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New layout. Finally a layout that I’m proud of. In some way.

The thing that amuses me most about this layout is what I must tell you first. Get your mouse and place the cursor in line with the affiliates on the left (yes, do this before you even think about the layout and your opinion on it, and before you even read the quote in the header, and before you even comment).

Then, making sure it’s somewhat in line, scroll your mouse up and down. Or just down, if you like.

They change colours. Oh yes, I am terribly amused. No, really. :)

The quote is from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, one of my favourite books.

Well, I think the layout is revolutionary in the most Georgina way possible. It originally turned out like my new free layout but it was completely retarded and I wanted to stick to something cleaner and fresher. My last layout was a bit overboard.

Note – the quizzes pages are still stuffed up at the moment. Apologies. And I know the affiliate links look weird on short pages; I’m getting around to it.

So, what isn’t revolutionary? Well, firstly, I haven’t been able to get the domain competition up. My nights have been long busy, my days full of household chores. I had to do two loads of washing today.

On Tuesday, after giving in those essay peer reviews for one of my university subjects, I got one of mine back. The other one somehow got lost, but my teacher assured me I would get it later.

These peer reviews are anonymous/blind. So I don’t know who I am writing about, and I don’t know who is writing about me.

So I wrote whatever I could about the people’s essays I had to review. I got one, which was absolutely terrible. It had no structure at all. It had copied the template from the university – which is fine – but whoever wrote it made no effort to even bold the template outline so I could differentiate between their writing and that of the template’s. I had to download the template and compare. FFS.

I thought I was being rather nice in their little review, considering the spelling and grammatical mistakes I spotted. I still gave them an average mark.

I was nice in the other review, because it was a very, very good essay. It was so detailed and could elaborate so much. I felt happy for that person.

I was excited to get my own reviews of my essays back. But when I got one back on Tuesday, I was extremely disappointed. I think it’s still stuffed in my bag somewhere. Now I know that my essay was not the best and probably sucked donkey’s noses, but they wrote some pointless stuff in my review.

They said I didn’t double space my work and that everything was illogical. They said my points didn’t flow and there was no coherence in my argument. Which is absolutely fine. I really don’t give a crap if someone says, “By golly, whoever you are, I hate that dress on you. You look like a granny!”

“I hate your artwork. It’s messy and looks like my dog’s fecal matter.”

“I hate your face! It’s full of pimples!”

Because at least they’re telling me why. Because I look like a granny in that dress. Because my artwork is messy. Because I have pimples on my face.

What I didn’t appreciate about this person’s review was that they didn’t bother to say WHY my essay was “illogical”. Why it was “incoherent”. Why it was, worst of all, boring.

I was so cut! /angry

Thankfully, when I got my other review back, it was much nicer, detailed, pointed out my strengths, pointed out my weaknesses, and gave me suggestions.

That’s really, what all people should do, instead of being a rude tart.

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LOL I’m sorry but this comment STILL makes me laugh. XD

Huh. I’m amused at the links, too….*scrolls up, down, up, down*

You’re right. A review SHOULD be kind but strong and should not be pointless.

woah! like, just, WOAH! I LOVE THIS LAYOUT it’s so FRESH ♥
and my rollover is orange! That has actually made my day, seriously. Orange is the coolest colour to ever grace us with it’s prescence. I’m not sure that made sense becayse I’m rambling and typing fast cause I’m supposed to be going out and instead I’m o here :)

I havent’ actually seem the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy but apparent;y it’s really good! I’ve been planning to buy the dvd for months now but I nevef actually get aroun dto it D:

Whoever peer-reviewsd your essay probably didn’t even read it rpoperly, I mean, if they can’t give suggestions then it’s probably the reason. I bet they only did it so someone did tere’s in return D: At least the other perosn did it properly s you can actuall impriove it. /argh wanker.

Sorry if this comment is really messy / doesn’t make sense / typos everywhere but I literally typed in it about thiry secods.

Jeez. I just read through the comment. That’s pretty BAD D: I didn’t type a single sentence without errors. Sorry D:

Hope you can actually read it :P

I don’t geddit. How come on the main comment it’s my old gravatar and on the reply it’s the new one? D:

i am amused @_@

oh shoooooot i missed 1st comment i wasnt paying attention. stupid me XD

anyways I love the new layout awesome job!

Wow, this new layout is awesome! I think the changing colours for your linkage is awesome! Great job, Georgina! I really like this simple but really effective look you have here! ^___^

Hehehehe! We are totally diabolical xD

Team Wuggs: 1
Everyone else: 0



Omg, I’m totally in LOVE with this layout [which is a problem for my future romantic relationships, which shall always bear the stigma of having to compete with a layout. Only kidding xD]…It’s sooo cool!

I swear when you first showed me this layout I was running my mouse up and down the affiliates on the side for SO long because it was SO FREAKING AMUSING AND OH SO COOL! ♥ ♥



It’s so awesome I could get up an dance but I’m tooo tired to do anything but sit here =P

Omgggg…TWO loads of washing? That is INSANITY =(. Poor you! I went grocery shopping today, but the only thing I had to do that was mildly strenuous was peel 1kg of prawns [Don’t ask xD]

What a complete JERK who reviewed your essay…HMPH…[Oh, the first person, not the second one]…It’s called “CONSTRUCTIVE criticism” as in, if you criticise, you must give a reason WHY you are criticising because if you don’t you’re just being bitchy.

That’s what bitches do, right? They criticise you and judge you and hate you for stupid reasons which they don’t reveal. Hmph! How dare they! *angry face*

I’ll /pow them for you!

It’s completely utterly RUDE to do that. You’re totally right!

At least the second person was a good reviewer =) Otherwise I’d totally have volunteered to look at your essay for you…^^…Even if I don’t know ANYTHING AT ALL about your subject xD

Haha, awwww…you were nice when you were reviewing…*hugs*…I’m sure the people you reviewed are VERY grateful indeed…^^…Hehehehe…

I bet your essay wasn’t illogical, incoherent and boring anyways. I bet that person doesn’t even know what those words MEAN and was only using them to sound smart. I bet they just didn’t understand your essay because they’re too stupid to! HA! TAKE THAT!

How extremely, extremely rude! HMPH!

Btw, your artwork does NOT look like a dog’s faecal matter just so you know xD


Haha! Glad you like it, and you were amused by the colours. James said it looks futuristic. :)


LOL, I know. And I have not ironed the load. Or folded it. And I have to do it today. You better be doing your assignment now!

Haha that is true. But someone in my class said, “criticism is criticism”. But you have to back up whatever you’re saying and not just say such blunt things. I’ve always tried to do that in my website reviews. :D

Or they could be just jealous people not wanting to reveal that they hate you sooooo much. :O

Hahha true! But in a way that would have been good because if you understand it I must be writing so well. :)

They better be grateful! Or they’re getting /pow !

Oh, the person I reviewed with the good essay had such a good vocabulary. I was impressed. @_@

Hahaha. I was just making a random comment about “art”. O_o

your new layout is the best so far. i like how it looks so much less cluttered. THUMBS UP!

Wow!! I love the layouut! the font of your header is kinda a dull but the splatters are really cute! its so colourful! especially the affiliates! lmfao! it amuses me too, like a rainboow XD, up and down, up and down! /hehe i could do that ALL DAY,

anyways, boring? and they didn’t say why! i hate when people don’t give a reason :( it’s really annoying. but it’s good you got at least one good review to help you improve :)

Wow Georgina, I’m really in love with this layout, especially the colors, the way to displayed the affiliates and your sidebar. I’m amused too of your affiliate links, they rock LOL . (H) ey i liked your last layout!

That is cool you know, to review other people’s essays, we don’t get to do that here, but in the other hand some people may be terribly unfair. Aw, maybe that person didn’t have much time, and at least you reviewed someone better after him. Oh dear, I receive reviews -sites- like that all the time, they’re so rude and without pointing out what I did wrong especially on particularly a girl named with an H who actually didn’t bother to check my site just the design /argh . Exactly people should be like whether reviewing on essays or sites, i love when I receive those like yours /eee .

Don’t worry about the competition it is a big one, and we can wait, we understand you have load of work including writing those reviews ;P , so do not pressure yourself!

sorry I only just saw your comment when I logged into wordpress. I fail. So now I need to comment again D:

Urgh I don’t think I’d’ve even taken a few more bites. If it was me I’d’ve chucked it in the bin and made a sandwich myself to eat (Y) Urgh, that’s pretty shitty then. D: Stupid wanker clearly cannot make a sub. They have no hope.

Naw, Protection is a must-have now-a-days with all the viruses out there. I had avast on my old laptop but my mum bought McAfee so I use that now. I miss the old virus warning sirens you get with avast :(

Naw I didn’t know I had to pay. MY laptop ran out of memory so it didn’t turn on so I took it to a shop to get the hard drive cleaned so they delete all of the unused shit I can’t access myself and then they were like, you have eighty-something viruses on here, do you want those wiped as well? so mum was like yeah sure. She didn’t know it’d cost her £50 though. Shame she paid, not me :P

lol I always get that. I mean, I was listening to S Club 7 the other week. Good times :’)

Naw unlucky :( but the Summer still went too fast. I’m back to school and have my first exam of the year in seven weeks. and it’s English. Epic fail.

Yeah I knoww. I honestly think I get along better with people online though. I mean, I can trust them so much more because they don’t know who I’m upset with when I tell them things anyway. It’s like I was saying to Monica (arcadia), you can trust someone the other side of the world a lot easier than you can trust someone you have to face every single day :)

Aw thanks :) I still need to type it up / write an evaluation / conclusion but it’s nothing compared to the work we did in lesson. I feel sorry for my friend Alisa though – she has to do the whole experiment after school cause she was ill on Friday. D: Meh, revision schmision.

Big Ben! Oui. The giant clock (Y) London is an amazing place, it really is. and Trafalgar square has a really cool fountain – I remember swimming in it once on a really really hot day XD hahahaa. yeah you were right. (sorry I’m answering the comment in order so I typed that ^ before I read that you looked it up :P)

Well then, she’s a typical Dorris, through and through. (Y)

it annoys me so much when people criticize without a real reason. I think its so irrational. I’m all for opinionated people, but they have to be logical about why they are saying those things. People can be so awful.

i love this layout and the colours and the quote…
all of it.. it’s very cool! good job!!!

So first, off, I’m loving the layout. The colors you’ve used are awesome, it’s so cheery. :D Great job.

Thanks for the luck, I’m really going to need it. I have like 2 essays and a whole shitload of assignments to complete this weekend. I just hate how quickly the work piles up.

Ngaw thankyou. :) I’ve seen people use your premades as well, so the same goes for you. :D

I totally remember when I used to use IE and only IE because I never knew there was anything else either. xD It’s kinda hard to believe that I used to actually be dumber than I am now. :O I’m so glad I discovered FF though. :D

Google is the shizzz. K, thanks for the warning. I don’t want to die of sulfur chemicals. D: Reading and typing the word sulfur actually just gave me a massive headache LOL fail. Cause I was struggling like MADDDDD, with my chemistry homework yesterday and I kept seeing the sulfur element on the periodic table. BLARGH, horrible memories.

Haha yeah, they probably did steal it. xD

Y’know the changing colors on your affies menu is very amusing to me as well. :D I’ll always be entertained when I come to your site muahahah.

Don’t stress over getting the domain competition up. I understand that you have essays and other stuff to do for uni. That’s what comes first.

LOL sorry that you had to read such a horrible essay. xD Nice of you to give them an average mark though.

Whoever wrote that bad review was probably just jealous, so they made up bullshit mean comments and they didn’t have a proper reason to (besides the fact that they were jealous) so they never stated why. HA, I’m a genius. K, well I’m probably wrong but it’s always a possibility. Don’t let them get you down though. >:(

Congrats on the second essay getting good reviews! :D

Yeah well I know I’m a good friend now and everything and I thank you that you agree with me but still… I feel I am obliged to do so. I will sometimes for sure! Haha I will help you, yes! I love to help you, for real! 🙄

Yeah I know! Of course! I will buy my own domain once I start to have my own credit card and everything. :) Yeah I will what you said! :)

Haha I know! :p I’m just telling you! :P Good girl! :D


They don’t really do her mainstream songs often lol. They only do the singles… Nothing more. Like from her new album; just the 4 new ones. Haha. You should listen to “Fuck You” and hmm… “Never Gonna Happen”. Two are good for now! :P

Haha same. Because the ones you download and all that are on the CD are uncensored. Obviously; the whole song at it’s best! ;DD

YES LOL. I’ve seen like so many replies to you back and forth to Lilian LOL. Weiird, you crazy Aussie girls! :P I wonder how James have to put up with both of you haha! ♥

LOL. Oh and since my comment got cut off; I’ll continue from here: My Vista crashes a lot though. Does yours do the same? I’ve heard Vistas crash. I don’t know now.

Haha. Subway. Try Burger King or McDonald’s for a change! :P

Now for this blog… (This is gonna be a long comment once I click ‘submit comment’… Probably my longest ever! XD)

OH. MY. GOD. I LOVE THE LAYOUT! ♥ /love /kiss AND THE QUOTE. SO PROFESSIONAL LOL. 😳 Fuck, you rule! Far out. I don’t wanna ask for a better host and friend! /eee

I DID NOTICE THE COLOURS LOL. Very pretty! And considering it matches with your header! :) What a lovely design, Georgina! I’m in love with it. Too bad mine wasn’t pink! :P HAHA. It’s good, really! Good job once again!

You changed the layout on the same day as mine! NOW WE HAVE SOMETHING MORE IN COMMENT WHICH IS WAY BETTER! :D I feel so TOUCHED! 😢 LOL. Seriously, FTW! 🤤 You change your layout so often because you find it so easy! I’m so envious. I love what you do and how you do it! (Y)

I bet your essay was really good! You always do a good job in whatever it is that you do! I’m sure of it! Whoever was correcting and all… He must have been fucking around or something. Bleh. You’re right! HE SHOULD explain! Like in reviews! God damn it! 🤮 And they call themselves university material! Bleh!! /angry How stupid can some people get… And the nerve of them! /ehh

I’m amused right with you. I love those links!!!!!
I love quotes that make me have to sit down and figure out what it means. You should do more of those. :)
I’m glad that at least one of the reivews helped you. I know I appreciate it when reviewers are clear in their points.

ZOMG! When you said “colourful” why didn’t I think of this?!
I play with links like that forever. And ooohs the links are down the side! :D Mine is like all the wayat the bottom, lmfao. I wish my name began with A. :P

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy!! ♥ That quote makes me laugh. XD Love the freshness and colours in the layout Georgie. Great job. :D

I feel happy for people who I review well too. :) Yays!
Awww, shame about all the chores. :( We understand though! *hugs*

ZOMG! That was so rude of that person. They should so learn reviewing tactics… and I bet you that your essay wasn’t BORING. I mean come on, not many essays are fun to read but very few are BORING. /hmph

Yay for your second reviewer!

LOL. Our comments are turning into essays. XD But they are more interesting essays, heh.
Your comment was 751 words. *claps* /eee (Y)

You suggested a big comment. :D So I gave you one. YAR.
Haha I meant run out of steam when I’m writing the comment. Hehe.

Dude, I am awesums. XD

No worries. Thank you for your big comment I can return in return. 😏
Gekko looks cooler in this case. XD

That would be pretty serious if you fell out of the bus door actually. But it won’t be that way… ’cause the door is shut and stays that way until stops. You can open it from the inside though. @_@

He’ll probably skull upstairs and act out “I’m all tough. I don’t care I fell down those stairs”.
LMFAO. Well, I mean like if someone picked on you and he considered you cool he would tell them to fuck themselves. XD
He once bought his friends on the bus. Three of them… eurrrrggggh.

Yup! That’s his type. Nice when he wants to be but a douchebag 99% of that time. :P
IKR? I have been meaning to blog about judging people on their music tastes, as Lauren was so bloody stupid and did that to me and THEN puts Anberlin on her iPod… epic fail.

Kayne West… eew. D:

Vicky will agree. :D They’re quite a heavy band but the songs get good when you get into them. :)

Lauren is rich and is VERY snobby. Bleh.
Olivia is also very popular here!
Hehe. James is also a common name here too. :D
Err, she has bears and just Beanie Babies? XD

That’s what I thought! I have one for October and it’s all creamy and pretty. Heh. *huggles bear too*

Well, “killed” meaning “commented them and told them to GTFO”. Anyways they’ve closed their site… lmfao.
So no more hits for Georgie. :(

Awh, 7am? I was up at 9am. XD
Haha. That’s strange of your friend… ability to attract bird waste. And eeef, that bird had the nerve to piss on you both? /hmph 😰

Aw, I’m sure he isn’t annoyed. :)
Haha yeah I see her around quite a bit too… glad you and Lilian managed. It is easier when you are in the same class though.

LMFAO. I wouldn’t say it’s exciting that my birthday is coming up… XD
Almost 11 days. :P
I prefer my colourful light ones… I just wanted to try a dark one. Because my other one lasted for 3 days. XD


I liked your scribbly layouts. But this one is more pro. :P
Haha me neither. PRAT. Whoo. And haha nah I doubt he pissed himself too but he was so obviously embarrassed. He just tried not to show it by being a bully… again. Well. Not a bully.
A prat. 🙄

My initials are technically JKBBB. Boring. Yours are more interesting. XD GCPL.
It’s B——-. 8 letters long.

:3 Yays. :D I knew a girl called Bridie. She was nice. :)

HAHA I remember that epic rant we had on MSN. I didn’t sign in this morning because I had 1hr and a half on the computer and couldn’t be distracted. I’ll be on tomorrow though. :)

Anyway… IKR. Maybe HINT towards money – like a ‘Donate’ button in the sidebar – but do not DEMAND money for shit you should do yourself. Sell all your useless domains you don’t use. THEN you can buy that stupid car. Bleh.

You are very very very nice to your domains.! So sweet. ♥

Remixes I don’t really like but covers are okay in some instances. But not Dope. XD

How long is this comment? You tell me. :P

The new layout is very nice! I just love the colors that you used. :D Haha, like I said on Twitter, the links for affiliates are amusing ^^

I know what you mean. If I ever get negative feedback I need a suggestion to go along with it so I can fix it up. Awh, I am really sorry you are so busy -.- Two loads of wash? That’s a lot -.-

LMAO. Agreed xD

Ugh. I agree with that too. Sometimes people will also just run into me for now reason O_o Ouch! It it you in the face? Awww poor Georgina :(

I know! Those people need to get a life. Seriously. No one ever answers them :|

Ahah! I love doing that! I will watch a movie often too :P

LOL! I really do zone out often in class because sometimes teachers repeat everything they already said. I hate it when you zone out and then right when you do the teacher calls on you to answer a question. I get caught of guard so I am like: “Wait what?” xD

Oooo! I have never made pickles before. I always buy them. I should really try that sometime. :) I bet they taste delicious! ♥

Haha Pizza is not so healthy though :P

Em… I don’t want to sound rude… but you spelled “unparalleled” wrong >.<

Off of that! Love the new layout. I was expecting the old one and when your site loaded I immediately saw colors and got all excited, like, "NEW LAYOUT! NEW LAYOUT OMFG THERE'S A NEW LAYOUT! Let's see it! :D " Literally.

Excuse me for a moment.

-rolls mouse around left-hand links- WHEEEEEEEEE COLORSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! :D <3

If this comment doesn't go through either I might cry.

I hate when people review papers like that. In the literature class I was in with Royce last semester at community college, we had to do peer reviews. It was my first time doing it, but heck, even I knew that you don't just write what's wrong with a paper; you have to give examples as to where it's wrong and then maybe give some tips. Some people just wrote stupid things like, "Too long. Makes no sense."

Okay. One, it's an essay, it's supposed to be pretty lengthy. Two, how does it not make sense? Examples, maybe? Does it not flow? Does it jump from one thing to another with no obvious transition? How can it be fixed? Stuff like that.

Royce and I (oh, and our third group member, teehee) tried our best to give good reviews, at least.

NEW LAYOUT NEW LAYOUT!! LOVE IT! Especially the tag line. But gotta admit, I’m kinda not getting it. But it sure sounds cool. I just don’t understand it 😳 Hey, they change colours! COOL (H) I was stuck just “cursor-ing” the affie links for a minute :) HAHA.

I hate it when people leave me hanging like that. They just say they don’t like it and that’s it. THAT’S IT. I mean, how am I suppose to change or improve if I don’t know what the mistake was? One time, my friend’s teacher wrote “weird” or something like that on her essay. It’s like every page has “weird” on it. WHAT THE HELL. And it didn’t even explain why!

I know, sometimes its hard supporting your friends while you’re also competing against them to get into the university. But that can’t just tear our friendship apart ♥

I really do like this layout (: I was like WHOA how’d she do that to the affiliates? How DID you do that? Ooo, did you just make different uhmm classes and then yeah. ^^ that would be one way… but isn’t that a lot of work? Maybe you did have some easier way of doing so.

When people used to grade my papers back in grade school, (its not really a problem now… depending on who I ask), people would proofread my paper.. something we were required to do in class as practice and such. So apparently I was a fantastic proofreader… people liked when I read there’s because I would point out what needed to be fixed… etc. (:

Well, when people read mine…. they would just be like ” NICE SENTENCE, WELL WRITTEN.” And never write anything I could fix.. because there’s ALWAYS something to fix. So I ended up always ended up having to read my own paper several times in order to get it better. But really, the whole proofreading process, it made me angry because people thought I was miss perfect so they would just put “Good paper” and I’m like NO IT WASN’T. I’ve learned that all because I think it’s good doesn’t mean it is… I’ve always needed a different mind to see my thoughts.. no matter how much I’d rather not be criticized. Being criticized on a paper… WITH DETAIL has always helped (:

I only eat at Subway… when I don’t want to have to go home and warm something up for dinner… because sometimes I need to get to work ASAP.

Great Gatsby? Never heard of it… I’ll try and remember that. Catcher in the Rye… I’ve heard of it but never read it. I’ve been trying to read Gone with the Wind… but it’s been in vain. I can hardly get past the first page… Reading and me… we just don’t fit anymore :( I wanted to get back in habit but I’m always busy. Website, Homework, Relaxing. It’s hard to balance that plus my social life… which is down the tube as is. xD

I felt bad saying no. But I didn’t want to go with either of them last year. The other guy (not noodles) asked me after I said yes to Kuya. Hahaha, and I said “I think I’m just going to go with a group of friends” I forgot to mention I was “technically” going with Kuya. My bad.. then he saw us dancing at the party. O.o Caught. hahahahaha, I was like, my bad. But really, its been 11 years. Get over it. xD

Aww, that’s cute ( you and James). I’ve never had a gay friend. I mean I know people who are gay but I’ve never gotten close to one. I actually would love to meet one and become close friends. Because most of the time, it’s so much more comfortable talking to them. There’s this guy at this restaurant that my mom goes to often and I went with her once. He’s gay and he makes it obvious. But I love him, he’s HILARIOUS. ^^ Going to that restaurant made me smile. Haha, there’s just something that makes talking to them easier. XD

oooh. colorful XD
I love the new layout, it’s fantastic. Not too busy but not boring. Plus, it loads quickly on my computer (which is just short of being a dinosaur) so thats a plus 👏
Ugh. I’ve had essays like that (you know, for how young middle-school/junior-high people are, they’re pretty harsh :P ) I also had a quiz last week in Algebra (*insert vomiting noise*). The teacher was pulling questions out of nowhere. You’d think he’d make us do problems, but instead, he had us giving the rule of division and restating the problem with it. Well, we learned what that was a few days after the quiz.
Ugh. I’m so weird, going through and correcting the grammar and spelling would’ve been fun for me. I probably would have mentioned stuff about the template, though, and sounded pissy.
I agree with the beach stuff. I mean, five year olds go there. Talk about embarrassing if your kid came back holding that /bash

This layout is a fucking piece of Georginal matter.
It’s beautiful.

Heck yes, I’m blue! Like the song, and this DAMN CUTE textarea! And I’m amused too, so don’t feel like a child. Even though I AM a child, there are a few teenagers that were amused too.

Don’t get the quote, but I hope it means “Life is better with a little Lee in it”.

The person who wrote that crap review can bathe in a pile of himself-ness.
And the person who gave you a nice review can bathe in a pile of himself-ness, too.
Kind of karma-ish. XD

And it’s funny to see that your ‘baby’ is part of instead of the other way around. :P

I hope so! :D

.me is a pretty cute domain, but .nu is even cuter. :3

Oh yes! My mom will pwn everyone else. I don’t know what she’ll do, maybe a pwnsome photograph. She’s good at taking photos of landscapes.

LOL we can’t park our cars in the garage neither. I have a roofless car and we need to put a waterproof sheet on it. D:

A_Av <–looks scary. D: I should make an emoticon for that!

Aussie is a damn cool name.

I see! I've tried his recipes, they are soooo cool. Like, better than anything else. Even some of Yum Cha's food.

OOHHH! I remember, Jesse from that dumb website JesseNeo? Like, seriously, he's a douche.

His layout is a crapshit. Those rainbows… are saved as .JPEGS… it sucks.

Haha you used the kissy emote. Only perverts would use that emote! /bounce JK.
What do you mean by "isn't too bad looking"? HE'S NOWHERE NEAR BAD LOOKING. 🤤
Wait I thought Ben Jorgensen was 78? ;) But you have your Jamesy! And Jamesy will be upset.

Why just the shoe? Take their pants… their underwear. Their bra, if you're lucky. ;P

Go on stage and give 'em a hug. D:

Anberlin pwns AFS. But AFS is pretty good.
Godspeed. Gods peed.
You've been PWNED, little girlie!

I love this layout. I thought I was at a different site at first. I do love how everything changes colors, keeps things nice and fresh.

I hate when people say they hate something, but never say way. At least when I don’t have a reason, I say ‘I have no idea why, theres just something I don’t like about it’. You just have that feeling sometimes.

I would be pretty annoyed if that was me. But it’s also good that things were anonymous, so at least you know it wasn’t personal.


I must admit I am also terribly amused by the colors on the affiliates. This layout is awesome and you should be proud! I recognized the quote right away, too! It made me squeal with dorky pride! Yay!

How rude of that person reviewing your essay! I bet you were really upset especially because you worked really hard reviewing someone else’s essay. I would’ve been really frustrated. I’m sorry. :(

heheh I REALLY like your layout ! The affiliates part is awesome :D CHANGING COLORSS! :O

lol ! I tried brainstorming and I made a layout! How do you think it is? I dont know if I’ll keep it up long though..hmm o.O

hahah yea!! I always get second thoughts. Dang those second thoughts!

D: they’re meanies XD. jkk but I guess since we’re getting older we should be more responsible for what we miss. pooey. :P

Oh Noe! Nearly 30th place /sweat

I like this one, it seems rather futuristic ✌️
And my name has a blue box! /bounce /love

Me gads its hot here /bash

Yeah, I hate it when the effort you put into something isn’t matched by someone else doing the same thing. It really bugs me 🤬


You were sleeping! :)

Aww, thank you! :D /bounce I thought you liked green too. ;)

Haha… wait, you’re walking now. It started raining and thundering here. I didn’t ask about over there. (Funny how some 20 kilometres makes a difference, and how you’re further up north in the “hills”.)

It was pretty warm though. When I went to the shops I wore stockings. 😰

Grrr, that’s why things are subjective. Creative writing is always subjective. One of the teachers back at school didn’t like my writing. /ehh

But they all loved yours. /love (And so did I. ♥ )

My, My I do like your new layout! And yes, the changing of colours for the list of affiliates is quite amusing indeed. :P There isn’t any improvements I can really think of so :)

Sorry that you had to review someone’s lazy work – I guess there are always people who really can’t be bothered..

I hope you get a better reviewer next time…I hate not being given reasons for why something is so ‘crappy’. Some people are just REALLY lazy these days.-_-“

Did my comment get marked as spam?

PHEW. It didn’t.

Yeah you’re right. And about that, too. Yes, it will be very tempting. First I need to think of good names and all and not just rush to buy them haha. Yeah, good to know what you will open it for. Not like some people who buy them for nothing. What a waste. :s

Yeah! Good that your brother has it haha. Look through his files! :P Old ones, too? Ooh. Like LDN? Or Smile? :P

Me too! It is a good song though I love the beat and everything. I think this is a really good album of hers. Better than her first debut album.

I know you are! That’s very sweet though! :) Haha that’s what your laptop is for, right? :P I miss typing on the keyboard, though. :s BLEH. The buttons are so much better instead of a laptop’s. So…. mushy and small.

YEAH! Like a Double Bacon McMuffin? I thought it was a real muffin and not a burger… Lol. xD It’s very good and tempting. Mmmmm. I’m hungry, now.

I like to return long comments, SOMETIMES. :P Do you? Harrr. :D

You’re right! Pink is my favourite one. When it comes to matches, green and pink have a sudden liking to me since… yesterday I think. XD See how random I get at times? Haha.

Why would I be annoyed lol? I wasn’t annoyed, no. It was a double bill of updates for the visitors, I guess, eh? ;DD XD I’m really glad you like the layout with the header and everything. I feel so loved! (: YERR. I forgot which song I got it from though. I think it was The Promise like Jorja said. Or Love Song… I’m not entirely sure. I seriously forgot. ASDFGH.

You should leave this one on for a long time, true! Yeah you worked hard on this one, I’m sure! Haha sure as hell, yippeh! :P

I’m sure someone else will read it and take it into consideration. If not, I bet you go and demand an explanation. :s And not just some lazy excuse that it’s illogical and such. Bah.

I’m sure you would! :P He’d create a HATElisting for Heartdorks, haha!!! 🙄 ;) ♥

LMFAO. I saw the start of your comment in the FanUpdate dashboard and I just knew it was you. :D
Eurgh. When “friends” boss you around it is so freaking annoying. And haha, Tanya is 13 in two days and she is still scared of teenagers. ROTFLMFAO.

Idolising! (With the ‘s’, no ‘z’). A lot of people idolise celebrities and copy their style. I look up to more male ones than female – like their quotes and stuff – so that doesn’t really work. XD

Haha I didn’t know what other smilies I could fit in neatly. XD I added that one so I didn’t appear to be totally devoid of any emotion. :P

Aw thankuls! *huggle* (Wherever ‘thankuls’ came from. Lmfao). I love you for who you are too. /eee

Mine are curvy. 8)
Haha. Well I mean everyone scrolls past the middle. :P Anyways. Not your fault. My mum’s fault for my name. XD

If they are “essays”. What was the topic of the essays you had to mark? I’m pretty sure ours are more interesting… XD

LOL. My brother just asked me what I was doing. I said I’m writing an essay. XD
Sorry. :( For taking your steam away.
Return in return in return. ;) 🙄

I wish that could happen… he’d need to be at a certain angle to hit the handle to open the door.
“A certain angle to hit the handle”.

“Well, whatever he says, the point is that he still fell down the stairs. So it’s fail on his part, and laughter for all.” – Georgina Luhur.


*sigh* If only people learned to change their mind and say they have changed their mind, instead of looking like a hypocrite. Really.
Haha it’s not that heavy to me either but I thought I’d mention. XD And hahar, death metal is awesome for my “metal-time”. Yarr. Haven’t listened to metal in quite a while though… but I’ve been listening to wayyyyyyyy too much Nirvana, Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin. /hehe /bash 💥 /ehe

I hate plastic people. They’re Barbies.
And I killed all my Barbies when I was little. Literally. Drowned ’em, burnt ’em, snapped ’em, stabbed them. Man I was a vicious kid on a mission. :P

LOL. Imagine it as a stock image? XD
I was seriously confuzzlated too. I mean… sports site? WTF. Where did that come from? Makes me laugh when people steal and when they get caught they close their site. XD

Aww. *huggle* Try going to bed 7 minutes earlier than the day before? Eventually you’ll be going to bed earlier. :3
And I chose 7 because it’s a cool number. XD

Awws, I’m sure you’ll meet up soon. Is she away? Either way I’m glad you keep in touch. :)
11 days. :D

Either way the neat and messy look works. :) After seeing your layout I just want to throw the monitor across the room when I see mine. :O I think I’ll make one and put it up on my birthday. XD That way I can keep easy count on how long I’ve had it up for.

But it won’t be a birthday layout… that would be strange… “13 TODAY!”.
“I thought you were thirteen 24 days ago?!”

But he did fall down the stairs. Lalalaa.
Not Brittany. :P Be- – – – – -.

At the moment your MSN status is away. I might go offline for a bit but I’ll just be switching computers if I haven’t given another explanation (e.g, FOOD TIME).
My belly clock is still working, eheeeeeee. /eee /hehe /bounce

My mum has a used Mercades estate, it was 1/4 of the real price but it’s still a good car. Did she say she wanted a new car?! And then demanded money? If you were that freaking desperate you’d just take any stupid car.

But as a general rule, you are nice. :D
Ooohhs I’ll guess how long yours is. Umms… 750.


OMG. Record for ya. 806 words Georgie. :D XD

Very nice. You must have worked on this layout for quit some time?

Haha, your work is never retarded.

You are so busy lol. My weekly routine is the gym, driving lessons, TV, laptop, writing my book,some cleaning.

Jealous? lol. All your homework and reviews for UNI will pay off. What career path are you taking? It sounds kind of fun. I did read some blogs of yours were you said internet design. I’m a bad visitor sorry. Crap memory.

What does double space mean? You don’t have to tell me if you cant be bothered. (H)

Well, they are not the lecture, teacher, therefor they probably don’t know what they are talking about whilst reviewing your work. If you pass this course then you will know you are good.

This is kind of a complicated topic for me. That may be why im not making any seance; but reading your blog is always fun.

Take care and let me know what you think of my new site? The colours and the fonts. Just quickly, if you have time of course. I always look forward to your comment.

Wow, your layout is absolutely amazing! I’m always dazzled by your layouts.
That person who wrote the review was plain mean. Everything you write is awesome! How could somebody think it wasn’t? Everything you write is structured, and you get all your points across. I wonder what their essay was!

Have a good day. :]

Eck, you’re on maintenance mode so I can’t reply on your website. I knew I should have replied earlier. 😴

Thank you! I’m glad you like it. :)

Haha, the essay I wrote was one I had trouble with, so I can’t say I did that well. I am generally a good writer but I didn’t like that essay. I wish they had at least given me suggestions. /pow

I can only guess that their essay was not that good either. :P

I know. Nobody really expects me to know, and I really shouldn’t expect myself to know, but I do. I mean, it’s really hard when absolutely everyone around me has planned their futures down to the last cushion in their house (well, not quite, but career wise ;)) and I’m sitting here with about a thousand different choices chasing after me.

I am definately not taking science :P I mean, I’m not BAD at it, but I really do not like it. At all. I am definately taking a core subject at college though, (maths, english or science). Well, lemme rephrase that. I’m definately taking MATHS at college :P well, idk if I am or not though because I’m already doing maths college. KINDA. ASDFGHJK. I’M SO CONFUSED. 😰 suck donkey testicles,basically. :) I realised that it was actually $8 not £8 which is only actually about a fiver in GBP so I think I might maybe transfer it after Christmas to I’ve gotta renew OML in January time though, so maybe I’ll wait ’til March… idk. I really don’t. and I need to renew Lightning Scar July time. ASDFGHJ. I need money. :| at least Mint Green is permanently free (Y)

ORANGE IS THE BEST COLOUR EVER! My bedroom is bright bright orange. :3 ’tis smexy :P

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY TYPOS. XD Okay, there are absolutely hundreds of them but still.. LEAVEMEALONE! :P

yeah! I think I will. I need loadsa books because all of the books I own have been overread to the extent that I know the first paragraph of Harry Potter off by heart. 8-) (That’s the closest to a geek smiley I can type)

damnit. maybe it takes a while to change it? D:

Ewww. It’ll probably sit in the fridge for months and months and go mouldy alll because of that scummy man/woman’s hair in it! /poo

Yeah seven weeks is a long time, but it’s only actually about 10 English lessons (one week is half term). D: but how do you revise for an English exam? it could be about anything!

Avast is free? OMG I might download it. :) It was already on my laptop when I got it back from the shop before, so I thought they had a disk or something! Then again, isn’t it true that if you have two anti-viruses they don’t work as well?

I think the only reason they paid is cause I was only like, 13/14 at the time and I had no money. If it happened now I’d have to go without a laptop until I saved enough to pay for it. :|

S Club 7 FOR. THE. WIN! ;D

I definately trust online people more though. EXACTLY. That’s a perfect reason. and, tbh, you rarely see online arguments (compared to offline ones). I mean, I’ve never had an argument with anyone online. Not a proper one anyways.

Exactly. The only time I had off school last year was orthodontist appointments. Which kinda sucks because I could’ve got 100% otherwise. But then again, I’d rahter not go up in assembly and win a flippin’ football or something. :P

Oh I don’t think you’re actually allowed to normally. But that was like the hottest day of the year (it was late 30’s celcius – extremely hot for England) and absolutely everyone was in there so they didn’t bother getting poeple out. Plus it was about seven / eight years ago :P I was about 7 I think.. I remember we’d just seem Lion King in the West End and we were on the bus back to the station and we got off to go in there because it was so hot we needed to cool down :P

Indeed it does (Y)


Finally back from Croatia — Yihpheee!!

OMG, I could go over your link again and again and again – its soo funny!! how did you do that??!! its so great!!
Hihi, that quote is really nice but you could have used a different font in my opinion- but its still great!!!

The thing with your essay review sucks. Do you know who wrote the review that you can ask him/her whats really wrong with it and what the reason for your illogical argumentation??
thats so stupid….

Kisses Kristin

Oooh, I think this is the best layout that you made for Heartdrops so far. :D Yep, so far, because there are more to come. :P I personally like multi-colored links so that was my favorite part in the layout. Haha. XD

Congrats on your domain collective! The name is so cute. What font did you use for the header in You have so many domains. How much are you going to pay each year? :O

I also do not like receiving a review or critique if they don’t state the reason/s wh y. Don’t they know what constructive criticism is? /argh

BOF is short for Boys Over Flowers. :P It’s a Korean drama that you can watch on and the guys there are really adorable and good-looking. :P Haha.

Yeah, he’s a very good friend of mine. It’s the first time I get spoiled by someone, but he reprimanded me a few times already. LOL. And I thought your laptop’s a she. Haha. My bad. /wave _>

What song? Dirty Back? Hahaha.

Okay, so firstly, I just want to say sorry for taking so long to reply to your comments. Sorry Gerogina! *Hugs*

Secondly, I’m actually going to comment, haha:

I ended up enjoying wearing a dress to my prom. It made a change, and was fun to see everyone else in their dresses. Jeans would have been much more normal/boring.

I don’t like it when that happens. Things really should be made so they don’t shrink in the wash. I bought this T-Shirt and it shrunk the first time it was washed, so it ended up being too short for me. I really liked that T-Shirt too. I think my mum’s going to cut the picture out and sew it onto another T-Shirt, lol.

Yeah true; but it did take ages to find some boots, haha.

I know, foam parties sound so great. I’ve never actually been to one, but my friend/s went on holiday and went to one, and came back saying how amazing it was. I’d love to go to one.

Laughing at my pain, Georgina, tut tut tut. I was only 5. I think they should really teach 5 year olds how to land properly when they jump into a ball pool, haha.

I hope you got that essay done. I’m guessing you’ll have done it by now ’cause it took me so long to reply to your comment. Sorry about that again.

Thank you. How’s school going for you?? Apart from the annoying essays of course.

Yeah, it will be a bit of a change. I’m not used to doing school work so late, haha. I start on Wednesday, and I’m a little bit nervous.

That sounds cool. There’s a few people at my school who are the only ones doing their subject, but they do it with the actual teacher. My friend’s the only one in my year doing human biology and she says it’s really weird having to spend so much time alone with a teacher.

Surprisingly the timetable thing actually worked. Took the piss to do it though. About an hour or so.

Boring subjects! Wow, that sounds fun. Good luck with those!

I like Windows Movie Maker ’cause I’m quite familiar with it. I think I have to learn how to use i Movie for my A Level though. Ah well.

This layout is amazing! I love the link hovers. Amusing. The quote’s great too. Confused me a bit though.

I actually think your new premade’s great. Very nice splatter brushes. I also thought your old layout was great too.

Your household chores thing reminded me that I should clean my bedroom today. It’s got a little messy, haha. Hopefully you don’t have to do too many more chores.

Those essay reviews sound pretty suckish. I agree, criticism should only be used if they tell you why. Otherwise it’s just bitchyness really. It’s a good job it wasn’t something that you’d thought you’d done amazingley on. You’d have been much more disappointed then.

Sorry, pressed ‘Submit Comment’ by accident.

Wow, that’s quite strange that it gets warmer where you live as it gets colder where I do. Haha. Things like that are weird to think about.


Yeah IKR? It was just so damn weird. But, since Josh doesn’t seem to possesses the “awkward” emotion I don’t think it’ll affect our friendship LOL. I wouldn’t be surprised if he told me that the whole thing was supposed to be a joke on Monday. -.-

Haha yeah Josh Panties is the best nickname ever. ;)

Unfortunately the movie didn’t distract me much, because I found it really boring LOL. We watched ‘Gamer’ and pretty much all of it was violence and shooting so I was just kinda sitting there thinking, “K.. so.. omg I really need to cut my nails, they’re so long. :O” Fail.

You’re very welcome. The layout is great. :D

Thanks for the luck, I’ll still be needing tons of it, cause I only managed to get one of the essays done and the one I completed is SO SHITTY. Like the grammar is so horrible and BLAH.

I’ve seen more than 2 sites using your premades, and dayum, don’t even get me started on the stealers. Just yesterday I got an email from one of my visitors telling me about yet another person who’s removed the link in the footer. I just don’t get it. -.-

OMG I can’t believe you remember that layout, HAHA. It was so old, and infact, it was a premade. I have to admit that I learned a lot as well while web designing. It’s made me MUCH smarter which is kinda sad, cause I’m still pretty stupid. O_O

Yes sulfur is just S. I know that much too well now. xD

Ahhhh I HATE CHEMISTRY. Hearing all this talk about iron oxide and shizz, is making me twitch LOL.

We all surprise ourselves once in a while. Like with my current layout, I never thought that I would actually be able to figure out the coding for the graphics on the corner of my container, but I found an easier way to do it and I was shocked at myself. xD

It’s always good to have the ability to be nice yet point out the mistakes. (:

Yeah, I would get pissed if someone cut up something of mine, and then didn’t back it up. >:( That’s not fair.

You’re welcome. :)

Haha. It’s funny hearing people say those kind of stuff “I didn’t do nothing!” I guess people caught up with it, and somehow, its already understood. Well, that sure is one example of how “people don’t write the way they talk”. Now, does that even make sense? LOL.

HAHA. Sometimes, that’s me. Like, I feel nervous, but I don’t really know what I’m nervous about. It’s just like I feel jumpy and I’m shaking :P But if people DO NOT like something, that’s when the WHY? comes in.

Yeah, since most of us now are having the same courses and problems, we just go to school early and have like a “tutoring session” for everyone. And boy are we so loud! (H)

What’s a proxy? Eck, my sites weird! I’m going to be getting a domain soon and with a better host! I seem to have good negotiating skills xD

Your welcome! The affiliates still amuse me…

Yeah, I guess so :P I was just a bit mad then, had to let it out! Thanks for your opinion! :)

Same here! But some of her songs get stuck in my head easily, they’re very catchy.

I really like your new layout, it’s really cheerful :). And the Affiliates links are so amusing, I went up and down the page probably 20 times xD.

I know what you mean about the reviews, I feel like sometimes people just want to write whatever and not explain their reasoning at all. It’s like saying “You suck!” but never explain why. It’s unnerving. But I’m glad you got more detailed reviews, those are actually useful.

Lmao! Yeah you’re right. :) I just don’t know what to pick when I’m really wanting to choose a good one and such. :|

Yeah, exactly!

Ooh. Okay! :P Yeah, yeah. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind! @_@

OOH that’s nice! :P Do you have Alfie, too? :P

Yeah you’re right!! This time I find them to be a bit more edgier haha. And with a reason! XD

I’m faster with a keyboard! O_o You can push them hard and such lol.

YEAH. And the cheese is toasted kinda, too. :P Very good, indeed!

Yeah! That’s what I do usually, too! Sometimes I do feel like comments but sometimes I don’t. Bleh. I don’t understand myself sometimes lol.

WOW. Really? I didn’t see green and pink on your first layout. It’s the first in the past layouts, yes? O_o Weird… But really we have another thing in comment harharrr :P

I FEEL SO LOOOVED! YEAAH! ♥ We love you too! /hehe WOO I RULE! I was sure of that haha. FTW. 😳

YEAH! :P HATELISTINGS!!! You never heard of hatelistings before or what? :O

Haha. I never knew that. It kinda sucks though. :O I mean why fan, but not hate? -__- 😝 Harharrr I have a hatelisting for someone having a name with a G and an E and an O and it goeees on! /bounce

I love your layout!! It is so colorful! (: And I know what you mean when it comes to reviewing and the point when you receive your own review. Those people who reviewed your paper don’t know how to review, lol xD

Thank you! :D

Haha, it’s similar to website reviews, I guess. They can say what they like about my paper but they should say why. :P

This layout is so pretty. I love the affiliates, I’m so freaking amused. OH MY GOD. /argh i’m such a shit XD

Eye makeup remover is so sexual. Seriously. :P

It’s so weird, but if I cry and i’m wearing mascara, it dosn’t run. All those movies are wayyyyy too far-fetched, HA.

That sounds like a really good idea – the whole like, anonomous reviewing. & it’s nice that people tell you why they don’t like your essay, and your strengths. It’s nice to be told something positive. HOORAYYY for the reviewer!

I just read the quote on your layout – too many big words.. AHHH! But it sounds so smart, so I might say it to my friends and completely confuse them.
Thanks! :D:D

I loveee your new layout! The affiliate link colors things are sooo cool! Haha. I’ve always wanted to do that w/ mine but I get lazy and you know.

Interesting quote, by the way. I really don’t understand it but I feel special because I understand entropy :D

I definitely understand your annoyance w/ that paper. I mean, I agree – I don’t care if someone’s like YOU SUCK but if they just say that then that doesn’t help. Yes you can criticize, but it doesn’t work if you’re not actually HELPING the person. Otherwise, what’s the point of a peer editor anyways?!

Yes, you are that special. ♥ Lmao. It is a mini drug! I’m only going to use it when I want to change my theme and check everything works fine, yo~

Oh wow, it inspired you? Lol, cool. (Y) I want to do something… different with it. I have a few ideas in mind but I don’t know if it’s going to work how I want it to. =/ Meh.

I know right! Dayna is just so amazing, no other way to describe it. I want to steal her coding and graphic skills~

LMAO. That did sound disgusting but I disagree. I love all of your layouts and I’m sure everyone loved your last one too.

Yay for fast internet again. =D Mines always slow… my step dad has an uncontrollable urge to download like all the time.

Exactly, you don’t have a huge queue so there’s no need to rush to get them done. :) I wrote one at like 1am this morning, not my best review to be honest. I think I’ve lost my touch. :O

Haha I used to love looking through my received files and stuff. It amused me. I found so many funny things that reminded of good times. :)

Wow, seriously? I could at least restart mine but pushing the button lol. That sucks though, stupid PC. o_O Your PC sounds rather freaky LOL. Sounds like it had a mind of it’s own lol.

Mc Donalds breakfast is the BEST. I love their pancakes. I haven’t had it in a long long time though. :( I used to get it in the morning before school and would always be late for school, heh.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT!!! It’s so pretty and makes me smile. :)

Your affiliates bit amused me for a good 10 minutes, no joke. I love how you done that. XD

I should save this for the review but I’ll say it now anyway, to sort the affiliates out you could set a height for the content, so on shorter pages the content section will be the same height as the affiliates? Just a suggestion. XD

Don’t threat too much about domain competition, we all know when you say something, you’ll do it. Just take your time. :)

Reviews should be structured well and informative. Every reviewer (good reviewer anyway) should know when you tell someone something isn’t good, you need to state WHY. I hate it when someone says to me ‘I don’t like your layout’ but don’t tell me why, how can I improve if I don’t know how? That person obviously isn’t a great reviewer.

I’m glad the other review was better, and that person was probably better at reviewing it so just go on what they said and ignore the other one. XD

I’d hate to have someone review an essay I wrote though, I suck big balls at writing essays, hah.

You’re welcome! ^^ Haha I have never said “For the love of Pete” LOL Pete XD Sorry I am weird XD

I am so lazy with reviews. I hardly ever do them.

I always hate getting called on unless I am raising my hand. I hate when teachers scan the class for their next victim :P I can always kind of tell when they are going to call on me so I search for the answer in panic XD

I just hate math in general. It’s a pain to have to learn all the concepts but I guess I need to be educated in math to be successful! :D I remember in like 3rd grade when I was learning multiplication — wow I was am mess. XD Now I’ve got it down because if I didn’t I would be in trouble xD

I always say before I go to bed: ” I am getting up right when the alarm goes off!!” Err I never do >:P The alarm will go off about 10 times before I actually get out of bed. My bed is just so warm ♥

It makes me so mad!! D: I didn’t time typing up the hosting page for fun. I made it for people to friggin’ read! Some people are just so lazy. I see hosting as a big deal to. Before I applied I really made sure that I wasn’t going to have to cause my host stress.

Yeah lol. I really just wanted my site valid so I took off the smilies. I am currently teaching myself xhtml so hopefully I can learn that and get everything all fixed up :D Oh yess!! When I validated my site I was literally dancing XD I was so excited.

I agree with you… if people are going to insult in some way, they need to have a reason WHY. If it’s justified, then it’s not as bad… and if you think it’s a worthwhile thing to fix, then you now have the information necessary to fix it.

I like the columns, the rollover colors, and the overall layout. :D The top font seems a bit… drab, especially after how you’ve always had those fancy, curvy fonts up in the header, you know what I mean? But overall, I like this layout very much. It’s different from the ones I’ve seen you use before. Did I mention that I just LOOOOOVE the different colors on rollover? How do you do that? Is there an easier way than naming a different class for each color and then rotating through the classes?

It seems like you couldn’t look worse than if you just killed someone, but you’re right… running away does make you look worse.

He WAS dressed like a Jedi. I don’t remember why… I think it was for inspiration to pass the state exam that year. XD

I feel like I already replied to parts of your comment, but I’m not entirely sure… so I’ll just leave it at this. XD

I do love the affies though, it must have been tedious. But now it’s so amusing ^^ I wouldn’t have the patience to do that.

Yeah, I definitely think that’s why people like your reviews (:

I <3 sushi. I hate who it's expensive though, and it's not as fast as some foods but it is far tastier.

Yeah, I use to read SO much and now, it's like bleh. O.o I have several books on my reading list and I just can't get to them O.o

My mom's always saying how that boy (the one that's liked me for 11 years) should have tried to be FRIENDS first. Hahahaha, then maybe I'd like him. But I doubt it, he's nothing like Kuya.

I sometimes wonder if Kuya is gay, but he always says he isn't and that he likes girls. And I doubt he is. He just said he had a crush on me when he first met me. Hahahaha.

Yeah, perhaps gays are just open about everything. I like that about them, although sometimes it can get annoying.

Yeah, Kuya… would make a good priest. I just don't think I could see him as one, well I could, but I don't really want that for him. I haven't said that straight up though. I just imply it kind of… But no, being a priest to some… would be the best. Because in the end, it's just you and God (: I've comtemplated becoming a nun, I still leave the option open but I don't think I will be in the end.

Hahaha, don't worry about answering the questions in format. You posted such a wonderfully long thoughtful comment. It made me happy (:

I went up and down on your affiliates a few times, it really does keep one busy and occupied. It changes colors, and I like that.

Constructive criticism is always better than a simple that essay sucks, it would be better if they said that the grammar is not all in the same tense, the third paragraph is a little off topic and the ending leave a little too much to guess.

:'( Jen has disappeared, she was one of my favourite friends. I have met her in a friggin GAME.

Who isn’t? Why does everyone say that when I mention that I’m a child? D:

Oh I get it!

I have a fear of reviews. :(

But Heartdrops is your MAIN baby!

I should get a .nu for my Tumblr one day. :o

LOOOL and I promise not to cheat in any way.

Who said that I had a fancy car? D:

SHIT that’s scary. FMLx2 YES I AGREE.

.JPEGs are not bad when you use them correctly. Haha when I have kids I would be too busy changing their nappies and feeding them, same goes with everyone else.

/kiss < ^3^

At least I don't actually kiss and hug him, that would be a bit weird. 😳


Well Stephen Christian is MINE. SO NO TOUCHY. *hugs him protectively*

LOL someone bought a celebrity's vomit in a bag on eBay.
But, underwear would be of good use!

Too bad I can't hug a shirt (I put 'shit' then backspaced it). XD

Anberlin is better!


And he *is* 78. I asked him and he said "DUH didn't you read my BIO?? -.-" SO TAKE THAT!

Have you thought about the concert? :D
FRONT ROW FOR FREE? ;) *nudge nudge*

Your layout is so pro! I LOVE IT!
I am so gonna steal your colour code :P
Eh, I haven’t changed my layout for MONTHS, MONTHS!
I’m changing either this weekend or soon. If I don’t, please feel free to slap me.
Eh, its okay. You know you can make a mini book out of toilet rolls? It’s pretty cool.
There’s heaps of boring stuff which you can turn into pretty spectacular things, you know you can turn a plastic bag into some grungy paper like thing to use for scrapbooking or decorating and yeah.
Man, I don’t even get a single word from the quote you used for you layout. But it sounds cool. Excuse me, while I’ll get my dictionary out….
I know! LAME people with their LAME cars with their LAME common sense and their LAME personality who think its cool to nearly run over people while they are crossing a pedestrian crossing.

My comments! Always marked as spam. -.-

Thanks. I just moved to bubble though and I’m using one of your layouts now. Is that ok? It’s just I haven’t much time atm to keep on changing layouts and such and yours are so cool!
Btw, this is a really cool layout with all the splodges of paint at the top :)

Haha! My dad’ll be sending me through the pics of the tux this week so I’ll have them up soon. :P

Yes I’m so joining your domain comp now! It sounds like so much fun!

Wow, you got a reply from Delta Goodrem!? /ehh you’re so lucky!

Hehe, the Teza touch. I must remember that one!

Does your uni have a nice cafe or something there? My mum’s studying at a polytech this year and the cafe there has yum stuff you see so I wondered what yours was like?

Gosh whoever wrote that about your essay was rude. Saying that isn’t helping one bit.

I LOVE THE LAYOUT AND THE BUTTONS. I CRACKED UP WHEN I SAW WHAT THEY DID :D Plus the quote rules too. HHGTTG is an awesome book.

Peer reviews suck… but unforutnately they have to be done. It sounds like you were a lot nicer on that first one than you deserved to be. Glad to here that someone had sense to give you a helpful one.

Haha, that happens to me as well. XD

I love the new layout. it’s really cute and the affiliates-thing is also really cute. :)

I hate it when people give bad comments on you without giving any reason. And it’s worse with peer reviews because you don’t even know whose stuff you’re reviewing.

Haha. I thought all the guys looked really different in suits at my prom. They usually just wear hoodies and tracksuit bottoms so they looked proper smart in comparison. They should wear them more often.

Aww, sounds cute. I need to clear out my wardrobe, ’cause I’m sure there’s quite a few things I’ve outgrown in there. I haven’t tidied it in years, haha. And my mum keeps saying there’s not enough room in there.

Yeah, Summer’s just finished for me, lol. Foam parties would be good at this time in Australia though.

Hopefully your mum stops giving you so many chores to do, so you can get on with your assignments. I haven’t had any really big amounts of coursework/homework to do yet, which I’m glad about. Your course sounds like it’s mainly essay based. Good luck with those!!

Really?? I don’t think I have any classes with that many people in. The most I have is 9 in drama, then graphic art’s 6 people and in dance there’s only 3. Strange that.

Yeah, I hope so. It’s probably just like changing from PSP to Photoshop, a bit confusing to start with, but pretty easy to do.

Wow, that’s a lot. She’ll probably run out of chores to give you soon, haha.

You should ask them to mark your essay again, lol. Or the teacher should mark people on their marking skills.

NOPE?! YOU NEVER HEARD OF ALFIE?! IT’S CUTENESS! :D You should really see the music video! It’s way different then you expect! xD

Haha I am used to laptop keys too but I seriously prefer the keyboard ones. The BIG keyboards lol. Nice, pushy buttons! /hehe Yeah I make a LOT of mistake on laptops! :O SO it’s NATURAL. LOL. /bash :P

ROFL. That was funny! xD But I’m sure you’ll feel like it since it’s from a double bacon McMuffin! :3

YEAH. So you feel the same way sometimes, too? That’s so awesome! :P Makes me feel that my heart is about to drop when I see a bunch of comments again lol.

Okay! :) OOH. Right. LOVELY. :D

COOL. Hahaha that sucks though. Why would you make a fanlisting but not a hatelisting? :P So stupid us humans… I’m guessing we ALWAYS have to keep it to ourselves on those things we hate. Our minds… :P

Hmm. I guess! :O