Beneath The Sorrow Clouds

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For those of you who don’t know, I work in an education centre. I mark children’s work and I help them if they need it. They usually have a set time when they enter class, and when they’re done with their work they put it in a basket and I mark it.

From time to time, we have new students come in. They do a little test so we know where they start.

A few months ago we had this new kid come in.

I didn’t really notice him because he was put in the quiet room, because he was new. After a while he got put in the bigger room.

After I started noticing this kid, I’m like… eh, this kid is weird. I know I shouldn’t be like that to the little children but it’s my private thoughts. Not like I’m going to say, “Hey kid, you are so weird.”

He doesn’t really know which box says “In”, because he asked me something like, “Which box has the ‘i’?”

A few times he put his work in the wrong box and I ended up not touching it. When he asked my supervisor why his work wasn’t marked, she told him he had put it in the wrong place.

I thought to myself, fail, kid. Fail.

A few weeks after that, I was sitting outside the centre shortly after I’d arrived. I had come from university and had a few minutes to spare, so I went on my laptop and started reading and typing a few things.

I saw a mum walking around. Her kid obviously attended the centre. I wasn’t really looking, but thank goodness it wasn’t that grandmother who always stares at me.

Then this mum started to approach me. I hoped she wouldn’t ask me something about the centre that I wouldn’t be able to answer. Or that she’d question me like crap about something, or ask me where the toilet was, or ask me how I’m going in my classwork (that would be hell embarrassing).

“Hi… are you Georgie?”

What the hell.

“I’m Georgina, yeah?”
“I know your mum…”
“So, what was your name?”

Oh, yeah, her. I suddenly remembered. So this was the person my mum didn’t like. The person who kept on calling us because she wanted to come over. The person who only called when they wanted something. 😀

She asked me a few questions about what I’m studying. Gosh, family friends. πŸ™„

And then she walked off inside the centre with her son, and I glanced back down at my laptop.

I whipped my head around. Her son. That kid that I thought was weird. That fat kid. The one I remembered my mum talking about, who was “so fat”. Who wasn’t very bright. Who wasn’t very smart.

And who obviously can’t put his work in the right box.

Whoops. I shouldn’t have an assumption about her kid… well, not like my mum will be talking to her anytime soon. πŸ˜•

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