A Song For The Optimists

Fin: How are you tonight, Georgie? You seem stressed.
Georgina: Terrible.
Fin: And why is that…
Georgina: I absolutely hate being greeted with terrible internet.
Fin: I wouldn’t say you were greeted! It was okay this morning.
Georgina: It sure was, but now it’s just getting worse, just when I’m about to finish this essay. I think I might pop it in with however many words I have now. I can’t get to 2500.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I would name my laptop Fin, after the Anberlin song, pretty much. I’m not one to “name” my things, but I thought I’d do it just this once.

I have a habit of naming my stuffed toys, but to me, that’s different. I don’t see why you would name your iPod, phone, and so on. I’d just get confused. :P

So, I’m in the middle of the finishing stages of my essay. I was doing so well, until my internet decided to play up.

I’m on broadband internet, and have been for about a year. I can’t believe I lived through those dial-up days, barely watching any YouTube videos, waiting for such a long time to upload a file or image. I remember the first time I got broadband/cable internet. We hadn’t had internet at all for a whole day when they got it set up, and I was very eager.

Now that we are on broadband, we have a set amount of download each month, but after we use that, we get “capped”.

capped: to have your internet speed slow down to a speed of half a kilobyte per second [estimate] after using up your entire download bandwidth.

That should be on Urban Dictionary, but it isn’t.

Right now, I’m capped.

Well, great. It is a downright terrible experience being capped. And I barely watch videos. It’s my brother, constantly playing those online games. I hate to place the blame on him all the time, but I swear, it’s his fault. I do not watch videos. I rarely download songs. I don’t load up huge sites.

But now that the speed of my internet is so terrible, I feel like I must resort to waking up at 3:00am when the internet is faster – off peak hours.

I’ve been sitting here for a while, practically procrastinating. I am trying to read a book on Google, for my assignment/essay, but it’s taking fucking years to load.

I’d rather run up 40 flights of stairs.

Speaking of which, James and I did just that. Yesterday, we needed to get to the 25th floor of the university building. We decided, dumbly, to take the stairs.

It was such good exercise. After going up two levels, I was freaking exhausted. We could see the numbers on the doors as we kept going up. By level 10, I was already aching to go back down. I had to hold onto the hand railings to hold myself up as I was panting.

Very tiring going up 25 floors. I felt like my heart was about to drop (LOL, Heartdrops… okay, lame joke).

We started to consider what it would be like in a fire, going down these stairs. Far out. XD

When we reached the 25th floor it was all a huge relief and I felt pretty good about getting exercise in. Hahha.

I’m looking for a few people to help me out with my upcoming domain competition, which should be starting this weekend. If you can help, please apply here. Read the page carefully too! :)

I’m going to ask some questions, since I haven’t in quite a while. Because I hate people only answering the questions in my blog. Don’t do that. Or I’ll ignore your comment.

  • How is your internet? Is your provider good?
  • Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
  • What was the last song you listened to?
  • What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?

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Wow, Georgina, you named your laptop?! XD Fin, nice name, hmm what would I name my PC?

Naming stuffed animals is totally fine (AHEM I DO THAT..) but name your phone, ipod, and what so ever is just weird O_O . I remember being on dial-up woo that was ages ago, i was about 11? Oh, and I had a slower computer. Vista, i love you thank you for coming to my life, though i want to try a mac :D !

Ugh man i hate when the internet goes down when I do something important, I totally didn’t know capped meant that. Poor you, you have to suffer with this internet till you finish your essay. Waking up in 3am isn’t that a bad idea? You’ll be so tired. LOL good example, i rather do that too /hehe

OMG 25 floors? I can barely go to the 8th! Yeah it wasn’t a lame joke, it’s a good one! Yay questions, i know i hate people who do that 🤬

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?Yup, but sometimes it’s really slow
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.My stuffed animals, only them.
* What was the last song you listened to?Natasha Bedingfield- These words are my own
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)? Fin! yes i did remember!

Liar xD This wasn’t a boring blog xD

FIN! FIN FIN FIN! =D I like that name cos it reminds me of “Finnikin” which then reminds me of “Finnikin of the Rock” which is like… ♥ ♥

It’s a super cute name…^^

LOL, I randomly decide to name things…Because I think most things/people deserve a name…^^…Actually it’s a totally random process xD Most of the time if I name something I name it on a whim. Except my laptop, which I was forced to name by Microsoft…When I was setting it up.

Awww, it sucks about your essay and your cappedness…=( *hugs* But don’t worry! Complete faith! You’ll totally get it done in the end, capped internet or not xD.

Yeah, I can’t even REMEMBER a time when we were on dial-up. I remember you being on dial up, and me complaining when I got capped even though my capped internet was technically faster than your dial up =P LOL!

Grrr @ Brandon for capping the net. MODERATION NEEDED! USE IN MODERATION! Haha. No, my stupid arsehole brother is like that too. He just downloads all this crap all the time and probably watches porn cos I’ve found porn on the computer before [YUCK! GROSS!]. And caps our internet…the butthead…So freaking inconsiderate!!

Wait til they’re in uni and can’t freaking get into blackboard cos they’ve capped us. SERVES THEM RIGHT! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

OMG! You crazy, crazy couple. I can’t believe you walked up THAT many stairs! =O That’s like…EPIC. I would have died after the first floor and refused to move…Haha. Either that or I’d be going into cardiac arrest due to a heart attack. You’d have to call an ambulance for me xD But at least you guys got some exercise ^^

Aaaaah! If there were a fire and I had to use fire escapes, I’d die cos I’d stack it down the stairs. Let’s hope we never get stuck in a fire. =S

– My internet provider is BIGPOND…They’re awesome. Hardly ever have net problems. =) Well the only net problems I have a related to my router…And that’s pretty rare too…^^

– YES! LOL, my lap top’s name is supposed to be “Dexter” [I totally typed Dexter somewhere], but apparently I typed it in the wrong place so now it comes up as “Me”. So Dexter’s alias is “Me” *sigh*…I LOVE naming all my soft toys and such, but I won’t list their names cos I’d go on forever since I have so many soft toys…And my mini mouse in named “Mickey”. Mickey Mouse, get it? xD I’m sure I’ve named other stuff, but I forgot what =S

– When You’re Gone – Avril Lavigne. Hehehe. Oh wait, it just changed to…Spell – Marie Digby =D I love that song too…It’s so pretty

– Your laptop’s name is FIN! LIKE FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK! =D =D

I think it was a boring blog! Ah well. :P

Hahah. Fin! ♥

I got it done! /bounce

Haha that was funny. I don’t even remember if I complained but I remember you got very annoyed when you were capped. I can’t even imagine how I lived on dial-up. :O

Hmm, if one wishes to view porn, they should do so at their own discretion but please, do not leave your dirty work behind for others to look at (figuratively)! Gee. Have some sense to delete it from the history or the computer altogether, TYVM.

LOL, it will be a while yet. Let’s see… five more years until my brother’s in university. I’ll have finished my course by then, and probably already buying my own internet on a USB type thing. :P

Haha it was very, very tiring. It reminded me of the cross country. /angry Which I hate.

You name so many things; it would be hard to remember them all! :)

Ooh! I haven’t listened to Marie Digby in so long. XD

My internet is great . . . then again South Korea is known for its cheap, reliable, and fast internet. When I found out some countries have plans that actually puts a limit on your internet usage, I was kind of shock because Korea never did that . . . ours is unlimited for $40USD a month, which is pretty darn good, I think.

And Fin is a cute name for your laptop. :D I always had this habit of being obsessed with names, so I name my stuff like my PC, netbook, monitor, cellphone, DS, PSP, and etcetera. :D Of course unless I’m writing in my blog or something, I usually don’t call it by their name when I am conversing with my friends. LOL ^^;

And you ran up all those flights of stairs? I must say kudos to you and James. I could not be arsed to do that! ^^;; 3 flights is enough for me!

Fin, haha. Favourite name, is it? Or what was it on Twitter… :P I don’t think I have a name for my ipod though. I think once I named it ‘nate’ after the insanely big crush i had on nate from gossip girl and it was kind of inspired by my friend prue too lol.

OH. MY. GOSHH. Capped internet?!!? That must be a REALLY bad thing for you considering you do sooo many things on the internet. It’s really scary and annoying, isn’t it? :( I really hope you get it over and done with, soon! :)

You walked that many set of stairs?! You must have been out of your mind, woman! O-o HAHA. Heart drop. LMAO it wasn’t lame, I think it was kind of cool that you also noticed it too in a way haha.

Ooh! The domain competition! It’s coming to a near! :) I’ll take a look at the application form after this comment and then I’ll get back to you tomorrow! /um


1. IT’S VERY GOOD. HONESTLY. End. /snort

2. Hmm… Well there is this little lamb I have (it’s a keychain) and it’s kinda big since it’s sorta like a stuffed animal. :s I named her Twinkle lol. And my iPod… I used to call it Nate like I mentioned before. I’m not sure on a couple of other things though! ;)

3. Sweet Dreams by Beyonce since it was so loud in the market as I went out today. If I hadn’t listened to it I probably wouldn’t know. :s

4. Fin. (Yes! :) )

About my sickness, I’m not VERY good but I got better. I’m still sick and I’m feeling so hot I must be getting back to normal again. I have to return comments so here I am anyways! ;) xoxo!

That is so weird…I’ve never heard of capped until now. I’m sorry, that must really suck! I’d be up all hours of the night. Like you, I don’t get on many high volume sites–just Youtube which I am pretty much addicted to. I have this site bookmarked where I can rip songs off their…so I live happily, lol.

I basically stay on fanfiction.net (love to write stories) and Livejournal, along with my favorite blogs and my own sites. That would suck so hard.

And haha, that sounds cool about the stairs…except for a fire…I wouldn’t be fond of that. Exercise always makes me feel good, especially now that I’m getting back into it. When I skip a day, or don’t exercise I feel really bloated and guilty and have to remedy this.

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
Mine is great. Never slow, never shuts off.

* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
Just my laptop, whom I’ve named Lita Ford. Don’t ask me why, but Lita the Laptop sounded nice.

* What was the last song you listened to?
Rock your Bones by Cassie Steele.

* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?

Yup :D Fin. I’m good. haha.

Good luck with the domain contest!

HELLO FIN!!! /eee
Fin is such a freaking cool name. AND I know that without scrolling up. :P

(8) Patron Saint, are we all lost like you?

Hehe. I named all the toys I got… like the Beanie Babies have tags on them with a name. I always used different ones. :P
GRRRR. That’s so freaking annoying! D: Sucks epically about your Internet, let alone when you were coming up to the end of your essay! 💥 /angry /pow

OMG. You mentioned that in your comment…so tiring… 😰
Stairs are evil. I used to hate stairs with the gaps between each step… I had visions of slipping or getting my foot stuck. :P Like the ones at pools.

I applied to help! :D Not sure I’ll be much use, but I’ll try and do whatever you command. :P I really want to help with this stuff. /bounce (Y) Hope I can be of service. XD

Oooh questions! :D

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
My Internet has been nice for the last few days. But the provider is total shit.

* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
My iPod. XD I called him George. He is a green nano chromatic. And I named a few of my keyrings. XD

* What was the last song you listened to?
A Day Late – Anberlin 🙄 😏

* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
FIN! :3

I don’t carry around a laptop much but they are bloody heavy. :/
Well yeah “admire” isn’t the right word but it is kind of bloody crazy. And THANK GOD we didn’t have to read the third book. The girls in my form would be squealing or something. /hmph

It’s all Bella and Edward. I mean the other characters are boring anyway, but she could go into a little bit more detail? BLEH.
Least you can drive. :P

LMFAO, I know right? My dad is so typical. I don’t think he’ll ever let go of his stupid van idea. XD
That’s very true. :) Make a rough plan instead.
HAHA write that essay out if you want. XD You’re right. History is change, so the future is probably change too.

Oh no my dad is still into the van idea. D: He hasn’t let that one drop. But you are right. You are technically living the future anyway.

And to that last line, I say Amen. :3

Dear Lord I would die without hi-speed internet. Eh. I’m staying at a hotel right now and the internet isn’t as fast as the one at my house =/

!! Congrats to you for walking up 25 floors! I would never, lol. Oh my goodness you must have been exhausted! How long did it take ?

” Very tiring going up 25 floors. I felt like my heart was about to drop (LOL, Heartdrops… okay, lame joke). ”
You must know that I LOVE corny jokes! When I read that, it was an actual “LOL” moment c[ ;

How is your internet? Is your provider good? Back at home I think I had Comcast Hi-Speed. And it was amazing. So good.
Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them. Um, I named a teddy bear my boyfriend got me after him. And.. that’s it.
What was the last song you listened to? Hey Mama by Black Eye Peas, lol.
What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)? Fin! x33

Ugh, I would have hated to have done that in my high school PE. I disliked most of the guys there because they were very immature… but somehow, guys magically become more tolerable after graduation. wth.

I would much rather dance with a partner than dance by myself. ♥

…It seems to me like you should try to get a different kind of internet. That internet package sounds a bit… ridiculous. And it’s so awful going back to slower internet once you’ve been using something quicker. XP

Dear god, I really don’t think I could make it up 25 flights of stairs. X( If there was a fire, I think I’d attempt to slide down the railing. XD …There WAS railing, right?

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
The dial-up is slow, obviously, and sometimes randomly disconnects. I steal the fast internet from the neighbors, so I have no idea about that one… it does the job well, and that’s all I know.
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
I only ever named stuffed animals. I think that naming anything else is really, really weird. XD
* What was the last song you listened to?
Um… “Here (In Your Arms)” by Hellogoodbye. I was doing my exercises/stretches for my knees, and it’s easier when I’m listening to music. That song is one of Gordon’s and my songs, and they played it at Homecoming (I went my junior year), so it always makes me think of high school. XD
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
I saw this question before I even read the blog (because I was replying to what you said on my blog first), so I was prepared, but I can tell you without scrolling up that it’s Fin. :P

LMAO yeah I made an attempt to get out my cellphone and quickly take a pic but then I saw the janitor with the principal behind me so I had to get my phone out of sight before it got confiscated. :(

Lmfao. Yeah whoever drew it, is really talented fo’sho. I have no idea if they’ve caught the person yet, but I doubt it, cause my school kinda fails. (:

I already tried putting one inside the container and the current one (that goes across the whole page) is already outside the container. When I added the second footer in, it made my coding invalid so I was like gah.

I’ll keep experimenting though, with the clear: both; and see if I can actually achieve anything. :P Thanks!

Yah my accounting teacher is a bitch and a half. Or should I say a bitch and 2mm (get it?) LMAO, WOW I SUCK.

Same here. I try and return them in order so I don’t miss out on any. That’s a good strategy to return the non-related ones first cause you don’t have to put as much thought into them. xD

You seem to have really good luck for getting a seat haha. Sometimes my friends save me a seat though, so I guess I’m lucky in that sense.

Aw thanks again. (: Yeah, I was hoping to make a “unique” footer.

Psh stop being mean to your layout. It’s great. Period. FULL STOP. WHATEVER. :)

LMAO the convo at the beginning of your blog was so amusing to read. I was convinced that Fin was a person, but what do ya know, it’s your laptop. Cool? xD I want to name my laptop now.

That sucks so much that you’re capped. D: (Btw thanks for the definition, I would have been completely lost if it wasn’t there). I hate it when my Internet slows down as well, it’s very frustrating especially when you want to get something done.

LOL I’ve been in that situation where I’ve had to climb up a gazillion stairs.. no, literally. When we went to Austria I was forced to climb up the staircase of this skyscraping church tower and it had over 2000 stairs. I was DEAD when we FINALLY reached the top. I actually made a video and you can hear us panting like crazy.. “UHUHUUUUUUUUUH AHUUUUUUUUUH” LMFAO, that’s what it sounded like.

The heartdrops joke made me laugh, so congrats. :D Hehe.

Ooh a domain competition?! I shall go check out the application page now.

* How is your internet? Is your provider good? Right now it is, thankfully.
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them. No I don’t. xD
* What was the last song you listened to? All to myself by Marianas Trench.
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)? FIN. YAAAY.

I have only named my computer because I use it everyday and shout at it when it doesn’t work and love it when it does. :3 It’s sad but cool. Kinda.

Gah I would hate to be capped! :( I don’t think we have that here, it just goes at a constant speed.. but I am not into all the high tech lingo and workings of my Internet.

Woah! Waling to the 25th floor?! I think I would have been just the tiniest bit tired after that! Who am I kidding, I would have been on the floor in a heap. That’s a hefty walk, especially up stairs! Bravo to you for doing it!

* How is your internet? Is your provider good? Uh yeah, it’s going fgast (not to rub it in!)
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them. Just did, my computers called Samuel :3
* What was the last song you listened to? Urm, I can’t remember :X
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)? FIN. Brownie points, if you please.

Fin. What a cool name haha :) My cousin has the same internet thing. It’s stupid, that whole “we’ll slow down your internet if you’re doing too much” and the 3 a.m. thing. It’s not like people want to get up at 3 just to go online :P
I’ve never named anything, except stuffed animals and a drawing of a polar bear I did. My iPod is called “Jess’s iPod” or something like that, and my phone is my phone. Computer is “that-piece-of-junk-I-love” XD
My last school had five or six flights of stairs and we were always running up and down to get to classes. Whoever built the place also didn’t make them all the same, so there were some very steep, some really low and close together, and some that were higher up so you sometimes had to stretch out your legs /faw . The first floor stairs were kind of sagging, too, because so many people had been on them.
* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
Pretty good. It goes really slow and locks up if the computer’s running a scan, though. Other than that, really good :P
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
No. I’ve always thought it was kind of what crazy people did (not crazy, I guess, but weird?) I name stuffed animals, though :P
* What was the last song you listened to?
Um…. I Never Told You What I Did for a Living – My Chemical Romance XD
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
Fin (and yes, I can remember haha)

-tilts head- have you considered getting wireless internet? We’ve had it for a few years now, and it’s rarely slow. Though it’s quite easy to get disconnected… anyways, if your laptop is relatively new, it should be able to connect to any wireless network with no problem, as long as it’s insecure connection (not password protected).

What the hell kind of university administration building has 25 floors?! D: I mean, I think mine does, but damn. My community college certainly did not have a building with 25 floors; the tallest had like 8 floors, I think. You guys were crazy taking the stairs!

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
Yeah, it’s awesome. Pretty good.

* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
My iPod Nano was first named Poopy. After it reset, I renamed it Magadon (after a character from the Forgotten Realms who is half-demon, oooh). My old laptop was named the Anti-Avril Machine Gun (because I hated Avril Lavigne; its nickname was Machine Gun). My new laptop is named Bane (a god from the Forgotten Realms). My car is fondly named the Rolling Turd. Oh, and I name all my stuffies :3

* What was the last song you listened to?
Uh… I don’t know X3

* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
Fin! Cute name :D

Yeah that’s true, the penis down pwn all. I wouldn’t be surprised if the boobs were next though. I just hope it’s not on my locker. That would suck. xD

I can’t remember if I had already tried another div ID but there’s no harm in trying again, I guess. Hopefully it’ll work out. Yeah I’m pretty sure I have an extra div closing SOMEWHERE. Haha. It’s like a freeken mystery hunt.

Bitch and 2mm fo’sho. xD

LMAO, your ‘capital letter’ is so random. :) And NO it does not. K thanks.

Fin definitely got my attention. At first I was thinking, “That’s an odd name for a person, it suits a fish much better.” Bahah.

Gah, those darn PDF documents really slow down my computer as well. Sometimes it even freezes and it’s SO frustrating. D: I’m glad that you were able to successfully print out your essay though. :) Hope you do well on it!

I might post the video in a future blog. It’s kinda embarrassing though, maybe I should take off the sound LOL. Actually, it’s not even that bad.. you can hear people breathing hard but not my breath like SUPER LOUD compared to the others. Omg, that mountain sounds awesome. I want to visit it. :D

You’re welcome, and it was actually quite the clever joke. :)

I read on the sign up page that you can’t participate in the competition if you’re helping out so I was like SHITSICLES, cause I want to participate hehe. :)

LMAO, Marianas trench is a band, but whoaaa that’s a possibility. It would be really cool if it was an actual trench. xD

Aww, you named your laptop Fin. :D That’s a really cute name! I should name mine Tina. XD

I have a zillion stuffed toys and I named them all. Blah.
I named my iPod Stevie Jubs.

I’ve never tried dial-up before, ooh. At least I don’t think so.
Once I have been on an adoptable hunt, and I got capped. LOL.
That sucks though, being capped is really frustrating. Spend a lot of time on your offline world, or just don’t use the internet for a while. It’s really fun outside!

My brother plays a lot of games, too. Like those dumb RPG things and stick figure fighting. FML.
No, Georgie! You can’t be that addicted to the internet! Your life DOES NOT rely on it!

That’s not much, I’m used to running around and being so hyperactive. XD YOU’RE GETTING OLD, GIRL. JK.
But poor you. :(

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
It’s not so bad, but it has been a douche lately.
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
My iPod, Stevie Jubs, my computer, now named Tina, and all my teddies… don’t ask. :P
* What was the last song you listened to?
Anberlin – Paperthin Hymn (I am in looooooove).
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
Fin! /faw

Ooops, and in reply to your comment:

I watched that episode! LMAO that’s a great quote.


ROFLMAO he’s got the experience!

Aweh. I’m sad about missing Anberlin, too! I should have known. At least you saved the money. :( And your ears would’ve been ringing to DEATH.

If you can’t go, it’s okay. It cost me almost $500 for all four tickets. /um

If you do go, I guarantee you that it’d be worth it. :D Front row of a cool-ass concert for FREE. Lucky you!
Funny how all other places but Sydney at 18+. XD

Maybe you will find a way to go to the concert like the way you came to the museum last time. This would be a BAJILLION times better.

How is your internet? Is your provider good?
It is fast. We use Bellsouth. Our internet goes down completely during storms even if it is just raining, not thunderstorming.

Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
The only things I name, like you, are my stuffed animals.

What was the last song you listened to?
Supernatural by Raven Symone. Hahaha. I listen to Disney songs a lot. ♥

What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
Fin. /type

Lulz Erin, you didn’t read Georgina’s blog & it says she gets pissed when people just copy & paste her questions just to answer them. You’re not going to get a reply now. XD

I don’t really name anything either! I haven’t given my phone a name but my ipod is called Tiff Tiff because I named it that when I put it into my computer & it asked me what I wanted to name it & my laptop’s & computer’s names are..Tiff. :) tehehehe i’m so creative. 25 flights of stairs is intense!!!

on the cruise, i only used the elevator once & my friend caroline & my brother & i used the stairs to get to each floor & there were about 15-16ish floors. We were on the 10th floor. 2 floors up was the buffet. 4 floors down was the dinning room & the 24 hour food area (which had the best chicken wings evarrrr) & when we wanted to get off the ship to go to bermuda, it was on level…6? i think. or something like that i don’t remember but anyway, it does make you feel good, doesn’t it?!

HRMM ABOUT YOUR BOBA..let’s see..I don’t know..? Which company is it made from? I know that the FDA (food & drug administration) is really strict so that’s why our medicine is so expensive (because they have to run tests & what not) & I’m sure that they’ve checked out boba too .. to make sure that it doesn’t have plastic & what not..but who knows, you know? Sometimes governments can have slip ups. I kind of want to buy some boba, & test out a piece in my chemistry lab. I’d have to ask my professor about that though. hahaa I wouldn’t know how to find out if there was plastic in it but I’m sure he’d be able to tell me.

Anyway, uhhh google it? find out if your brand of boba has been .. you know, tainted or okayed ?

Sorry to hear about your essay dear. Is it the same one? The stupid colonialism one? Agh my internet has been stupid too..wait your questions ask that, lemme answer them.

* How is your internet? Is your provider good? I have Time Warner Cable & Road Runner…BUT LATELY ROAD RUNNER HAS BEEN A POS & IT’S SO RIDICULOUS BECAUSE I’LL RANDOMLY GET KICKED OFF…LIKE WTF? I DON’T HAVE CAPS EITHER..just uploading caps.
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them. oh man i already did that ahaha
* What was the last song you listened to? The Veronicas – I Could Get Used to This. They’re Australian!
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)? Fin after Anberlin’s song. duh.

Hey those were pretty good questions especially because you asked some that required READING OF YOUR BLOG to answer. lulz. next time you should ask, “did you read my blog? summarize it for me.”

You should add POS to your acronyms thing..oh..wait..are you allowed to add stuff or does it come with a bunch of built in acronyms? POS – Piece of Shit. :)

I love how your site is always sooo origanal. haha. it stands out always, i love it :) i love this layout too, haha. off for a coffee now :) cya

Thank you! I wouldn’t say this is my best layout, but I guess it’s original because I used my own pictures.

ROFLCOPTER i want some boba toooo. :( but i might just puke it up because my stomach is still kind of weak. my mom made spaghetti & i’ve been staring at it…UGH I WANT TO EAT IT BUT MY TUMMY WOULD BE MAD AT ME. DAMN IT, DAMN IT TO THE DEEPEST DARKEST COLDEST DEPTHS OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN FLOOR.

wow omg i’m SO EFFIN PISSED RIGHT NOW WTF WTF. my phone says it has 2 bars for signal right now. my house gets no reception whatsoever except for my room. it’s like the only room in my entire house that gets reception. it’s so ridiculous, my entire neighborhood has shitty reception but when you exit my neighborhood, it’s like OMGOSH FULL BARS. so i’ve been trying to send a text to my friend & IT’S NOT GOING THROUGH & I’M LIKE….BUT YOU SAID YOU HAVE 2 BARS. HOW IS THE MESSAGE NOT BEING SENT? YOU DIDN’T SAY YOU DON’T HAVE ANY RECEPTION!! WTF EFF MY PHONE.

yes i’m glad you can add acronyms to that plugin. now i kind of want to install it so that i can cuss via acronyms & still be kind of sophisticated. i threw my phone..& i never do because i paid for it myself but I’M SO PISSED AT IT RIGHT NOW. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh

sigh. anyway i hope your bag of pearls doesn’t have plastic in them!!!! or sodium sulfate..that stuff is put in your toothpaste to kill germs, that’s why you can’t eat toothpaste! just kidding, that’s sodium fluoride. my BAD. haha but sodium sulfate .. i’d imagine isn’t too good for you. check the ingredients!

I wanted to ask that question, “Did you read my blog? Summarize it.” but I’d feel like such a toolbag doing it randomly when I never ask questions ahahaha. BUT IT WOULD BE HILARIOUS.

Ah, see I noticed that about the navigation myself…what does it look like on your browser? Is there a way I can make it nicer?

Thanks–I’ll make sure to join that. A domain contest sounds interesting, I’ve never been in one so woo! XD

I have a new Livejournal but I never use it now that I’ve gotten used to real blogging. I like subdomains and domains now, because you can add more pages and customize the blog to how you want it to look and not be restricted ;)

Thanks for the comments, glad you liked the theme! I’ll work on the navigation and see if it gets better :D

I was wondering who Fin was. Haha, what a great conversation. Sorry to hear about your internet. O.o I hate when that happens. My internet used to be like that.

And 25 floors? That’s a lot. We don’t even have that many floors at my school but then again it IS a high school. But I don’t even know any universities here that have that kind of … height.

I hate when people do that too (answer the questions, screw the blog).

And glad you like the new layout. ^^ Some people think it’s too simple, others not so much. I like the simplicity. I always go over the top so I decided to bring it down a notch. I felt adding anything more to it would just ruin the header. And I have no idea why it asks people to log into cPanel. Do you have any idea why that might be?

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
My internet’s okay. My internet acts weird late at night though, I usually stay up on the internet and then it dies. And the wifi also dies when people use the phones but not all the time which is weird but the actual internet doesn’t.. It’s strange.
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
I name my stuffed animals. And I’ve named my guitar. ^^ Sparkles. Haha, that’s my guitar’s name because it has this sparkly thing on the circle part… I have no idea what the parts of the guitar are called. O.o
* What was the last song you listened to?
Uhmm this song Kuya showed to me. “Sucks to Be Me”… it was a weird song.
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
Fin! Haha, I can’t forget. It caught my attention. xD

I’m not one for naming things either. And if I must of course I wouldn’t ever name my phone, ipod or anything of that sort. Idk, I just actually find it weird.

In any case I have been capped plenty of times and I don’t like it one bit. I’m in between dial-up and broadband all the time since my mom fails to see the need to upgrade.

Hah, you guys ran up flights of stairs to get to the 25th floor. That is a workout that I don’t think I would have been able to get through.

How is your internet? Is your provider good?
Its cool, sometimes not so cool. Service provider actually is good.

Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
No, I don’t.

What was the last song you listened to?
SweetDreams by Beyonce.

What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?

Wow! 25 flights of stairs? That’s pretty awesome. Good for you!

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?–It’s pretty good, I guess.

* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.–Yes. My desktop Mac. Her name is Macatackaly.

* What was the last song you listened to?–One Thing by Pillar.

* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?–Fin! :D

LOL, thank you. :D It was a whole heap!

Macatackaly? What a tongue-twister. :P

lol i saw one where the question was ‘will you have children’ and their answer was ‘heer come the bas!ards’

WOW! i feel sorry for you :( I had to cope with no internet for about 2 weeks, I

(OH DAM) It was whne I

(DAM MY BLUDY COMPUTER) lol i saw one where the question was ‘will you have children’ and their answer was ‘heer come the bas!ards’

ok so I didn’t have internet for about 2 weeks when my family moved house. I was like noooooooooooooo! :D I am obsessed. But the worst thing is that I had just opened my site and I couldn’t update! Arrghhh. Fin! I love that name. I’ve never met anyone called Fin.

How is your internet? Is your provider good?
Yes my internets fine

Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
i have named most of my stuffed animals, my favourites are: Mark, he is this small bushbaby that i can fit in my pencil case and my crush thinks hes cute and doggy he is this toy dog i have had for about 5 years.

What was the last song you listened to?
it was remedy by little boots – i love that song!

What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)? FIN!

btw. do you want to be affliates sometime?

Yeah, Nate. It’s short for his full name Nathaniel LOL. /hehe It’s a much sexier name though don’t you think? (H)

Haha. Uncap apparently exists? (The word) lol. Well that’s good that you don’t have any HW for now or then you would be seriously, fucking screwed. And you wouldn’t wanna mess with university shizz. D:

YEAH LOL. Heart dropping… I’m always finding that to be amusing everytime I read it. I don’t know why. xD

Yeah, of course! I know that! ^_^ That’s why I need to tell you something first! (Y)

Yeah! Chrissy haha. Sweet! Oh Doggie LOL. I have one called that TOO. IKR? I even have this little mouse I named him Mousy LOL. What is with us humans and these “ie/y”? XDDD

Yeah, I know! Or like you know you want to buy a CD, and like you remember because of it and it even might be one of the tracks you want too! Though I’ve started doing my music recently, by downloading it. I just got an ORIGINAL Lily Allen CD 2 days ago or yesterday… Bleh whatever; in a LONG time. So yeah. It’s nice to get an original copy once in a while. I love the packaging. :3 D:

I HOPE SO TOO! I feel much better today though! =) My tummy was fucking hurting badly the past night though x.x O_O

Fin the Laptop. How cute! I’d need a name for my good old trusty laptop..and also a name for my new, adorable mini laptop. Any suggestions?

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
It’s all good. In our family we’ve always strived for good computer and internet connection. That’s why we don’t have Playstation, Wii or any of that stuff. Only a supercomputer! (or bunch of them) :P

* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
Nope. If teddybears and dolls don’t count. You know, when I was little. Hmm.

* What was the last song you listened to?
“The Pot” by Tool.

* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?

Yeah, I get a bit of stage fright even when I’m reciting a poem or something. :D

My sister is always like that.

Fin is a cute name for a laptop. I never name any of my possesions except my dolls. Wow, you even have conversations with your laptop. /bounce

25 floors?!? D: I get tired of climbing up just 3 floors.

How is your internet? Is your provider good?: Compared to other countries, it’s totally stupid, but compared to other internet connections in my country, it’s pretty good.
Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them. Just my dolls.
What was the last song you listened to? Umm, I think Good Girl Gone Bad by Rihanna..
What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)? Yess, Fin!!

Haha, that sounds like a good bit of exercise. There’s a space centre not far from where I live and in that there’s a HUGE building that looks like a plastic milk carton that got heated up and lost its shape.. lol. Anyway, it’s about 40 storeys high I think and I thought it would be a cool idea to run to the top… yes… RUN! :O I changed my mind after about 3 floors. I am the least fit person I know lol. It was so tiring.
My friend started telling me that I was lazy and could never do it. (She’s quite a big girl and decided that she couldn’t do it either) So I wanted to prove her wrong. I ran all the way to the top and almost passed out when I got there. I had to have a half an hour site down but the point is I did it! /eee haha!

Eurgh, my internet sometimes decides to run slow for no reason. I’m not sure why, I guess it’s just crap. Sometimes it doesn’t let me connect to it as well, yet it loves my Mum’s laptop. /argh It’s so annoying.

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
– Fairly crap a lot of the time.
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
– No. lol. I’ve never even named a teddy or anything, I don’t think. /ho
* What was the last song you listened to?
– I’m listening to ‘Speed Demon’ – Michael Jackson right now. /love
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
– Fin. I think… maybe I should scroll up and check. :P . . . no, I’m fairly sure it’s Fin. :D

hey your internet issues suck, i feel sorry for you. i remember when i was in australia my friend hates it when i get on youtube because then there will be less downloading for the rest of the people living in the house (she stays with other university-going friends.) i’m not sure if this ‘capping’ thing was just one of the terms & conditions of her internet provider or something that was across the whole country. but it really sucks huh, to be sitting around waiting for something to load. i’m a fairly impatient person, if it happens to me, i’ll definitely throw a tantrum at my computer.

in singapore, most of us use broadband, and i’ve been using broadband for more than 6 years now. i cant remember what it was like when i used dial-up, but back then, youtube and music-streaming websites arent so prevalent anyway, so its not like i get to be frustrated over slow page loading. i think my country is trying to be a connected hub or something. we have wifi access provided free at major eateries, all the libraries and shopping malls. so we are able to be online almost all the time.

* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
i’m hardly a cuddly kind of person, so as soon as i’m old enough to string words together i stopped playing with soft toys. i do name my gadgets though. well its not like i’m a weirdo or anything, but when i attach my ipod/phone to the computer, i dont like seeing things like MACINTOSH HD or TMOBILE SK so i usually name them.

ps: Fin is a nice name /eee its been weeks and i havent found a good name for my mac.

I think capping happens on all broadband plans in Australia. It’s a shame your friend had to share with her friends – not everyone is up for that really!

I’m definitely an impatient person. I don’t know how anyone puts up with me. I used to get very pissed off when we had dial-up internet.

In Australia nearly everywhere has wi-fi – libraries and cafes included – so it isn’t too bad. And then you have internet on phones, so internet is really everywhere.

Oh, good point! I remember calling my USB/flash drives things like “The Wii” – similarly, I don’t like seeing “TOSHIBA” or something as the device name. :P

Thank you! Well, I’m terrible at names; I don’t really have suggestions. /um

I hope you don’t mind me replying to your comments in my blog; I wouldn’t want to flood your little Cbox with my comments. :)

Like you, black nail varnish has been my preference. It might be a bit on the scene-kid side of things, but you have to admit, it’s very stylish sometimes too.

Sometimes I admire people in the street or online for what they can do or even what they look like. When you do have a think about things, sometimes you start contemplating things like that.

Personally, I’m a “pot luck” person. You know how some people are good at pot luck quizzes, because they know a bit about everything? I’m a bit like that. I can’t really master any little thing. I can design websites, I can dance, I can play an array of musical instruments, I can sing – but I am not exceptionally good at all of them. It leads me to think I’m average.

I guess you might feel more average than I. But the thing is, we’re all good at something, no matter what it is. Even if it isn’t unique, it’s something you can share with the world, somehow. You can find it in you. ♥

what you said made me cheer up abit. i dont usually think about stupid things like that, but sometimes when i’m too bored, i guess my mind starts to wander. yeah i love to sing too! i fiddle with the radio as soon as i wake up or when i get in my bf’s car, and if i forgot my ipod and am late, i’ll still go back home to get it. and i need music when i bathe /hehe (wait i think i’m digressing)

anyway i was in the school band, percussion section, which means i can play more instruments than people who get stuck sitting around and blowing something. (standing up all the time sucks though) i took piano lessons since i was 4. but i’m just not very good at everything. i’m just better than some, but not as good as the good ones. okay anyway i’ve moved on from thinking like that. that day just wasnt a very good day haha.

ps: no worries! my friends are all loyal readers, but they dont have the habit of commenting, so my cbox was just there as an IN-CASE-someone-needs-to-leave-me-a-message thingy.

have a great weekend! x

Oh my, that was fun /bounce. Good thing there’s air in there /sweat. We should do it more often :3 it’s rather cool in there, it is (H) Thawazoocute, the way you were going up the steps :) ‘Come on, Wuggs’ /heart

Ha ha ha. Heart drops /bash
/love , you /rose

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
Capped at the moment, but it’s pretty good. /bounce
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
I don’t really name anything I have, except a small knife I use for opening coconuts and other hard foods. It’s called Dicey, because that’s what my little cousin called it once. /um
* What was the last song you listened to?
Strange We Should Meet Here – Idiot Pilot. They have another album called Wolves, which I can’t wait to get 🤬
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
Fin…gerland! /bounce


I think that’s the most emoticons you’ve ever used. ♥

Haha there was some air in there but we were sweaty. LOL. It’s relatively cool though. Today when we were sitting on the other couch, someone walked out of there, and the door shut and there was a cool breeze. :)

Pshhh. You always say how my internet is worse than yours. :P


Heheee. Wolves. Are you going to download or buy that? Download I assume, as soon as you’re uncapped. /ho

No fingerland! :O

D: i’d die taking that many stairs.. seriously.. i’m so unhealthy.. but i’d give it a good go. lol. * How is your internet? Is your provider good? fast – i’m on virgin media and they pretty good. .we do get down time though and it’s off for all day then ¬.¬

* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
Aha.. well it’s not really a name.. my ipods my ipod baby nano lmao! and my phones mobiley.. but them are pretty normal. my plush teddies all have names xD /heart
* What was the last song you listened to?
Closer – kings of leon
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
Fin! and nope i didn’t scroll up xD (Y)

Haha, I also don’t name everything I have. I once called my laptop Victoria, though, but that didn’t last long. i forgot I even called the laptop anything just hours later. /ho
Oohhhhh, the horrors of dial-up internet. I remember the agony of waiting for an hour and a half if I was only downloading a song, and how angry I was if my dad needed the phone so I had to close everything I was working on – on the internet, and remove the cable and plug it back to the phone. DSL ftw!! /bounce I was also soooo eager when we got DSL. I was soon downloading 10s and 20s of songs at once. I’m not sure about the download bandwidth thing, we just pay for speed or something like that. But OMG my brother is EXACTLY the same!! I swear, you’ll always find me yelling at him if the internet gets slow because he is always to blame! He’s usually downloading heavy games (I’m talking 2-3 gigs) and a couple of times they got viruses to his PC /hehe , lol.
Oh dears, that’s just plain torture to go up the 25 floors on the stairs. I swear, I start panting by the third floor, what would it be like to go up 25?!! /huh Lol.

Aww, Fin! That’s my English teacher’s son’s name. They came to visit today, a coincidence. :D

Me too! I always name my stuffed toys, but always forget their names because there are so many.

Gah, our internet succckkkks. It JUST decided to started working now. Capped….some word to consider!

I am “procrastinating” all the time, but it never helps because I end up doing my homework at the very end of the day, maybe about 10 pm.

Teehee, it really is good exercise. My dad hardly lets us use the lift in our apartment anymore due to his ranting about swine flu, so we always have to walk down 14 steep staircases every morning when I go to school and work. /angry

Haha, that could be a theme for your next layout! Heart-dropping….:P

Ooh, I want to help! I’ll apply after this!

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
It used to be…cable internet-tut tut tut.
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
Haha, like I said I name my stuffed toys but forget their names. Sometimes I name my pens, and my camera’s called Click! :D
* What was the last song you listened to?
S.O.S. by the JoBro. Hey, it’s not my fault! I had to listen to it in the shopping center-they seem to be Jonas crazy. Pshhhh.
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
FIN!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha. /type

Have a nice day!


Yeah. My dad likes to have like a whole package with the telephone connected with broadband and stuff to save on money. Our internet provider is Optus..I am so relieved we got them because we have like the unlimited package. Yay for fast internet.

Well i don’t really name my belongings but I do have this habit of when I’m sleeping yelling out a random name, one time I yelling out ‘pikachu come back!’. Woops my bad. 😰
The last song I listened to was about 20 minutes ago, black eyed peas – I gotta feeling. Love them.
Of course I’d remember your laptop’s name, Georgina!:D

^^ I hate it when the Internet fails on me when I need it most. It just pisses me off so much. I don’t know why people name their objects, but I do love naming my plushies :P

WOW. And I thought I was having it hard with 6 flights of stairs at school. Walking up stairs is just pure agony. I think it should be considered as a sport xP I wonder how people run up skyscraper stairs in just 28 minutes. @_@

How is your internet? Is your provider good?
It’s great, I haven’t had any problems with them.

Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
I once named my pink rabbit plushie Amy, and I also treated a teddy like a baby, but I don’t remember if I name it or not.

What was the last song you listened to?
Thanks for Nothing – Mariah Carey xP

What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
FIN! :D It sounds kind of depressing though, like “The End” in French ahhaha. It’s cute, though.

i name everything i own too, hah, even pimples (as weird as that sounds.) the last thing i remember naming was my ipod a few years back though, haha.

i also have alot of problems with my internet. i used to live downstairs in my two-story house (separated into one floor per family) and i had DSL. we then moved and technically we’re supposed to change some specifics and numbers and all that but we didn’t so my internet hasn’t been legitimate, i don’t think, haha.

it’s also morbidly slow .. even my school’s computers are faster than my own!

commenters that strictly look for a way out by only answering questions are lazy, haha. that’s why i don’t ask questions either!

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
at times, such as in the morning and afternoon, it’s good but i’m convinced someone’s stealing my internet at night because then, it’s distractingly and horrifyingly slow. i like DSL but their customer service is crap!

* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
embarassing LOL but i named this HUGEEEEE zit ‘artie’ and its’ brother, ‘barnes.’

* What was the last song you listened to?
down – jay sean with my cousin :p it’s catchy!

* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
it’s fin & yes i did. it’s the name of the male lead in glee :)

GEORGGGGGINAAAAAAAAA. I am back indeed, I missed you all too much while I was gone so had to come back. :3

Oh trust me, I am going to study like crazy starting in February even though the exams aren’t till May. I am not last minute cramming. :( I have learnt from that mistake. D;

I didn’t want to go I just felt it was the right decision at the time and I thought this year would be a lot more busy than it has been so far. I am so glad to be back!

I do remember your term of anger ASDFGH and thought it was so cool! I still just hit random keys to show anger though like eklahqerojkhg. But then I also do that for excitement too so, heh. Maybe I should make one to show my anger and then we can be some sort of cool crew. 8)

Ahh, good. I will note PKM down somewhere for when I am tweeting about about something happening that’s really really bad. Did you make that one up? You should be proud :’)!

I NOTICED ALL THE HIATUSING! I had 150 comments under moderation and about 30 of them were on hiatus or something. :( Hopefully it will just be temporary :'(

I named my computer after having a laptop and not liking it so going back to it because it was trusty and has a proper mouse instead of the touch pad.

Oh right, I remember the terms “8 and 60MB” being used when we got our internet but I thought that was the speeds so just nodded at the man. (H)

Ah, well Samuel is a boy too. Is Fin short for Finley or is it just Fin? :) Sam says Hi back even though he’s very introverted. :)

Yeah, that’s very true. Since it’s my locker I should have every right to take a pic hehe. Asian fob voice FTW.

Yeah coding is so much easier to work with when it’s uncluttered. I haven’t even tried the two separate div thingies yet, cause I haven’t had the time to code anything at all, blargh, school sucks.

LOL well then this layout that you’re currently working on must be pretty darn amazing if it’s better than this one. I can’t wait to see it. :) And thankyou!

Omg yeah. IE is just a horrible excuse for a browser. D: It freezes so often. Thanks goodness for FF indeed.

Alright then. I’ll cut out the sound if I can figure out how to do that.. lol fail. D:

Ooh thanks for the mountain name. I googled it, and dayum it looks EPIC and awesome. :)

LOL well what do ya know. There is a marianas trench. xD Maybe it was named after the band.. or the band just stole the name. :D

hahah. YESS my school IS weird! But I love it :D
we get to have drinks at lunch, and we do have water fountains at school, but I dont always like to go to them XD I’m not fond of missing class. [NERDDD XD i know :D]

LOL. yess, she was very clever :D

lmaoo ! YEA, but ugh they expect us to just spring into action from day one o.O

hhahaha yea! That happens all the time with me! Then we just like start talking about random stuff. XD

lmaoo nicee way of saying it ! XD. My friend started high school this year and she said its horrible cause all the seniors like to block the hallways on purpose for the freshman XP

haha Fin! Fin is soooo FUNNY XDD lmao jkk. I dont name my like phone or ipod, I just name like stuffed animals as well!

lmao the word capped. Before I read the definition I instantly thought of this story I read called, “The White Mountains” and i was like hahah, since getting capped in the story was like getting this metal plate in your head and you get brainwashed XDD. random right?

Oh yeah! I’ve been capped way too much :(
kind of chronic though because our SP is very bad.. we will change soon.
* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
sadly, no.
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
not that i recall =p
* What was the last song you listened to?
uh… i don’t remember.
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
fin! =D

Haha thanks!!

LOL lucky me. XD
I remember when I first got internet, I connected to someone else’s called “IFartedItSmellsFunnyComeSmell:)”
It was very fast but then I found out that it’s not nice to connect to someone else. :O

Yep probably.

Don’t get started on uni. /wah

My dad says that sometime I will have to stop for 6 months. OUCH.
Addiction is normal nowadays. D:

I know. :P Everyone under 40 is young! D:
I can tell! You probably have huge abs and arm muscles. *shivers* XD


I have a habit of missing comments. D:

I know, it’s scary! Everyone tells me that their ears were ringing for days. Oops.

Great. My brother saw this comment. Fuck. He’s going to tell everyone that I have a thing for Anberlin. D:
They are so cool. I’m starting to cry metaphorically, meaning, not crying. Because I missed out on their concert.

PEARL JAM. :D My dad would go crazy if the Smashing Pumpkins came, he’d by a million tickets so he could run around on all the seats and have all the space in the world to dance along. :S

Probably is a lot, but that’s to take the family. To take you, it’s only $120 (at the top of my head, I don’t remember the cost).
LOL if you can’t, you can just pay back in $120 worth of advertising! But that’s if you really can’t. XD
See, you wouldn’t want to pay!

But you do like it as much as I do. /um

Yay for 12! (: I’m working on it. I plan to add more to the site… I just haven’t had time.

I read Animal Farm back in 8th grade. I thought it was well written. It made me quite sad, the ending. BAH. I didn’t like the ending very much. We also watched the movie. It makes me miss my class, and my teacher. I enjoyed reading that book. It’s deep and historical. Just like TO2C.

Hahaha, glad you like the goat and the glasses and the style and the bag. ^^ It was such a good day that I myself was styling. ^^

Haha, school is a pain, si. But it keeps me occuppied and I need to be. As much as I love to slack off in the summer, it’s not really good to. So school is good just.. difficult. Especially this weekend, I have SOOOOO much homework.

Wow, that was a major fail. I copied the wrong comment. O.o That was for Diamond. I didn’t copy and paste yours yet. O.o FAIL. @_@

This one was meant for you…. not that previous comment. Please excuse me, I’m tired… O.o

Yeah, that’s a REALLy tall building if it has more than… 4 floors. I only know business buildings that are taller than that. o.o

I like your layout ^^ Because you usually go simple, so I mean it’s nice for a change with the fancy designs (:

A file? that might be protected… it might be that favicon. Hmm, it worked perfectly fine but now it’s not and the cPanel. I’ll check that out.

Yeah, it’s a great sophomore tradition. Too bad UN kills the joy I experience Haha. Just anticipating it in the Spring. O.o And well, anticipating it but doing similar UN stuff in class? Ugh, doomsday.

I don’t have any idea how my friend managed to get that goat so close. I was surprised that the camera didn’t tick it off. I didn’t take any because I was too lazy to turn off flash and I was afraid it might scare the animals although, the farmers didn’t seem to care. Haha

And I’d love the advertising. It would help, just to get things back up. Things have been mega slow here at SD. O.o

Yeah, I’d be so excited to work at Victoria’s Secret. My friend from high school works at the one in my hometown’s mall. She says she loves it, but the girls at the mall I may work at are really stuck up. Ugh, girls, right ? lol.

A whole semester is not a long time to me. Because I’ll be living with Harry, it’ll feel so short. Working in a coal mine for a semester–that seems like a long time !

you’re linked there ! x33

I try to be as confident as I can, but I still get nervous. But I guess I need more practice.

Yeah, nowadays I see that I am talking to -not my things- but myself. O_O I don’t know how it happened but I say my ideas and stuff out loud. xD

That’s definitely good excercise..

How is your internet? Is your provider good?
It’s pretty good. I have WOW cable and internet and it’s good, every now and then it goes out, but other than that it’s pretty spiffy /bounce

Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them. Not really, my ipod is called Vanessa’s Ipod, but that’s not the same.. 😳

What was the last song you listened to?
Right before I ran down the battery on my Ipod, ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’ by Justin Timberlake was playing..

What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)? Fin ✌️

Sometimes I put up questions on my blog and people just answer them and not comment on the actule too and sometimes it pisses me off, but other times it doesn’t. But I do know what you’re saying. It’s kinda annoying when people do that..

I like old songs too. I was actually going through a load of old cds that I liked yesterday with my Mum. There was the Beatles, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Rod Steward, Jackson 5… quite a few really lol.
Ooh and thanks, I’ll try those suggestions. :) I used to really like Nirvana, maybe I still will. I’ll listen to some of their songs and see. :D


Beanie babies are really awesome. I love them. My sister used to collect them a lot… she’s stopped now.
Yay, you finished your essay! :D

AND YARRRS, I get to help you. *boogies* /type /eee
Your wish is my command. XD
Oh yeah, I know the reason. *nods* (Y)

LMFAO. My provider hasn’t done that, even after OUR big whinge. You’re lucky. D:
George says hi back. XD

I wouldn’t want a really small one either. My dad has a really small one. XD The one I use that is his old one is a nice size. But it is bloody heavy even so. 😰

Jacob is a werewolf. That’s all I remember.
And everyone else is boring. ESPECIALLY the “main” characters.

Fuck yes! Thanks. :D

Haha your 21st birthday will be awesome for sure. :)

Aww. :( Have one for Christmas! Make sure you try PORK RIBS. THE BEST. EVER.

I was pretty hesitant when I first saw it, but I knew that I can’t taste with my eyes. LOL. That’s how magic happens. XD

Every Asian loves Pocky. D:

I password-protected mine, and I called it “MICROMAN”. So nobody bothers trying to use it. Phew. :P

Common is a better word. :D

Your mom is RIGHT. >:0

Specifically Stephen Christian. ♥
I can tell. D: Ben looks like my dad as a young adult with a thinner nose, so weird.
You talked to him online, that’s good enough. O_O
You: /oh

When you mentioned ‘private concert’, I had a weird vision of a singer whispering a song into my ear. Private. XP
Oh, that’s cool. :O


Haha. I wondered who Fin is, until you mentioned that it’s your laptop’s name. I usually name my stuffed toys, but now that I think of it, my computer doesn’t have a name, or a gender. LOL.

Now that I have been on broadband, I don’t think I can live if I were to have a dial-up. I remember when I downloaded a 3 MB file, it took me like 2 or 3 hours to finish it. And the horrible thing is if you get disconnected you have to start all over again. I’m so thankful at people who invented P2P programs so I don’t have to worry about downloading from the start again. :P

:O 40 floors? Is your university that big? Mine has like 6 separate buildings, and each has only 5-6 floors. I’m glad they don’t have 19456th floor because taking the elevator makes me dizzy and climbing it would be the death of me. LOL.

* How is your internet? Is your provider good?
Yes. :) When we first got it, I can download a 700MB file in an hour or so, but my parents find it a bit expensive, so they downgraded it and now I can finish a 700MB file in 5 hours, more or less. D:
* Do you name any of your possessions? Tell me about them.
I only name my stuffed toys and my pets. :P I have a life-sized doll when I was a kid, named Jojo and she would dance with me. When I comb her hair she would flutter her eyes and sing. LOL. I have another doll with me in bed who I always hug when sleeping. She’s pawpaw, which is one of my many usernames. LOL.
* What was the last song you listened to?
I don’t actually know the title, but I think it’s My Señorita. My neighbors were singing it just so loudly. O_o
* What’s my laptop’s name (can you remember without scrolling up)?
Haha. FIN!