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James and I opened a site together; Fire The Arrow. I guess it’s nothing much but if you’re looking to see what we’re up to, I guess you might like it. :)

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Sorry to the multiple plugs. I had to. :O

I think you might be wanting to know how my job interview went. Well, it went great. The person offering the job seemed pretty impressed too, saying that my skills were much more than what they needed. By next week I’ll have a definite yes or no. Fingers crossed. I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

My mum keeps asking me about it though. It’s kind of annoying. She keeps asking me for every detail and why I didn’t do this, that, why I didn’t ask questions… well, that’s the least of my worries…

Because, I am craving meatballs. Big, fat, juicy meatballs. @_@

Meatballs are great though. I’m not into the fully beefy kind they have on top of pizzas or on spaghetti.

I’m more into the soup meatballs, or the Asian meatballs, which are usually grey and rounder in texture. They don’t look like puff balls, they look like the balls they have in computer mice, only more appetising.

A few years ago I went to Indonesia because that’s where most of my relatives live. I have talked to Gillian about how much I hate Indonesia because I can’t imagine myself living there, because of the conditions, the way people stare at me and the customs and traditions they have. I was born in Australia and that’s how things are.

Asian stalls
Asian stalls

So, meatballs. /drool

But regardless of that, in Indonesia they have a lot of people who ride these little stalls. I don’t know what they’re called, but there’s a stall on wheels, and there’s a bike at the front which the owner rides and travels around in.

They sell many things like cakes, kebabs, soup, rice, satay and best of all, meatballs. There are many with meatballs.

In Indonesian, bakso means meatballs. My family stayed there for two months last time we visited, and I swear, bakso became my frigging life.

The stalls that sold meatball soup were so, so common. Every time we were in the middle of traffic (the traffic is crazy there – so many traffic jams), sometimes we’d be near a stall and we’d just go right ahead and buy meatballs.

We had a lot of long rides there, and it was seriously addicting. Every time we took a break after a few hours, meatballs it was. And even when we went to fancy restaurants that served a multitude of other foods. I raised my hand for meatballs.

It was just plain grey computer-mouse-ball-looking meatballs, but they were so tender and juicy with simple peppered-salted soup, and were chewy and scrumptious. We didn’t even buy them with noodles; they just came with rather plain soup, but boy, they were delicious.

We arrived home from that trip in the late morning, suffering from jet lag. We left Indonesia at night, but because of the timezones, it was around 11am when we arrived back here in Australia.

“Ugh, it’s nearly lunchtime,” my mum groaned, looking at all the bulging suitcases on the floor. “What do you want to eat?”

I replied, “Meatballs”.

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YAY! Fire the Arrow =) I’ve already been…^^…Hehehehe. It’s awesome! I’ll look again tomorrow after my freaking law assignment is DONE. Far out it’s almost 11pm and I’m still no where near finished…T_T…*sigh*

I’m glad the job interview went well =) Hehe. VERY glad…^^…I’m SO hoping you get the job =) *hugs*. I bet you will…^^…Because I bet your interviewer thinks you’re awesome too…xD ♥ Hehehehe!

Aw that IS annoying. Sometimes my parents are like your mum too. They ask me EVERY SINGLE DETAIL, when I really CANNOT remember. Sometimes they ask me 2 or 3 times because they forget they’ve already asked me, and it’s like…==…WHYYYYYY? I DON’T REMEMBER GODDAMNIT! *sigh*

ASIAN MEATBALLS! I just had some for dinner yesterday xD The pork balls…^^…So yummy…^^…I like the fish ones best, though. Hehehe…They look just like white chocolate balls. Only whiter and less round xD

They’re so awesome…*drools* Oh great, now I’M craving meatballs xD Hahahahahaha…

Ooooh, those stalls! They have them in Malaysia too…^^…Hehehehehe…Except when we get stuck in traffic jams, we can’t go buy stuff from them, cos they’re no where in sight…*sigh* We just have to sit in the car…==…But I LOVE those stalls when we’re in market places…^^…*squeeal*

Oh god. Night flights kill! Because you NEVER get enough sleep ==…*sigh* It’s like…way too hard to sleep on the plane…=( But at least you have a legitimate excuse to sleep for the whole day. Hahaha xD

HAHAHA LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! You ARE addicted to meatballs. This totally made me LOL when I read it:

‘ “Ugh, it’s nearly lunchtime,” my mum groaned, looking at all the bulging suitcases on the floor. “What do you want to eat?”

I replied, “Meatballs”. ‘


LOL great, I have made myself hungry now. No joke though, I was thinking of meatballs before typing this blog. XD

Awww! I thought you’d get far… but I know you’re probably on a roll now after all that planning. (Y) Planning is something I need to do for my stuffed up draft essay that was peer-reviewed.

Haha I hope so! :)

My mum counts on me to remember a lot of things but some things you just don’t remember because they all happened in one go. Like, I can recount basically what happened in the interview, but I don’t remember every exact detail! It’s like… detailing your first kiss or something. How am I supposed to remember that? (Well, I do, but not the details… @_@ )

Hahaha I LOVE fishballs! Every time I made noodles I’d throw a mix of them in. Fishballs are like ping pong balls! (Referring to James’s comment below about the size of ping pong balls…)

Aw! It’s usually crowded on the busy streets in Indonesia. :P

Haha, I think I didn’t bother sleeping… I stayed up and went on MSN and put my personal message as “I’m BACK!” :D

But it was sooooo yummy, and still is… 🤤

HOHO, meatballs! /love
We eat them a lot too /bounce We call them uw yuen (literally, cow balls) They’re so nice with soy sauce and chili :P Ahh, I love them. I also like cuttlefish balls, but they’re not as satisfying /ho
The ones we get here are slightly larger than ping pong balls, and pretty damn nice :) Speaking of them, I haven’t had them in a while D:

Glad your interview went well *floog* I hope you get the job, and quit Kumon forever! *frog*


Cow balls. Well, they’re beef balls alright. /ehe

My mum buys one of the brand Vinaco. They’re not really that smooth but ahhh, they’re so delicious. And they’re pretty big too. We used to get a different brand that was smaller and smoother but whatever. Meatballs are the bomb. 💥

OH and they are really nice with soy sauce! My mum often chops them up and stir fries with noodles, but I prefer the soup. :)

Hahha I won’t quit! It’s only casual so I can still fit it in. :)

Yay for the interview going well! I hope you’ll get the job. :D

I love meatballs. And I love the fact that my grandma can make meatballs. So when I feel like eating meatballs, I’d just ask my grandma. She won’t mind, though, because she likes meatballs herself :P There was a week when I kept eating meatballs, for seven days. I became bored and then I turned to noodles or something. :P

Living in Indonesia is hard. Sometimes I just hate some people here, even though I’m Indonesian myself. And the condition, gosh, I love my country’s culture but the condition is o_0 From the traffic jam until the politic situation… (I’m only 12 but I’m keeping my eyes on politics, ha).

Those stalls! There are a lot here :s But I live in an area that aren’t allowing those stalls to come. They used to be allowed, when I was eight years old or so. Every afternoon, those stalls came, sometimes they stopped right in front of my house. :P In Indonesian, they’re called “gerobak”.

I don’t like meatballs on stalls, though. The hygiene isn’t guaranteed, and what I hate the most is, you know those sauce inside the bottle, they’re made with rotten chillis and worms and other things you don’t want to know. That’s why I don’t like meatballs on stalls. :S I prefer my grandma’s. :P

Eh, thank you for the compliment :3

I wasn’t interested in watercolors until I browsed some cool watercolors arts on DeviantArt. And my mom taught me the basic stuff. XD

Yeah, I laughed once and my grandma who was sitting next to me was like, “Nnie, don’t make a sin in a holy day.”

Interrogating questions! I hate them, and most of them asked things like, “Do you have a boyfriend? You’ve grown up!” Sigh.

Awesome new site! I like what you guys have written so far there. :D So cute!

And meatballs of any kinds are my favourites. Korean style, American style, I’ll take it as long as it’s not botched up!

You have every right to say you prefer Australia over Indonesia. Just because someone is ethnically from BLAH, it doesn’t mean they have to live in BLAH. Much like I am a US citizen, but I don’t want to live in the states. Though I am ethnically Korean, and I’m living in Korea . . . but that’s beside the point! If Australia’s your home, then that’s your home. End of story.

what an amusing blog, hehe! i actually have had meatballs on pasta once but that was it and i didn’t like the taste :( meatballs and sausages are both not my choice of meat but you’re convincing me to give it a try!

i’ve always loved threadless because it gives me a bit of false hope that i can submit my designs to them, hah, but i don’t think so :p

Yeah. I guess it’s natural? Hmm.

Yeah! You’re right. I definitely will! I’m going to work on it tomorrow if nothing comes up. Fuck, I’ve been saying “tomorrow, tomorrow”. DEFINITELY TOMORROW.

Same lol. Thanks so much! :3

All things are different in Australia lol. I kept watching that dust storm in Aus too (random). Did you see any of it?

Yeah. Will do. It all will come sometime when the time is right.

Welcome! :)

I’m so glad you did well on your interview! Let’s hope for the better, though, k? :P

My gosh. Meatballs. LOL that’s random. But yeah haha I haven’t had them in a while and usually I crave them a bit! XD They can be really tasty! Fuck I’m hungry now. :|

Yeah, those stalls; I did see them once. We have the hot dogs ones here though. And the burgers and Chinese take away. LOL. But I’m aware of the Indonesian stalls! ;)

LOL!!!!! So many meatballs. Maybe this is why you have high cholesterol? It’s not good to have a LOT of those. An occasionally 6-a-go is OK though. :P MEATBALLS FTW?! :3

It’s finally open! YAY! I’m so glad about your job interview, yes you do have some awesome skills so I’m surprised they were impressed! Haha, I bet your mom asks you a lot because she’s worried, just tell her not to worry. I know! I love meat balls! Asian meat balls are good too! :D . Oh, I know these! In Tanzania we have these too! But probably not the same taste, I have no idea what they call them, hey their language is hard! /ehh . I know! I think we have the same case, In Tanzania it was my life, I loved it! I kind of miss it now, it’s so tasty they don’t have it in UAE . At least you returned at 11am, when we returned here it was 4 in the morning, and the airport was soo crowded /argh

Aww I like Fire the Arrow! It’s cute. :) A nice idea. :D
Wow, I’m so glad the interview went well! :3 I hope you get the job. Told ya I’d be with you in spirit. ;)
Your mum is probably just curious to see whether you did well or not; I understand it will be annoying though.

HAHA MEATBALLS! I hate meatball sauce on my pasta earlier. /eee
OOOH those little stalls on wheels are so cute! ^^ Hehe. I love stalls like that that sell anything. One in our town sells doughnuts, mini ones. Hehe.

ROTFLMFAO, meatballs. XD I don’t really like meatballs quite as much as you do, but it’s impressive that you can revolve a whole blog around it. XD

UGGGH. I hate it when you are “running too slow”, how fast can we STRATIGICALLY run for long distance?!! (BTW I know I spelt that wrong but the spelling escapes me right now).

Aw. I like rain but running in the rain is nowhere near walking in the rain. O_O Poor Georgie. :( *hugs*
LOL. You came ninth? I’m not so bad at sprints – fourth or third – but I suck at long distance… wayyyy too far to run.

Awwh no I didn’t really tell her I hadn’t got it. XD
IKR? Last year we had these A4 books. They were a horrid colour – mushroom :S – but it was still easier.
LOL. I think I’ll skip both drowning AND the whole… deal… with other things. :P

Well it’s funny waking up on the floor… no familiar Gerard Way poster. D: And harhar I like sleeping on the floor. XD
Maybe that is why your friend is such a prick. *nods* I have loads of rock and the like in iTunes but I have piano and some stuff off those Dance Nation Discs – just the quiet stuff – because it’s easier to think to songs with no lyrics, yanoe? I have the Westlife song “You Raise Me Up” because I like it. XD Haha. I don’t normally listen to Westlife though.

GREEEEEEEY. :D I love grey for layouts… /love

I would definitely return comments at Clark if my laptop wasn’t so heavy to bring. :/ I think I’m bringing it today, though… eghh… I haven’t decided yet.

Haha, sorry, I forgot that you’d posted a new blog and so hit to post it. XD

…I think that those meatballs sound really gross, actually. :/ I’m more into the spaghetti meatballs, although I don’t care for them a whole lot either way. XD

LOL yar fo’sho. It was the one day of chemistry that I actually somewhat enjoyed.. not including the part where I got my ass kicked out of class.

Triple Q’s FTW.

That’s true. Everyone has different talents and capabilities. :)

Being smart definitely pays off. And DAYUM, did I have an experience today. We got our math tests back today, and I DID BETTER THAN KEN. LIKE KEN. LIKE ASIAN. LIKE-ASIAN-KEN. LIKE GENIUS. LIKE 99% MARK IN MATH-KEN. YAH. I got an 85% and he got an 80%. I was like, freaking out. I thought the world was going to end. Seriously.

Yeah I really hope that Josh never does that again. >:( So not cool. It was SO AWKWARD. Gah.

Best of luck with, earning, earning, earning. :D

LMFAO wow fail indeed. My ass they were inspired by her, cause being inspired and copying are two different things. -.-

BAHAH, I totally just said UGUHGUGHUGH to myself outloud and started laughing SO HARD. I suck..

That’s true, it’s not too often that you hear of two different species producing yet another species of offspring. O_O Or wait, are donkeys, horses and mules the same species? Probs not. D: I’M CONFUZZED.

Oh believe me. The dishwashing soap is not the problem. I bet we’ve tried out about 50 different brands including the “most expensive/best ones” and the dishes still turn out looking like shit.

Fortune telling scares the crap out of me. I try to avoid all this “psychic/voodoo” stuff. *shivers*

SEXI MOLECULES FTW. (Lol, so random).

Aw I love Fire the arrow! :D Dayum, you have like a countless number of blogs lmao. I like all of em though. :D

WOO, great to hear that your job interview went off well. I’m pretty sure that you’ll get a definite YES since you were told that you had more skills than they needed. ;)

Lmfao, your little description of meatballs was so random, but entertaining.. I think I’ve only tried one type of meatballs, or maybe I just can’t tell the difference in taste between different types of meatballs. At the end of the day, I LOVE MEATBALLS TOO.

I remember our chat about Indonesia, hehe. Those little stalls are so cute. :O I think they used to have similar types of things in India. According to my parents? But idk for sure. That’s quite a convenient way of selling things too, cause it’s mobile. (epic).

HAHA wow, you really did love your BAKSO’S. xD I’ve never loved them that much, but I’m sure I would have if I had a childhood like yours. :3

So, this whole blog was about meatballs. You have skill Georgina. Serious skill.

Thanks for the tip on taking a break from WordPress if I need it. Right now I feel like taking a brake from my math. I wish! :)

Oh yeah F.A.B. does mean fabulous, I forgot to include that.

Bladerunner? I’ll have to check it out. I haven’t done my Harrison Ford trvia yet. :)

Oooh yeah Fire of the Arrow is open that’s great.

I’m glad your interview went went well. My fingers are crossed with you.

I get into a daily routine with some foods. But mines only lasts awhile. That sounds like fun, in a car jam and, oh look! There’s a stand. Where does the service go in America? :D

Lol I LOVE meatballs. Not trying to make that sound wrong ;)

But I love the other kind, my favorite food is Spaghetti and Meatballs. Especially with cheese on top. In NYC we have something similar to those ‘stalls’ but we just call them Street Vendors or Food Vendors. They also remind me of the Pedicabs we have here, which is actually sort of different lol.

I don’t know if I would ever consider traveling to Indonesia, though I’m sure there are some attractions to see, I would consider visiting Australia though :) A girl I knew in High School did a few semesters in the University in Sydney and she loved it there.

Fire The Arrow is a really cute idea. I wouldn’t be able to get Dewey to do that with me, he’s lazy lol. I’m still pushing him to do another Dewey Tuesday’s or Muscial Dewey’s –whatever he wants to call it :) Anyways you and James are really cute together and it seems like you guys have a load of fun together :D

P.S. I totally forgot to wish you good luck with the job!!!! My mom gets annoying too sometimes with the questions and the why didn’t you do this and why did you do that… but I think most mothers nag like that!

Mhhmmm…Meatballs! Oddly enough, I just had them tonight for dinner :P Tasty!

I hope you get the job! I know the feeling about not getting your hopes up but it’s just so hard not to. It difficult to dodge disappointment. :(

Well I guess that’s why you blogged about it then! :D

Haha yeah. I have some family friends I address them as aunt and uncle even. We are so close :)

Some subjects I like challenges but just like you not math ones /bash Haha I like that smiley :P

Yeah around there. It was awful! Flooding everywhere! D: Our basement got some water in it and it smells funny now but other people’s homes are ruined. :( Yep, one school near me is ruined and has to be re-built :O

Yeah I can never think of anything. I think I am going to blog tonight though :)

I thought to myself — “This is stupid! I can’t believe I don’t have my CSS validated. It’s like so easssyyy.” :D

Fire the arrow (: 👏 I’ll check it out late if I have time tonight. I never have time I barely have time to return comments. But yay, I decided to start things off early. (:

I’m not a huge fan of meaballs. When it comes to meatballs and spaghetti I also am like. No. I prefer sausage in my spaghetti. Filipino American style ^^ I’m not a biggie on Italian meatballs.

Nor am I a fan of meatballs at subway. I do like Asian ones though, they seem to taste better.


Yeah, sushi is expensive… maybe because fish means work for fishermen who need to get paid and the economy has been bleh. So maybe that’s why? xD

Yeah, guys need to be open and approachable and friendly. It’s just creepy when some guy says, “Hey, you me. Tomorrow, five o’ clock.” Haha Although I doubt that ever happens, still a guy who asks you like that. No doesn’t work like that.

Yeah, I don’t go around asking people if they are either. O.o That’s kind of awkward. Haha, I just end up talking about that kind of stuff with Kuya. xD

HAHAHAAHHAHA, wow. details on papers are good but when it comes to what guys do… together…. when they’re you know… yeah. A little TOO much.

Sometimes I consider it, but I don’t know. I feel like I’m losing my sense of God lately. O.o I haven’t been praying very much. When such things occur my life is usually in tumult. xP That’s why I think praying is good (:

Good luck. I have my fingers crossed for you. I would pray for you if i knew how /faw Haha. I have a feeling your next blog will be ‘I GOT THE JOB’, but if you don’t, its becuase your too good. Some employers wont hire people that are to good becuase they don’t want to pay you more then there budget. So if you don’t get it, you know its becuase you are to professional at it.

I love meatballs. I cook them as big as i can when cooking spaghetti.

My mum lived in New Guinea for many years. I think that is in Indonesia. I my self have never been. I have however been to Singapore when i was nine.

Hey Georgina,

Sorry for not keeping in contact, life hasn’t been going well, but I’m trying to become more active. In this, I’m trying to remake my website, etc. I wanted to know if we were still affiliates as you no longer have me linked. Can you please let me know?

Thank you,

I no longer accept affiliates or even have an “affiliate program”, sorry. I had well over a hundred and I only keep people I know well.

Oh, ok. Well, you could have told me as I thought we were good friends. I guess I was under the wrong impression. Sorry.

LOL OHMYGOSH. It’s too much procrastination. I need to work seriously today. I’ll turn on my laptop soon.

Lol. You usually take photos for 01s so you should have but yeah it wasn’t a big thing. The fuss they do on Euronews and CNN and all. :| I was like “Poor GG” XD!

I’m sure you did! :)

Really? XD GIMME ONE!! :O

Yeah same! Hot dogs and ice creams and such. No meatballs though. And Chinese too but I did mention that already. :3 The ice cream ones are usually with vans lol.

Ooh. I see. Yeah, it is. I hope I don’t get it in the future then since my dad has it too. :| But I don’t have it now so most probably I won’t.

I see. Proteins!!! Baked beans… FARTNESS FTW! /ho /hehe

BTW did my entries come in? :O

Haha good luck again!

I’ve never tried those meatballs! Where can I buy them? They sound so delicious!
I find it hard to comment on a blog all about meatballs. Hmm… so about those delicious meatballs… I have them crunchy on a kebab. :D

I love Australia! I just hate the way most of us talk. LMAO, g’day moit! Ye goin’ to the beach, moit? XD
I’d hate to live somewhere in Arabia. They have really weird laws there.

Hooray for your COUPLE BLOG *cough* to be OPEN. ;D

Haha I seriously need to get paid. D: Success at introducing another consumer, Up&Go… I need mah monneh.

Love is all you need, that’s right. :)

We can’t chew gum. We can’t go in certain areas. We HAVE TO wear a damn hat (uniform). No mobile phones or any other cool shit.

Oooh I see! But who doesn’t have internet? :O It’s everywhere!

D: Yeah, one and a half days. My dad wanted me to do extra chores. :|

Abba is win!

Ew babies. D: There’s a baby not so far away from where I live who really likes me and always asks “Carry, hug hug?” and it’s annoying. -.-

IKR. Leo is such a shitty nickname for a girl. D: And Leorina sounds a bit like a cheesy name!

You sent me that emote already, so there. You still have to come!! TOMORROW. QUICK, BEFORE MY DAD COMES AND REPLACES YOU SO IGNORANTLY AND FLAWLESSLY. D:!!

Did you just say.. meatballs? 🤤 I love them! It depends on the way they cook them actually. I like eating meatballs with spaghetti though. ;) Eating with soup is also very nice. Especially when they are served really hot. Mmmmm.. (Y)
Meatballs are just so yummy and you just can’t resist them. Indeed, they’re scrumptious, alright! :P

My friend said that her mum used to make her hot soup with meatballs when she used to be sick and she got better soon too.

I totally understand if you don’t really like the culture in Indonesia. I guess it’s because you’re not use to different cultures. But that’s okay. You just don’t feel comfortable, nothing to worry about. ;)

Boo, my dad hates traffic jam. Slows a lot of things down especially when my dad is in a hurry to go to work or going back home. We’re so thankful we don’t have any of that here. Well, barely. Like once a year. XD

I’ve seen Asian meatballs before! To tell you the truth (don’t tell anyone, shh. Haha, just kidding :P ), Asian meatballs taste the same with the original meatballs. I just can’t tell the difference. My grandma kept asking which meatballs is better. Baah. People keep telling me they’re completely different. I mean, they’re both made out of meat, right?

Is it true that in Australia, you’re only like 2 hours away from Indonesia? If it’s so.. then I’m only 4 hours away from Indonesia. I think :D .

You are welcome, AGAIN. XD

Any particular Asian supermarkets that sell Vinaco? 🤤

Ah yes. They are really good, especially with extra spice. ;D And lettuce in between.

Australia is win, definitely! They have restaurants of every culture. Win.

I guess you are right, but there are many ‘gangsters’ in my school, you know… slang and junk clothing. Always breaking rules. Weird, since I go to a good school.

Me too! I just done extra, like wash the car and stuff. All orange. Needed cleaning. Meh.
I do feel your pain. :(

They look at you with huge eyes and they sorta gasp silently. Then raise their arms like some evil succubus. That’s when a baby wants a hug. D:

Better than Leorina, isn’t it? :D

A DAY WON’T HURT! :O And I can PICK YOU UP. DROP YOU OFF. Any damn where at any damn time.

And LMAO, I’m listening to Breakeven right now. XD
Okay, now The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.
And gonna hear it live tomorrow. *cough* COME *cough*.

If you’re not moooooooooooovehhhnnnn, you’re not moooooooooovehhhhn, then I’ll have to come to your house and drag you there. ON FOOT.

Mmm, meatballs. Reading your post has made me hungry for some now! :D
Good luck with getting the job, I’m sure you’ll be fine. My mum would have reacted in the same way yours did by asking me loads of questions about it. Its annoying because you have to re live the interview again!
Oh and I’m defo going to check out Fire the Arrow. :)


ROFL. It’s alright. You’re ON break anyways. It’s good to have a break. Haha don’t worry; you DID do work. You said chores. Enough for today! ;) I love to browse lol.

Haha. Yeah. Might as well be on some central news site considering it would actually be very good thanks to your photo graphical capabilities! XP

Yeah, you’re right. I never saw stalls or meatballs expect those countries in Asia. Not that I have ever been to an Asian country before. I wish to go to China or Japan though.


Yeah you’re right. Now that you mention it I indeed will sometime. It’s good to check up on your health. It may not look bad now but it can affect in the future. Thank you. (Y)


COOL! :D Did you manage to take a look? :3 I’m just really curious! XO

Georgina! ✌️

I’ve been to Fire the Arrow when you tweeted about it :) It’s really sweet that James agreed to do that. I hope it will go on for a long time and that you’ll be able to read them all again in the future. Reading old entries = WIN. Lol.

Nyehh I think you’ve nailed it and will be expecting a definite yes from them soon. I hate interviews though D: There was once I had to go to the interview twice and then they said that I needed to come back for another one so I just said that I won’t be coming anymore cos it’s really a waste of time when there was another job waiting for my reply.

I am happy with my current job though ;)

Omg BAKSO!!! My mbak knows how to cook bakso cos she’s Indonesian /faw My mother goes for trip every now and then so when she’s not around, my mbak will cook for us. She cooked Bakso Tulang for us though but yeahhhh bakso ftw! I also like soto 🤤 🤤

Back when I was in Jakarta, I had this sweet thing called ‘Pisang Ijo’. I don’t know whether you know about it but it’s basically boiled banana with some sticky pudding and shaved ice mixed together D: It was soooooo good when I see a stall that sells it, I’d go over and buy it. Unfortunately, I had diarrhea when I got back to Malaysia. It was unfortunate but definitely worth it HAHA

Whoo! Meatballs FTW! :D I love meatballs as well! :) We don’t have stalls here in Hong Kong, but if you can get your way into those traditional noodle restaurants, you’re pretty much guaranteed meatballs. :)

Oh, ahaha I see! I don’t look at website work as actual work, like school work. I look at website work as work that actually interests me and I actually love to do! :D School work can be such a pain sometimes… /hmph Especially when we’re asked to research topics that require a lot of research, but we’re given so dang little time. D:

I have been able to get through the basics of control panel with proxies; it took a while since the proxy kept stuffing up… :S I have tried other computers, but my sister’s computer is old as heck and slow as… well, just put it this way – internet connects in at least 15 minutes. It’s ultra slow, and being the fast person I am, I don’t have much patience for it. XD

Rebooting would be so irritating! I remember rebooting thrice before – each time, I’d take ages and ages and ages just to get everything back to its previous state and install all the programs… it usually takes a full day to do all that! /ehh

Haha yeah. Although OpenOffice is cheap and free, it’s not as good as Microsoft Word… haha.

*sigh* I don’t know either… Blackboard sounds like a really cool alternative though. Maybe I should suggest it to the board. :D

I hope not! D: But until my usual coach finishes his college degree in psychology, Herms will be staying for a loooong time… :P

I know right, I got frustrated cos I put my other job on hold cos I wanted to go for the interview and have options to choose from but nooooo. It was really unprofessional though cos on the first interview, the boss wasn’t around so the partner interviewed me. Then the second time when the boss was around, he interviewed me and asked whether I can come and test out some PHP coding and all before they make their decision so I was like fuck it I think I’ll just take the other job offered.

And now im extra happy and well despite the 8 hours of work on weekdays and half day on Saturdays D: D:


Congratulations on doing well in your job interview! /bounce Yep, it’s better not to get your hopes up too much, just in case. =) But I do hope you get the job! (fingers crossed)
They have stands similar to these in Syria. When I went there, I had to get used to the new traditions. They usually sell corn. I’ve never seen that corn cutting technique before in my life, so it was pretty amusing. /um Basically, the guy boils the corn (they have a portable oven thingy in those stands), after he does that, he dips the corn in butter (that’s optional), and then he holds each cob thingy, and starts cutting off the corn. So we’d eat the corn with a spoon and it would be delicious. 🤤 Lol.
I’m not really into meat, let alone meat balls. I’m a chicken person. (That’s not what I meant..LOL :P ) I like chicken better than meat basically. I also brought back a favorite with me when we came back to Egypt. When we were in Syria, my uncle invited us for lunch once, and he made chicken Stroganoff. Since then and I’m in love with that dish. I don’t really know how to explain it here, but you can Google it. All I know is that it’s Russian dish. :)
Anyways, w00t for the plugs! I’ll check out “Fire The Arrow” now, it’s such an awesome site name. XD

Oh crap I didn’t close the italic thingy. /angry

I know I just commented on your blog but I fixed that italic thing haha. :D

Lol thanks for fixing it. XD Oh yeah, when we came back to Egypt, we started using that grating technique a lot. It’s fun. ^___^
It is filling! I only had about 6 spoon fulls of the stroganoff that time, and later they were serving fruits and desserts and stuff, but I felt like throwing up just thinking about food. /hehe

i totally get your meatballs thing. i love meatballs with noodles in the dark starchy gravy. YUMM! 🤤 asian food rocks!

Hahaha I LOVE them with soy sauce. :D

I’m sorry about your multiple hair disasters. I’m so tempted to try something new, but I’m scared at how it’ll turn out. I wanted to have a straight-across fringe but I knew it would give me hell once it grew out. I also wanted to try something short and daring but bleh… I chickened out at the last minute. /um

I quite like your haircut though; I think it looks good on you. :)

Ah. I see. Well yeah even though you do chores everyday, it’s STILL work, Georgina. Don’t sweat it. You start to yawn about them so much. FFS. You’re a STUDENT. Don’t DO much chores. Does everyone do them in the house? 💀

Welcome! :) Really? My God. :| That’s too bad. But it’s great that you will! :D It will be so cool.

Really? How come? Well I guess crowds are everywhere. In CERTAIN places. Did James used to live in China before?

Really? Wow. Health is hard to take care of usually whether you know it or not! :O

HAHAHA ROFLLL that was hilarious! XD I never thought of that. Really, though! It does. It’s so cool eh? :3

ALRIGHT. FFS. FINALLY! XD Ooh. Lovely. I hope I do well! :3 I’m so excited for the results; I love a competition once in a while! 🤬

i really like the layout! :D

Yeah, there’s this girl (*cough, cough, Lauren*) who hates her mum because she is always “badgering her” and “complaining about this and that” when actually her mum is really nice and is probably just CONCERNED.

Yar. Lauren is so spoilt, it’s not even funny. O_O
*nods* I love pasta. But I’m not THAT much a fan of meatballs. I eat a little meat and enough to make my dad stay unaware of the fact I’m kind of a secret vegetarian. It’s kind of easy because I don’t eat much that food anyway (fussy eater).

I don’t like doughnuts much either but in winter they’re so warrrrrmmmm I just hold the bag, and then it’s like, “oh yeah I’d better eat these”.
Yeah, they’re not too common in the UK either. You get burger ones and ones for meals and hot dogs and waffles or whatever.

LOL. It was fine to go on about meatballs. :D I just find it impressive you could keep things rolling and interesting all the way through. :D
Hm. P.E teachers often have some kind of meter for running.

*nods* Because when you walk in the rain it’s all quiet and there’s the rain and yourself. Whereas running… just so totally ruins the niceness. :P
There’s this girl I know called Cara and she is AMAZING at sprinting and she works so hard (practice four evenings a week!). LOL I couldn’t do that. I am trying to be more active though and eat a bettter diet. Yanoe?

Awh. I wish my school had that rule. It would be so so so much easier. But obviously not. *sighs*
LOL, I guess you would but you can’t see under my bed. D: It’s practically 1cm of the floor. XD Anyways… so I see white sheet stuff. Or the blue duvet.

People do change. And others don’t ever change (Aynat… I spelt it backwards ’cause I felt like it). XD
Yarrrr. My mum has quite a few classical CDs and my dad does too. I listen to Angelis when I need to have classical stuff.
LOL. I always think I’m bored of a song I got… when I really liked it. Like Cellar Door by Escape the Fate. I hadn’t listened to it for a month or something, and I played it when it came up on Shuffle and I realised I still really liked it. XD

Yeah of course I remember that, because I’m pretty much always going on about shitty homework lmao.

IKR? IT WAS AMAZING. I was like how the hellllll did I just beat the Asian genius? I think it was some sort of fluke. Or maybe the teacher made an error while marking? Or maybe, I was hallucinating. So many possibilities haha. I don’t really think I’m improving though, cause I did better last year. :'( I totally didn’t rub it in his face though. Cause we were talking about it at our lockers (his is right beside mine) and he was like “I screwed up, I’m so mad at myself.” And it was SO SAD. I was gonna like.. cry. I just said, “Ken, it’s one test dude. You are like the next Albert Einstein. Don’t sweat it. Everyone knows you’ll end up with a 99% average anyways.” Then he started laughing and said, “I WISH, but thanks :)”. He still looked so depressed though. :'( Poor guy.

You’re welcome. (:

Yeah, I credit people for inspiration as well, but most of the time, I get it from a song or something so I don’t credit those. :P I agree. It doesn’t make much sense to rant about how much work you did when you basically copied someone else.


LMFAO. Yeah the fact that it ends halfway through an “ugh” is hilarious. UGHU- LMAO, I just said that out loud and I sounded like caveman. :)

Ohs I see. K well now I fail at biology. But you said Wiki page.. and Wiki can lie sometimes cause anyone can edit it yknow?! But still, I bet you’re right. I should stop trying to make myself look smart, because it’s just not going to happen. *moan*

Yes Asians and cheap soaps go hand in hand. xD

Oh yeahhh, I’ve heard of that cleaning technique as well. Thanks for reminding me. We should try it out haha. Hopefully it doesn’t fuck up the dishwasher because I’d be kinda screwed if it did. xD And my “kinda screwed” I mean.. fucked over sideways. Yeah.. SIDEWAYS. That’s bad. Wow I’m a loser. K I’ll shut up. -STOPS-

You’re welcome, and yeah heartdrops is like the headquarters of your domain empire. LOL THAT SOUNDED SO EPIC.

Bakso is an awesome word.

Lmao, you made it pretty darn obvious that you love those meatballs. ;)

I always blog about random shit like that when I have no blog topic. xD

Meatballs are good. But I think I would prefer my meatballs in spaghetti or something. I’m guessing they are your favorite thing to eat? /eee

Ahh those are good (: I personally haven’t been to Indonesia but I can sorta image how it is like with those little stall and traffic jams back in Malaysia =P
I miss buying foods from those little stalls 😝 gah~ I miss those awesomeness asian taste~

I prefer those gray ones over those over spaghetti/pizza type, though my brother loves those XD.They’re so yummy with soup and especially with noodles since I like to eat noodles! *drools* Maybe I’ll have some Asian food on my weekend, it’s boring eating the same old western type food in school haha

Me felling asleep in the bus is almost a everyday thing lol. It’s kinda embarrassing to be inclined towards the window side as time passed and I’m woozing off XD when I’m back to my sense I was like “o.o wow am I really that tired and almost lean against the window side?” It’s like my body is attracted to the side or sth!

i think some type of chicken meatball would be delicious with chicken soup *.* i’m not fond of the turkey meatballs, which are one of two kinds that i’ve had, haha. i don’t know, i’m strange!

sausages .. freak me out. i used to like them but i was eating one and it had such crunchy things in it. and the way they’re made with the special plastic casing seems weird. why would you eat plastic?! (or whatever that casing is made out of!)

you should! i’ll look out for heartdrops by georgina originals!

Woot Kevjumba! ^^ I love his videos. I really love Happyslip though. If you haven’t seen her vids I definitely think you should. ^^

Yes, B’s are good. >.< But if I get more than one B, I won't be able to get on the Dean's list. O.o that's what I am for.

HAHAHAHAHA, (: I use to be mad when people copy me. I like having my own style. And still do, although it's hard because most people at my school are unique… except all the preppy gossip girls.

"Hey, SIR." xD that's cool and funny at the same time. I don't think I'd be able to keep a straight face if I said that.

I still love Spanish. Just, the class aggravates me sometimes. I miss my old teacher. xP

Sausage. ^^ You should try it… well it's more like hot dog sausages. ^^ But it's amazing. But the sauce.. you need to put some ketchap in it to sweeten it up. ^^ Filipino style. xD

I have come across a lot of guys in my life so far. Mainly creepy ones. (: According to Kuya, he was a a creepy guy in grade school.. just like lazy (stalker 2). When he told me that I was like LOL, you? Kuya? Hahaha, he's much too nice and loving for that. And he doesn't stare at people like the other two do. No, he's definitely not like that.

(: make me happy indeed. And thanks, I try to stay happy. Every week is just a roller coaster for me and my emotions turn to the extremes. Extreme love, hate, sadness, happiness, anger. You get the picture.

i literally wanted to go bang my head against the table right then and there. she was some sweet old lady too so i felt bad for being really awkward about it but i was so caught off-guard because NO ONE has EVER asked me that, haha. they’re just like, okay, weird email but i never thought anyone would mistake us for United States. SERIOUSLY, wow. it happened a few weeks ago but i’m still in awe about it, hah.

here’s a link to the song :p it’s amazing in my opinion and rent pretty much changed my perspective on many things (love, gay marriage, disease, et cetera) so if you have the time to, you should look for the movie or some clips of the actual Broadway performances!

i really ought to try some meatballs. i’m a picky eater and how it’s presented reflects how much i want to eat it and sometimes how much i like it. meatballs sometimes turn me off so i’m just like, eh, might taste bad.

Yeah, I agree with you. That’s why I’m rather reluctant to wear it, so I’m either going to wear that black one… which I SHOULD have posted a picture of. >.< But well, I'm stupid. Just fantastic of me to describe it because I'm so lame when it comes to doing so.

Yeah, I want to get more involved… I have a feeling though I'll neglect it. But Kuya's a leader in all of them, and I already have a spot in Asian Club. Although I'd like to be VP. One of my friends got it instead, I'm not entirely sure why. And I'd like to yell at Kuya because he didn't make me leader, but whatever. It just means that when I'm a senior.. he'll be president..and I'll still be secretary. I just want to lead a meeting and feel powerful. Hahahaa

Yeah, that girl.. is caucasian. But we needed supporters because the staff is reluctant to start an Asian club. So I mean, as long as you'd like to hear about Asians and stuff, you should support it. Be open to new ideas, you know? that's what I was thinking and well, she wasn't. So I was pissed.

FFS…I see that a lot, but what's it stand for? xD

You should watch HappySlip! Even though you're not Filipino (Because she happens to be Filipino and make Filipino remarks ^^) But I mean, the videos are funny to everyone I show them to soo yeah ^^ Find the one about the GPS. I love that one. ^^

Copying es mal. ^^

… Uhm, I'm not sure what kind of ketchap actually. I don't cook. O.o I should learn but I know that Filipinos put ketchap. I think it's a mix. ^^

Yay for blogging (: And boo, guys who stare are creepy. I was telling my mom earlier how lazy hangs out with me and my friends (although technically, he's not friends with my friends very much_ and just listens to us talk and stares at us all. My mom was like.. wow… he is creepy. After 11 years, she finally agrees. Really, he should get his own set of friends who appreciate him and shit. I mean, why does he have to follow me with EVERYTHING. He shouldn't have gone to the same school as me. He needs to move on. although there isn't anything to move on FROM.

I live in that second place that you’ve mentioned!

Of course you are! Oh, wait… you live in Mexico.

I only have one best friend offline and she’s the one that I have blogged about.

Oh no what on earth! Not again, I couldn’t breathe in all that dust!

If they want a hug, they’d hug your leg and tug at your arms.

New nickname: Rina. LMAO, I don’t like any of my names.

Aw okay. *hug*

I’ll climb through your window and drag you to my house…
and make you watch the chickens. >;D

Yeah I know..

You blog made me feel like eating meatballs as well. :P
I love meatballs too. They are so amazingly awesome. 🤤
I still haven’t had breakfast. I’ll check out your new site later on.

Thanks, I had fun, even though my parents had told me and my sister that we would only go to the city for one day, but then took us to the village as well. xD

Thank you for your feedback on the layout! I have tried my hardest to design them and find a good colour scheme to mach the headers, footer and all. =D . I think that was my 256587th try.

Gah, you know what? Just this morning, my brother visited my site to read my blog. He read the whole thing including comments and all. Just like I suspected – him being immature and all – he told my mum. Wasn’t that great? -_- And what was my mum waiting for? She of course had read it too. My mum really didn’t want to at first but my brother had encouraged her. I felt so embarrassed. How could they? :( I need to move now. Immediately. From now, I just can’t blog about my life. *Cries*

That’s annoying when you’re talking to someone you had expected and then this “someone” else appeared. Grrr..

I’m happy to hear that you like meatballs served in any kind of dish. They’re just too good, aren’t they?
I think meatballs might be the only food you can’t get tired of. They’re so delicious.

I think I might like Asian meatballs better.. Or not. I’m not sure really. Just like I mentioned in the previous comment, they tasted the same, LMAO. XD
Some people think Asian meatballs have a better taste than the other meatballs the we served with dry food and they’re much healthier. LOL, I don’t know about this but I guess it’s true, then?

Meatballs with soup! Yum. Put a lot of veggies too. :P

ooh meatballs 🤤 I love em! My mum has made me chunks of the big meaty ones in soup and it was great! I ve never tried the ‘mice balls’ lol. :D mmmm.. im gunn get some soup now, peace out!

OMG. I know it’s your house too but the fact that no one else in the house bothers to do anything… IWGAFFFS. I mean come ONN. I didn’t expect that. Well I’m sure your mum has little time though she’ll try her best to clean up the house?

Yeah big population. I see. I think you did tell me that James is Chinese once in our conversations. Aha, I see. :)

I think you should be a NUTRITIONIST now that you mention that! /bounce Dr. Luhur. FABB! /hehe

Geekiness FTFW! /heart If it weren’t for geekiness I’m sure we wouldn’t be web designing! /huh

Ooh, meatballs. They sound so yummy the way you described it! 👏 I love ones with spagetti, or just plain ones in soup. They both taste great!

Congrats on opening Fire the Arrow, Georgie!

MMHMM MEATBALLS. 🤤 I REALLY FANCY MEATBALLS NOW! Mmmhmmmmmmmmm. I’ve never tried Asian meatballs before, atleast I don’t think I have – I don’t remmember anything from your description of them. I think I’ve just had the normal ones you get in a creamy sauce. Omnomnom. <3

I love the entries so far on the competition, but I'll save that for the other page :P

I love FTA. I went on it the other day (because I saw it upcoming on but it was actually open :P I got quite excited XD I was going to comment but I realised I still need to return your comment here so I didn't :P That's so wierd that your number is on that website though D: and kinda scary!)

LMAO@THE BIKE STALL THINGS – I've seen them on TV but I didn't realise people actually used them! That is so cool! I wanna buy meatballs off one now. It's on my life-long to-do-list <3 Along with a lot of other things <3

Hha I guess when you aren't used to the different foods, you go for one you know you like, and live off it – meatballs in your case :P

Yes I like maths :) I just understand it quite easily so I enjoy it :)

Yeah I know what you mean, it just feels so hard knowing that everyone has their careers planned out and I, well I don't. I think I have actually decided now.. I'm about 90% on becoming a primary school teacher. I just need to look into the courses properly :)

Naw thankyou. XD I'm not 100% on the layout though, it doesn't seem very.. photo-ey. So I'll probably remake that sometime.. But thanks XD

Yep. Donkey Testicles. That's how much I hate them :) Yeah Kat had the same problem as well. I'm just going to leave the domain to die, I've decided. I don't want it and I don't want to give it away and make it someone elses problem. So it can die. :)

Naw My room was bluey green when we first moved. It was acutally really nice, but I prefer bright orange <3 although I need to re-paint it because it's faded. A lot. :P

lmao I have a box of books under my bed and a shelf at dads. But I really don't like paying stupid money for books. I need to hunt down my library card :P

ahaha. Ew. Did he know there was hair in it when he ate it? D:

Dude, this is also an essay comment yeah :P

Urgh telling me. I'm really disappointed with myself though – I got like, B's on most of my coursework so I'm re-doing it. I'm not happy with B's. :P I know it's fussy but I know I can do better D:

Yeah I would – but mum'll renew it. She's convinced McAfee is amazing and better and all this – she's paying so I'll leave her to it. As long as I don't get viruses, I'm happy ;)

Urgh, idiot. Two just a) slows down the computer b) takes up memory and c) lets in viruses because they override eachother.

I tried that – they say McAfee must be better if it costs money for it. So silly. but like I said, her money, her choice ;)

REACH FOR THE STARS, CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN HIGH. (8) was that a catchy one by any chance? :P

ahaha I never had a choice when I booked appointments – it was when mum could get time off work. But now I'm in year eleven, I've got GCSE's so I get priority for after school appointments. Looks like I'm not getting time off now D:

Yeah, I prefer cold to hot. :) But still, that must be pretty nice if it's always hot – nice tan XP

I can’t stand football. In Egypt, football is SO common. Like SO freaking common. Anywhere you go, you have to find guys avidly watching a football game. I hate football soooooo much. /angry Rawr. Lol.
Thanks about the layout! =) Yeh, it is dark compared to my usual layouts. I don’t think it’ll stay up for long, I’m starting to hate it. Lol. XD
It’s not me that doesn’t want to go school shopping, my parents keep procrastinating and ignoring me every time I tell them that school is going to start soon and that I haven’t bought anything yet. My dad’s the kind that doesn’t really care about being on time on appointments, or sending us early enough to a birthday party, for example. So he obviously won’t care if school was in one day and we went and bought everything. :P I’m just really anxious for school to start already. XD

Hi Georgie!! ♥ Thanks for your lovely comment!
Oh sorry, yes my email was down as well so I didn’t see your replies. But thanks for replying, anyway!

Haha yes it’s centered, and not in a weird place this time 8D Thank you! I think the font’s a little weird though (as I said to Lisa) so I think I might change it if I have time.

Yeah, a week off 😝 Oh and the school’s such a fail, we go back to school on Tuesday and school’s off for Thursday and Friday because those are public holidays. AHAHA. I laughed so badly at this. XD

Thanks again, I love the pixels there too! I think they’re the best part of the layout. Hehe :P


Oh sorry, and I forgot to thank you for Ferny’s email. Well, thanks. XD

I emailed her about the problem, I hope she replies soon! :)

My parents usually have to force me and my sister to go t relatives’ houses. XD
In our case, there are lots of things that my parents don’t need to know. Because they just get tensed VERY easily.
Having no electricity is one of the most irritating things in my country. We have SO much power failures that msot people have IPS. I get scared to think about the people WITHOUT an IPS as it’s so hot here. 😰

Yeah, that is why I haven’t started reviewing yet. I’m scared to hear comments like that from people.

Yeah, of course! I’m sure she does. What kind of a mum would be if she would slack off? I’m sure most of the mums are great! Though some are just bitches! :O

Lmao. Well, you said you don’t like Chemistry and all that stuff, so I guess it’s alright! XD Still good to know that you’re informed in this type of stuff and all.

No, no, of course not. I meant that in an… intellectual way if you get what I mean. The “idea” people usually see it as? Not that most of them see it in that way, though. But anyways. Web design is indeed truly exciting isn’t it? /love

How are you? :) I start school on Monday! :(

Yeah, the train journey was quite horrible, trying to find places on my own lol. Once I’d made it onto the last train it wasn’t too bad though. :) I knew it was taking me directly home so I was ok with that. :D

I didn’t like not having the internet. I don’t mind texting tweets but I don’t have access to read other people’s when I’m on my phone which is kind of annoying. I have to get people to DM me so that it comes through to my phone. :|

Yeah, I was sat on the bus one morning (running late for uni) and the driver said that there was too much traffic. Then he started playing around with the notice on the front of the bus that says the destination and all of a sudden a voice came on that said “This bus terminates here, please take all your belongings with you” :O /angry I wasn’t too happy. Then another one broke down so I had to walk for ages and change to another bus. They’re so unreliable. There’s supposed to be a free uni bus that goes between campuses, but that never runs on time and when it does, there’s never any seats. One just drove straight past me the other day. I rang them up and told them to get it sorted and send out a coach because there were loads of us waiting and we wouldn’t all fit on the little bus. They’re useless!

Lol, I’m not really keen on meatballs. I used to love them when I was a kid. My uncle’s Swedish so he used to make me Swedish meatballs a lot. I guess they’re ok, but I wouldn’t go out my way to eat them.
That’s good that the job interview went well. Good luck, I hope you get it. :D