Start The Revolution

New layout. Finally a layout that I’m proud of. In some way.

The thing that amuses me most about this layout is what I must tell you first. Get your mouse and place the cursor in line with the affiliates on the left (yes, do this before you even think about the layout and your opinion on it, and before you even read the quote in the header, and before you even comment).

Then, making sure it’s somewhat in line, scroll your mouse up and down. Or just down, if you like.

They change colours. Oh yes, I am terribly amused. No, really. πŸ™‚

The quote is from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, one of my favourite books.

Well, I think the layout is revolutionary in the most Georgina way possible. It originally turned out like my new free layout but it was completely retarded and I wanted to stick to something cleaner and fresher. My last layout was a bit overboard.

Note – the quizzes pages are still stuffed up at the moment. Apologies. And I know the affiliate links look weird on short pages; I’m getting around to it.

So, what isn’t revolutionary? Well, firstly, I haven’t been able to get the domain competition up. My nights have been long busy, my days full of household chores. I had to do two loads of washing today.

On Tuesday, after giving in those essay peer reviews for one of my university subjects, I got one of mine back. The other one somehow got lost, but my teacher assured me I would get it later.

These peer reviews are anonymous/blind. So I don’t know who I am writing about, and I don’t know who is writing about me.

So I wrote whatever I could about the people’s essays I had to review. I got one, which was absolutely terrible. It had no structure at all. It had copied the template from the university – which is fine – but whoever wrote it made no effort to even bold the template outline so I could differentiate between their writing and that of the template’s. I had to download the template and compare. FFS.

I thought I was being rather nice in their little review, considering the spelling and grammatical mistakes I spotted. I still gave them an average mark.

I was nice in the other review, because it was a very, very good essay. It was so detailed and could elaborate so much. I felt happy for that person.

I was excited to get my own reviews of my essays back. But when I got one back on Tuesday, I was extremely disappointed. I think it’s still stuffed in my bag somewhere. Now I know that my essay was not the best and probably sucked donkey’s noses, but they wrote some pointless stuff in my review.

They said I didn’t double space my work and that everything was illogical. They said my points didn’t flow and there was no coherence in my argument. Which is absolutely fine. I really don’t give a crap if someone says, “By golly, whoever you are, I hate that dress on you. You look like a granny!”

“I hate your artwork. It’s messy and looks like my dog’s fecal matter.”

“I hate your face! It’s full of pimples!”

Because at least they’re telling me why. Because I look like a granny in that dress. Because my artwork is messy. Because I have pimples on my face.

What I didn’t appreciate about this person’s review was that they didn’t bother to say WHY my essay was “illogical”. Why it was “incoherent”. Why it was, worst of all, boring.

I was so cut! 😑

Thankfully, when I got my other review back, it was much nicer, detailed, pointed out my strengths, pointed out my weaknesses, and gave me suggestions.

That’s really, what all people should do, instead of being a rude tart.

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