One Crowded Hour

Today I went to university. It was alright. Apart from the fact that I had to take the long way to the next floor, because they were fixing the escalators.

One thing that annoys me about travelling to the city every day is the amount of people I encounter. As if the train isn’t bad enough, trying to walk through the subway or even across a footpath or across a road is absolute hell. There are just so many people.

I particularly hate standing on the train with a heavy bag containing my laptop. I don’t really like putting my bag on the floor. Believe me, it’s so much effort when I have to shuffle around to let someone through or something, to bend over to my feet and pick up my bag. Ugh.

Thankfully, I got a seat this morning… about halfway through my ride. It was alright though. Someone sitting by the window shuffled out of the seat, so everyone else in the seat had to get up.

The nice thing was, this man let me sit before he sat back down. :)

Some people are less polite. The other day I was standing in the middle of the aisle on the train, and the aisle was crowded with people so there was nowhere to go. This lady next to me started pushing and shoving past me and telling me to excuse her.

Excuse you? You’re the one pushing and shoving me with your bags in my face. After she got past me, she was hurriedly shoving past the woman in front of me. Gosh, how impatient can you get?

I thought she was hurrying to get off at the station the train was stopping at.

Turns out she was getting off at the next one. The one I was getting off at as well. Selfish impatient turd.

Today I was walking to the train station from university, and noticing from the big tower clock, I would possibly have to run. That clock wasn’t in sync with my phone clock – it showed a later time by a few minutes, so I just relied on it.

Another thing I hate about the city is the fact that some businesses and companies use the crowds to promote their shit. It’s alright, when you’re getting vouchers for free bubble tea or you’re getting samples for cleaning wipes (woo!), but not for dumb petitions and things which end up spamming your email inbox (…great). But generally, people in the city are so busy and walk very fast; some are in such a rush they won’t have time to reach out from their many bags and bother grabbing one of these samples or vouchers.

I was in quite a rush as I noticed the time, so I started walking faster. I noticed a few businessmen promoting something or trying to get people from the crowd to possibly spread the word about their new thing or… whatever. I couldn’t care less. I was trying to avoid them.

I was following the path, naturally. I saw two of these men, one on the right of the path and one on the left.

I was right in the middle of the path and it looked pretty far from them, so there was no way they would approach me and walk up to me. Especially not with the crowd that was crossing the street not far behind me.

I walked a bit faster, scuffing my feet across the pavement, watching my shadow in front of me as I walked.

All of a sudden, a shadow appeared right in front of my face.

“Hi there! My name’s Dave, how are you today?!”

A completely different businessman from the two I had seen, but no doubt part of the same company, had walked right in front of me blocking my path and had his hand out for me to shake it.

Pissed off, I walked around him and ignored him. How rude can you get? I hadn’t seen this guy before and he runs up to me and approaches me. If I walk past you, by all means, but don’t walk up to me when I’m clearly in a hurry like everyone else. FFS.

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Yeah, I hate those people. Like those lebara mobile people near the food court ._.
Stupid people. Stupid Dave /bash

I should go D: don’t know what happens tomorrow 🤬


HAHA. I saw you yesterday. ♥

I don’t think his name was actually Dave. Too pissed off to remember. Like I care. /bounce

I wonder why those Lebara mobile people are always there. They must be pretty desperate. At least you succeeded in grabbing the goodies. Don’t you love how they give out free stuff to convince you in some way? Pshh.

Dear God, that doesn’t sound like an alright day! That sounds like a terrible day!

Yeah, if I’m in a hurry, I absolutely HATE it when people stop me for pointless things…It makes me SO frustrated!

If I’m in a bad mood, the last thing I want to do is fight my way through a crowd. It’s even worse when the people in front of you are blocking your way and walking impossibly slow. It’s like ‘WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE MOVE TO THE FREAKING LEFT SO I CAN FREAKING GET PAST!’

What a very rude lady! HMPH! I would have made it harder for her to get past xD Hahahaha…I mean I hate it when you say excuse me to someone, and then wait for them to move…and they only shift like 10 centimetres out of the way. That’s just inconsiderate. But like…most people WILL make a genuine effort to move completely out of your way…IF YOU JUST BE PATIENT. Unlike that lady. What if she accidentally injured someone with her rushing around like a complete retard? Hmph!

If she was getting off after the next stop, SURELY she’d have realised that she didn’t have to push and shove to get out of the train. I mean if your stop is next, as annoying as it is, it’s understandable that you have to push and shove to get out, but if it’s not, it’s just…STUPID…

That man was awfully nice to let you sit before he sat back down =). Not many people are like that now…=( Chivalry is dead. If I meet a person like that, who’s nice to me, it totally makes my day =) Like those people on GMH xD Haha!

Urgh! I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE USE CROWDS TO ADVERTISE! I’m not even in the city, and people are STILL at my uni. Some stupid head from Fitness First or whatever stopped me when I was trying to cross a freaking ROAD [there’s an island in the middle of the 4 lanes]…And consequently made me MISS THE FREAKING LIGHTS! And I had to give him my MOBILE NUMBER to make him LET ME MOVE! And then he called my phone WHEN I WAS DRIVING WHEN I COULDN’T PICK UP. Who the hell calls someone at 10am on a WEEKDAY? Uni students are usually in CLASS. And I didn’t answer so he called back…JUST WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO GO TO PIANO LESSONS. I told him that, and he STILL kept talking. Inconsiderate freak. Should have given him a fake number…=@

That’s so evil! Ambushing you like that. Go you for walking around him! Hahahahaha…xD

Three people is OVERKILL! They’re almost as bad as telemarketers. Especially if they saw you in a rush…It’s just plain inconsiderate to STILL try to approach you. PEOPLE HAVE FREAKING LIVES YOU KNOW?!

Hmph! Rude people!

LOL, it wasn’t a bad day really, that guy was just an idiot. And he frustrated me too!

I really get annoyed when people won’t move to the left and they take up the whole escalator, or are just blocking your path in the middle, instead of keeping to the left. I usually try and keep to the left because I’m not that fast; I don’t want to hold up people either.

It’s the same with getting off the train! Ah… it’s hell.

It was terribly annoying; I thought she was in a rush when she clearly wasn’t. She was being really selfish.

I don’t come across too many people who “barely move” – but that is just as rude!

Haha GMH. ♥ They’re so sweet and some of them make me cry!

You should have given a fake number! My gosh. I remember signing a petition thing once, for some kind of eco-friendly saving power crap. And when someone called me and asked for “Georgia” I said they had the wrong number.

Then they said, “Is this number [my number here]?”
“Well, this is the one I am looking for, Georgia.”
“My name is not Georgia, it’s Georgina.”

Turns out it was the shit I applied for, and they totally got my name wrong. Jerks. D:

I absolutely HATE crowded hour, especially in the morning when everyone rushes to work and in the evening, when everyone rushes home.

You know what’s worse than people pushing around? When you’re stuck inside, like a sardine in a can, WITH SMELLY RETARDS. During internship days, I had to travel by bus to work. Once, I was late for work and I just squeezed into the bus or else I had to wait for 15 minutes for another one.

I was in the bus, cursing silently to myself when suddenly I felt like someone was brushing something on my thighs from behind. I moved uncomfortably hoping the person behind would get the hint but nooooooo. I turned around a little and caught the most disgusting and disturbing sight ever.

That fucker was grazing his fuckin crotch on my thighs! FFS /wah /wah /wah And he smelled like oil so I figured that he was a restaurant worker. Can you believe it /angry /angry The nerve!!!!

There are so many rude people here =/ I would always give up my seat to old people and pregnant ladies. Gahh people need to learn some manners in public and to be courteous and considerate. That lady needs to be shanked hard.

How annoying /bash I think these businessmen were trained to do things like that; even though we CLEARLY said “NO”. Like at those seminars, “NO MEANS YES! :D :D” Yeah those kind of things lol.

Mau pipis lagi nih. Too much water D:

Yike. I’m glad I generally do not have to deal with that. Luckily most of the place I need to go is within walking distance or short cab rides (it’s pretty cheap), so I don’t really have to deal with that. Plus my hours are not during rush hours, so I generally am lucky.

Sounds like you have more patience than I ever will. However, I’m used to the city life, so when I’m in a hurry, and if someone’s in my way, I’ve learned that it’s useless being polite. Time to put on my MOVE OVER BIATCHES hat and shove people out of the way. LOL.

The last part disturbed me. He sounded like a stalker or something. O_o Dave who? He’s quite a thickhead, introducing himself and asking you like you guys are acquianted with each other. I would also have done the same thing as you did if that were to happen to me. I don’t talk to strangers so it’s best to ignore them. There are times that there are people making fun of a person just walking or eating by him/herself. They don’t know what to do with their life so they disturb and piss off other people. WTF.

That lady was rude. It reminds me of the time when I was walking on a busy street and this woman bumped her sharp elbow into one of my boobs and even had the guts to snarl at me “Hey, watch where you’re going!” It ticked me off so I snapped back at her “As if you didn’t bump into me, cross-eyed girl!” >.< I know it's rude, but she was being rude too.

You meet some nice people, yet you meet also those that are the exact opposite.

Hey, new blog! ^_^

Oh my gosh. Some people can really be nice although some others just can’t get enough of being impolite. The nerve of some people, right? /ehh

Hahaha yeah I usually find someone offering me a seat. Like this man once he got up for me to sit. What a sweet person! :)

Although some, yes, like that stupid lady, there are a lot of them here apparently too. Like there was this British guy once and he was like pushing his way to get to the bus. He said because he was the first one when we clearly saw that he was still coming and we were actually there. AGAIN, the nerve of some people! /angry I was like, FFS, you twat. LOL. xD

The last bit of this blog was a bit awkward and I’m sure you felt even more of course as you were the one experiencing it lol. Dave? Who the fuck gives a shit about who he is?! XD I mean come ON. Like one time there was this lady she’s like “I work for someone very important. It is essential I go in first”. UGHH. What a fucktard, FFS. 🤮

On another note, I have Gastric Flu. D:

Ehh I hate crowded places, I just avoid them as much as possible, i can’t imagine having to go through the same thing as you every morning.

Oh, that was nice of the man, hmm there are still some good people left in the world :P . HA, those pushers LOL, I hate those kind of people, why can’t you just wait, like you waited, how selfish and rude of her, “excuse me” wouldn’t really do you any good! Woo I like those free smaples thingies :D , yeah some people don’t really have time but some people are free or in a day off so that’s really a good idea for business men and such to promote stuff.

Oh, now thing s shouldn’t get like that, I mean i really hate when something like his happens to me, at least when ignored him he didn’t come after you, when i was in Tanzania, this business man came to my grandma’s house pushing her to buy something when we clearly didn’t want to buy it he just wouldn’t go.

Oh God. that sounds pretty hecktic D:
I walk to school and I rarely need to get a train, let alone to a big city, so I don’t get caught in all the commotion :P Although, if I go to London, that can be pretty cramped / rushed :|

That sucks when you don’t get a seat. I mean, do you have to travel far to uni, or is it only a few stops? Still, that woman is just plain rude. I remember once I was on a train and it was very busy and we were lucky enough to get seats after standing up for about half an hour-so we grabbed them quick. Then one old lady, although not extrememly old. maybe sixties? stood there, next to us looking directly at us saying in a really loud voice to her husband (well, I assume it was anyways) “I’m suprised nobody offered you or I a seat Geoffrey (or whatever his name was. I know it was a really typical old-man name cause we laughed at the typical-ness of it) Can’t they see we’re elderly?” I mean, pls. JUSTASK US TO MOVE INSTEAD OF HINTING, BITCH. we didn’t move though. I just smiled at her :) I hate it when people hint D: they were only on the train for three fucking stops anyway. Lazy shits.

Stupid businessy people can go fuck themselves. Srsly. Wankers. Couldn’t they see you were in a rush? /hmph

fair enough ;) but srsly, I don’t think there are any other types of website available to make. I mean, other than a hosting site (which is annoying, believe me), you have a website for everything possible :P

Oooh I see ;) that’s just pointless. Email all essays – saves paper /love Mr Blue Sky is an immense song. end of story :)

haha yeah, I’m lucky I’m small :) Although, the foundation (reception) class tables-I couldn’t even get my legs under them :| they were up to my knee D:

eep sorry, bit of an essay comment there D:

I live in a poky little village which is pratically deserted, so I’m not very good with city life and crowded places. It sounds… tricky. :/
I hate taking stairs or something when they fix esculators or lifts or whatever. I mean for a start, my form room is up four flights of stairs and it’s so tiring to run up them in the mornings (because my bus is always late) and then walk down them for assembly and then walk up them to get your bag and back down again…

The only plus side is that I swear you run 200m every time you run up them. XD Maybe I’m not so unfit after all… XD
I wouldn’t want to put my bag on the floor because people could easily snatch it or something and it would be quite hard to react to that kind of thing. I’m glad you managed to find a seat though. I hate rude, inconsiderate people. You’re more likely to get what you want if you are polite to others. They’ll be more grateful. Instead of being pushed around…. /hmph

That woman sounds kind of selfish. I mean seriously, everyone is in the same boat. What makes you more important?
At least she was KIND of polite. Instead of just shoving, excusing herself… bleh. Still kinda rude.

OMG. I hate promotions and stuff. In town there are loads and everyone always walks up to you and is like “Hi, would you like…?” My mum always says “no thank you” and just walks off but my sister always feels bad and takes them. Even if she never uses them. I guess it’s better if you just say no. XD

That Dave guy sounds like a loser. /bash /faw /ehh

Haha I was aware that you read Twilight and liked it but I just really didn’t. I can’t believe you can even talk about that much love in four books anyway. :/ Besides she repeats practically everything and talks about Edward’s perfectness or Bella’s ability to find anything good in anything when she’s run out of steam. Bleh.

Bella needs some spine, period. And yar, there are muccccch better books out there. Like the Book Thief. :D
I’m kind of surprised it got published to be honest. XD
Bella needs to be more independent. D’you ‘spose she could take a train without Edward there? :P /hmph

LMFAO. Seriously?!! They’re not doing that here. BUT MWAHAHAAA BAN IT BAN IT BAN IT. XD
I feel happy now. /bounce /eee /ehe
I know. I recognised the font, I’ve just always really liked it. ♥ Heh.
He might be laid back but he is sooooo certainly a slacker. Period. XD

Yeshms, you’re right. But I would have thought parents would have been a bit less like that. Like a girl who is my age (13 in a week actually) has only just been allowed to go around my poky little village by herself. D:

LOL. My parents worry a lot too. It’s like “I’m 12…well, almost 13, whatever… I can look after myself, yanoe…”

I have my best friend over to my house pretty much all the time and my other friends every now and then.
LMFAO. My mum thinks it suits me just fine. :P And haha I’m not very confident either… wear what you wanna wear, if you think you look good you look good. :D

Sorry, I meant “Bella’s ability to find nothing good”

i always like reading your blogs – they’re extremely easy to read and you’re a great writer! everything’s concise and most times, whenever i read a lengthy blog, my eyes tend to glaze over and i just end up not knowing what i read whatsoever. :) just pointing that out, hehe.

i agree with most of what you wrote – i hate crowded things (i think people ought to be considerate of others; i’m somewhat claustrophobic and i really don’t like HEARING other people breathing, haha, it’s strange), i don’t like people who stop me in the street (especially when i’m rushing to get somewhere and i have a tendency to not be able to say no to someone.)

my senior year of high school was ridiculous and i’m glad i overcame it.

i was a counselor at an afterschool program and it was fun but i ended up having troubles with the management so i had to quit. it was an awesome job – i love kids and i like ‘being in control’ as funny as that sounds but it sucks that it didn’t work out.

oh that must have been so annoying. Im glad i dont have to take the train. Once i was on one and as it stops a woman runs all the way throught the train to get to te open door, pushing and shoving,and got out, then realized that this was the wrong stop lol i was thinking ”that serves you right” :D

Yeah I know. It’s just stupid when people have such high expectations because they should ask themselves if THEY could do what they’re asking you to do. Kinda like putting themselves in your shoes, and then they’ll realize that they’re being extremely annoying and unreasonable. That was really rude of her to tell you that your slow returning comments. :O Cause you return them pretty darn fast in my opinion especially with the number of comments you get!

Yeah usually all my layouts take me like half a day to complete.. faaail. I get tired of my layout within like a week lmao, but I figure that I should keep it up for at least about a month so it gets it’s time in the spotlight. xD

I thought so. Lol, university seems scary and fun at the same time. That’s pretty tough though, to write things down as they speak cause talking is so much easier and faster to do than writing.. no fair. D:

Woo that’s awesome that you can pick your timetable! yays. Haha yeah that seems fair enough. You can’t just have the class at whatever time you wish, so you have to pick a time from their range. (:

LOL I’ve always wondered what’s so bad/good about a night class?

Yay can’t wait for when you come to Canada. If we bumped into eachother that’d be the shizz. Traveling is awesome FO’SHO.

Dayum, I definitely know what you’re talking about when you say that the crowds are really annoying. My neigborhood is like MASSIVE so like half of the students in my school come from my neighborhood alone. Therefore, my bus is like FUCK SHIT crowded every day and it’s almost impossible to get a seat. So that’s why I’m always like running out of class so I can get my ass on a seat before I get trampled. xD

Wow that was very impolite of the lady to just start shoving you when she was getting off at the same stop. -.- Sheesh.

Gah I hate those business people. There’s tons of them all over downtown Toronto and I usually just ignore them as well.. they kinda creep me out sometimes lmao.


I’m so sick of rude people! That lady would’ve annoyed me and I would’ve been grumbling under my breath the whole time. And as for the dude who tried to maul you I run from those people haha. When I see them coming, I run far far away!

Thanks for the music suggestion, I’ll check them out! :) I love Glam rock so it sounds right up my alley.

hahah, lots of people carry purses here. I carry one as well cause I got like lots of junk that I need to carry. Phone, Money, Keys, Pencils, Pens, Small Mirror LOL. Yess. I need a mirror XD

LOL luckky! I barely drink anything in school ): I had the worst headache today cause I was dehydrated D: I was like NEED WATERRR LOL

LOL you sound just like my sister. She’s always like ‘I’m having a craving to play Sims!” Then she makes the family and the house then shes like, “You wanna play? I’m bored ” hahah

hahah, you know what? I forgot to get this permission slip signed! UGHH. hahah, last year was my math homework, the other year it was math again LOL and this time it was a permission slip for math XDD I forget math a lottt!

haha that guy Dave seems friendly, in a very weird way LOL XD I hate when people push on trains! i was standing up once with my mom and this like group of like 5 prob. 18 or older girls were standing too, and then one of the girls like fell on me and she didnt say anything ):

lol thanks glad you like it, i wanted to add more colours to the css but i wasnt sure, i’m gonna leave it who cares lmao
yeah sometimes i just have down days lol i think that was one of them lol i’m just really freaked about growing up
thanks i hope i’ll enjoy myself and yeah reviews were getting a chore its like ughh dont wanna do this review lol
eww just the thought of the skin makes me wanna heave lol hahaha lmao i can imagine you fighting over them like it’s mine! no it’s mine *tugs* lmao
ugh i hate that about the city too people are so rude, manners dont cost anything these days, it was nice of that man though :)

ughh what a rude salesman dude i try and ignore them as much as possible simply because i dont want it. If i wanted what they were giving me i’ve have sought it out myself i dont need free chewing gum or tickets to a club i’ll never go to. i had this scary man come up to me once trying to get me to sign up to this thing and he came out of nowhere and started babbling at me (i was 14 at the time and shit scared of this guy) then he’s like you’re over 16 right i’m like no…… he’s like oh *lets me on my way* i was so freaked out

I hate when they come up to you when you’re in a rush too it’s like gotta catch my train not interested ughh what a loser though

OMG. If I was in your place, I would have RAN. That’s scary, just being talked to a COMPLETE TOTAL stranger! And he even said his name! WTH?? Aren’t those business or advertiser people usually have a place to hand out their flyers and stuff? Like maybe infront of the mall?? 😒

Ugh. I hate those big TNA bags! Like totally loathe them! I can’t believe I used to want to have one! Their just so annoying. Not only are they super heavy, they’re so big and annoying. Some people who has those bags doesn’t even care where they’re going or whose right behind them. They just shove the bag right in front of your face! EXCUSE ME! Those kind of bags are definitely not for school! And not for buses! GRR 💥

I hate it when people says “excuse me” when they’re the ones pushing! Plus, they know its a bus, it can be full sometimes, so obviously, there’s going to be pushing and stuff. But it’s a complete different story when you’re the one pushing and “excuse-ing” at the same time! /hmph

HAHA I agree. I don’t know why it happens, but sometimes, I find it a relief just to blame something or someone. For the sake of just getting it all out!

Yeah, I hate when they do that to me. When they block me off like that, I give them a bit of a glare and say, “Sorry, I’m busy.”

I also hate when I’m with someone and we’re obviously busy and someone interrupts us. Like yesterday, Royce and I were standing outside a restaurant waiting for a seat, cuddling and talking. And then this lady walked up and asked for change. Now, maybe this seemed awful, but she seemed pretty well off. I was pretty pissed off, so I simply said, “Don’t have any, sorry.”

Honestly, how irritating.

That lady should be more polite and thoughtful. She shouldn’t push you. She should know a little bit of manners. Tsk, tsk.

I hate it when people jump in to my way especially when I’m in a hurry. They should be more considerate. I would have done the same thing too; ignoring them. Ignore those inconsiderate buisnessmen. It’s always the same thing they’d offer. Sale discounts, promoting their products, sign petitions, buy this and that, etc. Gah, annoying. We always have those in our mail box. Junk.

Once in a shopping mall, this saleswoman keep handling my mum a bottle of perfume as a ‘tester’. My mum kept saying “No” and she came back with a lotion instead. -__-

Yeaurgh, I hate people who are craving others to apply reviews from them. Craving is okay but begging and forcing others is obviously rude. I guess she doesn’t want me to know her site because she’s just afraid if hers sucks than mine. But there’s no point to force me to get reviews when I don’t feel like my site needs one. As long as the layout isn’t mine, I won’t apply to anyone.

That reminds me, I haven’t really been working on a layout lately. I just got bored of it. And my interest in my site has disappeared. As I face through many life experience, I just had interest for other things now. Layouts are just too hard for me. /Give Up. *Sigh*

And no, I don’t think I’d go on MSN any more frequent. I’m sure you’re a good friend to talk to on MSN. I already enjoy talking to your through commenting and Twitter, so of course you’d be a wonderful friend for me to talk to. Rather than that annoying kid whose begging for reviews. -_-

yea, I now know how hard it is in university.. xD how many more years to go?

I only stay up that late during weekends now. Ugh school sucks. I have to wake up and early and all that jazz /angry
Which plugin do you use? I use show-top-commentators or something like this, i have no idea anymore.
What some one actually get lost in a but? i hope someone would wake them up though.. I think i would cry a lot if that happened to me. I love cheap jewelry too!!! i bought a $3 dollar earing s and they were cute but they don’t last much but it does for a while until you mistakenly let wanter touch them or something. If they really did take a picture, i would probably hit someone. It’s weird to just take a picture of a complete stranger.
My dad is not someone i would talk. Seriously i have some kinda problem, i wonder who i would talk to about it? probably my friends. i don’t up to family like that, i don’t comfortable with lol. it’s just not right for me lol i know i should be comfortable with but i ‘m not lol. Like boyfriend issues, i cannot do that lol.
Aww it’s okay, it’s the thought that matters to me :D *hugs back* thanks lol :D

I’ve only been a train like 3 times, i think i was going from new jersey to new york or something like that. We got a seat in some and in some we didn’t get a seat lol. Crazy old lady!!! she needs to watch her self lol. That’s fucking stupid!!

I would have done the exact same thing. Just walk around the person. We don’t have those a lot here. Or maybe there’s a lot down town but i don’t know i don’t go there often. But if a business man comes up to me, i would have done the same thing you did lol

I’ve never been in pressing crowds only seen them. :)
Yeah I can totally see your point about salesmen. But me? I would rather have them then a news station. :)

i think long is good! i usually have nothing or very little to say in my blogs for some reason : guess i’m not as interesting as i thought i was, hah.

i hate saying no to people too. i mean, i REALLY can’t. even if some guy’s trying to make me donate my liver and i don’t know him, i’d have the biggest trouble saying no. i’d squirm on the spot and be shuffling my feet around and shrugging, haha. i can imagine it now!

serena williams and kanye west are a bit alike – their egos are very overblown and they tend to believe that they can get away with what they say when in reality, it’s unfair, unclassy and unnecessary.

i constantly hear about guitar hero as well but i’ve never played it! i referenced it absent-mindedly, haha :(

That reminds of a time I was the grocery store and this chick was standing in the middle of the isle and she didn’t bother moving not once inch so I could get through. She kept on talking to her friends holding her 12 pack of pop. I’m thinking, you rude little bitch.. You could have moved over an inch or two so I could get passed. That set my mood for the entire time I was there. Some people are just assholes.

haha you’re such an angry person! but i bet he thought you were rude for not shaking his hand. but i know you started your day off angrryyy. rawr! hey, don’t you know that when you say, “excuse me” you can do whatever you want & you’re excused? just like when you say, “no offense” & you can say whatever you want & expect that person not to be offended. Example: “no offense georgina, but you’re the biggest bitch on this online world & you complain about the stupidestestest things luike wtfz” ahahahaha.

i never really know what to say when i’m approached by salesmen, i just walk by unless they’re handing out free food/drinks.

you know, as much as i love boba, i’ve heard that boba is made with some sort of plastic like material that is really bad for you. do you know if this is true? i haven’t looked it up yet. but i was told that boba’s ingredients come from china & you know china, everything from that country happens to be poison. if not the milk, it’s the toy products. sigh.

You posted your comment twice. :P

Staircases suck. But yarrrr, little bursts of exercise are good for you. XD
That’s a point. :P I’m just too lazy to move my bag if I have to and stuff.

Obviously really rude. :P
I can KIND of admire her because she can ramble so much. I mean you’d expect a bit more structure and a better plot or something. You know?
Haha yeah… she was a hopeless driver. Harhar.
And yeah. She’s 18. :P

Oh dear. Sounds dirty. There’s not much in the first book and I don’t remember much in the second… does it get worse? :O

Awh. :P You make me feel so little… XD I’m ALMOST 13. Maybe I won’t feel so little then. :P

ack. Damn typos. I swear, I do know how to spell pregnant XP

ahahhaa. Yeah, at least I’d be outa school I s’pose. Imagine sitting exams with a huge bumb though! :P ahaha, but no, it was just Emily jumping to strange conclusions :P

ahaha. I KNEW SOMEONE WOULD SAY THAT! I will miss it, but srsly, my school is crappy. I hate 60% of my teachers. The only ones I like are maths, Photography, History (maybe science & pe – I don’t know yet.. I haven’t had my new teachers) D:

Telling me. It was effort times a million. I was photocopying for two hours straight. I was most pissed that I missed my break. I suppose I could’ve just gone out for it but I didn’t want to just walk out to break without permission and nobody said I could stop D:

Nope. We don’t get a choice on Focus Friday. That’s why it’s stupid. If we could choose which subject to catch up on / revise it’d be a lot more useful.. but we don’t. Typical. We have no freedom in that school.

London is amazing. I actually love it <3 half hour to an hour? ouch that's a long time to hold a heavy laptop case! You poor thing :(

Hhahaa I know. Silly lady. Shame we didn't move really /hehe hahaha ikr. They have such typical names. Like Dorris. Or Margret. hehe. It makes me laugh so much. :)

Haha. I bet you make a forum now :P kiddin'. I had a forum once that I adopted at so-pink but apparently i didn't update enough or something – she cancelled it :|

haha. Alice in Wonderland is an amazing example!

…AND THAT’S WHY I hate public transportation. And also for like, a million other reasons. Like how here in Egypt, public transportation is one of the synonyms of hell. For one thing, public buses always have problems with exhaustion and all that, and they usually carry 10 times more people than the bus can fit, and then you have to get squished while 99.99% chance you won’t have a seat available. Plus with all the crap-ass swine flu being spread so quickly, doesn’t make it any easier to avoid the flu while having 7 people squashed in your face with a chance that at least 2 of them are infected.
ANYWAYSSSSSS, I’ll end the rant here. /hehe Lol. HAHA, yeah, those advertisement businessmen are just hopeless. But I never knew they’d actually follow you, AFTER you’ve obviously ignored them in a way that says “No thanks, got no time for your crap, srry bye”. I usually ignore them and they get the message. But to follow you after you’ve even avoided shaking hands with them?? LOL, someone’s desperate. And they’re rude too. /hmph
Ooo, communications sounds fun. I also like writing, I can see myself in a few years studying in a similar category. 🙄 Well, I’ve leave that to the future. =)

LOL yeah the timezones could definitely be the reason as to why we seem to reply to eachother so quickly. :P Yeah, it’s the same with me. I feel horrible if I forget to reply to someone, especially if it was a blog related comment cause the other ones I don’t feel as bad about. xD

Yeah it’s good to keep layout up for a while so people don’t miss out on them. :P I’ve done that in the past as well. Where a layout has just so damn ugly that I have to take it down, it’s either that, or I’m really tired of it.

We’re not allowed laptops in high-school, unfortunately. That’s another awesome thing about university! I can’t wait to use laptops cause I can definitely type faster than I write as well.

Whoa, night class sounds pretty horrid lmao. I hate being hungry during class! Cause I naturally get distracted easily and it’s even worse when my stomach is growling cause then I don’t feel like doing anything.

You’re so lucky that you usually get a seat. D: LMAO, your so evil laughing at the poor people who can’t get seats. xD I would have done the same if I was in your position though, I have to admit.

Yeah those business people are quite stuck-up. My accounting teacher reminds me of them. ARGH I DISLIKE HER VERY MUCH. >:(

Aw thank-you! So glad you liked the new layout. :D Yeah it was kind of a random idea to put a search bar in the footer but I thought ‘hey why not?’ xD.

Psh, no need to be jealous. Your layouts are always amazing, GAWSH.

dave is my worstest worst nightmare.
Its like, wtf person, i’m already late without your face crowding my personal space thanks…
people can be ignorant and annoying.

Are you enjoying your uni course?
i have to go next year and i cant decide what to take :/

oh well…
i have time! (its what i tell myself to help remain calm :D)

Lunchables is basically a small meal in a box. You can get pizza, mini hotdogs, etc. Its great for taking to school :)

I hate people like that. That lady on the train was just so rude. I don’t go on trains that often, so luckily I’ve never had that experience. Business people can be so rude, and most of their products are crap, anyways.

That reminds me of one time I went to the mall with my friends and my friend’s Grandma. This guy stopped us and asked her, “Excuse me, how old are your three daughters and son?” We just started to laugh, because none of us look anything alike. He was so stupid. He wanted us all to go into modeling, haha.

Everyone is always in a hurry in NYC as well. There is always someplace to go and there’s always a rush to get there. There are always incidents where you get crushed by someone’s stuff, or I also think it’s rude when someone’s packages take up 3 seats next to them! There are some polite people here as well, but I guess it’s pretty much the same in most cities. I do like the city though, I love living in it. There are some great parks here that I love to hang out in. I was actually thinking of doing a video on NYC lol. I’ve completely gone astray though! I also hate it when people try to push their products on you or try to give you things you don’t normally want. Do you have street vendors or street performers in your area? Sometimes I like the street or subway performers, they’re pretty cool.

I hope most of your future trips to your city aren’t so terrible though!

ohhh hahah. Yea it does seem to take space, even though mine is small. Yeaa! Sometimes I need to check my hair or if there was anything on my face XD

haha, at my school we really aren’t supposed to bring a drink, but some teachers allow them, but most dont ): LOL when it gets hot at our school, its literally like a oven! Even today, it was sooo hott. And I was wearing Jeans ):

LOL i just like designing things…thats why I like to make it! And sometimes to like set goals like to like get to the top, but sometimes thats hard!

Lmao, I did that in 3rd grade, cause we had to get our agenda’s signed every day. Tsk tsk, I had to copy it, and in 5th grade we had to do that, and when my friend forgot to get hers signed, she cut a old one and she just taped it on the spot where it blank XD Ahh, and noo i didnt get in trouble, a lot of people forgot and she didnt mind at all. (:

LOL random person….its a different story when you’re like standing in a long line and someone just like talks to you. That’s not as rude XD

hahaha yeaa, like in school when all the snobs are gathered and blocking the halls. Its annoying as heckk

it always amazes me how you have alot to say every few days or so! i struggle to think of what to write about and when i deliver my blog, it always seems so lackluster and horrible for my readers, hah. i’m envious of your writing skills! i tend to be longwinded (have you noticed?!) so that reflects onto my blog posts as well as comments too, which readers tend to forget and glaze over, hah.

it’s an exaggerated example of how i can never say no, heh :p i mean, in dire cases like when it’s strictly against my morals, i have to but in cases where it’s a panhandler asking for money, i feel a bit obligated to do it and if i don’t, i feel bad. : i ought to change that before i go broke, hah.

american celebrities especially! asian celebrities are much more dignified and aren’t as flashy as american celebrities, i think.

i’ve seen guitar hero in action from my friends so i know – it’s pretty childish and doesn’t seem fun at all honestly but everyone references it so much and it’s so popular!! i don’t know why!

Oh my god. How rude can that lady get? She is not the only one on the train! The world doesn’t revolve around whatever her name is. I hate when people are like that. Like when they rush through the halls and smack you with a bag or their hand. They normally don’t even say excuse me -.-

Gah that man sounds like a pain in the ass. I hate getting Toll free calls on the telephone -.- I just pick up the phone and hang up. Haha! I feel like I have told you that before haha.

Ahah! I love comfy couches and chairs. I can just fall asleep especially if I have a blanket with me. :P

In your face teacher xD Some people think she is on drugs by just the way she acts. She just takes long pauses. Maybe she is a deep thinker? :P

Oh yeah! I totally forgot about how they are just cucumbers :D Noodles? I will try that some time!! :) I make weird combos like pizza with broccoli or something lol.

Yeah that’s what the mother of the biker said. Accidents happen. :)

Ah Georgie!
Thank you sososo much for your kind comments, both on my blog and portfolio :3
Haha omg, yes you definitely need your own domain collective, you have bloody milllioooooons! XD I mainly just did my site that way coz I had no inspiration for a good layout haha.

Omgg, i know what you mean by a load of people! Though over east it must be 10x worse then what it’s like her in Perth. Some people are just so rude, but there’s still some polite ones. The worst ones though are the ones who have disgusting B.O! Seriously D:

Ha, what a “selfish impatient turd” as you put it. Perfect description I think XD

D: FARKK the promoters are the worst! Fortunately they target older peeps (unlucky georgie). So I don’t really get bugged by them haha, but I can understand your annoyance at them.. Some of them just don’t shut up!
Good on ya for walking away, you should of done the whole snapping – black girl – thing. *snap fingers* WELL EXCUUUUUUSE me, but I am not interested *snap fingers and walk away* yeah I kinda just acted that out whilst I typed it, yeah fail :P

Oh and because I don’t think I commented on the blog about your new layout, well i’ll just say that i love it! yes yes i do. Your layouts are always so purdddy and creative x3! Not only that but they always have a personal touch to them, like how you, Lilian and James are in the header! soooo cute o3o

Sigh. City Life. It’s so hustle and bustle and it is hectic. It’s so strange to be in one part of a place where it’s quiet and just a mere few minutes by transportation you are in a “CITY” where everything is so different including the the pace, the people and even the look of the place. It’s strange.

See that is the reason why I do not like public transportation haha. I don’t like being in crowded places, having people shove their asses in my face because there is just no space in the bus or the trains or how annoying people’s manners (or lack thereof) are. I mean we are all in the damn bus/train/whatever to get around and everyone acting like dicks isn’t going to get us to our destinations any faster right? Some people …

Oh, I hate it when those people are blocking my way. When I was at the IT fair a few days back, they shove the thick stacks of flyers in my face. /angry I feel like punching them in the face as well. But then, I told myself I must have some self control so I just stare at them hoping my eyes can kill them and walked off. LOL!

He must be quite shock you walked off ignoring him. But he deserves it! 🤬

Found an article. In Viet Nam, they’ve basically banned boba… :/ so……… I don’t know. & that country has the uncleanest crap you’ll ever eat. I went there & seriously had the worst time of my life because their food made me run to the bathroom a zillion times. :| So I don’t know where the mix is made but .. check yours out.

this could just be occurring in Vietnam & China but who knows?

I think … that if your tapioca is made from china or vietnam, you shouldn’t drink it..but if it’s made by that one bubbleteasupply site, you’re probably safe.

I am going through the worst flu of my life right now & I can’t eat anything or else….& omgosh I want so many different kinds of food right now it’s ridiculous. zomg ughhh!!! damnit.

EMERGENCY COMMENT! (And sorry for being late.)
The tickets are sold out but my dad got four and he can get an extra one for you for FREE.
Please reply ASAP. :)

Yeah babies are really cute. Farzad seems to be more matured than Aaron. Aaron just holds things and puts them in his mouth but Farzad takes thing and drops them intentionally. :D

I know, some people are really rude. Some people walk as though they cannot see anything and once, a man almost knocked me out when he shoved past me. /hmph

OHEMGEE. I really hate those stupid advertisers, like, seriously, save your stupid crap for the god damn internet!! But don’t shove your worthless crap in my freaking face because I have the right to get through one god damn day without you shoving the fucking stress IN MY FUCKING FACE YOU GOD DAMN DESPERATE ANUS-BURGERS!! I don’t mind banners and that shit, but cramming your stinking papers to my nose is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!
And they think a 12 year old would have the money to buy their crap. -.-

Dave should be raped by a rapist.

/wave Poor Dave /poo LOL

I wouldn’t say so… I found him rather rude. His loss, really.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Tell Dave to shove whatever he was trying to promote right up his arse, along side his head. (H)

Baha. I live in this kind of in-the-middle-of-freaking-nowhere town so I don’t have to worry about titheads like that coming all up in my personal space in which i breathe, and survive etc etc. Idiots. Smack ’em round the side of the head nice time, Bop. :X

I remember something kind of happened me when I went to the city of Dublin (maybe you’ve heard of Dublin – capital of Ireland, yeah..) anyway, it was on my way to a Beyonce concert and I was going on the train thingy and I was about to sit down and a fucking ‘chav’ sat down and told me to move the fuck on. I was like “excuse me bitch. Get off my fucking seat don’t I put my moves on you.” And my Dad moved me on, so lucky for that bitch, I didn’t kick her face in.

Yeah, the ignorance of some people. :D

ERIKAAAA. Your comments aren’t working on your website. 😢

LMAO. If I encounter him again, I’ll say, “Erika said so.” /snort

Yeah, he kind of was butting into my personal space. Grr. It would have been a lot more polite if he approached me from the side, and not walked in my face.

LOL, the “chav” says it all – what a jerk. :P

I hope your friends stop being asses. :( (Asses are forms of donkeys which are forms of horses, if that helps…)

Take care! ♥

Yeah, many people do that. It’s as if they cannot see anything. It makes me feel like they are trying to get your attention or something.

Me too. I hate it when people try to get my attention, and also when they give me attention. I get nervous, especially when they stare.