Today Is The Greatest Day

Join the domain competition! 😁

Today was great, all in all. Now, I’m one for mess, so things might not be in chronological order but I’ll try my best.

The day started out pretty lame. My mum got annoyed at me for not doing the dishes. Ugh. But I do them every day, or at least one sink full of dishes! I ate two cookies for breakfast which didn’t make me feel too good. There was nothing to eat that was appetising or suitable for breakfast really. After all, we like cookies and milk, don’t we?

I also woke up from a bad dream in which James and I had an argument and kind of broke up. It was just a dream though, phew. πŸ˜›

Eventually I went on the computer for the first time that day (it was about noon). My mum had left for work. I opened Tweetdeck, and I found that I had won a Threadless tee from I was really excited, because this competition was done by random and I was just completely shocked.

I wanted to get this dorky shirt but I didn’t like the design much so I chose this humourous one that reads: The art of conversation is like, kinda dead and stuff.

Anyway… now I’m all excited that I get a new shirt. πŸ˜„ I have too many black ones but I just loved the slogan on that one. πŸ™‚

I didn’t really feel like dusting the wall unit or anything my mum told me to do. I had already swept the hell out of every piece of floor in the house.

I checked my university email and I found out who’s in my group for our project. Ryan and Nicole – the exact same people who I had been talking to about the assignment last week. Pretty much a given – Ryan and I talk all the time because we’re in the same class for everything. πŸ˜• At least I’m not stuck with some people who I don’t get along with, eh.

In the late afternoon, my mobile phone rang. I picked it up and I was happy to discover that I had been called regarding a job I had applied for the other day, in data entry and graphics design. (I know I have a job but I was out for a bit more of a challenge.) A fast response, too. I now have an interview on Thursday and I have to show them a sample piece of my work – wish me luck. πŸ˜„ I’ve just cooked up a portable little website that I can show – it’s something small but I just based it on a layout I made.

I’m excited. ☺️

After that I was feeling quite good, so I happily dusted all the little decorative china pots around the house and the photo frames in our wall unit in the lounge.

And my mum was in a good mood when she got home.

Earlier this evening, I was chatting to Lilian on MSN (I still am! β™₯️ ) and her wireless stuffed up. Possibly due to her monkey brother. But I was there for a while sending IMs and wondering if she was getting anything I was saying. I couldn’t tell because she had been appearing offline.

I even tweeted to her on Twitter. Then I worried that something went wrong so I sent her a text message. The most hilarious thing was, we texted each other at the same time. So while I was expressing my worry, she had sent me a message saying that her brother was probably being a douche with the internet. πŸ˜…

Haha. See. Proof that we are twins. πŸ˜‰ Not real twins, but we are that close and alike (and our birthdays fall a day apart, in case you didn’t know).

So all in all, today was a good day. 😘

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