That sounds painful. I feel bad for her finger. :( /wah

At school, we used to put our chairs up on our desks before we were dismissed and take them back down in the mornings. So in first or second grade, I was taking the chair down, and it was upright, but I accidentally dropped it. It landed on my right big toe, and half the toe-nail fell off. D: It was bleeding like crazy. @_@

Ugh, moron. He DENIED hitting your car?! I mean, even if he didn’t see the car spinning, wouldn’t he have felt his car bumping into yours? After all, it MUST have been very strong to have made your car spin all the way around! /argh And how could he explain how you guys spun around? -.-

Ooh, yay! Another domain giveaway. (: Happy (way too early) birthday to Heartdrops! ✌️

I’ve had some accidents in the kitchen. Ive burned my hands MANY times, cut myself when I was trying to slice potatoes, etc. I’m suprised that I still have any feeling in my hands at all! 😳

/hehe That’s very true. It’s happened to me…it’s just one of those things we don’t want to admit!

I’m glad you’re feeling much better. :) Sometimes it helps to blog things out, I’m learning that :D

Oh, “If I die tomorrow” is such a great song. I love it to bits. I was already a fan by then and would totally jam out when it came on.

I’d have to pick The Stones. An AIM friend got me into them, and I love them dearly. I like the quirkiness of the band, all their dysfunctions through the years. Epic, really. But that’s ok! Some people like The Beatles better than The Stones. As long as you’re grooving to it, that’s fine with me!

That car accident sounds scary. The only one I was ever in was when my grandma was driving me, my sis and my cousin from a family reunion back to home. The guy got really close to our car and we kind of skid and probably would’ve flipped. It was scary. The guy apologized though, I guess when he saw it was an old lady and three kids in the car. The dude that wrecked into you and your mom should have, too.

Oh, Domain giveaways…I keep hearing about those. I sound all newbish, but how do they work exactly? It sounds interesting!

=O Dont lie! rofl that same thing happened to make like 5 days ago though, i picked my nose and it bled lol xD Michael

Wow, are you a bit acciddent prone? (is “prone the right word?” My english is bad today.. not my main language and all..)

Anyways, I am glad you are feeling ok now :)

I’m so glad that you are feeling better Georgina. That car accident sounds pretty scary and horrible, thank goodness you weren’t hurt.

Glad you’re feeling better. :D Less than 12 hours until I’ll be gettuing up for school… talk about depressing, lol.

I need to plan out all of this stuff. :/ I wish I was able to do that… I lost the skill a while ago. :P
‘Small plans’? :P Aww you work so hard.. /type Can’t wait to see Aquapheric when it’s been revamped though. :)

Hehehe you told me about your draft essay in your 100th comment. :D Which reminds me, I have 3 of yours to return. XD Sorry I’m so slow. :X
Harhar I don’t want to talk about picking noses, I’m eating. :P But haha yeah I do it sometimes… XD

Lmfao, it’s capitalised. THE CHEESE INCIDENT. ♥ /hehe /eee

Owwwwh that sounds horrid. :( /wah
Stupid doucehbag. Betcha it was so totally his dumbass fault. You made it sound seriously awesome and very very life threatening… XD

HEARTDROPS’ BIRTHDAY! :D :D :D :D When is it exactly? :)
Hahrar. Whoo. My birthday is in less than a month. :O

Got all your comments to return now. Heh. :D

Exactly. :) I love that quote. In fact I love quotes in general; like ‘growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional’.
We also have different colours and sizes. Yays. /bounce
Oooh sunshine. :D It rained all day here. ¬.¬ Typical British weather… bleh.

But your blogs are cooler. ;)
It is a good time killer but I when I play it with proper cards I always get pissed off that I can’t find the right cards so I cheat. XD

I don’t know… maybe they do go for darker lips? 😏 Harhar. Either way, she was a little freaky. A friend of mine played Snow White in a play. She had all this white powder on, lmfao XD
I would use Wireless but my computer only uses cable. Pfffft. And yarrr, my Internet is a real douchebag. You know it keeps on dying on me and my Dad? And my dad needs it for work (’cause he works at home)? Freaking annoying.

Aww it is a shame so many people died but at least some people live. :)
I cried when I saw Bambi because his mum dies…. /wah
Haha yeah nice plot in Titanic but it’s kind of old.
LMFAO. You can do karate then? ;)

Harhar yeah. We should keep that in mind for our reviews. XD @_@

*cough, cough* Very clearly stupid. I would have told her what I really thought of her but I didn’t want to cause some drama, even on MSN. XD
I saw your rant on Tumblr. I thought it applied to me too. Cause I always talk to you when you’re busy. :X

That’s weird. Why’s she asking for your opinion on a silly picture? Isn’t that kind of pathetic? /oh
Silly idiot. She has an opinion of her own, can’t she judge on that? /hmph

Anyways I’m going to go and watch the beginning of Titanic. XD ILY. :D *huggle*

I overused smilies again… XD

I pick my nose too hard as well. Some people don’t get it. If I don’t see a little blood it’s not clean. Idiotic, I know. Lol. XD I hope I don’t grate my finger. That would hurt!

The car crash sounds horrible. I’d be terrified to get in a car again after that.

Reading those stories of pain makes me cringe. We all have our little moments. When I was little, my grandmother always told me not to run into field next to her house. It has a big hole in the middle of it. One day, my cousins and I were playing tag, I was running for my life, I ran in the field and fell into the hole. I tumbled down (literally) and landed on my face. There was bricks at the bottom and my face skidded across a brick. The whole right side of my face was bloody. I remember my dad rushing me to the hospital. I never ran in the field again.

Think that was bad? My cousin and I was playing wrestle in the backseat of my grandma’s car and my cousin bit me right above my eye. /wah She did a Mike Tyson move. She bit the flesh off my face! There was blood all over me. I still have the scar from that incident.

The domain give-a-way sounds cool. I’m planning to get a new bank card. If I do, I will donate. :] I’m sure I will get it though.

i love bubble tea but the specialty shops are far away from where i live/commute to whereas starbucks is everywhere, haha. i love passionfruit bubble tea c:

most drugstores around here require you to wear the store’s t-shirt but where i’m working now is pretty casual – no strict uniform guidelines except for no shorts, hehe. i went in to work with a plain t-shirt and jeans right after school :)

i get into alot of accidents too .. i’m naturally clumsy because i don’t really understand the way my body functions, i think, and i just do things that normal people would do which doesn’t work out (because i’m huge LOL.)

Oh! This blog reminds me of all of my pain stories. Once I was at a friends house and we were playing with this human sized plush doll. Somehow I was on the floor looking up at my friend and she was up with the doll. She fell. When she fell her knee when right at my mouth and hit my front teeth with great force. It hurt so badly. My mouth was also bleeding like crazy! Another time I got my finger crushed in a car door handle. My finger only got sprained though. :)

Yeah you can get them anything and they will love it for a week and then lose it and then they will be upset and cry. In a day they will move on though xD

Yeah I am seriously better than her but I was tired and she made me go first. If she is going to bitch about it then why doesn’t she go first?! That’s what I would like to know. I have really several problems with this girl. Once she grabbed me and screamed in my face to go. :| Loser. Maybe anger classes?

We have some high school trips! One is France I believe :)

I’m glad you decided what to do with Aquaphenic and I saw you bought Heartdrops for another year so congratulations!

We all do embarrassing things which we know we do but don’t mention to people. Its the small secrets we allow ourselves to indulge in. (:

How are you finding university this term? Are you finding the work harder or easier to cope with or do you believe that you have truly just lost your organisation a bit?

Ouch, that must have hurt really bad about your nose. 😢
Yes, we all picked our noses once in a while. My nose never bleeds. But aah, that’s going to hurt.

Wow, I’m sorry that your cousin’s finger got stuck in the door! I would’ve cried too if that happened to me. I also have a fear of blood. That’s why I don’t think I’ll ever want to be a surgery or a doctor. O_o

I tried to prevent myself from getting injured so I’m being really careful. But most of the times, you just can’t get away from it.

Oh my god, I can’t believe that you and your mum used to face with a real car accident. I’m really glad that nothing serious happened to you guys. You and your mum are really lucky. [= . Because I have this friend; her parents and her brother had a serious car accident and they died. But my friend didn’t die (luckily) because she wasn’t with them. I felt really sorry for her. /wah But still, what you and your mum had experienced was an awful nightmare. *Hugs*

Yay, Heartdrops’s birthday! Well, Happy Birthday (or maybe anniversary?) to Heartdrops! I hope the contest will go well all through! :)

And yes, that guy who “comment whoring” my blog was the same guy whom we talked about on Twitter. Since you can’t exactly remember who he was, his the same guy whom you reviewed. LOL, I hope this will help you to remember, though. :)

Hey :D
WOW! 844 words!
Everyone picks their nose, although, luckily your nose didn’t bleed to much, or else it would be kind of embarrassing to explain that you picked your nose to hard.
There will always be accidents. Going out and crossing the road is a risk itself. There have been heaps of times where I start to put my foot on the road to cross it and then suddenly stupid drivers suddenly appear and drive past and I could have been hit.
I remember once, I was young and in the choir, my mum had a car crash, luckily though, the car wasn’t completely damaged but I was scared. I was also very fortunate to have my mum alive.
Sometimes, we take things for granted which we shouldn’t. For example, we have two hands and 10 fingers. Imagine yourself without it. How would you write? How would you cook? How would you draw or paint? Unless you have some magical talent to be able to do those things with your feet or mouth, life would be pretty hard.
Thanks for the suggestions on what I should give to my parents. :D
My mum always uses Olay ==” I bought it for her on mother’s day, so I can’t really give it to her again.
Yeah, Bunnings Warehouse is big :D
I know! I wish those Better Homes and Gardens people would come to our house and give us ideas or help us make something. They are so talented! Speaking of better homes and gardens, the tv show is on tomorrow and they are having a special father’s day episode, so hopefully that will help me. :D

Oh yeah, it’s a different thing when someone across the world chooses the same name. It’s just those that are part of your life & you can’t name your kid that anymore, cos their kid’s called that! That’s the annoying bit haha.

I really respect you for answering comments – you get so many! And I follow you on Twitter so I know you’re a busy girl, but still not too busy to answer comments. That’s the sign of a good owner :)

I still haven’t changed my comment link! I’m glad you like the layout though, I much prefer yours. I never like my own layouts haha.

Oh gosh, that accident with the fingers in the door sounds awful! Something like that happened to me while I was playing with my brother one time, but it doesn’t sound nearly as bad as that :S
The car accident sounds so scary. Thank God you were both ok! Some drivers are terrrible, the guy should have at least took responsibility.

Argh, what happened to your cousin sounds painful – thankfully she didn’t break it or anything! It was just a few weeks ago when I’d done something to my 10 year old brother – I actually can’t remember, I think I borrowed a DVD and didn’t give it back, or something – and I was sitting on the floor in my room reading a magazine and he came in and stood on my hand. At first it was like, okay, ow. I tried to twist my hand up to get him off and then he stamped harder, so my knuckle was bent under his finger, and there was this horrible crack >_< I was terrified in case I'd broken it, because it was my left hand and I'd be pretty much useless minus my writing hand, but thankfully it wasn't, it just had a hugeass bruise on it the next day xD

Oh, fun, a domain contest! I might enter ;) What sort of thing are you going to do for it?

Lmao yeah. The comments are starting up again. :P

Oh yeah. I totally remember talking about that. I was wanting to know how to say Fuck you in all languages cause that’s my new pathetic life goal.

Aw thanks. Glad you enjoy the blogs. And I love your blogs as well. :D I should be posting a new one today.

That’s true. Best of luck keeping yourself in shape haha. I have a really hard time doing that, especially when things get stressful.

Aweh I feel so bad for your brother. My mom also gets some kind of allergic reaction to the sun. She gets these rashes on her arms and on the back of her neck, so she has to act like a vampire sometimes and stay in the dark, or cover herself up, muaha. (:

I would have been pretty freaked out as well if I had made myself bleed. D: LOL, very smart idea to cut your nails there.

Psh I doubt my bones are that strong cause I’ve always hated plain milk. Well I have cereal with milk every morning and I still do so maybe that’s why LOL. I’m such a goody-goody.. It definitely still hurt a lot though cause since I was so young I just started crying like crazy without even realizing that my hand was actually fine.

Yes, I pick my nose and I’m not ashamed in admitting it. Hahaha. I haven’t experienced having my nose bleeding because of it.

At school, whenever the teacher discusses something very complicated and difficult on our part, she’d ask if we understood and we’d say “Nosebleed!”. I don’t know how to say it in English(LOL) but it means we didn’t understand a thing and blood rushed so fast it went to our noses. XD It’s quite silly actually.

WOW. Is her brother a moron? O_O Ah, the pain. >.> I hope she didn’t break any of her bones. I’m not scared of blood, I’m scared of seeing the person’s expression when they have blood on them and are on pain.

YAY! Everyone loves giveaways, including me. :P Well, who doesn’t? :D Advance 1st Birthday to Heartdrops! I feel like greeting a baby. Haha.

I’m glad friends like them disppeared right after Highschool. Hahaha. Only true friends stay with you ’till the end. :)

Haha yeah its getting harder to keep up with the comments. xD

I already mentioned it on Twitter and I got quite a few translations. I guess I’ll eventually mention it in a blog or vlog so it’ll get more publicity lmao. I tried using Google Translator and a lot of languages don’t have a translation for ‘fuck’ pahahaha. I’m so immature. :)

Aw yeah. Cause of the darn time zones you will be sleeping when I post a new blog. :P I just said goodnight to you on Twitter actually. :O

LMAO yeah actually, I already have 2 blogs about the trip typed up. xDD But that includes the one I’m going to post today. Hehe.

Aww yeah my mom gets the skin peeling thing on her fingers and it hurts like hell. :(

LOL, that’s the most annoying thing ever for me. When my nails get long and I can’t type or text as fast because my finger nails are getting caught up. I hate it. D: But it always takes me forever to find the motivation to actually sit myself down and cut those damn nails.. lmao, I’m so lazy.

Are you serious? :O Skim milk?! That’s very interesting. I’ve personally never tried skim milk but I know people who have tried it and they all say it’s really gross. xD Although, is it that much of a different taste than regular milk?

You’re giving away 3 domains? That’s insane! :o That’s a huuuge domain giveaway contest indeed. Good luck to the participants!

Anyway i’ve had my fair share of accidents too but what surprised me was your accident with the cheese grater. Yikes. I couldn’t imagine myself getting cut with the grater, and I wouldn’t wanna see any droplets of blood on my cheese or anything :s

I’ve never experienced picking my nose then eventually bleeding before though.. but I have experienced it bleed after blowing my nose so hard :o

Lol. I have picked my nose so hard it bleeds before. Come to think of It that was one of the 2 nose bleeds I have ever had. Mind you I’m only 11 :) lol. I once was playing tag rugby, and I caught my finger on someones belt and my hand was bruised all over. eww. 🤮 lol.

Lol, you plonker. At least you’re not afraid to admit things like that. XD

Ooh, I bet that whole thing with the cheese grater really hurt. I was cooking before (a stir-fry /eee ) whilst talking to my friend. I was chopping some baby corn, proper chef style, as in just whacking the knife across it, lol. I thought it was pretty cool until I whacked the knife down on my finger and nearly sliced the end of it off because I wasn’t paying attention. /argh That was pretty painful. :(

I’ve had a hide and seek accident like that, only we weren’t blindfolded, we were playing it in the dark. My aunty’s old house had a huge storage room with loads of shelves and curtains across etc. My cousin and I ran into there and the door slammed shut pushing her into one of the shelves. She scraped her back all across it and got her finger caught between the wooden slats… hey presto blood everywhere!
Someone should really warn kids that hide and seek is an extremely hazardous game if not played correctly and under adult supervision. :P lol.
Mind you, I think I was 15 at the time so not exactly a proper kid! /bounce ha, I do love a good game of hide and seek in the dark. I still play it with my cousins now. There’s five of us that play. My 13 and 14 year old cousins, my 6 and 16 year old brother and sister and me. I’m nearly 19 lol. :D

Naw thankyou, I do rather like this layout, I must admit. It just feels really fresh with the colours and it suits the whole new-begining thing :)

Stupid bitch. We did ask for the phone number – suprise suprise she lied. :| We didn’t ask for the no. plate because we noted it down ourselves and if she knew we had it she would’ve known we’d eventually found out it was uninsured – it would’ve given her more time to make excuses.

Eeep. That must be pretty scary for your brother. D: Yeah, I still think it’s weird that I cried so hard my nose bled, but it’s never bled other than that.. /hmph

Awwww, pls don’t be down :( Stress hits all of us, you just gotta slow down and take a break from things. I guess being at uni makes it 100x more stressful than plain ol’ GCSE’s though. Uni is way more important D: You poor thing :( Just don’t snap that band Gina, and you’ll be fine :)

They are. are absolute wankers. Was it Kat that said it by any chance? They’ve conned her aswell :|

So you say. :P Actually my day was… interesting. Mainly tilting towards ‘shitty’ on the scale. 😏

I’m going to go downhill. :P At school I only really keep up ’cause I have my planner. :)
Okay, that’s being retarded… :S

Of course that guy was a loser. :O I haven’t ever really been in a car crash to be honest. Sounds horrid though. :/
I’ve been in a bus crash though…? XD Blame Terryble Terry, by all means.
Ooohs 10 days after my birthday. /bounce Yeheee yays it’s on your anniversary. :D That’s so cute. :)

It was MEANT to rain today. But it didn’t. :)
*cough, cough, as if*
:P /eee /hehe /type

Snow White is… is. Well, yanoe?
Yar. I have to use some dumb other computer for the Internet. Hopefully only until the wieekend. /hmph /pow

Oh and remind me to kill Gekko tomorrow. :)
/argh /angry /bash 💥 /ehh /hmph /poo

Your laptop is cool. :D HALLO FIN. :)
I was trying to listen to that on the bus this morning. But Radio 1 prevailed… I heard Muse on the radio though. :D So I paused and listened. XD

Harhar y’see, you went and kicked my Internet with a big “hi-YAAAAAA” XD
So I wondered if ya knew karate. ;)

I have too many. Ugggggggggggh. D: I HATE FREAKING SCHOOL. D:
LMFAO. ‘Don’t cry’? :P

OH MY GOSH – the movie was soooo horrible – I was crying ALL the time!!
Almost at the end I couldnt stand it anymore and cried on his shoulder and he was petting (I hope this is the right word…:-P) me until the end of the movie… it was soooo nice….And he smells sooo good ;)
How is the book? Who dies? I hate it when they change the plot of a succeful book when they turn it into a movie… They did that with harry potter all the time and it sucked…
I really would like to read the book but usually its stupid reading the book after watching the movie…

Kisses Kristin

A private WordPress post is a good idea. I might have to do that myself when things get too much. I have this bad habit of holding in all my emotions until they explode all over the place. 💥

Thanks, I’ll read up on your domain article. I’d really like to have one myself one day, a personal domain where I can have as many sub-domains as I need, kind of like you do with your Writing portfolio and the quotes and stuff. And then, I want one for my fan site because it’s surprisingly popular. I never thought that would happen, haha.

Ahha, FTP is one thing I know how to do. It took a while but I figured it out finally. I think it was way back when I was into Buffy the vampire Slayer. I had a domain called Spikeverse, or something similar. I can’t remember lol.

I’m sorry you were a having a rough time, though I’m honestly relieved that you’re feeling better, if only a little bit.

I really enjoyed reading this entry – because you’re totally right. Accidents happen. They’re often stupid, or harmless, painful, or full of luck. You cheese grater incident reminded me of when I sliced off my finger nail back in February! Remember that? O_O

That car accident sounds so frightful! It’s amazing that your mom and you weren’t hurt more then you were. You’re right – you were lucky! When I went to Colorado last April, my best friend and I were driving on the freeway through a terrible blizzard. We hit ice and spun out of control. It was horrible and we hit a car before slamming into the side wall of snow, but we were lucky. So lucky.

I hope your fall/spring (or what is it there? so confusing!) is going beautifully. :) Eat some miso soup for me!

i know :( i’m very disappointed but it’s alright! i think i can manage but i feel horrible for standing him up. i feel like he’s devastated or something now.

i only drank the actual milk bubble tea but i got kind of tired of it so i ventured out into the fruity teas – i like mango and passionfruit since they taste really great with the bubbles.

my workplace is super chill and relaxed so no uniforms, thank goodness :)

Pfft! Yet again I am left all “bweh?” at teh previous blog mention… It’s so hard to keep up. Meh. Haha. You know this, though! I’m actually amazed at how active you are with teh internets, with all your sites and stuff. Anyway…

Lol, ew at the nose bleeding. From picking your nose. :P I only do that if I have one of those poking boogers/bogies (I’m unaware of the term used down under). I’ve never made myself bleed, though! You must have been digging… haha.

Gah, that door slamming accident sounds awful. I’ve had my fingers smashed in a door, but again, not until they bled. Poor girl. :( And the cheese grating story gives me the shudders.

Was the driver that hit you found at fault and fined? I don’t see how he couldn’t have been, but I assume insurance companies can’t be that different where you are… maybe they are. But what a douche. That sounds terrifying.


Affiliate with me, woman.
I want you to be in my eliiiiite.

i will! i’m going to make an apology card too just in case! i don’t even know his name .. i was going to ask for it as well as his phone number but it would’ve seemed like i was coming on too strong so i decided not to, haha.

you definitely should! i would recommend passionfruit but not alot of people like the taste. i personally love it – it’s kind of tangy and sour but has an overall sweet flavor. it’s my favorite!

oh gosh, work is more difficult than i thought it would be but it’s so rewarding because i’m gaining alot of experience as opposed to my previous job where i just supervised kids and never learned anything. here, i learn alot of versatile skills that can be used for future jobs such as cashiering and doing the lotto and scanning, stocking, etc.

LMAO ikr? The hot dog is so hilarious, I’m still laughing at it.. it’s going to take me awhile to get over it for sure.

Yeah some other visitors mentioned about how it’s a similar situation in Indonesia and other parts of Europe. Bahaha I like what they call the restrooms though.. next time I need to piss I’m going to ask ppl where the water toilet is. xD

GAHH, squat toilets eh? Sounds pretty interesting actually. It’s almost like it’s an exercise to go to the washroom because of all the squatting.. :) I think my parents have mentioned something about this when they give me their little history lessons about how life was in India. :P

Dayum HP sounds so hip. Cellphone is starting to sound pretty old in my opinion lmao.. HP is more modern. ;)


I thought that carbonated water was extremely werd to be honest. And I would think it’s unhealthy but.. it tastes like Alka seltzer (if you know what that is?) its just something you drink when you get tummy aches and such like soda water?

Yeah right now it’s 10:15 pm so it’s getting a bit late, but I won’t be going to bed for a while.

BAHAHA that’s hilarious about your brothers tweets. Well, at least we know that he’s taking good care of his nails. xD

Naw I don’t think I hate milk because of it’s fattiness (hehe).. more because the taste of plain milk is just so.. plain.. y’know? (no shit.)

I’ve never tried soy milk either, but you’ve got me wanting to try all these varieties of milk. :P

aw your welcome !

hahah thats cool! I see lots of buff policemen out on the streets working LOL They gotta be strong !

Hmm, like define as “kid” like under 16 ? :O
My friends neighbor got arrested for leaving her kids at a local pool from 12PM to 9PM, and the ages were, 11, 7, 6, and 5 ! I found out today [from my friend] that the police dropped her charges !

haha yea! I hate when people do the eye thing… like the “slit” kind of eyes. Its like “dont you know that not all asians have eyes like that?” UGH, it drives me crazy. Like when its your friends, its different. Haha I make jokes about asians too, but their not like mean stupid jokes.

hahaha yea, and I’m one of those people who snap easily XDD

Haha, awww I know I picked my nose when I was little LOL
Mine use to bleed too! XDDD It was weird cause I ended up with like a scab in my nose LOL and it felt very…uncomfortable XD It felt like you had a booger [hehe] in your nose !

Ahhh I love cheese in all, but I’m not good at not trying to get my hand graded XDD [does that make sense? LOL i think so] I feel bad when i scrape my finger a little on it, I’m like OMG whats if someone is eatting and they see my piece of skin! I’d be scarred for life LOL

OMG that sounds sooo scarryyy! Thankfully, that has not happened to me! My friend got into a car accident a few years ago, and her car flipped over and was upside down! They were all okay, but my friend said that her mom’s legs hurt since she got hot coffee spilt on her XD. That was the night of a concert, and they were driving my friends sister to it, and we usually sat together, and I thought something was wrong cause I never saw them!
And of course, they got the few glass cuts, but they said nothing serious. Phewwww

Your nose started to bleed? Aw. Did it bleed for a long time?
Are you and your family okay from the car accident?

No, it didn’t bleed for a long time. It didn’t bleed much at all, as I mentioned.

My family and I are okay. The accident happened many years ago, and we’re fine.

844 words! I could never write an essay as that…though I could write something like novels & stories probably! Haha.

Blind peer-reviewing? Hmm..that’s actually good, so the person reviewing you will be honest, because s/he doesn’t actually know that the essay is yours. If they did, then they might be more nice. LOL. That’s what I feel.

Oh, that was silly! That happened to me when I was like 8 years old. How funny.
Aww, her hand must have pained so much! That has happened to me a few times, but never that serious as to bleeding on the hand!

Oh, that accident sounds terrific! I don’t know how I would have felt like, if I was in place of you. I’m really glad you & your mom were safe! :D

Yay for the domain giveaway! And advance birthday wishes to our dearest Heartdrops from me! :)

Yeah, I suppose essays ARE hard to write than novels & stories…I just can’t stay focused on one thing as when writing an essay, but with stories, you keep moving on…so i guess that is why, uhm, essays are rather hard to write. :)

Haha, Superwoman Georgina! XD

Thank you, Georgie! I’m so glad you like it….I was actually waiting for YOUR reply on the book, since I knew you’re a good writer yourself! :D Yeah, I guess the last line threw it off a bit, but you’ll understand it more if you read the other half. You see, I left it at half for you all to read.

And thank you SO much again, Georgie! I understand what you mean…LOL, I always wanted to make the reader feel the emotion(s) that the character was going through at that particular phase of the story. So, I’ve been lately looking for inspiration at books and blogs. Your blogs always have something for the visitor! And let me tell you this: your writing has definitely inspired me in the past! :D


Yeah, I’ve only tried writing essays a few times. So, I guess I’m not too good at it. 😒

Haha, okay, Superwoman Nobody! XD

Opinion! I nearly read it as ‘onion’! OH, LOL! :D

Yes, yes, I will, if I get enough response! I’m glad at your interest in our book, Georgie! :)

same here. i’ve only had experience working as a counselor at an afterschool/summer program so i never really have other experience that’s helpful for jobs in general. i’m so glad and lucky to have gotten this job though :)

Hey you. :) I wanted to comment on this blog, but I waited too long to return your comment. I’m going to comment on it now.

Woo, you mentioned me. Haha no I don’t mind you saying so. :P It’s weird though… your nose hurt, didn’t it? When it happened to me, I can’t remember it hurting at all. I just remember a freaking lot of blood. Allllll over. D:

Is it bad that when I read this blog and got to the part about grating your finger, I actually laughed out loud? As painful as I’m sure it was, the accident itself was pretty darn funny to me. :P Actually, when I read this blog I was sitting in history class waiting to be able to do my part of my group’s project, and when I giggled at the cheese grating, Prabhjot was like “that was creepy.” xD

My god, I can’t believe that guy denied having hit you!! Stupid git for running his red light in the first place, and then he has the audacity to deny it? Fuck him. :P

Wooo, October is coming quickly! It’s almost time for our sites to celebrate their birthdays together~. I haven’t decided what kind of event I am going to have yet. I want to have a domain contest at least, but I can’t afford to give away too many. I mean, I have enough for three or four, but I want to save some to renew my domains when they expire.