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My internet is still terrible, and I could wait until midnight to use it, but I think I’d rather sleep.

I have a study break from university for two weeks, so that gives me a bit more time online. I wanted to put up a new layout but didn’t have the time to work on the final touches today. I know I have been behind with reviews and I do apologise, but they will be done soon, given my break.

I also need to get my domain competition up and running. It needs a lot of planning but I can hopefully get that all done tomorrow.

I don’t know why I’m pressuring myself like this. Especially when so many people are on hiatus because of school. It’s no wonder my comments have dropped to a stable number.

I had a pretty off day. I spent a while cleaning my old desktop PC. It was a funny experience looking at a larger screen and using the extra strength in my fingers to type on a cordless non-laptop keyboard.

I found a lot of old documents that deserved deleting, and a lot of songs that deserved preservation, and listening to for a long period of time. Although I haven’t gone up to the listening stage yet. :)

I found a lot of old photos which amused me, too. Old computers deserve a clean. I’ve had that desktop PC for six years. I remember not having an anti-virus program on it until last year, and I accumulated five hundred viruses. Not cool.

I actually used it for most of the day, until, inherently, it froze. Ah, so now I remembered why I began to hate that computer. I had a real love/hate relationship with it. I loved how it had so much space, and could tolerate anything, even if I bashed the keyboard numerous times.

Well, I went back to my laptop, Fin. I didn’t name my desktop PC, no. :P

I had an off dinner too. We didn’t have any food in the house so my dad bought Subway. I had it last week and it wasn’t bad, and my brother wanted it again. We told our dad what we wanted and then he headed off.

It was really terrible. I chose meatballs, with a full salad except chili, but sweet chili sauce. Similar to what I ate last time.

Only this time, the person who made the sub obviously didn’t put much thought into what they were making. Somehow they managed to make the meatballs crooked.

They also, successfully, managed to arrange the salad on the sub so carelessly that the lettuce fell out of it like falling leaves.

Also on the minus side, I found a small piece of hair on one piece of lettuce.

Perhaps a bit on the plus side for James, there was a heap of spring onion in it. Too much for me. The onions made my breath stink for the whole night.

Additionally, and worse, they had put far too much sweet chili on the entire sub. It looked like gunky nosebleed on cake. FML.

And finally, the final touch. The sub folded carelessly, with an accidental cut where the person had probably gone wrong trying to cut the footlong in half, so that the entire thing resembled thick peeling wallpaper.

Really. Could “fast food” get any worse? I guess they call it that for a reason.

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Eurgghg. What is with that subway thing? That’s gross. D:

I like cleaning up computers. Then you find all sorts of old stuff and files… heheee.
Haha. Love/hate relationships are interesting. George and I go through them a lot. XD

500 viruses? XD That is pretty epic. In a bad way. :/ Least you fixed it up!
Georgie.nu!!! :D I’ve already told you that the new layout is cute. :3

Oooohs I’ll shower you with comments! :D
And oh, new layout? I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with. :3

And remember, Georgie… “STUDY break”!!! XD

I won’t make this too long ’cause you have my other comment to return. Have a nice day! XD

I commented on your blog backwards…. XD Sorry about that. :X @_@

Awww Georgie, don’t pressure yourself too much! =O It’s bad for your health…*nods*…It’s okay to be a little slow…^^

I already commented at Georgie.nu =) It has the cutest layout, I swear! I was like ♥ =O when I saw it…^^ It’s very pretty…^^…

Yaaaay! New layout =D *dances*…I always get excited over your new layouts. Haha.

Hahaha, same here! I’m so used to laptop keys now, it takes me a while to adjust to a normal keyboard….*sigh*…Luckily it doesn’t take too long, and I can still type as fast on a normal keyboard. The thing is, I keep reaching for the touchpad and forgetting that there isn’t one. LOL!

Omg, I have to clean out my old computer (s) too! AND my laptop. Aarggh! Too much to do =O *stress*. It’s alright, I’ll leave it until the long break xD

OLD PHOTOS! I love looking back at old photos…^^…You totally posted some on Tumblr xD Hahahaha. I reposted them…^^…Cos they were so cool. Old photos make me all nostalgic…*sigh* xD

Omg, I totally remember that time! That would have been EPIC. I mean FIVE HUNDRED VIRUSES! That’s like an invasion of the bubonic plague, swine flue and bird flu in one body all at the same time =O Urgh! Luckily you have a good antivirus now…^^

Hahaha…Yeah I totally remember you complaining about your desktop too…=P I love my desk top…^^…It’s pretty good to me…Well one of them is. The other one is too slow xD

Yay for Fin! I still love that name….^^…FINNIKIN! ♥

Ooooh! Subway! Haha. I had pizza for dinner…*grows fat*. Yeah I don’t really like getting meatball subs cos they’re so messy to eat! I don’t like getting all salads too, because it makes the sub too fat and therefore messy to eat.

Ew! Sweet Chilli sauce overload. HMPH! at that subway maker…*grr*. And also for making up your sub so messily! I hate it when they don’t cut it properly! I like it when they take the time to arrange the veges all neatly ^^

But I guess they can’t do that if too many people are lined up waiting…=/


YUCK! I Hair in your lettuce?! GROSSSSSS!! I would have cut off that whole section of the sub and thrown in away or in a compost!

I don’t really like eating onions either! Because they have such a strong after taste…==

Haha don’t worry, it’s the holidays now! /bounce

I didn’t make the layout; my friend made the image quite a while ago… bahhaa. It’s mine now. XD

You know what it looks like now because I gave you a sneak peek! ;)

I can still type pretty fast on a normal keyboard too, but I make a few more mistakes. Oops. Oh, you know what fails though, a bit like your thinking there isn’t a touchpad? I tried to turn the volume down for the music by running my thumb along the front of the keyboard, because that’s where my volume dial is on the laptop. :P

I don’t use the touchpad much, so I didn’t have that problem. :)

The long break is a while away yet, and there’s plenty of time!

Yeah LOL, most of the photos were all the ones you sent me from graduation and the last days of school. They were stuck on the computer and I had forgotten to get them off with my other ones. :P

LOL, I am so surprised my computer did not die from all that.

Hahaha pizza is not good for you if you have it too often. No one said you couldn’t have a treat though. I had meat pie the other day. D:

Sometimes if you’re in a rush, you think, OMG, hurry up and make my food; this is not my idea of “fast food”. Ironically.

I like it when they take time though. I didn’t go last night but last week I went with my dad and the lady made me such a neat one. The sauce was even in neat lines! :O

Oh yeah, the cookies. :D :D

LOL onion breath is bad. :O


But I must do my law assignment! I can NOT leave this to the last minute! *gaaaaah*

Awww, well the layout is still super cute…^^…And it’s totally pink…^^…The only thing I like more than a pink layout is a brown layout. And a black layout. And a while layout. Oh, and a grey layout. Right. I fail…Oops…==

YES! I GOT A SNEAK PEAK! *hugs* Woot! It’s so awesome! @_@

Yes! I am surprised too! I am surprised your computer didn’t explode! If that happened to my computer, I’d probably have to take it to a shop to get it reset and all. Lucky you fixed it by yourself ^^

HAHAHAHAHA! You should totally right a article: “Signs you are addicted to your laptop”. Man we’re both too used to our laptops. And mine is so small the big desktop screen looks so foreign to me now…xD

Awwwww! I know pizza is bad for me. *grows more fat* But my family keep ordering pizza! ARGH! Then I have to eat the freaking pizza…=( So bad. I’ll eat more healthy this holiday I SWEAR!

Haha…fast-food is supposed to be pre-prepared food, so technically subway should be classified as fast-food cos they have to make it for you. Haha!

Yay! What a nice lady…^^…If I ever work for subway, I’m going to make sure I make all subs neatly =D

Subway cookies = SO ADDICTIVE!

I’ve stopped getting onions on my subs. I HATE onions…==

Haha watch these comment boxes get smaller! I think I set a limit on how many you can do though. If that happens, post an entirely new comment. :D

Our conversation will probably never die though. :P

LOL, you won’t… I’ll make sure you do it tomorrow! /bounce

It isn’t quite pink… but oh well. I like it. I actually think I’m going to be distracted from our comment chain and by the time we’re done, I won’t be bothered to put it up! That would be major suck. XD

Haha I guess it’s not fully fixed because it does keep freezing. Nevertheless, it is a rather strong computer.

I should! But it would be similar to how you’re addicted to the internet. :P

My mum always asks me when we’re going to get pizza. I say, “No…” And I whine. But yeah, my family have pizza from time to time. *annoyed*

LOL, this is ironic. I thought that being at home last holiday, I would gain weight, but I lost weight. FFS.

OH. Well they call McDonald’s fast food too. Most of the fast food you have to wait and it isn’t exactly pre-prepared. @_@

Haha I do not think I EVER want to work at Subway. People might hate me. And I’m terrible in the kitchen!

I kind of liked those purple spring/Spanish onions but they are really hot, and I kind of hate them. I don’t mind it if it’s hidden in vegetables or something. O_o

Hehehehe! Yes! I noticed that they were getting smaller.

Awwww it’d suck if there’s a limit! I was hoping they’d get so small you’d only be able to fit one letter on each line and we’d have to resort to one worded comments because it’d get hard to read otherwise. LOOOOOOOOOL!

YES! Make sure I do my work tomorrow! Otherwise I’ll die. Like die-die…

Hahaha…Maybe you need a computer upgrade xD Lucky you have Fin now…^^…My desktop still works pretty well…^^…But then again I’m never on the desktop for long. I only use it for Statistics which I don’t do anymore and Econ141 because I need to use a program that only works with MS-Word2003…==…*sigh*…

I love pizza, but I already look totally FAT, so I have to not eat so much junk food…==…Which totally fails when we keep getting pizza. But I can’t complain because sometimes my dad is too tired to cook, and I can’t cook. So yeah…=( I should learn to cook. Haha..

Awwww! I’m so jealous! I’ve put on WAY too much weight this year. I think. I look like I have. I haven’t bothered checking cos I’m too scared xD

Haha fast-food isn’t fast food anymore cos they all try to be “Come buy our totally crappy food cos we prepare it specially for you…” Which like…totally defeats the purpose of fast food. It’s SUPPOSED to be unhealthy. Fast food is supposed to be fast, not healthy…==…Crappy materialistic advertising by stupid fast-food chains…==…

LOL, don’t worry, I was only kidding. I probably wouldn’t work in Subway either cos I am most probably disastrous in the kitchen. The only think I can do is heat up canned soup and make 2 minute noodles xD

Urgggghhh! I just hate onion. I always pick out the onions if I can see them xD

LOL this is entirely amusing. I can change the limit though…! But I put a limit so no one would keep on doing this for fun and “spamming”. Though we pretty much are spamming right now. This comment box is now looking ugly yet making me laugh. Oh dear. /hehe

I think I’m turning into a neat freak instead of having OCD with comment numbers. Hell!

Haha I will! You better have done some by the time you get online… :P

Oh that is really fail, that program that works with Word 2003. But Word 2003 is good. I’m sick of this fancy 2007 one. It’s ugly. Even my tutor disagrees and she’s such a geek.

I’m not upgrading that old thing though! I ♥ Fin!

Aw. My mum is sometimes too tired to cook which is why we had Subway the other day. Today Brandon got Hungry Jacks, but I decided to eat the leftover veges in the fridge. They weren’t bad!

I suck at cooking though… I need a kitchen hand, or whatever they call those people who assist you in the kitchen. When I try to cook something it goes wrong.

OMG that reminds me. TODAY. It happened today.

I got meat pies from the fridge (oh shit here we go about unhealthy food) for lunch. Now, I was supposed to warm them in the microwave and then put them in the grill so they would gradually get warm. But being the lazy shit I am, I decided to just chuck them in the grill on both sides and be done with it.

It turned out HORRIBLE. The outside of the meat pies were burned almost black.

And the insides were still frozen. I FAIL SO HARD. PKM. I bet it’s a funny story to tell the children though hahahaha.

Give me your weight! Hahaha. Well, technically it’s “mass”, but no, I won’t go into a technical physics discussion. WTF.

Hahahaha fail though. The best fast food chain in my opinion is Taco Bell, but they removed them and I don’t know why. I nearly typed “deleted them” then. Another thing to add on how you can tell you’re addicted…!

LOL I can make two minute noodles too! HIGH FIVE. :D

That’s why I didn’t want to work in a food/fast food place. Ick. Not my scene. :P

Haha. IKR? I wasn’t expecting him to fall down the stairs. XD Gekko/ Toby. Well yarr, Gekko is also waaaaaaay cooler. /hehe

Well, in a way it was good his music was so loud because we could hear where he was.
Loser on the train. I would’ve been very annoyed too. *nods*

Callum is pretty stupid. :P
Toby is a pretty popular name here actually, but yeah, I know what you mean. XD
Or I’ll cry. /wah

LOL, Gini. My friends used to call me ‘Geegumsgini’. WTF.

They’ve improved since my dad yelled down the phone at them (wahey, go dad). And the Internet has been fine for quite a while.
Sleep soon then! 😴 *huggle*

Haha. Maybe you should swap lappytops with him and when he’s sleeping swap them again? :P

Oh I know what they look like. They sell them in some supermarkets. 🤮
Awh. COMPUTER GEEKS. 🙄 (Y) /bounce 😏

(8) Rain on me…

Oooh colourful?!!! *bounces* :3 ♥

Not as long as some comments you’ve given me. ;)

Haha. Nice night then? XD

Heyyyy! XD

I’ve visited Georgie.nu and left you a comment ♥ I can’t wait for your competition to start so I can make a banner and promote it :D

I think you’ve already know by now how the internet and i = /angry I feel you 😢 I get so frustrated with the internet I lost all my mood and just go watch some TV.

Ohh yayy for breaks! I kinda miss my Uni breaks, although I’m such a home person, I’d fly across the sea over to the east (where home is) even if it’s for a week lol. My friends didn’t like to go home though and they rarely go home even on long breaks. Their parents would complain on why they didn’t want to go and my mother complained as well, on why I like to go home every break FFS /hmph

Nyehh let’s look at it this way- less comments to return! :D Although I know you don’t have a problem with returning 5487598356159609 comments ✌️ ✌️

I kinda enjoy cleaning my stuff in my old computer. I’d find some memorable things like old pictures, that would make me procrastinate and just go through all of them :P Oh and songs! Yes, definitely songs. Happy ones. Sad ones. Dirty ones. /hehe 🤫

I’ve lost a lot of old stuff because I had my computer failed on me once. There were just too many viruses and it crashed. It was definitely one of the saddest days in my entire life. Tsk tsk

Lol when I was in lower secondary, I used to share a desktop with my two brothers. They used to play that Counter Strike game (I hated it because it makes me wanna vomit D:) and then when they lost, they would punch their fist on the keyboard and me, being the co-owner would punch them on the head /hehe /hehe

HAIR?! zomg. I really don’t want to know what hair it was. I hope it’s thin and straight and not thick and curly! /ehh /ehh

I concur Lilian, Subway cookies are awesome, especially Chocolate Chip! They don’t have Subway here in the East though, I used to have them when I was in Uni in the West :(

Ya uda deh, mau tidur nihh, uda telat!

I have work tomorrow and tomorrow is a Saturday /wah

Wow, another domain? I’m amazed you have the time and the dedication to maintain so many of them! I respect you for that :D

The new domain looks awesome. I love the name! It’s perfect to use it as a collective domain :D Congrats on the new domain! I must say you are making me want to get a new domain, too, but I have no use for it, so it’d just collect dust!

Yeah I am moving, hopefully it’ll go alright. I’m just hoping I get on with my flatmates lol.
Eeew, that doesn’t sound like a very good Subway experience. I don’t like Subway to be honest. Plus, the one near me is kind of like that all the time. Everything seriously looks like it’s been thrown together by monkeys. O_O
I don’t know where they find some of their employees, lol.

Woah, I hate getting viruses. I remember we had a desktop pc before that four of use used and we didn’t realise the anti-virus had expired. The annoying pop-up thing didn’t appear once! D: Anyway, it started running really slowly so we took it to a computer shop so thay they could sort it for us and they ran a full virus check….
They said that we broke their record for the highest number of viruses they’d ever seen on one computer. Ha. We had about 35000! :O Where we got them from I don’t know. At least we broke a record for something 👏 haha!
I really don’t see why people feel the need to create all these viruses. I guess it’s so that they can make money sellig their damn anti-virus software which, 70% of the time doesn’t even work for me. :( I attract viruses I think ha!

Omg, *another* domain? -jaw drops- Crazy… Absolutely nutty… :P

I hate getting viruses… Which program do you use now? I don’t think I’ve ever had 500+ viruses on my computer… 5, maybe, lol, but that’s about it.

Holy crap! I don’t think I ever realized just how many websites you own! Hot damn, girl! You’re like… the internet princess! :D

That is a hell of a lot of viruses on one machine. I probably would have had a heart attack when I saw that many viruses pop up on one screen, whoa!

No more last minute cramming, I promise. If you see me tweeting to much in the April period tell me to study. :3

Yeah, I did that when studying for a test. My mom wasn’t too happy about stiky notes being all round the house though XD Ooh, what’s the URL for this remembering things site? :)

I’ll keep your misspelt OMG’s in mind! Vicky is back, one less person on hiatus! :D I just hope Sar comes back soon, and the others. :( Everyone seems to be noticing it.

Yeah I have so many cords into my PC I couldn’t imagine another one. :( I guess I am just a desktop fan~

HAHA! I love the small print, it makes me laugh. Or on radio adverts they suddenly speak ridiculously quickly as their speaking version of small print. :’)

Finding hair in food is a definite EEK. My friend found a dead spider in hers once, ughh. :(

Haha, my computer was gone for 3 months when it was being fixed and it came back and I was laughing at all my old things, I couldn’t imagine 6 years! :’)

My mom has anti virus programs on all the computers and scans it reaguraly so when a virus finds its way through it does my emotions no good. /angry
Something needs to change at that Subway. Like seriously.

Lmao, seriously if you wouldn’t talk to me if I used MM again then I wouldn’t use it lol. I only closed before because I felt like I needed a revamp then broke my database etc etc etc baha.

Yay for being proud of me. (H) I’ve still kept the layout I showed you, I just couldn’t come up with a header that was good enough for the coding, if that makes sense? I will be using it, sooner or later anyway. Yeah, the colours are a little harsh but meh lol.

I know right, Gillians layout impressed me too! I just Dayna put up a new layout haha, but I love it all the same. It’s awesome. XD Her layouts are just pure amazingness. I love her coding skills~

I love your layout! I wanted to put you, Ben, Catherine and a few others on the list but wanted to name a few ‘different’ sites, if that makes sense?

I read your blog about your terrible internet, and your conversation with Fin. :P I hate having terrible internet, I feel for you. :(

I can’t wait to see the new layout. =D That’s good you have a break from uni though, you definitely could do with a break. Don’t threat about your reviews, you aren’t behind at all.

I miss my PC. Well, I used too but I don’t anymore because my laptop is my best friend heh. But I went through my old PC a while back and found a lot of amusing files and stuff. I had loads of virus’s on mine too, don’t worry. /ehh

My PC used to freeze a lot as well, weird.

I’m not keen on subway… I’m a very fussy eater pah.

Fast food here is actually good pretty much 95% of the time, for me anyways. mmm, I want KFC now.

Georgie.nu is such an awesome domain! Best of luck with your other domains too. It’s so cool you have so many :)

I can’t wait for your domain competition! It should be great :)

Ew! What is up with subway? That’s so gross you found a hair. You should’ve got your money back.

We don’t often go out for fast food but mum bought me some hot chips last night to eat on the run because I was going to a party, but that was pretty good though. I’ve only had subway once and I didn’t like it, but not for the same disaster reasons as you.

Also, sorry for taking so long to reply to your comment but my cutenews mucked up and I lost almost all of my comments. I really should use fanupdate.

I always keep my harddrives and put them into new computers, or at least have them available to throw in an external, that way I can keep my files to date. I must say though that all my documents are in a separate harddrive in case I need to go somewhere or use a laptop.

Sounds like yesterday wasn’t your best day. Ugh, those days suck…I get them and it seems like anything that could go wrong does.

And ew, that would turn me off subway as well…I hate getting food that isn’t anything like what I wanted. And the hair! YUCK.

I like the new domain. The name is pretty, and I love your layout. Very cool, can’t wait till it opens!

Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself…take a mini hiatus if you need it!

I visited Georgie.nu and love it! Yes, I do think all of your domains deserve a one place where they can all be together. LMAO.

I should shower you with comments! LOL. It’s already Saturday right now. 9:23 a.m. xD. Gee, I did wake up early today which is weird since it’s the weekend. LOL.

I used to have a terrible internet before. But my dad switched to a new internet provider and it is way better and faster than before. My previous internet provider has limits to how many sites I can visit depending how much size it takes to load per page. 20 GB is the limit. Fortunately, with the new internet provider, it has no limits at all! Yay! I can visit any site I want without worrying how much space it will take to load for the internet. :)

I know right, so many people are on hiatus. Or if not hiatus, they’d have this sign telling that they’re closing. Bah, it makes me sad just to think of it. :( . I’m worried if I’ll ever end up closing my site too; so help me! LOL.

That is so gross. A hair in a lettuce? Once something like that happens to me or worse, I won’t buy any more Subway xD.

Another thing I hate about Subway is their staffs. Depends, really. But when my dad said no ‘this and that’, and they will end up putting ‘this and that’. -_-. They always do everything in a hurry and their excuse is because they have too many customers. Yeah, right. O_o

LMFAO, I knew why they called fast foods. It’s because the foods are served absolutely in a fast mode XD. LOL.

Stop pressuring yourself! You’ve no obligation to anybody but yourself. By the way -slaps wrist with ruler- no more domains, Georgie! 10 domains and 2 upcoming? Ridiculous! >.< though it is .nu and sooooo much prettier for it, I'll bet it cost you a pretty penny though x_x love the layout, I don't like pink much but I've to admit it's really cute! <3

I have an old laptop that I still use once in a while, mostly because I've a load of crap on it I still need to transfer to my new laptop :P the old one's been infected with viruses three times since I got it in 2001 or 2002. I've had it repaired three times because the infections were just so horrendous, I could barely use it! Then it stayed clean for a few years until last summer, when I accidentally clicked to install something whilst online. I can still use it, thankfully, but not for long periods of time. I decided it wasn't worth it to keep fixing it up so I got a new laptop instead :P

Man. That sounds like a REAL Subway sub to me. I like it when it turns out like so, lettuce falling out and stuff. Not so much the paper thing or the hair D: I'm kind of wanting Subway now ;P

Hi Dane! WTF, your site has a database error. I’m returning your comment here because ack – I can’t comment on your site. I saw your tweet about Parade Hosting being annoying, and I replied to you, but since you don’t follow me, you can’t really see what I’m saying. :(

Haha… you’re the opposite of everyone. Everyone is telling me to get a hundred domains. :P

I didn’t need to repair my old computer; I did it on my own! Of course, it froze and played up, but it never entirely crashed. I still haven’t transferred everything on it to my laptop either though. My parents bought me a laptop so I could use it for and at uni. :)

Hahha. I hated the sub, bah… D:

If my comment didn’t go through here either I will shank myself! D<

Dear Georgina,
I’ve been trying to comment this blog for the past hour. I kept getting distracted. First, by your domain collectives site; then, about the owner page (which led me to wanna figure out how much I’m worth, what celebrity I wanted to be of the WW, etc.); and finally (last but not first, as my high school physics teacher would say), your reviews page. My goodness it’s been a journey, but here I am (:

I love reading your comments because you actually take the time to comment on every part of my blog and comment that I leave on your site. It’s very thoughtful and kind of you. No wonder your site is so popular !

KDSJFLSDF You have inspired me to want a billion domains. Well, maybe just one more (: Cross your fingers that onceforall.com may be mine in the near future ..!

What kind of laptop do you have? My PC desktop is in its like last stages of life. It’s like Voldemort has been playing around the cruciatus curse on it for years. My laptop is a Mac and I absolutely love it (:

Is your study break for any particular reason ? Your university is very generous, lol.

” They also, successfully, managed to arrange the salad on the sub so carelessly that the lettuce fell out of it like falling leaves. ”
I. Hate. Messy. Food. I get so angry, I don’t know why! After I completed my summer internship, my standards for quality and service shot up really high. Messy food is something that I refuse to tolerate.

I’ve been to many different Subways and have had varying service/quality. If made right, my roasted chicken breast on Italian herb and cheese bread with lettuce, onions, and honey mustard is quite delicious (: I actually had that exact sub today for lunch !

Yes, I think it’s a better idea for you to go to sleep! Finally, you have two weeks off, though i don’t think you should spend on your site, don’t feel stressed. I can’t for my review, i don’t mind, especially when I myself get late with the reviews for no excuse, but you don’t have time and get them done pretty fast, I admire you! So many people are on hiatus, it quite surprised, It wasn’t like that before, at least that’s what I think. I really don’t know how you stay without maintenance mood Georgina, really. I’m so excited about the contest :D , can’t wait for it!

My last last computer was Desktop PC, as well as my new one. Like yours it had loads of space, and a whole load of viruses I had it since I was the 4th grade or younger, i really didn’t know that much, and the computer was so slow. My dad bought me a new one, a desktop PC, it had everything installed, anitvirus, the expensive ones, and so many programs, the guy didn’t tell me what to do, when I opened it i was supposed to click yes on these programs, I didn’t, now I can’t use it again, touchmate brand I hate you.

Eww hair on a sub! I just hate when people carelessly make my meal, I understand they might be tired but her I payed for that think you very much. Did you eat it anyway?

Fast food! When I didn’t exactly get what that was (when I was little) I would imagine a hot dog running…. Yeah. Food running fast? xD

Subway… sucks in my opinion. They never put enough meet and then they shower the thing in lettuce and the other vegetables you choose even when you ask for MORE meat. It’s like really? And they even advertise the fact they have more meat. O.o Stupid. I do like to go there though, since I’m too lazy to make my own sandwiches.

And can’t wait to see the new layout! And the domain contest! And all the other stuff you have. (:

I’m glad you found TO2C interesting. ^^ My classmates.. just as the normal ignorant people they are, don’t find it as interesting as I do. I completely failed though at this pop quiz we had… we had to know what a Gorgon was… and I hadn’t looked it up the night before. And the furies. Although I THOUGHT they were what they were but I didn’t put it. So I failed. Badly. FML.

Haha, that’s why I said yes. Because I’d love to go with this guy although I wanted to go with this other guy. And I’m going to end up going with friends. We go as couples in groups… if you get what I mean? I mean, him asking me just means we’re partners. xD for slow dances. One reason I said no to the annoying people last year. xD Slow dancing with them.. TORTURE.

I don’t like the fact I develop crushes on guys I hang around with. I mean, feelings for your friends just screws up the relationship. O.o Well, if you let it get the better of you. /ehe

Haha, don’t forget to edit the blog (:

hahah subway..again ! XD
ahhh i need a new layout, but I havent had any time/inspiration BLAH D:

LMAO. Be too! But sometimes when I have to drink something I gotta get a drink! XP

hahaha. then its soo annoying cause the next day the class would continue and you’d have to tell the teacher that you werent here the previous day so you would have no idea what was going on XD

hahha. luckyyy! Maybe when I got to High School the seniors will be nice to us :D

loll thats cool! I just say that the interent is being extremely stupid LOL

LOL. I have a love/hate relationship with my computer too! 😒 Hate especially when it gets a virus when I’m doing something important. /argh Hate especially when it freezes and decided to close all the browsers that I opened. /argh Hate especially when its so damn slow. /angry

Ok, so that’s a lot of hate. LOL. I want to clean my PC but I don’t know when to start. Plus, I’m scared that I might delete something important. Then next thing I know, a program is not working properly. /ehh

Ugh. I hate that when that happens to my sub! One time, we bought a sub and we asked for it to be toasted, and they didn’t. So we told the worker and she told us “You should have told us sooner. It’s a waste of bread.” So, my brother just told them to listen to the customers more than their co-workers. /hmph

Ew, sounds like that Subway employee needs a spanking xD Seriously, that’s disgusting. If I got a sandwich like that, I’d march to Subway and yell at the manager for hiring such a dumbass.

You’re like me, I name my electronics, too! Lol. I named my cell phone Ellie and my iPod Alice. I also had a cactus named Sadie, which recently died after I had her for 2 years (almost 3) /wah . I hate computers that freeze all the time. My laptop used to freeze like crazy, but 2 weeks ago the battery stopped working, so now it’s useless. I’m using my Dad’s computer now, which unfortunately also has problems. I have to wait until January to get a new laptop. Poo /poo .

I love your new website. I’ve always wanted a nu domain name, but they’re so expensive. Plus the domain I want (en-joy.nu) is taken. Maybe I’ll finally get en-joy with another extension *sigh*

Wow, I’ve managed to turn this comment around to completely focus about me. I never do that, I wonder why I did….lol. Sorry ’bout that!

Your collective looks super cute. Nice colors. I understand about being behind with your blog. I have post set to post for the next month so I can stay a head. Got to ♥ wordpress!

Naah, I don’t mind having long comments! You’re lucky your comment didn’t get in the spam comments XD! But even it did, I always check the spam comments. I remembered last year when I commented someone like really long that almost took two whole pages (almost :O ). Then, like two months later, the owner of the website replied to my blog and apologized for not returning my comment because it ended up in the spam comments. :(
I’ve also realized that my comment these days seemed to always been marked as spam by WordPress. Grr. I’m not doing anything wrong. /argh

Haha, well, we all have an addiction to something once in awhile. Addicted to domains isn’t so bad compared to my obsession. O_o.

I don’t think you’ve tweeted to me before about Vox before. Well maybe. Haha, I can’t remember. Anyway, Vox was a lot of waste. They’re pretty similar like LiveJournal. Later I found out that the creator of Vox was the same one who created LifeJournal. /cool

Oh my god, same! I have been pretty addicted to browser software too. Last week, I downloaded Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Flock and many other browsers too! And for yesterday’s “Browser of the day” was Seamonkey. I thought Seamonkey was pretty cool at first because it had everything all in one. Like, a HTML editor, an email client. Everything! All of them were pretty disappointed and took a lot of space so I uninstalled them all except for Flock. Flock is neat and awesome. It’s becoming to be my second favourite browser. <33

I download almost every free graphic programs I discovered. I already have Photofiltre and Paint Shop Pro though but my "addiction" has becoming out of control. So I downloaded Gimp two days ago. I've been waiting for it like ages. xD.

I'm sticking to Winamp and Windows Media Player though. Since I'm not really into music that much, I guess I'm not addicted to free audio software. :D

Yeah, it's already noon in NZ. 2:11 PM right now. I'm glad that we're only 2 hours apart or otherwise I'm 1 day earlier than you! LOL.

Aww.. Thank you! I never thought anyone would enjoy reading my blogs since I find them awfully boring. I love reading your blogs too! And sometimes I read your previous blogs that I missed. I hope Heartdrops will go on for at least 5 more years. It's still too early to close and I love Heartdrops real bad. _<

Eww, Subway. At least you got lots of onions /bounce
Today at McDonalds I ordered a McFish and the guy looked blankly for several moments until his neanderthal brain figured it was the burger with fish in it. Incredible. Fast food is so stupid 🤬

I REMEMBER THOSE VIRUSES /frog We sure got rid of them good /frog

😰 I gotta eat 🤤


Yes. You love the onions! /bounce

But it’s theoretically called a Fillet-O-Fish. Hmm, I used to love those. I bought them all the time. 🤤

It was like my movement from the cheeseburger. I was such a baby; I constantly bought cheeseburgers.

One day I finally moved to Big Macs.

They’re not that big anymore. Or, I’ve gotten bigger. :O

Hahaaha you helped me and got Avast. *squirm* 😏

Bet you didn’t have frozen meat pies with a burned crust. WTF. /bash I fail.

FUKC YES. What a fukcing adorable layout, and a fukcing adorable domain. D: I’ve always wanted a lee.nu or a taylor.nu for my Tumblr, but my dad doesn’t want to buy any domains for me anymore. -.-
How much is a .nu domain?

FUKC YES. My mom has to get a domain! Too bad she’s talentless when it comes to computers.
Is it okay if my mom enters the competition? You know, her age and all. D:

Haha I used to have an 800×600 resolution screen that was really old, like, my dad’s first ever computer. He gave it to me after he bought a widescreen desktop.
It had a nickname which I forgot. XD My dad named it something ‘manly’.
Now I have a 1024×768 laptop.
I don’t have an antivirus. D: I was going to get Norton but I can’t afford it. -.-
And Avast! will not work. NOOO!!
500 viruses is a lot. D:

EW. Never ever going to eat Subway. I saw your Tumblr rant.

You should celebrate every birthday! At least a cake would do, and a birthday song. LOL.

Is the McDonald’s connection good?

My teacher spelled it “Schowartsinigger”. XD

Only one of them now…

EVERYONE sees your tweets. ;)

No no, not intense or creepy, THAT’S RAPE!!

No, you lick them. Then tell everyone how cool it is to lick a singer’s shoe. D:

hahah thanks! I like mine too, but I just wanna get ahead just in case one day I end up hating this layout more then anything, then I’ll have one already ready :D XD

YEAA! OMG i hateeee that! Sometimes they’re like oh ask a friend its not my responsibility! And im like :O Cant help a fella that was just ill? XDD


You never know what goes on behind the bright menus and smiling counter people. In ads, they make the food so perfect and nice but in reality, they don’t care, they just chuck everything in it and grab the money.
500 viruses is not cool. I wish that there would be no such thing as viruses. VIRUSES SUCK.
Just browsed around Georgie.nu,the layout is pretty :D
Your getting two more domains.
By 2015, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had 100 domains.:P

Haha, subway seems to suck. Ewww, hair!?! That TOTALLY sucks. I really hate it when I find hair on food. I lose my appetite at once and start feeling sick.

500 viruses is really freaky. I get scared when my PC has just one or two virus. Actually I get scared when any small thing happens to my PC as I have no laptop of my own and my PC is my life. :D

I visited your new domain. The layout’s really cute.

Not only in food, I hate hair in any way except when it hangs from your hair. XD
It disgusts me, but I have hairfall a LOT. I myself get scared when I see my pillow in the morning. :O

I use KasperSky and it’s pretty good too. But it puts almost EVERY thing in low restricted.

Your welcome. :)

YW. :D

I saw. D: I checked taylorlee.nu, and it says that it MAY be available for registration. But I can’t afford it anyway. XD

She’s getting used to WP and later I will teach her basic CSS. :)
My mom must win!

My old computer crashed but it’s still in the garage somewhere. D:

I want waiiiiiiiiiiiiiidscreeeeeeen!

Avast doesn’t work for me. D:
I’ll check AVG out!

I always have crappy cakes. You know, those cheap ones you get from Cabramatta. D:
I NEED a fancy cake. /wah

Why did you block him? And I thought Jesse was a girls’ name. :O

What. Why would I want that…
I just had the weirdest/best vision ever.
And I thought he was nearly THIRTY!
But still. /love

If you don’t want to lick it, then bite it? Try to tear a chunk of leather and keep it somewhere safe? XD
Well, it’s THEIR SHOE! You want their limbs? D: And you wouldn’t want to lick their foot. 🤮

Haha… you want me to leave you an 800 word comment? I’m going to have to talk for ages… heh. I’l TRY to make it related but I can’t promise anything… I might run out of steam at 700.
Shit. I’m determined now. XD

I just found out “Gekko” means “moon” in Japanese. EPIC FAIL on my part for that nickname. BUT remember that he’s a lizard, yarrr? :P

Well, as I told you on MSN, I felt that little bit sorry for him and therefore, it was kind of good that he had his music playing. Though he did kind of deserve it… he’s gonna stay downstairs for all the other journeys or something. XD
Even if he was playing Bring Me The Horizon. I mean he’s the type of person that is… well, if he likes you then he’ll “protect” you, if you want. (Haha). If you are disliked by him, then you are pretty much toast and he considers it his duty to examine you under a microscope or something… not literally. :P By examining your music taste and the like.

I know what you mean. What are generic names in Australia? There are loads of Thomas’ and Samuel’s and Ben’s over here (BREAKING BENJAMIN. Sorry, it just reminded me). And for girls, Megan, Katie and Jessica. (Ironic I know three and they’re all bitches. LMFAO).
BUT in my year, I’m the only Jorja. *boogies* /eee ✌️

Peace out man. :D

I should, shouldn’t I? But they’ve stopped making them. :( I was so upset when I found out, even if I don’t really buy them anymore. You could have one of my sister’s though? She has quite a few. She wouldn’t notice. XD YOU CAN HAVE HER BIRTHDAY BEAR!!! /love ♥ /hehe
It’s for May. :D And it has the gemstone for May in the bear’s nose and it’s all colourful… let me Google it and see if I can find one…


Awh, couldn’t find one for May but this is what I mean: http://www.annscardsandgifts.com/ty/beanies/4371.jpg

Heheeee. /hehe
Random note: Have you killed your navigation-stealer yet?

Georgums. Heheee. :P I call you Georgums sometimes.
“Up too early”? Well. XD If you’re up I will probably be ASLEEP. 😴

Stupid timezones… I would love to eat breakfast in the dark! HARHAR.
He should! Then you could be LAPPYTOP BUDDIES.
Haryar, well my friend and I are “buddies” for everything. Hehe. Like shampoo and history and tour and class and stuff. XD And recently, bird-poo buddies. ‘Cause a bird pooed on her head and I was there. XD

Except since we’re in different classes now it’s like we’re ex-everything buddies. :P
Colourful! I love layouts that are colourful. I’m getting bored of mine already. XD I mean I like it but the colours kind of get to me. Anyways I don’t intend on changing it until it’s around my birthday or something. (12 days)! /oh 😏 /bounce

Colourful layouts are really cool. :D Especially your ones. I loved your Pop Tart layout, that was cute! And “Let There Be Love”. :3
Fuackability, I’m not going to reach 800 words. I’M TRYING. Okay… I’ll have to ramble on about something. Or tell you a story. :D


“Once upon a time there was a little kid called Gekko and he was a prat. The end”.


“Once upon a time a little kid called Gekko realised he had had a sex change.”


“Once upon a time a little kid called Gekko pissed himself with embarrassment when he fell down the stairs on a double decker bus.”

Harhar. Enjoy my stories….?

*pastes into Word Document to check length*

Fuack. 611 WORDS. Ish.
Did you know I have TWO MAGICAL MIDDLE NAMES? Well you know the first, obviously (Kate), but d’you know what the second one is? ;)

It begins with B.
And I hate it. Yarr.

OMG. I forgot to tell you. You know Rylie?

IT IS STILL NOT OPEN. I mean WTF. Why open all these sites if you can’t freaking well keep up with them?! I mean you keep up with all of your domains. Whereas she seems to have them to brag… and she is PAYING for these things. Harhar.


Really, you need a music emote… I want to sing along to Anberlin.

Stay with me, stay with me tonight. ♥

My brother is a loser. He doesn’t listen to Anberlin… but Dope. Have you ever listened to Dope?! Well if you haven’t don’t ever come to my house. He plays it really loudly, and he has one song by them called “Die Motherfucker Die”. All the way through the song this guy is singing “DIE MOTHERFUCKER DIEEEEEE.”

:S Errr… no thanks?
It’s like Bring Me The Horizon but… maybe worse. D:
What kind of music does your brother like?

Maybe this has reached 800 words now.

I BEAT MY RECORD. Yeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrh baby. ✌️

845 WORDS. :D

Mmmhm. That sub sounds tasty 🤤 haha, kidding. That made me feel pretty ill just reading about it. I had subway once but it was actually really tasty. But I guess when you’re there telling the person what you want yourself, you can say if you want a lot of something or a little bit. Whereas your dad would just say the list of what you wanted.. if that makes sense? 😰

FIVE HUNDRED VIRUSES? SHEESH. On my old laptop, it cost me £50 to get rid of about eighty viruses, not five hundred. Fucking hell Gina, what was you downloading? /hehe
I love it when you find old songs you haven’t listened to in ages, because you usually get re-addicted to them, then re-bored of them. Then the circle begins again. :)

At least you’ve got a study break. I can hardly moan though, I’ve just had eight weeks off of school :P

Yeah, it’s strange how nearly everyone online seems to be the opposite; love english / hate maths. Every single person who commented told me the they were the opposite of me, strange hm?

Telling me, I hate photocopiers. they stink, seriously. /poo (well, they don’t actaully stink of poo, but I felt the need to insert a smiley in there ;))

Yeah, yesterday’s focus Friday was actually really quite good – we had science, sure but we had the whole day doing practical work for our coursework. So in a whole day, I nearly finished all of my science coursework for year eleven. So it did come in pretty handy. :)

UK can be nice, but you have to go to the right areas. I mean, Essex (where I’m from) is looked at as pretty rough, and some areas, like Dagenham, are insane. But my area itself isn’t too bad. Even London has rough areas, but the main central London is amazing – it’s definately a MUST-VISIT if you came to England. but the underground is a nightmare. Honestly.

Hahaa. Was the principle called Margret old though? ;)

Yeah, it was a lot of work, that’s partly why I’m glad so-pink took it off of me. (apparently I didn’t update enough :P)

Really? How… awkward. Though yeah I guess it’s a boy name! :) It does fit for a female, though? Hmm. :S

2 WEEK BREAK? That explains your helping-ness! :3 yesterday evening lol. ‘its not fair and i think you’re really mean, i think you’re really mean…” :P! It’s nice to collect CDs that you like. I love it too.

I THINK ITS GONE! ^_^ Im feeling much better!:) THANKS! *HUUUUUUUUUUUUGS*

Haha your comments dropped to a stable manner? :| Talk about seeing things differently lol. O_O I don’t know how I feel on mine though I’m getting a good number of hits recently. ALL THANKS TO YOU, TOO!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I like to clean my desktop sometimes. But seriously.. its nice to do so once in a while. I feel so better once I do it.

500 viruses? Not cool, no! D: i totally get scared of those things! I mean it would delete EVERYTHING thats in my computer lol. For the love of pete. Now they say Macs dont have viruses! O_O BETTER? :O

Subway again? Haha fast food FTW. :3 I took another salads plus yesterday! :P

@_@ lol urgh.. i don’t like subway.. i’d rather have greggs sandwiches lmao! Not all fast food is that bad depends what you have lol! but i would of made my dad go back and complain about there being a hair in it! thats just gross!

See i’m evening up the comments for you (H) /ho what other weirdly wonderful things could i write here. oh nevermind i can’t think!

Aw, your new website is so pretty. I didn’t have time to look through the whole thing yet…

My laptop needs a really good clean out as well.

Haha meat balls and salad don’t mixed. No wonder it was no good XD

Eww a hair? I had a hair on my chips, on my bday and the shop owner said to me “if you dont like it, dont come back.” Weirdo.

Iv had a few bad experience with sub way but thats just not cool.

I have a new domain if you want to reply. I got sick of the name grotesque-lullaby and it got way to messy. I wanted to start fresh.


It bothers me a lot as well. Especially when the hairs get loose and they get stuck to your arm. I get confused whether it’s an insect or something on my arm. xD

I also once had a habit like that, but it stopped when my mother started shouting at me every time she saw my hand on my hair. :D

Oppss I forgot to mention about that. I didn’t write the name. Its just a normal font that I distorted, kind of :P I’m not really drawing and scanning them. I’m surprised myself with how good this turned out! I guess I was feeling lucky at the time.

Yeah, I guess you’re right. Words really can bring you down. I’m trying my best to study and not feel discouraged especially now that its my last year in highschool :) So its kinda making me nervous since all the students are competing with each other!

Well the problem with my PC is that it has my parents’ files on it, and my brothers. So I don’t want to be deleting something important for them. And some programs, I don’t even know what they do, they’re just there. And I don’t know if it was my brother who downloaded it.

True, it is a fast food and they’re the ones complaining! Like, i was telling the girl again and again, and she still didn’t do it! Don’t blame me!


Haha, well yeah, I guess it’s better that you don’t get spammed. Starting a new comment chain is hardly exhausting work =P

Your right. The comment boxes got a little ugly…BUT. It’s still funny! And also, it’s okay…NEW COMMENT! WOOT! xD

Lol, don’t worry. The neat freak ness isn’t that bad xD Actually I can’t talk anymore cos I don’t think I can be correctly classified as a neat freak judging by the state of my desk xD


I know! Msword2003 is so much easier to use than 2007. 2007 pisses me off, and it’s so confusing! I wish I knew how to downgrade…And it’s such a pain in the arse trying to open documents from this laptop on my desktop cos of the different versions of Word…=(

Haha, yeah, yay for Fin [especially cos he’s got an awesome name. LIKE FINNIKIN! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL!]

Aww, we’d probably prefer Subway over Pizza but there aren’t any Subways near us. Only Pizza…==…*sigh*. I LOVE Subway. Yay for not getting Hungry Jacks xD Hahahaha. When my Dad gets Hungry Jacks, I always steal his ice-cream =P

God, if I tried to cook, I’d probably end up making poison unintentionally. I need a kitchen hand too! We must learn to cook together. One day. xD

HAHAHA! That is a hilarious story! I’m going to tell my kids too…^^…Hehehehe…Don’t worry, I’ll change your name xD Only kidding xD

Hehehe, I haven’t eaten a meat pie in ages, but when I used to, my Dad would aways just use the microwave to cook them xD You should’ve just used the microwave! Screw the grill! Hahaha!

I would totally tell you my weight, but I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS. Because I don’t want to check. Because that would depress me…xD But the last time I checked, I was definately over 60 kilos… :( *sigh* DIET TIME! I bet I’m heavier now!

LOL. I’ve never tried Taco bell. Remind me to try it someday xD

YES! 2 MINUTE NOODLES FOR THE WIN! If there was a 2-minute noodle Master Chef, we’d totally win =P

I can’t work in fast food…== I’d be hungry ALL THE TIME. Unless it’s Easyway. Which is technically not fast food xD

lol it’s ment to change the way you view fast food xD i couldn’t do it.. the smell of grease makes me heave not very nice /oh /pow /poo /hehe 😝 Georgie you have crazy AH-MA-ZING friends /faw mine all suck /angry /argh 🤬 seriously.. i’m addicted to your emoticons can’t you tell! (H) ‘kay i better shut up now … and as pink would say
“gunna burn this house down.. 5..4..3…2…1 FUN! 💥 “


Yeah, it’s mostly amusing. I swear, I have said “amusing” in all my replies to you now. /hehe

That’s what I don’t like… But who cares! I’m nearly there. I think I fail so hard though, because I wanted to post a blog TODAY, but it’s already nearly 12am. Fail, fail. I can backdate it but it’s not the same. 😢

ANALYSE. FFS. I hate analysing. *hugs*

I don’t think you can downgrade… grr! I wish I had the time (or patience) to sit there and learn all the dumb functions. But I’m seriously like “WAT-EVA”. They have really nice presets for the title and the stylesheet that’s built in and stuff though.

Haha I liked Hungry Jacks ice cream. Once this guy gave me so much! And back then they were only 50c.

LOL. They’ll be like “OMG auntie Georgie burned her meat pies! I can cook better!”… *fit of giggles*

Yeah, but the microwave gets so hot and angry… and so does the plate. And you have to turn it over and reheat it so many times… FFS.

Haha I think I am about 43kg… last time I checked.

LOL. You don’t look incredibly heavy though! :)

LOL GO TO AMERICA. There are no Taco Bells here! HELP.

Hahahaa I would win. I love Mie Goreng.


LOL! That’s alright! ♥ Like I said, it’s not hard to write another comment, especially since I have this cool Heartdrops account where I don’t even have to type my name or my email =D Teehee!

Awww! Don’t worry! At least you have even comments now…^^ It’s alright! =D At least you can get the thing up quicker than if we hadn’t had this major comment chain and all =P It was way fun anyways…xD And yes, Georgie…Very amusing. LOOOOOOL!

*hugs* ME TOO! Especially convoluted law readings. I swear they’re making my eyesight deteriorate…@_@

HAHAHAHA…Well you’re better at computers than me. I don’t even know what a stylesheet is xD I shall just have to stick with my crappy 2007 MSWord for this laptop…=( But it’s alright, I only ever word process on it anyways. I don’t often use the super script or subscript functions anymore [so much easier to use on MS 2003] since I don’t do chem anymore xD

I love Hungry Jack’s version of the McFlurry. ^^ YUM! xD I haven’t had a Hungry Jack’s icecream for a while now, though…=/

HAHAHAHA! Awww man it’s going to be SO cute when my little children call you “Auntie Georgie”…=D CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! xD

Hahaha, my dad knows how to do it so you only have to heat it once. But he’s a good cook. I’m sure I’d be like you if I had to cook a pie by myself. I’d burn it. I wouldn’t even have to grill it to burn it xD Then your children can laugh at me xD

Trust me. I do now! I look fat…T_T…It’s okay! I will exercise! [and die from exercising xD]

Eeep! No America for you then xD LET’S GO TO JAPAN OR SINGAPORE! xD

I usually eat Fantastic or Maggi xD I don’t really like MiGoreng cos my dad can cook actually mi Goreng so much better. Yay for Malaysian parents…^^

Haha thanks so much, Georgina. Oh my god I’m so grateful! Really, I am! And when you came up with what you told me you just made my day! Seriously! Thanks! I’d definitely donate a dollar or two when I get my own credit card. For real! :) Glad you like the layout haha. (Y)

Haha thanks. I’ll work on it; don’t worry. I’m too happy now that the layout’s up! :) Renew it?! O_o Don’t start lol. Haha thanks a lot!! But; the name (you know what it is) I’m not gonna renew it and I’m not gonna let you renew it just yet…. (:P) The name just makes me a bit bleh. What do you think? I think it’s long lol. (Don’t mention anything that has it’s words to it! :O Someone might be reading!! *shifty*)

Yeah, I know! Don’t worry! And since I know that obviously Heartdrops will never be closed I have a woo haa life ahead of me of making Mystical Crush my own baby! :)

Haha I know you do! It’s a good song ain’t it? You should really try her other ones! =) I can recommend a few if you’d like! :P

Haha yeah I know! Most of Lily’s songs have some rude words in them so they cut them out or make a tune out of it. I know but I guess it’s only natural that they do that? Hmm. :( “I spent ages giving head” hahaha oh God. XD

80s? I do remember a few blogs with that amount but bleh… Mine are dropping too! D: 50 is still good! I only get that occasionally!

LOL. I just like to use it. I don’t know anyone named Pete, Miss Luhur! LOL. 🤬 Haha yeah. It is. Most probably for some little kids too! /heart

Yeah. Mine freezes too…. :O