But, Honestly

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My internet is still terrible, and I could wait until midnight to use it, but I think I’d rather sleep.

I have a study break from university for two weeks, so that gives me a bit more time online. I wanted to put up a new layout but didn’t have the time to work on the final touches today. I know I have been behind with reviews and I do apologise, but they will be done soon, given my break.

I also need to get my domain competition up and running. It needs a lot of planning but I can hopefully get that all done tomorrow.

I don’t know why I’m pressuring myself like this. Especially when so many people are on hiatus because of school. It’s no wonder my comments have dropped to a stable number.

I had a pretty off day. I spent a while cleaning my old desktop PC. It was a funny experience looking at a larger screen and using the extra strength in my fingers to type on a cordless non-laptop keyboard.

I found a lot of old documents that deserved deleting, and a lot of songs that deserved preservation, and listening to for a long period of time. Although I haven’t gone up to the listening stage yet. πŸ™‚

I found a lot of old photos which amused me, too. Old computers deserve a clean. I’ve had that desktop PC for six years. I remember not having an anti-virus program on it until last year, and I accumulated five hundred viruses. Not cool.

I actually used it for most of the day, until, inherently, it froze. Ah, so now I remembered why I began to hate that computer. I had a real love/hate relationship with it. I loved how it had so much space, and could tolerate anything, even if I bashed the keyboard numerous times.

Well, I went back to my laptop, Fin. I didn’t name my desktop PC, no. πŸ˜›

I had an off dinner too. We didn’t have any food in the house so my dad bought Subway. I had it last week and it wasn’t bad, and my brother wanted it again. We told our dad what we wanted and then he headed off.

It was really terrible. I chose meatballs, with a full salad except chili, but sweet chili sauce. Similar to what I ate last time.

Only this time, the person who made the sub obviously didn’t put much thought into what they were making. Somehow they managed to make the meatballs crooked.

They also, successfully, managed to arrange the salad on the sub so carelessly that the lettuce fell out of it like falling leaves.

Also on the minus side, I found a small piece of hair on one piece of lettuce.

Perhaps a bit on the plus side for James, there was a heap of spring onion in it. Too much for me. The onions made my breath stink for the whole night.

Additionally, and worse, they had put far too much sweet chili on the entire sub. It looked like gunky nosebleed on cake. FML.

And finally, the final touch. The sub folded carelessly, with an accidental cut where the person had probably gone wrong trying to cut the footlong in half, so that the entire thing resembled thick peeling wallpaper.

Really. Could “fast food” get any worse? I guess they call it that for a reason.

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