Today Is The Greatest Day

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Today was great, all in all. Now, I’m one for mess, so things might not be in chronological order but I’ll try my best.

The day started out pretty lame. My mum got annoyed at me for not doing the dishes. Ugh. But I do them every day, or at least one sink full of dishes! I ate two cookies for breakfast which didn’t make me feel too good. There was nothing to eat that was appetising or suitable for breakfast really. After all, we like cookies and milk, don’t we?

I also woke up from a bad dream in which James and I had an argument and kind of broke up. It was just a dream though, phew. :P

Eventually I went on the computer for the first time that day (it was about noon). My mum had left for work. I opened Tweetdeck, and I found that I had won a Threadless tee from I was really excited, because this competition was done by random and I was just completely shocked.

I wanted to get this dorky shirt but I didn’t like the design much so I chose this humourous one that reads: The art of conversation is like, kinda dead and stuff.

Anyway… now I’m all excited that I get a new shirt. :D I have too many black ones but I just loved the slogan on that one. :)

I didn’t really feel like dusting the wall unit or anything my mum told me to do. I had already swept the hell out of every piece of floor in the house.

I checked my university email and I found out who’s in my group for our project. Ryan and Nicole – the exact same people who I had been talking to about the assignment last week. Pretty much a given – Ryan and I talk all the time because we’re in the same class for everything. @_@ At least I’m not stuck with some people who I don’t get along with, eh.

In the late afternoon, my mobile phone rang. I picked it up and I was happy to discover that I had been called regarding a job I had applied for the other day, in data entry and graphics design. (I know I have a job but I was out for a bit more of a challenge.) A fast response, too. I now have an interview on Thursday and I have to show them a sample piece of my work – wish me luck. :D I’ve just cooked up a portable little website that I can show – it’s something small but I just based it on a layout I made.

I’m excited. /eee

After that I was feeling quite good, so I happily dusted all the little decorative china pots around the house and the photo frames in our wall unit in the lounge.

And my mum was in a good mood when she got home.

Earlier this evening, I was chatting to Lilian on MSN (I still am! ♥️ ) and her wireless stuffed up. Possibly due to her monkey brother. But I was there for a while sending IMs and wondering if she was getting anything I was saying. I couldn’t tell because she had been appearing offline.

I even tweeted to her on Twitter. Then I worried that something went wrong so I sent her a text message. The most hilarious thing was, we texted each other at the same time. So while I was expressing my worry, she had sent me a message saying that her brother was probably being a douche with the internet. /hehe

Haha. See. Proof that we are twins. ;) Not real twins, but we are that close and alike (and our birthdays fall a day apart, in case you didn’t know).

So all in all, today was a good day. /mwah

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Ooh, what an awesome day! Congratulations on the shirt! I’ve always wanted a Threadless tee… :) I love the slogan on the one you’ve chosen as well! It’s pretty awesome! ;]

Congratulations on the graphics design job! I hope the interview goes well, I’m sure the interviewer will be impressed by your work, as is everyone that know! :D

Ahaha, you and Lilian are so alike, just like my best friend Ming and I! We can pretty much read each others’ minds! Oh, the joys of friendship! :D

Ooh okay! I see what you mean now! :P 5 years old is year one.. Heh. You should come here for vacation sometimes. We have a nice place. :3

Seems like you had a lot going on today! When you start to think; a day’s long, eh? Like you mentioned a lot of things that happened to you today.

Haha thank God it was a dream. I wonder how that came up though. 😏

I saw that you won a t-shirt! I think NameCheap love you! O_o Yo always seem to win from them. I wouldn’t be surprised if you won a domain instead lol. I like the Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow one. That’s my fave. :3

Yeah about the job interview!! Can we see the layout? :3 Or the URL? Pweaase? Haah. I wanna see! :D I’m so happy for you but you already know that since I tweeted about it :P So tell me; do you have any graphics design certificate or something? Or there’s no need? I’d like to apply myself sometime when I’m older too in graphics design.

Haha that was hilarious about Lilian. :P TWWIIIINS. How sweet! :D L&G. Now that’s a sweet name. Hah. Lustrous & Gorgeous. :P!!! XD

Little brothers always seem to be a pain! :O

Congratulations on winning the threadless tee. I’m not lucky when it comes to such contests. I wish I can own a threadless tee though. I’ve heard great things about it but never had the chance to be an owner to one of them. That said, do post a photo of you in the tee when you have received it! /hehe

Hehehe! When my mum buys me giant cookies from pie face, that’s what I eat for breakfast. Which is not actually breakfast for me because I wake up too late xD Hahaha! But there is totally nothing wrong with eating cookies for breakfast xD LOL

Awww *hugs* for the bad dream. Don’t worry! It was just a dream! James can hug you all better the next time you see him =D

At least you didn’t dream you married a complete stranger like I did. That was creepy =S

YAAAAY! Congrats! You won a t-shirt! Hehe, that IS a cool phrase…^^…You can NEVER have enough black t-shirts! I LOVE black t-shirts. Although I seem to be liking white more lately xD

Oh good! You’re in a group with people you know *sigh of relief*. It’s a little worrisome when you’re in a group with people you don’t know. Like last semester with stat, I was lucky I had a nice group, where one person actually did stuff. The other person was nice, but she didn’t do anything…*sigh*.

Hehehe! I must meet this Ryan who you always talk to. Just like you must meet all my uni friends, because you’re so AWESOME =D

CONGRATS ON THE JOB INTERVIEW! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I seriously hope you get the job! *dances*. My fingers are crossed for you…^^…:love: If you get the job, you can come visit me! =D YAAAAAAAAAAY! I’m sure they’ll love your site ^^ If they don’t I’ll slap them, because they’d be crazy not to like your site! Your sites are AWESOME! =)

I’m excited FOR YOU TOO! =D

Awwww! *hugs* Thanks for caring. ILY!! ^^

Hahaha! Yep! We’re totally twins…^^…Twins until the end =P =P Hehehehehe! It’s awesome! It was so creepy and coincidental though xD

Haha that’s true… I woke up pretty late too. But I have to have something for breakfast, whatever it may be. I miss my miso soup! 😢

I told him about it! :P

LOL, well that’s the good thing. They’re just dreams.

I have barely any white shirts. I guess this is just another addition to my cool black shirt collection. :)

Uuuh. That reminds me of last semester too. One of the people in my group was a friend. We did a lot of planning and he seemed really eager about it. The other girl in our group was a bit disorganised and didn’t seem to contribute much.

LOL, he reminded me of Dylan a bit when I first talked to him, but you’ll find quite subtle differences. And he’s twice as tall as I am. /ehh

YEAH, I have to meet them! /bounce /bounce

Hahaha that would be cool. I hope the times are at good times… fingers crossed. I won’t be showing them my site; I’ll hand some samples over on a USB. It seems a bit weird if I go, “Well, I uploaded it to the internet”… I’ll sound a bit stuck up. O_o

LOL, it was very weird. XD

Meh, I always don’t find things for breakfast, cookie and milk isn’t enough! I almost wake up everyday with a bad dream, I’m not scared anymore /snort .

Funny how your day started lame then grew better and better, I so envy you LOL I want a threadless t-shirt, they’re so funny! You’re so lucky I always end up being with a group that I don’t like or hate /hmph and if I ever do a project with my friends it always ends up like a disaster, pfft. OMG, graphic design! YAY something you’ll be excited for. I’m sure they will accept you though, you know a lot of stuff about graphic design, still I wish you the best of luck *wishes* :D

Wow, LOL you guys are twins!

Congrats on winning those t-shirts from Threadless! I like the stuff they have there, but I’m a bit miffed at their shipping options. Instead of giving me an option to choose USPS, it looks like I have to use international shipping which kind of upsets me since I have a “domestic” US address that would be shippable if they used USPS. ~_~;; Oh well! At least I bought something for a dear friend . . . even if it took them 9 days to prepare a package consisting of three shirts. I am not sure why it had to take that long! ^^;;

I’m glad your day turned out better than expected! That’s always a nice feeling instead of ending a day in a crappy manner.

that is so sweet. ^_^ you and your best friend really seem like sisters/twins/other-halfs. )
today really was a good day for you.
well done with the job and the threadless shirt thing. ?
*thumbs up*

Aw cookies! :D I haven’t had some in a while. I love cookies. Nothing wrong with cookies for breakfast… ^^
I love chocolate cookies… yum.

I HATE DREAMS LIKE THAT. And then you wake up and it’s like “shittttttttt”, before you realise it’s just a dream. Once I had this really vivid dream in which I was like drowing in treacle or something? (LMFAO, I sound like such a fat bitch… treacle is sickly though). Anyways, it was creepy when I woke up to have Gerard Way kind of staring at me from the ceiling (poster).

OMG!! YAYS! You won that shirt!!! Harhar, I like the dorky shirt but the other one is just as cool. Black shirsts are cool though, don’t worry about it. :)

Glad you’re with people you know! It’s so awkward when you don’t know who the other people are or just don’t get along… never works out.
OMG, good luck with that job interview! They sound really interested. ;) I hope you get it! I’ll be with you in spirit. :)

Aw, so sweet/ cool that you and Lilian sent texts at the same time! :3 And haha that’s cool about your birthdays. :D

No worries about it. I wanted to add a link in somewhere. XD
Well you did the right thing, right? :)
It’s kind of surprising how many disrespectful and narrow-minded people are actually at my school. Bleh.

That was my point… I mean sure people don’t have to LIKE my stuff, by all means they can hate it. But really. It’s pathetic to judge me on it.
Seriously? That’s crazy. How much is “enough” death metal? I mean really. I have a little playlist filled with my metal songs for when I am annoyed or just feel like a bit of a bang. Harhar. Anyways I have 4 death metal songs in there. Not much. The others are heavy or just hard hard hard stuff. XD

Hehe thanks. The CSS is failing though. :/ I hope it turns out okay though. :)

LOL the quiet room is okay. Boring if you don’t have any company though, I presume.
Evil people. STAB THEM WITH A PITCHFORK. *hands one over*

Nine here, eight days there. :D
I feel old. O_O

Oh, over here “Teenagers” was overplayed quite a bit. And eveyone else was suddenly claiming that MCR were the best and claiming to be their biggest fan… without being accused of being emo or something. FFS.

Famous Last Words is my second favourite MCR song. After Helena. ;)
Poor Tess Tickle though. :(

I’ll drop it as soon as I can. Which is… *counts*… three years?
Avoiding people annoys me because they’ve driven me to avoid them when I want to do other things. Bleh. Loser to them, says I.

LOL. Yeah, my Ken had a Hawaiian shirt. XD

:O FUCK. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME. ♥ I blogged last night and buggered off to do my homework (bleh) so I didn’t add in the link. D: I just tweeted on Twitter though and I’ll plug in my next blogs until it ends. :)

Hehe! Those cubes were cute though. :) And haha I feel that when I draw things like milk cartons it always looks so childish. Bleh.
But not AS long. XD Harhar.

Thank God that was a dream, you & James seem too cute together ♥

OH MY GOD AT THAT TEE, my father keeps saying to me “the art of conversation is DEAD.” LOL, i’m so freaking creeped. xD

I had to do a project before with people I didn’t really get along with. It’s hard to try and get the top marks when you bitterly dispise everyone in your group. At least you don’t need to worry. HOORAYY!

YAYAYAY. :) Congratulations. You’ll so get the job (YN), hope it pays well, I need some funding. Jokes, jokes. :) (H)

Aw, that’s so cool, yous are like, telepathically connected. Cool & creepy all rolled into one. Coolpy. Creepool. HA.

aw, what a great day! aha, i never win anything and if i ever did, i’d probably think it was a prank! congrats on winning even though it was random, haha. i love threadless shirts and i love their selection of shirts.

it seems a bit hard but you did a really good job! i like how all of your themes have consistency in terms of overall aesthetics but you always add something different, new and exciting :3

Small world stories, ftw. :D I love them as well. Cause they’re so unexpected and just awesome, haha.

Thankfully, helping out with the children’s liturgy isn’t that boring because there’s usually other student volunteers to chat with, and some of them are quite the characters. xD

LMAO whoa they must be like the Queen triplets. That’s so cool.

Yeah I totally told Ken as soon as I saw him and he was all like NO WAY and I was all like YEAH MAN and he was all like TELL ME MORE and I was all like OKAY. Yeah, we were having some kind of weird moment.

LOL well yeah, all asians don’t pwn at math. Cause technically I am asian (being Indian) but I’m like the worst train wreck you will ever see when it comes to doing math.

*High fives back* Yay for getting help from Asian geniuses. xD Psh, I WISH I could be as smart as them, but I’ve learned to face the fact that there’s no chance in hell that will ever happen unless my intelligence gene happens to undergo a gene mutation. (HOLY FUCKING SHIT, DID I JUST SAY THAT? THIS BIOLOGY COURSE IS REALLY HAVING AN EFFECT ON ME. I HAVEN’T USED SOMETHING THAT SOUNDS THAT SMART IN AGES *so proud*)..cause yeah we were talking about gene mutations in biology today. *nerd alert*

I actually haven’t seen Josh, I don’t think he came to school today. *suspicious*

That totally sucks that the movies come out so much late there. D: Oh yeah I remember that it came out on 09/09/09.. LOL the whole point/”coolness” of it was ruined for your country. :( Ngaw.

Yeah, I was just returning comments and discovered another stealer, just a few minutes ago actually.. ugh.

Exactly. I agree 100%. There’s nothing embarrassing about using premades, just CREDIT fuck sakes.

LMAOO, wow you have a good memory. And that darn pixel hunt, you poor thing.. but you finally conquered it.. an entire year later. xD

I used to use premades, I think I used them a couple of times and then I began making my own. :3

Ah, shit. I hope we don’t have to memorize the first 20 elements. That would suck major donkey balls. (Another super nerdy biology fact: Donkey’s and mules can have sex, but 2 mules can’t have sex because they don’t have the correct number of chromosomes and their baby would turn out fucked up. :) ) GAWD, I can’t believe this information is actually in my head .. like I’M ACTUALLY LEARNING GEORGINA. I’M, ACTUALLY, LEARNING.

Gah I hate doing the dishes. I’m just so thankful for our dishwasher so my parents aren’t after me all the time haha.

:O *gasps* Hopefully that dream of yours doesn’t come true cause there’s all those theories that if you dream about it, it’s some sort of “sign”. Let’s hope not. D:

LOL I like the saying on that shirt, I would be excited as well if I were in your shoes. :D

That’s great that you have people in your group who you get along with. I hate it when you don’t know them and it’s so awkward, but you have to get around it in order to get your marks. D: Lots of pressure haha.

Whoa, shit. You and Lilian must be twins fo’sho. TELEPATHY. Or whatever it’s called. :D *wishing I had some smart biology thing to put here, but I don’t*

WOO, I bet you will get the job. A fast response is a good sign. :D Best of luck, hope it all goes well.

Congratulations on winning the t-shirt!! That’s so cool! You’re a really lucky person :) Hahah, I love both of the shirts /hehe

Good luck on the job interview! I’m sure you’ll get the job (Y) What is your layout like? I’m sure it’s amazing :)

Wow, your birthday’s are one day apart? that’s cool :P I wish i had a friend who’s birthday was one day ahead, then they wouldn’t forget my birthday! You guys sure do think alike! That must of been weird if you didn’t know she sent it at the same time, Lillian could of been an amazingly fast texter!

That does sounds a good idea at first.. blocking my own IP too.. But then again.. I won’t be able to access my site anyway. :(
I tweeted about my brother is mainly because he pisses me off sometimes. I didn’t mean to give out my website URL, to be honest but somehow they found out. x(
My brother even tried to send me spam comments on my site! LMAO. Oh, and his only 9 years old but acts as if his 14 or something.

Yes, I love milk and cookies. <3. They're yummy and you just can't resist them. :P

Wow, congratulations on winning the Threadless Tee! I love their Tees because they have awesome quotes around the shirt. ♥ . You made an excellent choice on the shirt. Even if I have too many black shirts, I'd still go for the humourous one because of it's wonderful sayings and quotes. <3

LMAO, what a coincidence! You and Lilian texted each other at the same time. Imagine if you guys had rang each other at the same time too. LOL. You guys are twins.

And aww… congrats for being accepted for a job interview. Having more than 1 job is great. Although it may keep you busy, but it's fun at the same time especially if it's a job that you know you're good at and enjoy it. I hope you'll be accepted to work with them! Good luck and do your best! :)

No i didn’t :S

Explain why parts of your coding look exactly the same as hers, particularly the order of properties in the cascading stylesheet, the discrepancies of spaces used within her CSS, and the same widths used for her layouts.

And if you weren’t so disrespectful about such a thing, perhaps you would actually leave a thoughtful comment on my blog.

aww thanks! haha I guess now a days I like simple and plain :D also cause I didnt really know what to do XD

aww haha yeaa thanks! I thought I was the worse runner in history but now its getting a bit easier! Thankfully.

hahah I love the pushover sub’s the ones who give us the answers to the homework :D it helps and gets some work out of the way XD

haha I did! I was very surprised :D

you’re welcome (:

i have one that has a bunch of fears on them XD it was pretty cool to read them XD

ahhh i hate bad dreams! Sometimes I end up crying in my sleep ! XP

” I also woke up from a bad dream in which James and I had an argument and kind of broke up. It was just a dream though, phew. ”
I’ve had like a billion of those, lol. It’s really nice that Harry’s usually lying right next to me when I wake up from them and assures me my dreams are nonsense and everything is fine (:

I love a day filled with random good things. I love free stuff ! Oh my goodness I probably would have texted everyone on my phone that I won a free t-shirt !! You must take a picture of yourself wearing that with, like, the um, cheesiest smile like, ever, duh !

LOLLL I am NOT the legal drinking age dear ! I live in America, remember ? I have to be 21 to legally consume alcohol. I wouldn’t drink at my reception anyway. Harry and I aren’t ever going to drink alcohol. I mean, it’s a wedding reception could I not serve alcohol ? loll (:

” OH MAN FFS. I hate it when there is a domain you WANT and there are lame ads all over it. I saw and it expires in 2012 or something, and I was annoyed because it was just ADS or something. UGH. ”

Ewwwwe that’s a pretty ugly thing that that girl did to you. Really foul, actually. Did you trust her once upon a time ? Eugh online people can be right gits sometimes. (oh dear Lord did I just say a ‘right git’ ?! my British friends are taking me over, hahahaa)

wow :D it sounds like you had a pretty good day! It feels like mine right now XD Ths past weeks had been raining and I just loves the rain because it makes the summer cooling and sometimes chilly ♥

I haven’t been able to get on the computer much = practice in the morning and homework in the evening makes me so tired. @_@ I always fall asleep on the way home on the bus~ That’s pretty much a nap-time for me haha!

LOL. I usually have rice and rice and rice for my breakfast :) :D It gets me going for the whole day. I just can’t live without rice. Part of being asian I guess :P

Sometimes, dreams really scare me to death. One time, I woke up soaked with my own tears! And I was reaching out for someone. The next thing you know, I completely forgot what the dream was about! DAMN.

OO Good luck with the job!!! You’ll do fine! You’re good at what you do :) Now, I wish I have a job. Really need one. HAHA.

Well, sometimes I can’t help but judge people just by how they dress. How people dress usually tell you a little bit about the person. But that’s just what I think.

Hey i love the new layout its awesome
Congrats on the job interview, I saw it on twitter (Y) I hope you get it, you deserve it :)
Well done on winning the Threadless tee sounds awesome, I might go and check out that site.
Wow your day really sounded like a good day (Y) /bounce

Hey as you may or may not know, you have been nominated for SOTY voting has now started please put the link button up, which you can find at my site. Good luck
Megan @
[this message has been copied & pasted]

take care x

I don’t remember the last time i did the dishes. I usually wait for them to pile up, then my boyfriend gets sick of them, and does them. When i buy my own house, the first thing i will get is a dish washer.

I have a lot of dreams were my boyfriend and i break up. I some times wake up crying.

I’m not one for slogan shirts. I have three.
‘I’m a blond whats your excuse?’
‘im am Steff’, which i made :P
‘Destroy your self’, which has pictures of drugs, wine, needles, etc. It was meant to be for my mum, as a joke gift.

Good luck. I really hope you get the job. I guess you will let us know in one of your future blogs.
Remember to well present your self, and smile a lot. XD
Thats just the obvious tho.

I’m glad today was a good day. i hope you have a good day tomorrow as well. Take care :)

Thanks for the tips on WordPress. I’ve just started on transferring my files. I had to make new img tags though :(

Anyway, congrats on the t-shirt. I should get more print t-shirts myself.

I’m glad you got people you like on the assignment. I would be tense already on the project but to be with people I don’t like would not be my day.

Congrats on the job interview. I hope you get the job.

Georgina and Lillian E-twins. :D

First of all, thanks for the comment on my site! :D I love when people leave comments that ACTUALLY RELATE to my entries, haha, and you never disappoint. ✌️

And wow, you won yet another NameCheap contest?! Holy crap, you’ve gotta be the luckiest chick I know when it comes to contests — ‘Specially with NameCheap’s. You win like four times a week. XD

Also, I love your current layout. This is, obviously, the first time I’ve seen it, and it may just be your best yet! I love the pastels and the greys together, very charming and cute.

Nyah!~ /eee

Hm.. sometimes, it’s hard to write a comment to you, because they take so much more time and thought than with everyone else’s and I’m sometimes not in the mood for that. However, the longer I put it off, the harder it is to do… so I guess I’d better do it now. XD

In a nutshell, the comment I tried to post was about how I love the borders for the header and footer. And in this layout, the header and navigation actually seem connected to the rest of the layout (either because of the colors or because the header spans the entire width and then has a bold bottom, thereby totally separating and containing the actual content), and that’s part of why I think it’s much better than your last one. And then I said something about me being awesome at backhanded compliments. XD

Then I was thinking about the “may the force be with you,” and how I had the idea of making a “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” poster with Gandalf the Gray on it… and about how my stepgrandpa looks like Gandalf the Gray, and if I can find a decent picture of him, I will put him on look-alike (from the failblog/lolcats/loldogs/roflrazzi/etc. site), and it shall be hilarious. XD I’m sorry if this is completely awful to read, but I somehow can’t garner the patience to repeat everything I said exactly the way I said it the first, unposted time. Heh.

I want to bring my laptop, and am tomorrow, but it makes my backpack so HEAVY! I can hardly carry it! I don’t know if I’ll be able to bring it on days when I have to walk to the bus stop and wait around (I’m getting a ride to school tomorrow and then Gordon is meeting me halfway to walk to his house, and I’ll make him carry it then). Once I get a lot of homework, though, I might need to. …Well, not necessarily, but for some reason I’d rather use my laptop than use the library computers.

Hm, it’s getting late… I should read your blog and make a relevant comment to it before going to bed. I want to post a blog, but I’m tired and might not make any sense. I wonder whether I’ll even get around to it tonight.

lol, both those shirts are so dorky, but they’re awesome. I want them. XD

Aw, I’m glad you had such a good day. ♥ My day started out terrible because nobody had bought any milk, so I couldn’t have cereal like I always do. I decided to have fruit and toast instead, but we didn’t have any margarine! I’d already taken my insulin, and I didn’t feel like doing tricky things with different foods to find the equivalent amount of carbs, so I had half a cheese sandwich instead. I was so pissed, because I’d written “MILK” on the grocery list on Friday night and told Dad I’d done it… and still hadn’t gotten any. I mean, they never buy diet soda anymore, I don’t like soy milk (like Yemaya drinks), I can’t stand coffee, and I hate washing down food with water. Oh, and my capri suns are strictly for lows (blood sugar)… luckily we had some fruit-flavored water left over, but it was gross and breakfast was not filling. Bleh.

But I went to Gordon’s (since I was over two hours early for class) and he acted like a dorky, weirdo freak and made me laugh. That was nice. :D

I shall really be ending this comment now. :)

yum for cookies and milk. It’s not really that bad of a breakfast considering I know some boys who eat pasta
and pies every morning.

my mum’s always getting at me and my brother for not doing the dishes
but in our case we normally don’t do them as much as you seem to

that tshirt is so awesome :) And it’s cool that you won it. Did you win it at random or something?

best of luck with your interview! I hope you get the job. You’re so awesome at web designing and stuff, they won’t be able to say no!

ha that’s so cool what happened with you and Lilian. It must be fun having a twin like that.

well, seeing as that kid was only five he has plenty of time to learn the alphabet.

Aw, thanks so much Georgie! :) I feel all tingly inside now haha! I’ve been trying so hard with making websites so it’s good it’s turning out great.

I’m gonna enter the writing section as soon as I get more time, and the random section too.

Yeah, it is a mouthful. It’ll probably change though haha! I also like Lily Charlotte for a girl but hey I’m only 15 and not in any rush! :P

Esmeralda is a pretty nhame. :) And Fin/ Finley. You have good taste!

I’ve actually read the autobiography too but I didn’t know there was movie! How awesome! When’s it coming out? I’m so seeing it now haha! Thanks for telling me Georgie :)

Oh, I’ll write a song about you btw! It could prove fun!

HUHU, that dream /bash Ngaww, *hugg*s :) It was just a dream /rose

YOU WON A SHURT /bounce Heehee, just like that, eh /eee
D: Stop eating cookies for breakfast! 🤬 they’re bads for yous :(

Hahah, funny if the portable site isn’t enough to win em over. Tell them you made it for the interview, and you can show them full-scale sites if necessary
Good luck /love you should be okay. Yourezoocute /hehe


Aww! *hugs* ILYSM! ♥

Yeah, at random too. /bounce I am so cool. 🙄

I had… I had bamboo and carrot this morning (pretty much just springroll filling but yeah). :D

:O Yeah, I’ll try and tell them that without me sounding like much of a snob. “I made this simple professional thing just for you, but I can make much better shit”. D:

I started fixing up the layout with the Godspeed lyrics to show them a fancy one, and, I think because it’s simple, I’ll convert the Meladori one. :)

Really? Heh. It’s.. Year 1 lol. Weird stuff. :s

SAME! :D It’s an opportunity of a lifetime… I seriously will manage to see most of the world! :P

FOOD? LOL. 🤤 Take care of your C’s heh. :P

YOU BET. It’s fucking good still; gosh. I wanted to win something soon. Bah. I’ll try my luck on yours then. And still; I’m gonna put up your links now! :D

Ooh okay! (: I still like it lol and I don’t think you necessarily have to be a procrastinator. :P It was just cool haha.

Oh okay. How are you going to give it in as a copy though? You mean the CSS file and all in a pendrive or something? :O I really wanna see how it looks like. :3

Hah okay. GOOD LUCK. You’re lucky! :O I’m sure you already know that though! XD


Haha I know what you mean. Well before he was pretty young and all that so yeah.. But now that you’re both growing up you obviously tend to get along. I wonder why you shouldn’t. The horror. /pow :3 Ngawww GG.

It sounds like you had a great day.
You were so lucky to win a t-shirt, I went and checked out the threadless site and their clothing are awesome!
I need to get a t-shirt from that site!
I hope everything goes well for your interview!
Yeah, yesterday was really hot and then at night it was raining. ==”
It sounds like you and Lillian are really twins. Not actually real twins but pretty much alike. I bet you guys are going to be friends practically as long as you live! Heh.

Haha you know MM was the best. :P I like using it when I change themes; just so I can check everything works fine.

Thanks, I’m gunna work on it, I want it to look perfect baha. Oh don’t be stupid, it looks nothing like my style. xD

I would kill for your skills. Especially your graphic skills; mine are just poo.

Yeah I use the internet a lot, but I hardly ever download anything. The only time I do is for music lol. I never download anything ‘big’.

LOL, I know I was validating peoples coding for them as well! Then when I was writing my article I realised. We shouldn’t have to do EVERYTHING for them. >_< Wow, that was a quite reply. :| Good luck though! I'm sure you'll get it. =D I wish there were jobs here haha, there's just absolutely f*ck all right now. LOL, you two seriously are twins. :P That's sweet though haha. :P Me and my friend Ellen were like that... I haven't heard from her for like a year, heh.

Haha you know MM was the best. :P I like using it when I change themes; just so I can check everything works fine.

Thanks, I’m gunna work on it, I want it to look perfect baha. Oh don’t be stupid, it looks nothing like my style. xD

I would kill for your skills. Especially your graphic skills; mine are just poo.

Yeah I use the internet a lot, but I hardly ever download anything. The only time I do is for music lol. I never download anything ‘big’.

LOL, I know I was validating peoples coding for them as well! Then when I was writing my article I realised. We shouldn’t have to do EVERYTHING for them, hmmph.

I love finding old photos, it reminds me of the good old days when we had no responsibilities or worries. ;(

:O You have to have McDonalds pancakes! They are the best pancakes, ever. Well, over here anyway. xD

Nom nom, I love bread. I used to eat it plain, with no butter or anything. XD

Oh yeah, I forgot about a scrollbar. OH I KNOW WHAT WILL WORK!!! Do min-height: px; and it will work, and with no scrollbar on long pages. =D I do that on my comments section because of the avatar. When people leave really short comments, the avatar used to go over the comment box, so I used min-height and it worked. :D

Yeah site reviews have definitely helped. I used to suck so bad at reviewing. I mean, I’m not great now but man I sucked. I used to write like one line for each section haha.

I tried putting the polls in my blog (a draft blog) and went to preview it and the polls were all fucked up. :| I might have to put them on a php page or something.

It did really offend me. I mean, I’m not usually bothered when guys say it, I just get over it but sometimes they take it way too far.

Sexist ballsacks?! LOL. That made me laugh. :P But it’s so true. Even a few guys played Netball at my old school and no one ever said anything to them!!

I don’t really see Cricket as a dudes sport. More girls than guys played it at my old school, heh.

Yeah that’s true. Also, around here it’s so much easier for a guy to get a job for some reason. I went for a job, which involves carrying things etc. I know I’m not the biggest person but where I play football I’ve developed some strength. And the guy who was giving the interview said “sorry, you’re a girl and you can’t carry heavy things, I can’t give you the job” ugh wanker.

Aww, haha. =D When Jorja and I come to Australia (we will one day, I swear!) then we can all play soccer together haha.

I don’t like milk and cookies! I like cookies, but I’m allergic to milk and can only tolerate a little bit in my tea haha. Rob LOVES milk and cookies though. XD

I always have dreams that Rob breaks up with me, or he’s cheated on me or something. I get well scared lmao.

OH WOW I WANT ONE OF THOSE T-SHIRTS!!!! I love the slogan on it haha. Congrats on winning. =D

That’s good you’re with people you get along with for the project. :) I used to hate getting put with people I hate, it never worked and I ended up doing all the work. /angry

Wow, that was a quite reply. :| Good luck though! I’m sure you’ll get it. =D I wish there were jobs here haha, there’s just absolutely f*ck all right now.

LOL, you two seriously are twins. :P That’s sweet though haha. :P Me and my friend Ellen were like that… I haven’t heard from her for like a year, heh.

Haha, I wouldn’t really have minded if you posted a comment on the test post! ;) And thank you! I’m trying to fit in website stuff with homework… but I’ve got so much homework, it’s nearly impossible to fit in website-related work! D: (And yes, I’ve just given myself a break to return comments. :D )

Ah, I see! Good luck with the interview! :)

Aghh, it is! Proxies limit what I am able to do with my website… :( I’m thinking of rebooting my computer, but I really couldn’t be bothered to re-install all these programs… :P Especially all the programs my teachers want me to download – e.g. OpenOffice (It. Sucks. Simple as that.) and SMART Notebook Software (I don’t even have an interactive whiteboard at home, what’s the point of downloading the software and using up space on my hard disk?)

/hmph That teacher really needs a lesson or something on elaborating.

I don’t wash the dishes a lot.
Partly because it makes my eczema worse. But seriously, washing the dishes is the worst chore. I’d rather iron 3 shirts instead of washing one dish! And you know that I suck at ironing so much!

I love cookies. And milk.
Breakfast makes me feel sick. Always. My mum makes me have it everyday. I know that it’s good for you but eating in the morning just makes me sick.

Shoot. That’s a freaky dream. I had a dream that the sun was blue and that the sky was red … wait….that wasn’t a dream.

Congratulations on winning! Gotta love Namecheap :) They always have cool prizes.

LOL. I like to think outside the quadilateral parallelogram LMAO. Dorky. The art of conversation is kinda like, dead and stuff. Good choice :3

It’s good that you were put with people you were friends with. Woah… there are people who you don’t get along with? Well I’m glad you weren’t put in a group with them.

Ooh, I hope your interview goes well! I’ve heard that job interviews are quite scary. Do you have to wear a suit and stuff? :

I used to have wireless internet (I still do, on my other computer). It always stuffed up. The signal was so low but if I opened the veranda it would go a bit higher. :S

Ooh! My friend’s birthday is a day after mine so we must be twins too. And my other friend’s birthday is two days before mine…so are we cousins?

Congrats on the new shirt Georgie! And I love your new layout (sorry if this is a bit late.)

Ahah, it’s so cool how you and Lilian are so alike! :D

Ooh, the new domain competition. I’m gonna join! I think I’ll do the taking a photo one. ♥

Thank God the dream wasn’t real. /hmph Lol. I know I’ve already said this, but congrats on the shirt!! =D Very well deserved. The slogan’s awesome too. I love the first slogan too. So dorky. /hehe
CONGRATS ON THE JOB INTERVIEW!! =D Hope you get the job!! (Y)
Lol, texting at the same time…that’s funny. XD Haha, her brother also messes up the internet? *sigh* brothers. /hmph LOL

Everything in Australia has to be darned different lol.

Haha. So you’re considering marriage in less than 10 years? Ngaw. Does James know? 🤤 Har, let me tell him! XD Yeah if I happen to study abroad I’d seriously be a lucky one. I’ll be faraway from my loved ones though. :(

Okay, thanks so much! (: BTW I have a question… I might as well send you an e-mail. :P

Ah. I see, I see. Cool! :)

Oh, I see. Like a file in a notepad or some sort, yes? I understand, I think. That’s sweet. Wow. PHP’s useful in these sorta things though.

Welcome! /mwah

LOL!! is totally arrshum! :D *Ahem, I rule, ahem*. ✌️

Haha that’s natural that you start to swear when you’re older and all. I’m not really sweary in front of my parents lol. :P

Aha yeah, Vicky’s templates rock. I always want to make my own layout, and I come to Heartdrops for inspiration, but your layouts are amazing and I’d NEVER be able to make one like it. O_O

Goodluck with your job interview! *huggle wuggle*

C ya :]

Water in the morning makes you sick? I used to feel a little bit like that, but I’m always so thirsty when I first wake up (I think I frequently sleep with my mouth open) that I got over it. :P

About the contests… the reason I thought of it for last night’s (well, to me, it was last night, heh) blog was that someone tagged “Join my graphics contest!” on a HORRIFICALLY UGLY site with terrible graphics. Really, you think that they have the skills to participate in your contest? I suppose there’s always the chance that the person with the contest is also terrible and so they’d all be the same skill level… but, eh. I dunno.

I’ve never heard of Google desktop. o_O It sounds useful though.

Heh, this is nice. I stayed at my mom’s in the middle of the week (abnormal), and I have another two hours before my ride takes me to class. It’s the perfect time to reply to comments… partly because I have to wait to eat breakfast (my blood sugar’s a little higher than it should be, so I have to wait for the insulin that I took to start bringing it down… there’s a trick where you divide your blood sugar by ten (mine’s 147 right now) and wait for that many minutes before you start eating), but I’m in the dining room next to the open patio door, and it’s sunny and a little cool, but a nice prelude to the extreme heat that’s randomly coming later. :D

A good start to the day, except for the fact that in the shower, the removable shower head fell off and hit me on the head. That sucked.

I am so glad to hear that you had a good day, and I also would have had a tough time choosing between the two t-shirts. Congratulations on winning the contest. :)

Cookies! Haha yeah you can get them often from our school tuckshop… yums.
I posted on the domain contest about the writing entries and plugged it in my blog. :3

LOL. Yeah. Very true. XD Anyway… it was pretty grim to drown in treacle. I mean the other day I was dying of laughter (literally… couldn’t breathe) and I was thinking “you know, dying of laughter sounds quite pleasant, right? At least I’ll die happy”. Then I realised that basically I was SUFFOCATING and that’s the equivilant of DROWNING which is supposedly rather peaceful. Eeeep.

Once I woke up from a dream because I fell on the floor. LMFAO. And haha yeah Gerard Way was an immediate source of reality/ comfort.

PLUSHIE DOG!!! /eee /hehe ♥

I always end up working with lazy people. EPIC FAIL.
Lmfao, I was going to but I thought your fanlisting was waaaaay more inviting then a page of text about Stephen. XD

Oh my if I listened to metal ALL the time, my head would implode. I wouldn’t be able to take it. I mean I need to have some soft stuff sometimes… and some variation. Like Anberlin or The Smashing Pumpkins or The Script.

Wells. It’s gonna have lillies and tulips in it… but I fail on the colour scheme. I’ll probably use grey though. I love my grey. /love

LOL. Good point. I’m not OLD, I just FEEL old.
HAHA that’s pretty epic… the whole “chain” idea with MCR’s songs. :)

No lol. We DO have kindergartens here, Georgie! :S I think we misunderstood eachother…. Haha nvm. XO

:P Yeah I do. 24 good? :D

I KNOW. I just am very close to my family so it is a big disadvantage for me because id miss my folks so fucking much.

“Shoot me an e?” lmao. Its about the computer graphics on your domain. Your wallpaper size… when i tried it on my PS it turned out to be some sort of a banner size. :S i’ll show u what i mean…

Haha yeah I get it now! :P GOOD LUCK ON THAT JOB INTERVIEW. It’s like soon 10pm here haha and the mornings rising there soon im sure! :D

LOL. glad u think so! :O XD

LOL. Mine never heard me because i havent been in a bad mood in a while. Yeah you’re right. So right. i wouldnt lol. Usually…

hahah yess it is!

loll! Me too! I set like a goal not to walk for at least a mile, and I achieved my goal, then my next one was for 1 1/2 miles and I achieved that too! But afterwards, I was like ok..too tired to go for 2 miles LOL As much as I dont want to walk, I get soo tired XD

haha yeaa i know, but maybe you’ll fall in love with them XD IDK they’re really cute! has really awesome T’s! Thats where me and my sister get ours :D Some of them are really cute ! (:

hahah i’m weird, i know :P I tryy not to have bad dreams, but I don’t think I can control them XD. I think like when you get older you dont tend to get bad dreams. My sister like hardly everrr has bad dreams! She said her last really bad dream was like in 4th grade, and shes in college now XD It was funny cause she dreamt that our dog ran away and she woke up and she had to go into the kitchen to see if she was there LOL

I’m going to time how long it takes me to write this comment because I have a feeling that it’s going to take ages. :) Start time: 9:23pm

Sneaky little frog? LOL. Aww, I like frogs. XD No, you got 2nd comment but you did write a monster of a comment. xD

Erm, I’m not really sure actually. I get the feeling EVERYONE is staring at me. I mean, I do look skinny, obviously and I don’t really have an ‘hour glass’ figure which is probably why people stare.

Everybody judges me. The worst came from Piczo, everyone used to call me anorexic and stuff, which made me so much more self concious.

I know, I can’t understand why anyone would want to be skinny. :| I absolutely hate it. It’s not just metabolism, I do have a bowel problem as well though.

Lol, aww. :p I hate heels actually, I can barely walk in them LOL. I just stick to my trainers or flats. xD You’re still nutters. xD I was the same, I was quite paranoid around people I didn’t know but around my friends I was a nutter. I quite like being short LOL it doesn’t make me look AS skinny as taller people do, heh. I will try to believe in myself. :)

I know! So far, yet so close. I want to settle down like you, get a stable job, married, a nice big house and then have children. I don’t want to bring my kids up with nothing going for them, if you get what I mean. I’ve already got names planned for my kids LOL.

Oh no, it’s just because my step dad thinks my sister is too stupid to get a job; he’s said so himself. I think it’s because his 3 kids who are all grown up now had jobs and stuff at my age, blah. That sucks your mum only moans at you and not your brother. Do you always get blamed for things going missing and stuff as well? I do lol. My sister always grasses me up to my mum if I hit her or something as well. /angry

Your mum seriously doesn’t let you go to James’ house? :O My parents have never really been that strict with stuff like that. They know I’m sensible and didn’t even ‘do it’ until I was 17, nearly 18 and that was with Rob lmao. TMI I know. :P

I DIDN’T GET ONE REPLY FROM THOSE 50 JOBS EITHER!!! It sucks, I mean, they should at least send us a letter back saying ‘sorry we aren’t taken any one on at the moment’ or something, douches.

You’re mean. :P I think it was easier all in my comment anyway. Dude I’m not looking forward to your reply LOL, our comments are just going to get longer and longer whenever one of us writes a new blog LOL.

“My non existent graphics skills? _cough” SHUT UP LOL. You obviously do have awesome graphic skills, and everyone knows it. Everyone envy’s you and your graphic skills, coding skills, and most importantly your dedication. You could give me some of that please. :)

Oh I need some new music, want to give me some names of some bands? I recently fell in love with All Time Low; but I still need a few new ones. :P

Well, offering a service and doing it in reviews is kind of backwards. :P Yeah I was thinking of offering services but most people are learning how to do it themselves now anyway. I know validating isn’t everything, but it still makes me feel good knowing it is validated, heh.

James makes a very good point (GO JAMES~). But I mean, I remember in Primary school, all I had to worry about was getting in before dark and having a bath LOL. Oh and getting up for school, no homework, no coursework or exams, it was great.

The min-height thing will most definitely work. I should have saved it for the review but ah well lol. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR INTERVIEW!!!! I’m sure you’ll get it. :) I DO THAT AS WELL!!! I always type things related to web-design or the internet when I type other words sometimes lol. Addicted much?

Hehe, I always try to credit everyone. I’ve credited you for the pixel I used as a favicon as well. :) I thin you should make a penguin pixel. *hint hint* haha.

Ahh good times with reviews. It’s kind of died down on the review front lately. I know I was closed for a while but even before that I didn’t get many applications. I sometimes hate having a short queue, it makes me lazy and think ‘oh I only have 2 in the queue, I don’t need to rush to get them done’. Meh.

Aww, you’re brother played netball? That’s so sweet. I wanna play now. I used to HATE it but I was really good at it oddly enough, heh. I was pretty good at most sports actually. :S

I’ve never heard of vigoro LOL.

Yeah, I was so tempted to say something to him but I wanted to apply for another job there. Plus, it’s my main shop so he might have banned me or something LOL.

YES I WANT TO COME TO AUSTRALIA!!! My mums still going on about how if she wins the lottery we’re moving to Australia lmao.

LOL bless James. Me and Rob never speak on MSN any more lol. Mine doesn’t work but yeah. We always phone each other and talk to each other on the phone for like 2-3 hours. I hardly see him though. :(

Yeah, things do change. I don’t speak to any of my old best friends from school anymore. Well, I do kind of on Facebook but it’s not the same. :( I hardly see or speak to my best friends who I’ve known 17 years anymore. :(

THAT DOUCHE IS A TWAT. I want to say something to him but he’ll just deny it like he did to you. :( It does annoy me when people do it to me though, I do sometimes go a bit overboard but I have reason to.

I’M GETTING ATTACKED BY MOSQUITOES!!! They always fucking bite me. :(

Ahh, this comment is 1071 words long, and I finished at 9:44pm… not bad? :) Actually it is LOL.

It is? Thats weird, because my order is always the same, so unless i based my order off of hers about a year ago, that’d be kinda sad.

I will admit that I did get the idea from her, do you want me to put credit for inspiration?

Vicky has had her site around for well over a year. You should know better. She definitely deserves credit.

Lucky you! What a great day /eee And we actually did get a new computer. It was from my grandpa’s shop that he sold and he gave us one of the computers. Unfortunately, there was no sound chip, nor could it connect with the internet for some magical reason. /poo
Happy Birthday Heartdrops, BTW!!!
Cookies and milk for breakfast? Yummy 🤤 I had half a blueberry bagel and a chunk of pear XD Algebra is evil. I’m sorry, the teacher is evil. He just says “good effort”. And teaching, he writes stuff on the board and stands in front of it so no one can see @_@ Makes it easy to learn. Then he didn’t tell me he wanted me to redo the homework I got a C or something on, so my grade went waaay down /argh
Good luck at your interview!

HAHA. And some of my friends laugh at me because I have rice breakfast, lunch and dinner! 🤤 So fat! LOL

Seriously, I can’t understand them anymore. Its like I’m “watching” the dream but not really registering what’s happening. Its like “first comes in one ear, and exits on the other”. That kind of thing. It’s hard to explain. I’m really curious about what they mean though. Like, i’m so tempted to borrow a book about dreams. HAHA.

Thanks! :) I really wish I have a job. But on the “con side”, I only want to focus on school. No distractions. But I guess that’s not really going to come true. I really need money. For my own needs :D

That’s exactly what happened when I first met one of my closest friends! I was scared to talk to her since I thought she was mean, but we ended up laughing everytime!

Yeah, it’s never nice to be alone. :(

Ohs I see. Well sisters is close enough to triplets. xD It would have been “extra” cool if they were triplets though cause people could call them the “Trips Q’s” Get it? :) Gawsh. I need a life.

LMAO, well I would tell you more.. if I knew anything more. D: Fail.

LMAO prodding my cheeks? Uh thanks? xD Well at least you USED TO be good at math. I’ve always just sucked at it.. :(

Gene mutations ftw. I’m such a nerd. But as I always say, I’d rather be nerdy than a dumbass. LOL. The richest peeps in the world are NERDS. *woo* K that was so random. Anyways, hopefully my gene mutates soon.. HEHE. I’m on a quest to be a nerd.

NAAAH, Josh’s heart ain’t broken. Far from it, actually. He came to school today and I asked him why he didn’t come yesterday and he said “Cause he didn’t finish a biology assignment” so I was like “oh true”. And it was really funny, cause he greeted me in the SAME WAY and I was like “K you either stop greeting me like that or actually TELL ME when you’re being serious about the date” and he went “oh. ok. so.. I’M BEING SERIOUS. ;) NO WAIT, THAT WAS A JOKE. GET IT? MY SERIOUSNESS WAS A JOKE? AHAHAHAH” Fail. That’s Josh in a nutshell.

Hopefully you will earn enough money to come to America. That would be awesome. :D Forget about the past and move on to better things, yo. ;)

OMG WOW. Whoever the stealer was, they need to get their brain examined LMAO. Cause why can’t they understand that they’re making everything worse yb leaving an unrelated comment. SHIT. IT’S NOT LIKE ROCKET SCIENCE. More like common sense.

I can understand why you were so pissed. I would have been as well, regardless of whether it was my layout or not. People like that are just UGHGUGHUGHU. Imagine how mad you would have been if it WAS our layout. :O

I think a couple other people found the pixel dude as well, hehe.


But mules aren’t mutations, are they? They’re just the product of a donkey and horse. I think. You’re probs right lol, cause I actually don’t know what I’m talking about now. :) My intelligent moments are over. Sigh.

OMG, I’m totally going to research Labradoodles. What an amusing name, eh?

Oh don’t worry, our dishwasher really sucks as well. I get so mad cause I get the dishes out and some of them are still stained so I’m like WTF IS THIS. Useless piece of shit.
(A bit harsh, but whatever).

You should get that dream analyzed. Just for the fun of it, cause I like to see their insane predictions. xD

Omg, that doesn’t sound like fun at all. D: Poor you. :( I’ve been in similar situations where it’s either a group of major nerds or a group of major sluts and I’m just THERE. Lmao.

You’re welcome. :)

Whoa! That’s cool you guys texted at the same time XD I guess you can sense each other or whatever. Wow. Sounds lie your day was pretty busy. My days are never a change . It’s always wake up, breakfast, get dressed, school, homework, swim, computer, bed :P

Huh, that’s really strange.. O_o After you told him? Hmm. Odd child you got there.

And you mom doesn’t like her? Weird. I guess she still thinks you guys are friends haha.

Well my brother is really good at math and gets really good grades in it. He likes it because it challenges is. I say challenge in math is B.S. :P It’s hard enough for me to do the regular math XD

Yeah well there was one school underwater O_O Others couldn’t get to school because of flooding so they just closed the entire county :D LOL!

Oooh. I see. :) You think of so many interesting topics. Gah :P I have trouble thinking of topics for blogging once a week XD

Haha yeah I figured that out :P At least the CSS is easy!

Dang you really had a good day! Glad you did. :) I never win anything cooool. Damn lucky you. That shirt sounds cute. Like..dead & stuff. I totally voted for you for all of those nominations & what not for audiorush’s contest. I didn’t even realize I got nominated. But I got nominated for best tutorials & my tutorials aren’t even that great so…I don’t know. I think you’ll probably win. :)

I totally love this new layout though. I love the new look & everything. haha i like how you expressed concern for your friend even though her brother was just messing around with her internet. you’re sweet!

p.s. i totally hate having dreams about fights. I have dreams about fighting with my best friend & i wake up really sad. but lately i can’t even remember my dreams. :/

I don’t really have an interest in drinking anyways so it’s no big deal. But thanks for the offer! I’d rather go to Australia to be around the really chill people. I hear Australians are very laid back (:

My heart is broken. is taken. Someone else has adopted it. chose someone else over me. I wanted that domain so bad! I guess that header image is useless now that my PS has expired, lol. Maybe I can offer it to the new owner. Eh well =/

People write like.. novels for your comments! You must set aside like hours for your site, hahahaa (:

Lol. Really? And I thought 5 years is a lot for kindergarten. XD

LOL! Sorry haha. Yeah; so since you say it’s ok it’s 6 years! :3 Our GG’s growing up! Ngaww!!! /poo /ho /hehe ♥

Yeah of course; I know. It IS a lot you bet! D: I might as well go to the university that we have here haha. Then I’ll go to other universities some other time or when I have more time to think about my future. I need to do well in grade 11 first! :P RIIGHT? XD

Yeah! :| I’ll show you once you get on MSN ASAP. Lmao. Same. I got kinda confused! D:

Welcome! (: BTW congrats on the job interview! :3

Haha cookies! I hate biscuits. D: You should drink Up&Go. X3 Liquid breakfast shit. It’s nice and… quick.

Lucky you! How many times did I say that already. Like, a four? Five?
Looks nice, I’d get one! Again, lucky butt.
I have so many black clothes too. I want that geek shirt. It’s so me.
I’m going to get another shirt with my crap on it, though. The one with Stephen Christian on it. Pwnage. Pure pwnage. I’ll wear it to school and get in trouble for not wearing uniform, then show them the iPod in my bag. Then watch them go nuts over how the rules are breaking and I need to fix them with Anberlin goodness.
Crap is my first language, just so you know. ;D

Hehe good luck with getting your jobbamijobby! Aren’t all websites portable? :O

LMAO, that’s cute! Funny that you have texted each other at the same time. You could read her mind and vice-versa. Cool!
Ha, kissy emote!

Oh did I? What device tells you all about me? Hmm? /ho

You have no idea how much that has touched my heart. Seriously. That is the sweetest thing that has ever been said to me, ever.
Of course I care. :3 And I’ll always be around, I have your number and we can RING RING. Shitty, I scared myself. Roffle, text then. :P

Babies are younger kids. Or, younger toddlers!

I didn’t say that you owned a million! Gimme that sombrero.

Georgina Celestine Priscilla Luhur!!
Did you know that Lee is short for Leorina? But I hate the name ‘Leo’ and that’s why I am Lee. My mom would be pissed if she saw this comment, so I have to stop there. :D

Oh of course. It died, stupid marshmallow comet hit it too gently. When I hit it with a baseball bat, it grew stronger. Funny.
I love talking crap outta me ass. XD

Coming to the concert? :) FRONT ROW SEATS, ABSOLUTELY FREE? (I said that a million times, seriously.)

Will do. I didn’t know it was her who made it. Sorry. But did she invent that style of layout? If she did, thats pretty good.