Beneath The Sorrow Clouds

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For those of you who don’t know, I work in an education centre. I mark children’s work and I help them if they need it. They usually have a set time when they enter class, and when they’re done with their work they put it in a basket and I mark it.

From time to time, we have new students come in. They do a little test so we know where they start.

A few months ago we had this new kid come in.

I didn’t really notice him because he was put in the quiet room, because he was new. After a while he got put in the bigger room.

After I started noticing this kid, I’m like… eh, this kid is weird. I know I shouldn’t be like that to the little children but it’s my private thoughts. Not like I’m going to say, “Hey kid, you are so weird.”

He doesn’t really know which box says “In”, because he asked me something like, “Which box has the ‘i’?”

A few times he put his work in the wrong box and I ended up not touching it. When he asked my supervisor why his work wasn’t marked, she told him he had put it in the wrong place.

I thought to myself, fail, kid. Fail.

A few weeks after that, I was sitting outside the centre shortly after I’d arrived. I had come from university and had a few minutes to spare, so I went on my laptop and started reading and typing a few things.

I saw a mum walking around. Her kid obviously attended the centre. I wasn’t really looking, but thank goodness it wasn’t that grandmother who always stares at me.

Then this mum started to approach me. I hoped she wouldn’t ask me something about the centre that I wouldn’t be able to answer. Or that she’d question me like crap about something, or ask me where the toilet was, or ask me how I’m going in my classwork (that would be hell embarrassing).

“Hi… are you Georgie?”

What the hell.

“I’m Georgina, yeah?”
“I know your mum…”
“So, what was your name?”

Oh, yeah, her. I suddenly remembered. So this was the person my mum didn’t like. The person who kept on calling us because she wanted to come over. The person who only called when they wanted something. 🐽

She asked me a few questions about what I’m studying. Gosh, family friends. 🙄

And then she walked off inside the centre with her son, and I glanced back down at my laptop.

I whipped my head around. Her son. That kid that I thought was weird. That fat kid. The one I remembered my mum talking about, who was “so fat”. Who wasn’t very bright. Who wasn’t very smart.

And who obviously can’t put his work in the right box.

Whoops. I shouldn’t have an assumption about her kid… well, not like my mum will be talking to her anytime soon. @_@

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Hahahhha, that kid sounds so stupid /bash how can he hope to succeed in something if he can’t even put the thing in the right box? I guess the hammer-the-pegs-into-their-corresponding-holes game was never really his sort of thing 😏
Can’t trust quiet fat people. They’re all up to something 🤬

Especially that one who’s the king of somewhere



LOL. Unless life is full of putting things in boxes, then I don’t think he’ll fail too hard at life. I guess though, metaphorically…

Ah, he’s only a young ‘un.

Oh, he should get those little games! /hehe I remember those!


YAY =D Domain competition ^^ ✌️ ✌️ I’m excited about it…^^

Oh my god. That is SO fail, and SO hilarious at the same time. The kid who can’t work out which box to put his work in xD I mean if you can’t work it out the first time, I guess it’s understandable but any times after that is just…SO fail…==

Unless his dyslexic then poor him. But assuming that he is NOT dyslexic. How HARD is it to read “In” or “I”? It’s TWO letters for god’s sake.

After you told him too…==…That seriously IS fail…==

Oh wow, that is pretty ironic [and coincidental] that he was the kid of that mother. Who sounds awfully annoying… /angry

One of *those* annoying family friends. The irritating inconsiderate ones you want to yell “SHUT UP” at but have to sit there and be rude…*sigh*. At least she didn’t keep you for THAT long =D

Hopefully the kid gets a little smarter…=)

Seriously, that is such a coincidental meeting I suddenly feel like bursting out into song and singing “IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL” but it’s pretty late, so I better not wake the neighbours =P

Yeah, I forgot to mention that too… he got it wrong multiple times! Egh.

No, he’s not dyslexic. We have autistic children in the centre but not any dyslexic ones. I think this boy just has trouble understanding and learning. He’s good at maths but he doesn’t seem to be good at English…

Yeah, it’s only two letters! :O

LOL phew for that. My mum happens to know a lot of people who only call us when they want something. And usually it’s because they want some opinion or information about good schools and good education for their children. What, just because she has two grown-up kids? That’s rude. /pow

That kid is DUMB. And fat, what the fack. How on earth could a young kid be fat? Not like they’ve been around long enough to consume so much damn food. WOW.

OMG that’s annoying!! I hate it when people I barely know just come up and approach me. Especially adults. Wait, maybe especially KIDS. D:

Yeah I would, but it’s going to be hard since they are all so small and are alike. I think we have 6 gold fishes, two black ones, two white ones and I forgot about the others. Just now I saw that one black one has already died. :( i think it was already dead when we bought it.

I know people like that who call only when they need to. Sadly, they are all either family or family friends so I can’t say anything to them.
I noticed, most fat kids I know are stupid. xD

Aw. You can’t help your personal thoughts. I never feel guilty for what I think inside my head as long as I never let them influence my judgements about people or my treatment of people.

That is really ironic and weird that the kid turned out to be the son of that strange family friend. Doesn’t it always work out like that? Haha.

Well it’s good that you can control what you’re thinking. I think some people have problems with that, and those are the ones who are too outspoken and hurt people in the process.

And people in general really think fat people are stupid? I think that’s a pretty unfair stereotype, actually. I know plenty of fat people and kids who are smarter than they look, and I know plenty of skinny people who are dumb as mud. XD So it goes both ways.

There’s nothing wrong with forming judgments about people in your mind, as long as it doesn’t affect your treatment of them. We all naturally develop ideas about others whether we mean to or not.

How old are the kids who go to your education center? I imagine that anyone old enough to attend and and capable of completing the assignments should be able to figure out which bin to place their work, provided it’s clearly marked… Guess you can never tell. Kids aren’t always where they’re “supposed” to be at according to their age group. Then again, maybe that’s why he’s there, so that he gets up to speed with his peers.

What a coincidence that the woman is the mother of that kid! Ugh, it’s annoying when people intrude and don’t have anything good to say to you… they just call upon you because they want something, or just to be intrusive.

Oh my gosh. That’s kind of stupid but then again I felt sorry for him! Bleh! :s

That was quite surreal that he actually didn’t know where to put his work in. I mean, come on. Just a simple basic word… Maybe he wasn’t sure about something I guess! xD

FAMILY FRIENDS! /bash Don’t even get me started haah. You’re right. Some just only call when they want something. Even FAMILY MEMBERS. /angry I hate is so much. I mean, how can they NOT be shy sometimes, you know? Gah.

Haha coincidental much? Talk about a small world. What a lot of blogs on these types of things these days. Seriously. It is a small world. Shit. D:

halooo. passing through…. la la la, and whats this? sounds interesting….
XD oh gad. that is bad.
poor kid, maybe hes a bit dopey because of his mum. O_o. /hehe he sounds like a joke.
^_^ working in an education center sounds like fun.

Yay! Domain contest! :D

Wow, that’s kind of strange of that kid… “i” isn’t hard to learn, is it? :S
Aww, the “quiet” room. Reminds me of when Jared and I were put in there once because a girl started pulling on my hair and threatening me with scissors (eep, crazy 6 year old coming through!) and then she pushed Jared over. Whoa, man, whoa. Crazy shit.

Hehee. /type Tying a few things. Heh.
OMG. I hate it when people talk to you only when they want something. Talk to the hand, ’cause the face ain’t listening. It annoys the heck out of me.

Family friends indeed! I remember your blog about it. ;)

Ohhs I can’t see gravatars because I have them turned off. :X
“No” is a really cool word… and it is one you have to put into use. It’s okay to use it. *nods*

Of course…. but seeing as she is about to join our ranks (well. I say “our”…) she should learn. She’d be 13 by now if she lived in Sydney with you. XD

10 days left. ;)

Ooh I listened to that song today. I listen to MCR rarely now but it’s like a treat when I do. :3


(From memory. :P )

I knew Ben Jorgensen would come into the picture! XD Oh wells. And haha yeah it’s more their actions I admire or their music or stuff but not really other things, let alone style. XD

Hehe. Yeah… those other smilies were killing me because everyone else was using them and grey was the best colour to match a grey layout… ha. Ha.


Haha I guess you’re right. Anyways my name isn’t THAT bad. I could be called Tess Tickle or Xavier Bacon or something… odd.
Haha. I can’t see you as anything but a Georgina.

LOL, I’d look weird if I said “oh I’m just writing a bloody long comment to Georgina… no not Georgina from school, Georgina in Australia. And hell no, you don’t know her… leave me in peace now, freak?”. XD

Ohhhs I remember that comment. You said that you were writing an essay into your comment… XD

Essays stalk us. Eep. O_O @_@

But now it’s return in return in return in return in return. XD

Bleh. PHYSICS. *shudders*
Not as bad as Chemistry though. /oh :O 💥 /bash

1am? Better than before. :P
Ahhh, avoiding… skill. Who was it? And harhar.

Smashing Pumpkins! (Y)

Haha. We were just as vicious as each other… you know my friend has an old Ken (is that how you spell it?) Barbie and it’s a collectable. I should steal it, sell it on eBay and use the money for domains or something crazy XD

IKR? I saw “sports site” and I was just like “WTF? Yeah right”. Silly person. Shame my 2 week free advertising with a 900 x 100px banner is over… XD

LMFAO. Haha yarrr, I have come a bloody long way from older layouts… XD They mortify me. O_o Sometime soon I should try another colourful layout. Like the one you liked. :D Maybe minus the tofu though. I can’t draw them anymore. D:

June. :P But I wouldn’t want too… it would be awkward… harhar.
Oh lmfao, I’ll just tell you. XD It’s Beatrice. 🤮 /poo 😰 /hmph

Aww. Sorry Georgie. /um I’m TRYING to keep up to par with your awesomely long comments… XD



I already replied to your comment but yep – acronym. Hahha.

You spelled plugin wrong. I actually only just realised that. /hehe


Awwh I missed the ‘r’ in acronym… (I can spell it! Yays XD )

LOL. Thanks for telling me. XD

LOL! If someone came up to me like that and called me by name and then said “I know your mom”, I would have been creeped out…

Huh. And about her son; that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

I’m awesome and accidentally closed your window while typing my comment. :( I’ll reply again later… if something like that happens, I don’t like to redo it right away for some reason.

I need to go eat breakfast anyway, though. And then… let’s see… we don’t have to leave for another two hours. :P And I have a two-hour-long break in between a couple classes… with NOTHING to do. I forgot to bring a book and my laptop doesn’t fit in this backpack. I’m going to try to meet with a friend, but I don’t know if that will entertain us for that long… and I was hoping to meet Gordon, but even though the friend I’m meeting (Phil) is friends with Gordon, I always wonder if he feels awkward hanging out with the two of us. I don’t think so, but I would be in his place, and I think that makes ME feel awkward. XP

Anyway… if I get online after school, I’m reply to your comment and your blog and inform you on how I entertained myself. XD BY THE WAY, I HAVE LUNCHABLES! I haven’t eaten one in years… I got the pizza one as a special treat from my mom. ;) I’m such a little kid… ha.

i know i shouldnt be giving one line comments and things but wow, thats just weird. lol. there is this kid in my school who is in like yr5 and he just stalks people :0

Yeah man…that kid is weird. But it’s kinda funny, in a funny-evil way, how he doesn’t know which box is his. I know, I’m mean. I used to tease kids in first grade because they don’t have new sneakers but I do. LOL. /hehe
Haha! My mom also has some family friends that she finds…boring. Usually when they call, my mom asks us to tell them that she’s not available. They just go on and on, on how their daughter’s husband is being horrible to her and all that. XD

Anyways, LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT. Oh and by the way, I wanted you to help me in something. If you an add me on the MSN I’ve logged on with this comment, it would be great. =)

Oh dear, I completely forgot what we were talking about again : I need to keep track! Haha.

I used to want to work with children when I was younger, but I have a short fuse and I am so impatient, it just wouldn’t be a good idea!

I don’t like most of our “family friends”, neither do my parents, actually! They’re mostly snobs with well paid jobs and their kids are the rich kids. We don’t talk to them much anyway.

I’d probably react the same, as I hate people who only call when they want something. ¬_____¬

Wait, how old is this kid? XD
He sounds like, a really dumb kid? :P

Maybe he has some kind of a learning disability..I mean if he is good in math but not so good in english, well not good in English at all.. maybe the people at that center should check it out or something.

Hey I’m glad you like my layout.
Wow that is sad. I hope he has friends that aren’t hand-picked by his mother or he may stay that way. When people can’t stand on their two feet they can’t raise their kids to be better than them.
And if the mother is controlling he may not get out of his world to see that he isn’t acting right.

That’s what I was thinking. IDK I just thought that it was kinda rude when people where commenting [here] on the kids weight. D:

Yeah, I know what you mean. I felt bad when my mum was talking about the poor boy being fat. I don’t judge people that way nor do I let it affect the way I treat them, but sometimes it just lingers in your mind that they might have weight problems or something. It wasn’t my intention to have everyone pick on the boy!

sorry for the unbearably late reply :( i’ve been very sidetracked to say the least.

wow, that seems like a ridiculously awkward encounter .. i wonder if she knows how you and your mom feel about her, hah. she seems like the type of person who can’t get a hint.

At least you didn’t talk about work and mention the fat kid! Btw, I’ve been slacking, but I really love your new layout! It’s so great and colorful! And I saw you made a premade with a banner and that makes me happy inside :) lol. I hope all is well for you, it seems like a very exciting time for you with the domain contest and you finally got your domain collective :D Congrats on everything!

You should never feel guilty about your independent thoughts you have about people, it’s what you do with the thoughts.

Huhahah, family friends are not great.
They know I am not their friend, they have their issues with my Mom, not me. I have no tolerance for them. But I s’pose I am rude.

Oh and I am glad you liked my advert. It was boredom that drove me to it. :P

Aww poor kid. But how old is he though? He should at least have learned the alphabet. That’s basic. Well, blame the mother. LOL.

Ugh. I hate it when people especially family friends just call because they need something from us. GRRR. Sometimes, they borrow stuff and don’t even return them! More GRRR. Maybe I should start putting my name on my own stuff to remind them.

LOL. Sometimes I’m like that. I just judge people right away. But as they say, “Never judge a book by its cover”. But I just couldn’t help it. I guess its human nature. /oh

Yeah they should really re-teach English. Technology really influenced some ways how we say things. Even teachers are influenced! But somehow, I wouldn’t want to take more English courses since probably there are more rules. /bash

I don’t think you should feel bad about your thoughts, but as long as you don’t out and *call* him an idiot or a fat child to his face. Kind of weird that it turned out to be a family friend’s son.

But… Is English his first (or second or third) language? I’ve worked with kids before that were put into classes with other children their own age, but never got the classes that they *actually* needed to learn the basics of English (i.e. basic spelling, grammar). He could have an undiagnosed learning disability that his parents (assuming they may be Asian?) are too proud to even consider being possible, or he could have just never gotten the type of learning that other children his own age have.

It’s a good thing that your mom was not good friends with her. It would be embarrassing to be telling your mom about this not so smart kid who was the son of one of her good friends.

On a random note, I love your new layout, it’s defiantly something different from your previous layouts.

THE NEW LAYOUT IS SOOOO FUCKING AMAZING!!! BEST ONE THAT YOU HAVE EVER DONE!!! Wow its been a while since i came online lol

Aww that poor person had missed their train :(
Yah turn from their color to rusty and such but i still use them, after the color is gone i buy another any chance i get lol and there as some really cute ones even though they are cheap lol I would not say something bad about someone I love like my mom and sis and brothers but as for my dad, he is just sooo………..
We don’t have trains here so its been a while since been on a train lol. I wish we did though, then i would actually go in a sub way lol
You didn’t hurt his feelings, what he did was just plain wrong.

Aww a domain competition lol. I have no idea what hell i would do with a domain if i ever get one lol
FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!! lol he can’t work out the box lol
I guess since he still a little kid he has a lot to work on but still though it’s not that fricking hard!!! it’s the letter “In” !!!!!!!!!1

I know people who only call when they need something, its soo damn annoying and i just want to yell “DONT CALL ME!!!” or “LEAVE ME ALONE!!1” some people get on my nerves soo bad i just lose it!! lol

Awwe Georgina, to be honest I don’t really like this post ):
I know that lady must be awful and the kid also, but I just don’t like the idea of people kinda being bullies. A lady did that with my mom and it turned.. REEEALLLY bad. Like, REALLY bad.

Butttt I think I’m gonna enter the domain competition. You’ve got me wanting to join the many domain owning bandwagon, lol. I just have to think of a domain name..

” @ Jenny: Yeah I think the same thing all the time! All of Georgina’s sites are very well maintained though. She’s like the Super Woman of the WWW. OMG I have to tell her that right now, lol. ANYWAYSSS… ”
You’ll see that on my comments for ‘Engagement Ring’

I know that you’re already the Meryl Streep or somethinggg but I encourage you to switch (: HAHAHAH ♥

Wow. What a bright kid *cough* Wait, how old was he? Haha, it’s sort of awkward when adults walk up to you and start asking you questions like: “So how is school?” “How is your mom? or something like that @_@

Oh I don’t like using “God” in that way. Sometimes is slips out though.

Luckyy! My teachers do it all the time. Like they can tell I am saying in my head “DON’T PICK ON ME….DON’T PICK ON ME…” Then they do it anyways /hmph

I am so not going into a job that requires a lot of math. Nope. That would seriously stress me out. It’s weird because you learn all of this stuff and most you never use or remember D:

LOL. I have gotten used to my alarm but I don’t have to use it tomorrow because school is canceled due to a large amount of rain :D

Haha, that’s why I don’t blog often XD You seem to be very good about blogging though!

Ahh! I love being hosted by Kya. My site is never down!

Yeah I am sure it is. Gillian gave me a site to get good tutorials on it so I am going to learn from that. It took me longer than I thought because at first I totally forgot that I had to validate the entire site XD Silly me.

That comp is so awesome :D :D

That obviously is a very strange occurance… that the boy was someone your mother new. Also so not good about the whole thing though. I think you did a good job not reacting or anything though.

They should be loved a lot :D The movie is awesome too. I want more of them to be made :P What did you think of that?

I am and thank you! /um

I’m not surprised, you know quite a lot of things and are really good at it (refrains from admitting she comes here for ALL her tutorials :P)

You should, I only had mine for a year and it died but then I have bad luck with laptops. I think I’ve had three over ten years.

You should go to the library more! They are awesome (then again I do work in mine and plan to always work in it :P) but they aren’t as good as having your own computer.

Thanks! I’m not a big fan of the books and movies I just love the bad guys and all the fandom on the internet (it can be rather addictive)

Attaching my document wasn’t working, so I just made a separate page for it. I’ll send you the URL (:

You knew about Kurt Cobain when you were that young ? My goodness I guess you really are a fan, lol.

How old is that kid? I actually feel a bit sorry for him. Not knowing where then in box was.

But that’s so wierd he’s that lady’s son. Funny how things like that happen. That lady doesn’t sound very nice either, only calling when she wants stuff. That’s what dad says I do, but normally it’s ‘cos I can’t talk long and I really DO need something, like help with homework, when I call him.

How old are the kids at the center? Cos if they’re like 5 then I have a cousin who’s 5 and he can’t write or spell well yet, let alone read… but if they’re like 10….

Yup, I moved to bubble. It’s actually easier to understand, with the cpanel and such, than so-pink. I’ve learnt so much more in just two days! :)

P.S. YAY for the domain competition! I’ve already entered on bit of it :)

Ahhh…Yeah, the eating places at mum’s uni are really expensive too.

Ooh, that’s neat that you work with kids! Is it like an after school place for children who need help with homework? Seems like an interesting job where very random stuff can happen 😏

Oh my goodness, I know about those kind of annoying people who won’t give up calling. My grandma knows an old friend who she doesn’t rather like anymore. The friend always tries to call her everyday to talk for three hours about nothing, and she gets mad when my grandma won’t answer the phone. Seriously, people can be so annoying. Do they not understand that you just don’t wanna talk to them?

Oh, and I like the new layout! The paint splats are neat.

A lostie lol. You and your vocabulary! /um BTW, how old is he exactly? That really got me thinking! /bash

“Really aren’t close to us but we know them so well”. Haha this quote amused me for some reason! /ho But yeah I know what you mean! Gosh. Like once my aunt (mother’s sister) called for us to tell her our doctor’s number since she had her feet aching her. I mean, it isn’t like one of my aunts to do that. We feel so close. And my mum got like, really fucking pissed off. She’s like “That’s why I’m here for. To be the goddamn maid for everyone”. I don’t blame her. 🤮

LMAO. YEAH. We should really think about expanding our world so we can see our world more clearly than we already do! /bounce

Urgh, family friends. Gross. I don’t like them, whenever we go out with one and they make small talk with me I want to smack them.

Um, has this kid learned to read yet? Hahahahaha whoooooooooooooooooooo… I shouldn’t laugh. But I think I will.

re georgies comment:
yes he is pretty weird i have to say lol and yes i did get the email, thank you for accepting me!! /kiss

Haha, you’re welcome! Look forward to your opinions and all! :)

lol i can’t cuss the kid for being fat D: i was a big child myself.. but that was health reasons mainly (i’ve had to take a lot of steriods due to asthma) @_@ D: But when i was younger .. i hated school.. i hated math and english… but i was bullied alot /angry /argh She probably fails at a mother xD because my parents did okay with me! eventually! /hehe /bash i’m enjoying learning wordpress :D just need to get a spam protection now and make my layout thanks your template it’s going better /faw /rose

Hoot, someone’s on Maintenance Mode! :P

Haha, yeah. I mean, my mum was saying that he was really large for his age and that he was also a big baby. I don’t judge people on that though, but I couldn’t help but notice that this boy couldn’t remember which basket to place his work in.

Aww, I’m glad it’s helping! You should get WP Spamfree; it’s what I use. :D

/faw yep and i’m proud of myself for figuring out how to do it 👏 /bounce ooh will look for that later (Y) /angry i’ve gotta go to the job center for 3:55pm urgh.. too many frigging school kids ! ¬.¬

YAY! 👏

Ugh, ugh. Job center sucks. I actually hate going around and about at shops when it’s around 3:00pm because of all the schoolkids. Same goes for catching a damn train. /argh

I know. :'( I’m afraid that she might not come back, she even tweeted about how she wants to quit. QUITTERS ARE LOSERS.

“Your site is a damn piece of junk. I can barely read the text and your drawing is so shetteh!”
That’s what I expect. D:

A BABY. /eee <– (that's a baby.)

I love Tumblr! I'll go and abuse it now.

My cars are old and nearly rusty!

Yeah, like those awesome .gifs, the ones you can ANIMATE to make 'em HUMP HUMP DIDDLY DUMP.

You enjoyed saying that didn't ya? LMAO!

Haha how can you tell him? D: Tell me!! I need to tell him something secret. :@

It's cool that you made your own shitty! And thanks. :)

He'll never change appearance, hoohoo! Too cool to look too young or too old.

He's 78, alright. He said, "Lee, I know that your friend loves me, but I'm just too OLD and I'm married!" XD

And then I said "But… she LOVES you to death!" and he replied, "WE'RE BOTH TAKEN!"
*watches your heart break*

Some people? Most Aussies are chubsters! D:!!

AH SHIT. I don’t know if my comment was spammed or not, hard to explain… it showed a *white screen* and I yelped. -.- Eh, this is the comment anyway:

I know. :'( I’m afraid that she might not come back, she even tweeted about how she wants to quit. QUITTERS ARE LOSERS.

“Your site is a damn piece of junk. I can barely read the text and your drawing is so shetteh!”
That’s what I expect. D:

A BABY. /eee <– (that's a baby.)

I love Tumblr! I'll go and abuse it now.

My cars are old and nearly rusty!

Yeah, like those awesome .gifs, the ones you can ANIMATE to make 'em HUMP HUMP DIDDLY DUMP.

You enjoyed saying that didn't ya? LMAO!

Haha how can you tell him? D: Tell me!! I need to tell him something secret. :@

It's cool that you made your own shitty! And thanks. :)

He'll never change appearance, hoohoo! Too cool to look too young or too old.

He's 78, alright. He said, "Lee, I know that your friend loves me, but I'm just too OLD and I'm married!" XD

And then I said "But… she LOVES you to death!" and he replied, "WE'RE BOTH TAKEN!"
*watches your heart break*

Some people? Most Aussies are chubsters! D:!!

Eh, poor kid.
He must be a slow learner. How old is he?
Heh, family friends ALWAYS ask the same things. It’s so annoying.
My mum can be rude, she goes, “Whoa, look at that lady, she’s so fat” ehh…. “MUM!” and did you know what my dad told me today?
He said: “Why are you eating italian food, your not italian”.
I know he was joking, but dude, no need to be racist.
Ahh, parents these days.
Man, it’s so hot today, was it hot for you? I was practically dying of dehydration, Australia’s weather is unpredictable.

I do have private personal thoughts myself. They sort of dance in my mind. XD . But there those times where you just can’t control it because it happens. :O That fat boy should obviously know which box he should put his homework in.

But that’s annoying how that kid put his homework in the wrong box. Someone should go tell him this. But, wait, your supervisor already did. Still, it’s rather amusing not having his homework to be marked all this time. /wave

That fat kid must have been a bit slower to catch up with things. Then how did he end up in the bigger room? Did he graduate the “quiet room” or something. LMAO. How old is that kid again?

That does sounds a bit creepy that your mum’s friend, Courtney, sent his son to an education centre where you worked. Definitely, I still remember “Family Friends”. It’s really pathetic when someone needs you only because they want you to do something for them.

I would feel a bit uncomfortable if a friend of my mum had sent their son to the same education centre I work and I have to get annoyed but the kid the whole time. -_-

I pressed back and it worked. :)

Hm, I guess you can put it that way. I’ll change ‘quitter’ to person-that-gives-up-on-things-he-can’t-really-do-because-he-didn’t-even-try-yet.

Like that girl who told you that you’ve missed an apostrophe on a plural word? That was a shit review. :@

They are your kids! You have babies! XD

It came without a real roof, just this waterproof fabric that just broke off because it was real old. :P It was a good roof, though. D8

You said it, but not literally. And thank goodness we’ve changed topic!

Haha in your face! X) On YouTube, he gave out an anonymous grandma’s phone number and faked it was Nate’s (I think that’s his name). The grandma got a lot of calls from these random fangirls. 🙄
That’s why you should not even try to contact him. D:

Haha he’s probably taken. XD Who knows, he might have a crush on…
STEPHEN CHRISTIAN. (And shit, I didn’t know his first name was pronounced ‘Steven’. I’m so fail.)
So you can take that!

At least the cool people aren’t fat!
Cool people as in:

I have just noticed that my emotes are used all the time. WOOT!
And my comment got posted twice. D: <–awesome emote yays!

Yeah, I thought they wouldn’t look good on me at first, but once I though it over, I realized that we don’t have these kinds of sandals here in Egypt (I bought them when I was in Syria /eee ), so yeah, I just bought them. And I also read in some fashion magazines that this is what’s in right now, skinnies with sandals and especially those warrior like sandals. Anyways, lol, that’s like pretty much the trend right now in high school. It’s unbelievable. All the girls carry super tiny handbags with all the books stashed in their hands. We don’t even have lockers in high school, so imagine that. 🙄
Great! I’ll be checking online soon. =)

I have fuckloads of homework AND tutoring and all that shizz and I still manage to update my retarded website. :)

You’re review’s are more better, though. (Screwed eh.)

Ha, your website is a young goat!

HAHAHA NICE CAR YOU’VE GOT THERE! I’d kill to take a ride in it. You buy a car and get a large flopping hat for free! :O
I get sunburned anytime I go on long drives.

I have your number IN YOUR FACE! But shit, you probably still have mine. D:

LMAO YES I FAIL AT NAMES. There are two Stephens at my school and they pronounce it “steffan”.
Bet you didn’t know my name is pronounced “lay”. XD

Ooooh you’d know eh? Bwahahahahahaha~

ROFL go and reply to them both! >;D

You know? HOW DO YOU KNOW? /ho

Yes, like that time where I didn’t use the internet for FOUR DAYS. *ooooooh so much drama noooo*

Haha you sure do!

If you have babies, they’re your KIDS.


*caps lock murder*
My mom used to say ‘lay’ but she doesn’t anymore because it sucks.
So I guess you’re right, it’s now “LEEEE”. :D
My dad says ‘lay’ sometimes, though.

Zheorzheina is a type of mystical dinosaur I saw the other day.
It has pink eyes and purple feathers and it likes to eat doughnuts with cream. I stroked it and it’s soft.

thank you :) i especially like your layout too! i love how you have all of your affiliates on the left bordering your blog – it’s so original! i always like your layouts since they make your site in general easy to navigate and it looks very good and clean too! no mess here.

hah, yes, i was so exhausted. every night, i would just come home and pass out and then wake up the next morning and repeat the cycle. the only up-side to working is that i love working, hehe.

Haha I don’t think so. Firefox’s telling me it doesn’t exist as a word. :P Aww. Same as my niece if he’s 4. (: 5? Hmm… I think he’s kind of still young to know where to put stuff and what not…. :S He doesn’t know how to read at such an age. Neither write. No?

She just wanted the doctor’s number. Even for future use. I don’t get it though. We’ve had similiar stuff. I get annoyed by them so easily. Hmm… I remember this other one I’m not really sure of.

Yeah, I totally get what you mean! That happens a lot to us! ESPECIALLY HERE HAAH we’re such a small place! :P Don’t you think so? LOLLL. But it’s not too much…. Hehe. Moderate these days. Lots of places to go to. (: