One Crowded Hour

Today I went to university. It was alright. Apart from the fact that I had to take the long way to the next floor, because they were fixing the escalators.

One thing that annoys me about travelling to the city every day is the amount of people I encounter. As if the train isn’t bad enough, trying to walk through the subway or even across a footpath or across a road is absolute hell. There are just so many people.

I particularly hate standing on the train with a heavy bag containing my laptop. I don’t really like putting my bag on the floor. Believe me, it’s so much effort when I have to shuffle around to let someone through or something, to bend over to my feet and pick up my bag. Ugh.

Thankfully, I got a seat this morning… about halfway through my ride. It was alright though. Someone sitting by the window shuffled out of the seat, so everyone else in the seat had to get up.

The nice thing was, this man let me sit before he sat back down. 🙂

Some people are less polite. The other day I was standing in the middle of the aisle on the train, and the aisle was crowded with people so there was nowhere to go. This lady next to me started pushing and shoving past me and telling me to excuse her.

Excuse you? You’re the one pushing and shoving me with your bags in my face. After she got past me, she was hurriedly shoving past the woman in front of me. Gosh, how impatient can you get?

I thought she was hurrying to get off at the station the train was stopping at.

Turns out she was getting off at the next one. The one I was getting off at as well. Selfish impatient turd.

Today I was walking to the train station from university, and noticing from the big tower clock, I would possibly have to run. That clock wasn’t in sync with my phone clock – it showed a later time by a few minutes, so I just relied on it.

Another thing I hate about the city is the fact that some businesses and companies use the crowds to promote their shit. It’s alright, when you’re getting vouchers for free bubble tea or you’re getting samples for cleaning wipes (woo!), but not for dumb petitions and things which end up spamming your email inbox (…great). But generally, people in the city are so busy and walk very fast; some are in such a rush they won’t have time to reach out from their many bags and bother grabbing one of these samples or vouchers.

I was in quite a rush as I noticed the time, so I started walking faster. I noticed a few businessmen promoting something or trying to get people from the crowd to possibly spread the word about their new thing or… whatever. I couldn’t care less. I was trying to avoid them.

I was following the path, naturally. I saw two of these men, one on the right of the path and one on the left.

I was right in the middle of the path and it looked pretty far from them, so there was no way they would approach me and walk up to me. Especially not with the crowd that was crossing the street not far behind me.

I walked a bit faster, scuffing my feet across the pavement, watching my shadow in front of me as I walked.

All of a sudden, a shadow appeared right in front of my face.

“Hi there! My name’s Dave, how are you today?!”

A completely different businessman from the two I had seen, but no doubt part of the same company, had walked right in front of me blocking my path and had his hand out for me to shake it.

Pissed off, I walked around him and ignored him. How rude can you get? I hadn’t seen this guy before and he runs up to me and approaches me. If I walk past you, by all means, but don’t walk up to me when I’m clearly in a hurry like everyone else. FFS.

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